Life Interruptus (or; thoughts on staying present when life offers lemons that don’t make lemonade)!

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Life Interruptus (or; thoughts on staying present when life offers lemons that don’t make lemonade)

Dearest seeker of light and love,

Have you noticed that it’s getting easier and much quicker to manifest these days? This is why meditation and stilling the mind is crucial to make the roller-coaster a less nauseating ride. I feel the veils are becoming thinner between worlds of what is and what might be and parallel worlds collide at these extraordinary choice points we may not be prepared for. The way forward is always to jump in as if you knew 10000% that your guides and angels are waiting to catch you, or at the very least encourage you to unfurl those wings you have tucked inside your heart. It’s a bumpy ride in these halls of mirrors between intention setting, releasing, seeing the amazing effortless arrival of events, then holding on too tight just in case it might not be real while trying to remember that the Universe is a perfect organizer.

Right, we all know this. When we get out of our own way we all know this to be a fact.

My oracle cards are accurate mirrors of that statement. Pick cards when you’re stressing and they will mirror that. Come detached and you get the oracle message for you clean and clear.

So what happens when you’re all “zen” and grounded and doing the right things, seeing the signs that Spirit is listening and delivering too, then something unexpected and undeniably inconvenient and painful occurs?

This weekend with all that I know (and so much I don’t) and the deepest most trusting part of my soul I was rudely interrupted by that giant pain in the A** – Life Interruptus. You know how it is, right when you’re on a roll, getting in the soulful groove, calm cool and collected as you’re waving your manifesting wand (none of us here are Muggles now are we?) getting closer to getting what you want than ever before and BAM some kind of crap happens and you’re left saying “excuse me?”

Let me explain.

I had some plans. Weekend plans. Date with my man, riding on my Harley, writing some music, toodling around with the new oracle deck I’m creating with my buddy Pam Grout (stay tuned The Oracle of E is coming next year and it rocks!), reading a great novel and an at home spa treatment. Plans made. I’ve worked so hard these last few months I am ready for this weekend! YAY!

Enter the latest trip to the emergency with my dog Beanie.

She’s not been well for quite some time, to make a long story short her plastic windpipe we had put in 4 years ago isn’t working anymore. She has an airway disease common in these tiny breeds. She is like her mom, a klutz and bumped into the stairs while trying to climb them and twisted her knee. So although the knee dislocation was causing her to scream (the worst sound in the world) she quickly began to have trouble breathing. She needed oxygen. Traffic was horrible and I was freaking out which didn’t help her one bit.

Until I surrendered.

I’ve been paying triple into my spiritual insurance policy recently meditating an hour or more a day. This has been the most profound choice I’ve made lately. I committed to slow down and be present to the best of my ability no matter what conditions are thrown at me. It’s been an amazing mood stabilizer.

Of course I forgot all that for a couple hours! Humans plan and God laughs. Is the joke cruel or is it just the layers and layers of that which we’re not meant to understand? Life Interruptus always has rotten timing.

Sitting in the emergency room I took some deep breaths and accepted the fact that the question I typically ask was the wrong one. Why? Why? Why now? Why this sweet baby? Etc. So what is the better question? The better question to ask was How? How do I deal and be present to all this with grace and ease?

Then that centering feeling of joy in spite of conditions, gratitude in spite of grief and fear, and acceptance in spite of the inconvenient truth that this situation is not going to get any better just came. It just settled into me as if it was a magical flower of wisdom I had forgotten I swallowed.

At the end of the day, sometimes life is going to slam us like it or not. To be honest I love my dogs more than anything in the world (other than Marc) They are my kids, they are my family and I committed to the quality and care of their life when I adopted them. Both my dogs will die before I am ready to let them go. I know this because in the past 15 years I have loved and lost four others. It never got easier. These are the kind of lemons that will always be too bitter to make lemonade.

Yesterday was a bust only if I took that perspective. Did nothing we planned and just huddled as a little family on the couch from late afternoon into the evening making sure she didn’t fall off since she was stoned on painkillers and was very woozy.

Yet, this morning as I woke up to her sad little stinky face with goo dripping down her muzzle so apologetic because she had vomited all over the bed sheets right where my face was turned, I was filled with so much gratitude. I realized with deep conviction that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. No perfect future destination could match this intimate moment that will be so fleeting but so meaningful.

Life is life, interruptions or not.

