Puppies, Presence and God-Shots!

Updated: March 4, 2014

Puppies, Presence, and God-Shots

Dearest special one in my tribe-

Ask me if I am happy the most intense Mercury retrograde ever is over? OYA! Can I hear an Amen?!

Honestly, these past three weeks just about knocked me on my butt, what with pretty much every computer and electrical item in my home going on the fritz, my teeny fur baby having a serious operation, and getting no sleep for a few days while I nursed him – I thought I was going to lose my marbles.

I wonder how I did it when I was young and foolish and, well, the operating word here being young; yes, I could stay up all night with impunity and even have a “good time,” although what counted as a good tme then is now debatable. These days, I am hardwired as a morning person, but to me that means sleeping before morning is part of the deal. My little Pomeranian Sebastian – all three and a half pounds of him – had to have a tumor taken off his leg and 23 teeth removed from his teeny mouth, and was sent home to heal after this terrifying ordeal, terrifying both for him and of course for me, who sat up for 36 hours while he wailed and cried.

Interesting how everything that I thought was SO important – figuring out my next book, finding the right home for a new radio show and TV, and even making the Watkins list top 100 most spiritually influential people again this year – lost its status altogether in an instant when I took my li’l guy to the Vet, then especially when I brought him back home in pain and misery.

I’m happy to report that he is healing well and that his only complaint now is the collar I made him so he wouldn’t rip out his stitches. I stuffed it with soft cotton so he wouldn’t have to experience the dreaded “Cone.” Truly, I would do anything for this incredibly loving, playful, and grateful tiny being that has brought me endless love and devotion.

Our companion animals bring so much to us. They bring us unconditional love and healing; they even lower our blood pressure! I get so much more from my dogs and past pets, both furry and feathered; they’ve been my greatest teachers and healers. The timing of his emergency was perfect, as it snapped me out of my self-centeredness, instantly recalibrated my ego with my soul, and reminded me to see through the eyes of my heart.

These kind of experiences are like God-Shots to me, messages from some divine Source reminding me to get out of the way and focus on what’s right, what has meaning now, and what’s directly in front of me. Being present and in the moment, powerless to do anything except to be willing to allow whatever is to be, is the artful combination of integration and faith. Let go and Let God is the deeper message.

I remember what’s really important at the end of the day, when I’m reminded of my job as steward and caregiver. I’ve had to consider through this experience how we all could lose so much when our focus is too rooted in future ambition rather than mindful presence and artful allowing. It’s a delicate dance, and the steps are not always obvious until they are.

Our furry companions teach us something else too – that even the manifestation of dreams is a stewardship, a caregiving relationship. It’s not sharp-edged, nor run on rocket fuel. It’s not really driven or forceful; rather, it’s about experiencing things as you go, as they come up. It’s important to imagine the outcome, but then also to remember that you won’t get that outcome without the magic of experience. It’s all Nature in the end.

I love it when I don’t realize I’m sailing off course and I get that God-Shot to remind me. All is well. Pay attention to the now. Be here. Be love. Be present. Only Love is real. Trust no matter what.

How have your pets taught you to be present? How have you been spiritually led by their presence in your life? How have they healed you?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sending you all my love – filled with gratitude. Sebastian sends his, too!






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  • Joscelyn

    I know exactly how you feel about the “terrifying ordeal”–my dog had to have all her incisors removed & I cried thinking I was a bad owner…..vet tried to tell me that I was goo because I had done her dental care. She has actually been much more playful & happy since having them removed, so it was the right thing to do.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      He has 3 teeth left one incisor and 2 molars. I was beside myself ilke you. Some dogs, some breeds have bad teeth. Poms are famous for it. Glad to hear your baby is feeling better too. Hard decision but the right one.

