How to Be a Love Rebel in the Consciousness Revolution—Hint: share your pie!!

Updated: April 22, 2014

Hey there

How have you been doing this week? Feeling the energy squeeze? You know like a special cocktail mix of 2 parts “ Yowzer am I happy!”, mixed with 3 parts “ Jeez who am I again? -with a dash of “pushy resistance ” – a pinch of “ quivery fear ” all blended in a bowl filled with bits of dreamy ungrounded hunger. Do you identify with this? Dizzy yet?

Honestly some days I feel like we’re stuck in the movie Groundhog Day.

Well I just had to invite an astrologer to the table to chat about what the heck is happening in the heavens. This week’s video was super fun to create especially since my special guest is archetypal astrologer and intuitive life strategist Robert Ohotto who just can’t help himself for dripping wisdom all over our heads. We’ve got the video for you to watch here.

What struck me in our talk was the concept of being a Love Rebel. It’s a call to a new intimacy with ourselves, each other and with the world around us. As we feel the structures of certainty breaking down, even if we don’t have concrete evidence of it, we all feel it looming, anticipating but unsure of its form.

The truth of our unified consciousness is not an illusion and everybody is noticing how in tune they are with the mysterious invisible energies that are ushering us forward. (hence the kooky feelings)

World events are symbols of the archetypal Rebel that says no to restriction, unfairness, inequity etc. to grow and be free and dance with Chaos that brings new life out of change. Our hearts are seeking a greater connection to the world, which means we need to be open to an intimacy that is new and exciting, and kind of scary as we’re invited to peel off our masks. What was certain before? Well, guess what? It isn’t now. The change cha cha cha is the new normal.

What’s true for all of us is that we’re called to the table of life to share our collective gifts, be authentic in all ways and rebel against the way we’ve operated so we can establish a more grounded way of being in the world. Like the card Coming to Life we are not quite complete in our transformation and we will only come to life if we shift from the static quality of what we know for the unknown.

To do this, to help birth ourselves in the revolution of consciousness we need to be Love Rebels. Love and accept ourselves, shadow and all, accept others, practice radical forgiveness and push up our sleeves. It’s going to be a lot of work but worth it.

Great Colette but how do we do it? By remaining in the present moment each moment building on the next releasing ourselves from the past and even for the ambitions and possibilities of the future. It really is about staying grounded now in present time awareness. Our certainty can’t be dependent on external structures that are collapsing. The now is the only certainty. So where do we find Home?

We need to belong to ourselves, and to Spirit. Then we belong everywhere. Loving ourselves and healing and parenting ourselves, getting REAL means we can be at Home anywhere.

We aren’t taught to do this. We’re taught to plan, to move in a linear fashion, to strategize, to compete, to speculate and to move toward goals. Why do we do this? For security, for certainty, for status, for accolades, and for the heady feeling of anticipation that precedes achievement. Then we want to hunker down and retire in a peaceful ‘ I paid my dues” kind of certainty.

Worked for all of us for a while.

Here’s a Love Rebel recipe for success this week.

Ask yourself the following questions, your answers will be the ingredients you will need.

  1. When does my mind wander to unresolved issues from the past?
  2. How do I dim my Light in order that I will fit in?
  3. What is the cost of choosing from a place of fear?
  4. What do I need to believe to be fully authentic in the world?
  5. When I am in the present, trusting my will and my life to the care of a Higher Power, fully breathing in, what does that feel like?
  6. Am I willing to commit to Love today, if so how does this change me?

Then Put your answers in a bowl and stir them up and let’s have a Love Rebel Party!

So what’s on the menu?

How about this-

Let’s practice self- love, forgiveness and bake a Love Rebel Pie together, share it and see what happens. YUM. Just a taste of the unknown please and make it sweet.

Tell me a story how goes your week? Did you enjoy the weekly video?

Always love to hear from you.

BIG LOVE to YOU from lil ol me!



