A Winter’s Tale in July (or Why I Love to Look at Stars)!

Updated: July 6, 2014




Dearest Sparkle Being of Light,

Yes, I know I love using those silly ways to call you, but in my tribe everyone is magical and has some wonderfully mystical purpose in this life. You know that, right? You know you have a purpose, even if you can’t name it out loud, you, as an expression of the Divine, are here for something important that only you can bring to the world. No matter that some days you just wonder what it’s all about, given we all suffer from bouts of spiritual amnesia once in a while.

It’s been a weird and tough week for me at my house mostly because of my dog Beanie and her breathing issues, as managing them includes keeping her stress levels down as much as possible, which we could do until the thunderstorms worsened her symptoms. Thank GOD for the creators of The ThunderShirt®, an amazing contraption to reduce anxiety in dogs (and cats).

Good thing we had one, although we forgot where we put it!

So, my amazing husband came to the rescue, ran to the local pet store through heavy relentless rainfall, flash floods all over the place, only to be sent back out because Beanie needed an xxx-small, and Marc had brought home a small. I called the pet store only to hear the agitated owner’s voice saying, “My store is flooding!” on the phone but that he did have the xxx-small, so Marc went over with a U-Vac peace offering and managed to make it back in one piece regardless of the fact that his phone alerted him to take cover immediately since a tornado was coming. We got it on her just as her tongue began to turn blue, but she calmed right down (although I sure didn’t right away).

Tornado missed us, but it dropped hail the size of golf balls not too far from us. That, apparently, was only the beginning.

I mean c’mon you can’t make this stuff up!

So our little family hunkered down in front of the TV and decided to watch a movie, A Winter’s Tale, one that got terrible reviews by the critics but intuitively I felt we should watch anyway.
The first thing I noticed was how I was sinking into the magic of the story, forgetting my tension, with the underlying theme of love everlasting, and how each of us has one miracle we are to deliver in our lifetime before we return to Source as a star in the sky.
I began to feel, and as a result became aware of how numb I had gotten while trying to manage the conditions in my life I was powerless over. I don’t know about you, but I’ve developed a survival mechanism to hold my feelings off when I’m in alert, patrol, and management mode, which of course provides me with little context other than an emotion hairball to sort through after the fact. Of course, given that I am self-aware, this thankfully doesn’t last too long. But I want to be present to my life always, and although I’ve created processes that help, nothing works perfectly, or maybe I’m not ready for them to. I wonder if you identify with this at all?

The more the movie took hold, the more I relaxed and let my heart open with the story, and I was able to shed some pent up tears that had been waiting for me to let go of. As per my husband, he will not let me talk about him here so I can’t say too much other than, “I saw water near his eyes.” (statement is censor approved).

It’s always a surprise to me that I have yet again succumbed to that kind of numb amnesia where at some level I have forgotten the depth of feelings essential to make music, to write poetry, to tell meaningful stories, to share life, and to know Nature and Spirit. The word Universe literally means “one song” and I get that when life throws me off the tracks, I can’t hear the melody and only know vaguely that something is missing. The song is missing and so is my note when I numb out.
To live we need to listen to the music and be in it as it’s happening.
Do you know this too?

Without giving the movie away, I will say how moving it was to get a visual reminder about how the Light wins over the Darkness always and how Love never dies, no matter how it changes form.
But, the most beautiful, simple message that touched me is something we all need to remember: we are each here to deliver a miracle.
We won’t be told what it will be, we just need to follow the music and the Light to find out.
Then, when it’s all said and done, we will become stars in the sky.

All my love,
Staying awake,
Keeping it simple,
Remembering Light
And … Listening.


Love Colette XO





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  • Carolyn

    My heart and love go to you for taking such good care of Beanie your husband and you. When chaos comes I get in my keep on truckin’ mode, doesn’t mean I’m not connected just means I need to do what needs to be done in the moment. I think you are hard on yourself and have forgotten we are here for you too! There is so much connection and love from not only me but the thousands of others who follow you and appreciate how much you give. I’m going to have to rent Winters Tale. Have you seen Maleficient? I think you would love it 🙂 Big mongo hug to you!!!!