    • Tricia

      Oh, fur babies are such an important part of our lives. They comfort us and help us heal, too. I currently have two cockapoos (mixture of cocker and poodle) and one is 10 and the other is 7. They amuse us with their antics and delight us with their greetings. I am a Reiki Master (mainly work on myself) so I am very much aware of energy. When we first got Molly (our 10 year old), we had an elderly cockapoo who at the time was 12. Thumper lived to be 14 and I had the painful task of having her put down. Well, there were times in which Thumper would make her presence known by brushing up against my side of the bed. Another time (a few years ago) I was in the kitchen and felt a brushing against the side of my leg. I looked down and our current two dogs weren’t there but knowing the height of this light brushing (she was a much bigger dog than our current two) made me realize my beloved Thumper was just visiting. We’re now in a different house an hour from our former house and just getting settled once again. We haven’t had any visits from our beloved Thumper but know she lives on.

  • Melissa

    I’m so glad your baby is okay! Sending you lots of live and healing light. My lovely Nyxy has brought about deep change in me from a more intense reverence for all life and the art of letting go and resting. She comes and lays on my heart and purrs and shows me what love truly is. My life was so different without her! She is my heart as much as my children. Thank you Colette for the beautiful reminder! <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that feeling so much. Our other dog does that to me too lies on my chest like she’s a cat. hugs to you

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette!

    I’m so happy to hear your little one is on the mend. I’m sending him lots of healing wishes!

    I grew up with animals (a small farm and lots of stray/adopted cats that “followed” me home) so they’ve always been a part of my life. My collie and I had a very special bond. I talked through a lot of pre-teen & teenage angst with her. She was always so patient and loving with me.

    As a married adult whose husband was/is allergic to certain kinds of cats, we found 2 cats he was okay with. When our son was two, we discovered he was very allergic (to both cats & dogs), and we had to give our cats up. I often wonder, if animals are here to love, support & help us grow, why are some of us allergic to them? I know it saddened all of our hearts not to be able to have furry animals around.

    Our college son is now 21 yrs. old & 2 years ago, he told me, “Mom, now you can have cats, ’cause I’m not living at home anymore.” While that was a very sweet thing to say, I told him, “No, nothing is more important than *your* safety, health and well-being, so I’m not going to get any animals. I want you to be able to come home for visits!!” 🙂

    I do miss having animals and I miss the lost opportunity of being able to share the experience of loving animals first-hand with our son. But…it was out of our hands. Instead, we enjoyed watching nature shows, and our neighborhood cats and dogs (from afar).

    Love and light, ~Lisa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I get that decision. I am deathly allergic to cats and as much as I love them I can’t even spend time anywhere there are cats. So I watch them on TV! And collect cute photos online and post ’em like a silly goose on Facebook. I feed wild birds .. whatever it is that allows us to be connected to nature. If my child was allergic I would do the same.

  • kirstin coates


    God is love, god is beauty, god is truth. When I look at my dog that is what I see. I love her more than anyone and anything, she has kept me alive and everything is just better when she is around. This subject resonates with me more than anything.
    DOG is GOD spelled backward:-)

  • Teresa

    Dear Colette.

    So glad your little one is getting better! While I was Reading your article tears were falling from my eyes and I can imagine what you’ve been through…
    I too have my little one, my Simon, a Westie, who is my love and joy. He is my best friend and has had a healing role in my life. He came home with 2 months , 5 years and 4 months ago, just as I started my recovery from alcohol abuse. It has been 5 years and 4 months I don’t drink and Simon has been my healing angel. He has taught me unconditional love and how to love myself. He has been and is there for me to brighten my days and make me feel alive. Can’t say how much gratitude I have for him. I love to bits, Now I have another little one to make him company, a 8 month old female. They make me so happy! I owe my Simon my sobriety and my self respect!
    Just wanted to share this with you.
    wishing you and Sebastian many more joyful years and moments. Blessings. Teresa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Congrats! – a day at a time- as you know I too am a sister in sobriety and know how much my first dog that was all my own meant to me in my early recovery. Now its 28 years later.. and I know exactly what you mean as intimately today as I did then. big blessings xoox


    Oh, goodness. I remember Sebastian! I also remember your pup, Gizmo. That dog was so special.