PS—if you watch the video til the end you will get a taste of my fun webTV series Adventures of the Motorcycle Mystic!







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  • Wendy Wood

    Great video and I love your song at the end and your gorgeous motorcycle parts. Perfect explanation for the chaos that my family thinks I have as I pursue a different path. Bang on! I feel better now! 🙂

  • Anita Jackson

    This was my first experience of your forecast and I am so amazed that it fits exactly how my life has been recently. Chaos has been running crazy in my life and pushing me to rebel as I never have before. Feels great and scary at the same time. Becoming free to just be me is awesome. Thanks for the insights. Your motorcycle will be beautiful. The color is one I see in my mind but it now has reality. The song at the end was great and I hope to hear it and others as music is life to me. Thanks beautiful lady!

  • Renee Leverington

    Great video, I totally get that about being at home in yourself to be at home anywhere. Awesome bike parts – Heritage Softail?

  • Alicja Bialasiewicz

    Thank you. Loved the video and your reading. I’ve found your book “The Map” in my home library! Lol! Must be ready for it now. Also, I absolutely love your oracle cards!all of them. I use them for my own readings, I especially love the reverse aspects. Lots of wisdom there. Thanks Colette for helping a healer heal.

  • Diego

    Thank you for this positive, and very human and creative energy! You make me smile again in a difficult, let’s say instructive moment! Also, even if I had chosen the Unknown as a constant in my path, it was very good for me to be reminded at this special moment of this essential axis. Thank you! Abrazo 🙂

  • Mary Louise

    Hi Colette, I love reading your blog. The 3 cards you picked, I have picked the last time I used your cards. I thought I am stuck in crazy. I have been using your cards on facebook. I am seeing with my heart and not my head. The last card told me to go slow and steady. I am a human being, not a human doing. Smell the roses and be playful. Before reading your blog, I listened to the 3rd video of the IN-Vision Process. I am not a professional, but I am on a journey of personal development. I was spending time thinking on what you had said. It is like you know my own mind. You had all the right answers. Just then a cardinal sat across from me at my window. He is a special cardinal. Last spring as a baby chick, he would sit on my window pane and look in. He always looked into my eyes. Now, here he was again. My whole self just tingled. I have asked Spirit to guide my in clear ways, I cannot miss. Spirit is guiding me. Thanks! Love, Mary Louise

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow… a cardinal just landed on my window sill and his mate in the tree. 😉 thanx for this xooxox hang in there

  • Stacy

    Wow! Does this video answer a lot of questions about what’s been going on lately in my life.-at least I know it’s not ALL me…. I lost my father suddenly to cancer, I lost my job due to allowing my fiance having me cut my hours back to part time in order to help him on the farm, and then I find my fiance is seeing other women and now has dumped me! More chaos than I can handle right now. So far down, I don’t know how to reach out of this pit of despair right now.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      chaos will bring you to new life, let go the old, allow the despair and grief to help you surrender to Spirit, have courage and stay in the day. Don’t look to far ahead. Life LOVES you. hang in there. This will pass and you will choose from a place of esteem. xoxo

  • Nancy Lynn

    Wow, Colette! Stuck on crazy is right! I lost my mom, grandmother, therapist ,minister, ex-boyfriend, (actually that was a blessing) and major income, all in the last 3 years. My emotional foundation totally cracked. I know the persons and relationships I lost as a support system believed completely I would rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes, but I have not. And I want to!! But I am stuck. Partly in fear of the unknown and partly in fear of letting go of the memories of steady but sometimes dysfunctional partnerships. I hope this chaos passes soon, for me and everyone. Thanks for all you do Colette! What a gift you are.

  • Seth

    I didn’t even realise that you did weekly forecasts! I came across this one on Robert’s Facebook. It was so dead on for where my life is right now! Absolutely re-defining home and family/tribe. I am dealing with so much emotionally and trying to open up. Realising that I’ve been locked down in a hard shell, afraid to trust my intuitions or listen to the guiding voices.

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