  • Jilly



    Thankyou so much Collette
    ~Yours in lov’n light
    Jilly & Petal x

  • connie butkovich

    Oh, thank goodness you got Beanie the help she needed in time, I have a dog who gets stressed out over thunderstorms, and fireworks too, so we give my dog pet ease tablets dipped in peanut butter so she takes it well, and then all of the other dogs get a bit of peanut butter too, so no one feels left out. It really helps. I think it is made primarily of triptophan and camomile. I understand what you mean about magic seeping in, and how it takes you “out of yourself” I am going to look up the movie A WInter’s tale on net flix, to see if they have it. Thank you Collette for all that you do and for all that you are. You have been a beacon of light and sincere wisdom to me, sometimes a reminder to me to come back to who I really am.blessings to you and yours,


  • Kim

    Thank you Collette. One of your most touching blogs x

  • Kimberley Kling

    WOW! This is amazing! I feel as though I have gone through much of my life holding my breath, waiting for a reason to exhale and the messages I have been receiving lately have been about allowing myself to BE the magic in my life! To get out and DO what I am meant to do while I am here. To follow my passion and to really, truly figure out what that is! lol I love that Universe means “one song.” I have always, deep down, believed that and to get that confirmation…thank you! It feels good to let out the held breath, focus, look at my surroundings and be grateful for all I have! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Colette! Much love to you, your husband, and of course Beanie with lots of healing energy sent your way as well! 🙂

  • Sheri-Lynne

    There must be something in the air (no weather pun intended). I’ve felt that way lately, as well.
    Sometimes we need that “numbness” to keep from absorbing the chaos. I call it “turtling” when life gets so crazy that I need to draw into my shell and regroup. Some days (weeks, months) I need it more than others. I think of my turtle times as a gathering of energy and strength because spirit is still stirring inside me, waiting to come out…and when it does, when I recognize that I am turtling, I look at what is going on to cause it and remember to “get on my bird.” Before long, I feel grounded and warm (and no, that’s not a hot flash this time) and back to my “usual self!”
    So, please don’t be hard on yourself. We all love you and are here for you, too.
    Thank you for the movie recommendation. I’m adding it to my watch list. I hope Beanie is breathing better, despite all this mugginess!

  • Diana Boles

    Feeling the spiritual drought–hard to meditate, hard to pray, crazy time. The phone rang and the caller ID announced that Boles, Diana was calling Diana Boles. WHAT?!?!? I ran to read what the receiver said. Sure enough, I was calling myself from my home phone to my home phone. I ran to look at my cell–nope! No strange buttons pushed there! How did this–what?? Moments before this occurred I was thinking of my friend Helen. The image of her draped in her Highland Sash of green tartan plaid. In fact, the call interrupted my thoughts of her battle with the “BIG C”. 24 hrs later I was given the word that she had passed—–about the same time as the strange phone call! That’s my friend Helen, always the playful spirit that inspired the mind and heart. We always were “dueling witches” — she was telling me to beat this! Helen, you can have this one. The tears flowed – the ones that I’ve been holding back since the break up with the “old cookies on the plate guy, and drink up my milk too!” Thanks Helen! Drought released. Phenomenon returned. Fairy circles seen and the tiny voices heard. Now, let’s go kiss us some frogs!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this as always Diana..

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        and I am sorry for your loss, but on the other hand isn’t is amazing when these magical things occur.. the world is full of magic… we just need to see it.

        • Debbi

          Always magical…these amazing stories is what holds me together with spirit as our “human” days pass. Love to Diana for her loss <3

        • Diana Boles

          Another reason I am so grateful for having found your majik and your welcoming me into your circle of tribal dancers! And there is no more pain where she is–and it is the journeys end for us all. ;~{} SING LOUDLY INTO THE PARTING CUP

  • Myriam LLano

    Funny enough, I saw a Winter’s Tale last night. A story of fate, destiny and as i have learned from your teachings “Choice of will”. I found the message to be very powerful, profound and a clear message to look at every event in my life as nothing less but a miracle.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Many blessings to you.

  • Patricia

    When I need to ‘pull back’ or shut down (for self preservation) I call it cocooning. I find it best to do as you did by watching a movie, going for a walk with nature or sitting with my dogs or just brushing their hair and being one with them alone. Very easy to block the outside world out for the moment giving yourself time to regroup. As for poor little Beanie’s anxiety issues – have you ever tried using Bach’s Rescue Remedy and not just for when the storm happens but a full desensitizing program? Used appropriately it does have great results.

