Thoughts on the Exodus of Souls… (or, why every hug counts)!

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Hey there shining one,

I want to talk about a somber subject this week but hopefully with a little levity. I have been noticing a trend in conversation lately with my clients and friends about death and dying. Maybe it’s just my tiny world that this ripples in, after all my readings are often peppered with mediumship as the focal point, which does place me in the conversation, but I think it is much bigger than that.

I know first hand we don’t die, rather exchange the body for a frequency of consciousness that can communicate after crossing over. Just where or what we cross over to is something I honestly have no intellectual understanding of and can hardly wait till one of the many I seem to be talking to chooses to cough up the secret handshake. Maybe then we can all finally “know” once and for all for sure and we can finally agree on what it all means.

Would it make a difference?

Even though my personal experience is enough to show me proof of life after life, my heart still breaks and my world collapses with grief when I lose a loved one. Why? Because I miss them, because my life feels empty for a time without them and I have to face all that was and could not be because of who knows why.

Death is after all so very personal.

I cannot even begin to explain the reverence, gratitude, awe, and curiosity I feel when I am used as a bridge between those “dead” people and pets who have a message of forgiveness and hope for their loved ones still struggling over here.

I “know” death is not what it looks like.

My mother used to say “Death comes in threes”, and it is something that has always been true in my awareness, that ripple of close, closer, then closest, but I am noticing the death clusters are more obvious lately.

Clusters are larger now.

Without being too glib, maybe it’s an exodus of souls who have decided to get on the bus early. But maybe many people have done what they are here to do, gotten their celestial passport and now since we’re so overcrowded anyway, the traffic angels invested in bigger buses and crossing over now comes in a more convenient six or twelve pack? (That’s a reference to one of my favorite movies with Meryl Streep called Defending Your Life, if you haven’t seen it you should as it’s hysterical and meaningful). Maybe there’s an incentive if you leave early you get a special day at the angel spa, or you get a karma pass?

Beloved worldwide, American comedian Robin Williams chose to turn in his ticket and get on the bus and so relieve his deep depression – but don’t say suicide is selfish – no one kills themselves just for attention or to hurt the people they leave behind on purpose. Maybe that’s too general but I have connected to so many suicides. They do it because in their despair, it is the only answer left to them in human form.  And when they cross over they all recognize after the fact the pain they have caused. But they’re also free for the first time in their lives in spirit.

Yes we are all torn apart… we will always be at some point torn apart if we have ever loved someone that can’t be saved. What does it say about us when we go right to commentary? Having an opinion is just an excuse not to look into the dark void ourselves. The void we all distract ourselves from, and no doubt we are a culture of distraction and disconnection. But in the void is the beginning. We need to look.

Murder, suicide, war casualties, disease, old age, however we die; every life must mean something to someone, and mean something to God. But ultimately life must mean something to us.

None of us get death bed do-overs.

Hug someone today. Call an old friend that you might have forgotten because your life got too busy. Say everything, and don’t hold back. Love with all your heart and forgive with all your soul.

Breathe and be grateful for every breath.

Life is precious.


Always and forever

Love Colette XO




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  • Francine

    Dear Colette,
    Such a beautiful and poignant essay on what really is the essence of the meaning of life and death, or of “being”and of “loss”. We often take things for granted, or become in meshed in our own daily “stuff” and lose sight of the challenges that all human beings deal with on a daily basis.
    Perhaps it is as you say the evolutionary process that has been speeding up tremendously that makes us all more keenly aware of the nature of our humanness and hopefully more concerned with the greater good.
    I too have watched people leave and felt that terrible loss, all the while knowing they are in a beautiful place. It does make me mindful of wanting to make sure that those I know and respect hear how wonderful and special they are.
    And perhaps, just perhaps with greater concern for everyone we have contact with, there will be a ripple effect of positive waves of energy encircling the earth raising the vibrational level of the entire planet.
    Thank you for your wonderful work, it is important for the evolution of the human species and our souls.

