Pollyanna, a Minion and The Serenity Prayer!

Updated: August 3, 2014




Dearest GlowBeam of Fabulosity,

I’m en route to Toronto to shoot the first episode of my new TV show Messages From Spirit with Colette Baron-Reid.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve, and happy I have great creative people to work with at the production company and network who bought my show. It’s back in my native country Canada too so that feels pretty great and surreal.

A Homecoming. Should feel really good right?

But I have a confession to make.

These past few days I’ve had a doozy of a time staying grounded. I feel like I stuck my finger in an electric socket while wet, and now I’m not myself. It’s like I’ve been invaded by two distinct energies hiding in the closet of my mind—the optimistic Pollyanna, and the minion from Despicable Me with the fire alert fog-horn.

It’s made me koo koo listening to them – one smiling and singing Kumbaya in the closet while she counts the pretty shoes in a row, and the other one sounding his horn preparing for them to drop and explode.

Hair begins to smell singed, while I hear Pollyanna scolding the freaked out little Minion saying “All is well! ” then “ OMG- FIRE !!” I think I need to meditate again.

It’s an interesting phenomena where in the same mind you can juggle two concepts—one of faith, service and inner security, and the other of total terror of those “ what if” monsters crawling out from the dark while laughing in your face.

I admit I’m scared.

Last time I went on TV all these freaky trolls came out to taunt me with cruelty and threats. Now it’s my own show?
What if I bomb? What if my readings suck? What if nothing meaningful comes through? What If I look fat on camera? What if my dogs don’t like it in the studio? What if something happens? Blah Blah Blah

This morning I hit bottom with all the internal yo-yo-ing as I managed to pray and meditate and peruse the world news which brought it all into perspective. That was a swift dunk in powerlessness – a cold shower of reality check and return to right size.

This is my life. I need to make the best of it. If only one person is helped by this next step on my journey, so be it. Maybe the whole point of it is not in my hands at all and that this is all about stepping into the Unknown and surrendering. Perhaps it’s an exercise in staying present one hour at a time.

Does the context really matter? It’s the same for you as it is for me.

TV show, job interview, new home, loss, divorce, marriage, winning the lottery or whatever it is that is in front of you or me, essentially doesn’t matter. Everyone has an opinion about us- none of it is your (or my) business.

What matters is faith and courage, when you can muster it. Sometimes following the road through the fog when the lights shine only one foot in front the whole way home – is enough.

So about those two passengers I’ve had hiding in my closet? I’m not kicking either of them out.

Pollyanna is a great companion always seeing the best of things, finding beauty in the ugly, etc. So if I get out and fall flat on my face in the mud, she’ll show me the bright side.

As for the Minion, well it’s always good to get a warning if I can’t see the fire I’m about to start. Plus he’s kinda cute and he only kicks up a ruckus when I think I’m the only one in charge. His alert comes when I think it’s all only about me.

It’s all ok. I just have to remember Spirit is the only driver that knows where we’re going. I think I’ll turn the wheel over and strap my seatbelt on.

Am I any less scared?
Does it matter?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Thy will be done through me.

I feel better now.

Wish me luck my fabulous tribe.
I will write from the road.


Love Colette XO




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  • Diana Boles

    Hey, toots! You mention the wet finger in the light socket-the sun IS in Leo-you had to do something to curl your hair! Just as a male lion lays back and allows the female to busy herself with hunting and nurturing the kids, allow yourself to be that Leo the Lion. The watchful eye of protection and and knowledge. Spirit does guide you, and very well I might add. Going home can turn one back into the scolded little child, the rebelious teenager and make us feel we haven’t any control. Your right! We don’t. Give it to spirit! This is going to be fabulous! How can it not! It is receptive Colette Baron Reid, with her innate sense of timing, wisdom and claireverything talents walking this new path. Watch like Leo-allow others to help and remain true to yourself. You know the way! And I can’t wait for the show. Love to you toots, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • mimi Duffy

    Good Morning
    I am sending you good thoughts, surrounding you white light and know that it will be a wonderful experience. I can not physically join you but support you in spirt. Thank you for enriching my life…Mimi

