Y is for YOU….Do you love YOU or do you bully YOU?!


Updated: December 12, 2013

Dearest fabulous YOU,

I am loving this time of year as I get to think about how I can support others and celebrate my awesome life with gratitude so I hope you’ll get a chance to chat with me this coming Friday!

This week marks my special “give back to you” Radio special on Dec. 13th on CBS Newsky radio.com. I’ll be there for two hours of oracle readings from 3 to 5 pm EST. It’s been ages since I’ve been on air so I’m psyched to talk to you. Y is for Yippee!  http://sky.cbslocal.com

I’m also gearing up for a re-release of my book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, and so as always my focus is on that subject- the trickiest time of year being now.  (Stay tuned for more on that one this week.)

It’s not about the food anyway, it’s about how we feel, how we’re affected when others’ energy seems to overwhelm and assault us. It’s a difficult time of year for sensitive people. The quantum field just doesn’t feel big enough for those of us with porous boundaries.

It’s so easy for women who feel too much to gain weight at this time of year even if you’re watching what you eat. The most important thing we can do is be gentle, let go of rigid thinking, choose self-care with awareness and do the best we can to say “No” to drama, and not expect perfection.

This brings me to the subject of today—for all of us women—not just the sensitive ones.

I’m going to out myself about something that happened this weekend. I caught myself saying something derogatory about my looks to someone. I think in three minutes I asked “Do I look fat?” “Crap, YUCK I’m getting old.”, and “Look at these disgusting flappy arms!”  I was in a dressing room at a department store and there were at least six other women, all attractive, various sizes and shapes and every single one said at least one thing that showed she did not approve of herself fully by pointing out what was wrong with her body. I was in good company. Or was I?

I was not walking my talk at all here. Talking about ourselves like that is no different than being a BULLY. Would we say that to someone else we loved? It felt like we were all comrades in self-disgust for a moment and it felt really, really wrong.

I had to face that I returned to my default setting of negative self-talk and was not loving and approving of myself. It really upset me. I had let my self-care slide for a few days and landed smack in self- BULLY–ville. I actually caught myself and went into my cubicle and spent five solid minutes doing EFT reminding myself that I was worthy, loveable, beautiful, kind, grateful and healthy.

I had a slip…yet I was not the only one! I thought about this all afternoon, how women in particular talk about themselves with such lack of kindness and acceptance especially around our bodies.

When I got home synchronicity aligned and in a weird internet search for something completely unrelated a video popped up that I want you to watch. For me I got really clear that this Self-Bully stuff has got to go!!

How do you feel when you watch this video?

How do you treat the awesome beautiful spectacular you? What is your self-talk, and, if you slide what do you do to get yourself back to loving your awesome YOU?

It’s called Shhhhut Down Fat Talk.


Stay tuned for more on this …….

Loving you always and forever,

Because I want to


The Invision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Elissa

    Beautifully said, Colette! That video brought tears to my eyes.

  • Diana Boles

    It’s such a yo-yo! And I don’t mean our weight-I mean what we think of ourselves. Someone told me I was tiny. I couldn’t believe she was referring to ME – this big boned Polak with cellulite and —— weight a minute —– there I go again. Passing out the complimentive observation to others but not accepting the words that describe what we are programmed to hear as a compliment about our selves-less-ourselves. In the company of others, do we do more harm to ourselves? Then sink into private torture when we get home? That you-you move is “walking the dog”. The best you-you move is “around the world”. YOU ARE FAB-YOU-YOUS just by being YOU! Yule be the Tide that Yule be Yule!

  • Katie

    Colette … I think you are looking pretty fabulous these days!

  • Ninon

    Hello, Collette

    I red you words..
    In My opinion..why we people are so “concirned” and unnecessarily worried about our external look ..is because all this crap..circulates in external atmosphere..and we people ofcours consume this shit..
    It has nothing to do with being or not being enough selfconfident ..if you ask me

    There are just debillated programms that circle in atmospfere..