  • Diana Boles

    No matter how well we know what the end result of life is, we are never prepared for the moment. Even when we sit vigil, awaiting the crossing to occur, expecting the results of the souls journey, we gasp, drop in sorrow, and shed tears. There is always more to do, more to be said, more ways to show you my love! You are so right, Colette—it is the hollow left in the life of the living that has to fill that gap left by the leaving. NA NU–NA NU

  • Kathy Kellum

    Beautifully written, thank you Colette! It is so true, you may never have that chance to do what you’ve ‘put off’. That letter you never seem to finish, the phone call that you decide to wait until ‘tomorrow’ to make. I’ve had it happen in my life and it only added to my grief to know that I procrastinated in letting someone in my life know that I cared about them and now they are no longer in the physical.

  • Irene

    Hi Colette,
    I am Gardenia Rose on FB. your forecast and spirits, as it is everyday and everyweek, spot on! Last week, the coming apart and mountain, was the coming apart of a 3 year relationship with a man who is very disrespectful to me. this week, the forecast is speaking to me so clearly as well. I am working on my book and when you said in this forecast about aligning yourself now with what is your dream and acting as if now, and then the inner conflict of the dragon’s dual, it’s speaking to my inner conflict with this man still. I walked away and had heartbreak, then I saw him on weekend just to give his his Nook reader, it led to dinner, then we had a good day sunday, but when returned home, i asked myself, what the hell are you thinking, one good day does not wipe up the hell he puts you through with his behavior and he doesn’t even support your writing but ridicules it and your book. we decided to give it another try , but now as i am away from him, I am thinking I am walking back into a struggle as he has deep rooted wounds and issues and despite a few good days, it’s only a matter of time he will revert to the thoughless , selfish man and hurt me in a vicious cycle that I seem to be suck in. I love him, I deeply love our 10 month old puppy DoxiePoo Romeo that is my baby and making it so hard to leave him, but I waste so much time and energy in conflict because he is always attacking me for not helping him, and not valuing the time I do give him when who the hell has that much time to give to anyone. Any words of advice?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      read what you wrote honey. your answers are right there.

      • Irene

        I know. 🙁 it just sucks that a person (him) can be so ignorant and we lose the 60 percent real good because he is immature, spoiled, self centered and unable to appreciate what he does have always wanting more for his me, me, me. 40 percent of bad is 40 percent of my life energy force wasted in conflict he creates because he can’t just surrender to accept that he can’t have it always his way about his needs. I already knew the answer for a long long time, but was pulled back as the heart pulled me back and my huge enormous love for my puppy that I will no longer have in my life which breaks my heart because he is perfect, the most delicious angel that has brought me great joy, I am his human mommy, and my puppy and I lose each other which totally sucks. But I am near 50, have had a tough life with massive health problems (you have read for me 4 times in the past) and I have overcome great obstacle, miraculous healing, hard ass work to get to this point, and want to live my life without drama and heart ache and with peace and love, not being attacked for not helping him with his work or all on his plate when I have stuff on my own and don’t ask him for any help because I respect his time and his work and I want him to do the same, but he does not. Its time to really let go and I think that You , Colette are the HAWK PRINCE sending me the message through spirit that I needed to hear . thank you for taking a moment to you to answer me back but to me this answer back was humongous. Love, Irene (I am one of the first to buy the Tzone back when you were involved in that and I use mine religiously and it has helped me regain so much more mobility and strength and I can’t live without it!

        • Diana Boles

          Irene, you can not help him see what he does—he must reflect the image on his own. No matter how sincere a moment of regrett sounds, he is still the same charecter that will slip right back into mindless-thoughtless chatter. You can identify the behavior, but he has to recognize the behavior—-as his —— and want to grow —- the Sisters of the Seasons

