What Is For You Will NOT Go Past You, (or What to Remember When You Think You’re Flunking at the Law of Attraction)!

Updated: May 26, 2014

Dearest Sparkle Being of Light- Yes, that’s you-

May is almost over, and my guest on this week’s video blog Glynis McCants reminds us all that although the planetary log jam of Mars retrograde is over, the energy of this month is still erratic according to the numbers. Nothing is ever really “over” anyway as one experience evolves into another. As everything is connected, every action has a consequence, and every thought, feeling, and belief adds to the atmosphere of human consciousness.

Here’s the deal, as I keep repeating weekly – we’re all supposed to be having a look at the structures of our beliefs that don’t support us and the world we inhabit. Those beliefs, by the way, have built an entire civilization of extraordinary accomplishments, but they also cast a big shadow within where compulsive consumerism, competition, nature deprivation, and scarcity claim a high stake in our lives. I know I’m being way too simplistic here, but you get the gist.

We are taught that there is not enough to go ‘round for everyone, and that we need to fight for what we get. If you get more than so and so, then they lose out; and if someone is more successful than you, then somehow they’ve taken something away from you. Envy is encouraged in our society, just as hate is increasingly accepted online by anonymous trolls. Scarcity is relentlessly conceptualized in advertising, etc. I know you know all this, but honestly we’ve been so hypnotized by the materialist model of reality… and, well, as Dr. Phil would ask, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

All of the above is true and made manifest, if the conditioned beliefs supporting it are maintained. We don’t see beyond the walls we’ve built around ourselves, because we keep them solid by our own perception, perspective, and training. Now if you’re reading this, you’ve likely already knocked a hole in yours and have had glimpses of abundance. You’ve probably also been zapped by epiphanies. It’s so easy to fall back and see that wall filled in though, because you’re used to seeing it that way – NOT because it’s real.

Here’s a concept that bears repeating over and over to retrain the way we see our world. Let’s bring in the element of Spirit, synchronicity, trust, right action, and abundance.

Here is what I know to be 100,000,000% true.

What is yours will NOT go past you.
What is for you will NOT ignore you.

Bless the success of others, praise the smallest aspect of your life with gratitude, know that this universe is a vast Consciousness of Love and Creativity, that you are a spark of this, and that it could be a bright flame if you stop comparing yourself, and let go your old beliefs, if even for only a few moments at a time. Practice Trust, Faith, Accountability, Humility, Inclusivity, and act as if you know that Abundance is the only reality.

No one fails at the Law of Attraction; it is always working perfectly in your life.

One of my favorite New Thought teachers Catherine Ponder talks about something called “chemicalization” in her book The Dynamic Laws of Prayer. When chaos and conflict appear, the stress seems to show the exact opposite of what you’re going for, just as you seem to be making progress.

Emmet Fox says it beautifully here:

“It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundation. Hold on steadily, and let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire.”

Even if outer conditions temporarily suggest that things are not in your favor, it just means they haven’t caught up yet. This is why NONE of us should measure our success by outer conditions, nor should we ever compare our lives with others, no matter how much we’re compelled to do so. We get trapped in the space between what was and what will be and freak out when it seems other people are getting their great lives and we are behind the 8-ball about to lose the game, or even worse, lose before we even get to play.

The Game of Life is not Game of Thrones!

This is how we’ve all been conditioned, and right now we all must put our efforts to the opposite: the unknown, the unfamiliar state of mind that will cause us anxiety if we’re craving certainty in spite of temporary conditions. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Love the part of you that is afraid of the unknown. Be compassionate to yourself and others. Know you have within you Light that requires you to learn a level of inner peace in order for Spirit to use you as its magical paintbrush, making Art of your life and contributing to the awesome dance of life here on earth.

So I would invite you to consider that at this time for many of us, we are in a stage of manifestation called chemicalization, meaning the reframing of our world, where Nature is also going through her own process too with us as part of that, as we are also Nature. (more thoughts on that at another time).

So I’ve got some interesting statements to ponder and questions for you to answer, and I would SO love to hear from you about this!

Authenticity is an act of practical spirituality and honoring the energy behind manifesting your intentions and dreams.

1. How often do you check yourself and ask “Is this really true for me, or am I following an old belief that doesn’t serve my authentic self?
2. What emotions accompany the concept of having the life that is best for you, most prosperous and healthy?
3. Can you feel those feelings on behalf of others? For example, if you see someone else as successful, can you be as happy and elated for them as you would be for yourself?

What is Yours Will Not Go Past You
1. If you are totally yourself, do you notice how synchronicity seems to pull things together for you?
2. When you are not yourself, do you notice how things seem to be blocked?
3. When choosing your authenticity, and there is only one you, one unique you, how can anyone else take anything away from you, or how can you ever be left behind?
4. If chemicalization is a form of rearrangement, how can you find inner peace, keep the faith, and surrender to the process while the re-grouping takes place?

Hope these questions give you something to think about this week.
And in case you need some turbocharging in your personal growth (and who doesn’t these days?), check out the Hay House Summit starting May 31st. I will be keeping you all up to date on what’s going on over there so you don’t miss out.

Ok that’s it for now.
Love you TONS
Yours always,
Love Colette XO






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  • Luiza

    Thank you Colette! I love the phrase: ‘What is yours will NOT go past you and what is for you will NOT ignore you!’

    This was the perfect time for me to read this because I am currently getting over a relationship that did not work out…and although we left things on good terms (more or less), it’s still been tough…So that phrase gives me hope for bigger and better things coming into my life…

    • Suzy

      Thanks Luiza. I’m in the same phase. I try to keep positive, knowing that my past relationship helped me to grow.
      Best of everything to beautiful you.