Spirit has an idea about the workings of the Universe I will never understand at all. Not sure we’re meant to “ figure it out.”

Humans plan … dogs get sick, and blessings are still everywhere we choose to look.

Oh, and did you know that bitter lemons make great marmalade?

Always, yours now and forever with whole bunches of love,


Love Colette XO







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  • Erin Rivers

    Love your message. I feel you are absolutely right about the veil thinning. I believe we are all living the famous Irish blessing (or curse, perspective is everything) – may you be born into interesting times.

  • Renee Vespa

    I’m so happy for todays VLOG! This has been the worst year I can remember since about 1996 so good news is welcome! My daughters husband walked out without warning two days ago, and I feel it is best for her in the long run. I pulled a card for her and got the cat. Yes, so good! She is just like a cat and always lands on her feet and I know she will this time too!

    Also Colette, I want you to know how much I enjoy your music! It’s very pick me uppy! My favorite is “Love is the Answer”, but its nearly tied with “Coming Home”. It runs a very close second! Thank you for everything you do!

  • KAt

    Your message clearly is from Spirit, and I thank you. I’ve found myself saying more times in the past two years that “I am where I need to be”, so accept it and make the best of it, so this blog rings true these words. Thank you dear and many Blessings for you.

  • irene

    i appreciate your posts, vlog, daily cards, words of guidance, all of it. it resonates so true in my life, almost as if you are speaking to me, I have all your cards, and on my phone, but there is something so rich and true and deep when you pull the cards and are guided to write what you write as it is ALWAYS directly speaking to me and helping me tremendously each day and each moment on my life path. you are precious. and so cute on your VLOG, so natural, so sweet, so authentic, and so funny . ps.I am Gardenia Rose on FB

    THANK YOU FOR BEING MAGIC IN MY LIFE. (and in my daughters, of late with her big transitions your posts have been right on and helping her as Spirit through you nudge her forward in her own life too. We love you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      awwwwwww That makes me so so happy to hear!! One never knows who will be touched by what you do. Sending a big hug to you and yours

  • Brittany

    Thank-you for your words, just what I had needed to hear “ironically” enough 🙂

  • Kara

    I just love the way you open you post, “Dearest seeker of light and love”! I guess it is about the little things.
    From beginning to end this post speaks to me. Thanks!

  • Barb Parcells

    I have said good-bye to three beautiful little cat souls in the last 20 years and I swore I would not put myself through that kind of pain again … but, of course, I did, twice. So now I know that in the years ahead I will cry and mourn two more times and yet the chance to experience that kind of unconditional love is more important than the pain of saying goodbye. Three weeks ago I took a fall (I blamed it on Mercury Retrograde) and fractured my leg and shoulder. Talk about plans going out of the window. Instead of enjoying the summer weather and festivals I am stuck in the house mending. But when I came home from the hospital the outpouring of love from my two little feline housemates was undeniable. They are at my side all the time and protect me with their bodies while I sleep. Talk about your blessings. To know that kind of love trumps everything else.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep yep and yep.. we are so fortunate even when our hearts break and our bones need mending our cats dogs and other furry companions remind us of gratitude and love.

  • Cheryl McKnight

    Thank you Colette
    I love the oracle cards and your blog
    Your story this week about your dogs resonates with me . This is around the anniversary of the passing of my beloved Newf and your story reminds me of how grateful I am to have had him in my life !

  • Renee Sugar

    I know the bond we have with our canine companions is such an irreplaceable and precious gift. There is really nothing that compares to that unconditional love we give and receive. So many years after Conrad passed away, I feel such a kinship with all Weinmaraners as I never had the opportunity to say goodbye. He ran away.
    Thank you for the reading this week. It feels like time for a breakthrough, leap of faith, and celebration. Long wait for the celebration!!! The donut tastes so much better; not a lot of flavor in the empty space in the middle.
    Love the POSITIVE energy of the blog. It sends a very hope-filled message. Sometimes I have no idea what the best outcome is for me at this time, and wonder why something is or isn’t happening/working? Utimately the highest and best interests of all concerned are being taken care of. I try to just stay centred and focus on being in this moment, of not knowing how, when, why, where etc. Everything will be revealed to me in divine timing.
    I promised myself that I would be brief this week. ( Only a paragraph, rather than a chapter)!! Take Care XOXO

