Why Naughty is a sign of enlightenment! (or how to create a new reality by wearing spinach on your head)!

Updated: June 8, 2014

VLOG—Universal Energies with special guest Robert Ohotto on Mercury Retrograde.

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Dearest Special Sparkly One,

When I was a baby, my mom used to make creamed spinach and jello and feed me these repeatedly – spinach for dinner and jello for dessert – almost every night. I know this, because she told me that these foods were the ones that worked in the beginning to quiet me down and get my attention. Apparently, when they were first introduced, I would smile and gobble them up in my high chair; and since she felt these were nutritious, she made me eat them both, five nights out of seven. My mom told me that having a habit around kids where you could count on a reaction was important to manage them. You know the formula for reality creation. Repetition leads to conditioning; conditioning  leads to expectation, and expectation leads to automatic reaction: smiling baby.

Apparently, one day in my infant wisdom of noticing the imprinting of potentially negative patterns, I began to add a new habit to the spinach/jello experience. As soon as my mom’s back was turned, I would promptly grab the bowl and dump it on my head. There I would sit, green goo dripping down my face and beaming enlightenment, as if I knew that my work around the importance of betraying old patterns would one day manifest from that moment onward.

“Naughty, Naughty Baby!” my mom would cry. Yet she would still feed it to me, still turn her back, and I would still manage to swiftly dump it on my head.

Needless to say, I was a determined and very messy baby, and thankfully, did not grow up with a head of green hair. That, of course, is not the reason I’m telling you this. The point is this – changing the pattern and doing the unexpected interrupts the norm, the expected reality, the conditioning of false certainty. Eventually, when you continue to repeat the new habit and new thought processes, they begin to change the networks in the system, and eventually the Quantum Field, Spirit, Divine, (or my mom), etc. takes notice and delivers a new reality coherent to the new pattern.

It’s important to be naughty and rebel against repetition and the conditioned mind. Why? For the sole reason that the pattern of thoughts and feelings is only a record of the past.

If you keep finding yourself at a default place that threatens your well-being or trust and soaks you in fear, it’s likely you’re really listening to a recording of the past that got turned on and your actions and behaviors move into play because you are on auto-pilot.

This week, think about what Patterns show up for you that keep repeating and keeping you in a fixed reality that seems like you landed in the film Ground Hog Day or the new one I saw this weekend with Tom Cruise called Edge of Tomorrow.

You want a better life? You want more prosperity? You want to know your Purpose?

Do something unexpected. Don’t choose this thing you know over that thing you know. Do something completely new to you. Interrupt the pattern, as often as you can. Keep choosing the Unknown.

Imagine what it feels like to become the person who lives the life you really want.

Practice that, every day.

Feel the feelings.

Condition yourself to become that person.

Apply, Rinse, Repeat; Apply, Rinse, Repeat….

If you don’t like your life, get naughty with yourself and betray your triggers. Dump the creamed spinach and jello of your life on your head enough times, and eventually you’ll get that vanilla pudding you really want.

So here’s my prescription for us all this week. When the world carries on with its business, just start showing up as the other person – the version of you that knows Faith is real, God is everywhere, and Abundance is yours in more ways than you can imagine. Act as If. Eventually the universe will reflect the life THAT person lives in full Technicolor glory.

You know what happened after I started doing the head dump? After a while, as I got more consistent with my self expression, my mom got the hint and stopped feeding these to me, although I did manage to let her know that the new spaghetti habit was also not a good idea to repeat either. Do something often enough, and if you hang in there… you will get what you desire.

Back then I got vanilla baby pudding!

Today I get to be the Oracle and write this for you to read.

I have the life I love because I claim it, surrender it, and rehearse it every day. And I most definitely still struggle with some of those old patterns too, but I want to change them more than I want to keep ‘em! How about you?

What do you want to change, and what do you want to manifest instead?

Mercury retrograde is this week; good time for an inventory!

Answer this question for me: “If you could change a patterned belief, what would it be? What would you need to believe instead? And who would you need to be to believe this something different? How would you show up in your life differently?” Ok that was more than one question… so blame the poor math skills on the jello that got in my ears.

