Playing the Waiting Game (or what to do when you realize the game is fixed)!

Updated: July 13, 2014






Dearest Incredible Being of Wonderment You,


Playing the Waiting Game (or what to do when you realize the game is fixed)

In ONE Act:


(Me or Unknown Person):  I dare say (imagine me saying this in a southern drawl) it must be time for a minty drink or perhaps some iced tea and a lovely man to come and fan me (clothed only in a loin cloth) whilst I work away in this dastardly heat. I am tired of waiting and waiting in this heat!

(Angel disguised as a Maid):  Well Miss ———– (insert your name; and if you’re male, I am still calling you “Miss”) I do declare you need to get a phone call or something, even a smoke signal to say that all this stalling MUST be over soon??

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Me or Unknown Person, maybe You?):  Ah yes, promises, promises ———– (insert desired promise) I know what you mean, and it’s too hot to play the waiting game anymore. I need to see evidence that Spirit is LISTENING!! ———– (insert desired outcome)

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Me or Unknown Person, maybe You?):  Perhaps the humans in this mix aren’t listening to Spirit either? Hmm, perhaps that’s it! They are not doing their part! ———– (insert name of person who was supposed to call with good news) ———– (insert about what)

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Me or Unknown Person, maybe You?):  I should have heard by now! (or met someone, or got that raise, or hit that success etc.) ———– (insert reasons you think why)

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Angel disguised as Maid):  Well now Miss ———– (insert name) everything that is supposed to be for you can never be withheld from you. Spirit has a timetable, and Lord have MERCY, we don’t get to know what that is!

(Me or Unknown person –You?):  Well, I say now! That’s just not right or fair, now is it? We should know, or at least be informed that ———– (insert desired outcome) would take this long so I don’t just sit here all a frettin’ that, well, I might not get it!

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Me or Unknown person, maybe You?):  Yes indeed, it’s not fair!

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Angel disguised as Maid):  Miss ———– (insert name) May I give you a piece of advice? IN good faith and with all due respect?

Fan Fan Fan swoosh

(Me, or You): Sure.

(Angel disguised as Maid):  This waiting game you a playin’ in this heat? You been playin’ all by your lonesome! Don’t you know the game is fixed?
If you sit ‘round wondering when when when all the time about the one thing you want, well you might miss the other miracles when they come your way!

Fan stops

(Me or You):  Ah,… so that’s the answer!
So can I ask you one more question?

(Angel disguised as Maid):  Of course.

(Me or You):  Does that mean I can keep the man with the fan??

Love, tickles, and chuckles to you,
Fan Fan Fan swoosh

Love Colette XO







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  • Leigh

    You are so creative, Colette!! Thank you for all of your help and insights. I look forward to checking in with you every week. So happy that Beanie is doing better! Blessings to you all.

  • Amber Marie

    I’m so grateful for your beautiful spirit & videos! Thank you for everything you & your team do! I’m happy that my intuition is more in my face than ever before & getting more in my face every day! hehe =D

  • Susan

    You are definately blessed with creativity! Thank you for sharing truth in a comical way.Love it. 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Collette! I love your videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just purchased your Oracle Card Reading Class, what a lovely offering, so excited.

    What a sweet little dog Beanie is, so happy she is doing better. Happy Birthday to you!

  • Maria

    Dear Colette, I’m really astonished! How Spirit could manage all this that I’ve received His message for me via your newsletter dead on time?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you sure it’s a ” he?” hee hee. BIG HUG- I see you are in russia? Always wanted to visit there 😉

  • kerry birkett

    Collette honey you rock 🙂 I,m so glade the universe put me onto you , your my kind of tribe

    <3 Love you cheekiness and seance of humour you bring such sunshine to my day . don,t

    suppose your heading down to Australia any time soon . A warm hug from down under xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Kerry I am sure you will see me Down Under in 2016!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ps SOOOO happy you are in my tribe also! Love to come down and rustle up an Ozzy tribe for a weekend event. My dream and plan is to come down there with Hay House in 2016 xoox

  • Tania Gomes

    I’m always reading that hidden message that I’m searching for & seem to get it. Your am amazing inspiration & enjoy & look forward to your positive messages always! Xoxo

  • Tash

    Absolutely loved this! A breath of fresh air and dose of playful fun while getting the job done!