    By external atmos i mean: everything that wasn t in US when we were born..and we GOT it.. Everything that icirculets outside can have influence on us-people..specially if somebody is hyper sensitive..

    I am talking from my own experience..I noticed withmyself.. that when i am around someboy that carries some strange programms in its mind..for example that person is to too much concirned about their outer look..I immediately start to act like that person.. and then.. i notice.. HEY HEY i say to myself No no no no.. this is not you..Everything what we carry in US is programm.. if bad one.. i call it a virus.. (cuz virus, is not really something useful to us)..

    I use logic and i think that way: If 4 people in the room are satisfied..ofcours , the atmospfere of the room would be really good..

    All this diets.. and obssesive thoughts that somebody is fat and that it all the time needs to think how it will lose his(her) weight..is crap..- Only in case.. if somebody can t really move normally..- then in my opinion something needs to be done..


  • Theresa

    Dearest Colette,
    I love you!

    This conversation is important, I think, because it brings up many things about our society and how we are programmed to think, if we are not looking like the poster-women and the people in the magazines and so on (who do not look like that in real life anyways but we see the finished product of some great artistic airbrushing)…

    Firstly, I believe that advertising knows the right buttons to press, to make us feel a certain way, and to make us behave a certain way and to buy their product. The processed food industry is one big one! Need I say more! And if we don’t end up like that barbee doll in the commercials, then we unconsciously think, something is wrong with us and we somehow do not belong.

    The book called Virus of the Mind, has really put things into perspective for me. I always refer to it when I notice my thinking changing, due to a meme that has infected me from an idea that I started to believe, whether it came from advertising or a propaganda-esque movie or book, etc.

    I do not watch TV, and I do not own a TV. I try to keep my exposure to advertising to a minimum, if I can.

    We are the sum of the 5 most closest people/things that we hang out with everyday. I do notice my attitude changes as well when I am with others that have negative self-talk. We all want to fit in to a herd at times, so yes, I to start to speak their language as I want to share something that is common. That is the easy part. The more difficult thing is to not fall into that trap of just wanting to be like the group and to not believe these things, and to stay with my positive self image, and my self-acceptance. This part takes work, and constant exposure to a positive influence. Then my beliefs are set right again as I expose myself to healthy-thinking.

    Another point I’ve often pondered is our tribal desires, the first chakra journey. Even in our indigenous tribes on our planet, they dress a certain way for a certain status, to belong and to attract a mate (2nd chakra). Are we any different? No. Things have not changed that much. Same desires, different clothes and makeup. Our sexual attraction is important for procreation of our species, which is a deep down human biology button that often gets pressed in advertising and media.

    What, then, do I do to avoid this? We cannot completely avoid it. The memes are everywhere. It is a matter of choosing and FINDING the right memes to believe in. Which one will I give power to, in my reality.

    As I concentrate on self-acceptance and self-loving memes, I become more comfortable in my own space and body. And I am able to accept the other memes as just a way for them to sell a product/idea and that’s all. I try to avoid repetitive advertisements. I choose a better meme that is healthy for me!!!

    So, most of the time I choose to hang with inspirational speakers and writers through their programs and message cards (i.e. Collette Baron Reid), and Netflix shows that are funny and light and have somewhat of a healthy message.

    Our society does not give us readily available tools to become self-empowered or break out of the matrix of advertising and fear based media. Why? Because we are in a consumerism-driven economy. And this seems to take priority, gobbling up vulnerable people. So many of us have found the world of self-help and self-empowerment through our journeys. And we have been able to burst out of this veil of illusions. Yay!!! Way to go everyone!

    Keep up the great work of bringing light to darkness, Colette.
    Thanks for sharing, as always…
    Forever your soul-sister,

  • Michelle

    Boy did I really need to read this blog. Thanks Colette!

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