The Holiday X- Factor search!


Updated: December 4, 2013

The Holiday X-Factor search

Dear sacred one,

December is here and the Holiday frenzy has begun. Not sure if you’re like me, but getting an email every hour from my favorite stores and authors telling me I’d better buy cuz this one-time-only 40% sale is going to be over any minute now, drives me batty. I’ve unsubscribed from a few store sites, even my favorite meditation destination, then changed my mind and signed up again when my inner shopper started howling in panic, “OMG, don’t miss out!”

It’s embarrassing really. I imagine snickers from the cyber-shopping spies hidden in my computer: “Got a live one here!”

Good thing I know that the Holiday X-Factor isn’t found via my credit card.

You know that sense that everything’s “just right.” We all look for it this time of year, trying to recreate memories or construct healthy family relationships, if even for a moment. And we’re not just window shopping here; we want that X-Factor BIG YES that says we’re all right, a shining star on the stage of our lives chosen by the Simon Cowell of sugar plum fairies, who once may have seen us lacking, yet now knows we are truly the ONE.

Maybe I could be the one who manages to get through the holidays without wanting to shove salted caramels and popcorn in my face while hiding in the closet, freaking out about my book release on empathy overload and weight loss; yes, I am a woman who feels too much! So it would be no surprise, if that super stressed woman with the cart and the scowl on her face yelling at her kid that she has to get the RIGHT gift sends me running to Godiva to hide in the dark mint bonbon walls of chocolate heaven.

At least that’s what happens in my head. Thankfully, I am less likely to succumb to that sticky Venus flytrap of detours, but I can still get triggered by those overwhelming feelings before dialing them down. (Stay tuned! More blogs about this will be coming over the next few weeks to help those of us who feel too much.)

Maybe you’d sheepishly embrace the temptation to isolate, feign a winter cold or excuse yourself with a “sorry my cat threw up an odd hairball” rather than face the happy faces of families through windows that might just prove that “Leave it to Beaver” was real after all… and as for your experience, well…

Ah yes, the reflection of flaws is sometimes too difficult to bear.

Do you identify with this? There is something compelling about this season of fantasy; we chase the illusory promise that says somehow, any minute now, we will buy the right gift, help the right homeless person, eat the right combination of food, dress our pets up in the perfect Santa hat (guilty), and it will magically bring up the warm fuzzy feeling of having arrived at The Holiday X-Factor. It’s the “X” that marks the spot that’s supposed to be the moment when your life will be forever changed by the perfect combination of holiday talent and skill, buying power, sparkling love and innovative thinking to finally make it to the other side of the imperfections of life.

Let me know if that actually happens to you.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the Holiday X-Factor:

It comes with Surrender.





And Gratitude.

It means sharing time with friends, letting my loved ones just be who they are, without trying to change them and without looking at my phone to see who else more interesting might want me.

It is loving all the flaws, every crack, every crevice and then seeing and feeling all the joy that comes streaming out from a heart broken open by life’s journey and is now reaching out from me into the world.

It’s about remembering we’re spiritual beings doing the human dance, making messy ART of our short time here. Love is the only reality.

That is worth sharing.

THAT is the real holiday X-Factor.


Loving you now and forever,

Because I can.

Colette !

The Invision Project
Founder, CEO

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Ps… Here’s Sebastian in his Santa hat. Couldn’t help myself!

unhappy lil Santa's Helper

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  • Theresa

    Aw Sebastian looks so great! YES I totally feel over sensitive during the Holiday season. Lights twinkling, glittery pictures and screaming signs telling me I better hurry or I am going to miss something amazing! Kind of stressful. But I love the happy warm joy that the season brings. I try to stop and really appreciate my life and I am grateful for my loved ones. Great post and Merry Christmas!

  • Sacha

    Thanks for another fab blog! Made me laugh out loud and nod my head more than once 🙂 Merry christmas Sebastian

  • Nan

    Thank you Colette! You sure hit it on the nose! ” Scared One”! I don’t know what is wrong with me, as soon as I see Christmas decorations ,Christmas ads ,panick sets in. It gets worse when the clock strikes midnight and it December 1st! I have a birthday as we’ll in December! Anxiety is setting in, what do I buy first birthday Christmas,Birthday Chritmas! I will also stare at a pending gift and analysise it, is it perfect will she like it, this color, that colour, oh no should it be a birthday gift Christmas gift- ugh ! I m pulling the proverbial hair! I have 21 more days I’m running out of time!!!
    I need Help!!

    I am grateful for you! Love your blogs ! You definetly know your shit!

  • starrdusk

    Just seeing Sebastian in that get up does it for me.

    I have not been hit with the Christmas bug this year, but I understand and remember the feeling well.
    i decided yesterday evening that it is time to start a 30 day Thankfulness program and then started reading a book that I’ve kept on hold for later reading called The Magic (The Secret) that talks about doing 28 days of Thankfulness. Well, that was right on the spot, wasn’t it? Talk about the Law of attraction! 🙂
    The first thing that it says to do is write down in detail everything you want and would like to see in your life, what journeys, what finances what relationships etc. My mind went dead and i spent the last 30 minutes before going to bed wailing and ruminating that I just cannot think of anything that i want to start dreaming of anymore; that i have reached that place that the ‘great masters’ say we have to reach at some point in our life of having no more desire….
    I woke up this morning Thankful. For a few silly little things that I would be hard pressed to explain, but Thankful none the less.
    Day One. Thankful for the little new areas in my brain that have awakened over these past 8 years that i do not fully understand but that I am beginning to be thankful and surprised for. A good beginning.
    Just breath and smile and take a look around. If it is not in the things of retail and merchandise, listen to the voices of the birds and let your soul be saturated with the colors that we have been given daily to enjoy.

  • Jenny F.

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post! You nailed it, and added the hilarious factor too! May you have a peaceful holiday knowing that you did so many amazing things this year. This little starfish is super grateful for the difference you made in her life this year 🙂


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