    My lovely whippet Emma was diagnosed with cancer recently. With the help of Christine Agro (who you turned me on to years ago) I have been set on a path that is completely transforming me. I’ve immersed myself in books on living with fear (and fear of the unknown), and am learning to accept that Emma has her own path to follow, and her own spiritual contracts to fulfill. I have to say, after that reading with Christine, and after my initial meltdown, Emma has been happier than she has been in months. I think she is relieved that I now know she preparing to transition and this has put her at ease. I love that dog with all my heart – it’s incredible the lessons that she has taught me and the journey she has set me on. Pure magic, she is.

  • Maya White

    Sebastian is such a cutie! I love dogs, but (lol) am a bit allergic to them; so, it’s me and Coco, my kitty. Coco was rescued from a cat hoarder (a home with +50 cats) and she was a mess when I got her. She was covered with flea bites and broken most of her teeth from biting the wires on a cage. Last summer, we had to do a full mouth tooth extraction – that just broke my heart. Anyway – the good thing here is – having her I’ve discovered that life is so much better with pets. Good for kitty, good for me.

    I think a lot about how cats and dogs (and other species) get along better now. Seems that 50 years ago the cats & dogs fought more; pet cats tried to eat the pet budgies- and now they’re usually socialized and everybody’s a part of the family. People have real friendships with lions and elephants. The world is getting along better – and that makes me happy.

  • Beth

    I was adopted by a feral cat. He had a lion’s profile, and so he was called Leo. After a short time with me, the vet found him to be diabetic, and needed an insulin shot twice a day. This was not always a pleasant event for either one of us, but most of the time he seemed to understand he needed the shots. I also ran energy on him twice a day. At the end of his short life, he refused all treatment, even nipping at me when I tried to pick him up. He was feral, fiercely independent, and yet trusted me to provide his care until he was ready to transition. He taught me how to let go gracefully and let him go with his dignity. By adopting an animal, I seriously took on the roles of protector and nurturer, and although he was the most expensive free cat I ever took in, the lessons I learned were certainly priceless.

  • Veronica

    So glad your little Pom is doing better. They have notoriously bad teeth. Some people prophylactically remove some of them while young because their teeth are so crowded – I now brush my girl’s teeth everyday.

  • Judith

    Collette, I am so happy for you that Sebastian is on the mend. I know how excruciating it is to see those little ones frightened and in pain.
    8 1/2 years ago my little man, Max, was found cowering under a bush in a NYC park. When he came to us, I promised him that nobody would ever hurt him again, and that I would never abandon him. Since then he has been the light of our lives. His presence and playfulness have helped my children and me through a very difficult divorce (when are they not difficult?) and lots of life changes.
    The month of February was very tough for us, too (not the least of which was directly related to mercury retrograde!). After 6 visits to the vet, in an attempt to figure out what the heck was going on with him, Max was diagnosed with an immune disease, which effects his eyes. He’s been on many meds in an attempt to control this disease, and it looks like he is responding well to the treatment. Thank God!
    There is absolutely nothing on earth like the love between a dog and his/her person. I am so grateful for all of the love and joy that they bring to the world.
    Blessings of healing for all of our hurting critters. xo

  • Karla Beauchamp

    So happy to hear your little guy is on the mend. He is too adorable for words!!!
    Many times in my life when I have gotten too “self” centered and lost sight of what was really important I was put into situations which forced me to realign my thinking and remember what my true priorities should be and what really matters in the whole scheme of things. I think we all need those wake up calls but the important thing is to recognize them when they come and to acknowledge and deal with the current situation and the part we played in allowing ourselves to get there.

