A Moment of Silence (instead of numbing out on the net)!

Updated: July 20, 2014




Dearest You,

I write this while in a more somber and contemplative mood than I’ve been in lately. I wonder if you’ve felt the same way this past week, as we’ve moved along in the timeline of our evolution together?

Although I am more optimistic today than I have been in a long time, I’m keenly aware and awake to the fact that the shift we’re in is also fraught with conflict and uncertainty. Every landscape exists simultaneously, brimming with the potential for destruction and growth, for purpose, peace, and prosperity from poverty, for trauma and healing, for rebellion, revolution and resurrection.

It’s never been an option to be asleep at the wheel, but it seems that there’s this head-jerking quality to life as the news peppers us again and again with tragedy and terror, typhoons and tyrants, the blatant misrepresentation of facts, and a modern, real-life Game of Thrones that is decidedly not related to the show on HBO, although we can all tune in to either on the internet just the same.

Brand new positive energies are forecast for this week calling us to hone in on our authenticity with fervor. For some, it will mean greater success and proof that hard work, purpose, and clarity pay off, but for others, authenticity begins in rebellion and moves through revolution before that rebirth can happen.

I keep being shown the truth that Certainty must come from within.

I’m well aware this means very different things for us as individuals and that I write for whomever stumbles into my world through resonance and synchronicity, curiosity, and a search for belonging.

You and I are constantly reminded that the world has become a noisy place relentlessly shouting over the already clamorous din of change.

A moment of silence is sometimes the only gift, the only answer, the only way to honor the truth of the messiness of life.

To be honest, if I don’t meditate every single day to quiet my mind and still my emotions, I frankly can’t handle the cacophony of events sprawled across the internet which serves both to connect and repel, in a compulsive form of sharing and distraction.

It’s not that I’m slamming the net. I connect with you. I run my business online. I have students all over the world who take my classes. I stay in touch with old friends and new ones. I learn about brilliant new discoveries, new books by brilliant minds. I research ancient texts and study important works.

The internet can be a place to bring positive, meaningful change to the world, where we can galvanize on behalf of those who need rescue and care, and advocate for positive social change and the equitable sharing of resources in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know about you, but I can also be riveted in horror, powerless and sobbing, over a plane of 300 innocents shot down from the sky, images of children I will never know caught in crossfire between war-torn countries, or a cheerleader proudly standing in front of a majestic animal she killed as the prize of a sinister safari hunt for the wealthy and immoral. (Yes, I know I’m judging here.)

Go online and in less than an hour you can see all these things as they happen in real time. I think that’s why people unconsciously embrace distractions on the internet: we find the numbing quality of wasted time somewhat of a sedative that helps to quell the fear that life is an uncontrollable mess.

The chilling reality is that a horrific world event occurs in the exact moment a baby is born to a joy-filled family.

The internet reminds us of this daily.

We are global citizens, now living in the midst of great disparity, like it or not.

And yes, even the important stuff can be overwhelming.

What do we do?

How do we serve?

What is the prescription for this pervasive sense of powerlessness when we, the watchers of the world, struggle to find the next right thing to do for others and for ourselves?

These days, I think it’s so important to Unplug and reconnect with Nature, with friends, with your small world and local environment, with the Here and Now.

Be here now.

Stay awake.

Serve where you can.

A moment of silence for those of us privileged to have the opportunity to choose it.

A moment of silence in compassion and honor for those whose lives are different than ours, for every living thing less fortunate than you and me – send love and send peace.

Stay awake at the wheel and remove the distractions.

Today I am contemplating this prayer and inviting you to join me when you wake up each morning this week.

I begin with a moment of silence for those in the world who are suffering.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Show me how to serve today no matter how small, thy will be done through me.”  Amen.

Love to hear how you’re doing and how this prayer helped you.

I send you so much love today and every day.




