Happy Partners, my thoughts on community, sharing and the partnership economy.!


Updated: February 25, 2014

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Happy Partners

My thoughts on community, sharing and the partnership economy.

Dear fabulous one,

blog-Happy-Partners For this week’s blog I thought I would choose an oracle card from my deck The Enchanted Map oracle cards to focus on a topic that might address the energies of the week ahead. I got Come Together, a fitting symbol of partnership in all forms, and how we thrive when we focus on community, inclusiveness and sharing and how we wither when separation and exclusion leads our motives and actions.

It’s a true personal card for me this week as I’m supporting a truly awesome course to turbo charge your learning, personal growth, healing, and guaranteed AH-HA’s.

Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution Summit is brilliant and I highly recommend anyone who has not experienced this online seminar series yet- it’s jammed with content –It’s what I love about this family – they are all about providing practical transformational techniques. I bought the series so I can listen and watch again and again. Stay tuned also in May as I will be supporting Jessica Ortner’s Tapping for weight loss book and program.

Why do I do this? I wrote about Tapping in my latest book and so why not send you guys to the real experts? I am nowhere near as good at it as these guys so why not point you in the direction of the best? I only partner with people I feel my tribe will benefit from. I love helping spread the word when something is really good. I like to curate for the people who follow me- let them know when I run across something I think could really help. You will never see me hocking programs that I can’t stand behind just to make a buck.

So thinking about this and applying this concept to your life, to mine outside of my business, it reminds me that not one of us is an island and it’s important to honor the connections we have and to help others succeed when we can. It’s that “leg up” idea, when someone is climbing we help them up a notch not tear them down.

Supporting others, forming alliances, helping someone for no other reason but to see them succeed is exhilarating and amazing. Who could you do this for in your life?

In the partnership economy people band together to offer their services as a group and sometimes share in the profits, if that’s the model they choose, or perhaps they barter with each other, time for service etc. If you think you have no money, your personal currency could be your time, or your skills or all of the above. A cooperative environment is a thriving one.

The Law of Compensation reminds us all that what we give we get back, what we think, we manifest. Being inclusive, generous with your time, sharing your bounty with those who come to help you achieve your goals is righteous!

So if you’re struggling in your business, look around see who you can connect with and share contacts, create programs with others that would offer something unique and interesting to your clients. If you’re in an office, make someone your energy buddy and share ideas and support each other’s well being, maybe like my friend Connie did, approach a co-worker and commit to start the day with a creative visualization to “see” the day unfold with Spirit as your manifesting partner.

If you’re a mom, call a circle of moms to help each other pre-cook meals etc.

We are best in community. Nature is a fully collaborative system, and last time I checked we’re a part of Nature too.

Let this week be a celebration of the tribe and remember- help shared is help received.

Big  bunches of Blessings and oodles of Love from me-






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  • Samiyah

    You know Colette. This is so true. I think this is probably a better more efficient way to build community and companionship. We give out what we want to bring in. It sounds crazy but it makes so much sense

  • Diana Boles

    Did you ever notice how often you barter for something and you didn’t even realize that’s what happened? Sometimes it manifests in the “pay it forward” theme. It’s amazing how a team works together – there is no “I” in team! It’s momentum and trust banded to rock & roll together.

  • Elissa Mackintosh

    What timing! As I got dressed this morning and reflected on a very busy stressful day ahead in my corporate “other” world I said aloud “Universe I could really use an affirmation for my own business today” – my business is founded on community and partnership. And there is your blog in my inbox. Wow! And can I say “wow” again. I felt all tingly.
    Thanks Colette, not only did I receive my affirmation but all kinds of other goodies from you too.

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