  • Nora

    I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you. I always feel that your words are just for me. You are soooo real. I have your cards (all of them and the apps too) When I touch the card I can feel their vibration. They are the only cards I’ve ever felt that with. I wish you could teach us more about Avalon and Wisdom of he hidden realms. Just working with the cards I know that there much more depth of wisdom and knowledge. Thank you again for all you do and I will continue to send you positive energy that all may be well with you and yours.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Nora! I am going to be doing an oracle card class for you guys next week (sooooon!) Trying to create something based on all your questions etc. so stay tuned xoox

  • Licia Morelli

    “We are each here to deliver a miracle”. I love this so much, Colette! Another great reminder this week – soulful inspiration at its best – thank you!! xoxo

  • jane scicluna

    Dear Colette, Am so sorry about your dog Beanie. She knows she is loved and taken care of. That’ s all she needs and will get well soon!. It happened so to me too. For these last two weeks I am suffering from shingles – my left lower back and my left leg (shin and knee mostly).. This interrupted and hindered what little health and movement that I had I said all this becau whatse I have bee hearing several persons complaining of illnesses. Well I am keeping my spirit up for some more weeks and it will be gone! Thanks GOD ALWAYS. As for the other feeling that you have to do something, but you don’t know , yes I have been feeling that for many years. The only thing I can do, Is, If some friends come tome to talk to and ask for my prayers or advice, well we talk it over and so I listen to them. Your story interested me much and also the cards that I pick are very interesting and true to my character. All the best of health and love to all at home. Jane……

  • Siobhan

    This part of your life so eloquently worded brought me to tears, I found it beautiful of how much love I felt just reading your experience, my Peps is in heaven now and I have stressors knocking at my door so I needed to release these pent up emotions, I am practicing everyday to bring my vibes higher, and to immediately change my negative thoughts to happier thoughts so I can create my now and future in to something wonderful. I know what I want, and I do see results, it’s great to know all the things that I do know, I know that this is helping me tremendously.

    Anyway, I just wanted to connect with you, so thank you. X

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      HUGS!!! to you and to everyone else I didm;t answer here.. every one of you writing in touches me 10000 fold!

  • Tricia


    I sit here in complete amazement about the synchronicity that you wrote about “A Winter’s Tale.” That movie showed up in my life this past February when I knew nothing about it. At the end, my mother and I were speechless based on the what was happening in my life. I needed a reminder of how magical life could be. I am in such a happier place in my life now. However, there may be another message meant for me in the movie. Time to watch it again…gladly!

    Thank you!

  • Debbi

    I am so relieved when others acknowledge that staying connected to that vast pool of creativity and love we call the Divine, Source, or “Fred” (your term, correct?) Isn’t always easy. I too, have a space between it all too often and try my hardest to be mindful, or to at least be aware of those times. I tell myself I am human, and unfortunately it can be tough. Thank goodness for your blog and encouraging words. I look to you for that support every week 🙂 <3

  • Eda

    Thank you for this Collette, right on, it sure hit home with me! Love your blog and appreciate the direct heart to heart way you share.

    Infinite blessings, big hugs and oceans of love,

    Shine on, dear Twinkle Star… You are the Light!

  • Wanda Ironheart

    I love it…”one song”. Yes Colette we are part of the magical music and I can happlily say that I am belting out my part of the song with my high vibrating tune. I am self aware which makes a big difference, dont make me perfect just gives me a chance to be aware of my vibration and get it back on track. Your writting is wonderful and something everyone can understand. Great job!

    Wanda Ironheart

    by the way your reading years ago changed my life xoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE IT ” belting out my part of the song” YES SING IT SISTER. I also of course am touched that our reading changed your life 😉 … xoox

  • Kat

    Dear Colette,

    Oh, can I relate! As the eldest of six children, who I helped raise, and a caregiver (as a career) for the past 14 years, I have spent most of my life in ‘alert, patrol, and management mode’, and stuffed down emotions that might otherwise cause me to actually feel. Just the idea of being vulnerable used to cause me to feel nauseous, and sick all over!

    Fortunately, I’ve been faithfully been doing my inner work for years now, so I am more aware of situations and circumstances which I need to heed, and I do!

    For the past 6 months, since a health issue that I was able to view as my ‘come to Jesus wake-up call’, I am learning to take care of myself first, then everyone else, because I miss the music when I am deeply embedded in other people’s ‘stuff’.

    And while it’s only been six months of focused care on me, it was six months of Mars retrograde in my sign of Libra, so you know the work I’ve been doing is DEEP, DEEP, DEEP! In fact, now when I ask the question, “What’s it all about Universe?”, and I listen for an answer, I get an immediate response from the Divine, and I am back on track.

