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Hello Sparkler,

HOLY MOLY I am on the road and still in awe of what just happened.

This week’s news is short and sweet.

I think mostly I just want to say thank you for being in my tribe. I’m so grateful to you for being willing to remain open minded and inclusive and for reading my books, choosing my oracle cards to guide you, and just showing up to say hi! I wouldn’t be here without you. It’s important I say that given the amazing gift that was bestowed on me last week.

I can hardly wait until you see it.

The production team- there was not a one that wasn’t 100% present and on board and wow so much work goes into making a show!

I thought of all the people that supported me over the years, all the clients, workshop participants, students, fans, publisher, readers, good friends and even the critics who have just made me want to be even more clear and confident in who I am and what I do.
I really get how it takes a village.

I am truly the sum total of this collaboration of love and life force energy.

Here’s what I learned this week that I think you might identify with too.

I am never alone – even when I am acting like a scared neurotic loony bird Spirit is right there ensuring I don’t fall on my face.

When I can’t stand myself enough I know the only option is to surrender the ego’s need to control.

This will absolutely 10000% ignite a miracle and greatly reduce the desire to hide chocolate in odd places when it isn’t Easter.

When I feel Spirit coming through I am clearest when I have no attachments to any outcome.

It’s ok to not know.
It’s ok to not know.
It’s ok to not know.

When I begin to feel like I’m a bystander watching Spirit use me as a paintbrush, I do not have to help with the art. I get it – “ we got this”.

Finding purpose comes from letting go all concepts you know already and going with what feels intuitively “right”.

There is no box that exists already that fits me.

Magic is real.

More coming next week.

Hope you enjoy the photos. You’ll see me and my coaches – my Transformation Team of Nancy Levin, Lisa Toste and Dianne Solano, and my dear friend Gabby Bernstein who I interviewed for a segment tentatively named NO BS with CBR. 😉

The universal energy video for this week was filmed on the set of my new TV show Messages From Spirit with Colette Baron-Reid.

When you watch it notice the last two cards. ( you will have to watch it for the next sentence to make sense)

“I commit to releasing the old belief that Chicken Little knows what she’s squawking about.

The other shoe is not going to drop.“

Your turn! What are you giving up?

Love to you always and forever,

Love Colette XO


MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT – The Colette Baron-Reid Show


This is the coolest set ever. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Behind the scenes with a couple of the producers of the show Connie Diletti and John Thornton.


Standing on the set, drinking a coffee of course.


NY Times bestselling author and spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein was in Toronto to do an event and dropped by for a segment tentatively called NO BS with CBR (great name huh?). We talked about everything and boy did the time fly. It’s a great interview that’ll be available on the internet soon.


 Me and Gabby having a moment during the interview. I love this woman, we get on like a house on fire.


The director of the show advising me on a couple of things during rehearsals.


Waiting behind the curtain right before getting introduced to the audience.




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  • Sam

    So happy and proud of you Colette. Thank you for being a light and for being brave and courageous. Love, love, love you

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Congrats on the tv show…It will be awesome cause you are awesome. Thanks always beauty for your insights…love always..xo

  • Wanda Psutka

    Hello beautiful lady!
    Kerry and I want to thank you for the messages received. It was an honour and a privilege to meet and spend time with you. I feel a strong connection to you in an unknown way, hmmm. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future, lots of love. Wanda

  • Diane

    Oh Dear Colette. You haven’t the faintest idea of how much more there is in for you. Seen how much you do for others you should expect that there is more that will come back. For years I have been afraid to look within and the quicker I tried to run away from myself, the quicker my issues were catching up. Until I bumped into you a couple of months ago. The tools you share with the world are truely empowering as opposed to marketing features that leave clients dependent on counselling and urge them to spend big money for their wellbeing. You share and offer the world great insights! What a wonderful attitude! Spiritual awakening shouldn’t be just a big market for quick money. And you show that there is a way to do it and to be rewarded! You must be very proud of your achievenents . Je tire mon chapeau, Madame 🙂

  • Sue Pearson

    Congrats Colette! Looks like you’re having fun and it is indeed an awesome set! Can’t wait to see an episode. Happy trails as you continue on the road.