  • Kimberley Kling

    First and foremost….GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK you fabulously brilliant, bright, funny, amazing being you! 🙂
    Second, a story…quite a few years ago, younger on my spiritual path and looking for answers (always looking for answers, apparently..hehe) a friend of mine, whose shop I frequented quite a bit, was hosting a speaker from Maryland about Archangel Michael and some of the tools we have to use to protect ourselves from negativity, inward and outward. Well, like many, many people, I LOVE Archangel Michael! My opportunity to delve into something a little different. The lady, Jayne Howard Feldman, and her husband, Chuck, were in the room and the experience began. I loved it! Had such an empowering and beautiful experience! That was 12 years ago. Present day…I have maintained a relationship with Jayne all this time! She once said to me that I was the reason she drove from Maryland to Pennsylvania, because I learned so much and continued with my journey.
    So, dearest, lovely Colette…even if the show helps only one person, you’ve succeeded! You are there for them, doing what you do, being who you are and sharing your gifts with the world! Now, that being said…OF COURSE you’re going to be FABULOUS!!! So many people have already benefited from your wisdom…myself included!
    End of rant…hehe
    Sending LIGHT, LOVE, and LUCK your way!

  • Dani

    Blessings to you and prayers that you keep surrendering and don’t take it back too soon:)

  • Amber

    A lovely blog full of insight and another launch pad for some serious reflection. Thank you Colette I love starting the weeks off with your Blog.

    Your show is going to be awesome and I think your absolutely amazing. I hope we will be able to see it in the states somehow. I saw you live at an event with hay house and I was hooked instantly in that you were so charismatic funny and compassionate….your show is going to Rock!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful Oracle card reading course. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do anything like this for others, but the insight I have gotten from doing my own readings has given me faith in my intuition and an understanding and a true knowing. I love that you share you experiences with us, I can really identify with those little voices and I have started to look into what they have to say and where it is really coming from. It all makes for an interesting and enlightening journey. Thank you for being a guide along that path. Suzanne Kershaw , South Australia

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Colette,

    I wish you well in your new venture. And I see for you delight and new vision; prosperity; and true welcome from others. I get the feeling you are about to ROCK the world with your ever increasing talent. I think you will even surprise yourself with the reach that you have.

    Thanks for the “glowbeam of fabulosity” welcome. It’s a beauty!

    What if…
    You are absolutely amazing on this new TV show?
    You look gorgeous in your physical body, and all that anyone can see is the beautiful light shining from you?
    You help more people than you would have believed possible, even in the first show?
    Everything goes so smoothly people joke that you’ve stolen Harry Potter’s wand?
    Your dogs enjoy the studio space while maintaining a quiet grace and dignity?
    Everyone LOVES you?

    There you are. Nothing to worry about. It’s all good. You’ve set your intention. You’ve checked the details. It’s definitely service to humanity. You’ve released the arrow, so sit back, smile and watch it take its mark.
    In joy and synergy
    Jenny Smagala

  • Kim

    I am sooo excited for your new adventure! I am one of the truly lucky ones to have been chosen as part of your audience! I cant explain how you have made a difference in my life. You are honest caring and truly gifted and I look forward to being with you this coming Thursday. You will rock it by just being you and sharing your energy with us.

    Ps thanks so much sharing the Oracle reading course. I have learned so much and look forward to my messages every day (even the Challengers :D)

  • Joyce

    Best wishes for your show. You are brave and kind giving yourself to help others. I know that you will be okay. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    : ) LOVE

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Saw the most beautiful dragonfly a few minutes ago while walking my “Fire Fairy” pup and “Dragon” pup was in the house with Momma Bear. This dragonfly – no lie, truth! – had a turquoise head and muted electric blue body with black mesh wings – Colette! I immediately thought of you! What a beautiful surprise right here and present 🙂 I hope your tribe did LOVE you through the taping of the show. Healing Blessings. Beautiful – Natural.