    Thank you for sharing Your Self, allowing me to see that vulnerability is something we all experience, and can learn from, even if only in baby steps! And I appreciate being reminded that the Light does indeed win out over the dark, and Love remains no matter what!

    Bountiful Blessings,

  • Erin Rivers

    I just watched “A Winter’s Tale” last night at our Shakespeare Festival. You are right – it is a reminder of Love everlasting – through tragedy and loss. Thank you for your words of remembrance.

  • Susan Brandenburg

    Thank you very much for sharing this story and THANK YOU to everyone else who shared a story. It tapped me in a place that is very raw right now, It has indeed been a very trying and disconnected month or so.
    Without a lot of boring/sad details: This spring I was blessed with litters of barn kittens. I raised 2 healthy happy litters last summer, placing most into happy loving homes. It didn’t go that way this spring – through the efforts of someone trying to be helpful all the babies got exposed to distemper. It has been heartbreaking for me to watch all but 4 of them get sick and pass after caring for them in the house through a cold wet spring.
    The point of sharing this is that while focusing on kitten care I have become very numb etc (everything you described) it is exactly like a big hairball to untangle. It has been unbelievable to me how rapidly disconnected I became when I found myself in this emergency situation and what a struggle it is proving to be to move back to connected. I am getting there though. Possibly this is the lesson……
    I couldn’t possibly identify with everything in the paragraph before “I wonder if you identify with this at all?” more. Thank you so very much for sharing it. I know now I can get back to be present and connected.
    With Love and Gratitude!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know isn’t it bizarre how we so quickly go there, I know its for survival but BOY it’s tough unravelling after. Cinematherapy works plus it’s good to connect with the tribe to share 😉

  • Jai

    Collette, thank you SO MUCH for sharing so intimately your life processes. I’m so glad you are all okay – it sounded very frightening (the looming storm, your dog’s condition triggered by the storm). I can honestly say that I know intimately, the place where my body goes into a PTSD kind of reaction and I have to just push through any big stress and come back and process/release it later. I do think that this is an actual reptilian brain reality. It is how we are wired for survival (brain science says this and for a fascinating show about this, if you can access it outside of Canada I highly recommend it: A CBC ‘Ideas’ show entitled ‘Neuron Therapy’ about brain science, emotional regulation in children and much more: http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/podcasts/ideas_20140616_59074.mp3 )

    so many blessings to yo Collette
    Jai Sequoia

  • irene

    thank you Colette! This has helped me and as always, exactly where I am and what I need to hear. You are so comforting to listen to as you are so natural, and you make it all seem so effortless and I enjoy your help in my life.

    love, Irene

  • Eileen

    Interestingly, I just decided to watch A Winter’s Tale last week, guided by intuition and ignoring negative reviews. I quickly realized that most people would not understand it at all, and therefore the disappointed reviews, even though the cast was stellar. The poetic reflections of the heroine were beautiful. She became an enlightened soul and everything she said was deep truth. You don’t get too many of these gems from Hollywood, so I also recommend taking the time to watch it.

    Colette, thank you for your candor, honesty, wit, wisdom and magic.

  • Annette Cave

    How funny that you mentioned that movie, A Winter’s tale. I just watched it earlier today and loved it. It reminded me of a quote from my book, linked by love. How the beauty lies in the connectedness of us all. Namaste

  • Colette C Vick

    Thank you, Colette, what a light and love you are to so many! Blessing to your little Beanie.

  • T Kaaminii Stroh

    Wow you certainly have a rock star for a husband and so glad to hear Beanie is doing well, I totally agree with your posts on this blog/subject.
    Isn’t it amazing how we get ourselves locked in and don’t even know it.
    Thanks for all you do, I’m new to your tribe but have become a believer and a life long member. I love your Avalon deck, that’s where I first found you and now am working with that deck and the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms is amazing!!
    Besides who can’t love an intuitive psychic on a Harley 🙂
    Big love and hugs

  • Pam

    thank you, thank you thank you for sharing your experience in detail as it make you so like the rest of us yet we know you are beyond magical. so talented and the fact that you share your gifts so openly helps me think maybe I have something to offer too…I just can’t get it put but I recognize your gifts completely.

  • Jane Carroll

    So interesting…feeling numb to avoid feeling emotions is what is coming up for me recently. Isn’t Divine Timing amazing! 😉

  • Sandra

    What a wonderful post! I always thought that you should know what your true path or purpose is and this question / quest has confounded me since forever. Your message: “We are each here to deliver a miracle. We won’t be told what it will be, we just need to follow the music and the Light to find out.” This really resonates with me – an Aha moment indeed.
    Thank you for the lovely soul reminder.