  • Barb Parcells

    Love you, honey. Just wanted you to know that.So proud of you and your new show. Plus, your readings are always right on the money for me and point me in the right direction with integrity and grace. You are the best.

  • Amber

    Thank you!

  • Sacha

    Great reading! Big congrats on your new tv show, looking forward to watching the premiere! Xo

  • Teresa Mooney

    I simply can not wait to see your show, please let us know as soon as possible how we can view it!!!!!

  • Deborah Lightizer-Ruggles

    “Over the Moon” happy for you ! Keep smilin’ Girl! Much love

  • Christel Schindler

    I was at the taping of your pilot last week and just loved it. The whole experience was wonderful and well worth the trip. Thank you to your team for emailing me an invite.

    Your whole team was super and you were awesome of course. A natural in front of the camera, and so genuine. Thanks for helping all of us, even if just a little. I look forward to the airing of the show and the follow up with the people who were lucky to get coaching.

    lots of love, 🙂

  • Janece

    I’m at work and can’t want the energy update video here, but even so, I think I know EXACTLY what that Chicken Little comment is all about! LOL Can’t wait to get home to listen, but I am SO over Mz. Squawker and her dropping shoes! I’m giving her the boot NOW!

    LOVE you Colette! SOOO happy for you for this new adventure you are on. Yay!

  • Jill

    Thank you! This weeks cards and your interpretation were exactly what I needed to hear today.

    Thank you also of all your work and being your authentic wonderful self. I read your newsletters, watch you vlog and use your oracle cards. You have enhanced and guided my life in many ways and I so appreciate you.


  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Rest up Colette, you probably feel really good about it all. I could not wait till Monday to hear what you had to say. The set is cute, cozy, pleasant memories. There was an opalesce rainbow on the curtains so pleasant and healing. LOVE sparkles very healing : ) When I was a kid the elders would say “sticker” (in another language of course) it is endearing means just sticking with the group which is the way you get to know people or each other etc… Looking forward to your adventures keep in touch ah-ha-ha. Family Blessings. Please, keep us in your prayers, amen.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      : )

  • Patricia

    Colette, the sneak peak photos show you absolutely knocking it out of the park! You look really hot in those jeans and big silver belt. Someday I will be in your audience, I just know it. What I’m giving up this week: Separation from the AllThatIs. May your blessings continue…thanks for the huge Power of Example that you are. love/light/honor, Pat S.

  • Alina

    Congratulations!!!!!!! WooHooo:)

    Lots of love and light,

  • Michelle

    Well done!!! Love the set you will be working on. X

  • Kathy Ramsperger

    Congrats! Out with the Old! In with the New! Bring It! <3 <3 <3

  • Bridget

    Colette sweetie…you’ve changed the course of my life since I have started with the Oracle card readings. Thank you so much. Much blessings too you!

  • Nancy

    Geez Colette,

    You really nailed it this week… Many challenges in the world, everyone pushing for change. Your vlog, blog and cards are always insightful. I really appreciate them. There is something grounding about you. You appear in my mind as a big clear crystal, lit from the inside and radiating out. We all are I guess but more of us need to turn up the light!
    Love ya!

  • Diana Boles

    I am elated – for all these halos shining around your smiling face cast that beautiful CBR glow and illuminate the path before you! And us! Can not wait to see the show. Peace, Goddess Friend ——– YEAH!

  • Joanne

    Hi Colette,

    Congratulations on your new show!!! I was so excited to see you come back to Toronto for the taping, how perfect for you!!! I look forward to seeing it when it airs and I will get there for another one. You looked absolutely radiant and the set is stunning . You belong on your own show and it couldn’t be better timing. You have contributed so much already but now you will be able to reach people on a whole new level.