    You are a blessing!

    Thank you

  • Amber M.

    I love your blogs and have been reading whenever I get access to the internet, though i ahvent really been commenting i enjoy reading everyone comments as well. Like all of them this one definitely have me thinking and of course relating 🙂 I happen to be in this in-between space. The hubbs and I have a big move on the horizon but for now I am working at an hourly job that is unchallenging to save up money for the move and we both are just chomping at the bit to get moving but do not have the means right now. I keep having to remind myself this is temporary and this temporary job that under other circumstances would be a drag is actually fantastic for me right now…

    However, I do think there are things I can be doing like looking for a job in the city i want to move to! Duh…Yes I was doing this but was told ,after applying to places, that I would never get a job there being so far away and there’s the money for the move factor…… Yes I need to save money so we can move but why the heck did I stop making efforts toward what I want??!! Spirit is miraculous and who knows what could happen…Oy Vey….I forgot! and I am going to go ahead and start doing stuff until we get out of here that make me feel good…that honey Colette was talking about back a couple blogs.

    Another blog you had written awhile back I didn’t get a chance to comment on but I did do a lot of thinking on (smile)….actually had me thinking of Alice in Wonderland and how i want to be like her. I remember how when as a kid this rendition done in 1985 kind of scared me, the whole story at times was scary as a kid but i watched anyway and little Alice moved forward anyway. So I have decided I want to be like Alice… it seemed she worked with what she had and where she was at the time. I want to be curious, do whats different, and move forward regardless of fear. Seriously whenever I feel I am getting stuck or am aware of it I get an image of Alice in my head and try to channel my best impression of…after-all Alice never went to Wonderland it was just her tooling around in herself…and the discovery of self is my ticket to Spiritual growth…Thanks for the reminder and the nudge

    Thanks Colette <3

  • Gudrun

    Oh, wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I guess sometimes the messages are delivered through newsletters. Now all I need is an answer to the question “Can I keep the man with the fan?”

  • Dora

    ha ha ha, you just beautified my day. I was so focused on my desired result, I have been missing all the other things that are here now. It’s like I needed a knock on the head.

    Thank you.

    Love and blessings.


  • Jane Carroll

    Once again…this is what has been coming up for me this week! I love how you do that! 😉

  • Teresa Lane

    I look forward to seeing you at Omega this fall. I saw you some years ago with Robert Ohotto while there. Much love Teresa

  • Diana Boles

    First things first! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GODDESS DANCER! Two days to go. I concur with the Love of Avalon. So much so, that I need to feel the paper and pages and projection and prophecy in my palms—they are due to arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait until they arrive. Cashed in a 401k, due for deposit tomorrow. Can’t wait for it to arrive. That pension plan starts for deposit, can’t wait for that to arrive. The last day for job #2 is the end of the month. Can’t wait for that to arrive. And there you have it. Slipped right into the edgy static vibration of the Big Bang – no matter how I profess to be present in the moment. So I learned the “don’t dwell on what isn’t” lesson years ago—but don’t we’all slip into it in spite of ourselves? (In my best ‘Blanche from Streetcar’ voice. Alas, out to the garden I trekked —-trimmed and thinned the lavender bushes. Came in calmed and free of static cling. Sat down to write this note and raised my head just in time to catch that Humming Bird flitting outside the studio window. Yeah! Happy Birthday, Princess!