  • DLLJRandFurballs

    Good Afternoon: LOVE. I recently adopted a beautiful soul who is worthy of life – she earned it – and two of her puppies. However, the most recent pup’s previous owner was still attached to him and made me miserable. The guy seems to have suffered from memory loss and is a control freak to the point the pup suffers from starvation syndrome though is getting better with daily portions and the socialization of his fur family. I cannot keep them all even though I would if I could (finances) they, especially the momma, is a healer for me physically and in spirit. The girls are mellow and the boy is beautiful though has so much puppy energy I do not know how we will make it without training. My problem is the previous owner who was against legally registering the pup, treating the pup at the vet, and neutering was like him having the surgery. He did not want the pup because the furball peed on him and no canine ever did that, the pup is a mutt (he says), and the pup digs; he did not want the pup he said and I could go get him from the backyard pen. I hesitated however I called the only number I had for the family and left a message to his wife that I spoke with him, that he did not want the pup for reasons, that I could not get the pup that night, and that I would get the pup in the morning. I did; most of the day the pup was at the vet making sure he got his medication down. The next day the girls were scheduled to get spayed and they had a spot for the boy. Six days later the previous owner comes up and not remembering my name after a year next door and all the conversations we had is angry that I had the pup neutered. I felt like I had two black eyes for the next two days and am figuring out a way to stop the pain I am experiencing over the loss of peace between the fences. I have always been kind and not a back stabbing neighbor. You, know how folks just call animal control which can cause hefty fines – I did not do that. Everyone I know says keep the pup and if they ever disrespect their pups to just call the authorities. Folks who abuse their canine by starving them and hanging them outside to dry or strangulating with improper tie outs is hideous. I though they would be better but now I am perceived as someone who supposedly did wrong instead of a “goodness”. I was confused and can only make a monetary offering to “shut” out the negativity that is emanating from the fence line (they may have bought the pup a bag of dog food in his 7 month life-time). I need the freedom to train the pups but every move I make seems to need to be a secret. I think the previous owner just dumped his mental health problem on me and the pup (also his control issue and starvation tactics – the lady and grandpa did not want the pup and are overwhelmed with other responsibilities they told me plus there is no food or needed attention for the canine!) The pup gets food, socialization, and indoor living with me and the two furballs. Can I have some powerful prayers to clam (diminish) the neighbor’s anger so he doesn’t do the wrong thing to me and we are both bestowed with resolve like competent adults? I am very unsure of him now. I prayed they would not bring in another canine after they killed off the first pup (that property has some bad pet vibes I have noticed with past renters) by sending her to the pound after destroying her through starvation and left out for days without attention one gives to those they LOVE. What shocks me is the blatant disregard for law where one lives and the lies one tells oneself to make lawlessness believable (do all rednecks mistreat their canine?). Should I wonder if I was wrong to step up to the plate for the pup? Why do I feel as if I did that previous owner wrong? I think I am very considerate and not sure if being this way is safe. If folks cared more and numbed themselves less maybe the world might be a better place for all of us. More safety less lawlessness…. Any thoughts?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      You did the right thing by taking them in and perhaps calling around to help find another guardian for the little boy. People do strange things. I agree with you that if you see an animal suffering something needs to be done. There is a great book by Norman Vincent Peale called Positive Imaging. It suggests for us to pray for the ones who are suffering, and imagine all is well between you. Make restitution that you can and refuse to get into it with the neighbor. You have a strong argument. It’s never easy. I feel horrible for any animal being abused and would rescue them all if I could. You have a good heart. oxoxox

  • Georgene

    Poor little Sabby! So sorry to hear this. : (
    He is one of the cutest little dogs I have ever seen! (He and Beanie have spurred my intense love of Pomeranians.)

    I have three beautiful Ragdoll cats now and they are the joy of my heart. They are like puppy-cats– very interactive and devoted. They teach me to live in the moment in acceptance and just r-e-l-a-x…..And be who you are, no matter what your silliness and quirks. Just their presence in whatever room I am in, elevates the energy of the space and my mood in it. I call them my three angel boys- so healing are they!

