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Updated: April 8, 2014

Dear wondrous Being of Fabulosity- yes that’s you!

I am so excited to introduce you to a new gift I am going to send you every week- The Oracle (me) is coming to you each week on video now! That’s right each week I am going to do two things for you.

One :- I am going to take a random question from any of you who send a request for an oracle message to [email protected] I’m going to discuss the personal reading in a universal way that may serve to help all of us. I believe that we each act as a teaching tool for others. This is your chance to share your situation on behalf of all of us! I will choose cards to illustrate my answer.


Once I choose your question, and you’re up for it, I am going to talk to you live on Skype video (remember when I was on radio and you’d call in for a reading?) and do your reading that way. You will be on camera! Whoo hoo!

My first video is at the bottom of the page.

Two :- I am going to pull cards to show the universal energies that will be affecting all of us for the week ahead. This is more about considering the overarching themes in the collective for the week than being personally predictive. I’ve been testing this for a few months now and comparing the messages my cards relay to both astrology and numerology and found it to be uncannily accurate. Consider that It’s kind of like a weather report – a Universal Energy Weather Report! You’ll see how everything fits when you go to my public FaceBook page and read the card for the day then choose your own on my website.

That’s when it gets really personal! Just remember Spirit guides us when we’re willing to use our intuition and open up to a non- ordinary reality. Intuition is all about seeing through the periphery of things, allowing new contours around our imaginations, seeing between things, looking to what you don’t know, sensing what is yet unseen. And It’s also about making the information practical! For me that’s the key to balancing the spiritual and the mundane, the mystical and what’s common sense.

You may not always like what it says but if you read around the message and between the cards , allowing the story to unfold through your own experience you’ll be astounded at how synchronicity lines up and guidance is available just when you need it.

The only thing you need is an open mind, letting non-linear concepts to move your imagination, and open you up to possibilities beyond the limitations of reason and logical thought. It’s also important to let the information sync with your idea of what is sacred to you. When going to choose a card for yourself, say a prayer of thanks acknowledging the process, asking to know only your highest good from all your guides, and Source.

The mystical experience isn’t found in face value. The cards on their own are just pieces of paper with nice artwork.  How you approach them will dictate how accurate they will be and how meaningful they are. It’s ok to be light-hearted, and have fun, but remember messages from Spirit are always about divine guidance so treat the process with respect and reverence.

You’ll notice this week’s universal reading is something very much in alignment with the astrological umbrella we’re under for the next while. Ultimately these are energies to work with not fight against. We can learn from the opportunities the oracle message has for us by going deeper and asking ourselves questions about how the symbols speak to us, what we can learn from them, how we can evolve and flourish with grace and awareness.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the videos.

I have so much fun making them! I never know what to expect.


RECAP of the Universal Energies.

The first card we got was Spirit of Place. In this context it’s asking us not to plan too far in the future. Right now it’s asking us all to stay present as best as we can because our goals and aspirations may change this week. We are going to notice that we are going to rethink things.

The second card I picked was Dry Desert. So it maybe that we are feeling like we are not getting anywhere this week either. The Dry Desert tends to tell us that we need to get resilient. That is the message of the Dry Desert. What is flourishing in the desert? Well things that don’t need a lot of water to survive. Like cactus. You can get hurt when you open up a cactus to get the water inside the cactus or you need to dig deep underground. So this tells me that we are really required this week to stay put and take a look at ourselves, dig deep for our water means look within deep. So a lot of meditation this week. And also realize that resilience is what’s require of us to get through this week.

Now the end of the week is resolved in the Gentle Gardner.  This is a very interesting because it talks about how we manifest. It asks us to take a look at what is it that we are repeating over and over again within ourselves, our thoughts feelings and beliefs, because they become the aspects of our lives that we are going to identify with and look for in the outer world. So conditions are going to reflect what conditions are within us. So I think this week is a really big reflective week. Not a whole lot of hitting our mark in terms of aspiration but it’s setting us up for sure for the following week.