I know we all have a choice to connect with one another, to find teachers, healers, and thought leaders who suit and fit when we find ourselves on different legs of our life’s journeys. There is something for everybody these days, although I’m humbly aware that there are millions of people who don’t enjoy the privilege of freedom that we have here in the West, and that my life experience and worldview may not be far-reaching, sophisticated or socially-educated enough for some.

I never want to take for granted the truth that I’m not censored when I speak my views.

I never want to take for granted that you have the freedom to read and respond to them.

I am very grateful to you for making these words count.

BIG BIG love oxoxox



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  • Sheri-Lynne

    What perfect, and beautiful thoughts for the morning! Your timing on this subject is perfect.

    I had been feeling very “out of step” lately, not recognizing my need to turtle and not taking quiet time to reflect and ground myself. I thought it was just me until I started hearing very similar thoughts from friends who are energy workers, sensitive and aware. I’ve been hearing about loss of focus, being disorganized, feeling a pull to get organized and more.

    Yesterday, I found myself pulled to a local gathering called a psychic sampler (like a mini psychic fair) and found that everyone I spoke with that was waiting felt the same way.

    Your messages, that reach so many people, remind us that we are not alone in these feelings. You remind us to take a deep breath, and ask the higher power for strength and guidance.

    Thank you! May you feel the same peace that your words bring to us.

  • Diana Boles

    Each day begins in the Moon Lodge-animals fed, kettle boiled, and off to this private place of prayer and meditation. There are no clocks – in fact the only electronic anything allowed is the switch that turns on the twinkle lights strung through to the room. Candles and Grandfather Sun the light source allowed. There is so much noisy distraction in the world, that some days I cannot even turn on music. I live near Dulles airport and planes are to be finished for the night by 11:00 pm. Something began flying over my home at 12:30 in the morning – waking me, scaring even the deaf dog—it went on for hours. What is going on? Another 9-11? It was the wee hours of the day the ugly happened. While I lie in bed cursing the noise, I searched the internet to find out what and why—this disruption to my sleep. NORAD, seemed, had test flights scheduled – what does that mean? So when I found out the events of the day on the evening news, I was a bit more accepting of NORAD. The safari event – sometimes there must be judgement! It is the way to measure what we can do ourselves. That was not an event of survival. That was misguided behavior. So sad can the day be, the only way for me is to shut it off! Moon Lodge, Gardening, silencing the exterior, so you may calm the interior. Namaste

  • Jo Ellen

    I read your blog before another flight as required for work. Thank you for the reminder to be present, to feel so engaged and yes, to know and appreciate the blessings of this rich life. While I feel so powerless in world circumstances I feel blessed with the freedom to connect through this venue with both those who can read this and our spirit beings who share this space with us. It was a great way to start my day and week. Thank you Colette.

  • Barbara Sinclair

    Dearest Colette, Your words always ring true and come straight from the heart. I couldn’t have said this better myself and it is something that is on my mind a lot. I need a lot of alone time to recharge but I find myself more and more getting seduced by the Internet and find it can deplete and agitate me both at the same time. I, too, have an online business and much joy comes from the interaction it provides and connections that are made. But I plan to disconnect when I take a family vacation soon. I can’t wait. Oh wait…I don’t need to wait for a vacation to do that! 🙂

    On another note, I was talking on the phone last night to a dear friend. Our friendship began at one of your Omega workshops a few years ago. A perfect example of one of the positives of the Internet. We would have never met had it not been for you and the web. Thank you!

    Much love,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love that happened.. it’s true its such a polarizing thing but can be a beautiful way to connect with others.. we just need to be discerning xooxox

  • esther

    Its interesting to see how many souls are finding their inner truth and overcoming this feeling of hopelessness and sorrow. We are ONE WITH THE ONE. And we must strive to reach our full potentials not only as human beings but also as the beings we are entitled to be and fulfil our purpose in this lifepath we chose to be in. I personally have chosen to stay away from the net for as long as I feel at ease and begin being in the now. Lately I’ve been dealing with my own battles and the net was not helping with the overwhelming amount of information.
    I for one choose from time to time to disconnect and regroup. Namaste