  • Teresa Mooney

    This show is what your all about, I feel you can’t go wrong if you keep ego in check. Is there a way for us to see your new show? Turn your fear side off and do what you do and you will be great! I have watched, learned and listened to you for many years along with a lot of other people, you deserve your own show! I feel you will be great!

  • kirstin coates


    I think this TV show sounds really cool. From what I have seen you have a very lively interesting TV personality. I think when it comes to other peoples opinions consider the source…its always trolls who invest there time/effort into things that are so useless, because they are useless…so many people love this kind of thing. I foresee it being a lot of fun. Wish I was there. You always do just fine.



  • Missy

    Ooh can’t wait to see your show. You ROCK Colette. Hey I really enjoyed the card reading classes love em love em. My hubby pulls a card every night now too. Funny the Hidden Realms at first I felt uh sort of off put, like they were going to be mean, isn’t that silly, but I came to understand that they are very deep which was why I was feeling off put. My ego was saying no no we don’t want to go there, but I made myself work with them and I found they are a great ally no matter which direction they come to me as they are working on a very deep level for my greatest good. All the best to you and great success for your new show. Sending you big hugs. Missy

  • Amy

    Congratulations on your show and I personally can’t wait to watch it! I so appreciate you putting yourself out there so that people like me can benefit from your gifts and wisdom! I’ve also really enjoyed your daily oracle card course and learned so much. Thank you!

  • Lynn

    Hey Colette,

    Thank you for sharing from the heart in your blog. It is exactly the way I am feeling and so comforting to know, “I’m not the only one”…Lol!! I am absolutely sure that your show will be perfect, especially for those of us who so appreciate and love your messages and your beautiful spirit.

    Thanks for sharing your vulnerability so freely,

    Big Hugs,

  • Bikem

    Colette, you have written this blog for me… I am at the brick of publishing my book about very personal experiences, and I had tons of doubts about putting myself out there….

    I guess, if I can help people with my wisdom, it is worth it, ha…

    Good luck, everything will be fine, you will appear slim in the camera, the dogs will love it, the audience will love it too, would like to see it in Oprah s channel in USA….

    Love and blessings dear one, I love you, we love you… And do not forget to pray right before taping the show…

    You are doing service to Humanity with your enthusiasm, light and joy, keep it up… Love, B…

  • Sherry

    I am so excited about your TV show! I wanted to come from my home in Nova Scotia to the show, but in reality, I couldn’t make it work. However, I cannot wait to see it! You are such an amazing person, so I just know this show will also be just fabulous. I found your blog after I finished working my way through your book, The Map. I had tried to do the work of The Map several years ago, but I guess I wasn’t ready for it! However, this past year, I had two surgeries and while I was recovering, I worked on healing more than just my body. It has been the best thing I have ever done. I must say that I can totally relate to your life story! I was glad that you are so open about your life and experiences. Since working through The Map, I have purchased your oracle cards for the Map and I love them. I have since bought my sister a set and also your CD for myself, my sister and a friend. You are an amazing teacher! I am currently attempting to work through your book Remembering the Future, The Path to Recovering Intuition. It calls up all kinds of interesting things that can be a little difficult, but necessary work to get in balance with life.
    Colette, I am grateful to you for all that you do! I am so looking forward to seeing the next chapter of your life and work to unfold! Where will we find this show! What network will broadcast the program? Super excited for you and also for us!! Thank you, thank you!!

  • Pat

    Hello Colette,I am going to place a purple dome over you for safe Travels and for a fave phenomenal show, with some very great positive responses. Liked the card cards this week.

  • Carolyn

    Dearest Collette,
    Best of the best to the best! Jenny said it all beautifully.
    Love you so much!!