So I am very curious to find out if this has been the same for you and I am sure as heck going to check it out to see if it’s going to be the same for me. Until I talk to you next week bye for now.


Til next week

I send you all my love and best wishes.



PS I want to hear from you! How did the energy weather report for the week hold up? How did the daily card and then your personal card line up for you? What’s happening for you? Write, sing, send a smoke signal!

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  • Diane

    Colette…….LOVED the insight for this week! Have a suggestion please, can you tell us which deck you are using before you do the weekly reading.

    I have The Avalon Deck and am about to buy my next deck. I really want all four decks but I must save up for them!

    Bright blessings of love,

    Diane xxxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi honey its the Enchanted Map oracle and I have a NEW ONE coming for next year too! xxoxo

  • Barb Parcells

    Woo Hoo! This was terrific! I loved being able to see and hear you, and I loved the feeling that the universal reading was right on the money.

    Is this where we submit our questions? Hope so. Anyway, I am having trouble distinguishing between the voice of my guides and the voice of my ego when it comes to taking control of my life. Sometimes I feel as if I have to take some kind of action but when I do it feels as if I’m trying to force the situation. How would my inner wisdom feel differently from my ego?

    I don’t have Skype or even a web cam but I do have a computer as you can see.

    Thanks, and much good luck with the new format. It is so you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is a GREAT question honey.. please send it to [email protected] and I will put it in my lil hat and choose. I think its a great general question for everyone so I will mark it. xooxox

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette, for now that seems to right in line with what I am feeling so far this week. I am learning how to be resillent for sure right now and know I need time to reflect, meditate and align myself. This is going to be a fun way to play, I’m liking your new video’s idea!

  • Toby

    Hi Colette! I loved this and really appreciate your generosity. Your beautiful light shines bright on so many 🙂 Thank you!!! xo

  • Teresa Mooney

    I have missed you on Hayhouse. I tried to follow you on the new radio station, but it wasn’t the same. So I am very excited about what your doing because it is like we’re talking like girlfriends. Thank you for being thoughtful, Teresa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Teresa I might yet be back on Hay House, spoke to them about it recently – but this is good too yes?


    Oh, this is so FUN! It’s great to see you and hear you. And the message for the week is BANG ON for me. I am in the middle of my Spring detox cleanse and it’s been tough. I’ve been reminded over and over the past few days that I need to slow down, listen to my body and stay quiet (physically and mentally). The first few days of the detox I tried to do what I normally do and I wiped myself out. Now is the time to lay low and take this week to clear my mind as well as my body and not over-perform – perfect message. So I give myself permission to work in my jammies for the next few days and distribute extra dog cuddles to my lovely office assistants. Thanks, Colette. I’m excited to hear what next week will bring. xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      me too! I was ARGH when I saw them but they are as accurate for me too. stay tuned!!

  • Effie Touris

    Feel that major changes are coming into my life in the near future….not sure what exactly…but they are definitely coming soon…..I’ve been through so many changes in my life, several major ones, both good and bad…..why is this potential change making me so anxious?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good question Effie, anxiety comes with change. Humans crave certainty and even when good changes come its an adjustment. keep the faith. No matter what comes, it’s all good.

  • Diana Boles

    Goodness! These 3 cards hit the mark even if we as gardeners can’t. It is a time of no decision, but aware of an upcoming choice for me, that’s for certain. Meditation has always been a part of my daily life, and Yoga School stresses meditation. That part is quite easy. The deep roots of years of practicing ( since I was 18-gonna be 65 in June) just because I liked it have kept this garden growing. Now, I almost feel like an athlete as well as all my other jack of all trades. I can’t choose what to do with this education til it’s over. Will I be certified? Turning 65 brings another big choice-medicare part A-B-and can’t choose til class ends and can’t decide til I know if I can afford to not do job #2 which I won’t know til classes end and will I get certified to pay for part A& B—-hahahahahahahaha—-see what I mean? Meditate-vinyasa-meditate-vinyasa-meditate-vinyasa——don’t forget to breath and surrender. Hahahahahahahaha —- Love ya Colette. Thanks, this is awesome!

