Four Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Becoming an Unhappy Holiday Balloon!


Updated: December 23, 2013

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Four Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Becoming an Unhappy Holiday Balloon


Face it — women who feel too much (just like you and I do) have an odd relationship with their bodies and food, and the holidays can be hard!


Why? Because you’re awesome — everyone’s friend and confidante, and the first one to help someone out until there’s nothing left for you. You know how to tune into a room and spot the neediest people. You want to heal them. It’s like at Holiday time you’re soaking everyone’s anxiety up like a sponge, or just as true maybe you just don’t go out and just go into hiding because it’s all too much!


This is the most challenging time of year for you.


Here are four tips on staying awesome without falling into a shame spiral because your sensitivity and kindness meter overloaded you and caused your body to swell. Don’t get mad at your body – it was just trying to protect you!


One. Say NO to drama.


Yours, other people’s – sharing all the sordid gossip and news is enough to either send you to stuff cookies in your face at the holiday party or to balloon-up anyway. Either way, you’re out of your safety zone, and into the danger zone for holiday weight gain when you step in the drama zone. Say goodbye to drama and instead, start a conversation with that hot mama (she’s right there inside you – say hi!).


Two – Say YES to Setting Boundaries (or say yes to more NOs).


Let’s practice together. Say it different ways. No thank you, I’ll have to decline. No, I won’t sit beside drunk uncle Joe at dinner. NO I can’t listen to why you hate that woman. No, thank you – I can only stay one hour. No, I will not take sides. No I can’t stay I need my beauty sleep. No thank you I have other plans. I’m sure that pie is delicious but I have had enough. See how beautiful no can sound? You’re saying YES to YOU.


Three – A Salt Bath a Day Keeps the Holiday Ballooning Away.


If you throw 2 cups of pink Himalayan salt into a hot tub and soak for minimum 10 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel. De- Stressing is this simple and easy. Research shows that this type of salt emits negative ions, which directly affect serotonin, dopamine and other feel good chemicals.


Four – SLOW Down.


What’s the rush? The turtle won the race. Breathe and take your life one day at a holiday time — sometimes one hour at a time. Stay in the “now”- present to whatever is in front of you. Nothing needs to happen at lightning speed. You can’t afford to get ungrounded. Chew your food slowly, get what you can done on your lists and don’t sweat the small stuff. Staying calm, saying no, and committing to good self-care is key this season. You can do it, just keep it simple!


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  • Lynda Earle

    I work as a weight loss councellor and I spend a lot of time encouraging women to love themselves. We could never be crueller to another human being than we are to ourselves. I talk to my clients about creating sacred space for themselves and going there to just breathe in love for themselves. I openly share my own journey battling my weight and that it has taken me 50 years to get it! The weight will never stay off until you deal with what makes you be so unkind to yourself and your body. When you sift through all that pain, anger, shame, guilt etc. that made you overeat, allow it to be healed and let go of it, you are able to start listening to your body and your spirit together. I know that when I finally dealt with it, I started making better choices for my body and the weight came off. It’s so important to remember we are always a work in progress! Love this blog and all that Colette shares!
    Blessed Be

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