  • Pat Felton

    Disappointed I will not be there in the audience to share the energy that I am sure will fill that studio. My, with these inner rumblings you have experienced, there must be a long line of awaiting spirits who are wishing to be heard. The help and vision you will bridge to those lucky ones to be relayed twinkling sparks from spirit will light up their hearts and extend such love to all present. Just listen … your entire “Tribe” is lifting you up to this occasion. Have a ball as you open your arms and wrap them around this
    new adventure! xoxo

  • Michele

    Oh, beautiful Colette – I absolutely loved this week’s reading and also how you shared your own vulnerabilities about what’s next for you. It all felt so much on the mark. I don’t think you have to even entertain the thought that this won’t help anyone or only help one person. You are touching loves in every moment. We need more beings doing the kind of work you are sharing. Thank you!!

  • anthony bell

    if you need someone to interview for your show and do reading Im in toronto. Show will be a hit. Your guided also to Toronto to do it not the usa.

  • Kerrie

    Oh my goodness. This was so me a couple of weeks ago. Tears flowing, the whole bit. The big “feel sorry for me” scenario, till I finally got my perspective back (only took a couple of weeks – better late than never) and looked at the situation from a new direction. Realised there was not a lot I could do to change what is going on so I just need to put it in the hands of the Divine and the Universe and release the fears and frustrations. What an amazing transformation and it feels great.
    Good luck with the show I am sure it while be fabulous. Shame I am on the other side of the world otherwise I would have loved to be in the audience. Lots of positive energy coming your way!!!! xxxx

  • Joanne Boulter

    My dear Colette I see nothing but pure sucess with your new TV show. Can’t wait to see it!

    Your in my prayers so you won’t be so nervous.
    Luvs Jo

  • Pam

    It’s so surprising to me that someone as talented, funny and entertaining as you actually gets insecure and doubtful. It’s really just outdated mental software still operates at times. Five years ago I didn’t get what you do at all and now here you are going really public because the world is ready for these messages because we are living in very troubled times and are transitioning to higher states of awareness in our evolution. Your time has come to really impact the many, to reassure and help during these insecure times. You are bringing much needed, helpful guidance, comfort and a more enlightened way to view a benevolent and supportive Universe. The world needs you now because you will open up on a greater scale a new way to see things and provide useful guidance that is so reassuring and helpful. ROCK ON Colette!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thankyou Pam.. and thank you to all of you who took the time to write in!! yep my outdated software still runs at times hahahahah!! BIG HUGS TO ALL .. today is day one of shooting !!

  • Sandy Klose

    Wishing you all the best for your TV show! Your reading this week is so spot on! I wish I watched it yesterday as I let the fire prince explode! Oh well! Live and you learn. : )

  • Sabine Ullwer

    Dear Colette, good luck and all the best for you!!!
    You sure will be fabulous!!!
    Is it possible to see your show on the internet, because I don’t live in the States or Canada?
    Send you all my love and blessings

  • Heather

    Colette, it’s such an immense blessing for me to read the process you recently went through. Thank you for posting your insides right there for us all to witness and relate to. I mean, what guts! And I really, really relate. Consciousness…what a trip! Since I encountered your work, which was only during this past Hay House World Summit, my daily consultations with your oracle cards have helped me stay the course of one of the most challenging phases of my growth this lifetime. It’s also the most rewarding time! Your cards, and that means YOU, have, every single day, without fail, without once letting me down, helped me be more honest with myself than I’ve ever loved me enough to be before now. And the results of that are awesome.

    Just from learning the right way to ask a question of the cards (which you taught me through Getting on My Bird), I am now more aware of my own vibration, more of the time, than I have ever been. Being a student of truth, healing and magnificent co-creation, this lesson is so valuable to me, I’ve only just begun to imagine how much it’s going to help me as time goes on. I have never been able to stay so present with my own beingness before.

    The wisdom you access, expressed so beautifully, so lovingly, through you in your cards, your posts, your interviews, has been an steadfast support for me, and continues to be, as I practice living every day.

    I know your show is going to lift so many hearts and bring so much light where it is so much needed. And it’s going to be fun, fun, fun.
    You bless and bless and bless and bless and I thank God for you.

  • Karishma

    Hi Colette,

    You have helped me in so many ways, though we have never met. The goblin meditation that I learnt from you through Remembering the Future has worked miracles and I am currently following your WRE program. I thank you for sharing your inner chatter – hopefully it must have quietened now. Though I am miles away and cannot be there, I send you lots of love and good luck for your show – and I hope that I get a chance to stream it online here in India.

