Forget dieting. Ugh! The “d” word.!


Updated: December 19, 2013

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Forget dieting. Ugh. The “d” word.

I mean, has a diet ever addressed the real reason you’re not living in a body you love?

If it did, well, you’d be watching a funny YouTube video right now.

Here’s what I know:

  • When we feel too much, we don’t set healthy boundaries.
  • When we have low self worth, we become experts at bullying ourselves with negative self-talk.
  • Going to the gym and eating less coupled with an inner (and very loud) drill sergeant isn’t going to work long term.
  • It doesn’t matter one iota what materialist-based science says about calories in and out and how many you burned running around a gym.

If your mind is working against you, and you’re stressing about your lack of control or inability to meet unrealistic standards of beauty, your body will keep all that weight on…as protection.

Why? What do we need protecting from?

Our thoughts and anxieties have a huge impact on our bodies. Research shows that by our negative self image reinforced by that bullying self talk and low self worth keeps fueling a cortisol factory triggered by our overtaxed adrenal glands. It’s a vicious cycle of self reproach and fear we’re experts at letting it happen again and again.

That’s right: we turn our bodies into fat factories to pack on a layer of protection against our own minds!

And for many of us, we’re super sensitive to the energy we tune into in the environment. We want to help and contribute and give, give, give until we’re depleted and so the easiest decision we can make is PASS THE PIE HONEY!

Sugary carb treats are a YUMMY ESCAPE and F***K IT – I’ll figure it all out on Monday.

Sound familiar?

I still have your attention. You know I’m right.

It starts in the head, hurts the heart, stuffs the mouth and ends up on our bellies and backsides, then bully ourselves by using every name in the book to describe this person staring back at us in the mirror.

I’ll bet you’ve been on every diet under the sun.

I’ll bet you long to get into those skinny jeans you’ve kept from when you were “happier.”

I bet you talk crap about yourself in the mirror and make plans for the day when you arrive at the Emerald City of perfection and life is beautiful again.

Well, here’s the part where I remind you that the guy behind the curtain was decidedly full of crap and didn’t have a lick of magic.

And here’s a secret: I’ve been there.

I’ve done the bullying and hating the woman I saw in the mirror.

And I hated it so much that I went out looking for a real solution. Not a diet. Not some pseudo-science all-you-eat-is-boiled-chicken-breast-and-cabbage food plan that would make me throw up after a week.

A solution. And I found it.

Now, I’ll admit one thing: I have NO idea how to make you skinny. But I sure know a way to stop the madness – from the inside out – that will give you a solid foundation to release the extra weight you’re actually hiding behind.

Being overweight is a way to disown your awesomeness to protect you from the world’s criticism and your lack of perceived perfection.

The real answer to is that we each have to reclaim our awesomeness. We have to learn to love ourselves, say no to drama, be kind and celebratory now, and take the focus OFF the weight on our beautiful bodies.

We have to tell that weight that it’s lease it up and there’s an eviction notice on the door and it’s going to have to find somewhere else to live.

On January 15, I’m sharing all of this with you. No strings, no gimmicks. Just me – someone who’s just like you. Someone who feels so much from the world around her and forgot (and for a long and heavy time) that she was awesome.

If you’d like to join me, I’d love to see you there. And the best part? There are two ways you can take action and get in on a life that takes you from drama, drama, drama to hot mama!

Join me for free. Yep. For free!


Ask for the Hot Mama All-Access Pass (including a copy of the new paperback release of “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much and a whole bundle of calorie-free extras!)

Ready? Set? Go.

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  • Betty Jo Northouse

    Yes Colette I have signed up for the Jan 15 web program..I have a serious problem though I am on my new computer which has Windows 8..I have no clue as to get connected to the program!!!!!..HELP!….I have never had a web cam before…I have bought your e-book on my kindle so I have already started using it…Help if you can…anxious to hear back

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you don;t need one. Best thing is call the people you got your computer from they are the ones to help you 😉

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