On the Highway to Happy, Joyous and Free, You Have to Know Your Lane. (Or why you absolutely can’t ride two motorcycles with one ass)!

Updated: May 12, 2014

Dear fabulous ones,

What a great week – I hope you’re feeling all the sparkly positive vibes that are swirling around this week peeking out of the stormy chaos and dust clouds. I say Bring it on!

I’m sure you’re ready for some positivity and hope. So get ready, we’re all going to see evidence of the positive aspects of the weird tension and chaos that’s been the prevailing energy weather we’ve been exposed to these past couple months.

In this video I am going to be looking at the Universal Energies for the week of May 12th and also talking to bestselling author and the Law of Attraction super coach Christy Whitman to get some advice on how to manifest great things in the upcoming week.


It’s important to note that the individuals conscious and aware of the shift will have a much easier time of it than people who are doggedly resisting it, or hoping to sleep it off and go back to “ the way things were.”

This is a VERY good thing!

When you’re on the highway to happy, joyous and free, and you’re still on rocky terrain you’ve got to stay awake at the wheel folks! Even if you can see that oasis ahead you’ve just got to keep your eye on the road and go with the flow of the land no matter how many bumps – stay the course.

And know your lane, and stay in it and you will find a new freedom and a new happiness when you plug into the truer version of yourself.

Authenticity narrows your choices and focuses your personal power, and keeps you plugged into Spirit in a big way. It’s happened to me, and many of my friends already and I’m awestruck by it all. (Don’t forget to watch last week’s video with Nancy Levin who is living proof of all this!)

This time last year was when I had the serious accident with my motorcycle that had me bedridden for 3 months resulting in a much- needed time out, regrouping and reclaiming of my authentic self. It hit me today that a big reason that accident happened was that I was veering out of my lane, which is how I skidded and hit those 6 granite posts and almost killed myself.

Perfect symbolism for my life. I had been steering my life this way and that, doing too many things, wearing too many hats, and being confused and convoluted about my purpose. I had to strip away what wasn’t truly authentic and get to the core of who I am and why I’m here. It wasn’t fun in fact it was initially so painful but now that I’m on the other side of it everything is falling into place magically.

Today I ride my life and my service in one lane. My lane. It’s narrow and it’s lean and it’s true. I know who I am and I know what I do, what my purpose is and why I’m here. No B.S. straight up spirituality with a chaser of cheeky.  No more trying to be what I think will be more acceptable, smarter or pleasing.

In this months O magazine Dr. Phil underlines my thoughts about authenticity perfectly when he says “You got to choose your horse and ride it” and (I laughed out loud when I read this)“ you can’t ride two horses with one ass”.

So my friends have you ever tried to ride your life like that? What do you think the cost is? I crashed because of it.

So tell me a story. What’s your lane, and what are you riding?

Me? I have one lane, one ride and one ass to match it.

And to others it may not be what they want to see, hear or know about but for me?

It all fits just fine.

Here are some questions for you to answer this week.

  1. What are you most passionate about and why?
  2. How much time do you spend on the things you love?
  3. How much of your personal currency do you spend on thinking of how to please others rather than yourself?
  4. Can you be 100% transparent with others in your life about your beliefs and if not why?
  5. Who would you be if you stripped away all the thoughts feelings and beliefs you have that don’t support your true authentic self?


Come tell us what you found!

Love you always,



PS— Speaking of authentic I have 2 very special guests on video- NY Times bestseller of Taming Your Alpha Bitch and the founder of the Quantum Success Academy Christy Whitman and a fantastic interview with the lovely, brilliant and articulate Jessica Ortner;- the author of Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence. A MUST read for anyone who has had issues in this area. The book and Jess herself ROCK.

Interview with Jessica Ortner



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  • Mari

    Love, love, love all you beautiful goddesses. I am so grateful for your creation of these powerful videos.
    The term movement really resonated with me so dear heart I just danced to your fabulous song at the end of this video. Wow I can feel it…..so excited to live my destiny, card reading right on…..thank you!

    Your #1fan in beautiful Sedona….

    Love, hugs and miracles,

  • Carol

    I just retired last September from American airlines with 35 years of service as a flight attendant. It’s been quite a transition to have become a Kiwi. I am so glad to be out of the chicken coop and to be able to soar like the eagle I always was. I’m still learning how to use my new beautiful wings. I’ve ridden my bicycle 2000 miles since I retired. Colette, I am so grateful that I found you! I’ve listen to spiritual and motivational material for the last 35 years, but I could never really make it come together. I think part of the problem was that after 9/11, the company just kept taking away from us and I forgot who I was. My new lane is the bike lane and I know I can soar to new heights! Thanks again and I love you!

  • KateE

    Loved your questions:
    1. Passion, a work in progress.
    2. Very little.
    3. Used to, don’t anymore.
    4. I am the most transparent person of anyone I know and I’ve found people don’t like this, sweep everything under the rug and be fake is in, but not in my book.
    5.If I stripped away everything I would be naked, spiritually, mentally and physically.

    But your message is a good one and the questions hard, but truthful. What I was is NOT who I am or meant to be. I am so much more than people can handle, I am genuine. Letting go of what doesn’t and bring in what does makes me happy and that is where I’m headed. Yes, one lane is only so big.

    • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

      Politically correct is the politically correct way to be…lolol!

  • Bikem

    I love writing and dancing… I write every day, but dance less, should dance more… Movement is the way to go to feel alive…Dance your prayers, like Gabrielle Roth said…Things are coming together this month, as a result, I will be publishing my spiritual essays, the end result of my spiritual journey from suffering to a beautiful life, soon… Looking forward to even a better, more authentic life…My weight has always been a problem, might shed those pounds when I give birth to my new self and my new book… I feel like life is a miracle, and is too short not to enjoy…So I enjoy every moment of my life and be grateful for all my blessings…

    I am glad, your accident brought you to a better place, more true to yourself, I was worried at one point last year about you…But we are warriors, we soar like the Phoenix…

    I love you, Collette, blessings, I love the videos, and your oracle card readings…First and foremost you are an oracle… Love, B…

    • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

      Kudos to you, Bikem! And much Joy and Happiness to the You You have always been and needed to re-member! Muah!

  • KateE

    Riding high on TGIF! So glad it’s the weekend and I can do as I please, oh, I have so much planned can’t wait to get to it!

    Love to All!

  • Violet Turlington

    I’m a work in progress. Thank you for all the encouragement and I love your enthusiasm and cheerful voice and your songs. I love the mid eastern music there! You reside in New Hampshire?I’m way over here near the coast of Washington- 45 min towards the coast from Olympia. I need to learn your ideas with the weight problems and plus. God Bless you

  • Amber M.

    “when you’re on the highway to happy, joyous and free, and you’re still on rocky terrain you’ve got to stay awake at the wheel folks! Even if you can see that oasis ahead you’ve just got to keep your eye on the road and go with the flow of the land no matter how many bumps – stay the course”

    Love it! this really landed well in my world ! I am so there….I can see the oasis but I keep wanting to or tuning out to the current moment not good!! and I must remember the journey/ride morphs and I can still get to the oasis on the horizon…

    Another awesome point you made for our reflection is the staying in ones own authentic lane..I am trying to live authentically as I have been in hiding ..and when I do feel scattered and feel I do not know what to do I am entertaining ideas and paths that are not authentic….This blog is reminding me and giving me a much needed push or tuning to my own truth as I move forward…thanks for the focus Colette!

  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    A wise and very sweet man once said: “You cannot serve two masters…” and also “You cannot put new wine in old wineskins.” Truth is truth anywhere you find it and is Eternal. Spot on, Colette!

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