  • Diana Boles

    Hahahahahahahaha! Was waiting to see if my message came to you. I for got to tell y’all that in the lavder was another symbol of PATIENCE——two Praying Mantis egg sacks. There ya go! Xoxoxo

  • Jan G.

    You certainly know how to ease the heart and bring a smile to my face. There is so much going on in my life right now and I really needed some mental relief. Thank you so much. Sending love to you.

  • Xandra Breban

    You ROCK Colette! I love your passion for what you do! It is like the passion I have for supporting others in achieving the abundant life they truly deserve to have! You have truly inspired me! I have a Violet aura, what is your aura color if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      color changes all the time.. but my fave color is aqua and often aura photos show that or a giant bunch of gold and white

  • Joyce

    Hi Collette

    Thank you for all your honesty and love that you share . I hope you have a Happy Birthday.
    I glad Bennie is better, I know what it is like to love a dog .Our animal friends are a gift in life. I have never been on a public website but I want you to know I appreciate that you reach out to people .
    Best Wishes,

  • T Stroh

    thanks for the update on Beanie, she looks great. Started the class and love it! I have had all three decks for a long time, and am finally seeing just how amazing these cards really area. So very glad that the Universe brought you to me 🙂

  • Renee Sugar

    Loved the Universal Theatre on (Playing the Waiting Game) ; I laughed !!
    The giant jigsaw puzzle has a space for each of us, and no one can ever
    fill that place. Because puzzles are extremely complex, and sometimes
    very difficult to complete; it takes a lot of patience and time, and effort to
    ensure that each piece has been placed in its intended space. The organization
    of this giant puzzle is an extraordinary feat. Each piece slips in exquisitely as it is meant to.
    None of us would want to be forced into a space that wasn’t the right one?
    Today’s Astrology for Leo; ” Stop worrying about all the things that could go wrong
    in your life, and start looking forward to all the things that will surely go right.”.
    Happiest Birthday Week Colette. So glad Beanie is on more solid ground, so tiny and
    delicate she is.
    Wishing you much joy and celebration, and hope that your heart’s desires
    are fulfilled in a timely way so you won’t have to wait, and I also hope that what you might not have ever imagined possible; knocks on your door to surprise you and remind you of the wise, intelligent source of the Universal mind that knows far better than you/I and everyone else what the best outcomes/solutions are.
    “Blessed Wishes” To your health, joy, prosperity, love and celebration . Salut!!!

  • Amy Sophiella

    I LOVED seeing Beanie girl in this week’s video. She looks bright! Hope she is healing quickly. Sending love with all these thunderstorms today. Awesome new card course. THANK YOU for doing it. One of my favorite things in my everyday are your decks. Avalon being my original deck and so much love. I’ve got Lady of the Lake up right now along with Rainbow Prince from Hidden Realms. Thank you for creating such wonderful ways to interface with my life, energy, the Universe. Life is awesome and getting better! xo ~Amy and Ben 🙂

  • Nicki

    Thank you Colette! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to receive that exact message for my own situation right now! Perfect =). It also reminded me of the collective conscious and that I’m truly not alone. Love, light and blessings always! ❤️

  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    Hahaha perfekt 😛

  • Lori-Ann

    Hi Colette!
    I really like being part of your tribe. Thanks for all you do. I wondered if you could help me figure out which deck I should use for my readings. Or if I was going to buy one of the card apps, which should I get?
    Hope you’re having a great day
    :0) la

  • Beth

    Love how the pillows you are sitting on in the video look like faery or angel wings. 🙂

  • Rosalind

    Well, I must say Dahlin’ Collette, you have hit the nail on the head with this one hun! (my true Southern “Drawl”!) A friend sent me this link but it was so small on my phone that I had to read it later on my laptop, I am so glad I did! I do this all the time and this was a true tickle AND bop on my head 🙂

    You touch many with your words and I am pleased to say, I am one of those “many”.

    Thanks for all that you do and for sharing your gifts with us and nudging us all to use our own as well!


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