    Just wanted to let you know that you have made a difference and wish you all the very best 🙂

    One of the *tribe*

  • Renee Sugar

    Colette; So excited for you!!!! Just think of how many peoples’ lives you have impacted thus far. You have been selected for this opportunity because there is no one like you, anywhere. Remember that no one can fill your place. That is why this is unfolding exactly the way it is meant to.
    When those nagging self-doubts are tugging at your spirit; remember these words
    SO WHAT. Instead of what if —–?, what if—-?; what if—–? shift the emphasis.
    SO WHAT!!!! If——– . then—– I refuse all fear and all worry for I stand in the grace of
    G-d. You are worthy and deserving of this gift. Celebrate it !!!! You have earned it.
    I know that you will be brilliant, eloquent, compassionate and your sharp wit and insights will bring much comfort and joy to those who will be there with you. How lucky we are in Toronto, (I live there!) that this opportunity is being shared with those who are meant to be there with you. This is the right time, and place. We will be in the right place at the right time to share this special event with you. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Much Love;

  • Courtney

    Greetings Bright Moonbeam!
    You’ve taught us all so much. We are approaching the 8:8 stargate in Leo/Scorpio, 2 fixed signs are bumping us up higher and you know we don’t want to go back where we just left anyway. This experience is teaching you, as much as you already do, to believe in yourself and love yourself even that much more. You will only pass it to others, and you are the perfect light to do so. It’s that lovely balance of humbleness, mixed with the excitement of going to the height of achievement that you feel. It will only knock you back in line if the ego takes over too much. But no one ever said you can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest in gratefulness! I can’t think of a more deserving teacher! Blessings and Best Wishes Always! In Starlight…

  • Jocelyne

    Luck! Luck! Luck! Colette, but you wont need it!
    You shine on the small screen and will be even shinier on the big screen!
    Some wise person somewhere said that fear and excitement are the same 😉
    You have thousands of fans already so it will be just fab!
    Lets hug it out! xx

  • Nicholas Walking Wolf

    Hi Colette,

    I was in your studio audience today and it was tremendously healing. The theme that I felt flow through everything was interconnectness. I made new connections and deepened existing ones just by bearing witness to your dreams manifesting through the pilot espidsode. Before and after the taping I shared with a good mind and a good heart with other members of the audience making and recognizing even more connections.

    I also appreciated that you recognized the importance of Land . Land as teacher , story holder and healer. You openly recognized the importance of First Nations knowledge and teachings. As a person of mixed ancestry that was good to see touched on in your show.

    I felt safe, open and comfortable being me while experiencing your show with you .

    I also picked up on how many healers where present in the space freely sharing their light. It felt electric and grounded simultaneously.

    Lastly, as a person journeying in recovery it was a great inspiration to see a fellow traveler finding a way to live in service of creation and all of creation’s children.


    P.S. sharing your vulnerabilities in terms of the humaness of being doubtful and fearful allows others to experience that same humaness without shame or guilt.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words. I am so touched by them and by you. First Nations teachings are the ones we all must remember- that we are all sons and daughters brothers and sisters – all things – animals , plants rocks and trees -alive with Spirit. It is the only way we will survive as a species. I am grateful for your words. Be well … a day at a time. 😉

