Considering the Consciousness Revolution is About to Begin… but not quite yet.!

Updated: April 15, 2014

Dearest Fabulous You..

Has the past week or so felt somewhat like you’re a racehorse at the gate of your prosperity and true purpose listening to someone saying…  “Wait for it. Wait .. wait.. wait for it, no not yet… well, almost!” Have a seat. Nothing is going to go ANY faster if you believe the astro reports and even my reading this week. (watch the video you’ll see my reaction to the cards)

I totally understand. I’m all gung ho, fresh from my vacation knowing intuitively this is a week of more self appraisal and inventories, but of course I still want to hear things are ready to start exploding with new fabulousness now that I’ve decided they must. Man plans; God laughs, and well… gosh, c’est la vie. I of all people should know better.

In some way when energy is pushing back just when I want to move forward, it sometimes, like around now, feels like a challenge to be more aggressive. This is not the right way to work with these energies whatsoever, and thank goodness I know this. How does it affect you? How do you handle it? I find exercise really helps to move energy when there is that tension of opposites that stirs me up.

I was so excited to do my video reading for us all this week. I chose a couple questions from the giant batch that’s been coming in every week now. The Oracle’s ready to rumble!

Sure thing, Colette, coming right up.


GAG me if I didn’t yet again pull a series of three challenger cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms that just kept saying: chill out; you’re all not going to get anywhere this week; it’s time to stay put and observe yourself; don’t fight the natural progression of events; look at your life and your patterns, and negotiate fairly with others. Play nice in the sandbox is the undercurrent in the message also and warns us about aggressive action not bringing us the results we want.

Or is this also referring to world events? This morning’s Blood Moon (the first of four) brought us a very interesting lunar eclipse that’s calling our attention to the cycles of repetition we’ve seen throughout history in the Middle East. While I was researching this astro cycle, I found all kinds of information referring to these four Blood Moons, the Cardinal Grand Cross, and other celestial events that some are saying are ushering us into the End Times, or as I like to see it – the Consciousness Revolution.

I’ve decided to invite some of my astrologer friends who do this all the time to discuss what it all means for the weeks ahead given my Universal Energies forecast report. The oracle cards seem to be pretty accurate.

I really do think we are all having to address the way we engage the world. The awareness that our traditional and limited separation concept of the world and our place in it as “I” and “it” is going to go through a radical upheaval. It’s good, as we need this new way of seeing the world.

We have officially entered the Age of Intuition.

We need our spidey senses more than ever. The One Mind beckons; Nature calls us, and we are standing at the gates of a unified experience. How it will manifest, none of us really know. I have a suspicion it may not be super pleasant, especially since we tend to have collective experiences that serve to bring us together that are not garden parties. Our attitude will mean everything as we navigate this new terrain.

Say thank you for sharing Fear Goblins… time to love you, seek middle ground and higher ground, and stay out of the boxing arena.

Here’s a good prayer and affirmation:

Dear Spirit, I promise not to throw sand at anyone in the sandbox. Amen.

This week, hunker down some more, slow down, look within, reaffirm your collaborative partnership with Spirit, get accountable, and do the inventory of where you are. What do you need to change to live the life you desire? You can’t change anything you’re in denial about. So wakey wakey!

We’re all going to be doing the same thing.

Darn it.

May as well have a sense of humor and enjoy it. The starter pistol will signal soon enough.

Really would love to hear what you’re noticing about the energies this week for you. What are you discovering in your inventory? How are you finding or creating more fairness in your life?

Tell me a story, and we can hang out pawing at the gates together.


Love you always and forever!

Love Colette XO


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  • Debbi

    Hi Colette,
    ha! my left shift key isn’t working…man, this makes sense. I thought i was feeling sluggish due to school vacations this week…i usually shrink into my cave when the kids are off…i hate the routine being derailed, and all that goes with it. no ‘me’ salt baths…etc..
    Anyway whoo hoo!! i get it now!
    i’ve literally been waiting for a miracle regarding my life purpose. But i just realized that i haven’t been connecting to spirit to ask the questions. Does this week’s forecast have anything to do with connecting to spirit/
    Do i continue to ask the questions…this week, ill try not to get upset when i’m not getting an answer.

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Thank you – I really enjoyed your Blood Moon video and blog. You really have a great singing voice too. Info was great and my spidey senses are in line with your intuition as well. Its been interesting so far with info coming up that appeared to be hidden within relationship…one of my companies has been having trouble and it feels like the next couple of weeks will clear the decks to get back to thriving…Will let you know what comes up in line with your output this week…love always xo

  • Sacha

    Wow!! Thank you! Love your new video blogs! Ok, no pushing this week…oh boy…

  • Cynthia Jacobs

    I just want to thank you for the energy and effort and time it must take to arrange & offer these free weekly readings. I am fairly recently unemployed and I am floundering around here in the universe lost and untethered….I can’t even tell you how helpful and healing it was today to open my email from you and click the link to watch this video….offering some hope for my existence to have some meaning today even in my isolation and disconnection from all that I had previously known as such. I’m looking forward to your video release tomorrow and thank you again for so freely sharing with the world through these amazing technologies that we now have.

  • Mindy

    Thanks for sharing your time and feelings, thank you!

  • Julie Hardy

    Thank you Colette, love your video.
    Your readings are so spot on for me, I’m trying so hard to be patient and not rush into things.
    Thanks again
    Julie :0D

  • ruppert

    today as I was expressing the joy for life at the bus stop, later the following question came to me: why now? why did I do it only today? And then I passed in review all the events of the day… To observe that everybody was extremely open minded, and this changes the life to be a bit more than a simple observer… the echo is inside, just wait for the next surprising event…. thank you Colette to put us on the road map, with consistency and transparency.

  • Loralai

    Pretty song at the end Colette. You are adorable. Loralai

  • Jenny F.

    Hi Colette, Love the video addition to your newsletter! The cards pulls make perfect sense to me; 3 of them are cards you have pulled for me personally on coach calls this year! Literally ALL the messages I’ve been getting from various sources are telling me to stop pushing right now. I just didn’t know it would be so HARD to stop pushing!! Time to take a closer look at where the pushing is coming from…
    Sending lots of gratuity to you for your work; it’s helping me transform my life for the better!

    Cheers, Jenny

  • Joan

    Colette, I met you years ago on the cruise. This week’s on-line blog really hits home. I thought it was just me.

    I have the music you played after the video. I bought it from you on the cruise. I still play it often even though it has been a few years.

    I still feel lost but good things have happened also. I await the new.

  • Lena Doyle

    Colette thank you so much for your insight. Pushing for results and not getting anywhere is exactly where I am this week. Lots of tears and frustration and expecting others to do what I feel is right for them. I’ll sit back, let others take responsibility for their lives and I’ll learn to play nice in the sandbox and not try to control every grain of sand.
    Thank You 🙂

  • Kelly

    Hello Colette, thanks for sending me e-mails of your offerings of videos to watch and everything including music downloads. I am unable to watch much because where I live I don’t have high speed internet, I have dial-up which would take me forever………. to download. I am praying to sell our house and move to a dream location. High speed internet here I come………. I bought an i-pad last year and can’t use it I would like to also own an i-phone but I have no service. One day I hope to read and listen to everything you have sang, meditations and the courses you offer. I am able to pick a oracle card which is great!


  • Michelle

    It’s like we are in the batter box, waiting for the perfect pitch… our inner voice says “Wait for it, wait for it…” at the same time we impatient to take that swing!

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