The Wisdom of Princess Leia… (or why drinking poison is a bad idea)!

Updated: May 19, 2014

My Wondrous Sparkle Being,

Hope you’re enjoying the change of season and finally taking a deep breath now that Mars retrograde is over and your inner racehorse (or unicorn with glitter horn) is finally charging out the gate! So many possibilities lie ahead, and success is so close you can taste it. All systems are finally go, so it would behoove us all to ensure that we’re not carrying any unwanted baggage for the ride.

Yes, I know the tedious topic of resentment is here again, but as Forgiveness is one of the themes of this week’s energetic forecast, as is integrity and asking for help, it’s worth it to have a look.

It is so important these days for us to gather together with like-minded people to share ideas and commit to growth and positive change. Like I said last week: when you know your lane with your authenticity being your fuel, your path may narrow; and what you have to offer may not be for everyone, but you will attract the tribe you’re meant to hang with, with much more ease and honesty.

You can’t connect with others and harbor resentments at the same time. You can feel when others hold a lot of negativity in their field and sense the barrier it creates. You know what I’m talking about right? It’s that cloud of energetic dust drama some people carry with them that can make most empaths and healers dizzy with anxiety.

I love the quote from actress Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) who says in true Star Wars fashion, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Not a good idea!

Forgiveness is about cleaning out the poison you drank since the other person is carrying on with their lives while you remain in pain, although it may piss you off immensely. You need to let it go lest you simmer too long in the poisonous soup and find yourself isolated in some alien landscape of disappointment and despair.

Resentment prevents connection, community, and intimacy with others, and it reverberates in all areas of your life. No one suffers but you, even if you have every reason to your anger, and even if you were truly a victim of someone else’s heartless behavior. Remember, after the fact, you are the only one drinking the poison.

I saw someone I had felt wounded by recently and experienced the forgiveness first hand and how light and freeing it felt now that I was no longer looking through a distorted lens of poisoned eyes. The energy was so different and peaceful.

This week we owe it to ourselves to set ourselves free from this burden, to lighten our load, to move towards our dream, to spit out the poison. When we do, we become more authentic, more honest, more powerful, and like magic, the right help comes as it always will when we make this kind of inner shift. The web sings in harmony.

I actually dropped five pounds in a week after releasing a long-standing resentment against an ex-beau that I didn’t even realize I still held, until I sat down and did an inventory.

My questions for you this week are:

  • Do you have any unfinished business with others who have harmed you, and if so, what is the cost of maintaining the old story?
  • What kind of freedom have you felt once you’ve experienced forgiveness at other times?
  • What would it be like to release your resentment?
  • Can you clean this up?
  • Do you need to make amends to others or to yourself?
  • How will you do this?

Love to hear from you!

Hope you liked the video, as my darling little Sebastian made his first appearance – my little soul mate who faithfully follows me everywhere!

It’s hard to imagine this unmerited gift of such love and devotion that I am so blessed to receive from him daily.

So since WE are a tribe, I thought y’all should meet him.

I am sending you barrels of sparkly love from me,



PS—I am sorry this week we don’t have an episode of Adventures of the Motorcycle Mystic, but stay tuned for next week for more!

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  • Loralai

    Beautiful song
    You are a women of many talents
    Wish you were on the west coast
    Would love to have you ride over to my house in Sonoma County to hang out
    Best, Loralai

  • Cricket

    Colette, I just enjoy your newsletters so much, your energy is so fun and vibrant. I”m so grateful to have found you and your wisdom. I will meet you someday soon after IN-Vizion and others members of the Tribe, I cannot wait.
    Your voice is amazing, keep singing, it is so refreshing.
    Love n Hugs. Cricket

  • Roxanne

    Every week I thoroughly enjoy your blog.. It always hits home for me. Its like your message is directed at me somehow. Thanks for all you do. Roxanne xo

  • Carolyn

    Thank you for sharing Sebastian, what a cutie!!

    As usual you are shining a bright light on challenges I’m in the middle of. Thank you for your insight, warmth, good humor and solutions, very much appreciated!

    Love to you!

