Angels and the Afterlife, Full Moon in Virgo and the Irish Super Bowl!!


Updated: March 18, 2014

Hellloooooooo wonderful awesome you!

37-cleaning-house-copyAgain, I apologize for the tardy blog. I have been on the road and so fried from all the travel that it’s taken me a bit to get my brain fog cleared. Bless that Full Moon in Virgo this past weekend. Yes indeedy! Clean House is the message and will continue to be the message for all of us this entire month. I love how my oracle cards just seem to magically align with the energies we all face when I pull them for our universal theme and post to Facebook.

I got Cleaning House for that very day!

Gotta love the Dude, or as I like to lovingly sometimes refer to Spirit, or God as: Quantum Fred. It just all works when you ask for a sign. Ask and ye shall receive. Noted!

So the energies of this month are similar for us all. Clean up the loose ends of your life before plowing forward with too much haste. Clean up your resentments, let go of the inner caca you’re still holding on to about so and so and the details of who did what.

Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Release the experience of disappointment and failed expectation and remember that rejection is God’s protection. Clean out the cobwebs, finish projects and start spring cleaning. Make space for the awesomeness that is en route to you in April. You will be so happy you did. Each day is a new beginning; and if we are unencumbered by baggage, we are free to co-create our dreams without too much effort!

It’s almost Spring!! (Or if you’re one of my fans from Oz or other country down under – It’s almost Fall!!) And I am feeling that change of seasons stirring in my bones. St. Patrick’s Day always marks it for me. I refer to it as the Irish Super Bowl since people here go as koo-koo for it as they do for football. Green beer, green cookies, green face paint and the pubs all brimming with folks who toast the great Irish Saint of shamrocks and leprechauns -St. Paddy.

Of course, the day has its roots in tradition. The Holy Trinity was described to the pagans by way of the shamrock’s shape, or so history infers. I wonder though, if the pagans, who already had the shape in the symbol of the triskele, had previously figured all that out, or at least their version of it.

Language and labels are always the greatest issue in my view, anyway.

I confess I am a wannabe Irish lass. I don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me, but I have such an affinity for Irish music. You can hear it in great evidence in my CD’s, especially Magdalene’s Garden, and in a song I wrote with Irish playwright Marina Kerr called “Black Swan,” which is on my second CD I Am/Grace. (I’m gifting the song to you this week!)

So let’s celebrate the Irish and our profound connection to Spirit!

This brings me ‘round to the subject of language and the limits we impose on the elusive yet potent qualities of our engagement with all things spiritual.

I filmed a TV show in Toronto last week – a really smart TV show – and I was on a panel with some pretty brilliant guests. Hosted by the controversial Conrad Black and Canada’s most beloved TV host Denise Donlon, the show brings a lot of interesting topics to the screen. This episode was on Angels and The Afterlife. I haven’t seen the edited cut yet, but I’m curious, as I sat next to the skeptic – a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, who believes that everything is a product of the brain and religious experience is well, you know- hogwash. Bless him, poor dear, I had such fun teasing him.

I did a ton of readings, as the producers asked me to wander into the audience during the breaks, and some pretty amazing stuff came through. I hope it’s in the final edits. It was wonderful holding my own amongst these erudites and the fine eloquent delivery of their ideas. It’s difficult to argue with such well-educated minds who know what they know and who hold their beliefs so rigidly.

My point that I’ve always held is that the experience of the numinous is ineffable and needs to be experienced, and that perhaps it just isn’t meant to be limited by language, although I wait patiently for the day when science and spirituality really consummate their marriage and allow an open and honest discussion about it. We’re almost there, but not quite. I know that there has always been a spiritual source – something not of myself – that helps me in my greatest moments of need. I’ve seen an angel, so I know they exist; and I demonstrate connections to the other side, when I open up to do readings, all the time. When I say I don’t know what it all is, I mean I don’t know intellectually. I know from another place within me, a deeper place of certainty. I hope they conveyed this in the show. Who knows how TV shows get edited, and we’ll all find out together, as I will get to watch it when you do!

For me, at the end of the day it’s all about how I live my life today. Do no harm. Do unto others. Love all-Serve all. Trust God.

You can see it online after March 18th.

How about you? What do you believe? Or better still, what do you know deeply about angels and the afterlife, and how does that affect the way you behave in the world?

Love to hear from you.

Love always and forever,



PS – Stay tuned. We are setting up our home studio to start sending you videos each week of me doing oracle card readings of the universal energies affecting us all. I am super excited about it, and I hope you will enjoy it and be inspired by what I “see.” We are all affected by energies that umbrella our life experience collectively. And I will also show you how to personalize it week to week, too!



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  • Nancy

    Hello Beautiful Collette, I have always believed in a power greater than myself. When I was just thirteen I lost my father, and I would not have been able to get through the grieving process without the angels that came to comfort me. I too have seen angels who where there in my darkest hours. I’ve felt the love of God course through me as I see a sunset or held a baby in my arms. I’ve always had that sixth sense about things and truly believe that there is something so magnificent beyond this earthly plain. I read and love your book “Weight loss for people who feel too much” because I sure do. Thank You for always showing great love and honesty. Love is the answer to healing the world. I also give readings, and love doing spiritual work. It feed my soul to help others.