    Such very spoiled babies yet, as I always say, they do so much for me than I could ever do for them.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Sebastian’s illness. Illustrates how our love for our fur babies always comes with heartbreak when they get sick and especially when they leave us. We are challenged to love and let go.

    Beautiful post once again, Colette. ❤ Lots of love to you and yours XO ❤

  • cynthia marquardt

    I have had many animals, each has been a healer. There was a time that I had an animal communicator work with a horse I had had since his birth and at the time he was around 20…he told her of some adventures in his life that only he and I would know about, which validated the reading, but he also wanted me to know that he and all the horses in the barn were aware of and understood my pain, as I had lost my son several years earlier. It brought tears to my eyes, but enforced the fact that these wonderful creatures we are blessed to live among are here to help us heal and bring us comfort and contentment…each has been a unique soul full of love.

  • Kelley Easby

    I almost feel like you were talking to me when I read your story. I had 3 lovely dogs and suddenly within 4 weeks, I lost two of my dogs. It was sad having to put the first one down from cancer when my second one became paralyzed from a tumor on the spinal cord and had to be put down. My last dog is 14 years old with a very bad heart and not in the greatest shape. I cherish every moment with her but the emptiness from the other two is hard to fill. An animal gives you unconditional love like no other. I can only hope I will meet them on the other side again. Hoping your little guy is doing well.

  • Alina

    Blessings to Sebastian and You:) I have three Jack Russell’s and they are always there loving me when I need it. It is amazing how my littlest one, Luna knows when I need it too since she will come around and climb on my stomach and give me kisses. Interestingly she is also a emotional barometer of sorts for me also. When I am feeling intensely she feels me and will go to a corner to get away…talk about bringing me back to present! As soon as I see her behavior it is a reminder to me to settle down and feel the LOVE again and I surround us both with white or blue light. Then I ask for her forgiveness as well as forgiving myself, since I know they feel energy so easily. When I got Luna she had Kennel cough that got complicated and had a collapsed lung. She also had a broken bone while going thru this. Her pain and suffering made me feel helpless. Then I remembered I have tools so I would give her Reiki and put crystals wrapped in a handkerchief by her bed. This really helped her:)
    I also have two birds and the umbrella cockatoo, Tweetie, will start screeching if I am feeling frustrated, upset, etc. The loud noises irritate me so at first I didn’t make the connection since the Amazon screams take me to the edge! Then my husband pointed it out to me when he made the connection and then it made sense. Of course she screeches for attention also, yet now I am able to distinguish when she’s wants attention or she wants me to chill out…LOL! Animals are amazing…pure unconditional love and I am grateful for all my fur and feather babies:)

    BTW they sell a soft collar at Pet Supermarket that is great…you can even take out the guides it has and fold it over so it is easier for them to drink water and play:) Every little bit helps:)

    Sending you and your fur babies Angels, Love and Light:)

  • Diane Langdon

    Hi Colette…
    So happy to hear that your little Sebastian is feeling better. I pray that he has a quick and easy recovery. I truly believe that Jim is still here on earth because of our little Pixie.
    Pixie is Jim’s earth angel. She will be 14 years old and does not leave his side. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary and I am so blessed that, besides me being with Jim, he has Pixie. My little fur angel is Shadow. He loves us both so much.
    These innocent loving little fur and feathered creatures expect nothing and give so much. As I grow older I am learning many lessons from them and their love.
    Our fur babies are our children. Especially as we age and are human children and families move on with their own lives.
    I’ve thanked you many times before, but I thank you again so much for being there to help me and my family. I really miss you and think of you often.
    you deserve so much adulation and respect for all you have done for others…
    Much love, Diane

  • Paula

    Dear Colette, soooo happy to hear little Sebastian is on the mend; I feel your pain!!! I would do anything for my ‘daughter,’ Emma Lou, my cat. In working with my Life Coach, following you and many other excellent guides, I recognized that I had not been truly present to her. I now am, however, when she gets her morning massage, or wants to play or wants some attention when I get home from work and to show me her gratitude, I am now blessed and rewarded with many unsolicitated nose-to-nose rubs. I savor each and every one. Sending hugs and prayers to Senastian for a full and complete recovery!