  • Yuka

    Hi Ms. Colette, I love your cheering mood reading! I’m 33 years old woman who living in Japan.
    I am working but I don’t feel like working at the place forever. I would love to find a calling. Also, I don’t have a boyfriend for a long time, I was wondering if I can find a parter soon. Why do I have such a difficulty, my friends have boyfriends and husbands… What should I do to find a soulmate?
    Plus, I have a health issue which is getting better. Life can be difficult but I want to get them better. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And I would love to go to event in Japan if you ever come over… Do you have a plan?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      one day at a time.. be the person you want to be that has the things you want, practice being her, imagining her and commit to this daily. Life is good and getting better

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Great read, Love Sebastian…Love you xo

  • Petra Spielvogel

    oh my gosh ..thats sooo cool. I just found your video and realized that you give a collective reading each week… and this weeks reading for the finnish girl fits so much also for me… my dad is an alcoholic., and I had to move in home (just with mom but thats very difficult at some times ) again after living alone for 14 years … cant find work.and many more stories going on here…lots of sickness and loss and my mom even had cancer but seems the operation helped..well thats probably more than you wanna know….
    I love your cards…. would be great if your other card decks could be transalted also into friends dont speak English well enough.,,but they love your cards too…so far only “The map” can be bought in German.,, lol I was thinking of doing the written transaltion myself just for my friends., but maybe that would be illegal or so ? lol so I just translate them verbally .. why arent they translated so far? need a translater? waving my hands 😉 no really you should get them translated into German soon..thea are cool .and helpful especially younger people will love them ,,,,my fav., evthough they are a bit dark ,are the “Wisdom of the house of night” cards
    ..I look foreward to next weeks reading!! thanks for sharing your wisdom and time. big hug from Austria, Petra

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Petra the Enchanted Map oracle cards are in German! Wisdom of the House of NIght was created for another author who writes The House of Night series and is darker for sure and not sold in German. But my other cards are! I will find the publisher and come back to you here I think its Knaur.

    • Cornelia

      Liebe Petra
      Die Weisheitskarten der Seele The Map gibts bei für EUR 17 in deutsch zu bestellen.
      Freundliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Danke zehr Cornelia! Ich hab Hay House fragen aus meine Karte ( my feeble attempt at German must practice!)

        • Petra Spielvogel

          I can only find the map in German..and we have bought them some time ago…please let me know if there are already some other cards of you available …my friends really want some 🙂

      • Petra Spielvogel

        Danke Cornelia..genau diese haben wir schon längst..haben gehofft es gibt bereits weitere von Colette zu kaufen…meine Freunde können nicht so gut Englisch…

  • Karen Birach

    I LOVE your philosophy on forgiveness. I have found all of this to be true in my life experiences. Your above quotes: “You can’t connect with others and harbor resentments at the same time” and “Resentment prevents connection, community, and intimacy with others, and it reverberates in all parts of your life” are SOOOOO true. I have listened to well meaning friends tell me I am “to forgiving”, but for me it is the only way to go forward in my life and feel clear, clean and open to what is next. When I have tried to move forward without forgiveness, I found that I bring the old into the new and direct my old feelings onto the new situation – NOT healthy!!!! For those who are trying to understand this better, I would offer that Forgiveness does not equal Forgetting, In that I mean that I may have total forgiveness towards someone or something, but I do not have to repeat that behavior, or become best friends with the person who did me wrong. But I can accept and forgive their part AND my part in the situation and put it behind me.

  • Amber M.

    Love the blog this week! A great launch pad for deeper reflection …

    So many thoughts while reading it and I have to take the inventory as you say…just the word resentment makes me want to run and say no no no not me!! That’s so negative so yucky I cant be resentful ahh!….oh yes chicky yes I can and yes I am…

    I am thankful for the questions you pose here for us. The first step for me in being a detective and finding out who makes me feel resentful is looking at who triggers me into old patterns or into that flight or fight response …Oddly I had just spent some time over this past weekend with an aunt that really hurt me and my husband. I had a lovely time but found myself, later on, going through the fantasy of really giving her a piece of my mind as well as other family members that had a part in it and demanding an apology…..pretty soon I am yelling in my mind pointing my finger and these negative emotions are coursing through my body. I stopped and thought you know this hurts! I thought they will never apologize …let it go… it does feel freeing to let go and I have let go before with other issues so I must able to do it again I love how you ask us to remember that feeling..

    I think it’s wonderful that your giving us something to do because we can read your blogs, sentiments, insight and nod our heads and say oh yes that’s how it is and walk away continuing on with our day but that’s not the point and as you say you have to do the work. …so thanks for launch pad for reflection & journaling

    I am enjoying the videos. I am craving like-minded people and it feels like being with like minded people when watching your videos and reading your blog

    Love you Colette!

  • Petra Spielvogel

    yes these cards I meant.:.the map … but these are the only cards..right? I can not find any other of Colette in German so far … am I wrong ? well anyway I love the ones on your site.

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