  • Pat Felton

    I am new to your blog, but purchased my Oracle Cards (neglected in their box) years ago when I saw you at a SB performance. Life’s interruptus took my wheels off the tracks for a few yrs. My marmalade of lemony potentials are swirling and bubbling. My mind has really had those tummy tickling roller coaster rides of Alice in W … pick me, no pick me … I knew when I picked the card Focus, I thought “ok, yeah, but in what direction?” Then there’s that Water Fairy. Today the Eagle chose itself. I began my day with your Grounding Meditation for energy and now must soar high to “check out the view!” So glad I chose to visit your blog. Thx and xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      YAY welcome to the Tribe Pat! check out the older ones too bet you’ll find some good stuff in there you’ll be able to relate to too 😉

  • Lorry

    I think it is great you can find a blessing in dog vomit 😉 I have been there

  • Christy

    Thank you for this validation! You are always so right on the mark.
    I have had a vision stuck in my head all weekend that looks like breaking out of the giant bubble of my current reality. It looks like walking thru a wall of water into a vast open field of dreams, where there is all light and love and you can just pick up any of your desires from that field.
    I have been going thru some struggles recently as well and this vision has really lifted my spirits and allowed me to see the bigger picture.
    love to you all

  • Mary Jo Nicosia

    Thank you for sharing as a friend would share…when it comes to our loved ones, you can feel the intimacy of your feelings! It is what makes your blog, song or cards sooooo intimate. I can feel the connection you are offering, and thank you for that and all you do!

  • Amy Mullett

    Thank you, Colette, for all of your insights, videos, and newsletters. Thank you for your honesty as well. Love your card decks and singing too! God bless. Enjoy summer. Glad Beanie is okay:) Enjoying from Buffalo, NY

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      my pleasure .. it’s a heatwave over here in NH.. staying indoors for the rest of today!

  • Dee

    Colette, thank you so much for your insights and the way you explain the ‘chosen’ cards. I use several of your decks and choose a card every morning but I find my mind wanders all too often down the ego brain path and tries to analyze everything. Your explanations are wonderful and so helpful to me. They provide such guidance and clarity!

    I get along much better with the fur-people than I do humans and I rescue cats, mainly black ones which are usually the most ignored and abused. I have quite a few and love each one of them like one of my children. This is my second ‘group’ as all in the first group have long passed away – a few living to the ages of 18, 19 and 21. Each one of them touches my heart and I’m so grateful every day for the hair on the couch, the barf on the floor or the missed litter box from my oldest one who is now 22 years old. I consider myself very blessed for having the Universe provide me with these loving souls, originally unwanted but very loved and cherished in my life.

    THANK YOU for being one of my earthly guides and for your words of wisdom that touch our minds, hearts and souls! Love and Many Blessings!

  • Kimberley Kling

    Thank you so much for this!!! I love getting these! I love your card decks and your beautiful music! Truth is, this message was so spot on for me (as usual)! Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me know I am not alone in all of what appears to be chaos! It’s a bit warm here in PA, so me and my two dog kids are trying to stay cool indoors.

  • BeckyB

    Colette, I love your insight – and the cards too; they are beautiful. Btw, I loved the music at the end…do you mind telling me who it is?

  • Jenny

    Wow! Thank you for your oracle reading this week. I am signing papers today to file for divorce after 30 years of marriage and even though I have been separated and working on this for a while, the actual signing has brought all my avoidance behaviors to the forefront as my anxiety has been off the charts. This reading helped me see and feel peace again! A true blessing as I continue to step forward in this challenging time of my life. So many blessings awareness’ and opportunity for change, for the better, as I manifest a more authentic me, is my beautiful reality in this present time. You are amazing! Want you to know your work makes a huge and positive difference in my life! Thank you! So very grateful!
    Love, Jenny

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Jenny, sounds like you’re embarking on something wonderful. Just remember its not meant to be familiar because it’s new and you don’t want to do anything over again. You can do it ! oxoxo

  • Daria

    I just recently discovered your (Collette’s) teachings and oracle cards and continue coming back for another beneficial insight ever since. So far they helped me walk around a few of the obstacles thrown my way – instead of fighting them or climbing over them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂

  • Debi Sharp

    Colette I always enjoy your messages and they are so right on the money. We are in this year of universal shift of consciousness which is all about change and I’ve so welcome your people you’ve had on & learning how to utilize the positive aspects of Mercury retrograde instead of just the negative which know all too well & yes it seems we’ve been there most of the year..but also learning the other planetary influences in conjunction with your Oracles which I dearly love..they make things a little bit less stressful.. What a blessing you are, I look forward when you come my way to meeting you..You are awesome!!