    With Love and Light,

  • Lianne Dixon

    Hi Colette.
    I just watched the panel discussion. What a great conversation! Thank you for sharing it with us. It amazes me how tripped up and stuck we can get when, like the friendly panelist representing the atheist viewpoint, when we don’t even allow for the possibility. Unable to move forward in the magic and profound experience of life unless first having proof that the experience would not be merely neurological or a making of one’s imagination. As if it matters!! We miss out on so much when we choose to view and experience life through such constrictive paradigms… It was a wonderful reminder to be open and receptive to spirit always and in all ways. By the way- you looked great!! AND- the only “eh” I noticed anyone dropping came in at about 28 minutes into the talk (not bad!) 😉

  • Beth

    Interesting timing…I just decided yesterday that I really have to “clean house” in order to further my healing journey and trust God.

  • Vivienne Tuffnell

    Well, as today is my birthday, I was in a favourite shop in Norwich when your book The Map almost leapt off the shelf at me. Leafing through, a few key phrases popped out. Book and cards now bought; will see how I get on.
    And yes, the spring is boinging along now.

  • Joanne Boulter

    Dear Colette,

    I to have seen Angels! They are very real. I have seen loved ones that have passed on so to speak. It’s more like walking into another room.

    My Father passed away in September of 2013, as I watched him talk his last breath it was just like he had walked din to another room full of glorious light and full of family and loved ones that were so excited to greet him.

    Just last month a spent a 5 day stay at the local hospital with the flue. There I was told that I had a huge tumor on my lung. After my physical part of my mind and body processed this and I freaked out for about 30 mins. I came back down to earth thinking that so what. I am ready at any time to move on to that room that I saw my Father move on to.

    I have received everything if not more in my life that I have ever wanted. I have been loved, I have made a beautiful family, I have great grandchildren that I hope I have lead a legacy for.
    Besides I will still be at their side guiding and loving all my loved ones.

    If It’s just something that I need to grow from and make me a better person I’m okay with that. I strongly believe that I have a lot to do whether in this life or in the next. Either way I’m comfortable with that.

    Life is great, God has been very good to me and I love to explore life, on this side or the other. Either way we are still all together.

    Life is grand if we make it so!

    Sincerely, Joanne

  • Michelle

    Wow I just got done watching the video of the angels and the afterlife. I think to me some of those people have some interesting view points not that I agree with all of them. I am strictly a very logical person, yet mediumistic. It’s strange I have such a view as I do. I tend to think of spirit as a very complex being that we humans cannot fathom. That this being a beautiful loving energy that I have come to know all my life. I can’t believe a bible story or a creation story I’m part native american and just can’t bring myself to believe it. That is why I say that I can’t fathom what spirit is because of such a complexity of a being and how it created us. I am a huge believer in science and to me science can’t explain everything but how humans developed is amazing to me. I can only say thank you for sharing this video and also the blog it really hits home for me.

  • Eira Kynthia

    Hello Beautiful Collette!!

    How interesting you say you have not a lick of Celt in you!! We ALL have some Celt in us, otherwise it’s sacrilege!!!!! 🙂 😉 This is what I know about Angels AND Demons…

    When I was a very young child (about 5 years of age maybe), I would lie on the floor and read this very large and thick Children’s Bible. How did I know how to read, as yet, all of those words? Can’t tell you that, as you said, I KNOW because I experienced this and my story of the Angel, I just can’t scientifically explain it intellectually. During that timeframe one of my favorite stories was (and is) about Daniel in the Lions’ Den (this will make sense in a moment). He called on The Divine Presence and was saved from being dinner and breakfast. One evening our parents went out with another couple for their anniversary and we stayed at the other couple’s home, as my sister was babysitting their two younger children. I was the youngest and so was put to bed in the guest room. I heard sounds and turned onto my back. At the end of the bed were dark, small, creatures who were scratching and clawing to get at me. I immediately asked Jesus to protect me and two LARGE Angels appeared–one in white light and one in blue light. They placed a protective ‘bubble’ over me and stayed watch until our parents came back and my mother came into the room. When I told my mother what happened I know that she believed me and told me that I should always call upon Jesus to bring my Angels whenever I needed them–no matter for what.
    The story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den was mine. I remember this incident very vividly and called upon it whenever my son ascended on 21Sept2003. I have been placed in the Lions’ den many times and each time I know that the Angels are there, protecting me in their bubble. I can’t tell you what she looks like, but I do know that as a very young child I always had an Angel, my Guardian Angel, with me as a playmate. Of late, I have been feeling her presence again in my life. I can’t intellectually tell you how I know this, I just do. It’s like…how do you truly articulate the energy of true love from an un’seen’ source. You don’t. It’s something one must experience for themselves.
    As your tribemates say from ‘down under’, No Worries Mate for being Late!! :o) ;o) Oh, I have a few thoughts about words myself. Perhaps we will be able to discuss one day our passion on that subject!

    Sla`n A`lainn!!
    Eira Ashling Kynthia

    P.S. A bit of Irish lore…Kynthia is a name given to a woman from Kynthos (Greek/American Indian/Latin/French is Cynthia) and she is said to possess the gift of enlightenment and to assist with warding off evil spirits when one gets ‘entangled’ by deception (Dream or Spirit Catchers). Thus my book to help with the deception of the conditioning women have endured throughout which has historically disregarded and disrespected women. If you wish a free copy I can send you that.

  • jamie

    I love the help and greatness u give and positive u are blessing love the orcal cards as well as everything u do thank u I am spiritual as well since I was real lil.kid im thankfull for these gifts I have to do same for others blessing thank u so much :):):)

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