  • Lynn

    I so look forward to hearing your weekly Vlog. You always bring such lightness into every situation, no matter how bleak.

    Love your Spiritual support and the Beautiful gifts you share!!!


  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    First of all: my heart is with you and your wonderful husband and, most of all, with your precious Beanie. Let me just say I have been with all four of my own Babies in much the same way…holding off, grabbing on, struggling with what is inevitable. And with this, come many of the mechanisms, weapons and tools we arm ourselves with. I am learning not to fight any of it. It has been and still is a long haul because, I too, am so used to stuffing down my feelings and pushing myself aside for a sort of crisis management living that went on in my life for years that my survival mechanisms have almost shut down. In a way, it’s a good thing because…back to your other post…I no longer seem to be Chicken Little. Tired of that little chick and how she’s run me around. And how she’s let other people run me around.

    As for “A Winter’s Tale”…funny you should mention it…lol! The film is much more meaningful to me than you might imagine.

    Pearly to Lu: “I’ll tell you something that should chill your blood. No matter how far we tip the scales our way, no matter how many of them we turn dark, nothing seems to break their capacity for Hope. They pass it back and forth like the flu at a pre-school fair. We’re losin’. Lucifer. One bright star at a time, we’re losin’.”

    Lu to Pearly…later on in the conversation: “Pearly, watch out for The Starlight”.”

    😉 and many Big Muahs! to All!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that line was the one I wanted to quote but for the life of me couldn’t remember it LOVE IT that you wrote it today !!!

      • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

        Thank you, Colette! That is the very quote that has a very great deal of personal meaning for me.

        Sometimes, the flu is good! Lolol!

        P.S. Agree with Bach’s Rescue Remedy suggestion. Worked at a health food store for 11 years and we sold tons of it. It was originally meant for two-leggeds, but so many two-leggeds used it for their four-leggeds companions that Bach put a special one out for them. There is a sleep one for two-leggeds, too, and other variations they’ve recently come out with including spray.

        Also, when my little Freeway cat was almost to the end of her time here she became very upset and nervous and would urinate in the most unlikely places. We found that homeopathic aconite did wonders in a few hours time. HOWEVER, the dose has to be as low as you can get it. If you have a health store about that still deals with the old tried-and-true remedies, you might ask them to order it for you. Boiron Brand should have it. Ask the salesperson to call them and order the lowest dosage for you if you feel you want to try it. The pills are incredibly small, a match for Beanie, and they taste like sugar. They will tell you not to touch them with your fingers, but in my experience that doesn’t affect them as much as they say. Homeopathics have been in my cupboard for years and years and they are the first thing…and usually the last thing…I need to go to. You have to be consistent with them but I have seen them work wonders. Homeopathics is an amazing branch of the natural field.

  • Gwen

    Thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability and truth. Sometimes when I doubt myself and the old memories play a self critical loop I falter in my path and I think it’s just me. Your sharing has allowed me to say just breath, forgive yourself, accept yourself and believe in your wonderful self. I still am capable of performing a miracle. Thank you so much and deep love to you xx

  • Marion

    What a touching post,, thank you so much for sharing it, it is on my To DO list to watch this movie. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing it, right at this moment I needed that message so much. Thank you again

  • Sue

    I have just started to follow your vlogs, blogs? I love how very real you are and that you live close to! My dogs are my comfort ,they are the love I can allow myself to trust.Anyone who loves an animal is one step ok in my small world..i already love Beanie and feel she is so safe with you..Blessings and Thankyou!

  • Alison

    Hi Colette,
    You are a blessing in my life as I am using your Oracle cards as guidance with some difficult choices. We have a couple of fearful dogs (we are blessed with 7 dogs, 3 cats, 2 horses and 2 goats!), and use the Thundershirt too. I would highly recommend Green Hope Farm flower essences for your Beanie. They have an animal wellness collection that is fantastic and really produces results. Green Hope Farm is an amazing spiritual company that creates their essences with the help of elementals and angels!! You place an order and then they send you the essences with an invoice and you write a check…the angels have asked them to not accept credit cards 🙂
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do and share with all of us!!