  • Mary

    Dear Collette: Bless his sweet little heart. I lost my sweet Golden, Bailey, age 11, 2 days before Christmas. She was the most wonderful and smart dog that I have had. I still have another precious Annie, a Golden who is dear. The are called the Golden People. I am getting another pup who will be born March 15. I pray that both of my pups will be healthy for a long time. I live alone and they give me totally unconditional love.


  • Susan M

    So glad your dog is doing better; I didn’t know Pomeranians could be that small !

    My dog Sparky, a Westie, passed this last September at the age of 15 1/2 and after several months of different illnesses. He taught me even in his passing; his last evening I knew I would have to put him down as he had dementia and seizures that suddenly worsened…my ‘lesson’ was that evening before I put him down my clairaudience kept hearing ‘3’ and I didn’t understand since I knew he couldn’t last 3 more days. As I stayed up with him overnight, God’s plan was that I’d have to take Sparky to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, and he passed near 3a.m. …oh, the ‘3’ I thought to myself later that day. Sparky brought me SO much love and joy and smiles and laughter and unconditional love. I’m very happy he’s enjoying himself in heaven now playing and feeling great. And, I’m ready to welcome another Westie into my home later this Spring or Summer. Thank you for sharing your story and offering us a place to share ours,

  • pina

    God shots I like that name … this last few weeks I’ve been thinking/asking mmmm am I going in the right direction for my highest and best …silence …..yep nothing…… then that gentle nudge (its all okay I’ll show you), so I go about my work then my clients start saying things that are weirdly out of context and a couple of clients I worried about after they left and they ‘sat’ with me through and bam there’s my answer………sometimes it takes a bit as timing has to be right not just for me but for those that need to be present for me but yep God shots that’s a great term ….. cheers pina

  • Genene

    Colette, I’m so glad your sweet furbaby is on the mend! Oh, yes, they are indeed our teachers, protectors, and adoring supporters. I recently finished writing a book about how dogs have led me down a path of healing from abuse, betrayal and violent deaths I set up to punish myself many lifetimes ago. Our furbabies are incredibly evolved beings, and transitioning over the Rainbow Bridge does not break the bonds of our hearts. I am honored to still have my Angel furbabies as guides whenever I need them or just want to connect with them again. And my current doggies are still teaching me, though I think at times I’m a rather troublesome student. 🙂

    It’s so nice to read how others cherish their furry companions. As someone else said, Colette, thank you for giving us a place to share the importance of our furry family members!

  • KateE


    I am so happy your pup is doing better. I can feel your heartstrings when you speak of the ordeal. I have a Boston Terrier, Cali, she is the love of mine and my husband as we don’t have children. A few nights ago I was sad and being her smart little self knew this, climbed onto my sofa and began licking away my tears, got down went over to her one of many toy boxes, mulled over her two favorite toys picked one and carried it upstairs to our bed, leaving on my pillow. I was so touched by this I almost cried harder. She is my rock, when she sleeps with us she makes sure she sleeps touching me.
    There is no love like my love for her.

  • Diana Boles

    Oh such a great mom! Keeping him out of the dreaded “funnel of UN-comfort”. I love that you made him something else to treat the dis-ease. I have 2 dogs and 2 birds and the stories I could tell. Even of the ones that have left this plane. I’m even visited by the neighbors dog, after all he frequently came over while he was on the planet.

  • Liz

    Sabastian is adorable!
    I wish you both lots of well needed sleep and hope he is recovering fast!

    I am a pommie lover myself and they all have taught me to live in the Now, love uncondtiional and have lots of Fun!

    Pommie sister!

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