  • Julie

    As a Western Australian I cannot escape the despair which effects our whole country at the loss not only of a whole family of children ( as a parent I cannot imagine a loss on that scale) but of all those lost on that plane. The collective knowledge and expertise of those coming to our country to be involved in and share their knowledge at an international conference on AIDS that is being held in Melbourne has been lost in this terrible tragedy. The ongoing and increasing trauma occurring in the Middle East. Every time i turn on the TV, open a newspaper, glance at the internet…. Despair, anger and violence seems to be surrounding me and I wake through the night with such sadness.
    Your article reminds me to become still and remember there is purpose in it all. That my job is to be the best I can be in my little world and hope that the ripple effect of any goodness I may be able to achieve combines with that of all the other ripples, creating something of worth on a greater scale.
    In the meantime I will wake each morning and whisper your prayer.


  • Lisa

    It is so easy for me, and I would venture to say many others like me, to forget the others who are living a life much much more difficult than we do in the United States. In this vast yet so small world many live in countries that don’t allow any of the freedoms and many other things that we have and mostly, unfortunately, we take for granted.

    I thank you Colette for this beautiful piece you wrote. I really enjoyed reading it and it is obvious it comes straight from your heart. Thank you also for the beautiful prayer. I feel humbled by the thoughts and prayers that have poured from my heart in response to this piece.

  • Sharon Frye

    Good morning Colette,
    The internet can overwhelm me and frequently I try to center back to my internal goals. I have read and own two of your books.. The Map and the book about Spirits…they are packed away now as I am making a major change in my life at 68 years young! I so agree with you that we have to ask God’s help to maintain.
    Right now I am reading A Course in Miracles..it is hard reading but I love the daily words from the student workbook by Robert Holden, ‘Holy Shift.’
    I guess I just wrote to day how much I admire your candor and honesty. Although my financial situation doesn’t allow me to get all that I want from your sight and words, I love the daily oracle cards.
    Take Care,

  • Amber

    This landed well in my world. I am aware of my own numbing out lately and it has been a problem for awhile.being aware of it makes it a bit hyperbolic as well. Everything you said resonated with me. I absorb what I read and hear on the web, in public, on the news…sometimes I feel there is no skin to protect the marrow beneath and it drives me crazy…numbing out makes it easier to handle.

    This entry was so eloquently written and I appreciated every word.

    I will certainly join you in contemplating the serenity prayer and being of service this week..among other things this entry calls the reader to reflect on…

    Thanks Colette for this Beautiful and Thoughtful blog.

  • Jane Carroll

    This week’s VLOG is so in sync with my life. The perfect validation that I’m on the correct path. Thanks!

  • Patricia

    With all the sadness that happens through out the world, it is comforting to have something more positive to believe in.

  • Sandi

    Thank you, Colette. In this time of so much conflict in the world, I look to you and other,s for spiritual guidance. Thank you for addressing this today. It brings much comfort. Love and peace to you.

  • Remika

    Thank you Colette for your beautiful entry this week. I definitely needed some more perspective as I deal with different challenges that have recently entered my life; feeling like they are onslaughts that just keep coming. Sometimes I wish I could just ask God for a break, ha ha, but I know that these challenges are helping me to grow and are strengthening me. Thank you for reminding me of how I can be of service, even as I go through things, I realize there are others who struggle with far worse in their lives. The prayer you wrote brings me back to centre and reminds me that no matter what is happening around me, I still have my light to share.

    Love and light to you always,


  • Joan

    Thank you for this Colette!!

  • Kat

    Dear Colette,

    I can not even tell you how thankful I am that you posted this. Like so many of the people who have already commented, I was completely out of sorts last week. It seemed like my emotions were incredibly heightened, and furthermore, circumstances seemed to force me into a solid few days of contemplation. Though I haven’t experienced any a-ha moments, I can feel that I am gradually turning a corner into heightened awareness and appreciation for myself that was instigated by this odd change in the global mood.