  • Kerrie Waitai

    Great message Colette and so relevant to my life at present. 2 steps forward and 15 backwards, or so it seems. Now I just go Arghhhhhhhh for a few seconds and then crack up laughing and think “oh well what’s the problem you know it’s going to happen so just get on with life and let the Divine and the Universe work the magic.” I do know that I am getting lots of important lessons through it though like an incredible amount of patience that my family can’t believe and not going off on a tanty!!! 🙂 Looking forward to next week’s message. xx

  • Lauren D

    I am new to your vlog and blog and I absolutely love them! I agree with what Mary Jo said “…thank you for sharing as a friend would share.” I wish you could see the smile on my face as I watched/read them. Oh wait, you probably can 🙂 Thanks Colette!

  • Paula

    Love the message! Thank you.

  • g


    I love your Journey through the Chakras CD… you are very slow and vivid with your visualizations– VERY GOOD and welcome in this age of short visualizations that only give an idea of what we are seeing in our heads and no real time to sink in and explore!! I have many many many cd’s from the big names at Hay House and others along the way and yours is the one of my top favorites. I was very surprised since you do tend to have a go go personality on the page, in print and in person!
    Please consider doing more along those lines– there are many places we can go besides the chakras~

    Joyful Energy to you,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      i hope you enjoy this week’s Grounding meditation! and yes indeed I have an alter ego for meditation!

  • Gaile Gamble

    Dear Colette,

    I’m newly aware of your work, having just listened to you at the Hay House World Summit. I enjoy your writing, your lovely music and your gorgeous cards very much.

    I have been down that painful road more than once with dear cats and my partner and I have had several together during our 40+ yr. relationship. It doesn’t ever get any easier – they are our children. Our last remaining beautiful 18-yr. old is still doing well, and we are so grateful.

    It was wonderful to read that your beloved dog is home with you and is doing better! We wish you only the very best as your journey takes you through this detour of Life Interruptus with your sweet little companion.


  • Peg

    I so enjoy your insighs.. and am truly grateful for your vlog./blog.. thank you

  • Diana Boles

    Meditation is bliss. The stabilizer in the helter-skelter running of the bull in the china shop we call life in the 21st Century. The past few months held so much if that, that the Merc Retro was a blessing. Forced the slow down to recognize the moment and live in it. Nothing better than the clarity a deep breath can bring. It brings back value and humor to the irony of the hectic pace that surrounds the orb of hallowed wisdom that is THE YOU

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great to see you here Diana big hug from me xoox

      • Diana Boles

        Back at cha—rubber side down!

  • theresa jeffers

    Hi Colette
    Thank you for your blog and the oracle picks each day. I’m really having fun with it.
    I was wondering if you can tell me what it mean when an oracle card comes up upside down. Does it mean the opposite of what the message is saying.

    Thank you so much!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no not at all Theresa.. it means that you are getting a protective nudge to pay more attention to the theme and to prevent you from screwing up! All my decks are different too Avalon is only read upright but the others have cards upright and reversed also because I ran out of room for cards. You can’t shuffle a deck of 100 cards right? so Upright and reversed !

      • theresa jeffers

        oh ok thank you much! that makes more sense now:))

  • Janece

    Colette – You have been a part of my life for the last many years – ever since I got one of my first CBR decks (Wisdom of Avalon). Back in March/April, I found myself sick in bed for days at a time, not once – but twice! within that 2 month time period (never happens!). In the process of healing, I realized I needed to bring more self care into my daily regime, and one of the things I did was trade baths for showers before work. 🙂 It was then that I got hooked on your weekly energy updates – which I watch on my iPad while in the bath!! They have – to the one – been so right on, as has the info given by your guests (and who doesn’t adore Robert Ohotto???). And have felt the positive rippling of the effects of this in SO many ways! THANK YOU for all of the time and effort you put into your messages! They really are changing lives!

  • Mary

    Yes, Manifesting faster! I keep seeing 111 everywhere I go and it is telling me to remain positive. Watch my thoughts! I too believe there are some Big Changes coming for all of us. I just adopted 2 kittens. They are siblings and my older cat Luigi is adjusting slowly to his new set of siblings Santino and his sister Isabella. They can never replace my Mia. But I feel confident they will be happy in their new home and have already brought me joy and giggles.