    What am I giving up? Judging the way my digestion has been lately ( it isn’t usually a problem) there are a few things to give up : ) I’m giving up being disloyal to myself on occasion and I certainly relate to the chicken little comment!

    Lots of love,

  • Dolores

    Hi Colette! I had the privilege of being in the audience for your pilot episode. I was in awe by the depth and breadth of the readings you gave to everyone. I resonated so much with what you shared to those who got a reading. I felt like I got a reading too even though I didn’t. I hope to go to another taping, if it’s in the cards 🙂 Thank you for all of your wonderful offerings to the world. I hope to find my own way of being of service.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Dolores I am so happy you were there please come again – and yes you likely did get a reading even if it wasn’t direct- Spirit has a way..

  • Lea Bogle

    I can’t wait to see more! congratulations!

  • Karen

    Well done! I’m not surprised it was a great success you have an amazing personality and gift which shines thru everything you do – with love from nr Glastonbury xxx

  • shraddha

    Colette…its worth to read or watch anything from you..LOVE YOU gorgeous lady..:)♥

  • Ingrid

    Congratulations, Colette! This looks wonderful. We’re all rooting for you. Thank you for sharing your lovely personality and sharing your gift in an awesome modern way.


  • Cindy

    You are wonderful, Big Hugs- Thank you for everything you do!! Much Love and Respect!!!

  • Amber M

    Another wonderful blog and Vlog!! I passed it along to a couple people as it is rich with valuable insight. I love it and I cannot wait to see your show on the net. I have been getting a repetitious reading that is a very similar message to this weeks …your breakdown and insight helped me interpret it on a deeper level. As always this all resonates with me.

    There is so much I have to let go and resistance is something that rises up and surprises me as of late. I am on the journey to my most authentic as many are here so it really feels great to tune in every week …so thankful for your time and effort in talking to us, your tribe ,during this excitingly busy time !

    PS: I love your clothes ..especially that emerald shirt…. I’d rock that ….just saying 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations on the TV show. I can’t wait to find out where I can watch it.

    Thank you for the universal energy forecast. It speaks volumes to me. Thank you!

  • renee sugar

    I’ll just bet that this new beginning is lifting your spirits to heights they have never imagined possible or experienced before!!!!!!!!! AND just so you know, this is infectious, and elevates others too. Potential is available to all of us. BELIEF is a part of that possibility. It is up to each one of us to share our “truth” because it may be a lifeline or provide an example to someone else. “Each one teaches one.”

    It was a pleasure to be “present” to share the taping of the pilot for the show.
    I have been laughing more since that day; WHY? I don’t know. Sometimes we aren’t meant to “know” yet. “If we knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation, not creation. ” Gertrude Stein.
    ONWARD and UPWARD!!!!!!!!! This is only the beginning! The BEST IS YET TO COME.
    Each of us fills an intended, special place in the giant life puzzle. Even though I don’t understand why my space is currently empty; I’ll have to trust and believe that there is a purpose, and a plan and although I sometimes feel that I don’t “fit”, in time it will be revealed that place that only I can fill. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    WE WEE WHEEE!!!!!!!!! IN JOY!!!

  • Kara

    Thank you so much! Your message today is totally what I needed and so inline with the dream I had the last night.
    Congratulations on the show, I can wait to see it!
    Love all you do!

  • Brenda Schinke

    You look absolutely stunning. Love the behind the scenes shots. Hope to make it to your next taping. Was sending you and the team great vibes. xo, Brenda

  • Dora

    Congratulations!!! And thank you for the strength, love and courage to do this.

  • Lynn


    You are so right on with the cards for the week. I am feeling like I am being held back, held back, held back, all to HEAL the wounds of the past to travel lighter going forward. I am listening to this today, Thursday and wished I had done it on Monday 🙂 I may have been a little easier on myself today instead of going into DRAMA!!!

    I am so excited to see the movie and plan on attending the event in Scottsdale!!
    Love your daily oracles cards as they have become such a routine part of my morning!!

    Thanks a bunch,
    Much Love,

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