  • Kimberly DImauro

    I love the video reading. I felt the cards were right on the money as well. I have a new PT job, and career is in a slight diff.direction. You’re absolute right to stay focused. Look within and I take it day by day,now week by week, . I’m enjoying using the card selections and seeing your videos. love it,and love you. God Bless. Ps you have given my family warmed hearts from your reading here in ct a few years back.. We will never forget that day.. We are huge fans of yours..forever. 🙂

  • Cheryl Osten

    I wish there is a CC on your videos. I would love to learn from you for I am deaf and blind.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Cheryl there is audio.. if you’re blind a cc won’t help you either. My audio is easy to follow and I hope it helps you!

  • Dana

    Dear Colette, twice this week already, I have had conversations with my girlfriends about these very themes, making different choices, and staying present. You are on the mark as always! Thank you for all that you do, have a fabulous week!

  • Dorota

    Dear Colette, I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed the video and its idea! I loved to see your mastery and your enjoyment of doing what you love! May it rub off on me… As for the cards’ message, it feels very relevant to my week so far. Hunker down, explore deep down for own resources, be patient, prepare – and trust that things will come out alright at the other end of the week.

  • Jean


  • Elizabeth Pfeiffer

    LOVE that you’re doing videos now! They are great! Sending you a BIG HUG! <3

  • Donna

    Hi Colette! I’m so happy and excited that you’re doing the videos. OMG, I feel like I can get my ‘oracle reading mojo’ on again! You’ve always inspired me. This week’s reading is on the mark in more than one way. I see it not just for me but for others around me in different ways. One is about taking care of bills due this week…I do feel dry like the desert and digging a little deep for water. The Gentle Gardner is reminding me of what I already know. I love it!

    BTW, you look fantastic! Sending you lots of love, love, love!

  • Tara

    Thanks so much, Colette! These cards were perfectly in line with what I said in my Astrology forecast for this week. There’s been so much fiery energy that this Cancer quater moon was really asking us to go within and nurture ourselves, our family and our homes.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey love hearing that! I have been testing them out for a few months and found they just work hand in hand with astrology and numerology too. Love all our tools. xoxoox

  • Melissa Carr

    Ah yes, resiliency! I HAVE been feeling so far for this week that it is all in a “building” stage. I am currently enrolled in B-School with Marie Forleo and learning a lot on how to take my business to the next level. It is not resonating with my Husband, or famly, as the results are not in the NOW, but I can see with my persistence, it will come!
    I do like the video readings! Great job BTW, keep it up!

    I saw you when you were in Seattle 2007 and bought your Avalon Deck! Such a treasure that I still cherish to this day:)

  • Margaret Totten

    This was pretty much on target for me..on vacation and taking stock of things as I regroup.. Just want to say that I love this format and the videos..you shine through!

  • Kelly

    This week … was the desert. The harder I tried the worse things went. I finally surrendered and while I didn’t get to accomplish much, I did relax. It’s the end of the week, I am about to lead a retreat on authenticity with 35 teenagers and I feel way more focused on the task ahead. All my other stuff(grad school, healing biz) that stuff will come out this wkd I’m sure. Thanks Collette, you rule!! <3

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    I love the latest gifts. Thank you and have a great weekend!! xo

  • Susan

    This was great! I was just evaluating my past choices and have made many choices to leave the past behind after giving it a big hug and moving forward. Moving yourself to awareness and making different choices is not an easy task with the mental mantras and challenges that happen with the new choices someone is choosing.

    Thank you for the gift

  • Nancy

    I have studied your book, The Oracle, and the Oracle cards and have encorporated them in my reading for about a year…love them. I am going to see your dem in May 2014 and do so hope for a chance to say hello.

    If I dont get a chance I just want to say how much I love your work and feel the closeness you have to Spirit.

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