  • Bj

    Sending a big hug from Hawaii….you are blessed/a blessing…..have a safe/happy 4th…i know fireworks can often upset our fur babies so am asking angels to guide/guard yours during this long weekend. ….i totally get the’ we make plans…God laughs’…
    i often say we are His personal sit com, i know i have damn near hyperventilated over silly stuff/then I hear myself say breathe silly, breathe/imagine laughter in my ear…spirit saying..’.you got this’…..easier said than done sometimes… : )
    Give yourself a hug for me…looking forward to seeing you in November…a bday gift to myself.. xo…keep shining!

  • Lucy

    Oh man, am I glad I ran across this today. Had a very similar experience this weekend – was riding high, feeling amazing, got the most auspicious spread from the oracle cards that I’d ever pulled, was full-on in bliss and feeling so grateful that our life and goals were unfolding so beautifully. Then I got an email response from a potential collaborator that was curt, critical (or so it felt) and definitely felt like a big fat rejection or attack. I had reached out to this person from a place of joy and excitement and enthusiasm, with my heart wide open, and this response came back that felt like a big fat shut down. To be honest I’ve been reeling ever since and haven’t quite moved past it. Every now and then I get a glimpse of some higher purpose at work, and can see important lessons that I need to learn from this experience, but mostly I feel wounded, sucker-punched, and confused. I’ve been working so hard on self-acceptance, being my authentic self, releasing masks, etc., and yet it feels like when I reached out from that place, I got slammed. So…what’s the point of this experience? I’m still not entirely sure, and I’m still not entirely past it. And I am letting this experience derail me from the bliss train I was so happily riding. Not sure how to get back on, but I do appreciate what you’ve shared Colette. Helps me to know that this sort of thing happens and that I don’t need to understand why, I just need to focus on how to navigate the experience and the emotional fall-out with grace, and how to settle into acceptance and gratitude even for these unexpected, unwelcome events. I’m letting this set-back cause me to doubt my path and that’s a trap I don’t need to fall in again.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      What is for you won’t go past you.. what is yours can never be withheld from you. … rejection is Spirit’s protection

      • Lucy

        Thank you for the reply, Colette. In that case, I am very thankful to Spirit for protecting me from something about that direction that wasn’t best for me. I’ll release this situation and just trust that all is as it should be, and what is meant for me will find me. Love, gratitude and blessings to you for your work and for sharing your gift through these vlogs and your cards.

  • Tamara

    Dear Colette: I’m so glad I’ve discovered you and your blog and vlogs, especially this post. I have always wondered about this experience of “life interrupts” and why it comes when everything is in that great “zen” space you described. It’s always made me feel I’ve done something “wrong” — that somehow I wasn’t able to hold the energy, or keep the energies balanced and so I toppled off into another space that’s anything but “zen”…

    So I read your post with keen curiosity. I love that you said “why?” isn’t the right question and when I read the question about “how to get through this with ease and grace?” I smiled and immediately felt at ease. That’s it! 🙂

    And then something dawned on me bright and clear as I mulled your story with your dog (and I know what those emergency trips and waking up to throw-ups are like, being a pet person, too). It struck me that that WAS the perfect weekend for Beanie’s emergency because you clearly WERE in a “zen” space and had the time, space and energy to give to your dear dog when she was in need (a little panic notwithstanding). It seems to me as if the universe or spirit were saying, “hmmm, dear Beanie is going to need some time and attention and care pretty soon, when will Colette be in a good space without other vitally important things going on? Oh, look, there’s that weekend coming up, she’s not travelling or away from home, there are no tight deadlines, no one else in great need… super! okay, that’s the best time for Beanie’s emergency.” — if you see what I mean? I don’t know if that resonates for you, but it certainly resonates for me as a way spirit might be operating.

    I guess everything happening in divine right order doesn’t mean everything flows along smoothly, instead it might mean we have what we need when the lemonades come hard and fast — just the way Beanie had you when she needed you.

    This puts a whole new spin on everything for me. Falling out of that “zen” space doesn’t mean I did something “wrong” or couldn’t hold the energies — it’s still about everything being in divine right order. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad spirit has helped me “find” you — in divine right order, too, I’m sure! <3

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