    Thank you for helping me verify that I am in the stream to the right path!

  • evelyne

    timely words….am going through emotional storms that may result in life altering changes….so many cards have indicated to me to move forward in this new direction and not to fear…am having difficulty with that…not fearing….working on keeping my mind clear and open as well as taking care of my body throughout this time….sometimes i ‘m just too tired and want to settle for what i know and not make a move..yet i know that is not a good thing…i keep focusing on my yoga practice to help me get through this time until i see the signs to make changes when it feels right…am a yoga therapist and am fortunate to be in this state of mind for my clients during their sessions and find myself sharing the benefit…i keep praying for clarity and peace so that i can make choices from a place of love and compassion…

  • Linda

    I so resonate with your blog post, Collette. I am sure that is what lead me here today to read it. Yesterday I was deeply impacted by the world events/tragedies weeping feeling deep ancient emotions.

    I have been a light worker all of my life always affirming love and peace while taking action to assist where injustice exists.

    So your post really spoke to the complexities in a really honest way.

    Thank you!



  • Valerie

    Yes! Thanks for your service to all of us!!! <3

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Amen : ) Learning to be heard … through the comfort of heart … LOVE A blessing: may everyone’s sense of timing be bRiLLiaNt …. Thank you, Colette & Company with special guest …. Seba JOY!

  • Kerrie

    Oh my goodness. I am so glad, not meaning to sound pleased about it but relieved it was not just me. My emotions were all over the place the last couple of weeks and very hard to pull out of it! I can usually pull myself out and get back to being positive and aware but over the last couple of weeks it just didn’t seem to happen. Glad to say it is getting better and I have turned the corner. So much sadness around at present it is good to take a step away from all media to just sit and think how truly lucky we are and blessed with what we have in our “little” corner of the world.
    Thanks Colette.

  • susan


    Your sharing this week is so timely, so needed, helpful and healing. Feeling encouraged after reading it due to feeling part of a like-minded caring “tribe”, and also by being reminded that centering in spirit is ever more important. (Or, at least Trying to relax and center in spirit!). Thank you!

  • Mary Jo

    Dear Tender heart,
    Thank you for sharing your heart words with us. You are a great spokeswoman for our stunned heart! Thank you for guiding us with your suggested prayer and suggestion of meditation, to replenish our energy before we hit empty. It never rains, it POURS! I thought it was just me going crazy and wanting to run to bed to sleep thru the last week and this week!
    Mary Jo

  • Colleen Saftler

    I feel exactly the same way and struggle with being and staying open to hearing all the bad news because I feel the pain of each incident, each loss, the suffering. I am open to the lessons and what The Creator has in store. It helps to know there are others who feel the same. Thank you for your open heart, your authentic sharing and being the loving conduit that you are. Bless you and bless your husband for supporting you in this.

  • Joyce

    Thank you Collette for your writing. I just what to say wow we really are all connected in spirit. Sometimes as people we can feel very much alone tin this world this comforting to know that we are not.

  • Lynn


    I just have to say that I am sitting here reading your post for this week with tears in my eyes because everything you say resonates with me. I started doing your oracle cards in February or March of this year and was not exactly in tune with some of the messages I would receive until…I woke up in the middle of the night a couple of months ago with a message in my head. I wrote it down and when I looked at it the next morning it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. The message was “A target marker; a clear and concise way to know you’re on your path”. What I came to realize was that your oracle cards were the “Markers” and that I was to pay close attention to them. I now write them in a journal every day as part of my morning ritual.
    I was also on a call last week where you were a guest. You did several readings and as you asked questions or made comments to the ladies receiving the readings, I felt like you were talking to me. It was kinda weird. I kept wanting to say, hay, are you sure you’re talking to the right person…Lol!!

    I feel a deep connection with your work, your books, your messages and just love hearing your weekly Vlog’s. I am planning on attending your event in November in Scottsdale and hope to connect with you there.

    Love you so much!!

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