  • Alina

    God Bless all of us and all we go thru. It has been a few trying months now and I am grateful the angels remind me I have a “toolbox” that I can access to help ease me back into the flow. Ask and you shall receive…and so I ask for help and guidance to help me back up the good vibe ladder. While boarding a flight (I was in despair at the time) there was a gentleman putting not a suitcase, not a bag into the overhead compartment…but…yep…a huge yellow toolbox. I had to laugh until I had tears. And so I listened to music, watched funny movies I felt the shift begin. Reading your stories always makes me feel like I am not alone so thank you all. And thank God for my fur babies that give me so much love:)

    Lots of love for you all,

  • Mary

    I like being addressed as a “Sparkle Being of Light”. It makes me feel Great! Acutally makes me “Light Up”. Sometimes I forget that I am sparkley! Thank you.

  • Elena

    Thank you, dear Colette, for this tale. I always live with the feeling of control and the need to manage everything in the life. I try to hold all threads in my hand, and when I miss one, I start to worry at once… But certanly I always miss something, so consequently I always live stressed, worried, sad… From time to time I hear this “one melody”, but the next moment it disappears in waves of my anxiety. My fears always win. Reading the book of Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, pray, love” I met the phrase: “Don`t look at the world through your head, look through your heart, this way you know God.” I like this very much, I feel, that it`s true, I try to reach this… But I can not… How to do this? How to look through my heart? May be you meant the same speaking about listening “the music”? But how to break through my fears, anxiety and so on?.. Too much questions. Excuse me, please. Thank you again.

  • Gingercat

    Hi, I’ve just joined! I bought your book Messages from Spirit and I’m loving it!

    My beloved cat Darwin is my faithful companion tho I used to have dogs.

    Darwin has been waiting for me all my life. Thanks for your work and the
    way you write about it – so straightforwardly.

  • Renee

    Hi Colette;
    Good to Connect. I noticed that your voice sounded much more relaxed on this blog.
    Maybe the calm after the storm? I tend to be on a delay when trauma is lurking too close to home. When my previous home was flooded; I raised my hands in the air and stated out loud to the crew trying to lift and carry the furniture onto bricks to keep it out of the water’ ” I don’t live here anymore”. I wish they had thunder-shirts for people !!! Then I packed a small suitcase on wheels, and walked out the door. I knew I would not live in that space again, but I don’t seem to have any emotion anymore. I really just moved on. Seems I am totally present; and am moving forward with life and its current challenges and all; but without an emotional “reaction” mode. Last week I deleted a file of art scans; don’t know HOW? but nothing I could do; so I tried to be kind to myself, and forgive as soon as possible. Just finished a brand new website which I created myself; and I don’t know why only one page is visible when you enter the link (there are 8 pages) ???
    Not sure what this means because I once was a very deeply feeling person, very sensitive
    and compassionate, oh yes defiant and angry too. Quick to judge and criticize.(mostly myself.) Now I seem to be blase, unmoved; flat. The reverse side of the coin?
    This too shall pass. Maybe I have built up a tolerance for uncertainty, and somehow I do believe that I am being guided and protected but I don’t know why things happen or don’t happen and when I gracefully accept what is, then it makes it easier to flow. It doesn’t mean that I always like it!!!
    When you can’t fight, and you can’t flee; FLOW Bruce Lee.
    I am really trying to create the most positive mindset humanly possible, and to design a collection of uplifting affirmations, and trying to stay strong, and trust that everything is working for my highest good, and that out of the present circumstances something better will come. It may not be in the form of attracting an income using a collection of original artwork I have now spent 6 years developing. An incredible journey in many ways, but so far the money didn’t follow?? Doesn’t mean it wasn’t beyond my ability to imagine I would accomplish what I have and proud I am. (you can see the collection on the above site)
    ” Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens.” ” So that’s the story, that’s the glory of love”.

  • Janis

    I too watched that movie, I was spellbound as you were. By the end of the movie I had felt an emotional release that brought me to tears of profound happiness and joy. I loved the aspect of miracle, that we are here to perform our own, and that we should just follow our hearts until the miracle unfolds. I don’t know what mine is, but knowing there is one has made a whirl of difference, comforting and knowing at the same time. I have a little sign on my front door that reads, “expect a miracle, ” and as a writer and educator, I see them every day in a word or an expression from my students, and that film, ” A winter’s Tale,” was a miracle as well. Thank you for your insights. Peace and light, Janis

  • Yvonne


    Thank you for the wonderful reminder: that we are each here to deliver a miracle. Awesome! I also numb myself to my feelings when my life is full. It’s so easy to forget this important means of taking care of myself.

    I enjoy your newsletters. Thank you

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