  • Emily

    Dear genuine gorgeous Colette,
    Oh wow, so I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with your blogs as much as usual (I’m sure I’ll do as always & take a few hours catching up asap; I’ve been doing that with your oracle class–which I absolutely love love love~thank you!! A billion iMessage to the ‘Nth’ degree for everything you do and are.
    So, I’m a little behind on what’s been going on with you & fellow tribe members lately..
    You have a TV show?! Omg omg omg!! I’m so excited for you!!
    (& I was JUST saying–really, I’m not just flattering you–to my husband, “Why does the NY Long Island Lady have a show (b4 all that controversy happened) & ‘did’ she have a show , when Colette is (like u said, but I’m adding some validity), in my humble opinion 180%, no 210% the “Real Deal”?~with confusion, I pondered this much, & finally wrote it off that u must had not wanted the spotlight or something of the sort, or else, by God, Colette Baron~Reid would be on TV reaching a larger audience, giving them the inspiration that many of us need so much these days… It’s what you’re here to do (u & ur people r so amazing! I’ve experienced it for myself!!
    & if it doesn’t work, it wasn’t meant to be, but I have a feeling–it will, CBR!!!
    I’m so happy happy happy for you!
    As for the 2 in the closet, oh, how I can relate! Pollyanna, ohh, I just pulled a card from your “Wisdom of the House of Night” deck (which I have had SO many ‘psychic'(whatever u want to call it), beautiful synchronistic/strange experiences with (they’re so common place in my life now, it’d be weird to Not have them), that it continually blows my mind.
    & can I ask u something, Why didn’t I know that that deck came out until this past Xmas & it came out in 2012?!
    I’ve had so very many ‘psychic’ experiences with them (all of them)~& I took a pic of gma’s dresser (Almost Jst like ‘House Cleaning’ card in, “The Map” deck! How do I send it to you & Jenna?! I have to, if u don’t mind, she got it down almost to a tee!! Up to the tear in the left side! & # of drawers, my parents cat, in the window (that wasn’t even alive when the card was drawn!
    My black cat, Athena, that Iost I’m the. Mohave desert(or hopefully on ‘Crestview Mtn’), is on “The Moon” card?!!? In the Mohave desert!! With the exact same look on her face, that she gave me the last time she peered into my eyes, it seemed, with wisdom, that would be our last moment, like that, on the side of the mountain on Crestview in the Mohave (1 of the last times I saw her–I named my daughter after her, & the goddess, Athene, of course)…& so much more..
    Burpt bla bla bla–illite that off there. (Pollyanna is on a roll today!)
    But my other one kicks in, too..
    Even though I have all this positivity, I’m in ur oracle class & keep getting amazing readings & ‘hunches’ & I’ve been trying to follow my creative urges & ‘feelings’ rather than just data all clumped together in some college statistics final, or something of the sort, I’m trying to follow my intuition more, bug even when I get positive results, whether it be my partner or that lil goblin inside, something tells me,
    “I’m scared!! Run for the hills!” Or “hide. Listen to rationally, not ur innate beliefs. Forfeit ur dreams-creativity, be rational–(as my dad, used to say–not knowing it may aide in crushing my Sprit (if I ‘let’ that voice of the goblin win)–be ‘logical’ if u want to do something of “relevance” & make it in the “Real World”.”
    I’m going into the unknown, as well, even if it feels like I’m the “Obediance” card p, hoodwinked, standing on a pillar, with my right leg in front, sword ready for drawing (only if needed~Athené-style!).
    We (you, I, & ur tribe will follow Spirit’s plan, Colette). It’s so nice & comforting it know I’m not the only one who feels this way (it’s hard to feel secure when u feel ur own family doesn’t have your true interests at heart, ( & if they do, sometimes that goblin’s doubts overshadow of Pollyanna’s silver-limed clouds!), but we will go “into the unknown” together… We’re in this together. Thank you all for all ur unwavering support (& for not freaking on me with my regurgitated writings, I shriek to even think of (& am scared to even look back at, right now.)
    ~Many Blessings in ur new show, Colette!!
    I Know that you’ll do a wonderful job! We have ur back, & so do the angels ^_^**

  • Honey

    Dear Colette,
    I am truly amazed. I came across your oracle cards day before from a friend of a friend who sent me a friend request. The 2 readings I had were bang on, I felt like personal messages from the universe. N when I read this post, the prayer asking for serenity to accept the things you cannot change n z courage to change z things u can n z wisdom to know z difference between them… has been a message I got this week. Thank you, u r god sent for me I feel. I surrender my will to the Divine’s for what has to ensue from this n trust. I thank you meanwhile n I thank z Universe for z help n guidance.

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