Anyway… sending all of you so much love,

This is going to be a juicy retrograde. Watch the amazing video interview I did with Robert Ohotto and check out his summer class! Let’s enjoy the changing together.

I’ll be dancing with David Bowie in my head singing “ch ch ch ch changes” lalalalala….


Love Colette XO



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  • Nola Wagner

    I saw you Collettte in NJ recently so wonderful to see you again. At that venue you asked if anyone was following your new special guest videos. I hadn’t yet and this morning I decided to “take the time” to watch which was with Robert Ohotto. I have found it difficult the passed year to do the things I REALLY wish to do for myself. I have become lazy I think for some reason. These things are enjoyable pursuits but I lost my ambition to do them. I have acquired parental care giving responsibilities (my parents and my adult childrens challenges)that I am happy to be involved in BUT they seem to have shut my ambition for performing the endevours I most enjoy such as exercise, proper eating, my artwork, my Intuitive Readings which I started doing about 4- 5 years ago and my further enlightenment through education. I was performing all of the above regularly up until about 2 years ago. All slowly diminised until they were all nonexistant. Before you pulled your cards. I said to myself (after listening to Robert’s explaination of the planetary cycle we are in) “I have simply lost my focus on myself.” I am also a Cancer and I fit my sign to a “T.” Family happiness on all fronts is so important to me but I seem to have lost my focus on my own happiness. It’s time to direct my focus and share some of that caring ability and love toward myself and return to the focus of my own continued growth. My heart DOES carry enough love for others and myself. Thank you for the reminder and the reason why I may have lost my way for awhile. I always felt the Universe affected us in many ways….now I know some of the reasons why.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Nola .. you will be surprised at how much time you can actually create when you commit heart and soul to a better version of yourself unencumbered by the overwhelm. It really takes discipline to act as if but you can do it. Heck if I can anybody can who wants something better ! BIG hug..

  • Debra Ward

    Hi. I just want to share that I’m slightly ahead or right at the moment of the purpose of my life. When I read the cards I’m already there. Thanks for the confirmation

  • Paul

    Well Colette, I’m resilient if nothing else and I’m on the verge of a critical point in my life goals. It’s been a difficult path, but I am almost there. Thanks for your inspiration. We have talked in the past on your radio show.

  • baligali

    I am just starting to follow your work. Your online decks seem to be quite accurate! I would like to know name of the music and artist at the end of this video…Thank you. Do you ever come to Austin?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi Baligali I am the artist at the end… I used to be a recording artist on the EMI recording label this song is called Beauty in Hard Places and is from my CD IAM/Grace you can get it on iTunes just search my name ! Welcome to the tribe xoox

  • eva

    Very very interesting interview! And a beautiful song! Is it you singing Colette?
    Love from me <3 and thank you.

  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    Hi, Colette!

    Spot on as usual. Spirit and I discussed this yesterday and during my second snooze this morning. Your blog confirmed it, Tarot reading confirmed it. The fact that I am not surprised is testimony to the fact that I am already conditioned into manifesting the self I am becoming and which I already always was. Chipping away at the marble! Thanks for the conviction, confirmation and support! Have a most beautiful, wonderful, glorious day! Blessed be and many Muahs! to you and yours!

  • Lori-Ann

    If I could change a patterned belief, it would be doubting myself and my instincts. Even knowing that what I feel is true, I still doubt. The doubt turns to fear, turns to inactivity, and there I am stuck…again.
    Thanks for asking.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ok so go read You are The Placebo by DR. Joe Dispenza .. give real science behind all this and it works! HUGS

  • PVed

    Hi Colette,

    I am a Gemini and the Mercury retrograde is of special interest to me 🙂 Having said that, I have come to a point in my life, thanks to reading your work and the works of some great minds these past few months, where I am listening to my heart more and more. More importantly I am learning to surrender, surrender everything to the higher power outside and within me. I used to panic, panic, panic and dread the outcome of everything; blame myself for everything and tried to fix everything.