  • Lee

    Wow, you have no idea how on-target this message was for me today. I have been sliding down the slippery slope of panic and fear (of having missed the boat)! Many false starts and wrong turns lately–thank you Mars. This message calmed my jangled and worried nerves. Only one complaint: when are you coming to Atlanta???

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Collette,
    Thanks for this beautifully written and inspiring article. I particularly love the idea of being Spirit’s magical paintbrush, creating the artwork of my life. Truly beautiful!

  • Charlene

    Thank you Colette!!! I so love having you in my life….yes, I feel as though I know you and you seem to have me well figured out! You blogs lift me and remind me of the vastness that is “us”.

  • Trisha

    Just love your blogs, Colette, and your wisdom.



  • marisa

    o my goodness collette, exactly what i needed to hear…thank you so much. just go with the “flow” right? 😉

    ~ <3 ~

  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    Came on your site yesterday…by “accident”. Many things have broken my world apart since 2009. Beginning of 2013…due directly to the breakdown of the old life…a childhood dream of mine came true that I had buried years ago as impossible. And it came true even better than I ever imagined. Much more importantly, I was re-united with my childhood guidance…and with a vengeance, lolol! I always believed as a child that it was God speaking to me and guiding me along, especially when I did my favorite thing…artwork. God also always brought me whatever I needed for it when I needed it…sometimes without my asking. I would speak to God in my mind as I spoke to my mom or dad or teacher. God was my best friend and helped me always. He was great fun, too, and very witty! I lost that communication around six years of age when I began to get conditioned to society’s beliefs re: God Itself and what It wishes for us. It was something I searched to recover for years and could never find. Now, two months ago, due to my childhood dream having flopped, I am at a total loss. Yesterday and today’s Tarot readings here are totally right on…no surprise, I have been Taroting since 1984. Your blog here is almost word for word what Great Mystery has been teaching me. No surprise here, either, because I always get “proof” very quickly after we go around the block on a point (the “proof” is for me because I am probably St. Thomas reincarnated…lolol!) But, even though I know it’s all true, it is a hard battle for me because I am very obstinate. A few minutes before I came to read this, Great Mystery said to me, “We are not taking anything away from you. We only wish to give you what you truly want. What do you TRULY want, Child? You know We shall make it better than you imagine! If you trust me with your artwork, why don’t you trust me with your Life?” And we went over it all again. My dearest and best wish of a lifetime which I had also buried as impossible many years ago! Great Mystery is so very patient, but I always “But HOW?” It. I know all you say is true…you have confirmed our many conversations of the past two months…including the world situation almost verbatim. But, the World is a strong magnet and when you are down and have no strength left you are more vulnerable to running back to what is safe and well-known…even misery and scarcity and isolation. So, I say I will try to calm down and get back to my childhood trust and innocence, because that is really what it’s all about. If anyone has ever told you that your “Imaginary Childhood Playmate” was just a fantasy…don’t believe them. That was/is the True Voice of God, wishing to have a nice, cozy chat with you every minute of your day, wondering what you are up to and longing to help you along. We just have to let It. It’s so easy! But it may be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. Blessed be All and blessed be My Beloved Great Mystery for all you have done for me and all I love. A big, fat muah! to Everybody! Thank you!

  • PVed


    Thank you for this blog post. I have read it twice already and I am here to read it again. I constantly feel like I am flunking the law of attraction, especially when it comes to a life partner. I know I cannot make another person feel for me using law of attraction, but somehow I am a bit dumb founded by the total lack of understanding I have about how that part of my life will change. If i like a man I am the most awkward, strange human with him as I am shy and dorky when it comes to love.

    This post explains to me that I need to stop worrying about it so much. Life has its way to unfold as its own pace. I am 40 and feel like I have lost a lot on the love front. I do keep forgetting that a lot of my friends love me and my family loves me.

    There is another aspect to all this, love myself… I hope to hear your thoughts about making the internal shift to complete and totally accept and love myself… muffin top and all 🙂

    Love your blog, found it through Hay House and I feel truly blessed to have found it.

    – Padma

  • Cory Clay

    Thank you Collette for being the Light you are! I too ran across this article seemingly by accident I was trying to do another card reading for the second time out of sheer frustration. I am doing the Artist’s Way and my second round of the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. I am determined to shift my consciousness around financial abundance. Tired of struggle scarcity and lack of appearing in my life. I know this is not the truth of who I am…and so my new consciousness is running smack dab into the old outdated beliefs. I was truly in a bad place this week and this article is just confirmation of the fact that I am in the right place at the right time! God is hearing and answering my prayers! Many blessings to you always!

  • Doreen

    This post just blew my mind, Had not seen it til today and it is about the week of May 26! On May 29th, with no warning my company closed its doors and I was left unemployed at the age of 58. Weird thing- I didn’t get too upset – I knew life had different plans for me and I just needed a push to get on with them. I had seen the Hay House World Summit was starting and did not think that I would be able to listen to a lot of it, as I was working full time,..Well the universe took care of that obstacle and I was able to listen full time for 10 days! It was marvelous.. Things started appearing in my life and I thought I was on the path to finding my own way in the world. Then BAM – the 2 outside jobs I thought I had attracted to me, fell apart! And… true to my old nature I blamed myself and allowed this to cause disappointment and chip away at my confidence in finding life’s greater plan. I kept telling myself to go with the flow and not to get attached to the outcome, but I allowed my fear to undermine me. Then today, I go to your website to read my cards for the day and I see this post, It was like it had my name on it! Thank you so much for putting this blog out there and allowing us to share your thoughts for free! It sparks my flame of hope again and your music soothes my soul. I am so grateful for finding you through Hay House! Now I can’t wait til Mondays to hear your weekly readings. Thank you for all you do!

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