    I am more relaxed now, although its a process and not a switch. I am more accepting of myself, my heart, my feelings, my style, my body and I am less and less concerned about what others might think of me.

    So perhaps this Mercury retrograde might be ok, it might actually work for me and help me in this process further.

    love you video and RO is awesome. So glad I found you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing methinks this retrograde could be an easier one for some of us.. as long as we’re willing to step back and watch, be authentic and honest with ourselves. What would LOVE do? xoox

  • Barb Parcells

    Loss of coordination? On the first day of the retrograde I somehow lost my footing and took a swan dive outside giving myself sprained/wrenched shoulder and hip joint! Now my entire summer and focus is unknown. Can’t focus on my creative projects because I am so wrapped in fear of huge financial set backs because I can’t work. Trying not to name anything but it’s hard. My ego is holding on for dear life. My card readings are all about staying still, being quiet and knowing that when the time is right, it will all come together.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there Barb remember me last year in bed for 3 months , lots of staff to pay had to lay off a bunch and couldn’t work either. Everything worked out. Trust honey xooxoxo ps my cards said the same thing all summer last year and somehow the universe conspired to support me. You too will be supported. surrender xooxoxo

  • Maria Berg

    No need to blame, because your 4 questions are in fact one 🙂

    So here is my answer: The patterned belief I would love to change is the belief that I am alone and on my own.
    And what really inspires me to belief instead is that I am surrounded by seen and unseen helpers, that I am loved and cared for and supported. And to believe all this I just need to remember that I am the hero of my story.
    Heros are never alone on their quest. There are angels and fairies and animals and insects and dwarfs and even giants and dragons ready to participate and help. And this is what makes the beauty of a story.

    Thank you so much, wonderful Angel!

  • Ariane

    I’ve been doing your oracle cards recently. Learnt about u from the Hay House Summit. Your oracle cards seem to really speak to me and brings me comfort. Enjoyed the video too. Thank you!!!
    Supporting you all the way from Hong Kong!
    Much love!

  • Regina

    I am reading your blog and listening to your interview with Robert Ohotto today, June 10. Absolutely perfect timing, tho. I was in the middle of a hissy fit first thing this morning, and knowing I needed help, but actually looking for something else in my email when the word “naughty” caught my eye. My whole morning has changed. Thank you. I’m a Cancer and my daughter and granddaughter also. It is so helpful to hear you express the exact feelings I have, then show the ways out of the head and back into the heart. Thank you. P.S. My daughter and I are signed up for the Divine Wisdom Retreat in November. Looking forward eagerly to meeting you! Love,

  • Beth

    Allowing the space of the unknown feels good and true right now. When I’m able to do that I feel my heart open. My beloved and I ended our relationship but when my heart opens I feel like I want to be with him and then when my mind chips in I think no, it was a good decision.
    I’ve been confused as to whether my patterns I need to shift would be shifted by saying no to the relationship or to fully committing to it. xo Thank you for all you are and do.

  • Diana Boles

    I’m here, just a little late to the table! Ahhhhhhhh – quite a journey these past few months have been. I began the change in January – Yoga teacher traing classes to begin in March – the nudge to the shoulder to walk myself to the HR office of my second job – certain of the right place, right time. It was – they adjusted my schedual.
    In February I was officially named as the incoming lead teacher for the 2014-15 school year of my 3 day per week preschool job. Training classes began on time and the continuous changes have been moving me to confident, creative ways of improving my life. Graduation for certification is this Sunday. A pension plan I didn’t know I had is about to come my way and that is Opening the door to concentrating on the one job that means the most-teaching. It opens another door as well, time to concentrate on a small yoga instructing bussiness, go to school for art and continue exploring me. Me who is better because of the blessings of the Great Mystery- the wonderful people in my life – the recognition that discovering you has helped me rebuild- the connection I have to the beyond worlds – I’m still in your tribe, sorry I’ve been so busy logging and journaling and practicing and working that I haven’t had a chance to stop by beyond reading. I just turned 65 on June 9- it’s the new 35

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