          • Irene

            Diana, thank you for caring. it’s over tonight. I found out he was setting up dates and on an online dating site. with me saturday and sunday and 3 years together to find out he was setting up his new date for this wednesday. It hurts , but I don’t regret anything because I am richer for knowing him and I had a puppy in my life for 9 months that I fell head over heels in love with. I experience great joys, and the sorrows made me the strong empowered woman I became. I love him and our dog that is his as he bought him and tonight, it’s really over. I have a broken heart, and boy, how I will miss my puppy and I will miss him too because he has a brilliant side. But I want to be cherished for me, not to share a man who feels betraying a woman is the right conduct of a 53 year old man with 2 boys. You are right, he does not want to grow and mature and love, just play games and live in the weeds of life, not up in the heavens where all the magic is illuminating our days and nights as we move to the next part of our journeys. I love him and pray for the greatest life for him and our dog romeo. I am grateful for knowing him, grateful for so much amazing and will let him go with the greatest love in my heart and keep him always in my prayers for he doesn’t know what he is doing, too afraid to venture in his true self, to go home to his soul, heal his wounds, deal with his issues and become the best version of himself. And when my book is done, and published , I will mail it to him and say thank you. His resistance to my book only made me want it more, and he is such a good specimen for examples in the wisdom i share. thank you for caring, tonight my heart is broken. tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of my new adventure in life.

          • Colette Baron-Reid

            hang in there Irene, … this is getting you ready for a real love .. you know what you want but the heart chooses who we need to love to help us evolve so we can be ready for the one that fits the self that is integral and whole. I wonder if you might get a dog? Maybe a rescue? Sounds to me you have a whole lotta love to give to some fortunate man and methinks a fur baby might keep that big love of yours flowing before he shows up. .. Just a thought and a big hug from the whole tribe here I am sure we have at some point all felt your pain. oxoxoxoxoox hang in there sister

        • Irene

          thank you colette. it means alot to me that you would take a moment to support me. I live in a condo that does not allow for pets, but i experienced something exquisite with romeo and I will cherish that little fella forever. My 23 year old baby girl, my only child, moved 6 weeks ago to NYC for her first real job after college and the summer has been a challenge with emotions, change, transitioning to the next stage of my life as I turn 50 in November. It’s the life cycle. What you gonna do. Life stops for no one and after a very painful night last night, I am starting the new beginning today, putting all that energy and love and creativity into my book, and preparing myself for the real love that I know is out there but I was too scared to let go of Lou and Romeo knowing I learned all I could from Lou and there was no more growth left. The ending was necessary and it was only possible through feeling this pain and seeing this truth because he was not good for me anymore. He is a thoughtless , uncaring, hard ass New Yorker that made so so strong because I dealt with him and I am nothing a beautiful sensitive caring compassionate precious soul that is ready for the next phase of my life. I’ve learned so much and putting that into my book, healed in miraculous ways, and learned so much from Lou , grateful for the whole thing. I was new to dating and relationships and didn’t know the ropes, but boy, i learned so much now which makes me a stronger , better , more capable woman than before I knew Lou. Lou, thank you for giving me so many priceless gifts and I will never forget you as I release you and pray for your happiness and peace and a good life. colette, thank you. It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved. And real love….yes, that’s ahead and something lovely to think about.

          • Irene

            “hang in there Irene, … this is getting you ready for a real love .. you know what you want but the heart chooses who we need to love to help us evolve so we can be ready for the one that fits the self that is integral and whole.”

            Colette, at first, I was hurting too much, stabs of pain to my heart, to really absorb the profound words you wrote to me. As I grieve and experience this process and evaluate facts, a couple of days later I understand the depth in the meaning of what you wrote. First of all, this man that just on Sunday I shared love with….you know what I’m talking about. By Monday, he was making a Wednesday (tonight) date with a woman. When I called him and told him, he hasn’t called me, he hasn’t owned it, apologized, cared about my heart, cared about the pain he has put me through, cared I lost my puppy Romeo, cared that 3 years of experiences together ups and downs and so many downs because of his awful behavior, lies, betrayal, how much I forgave, NOT ONE SINGLE action from him to have the character to give a damn about me. It has stunned me more than his date plans. When we were intimate Sunday, we talked about his son’s wedding in September , what I would wear, talked about throwing Romeo his first birthday party on Sept 16, showed him my new dress for this huge Italian wedding were were going to in October, made autumn plans, even plans for this Thursday. Yet this selfish man, with no heart or maybe a black heart, was making plans with another woman for tonight. I DO NOT WANT THIS MAN BACK. He is a shallow user, narcissist pig, chauvinist, and has such a disrespect for women that I finally understand. It hurts still so bad , how many times he has treated me so cruelly, and all I did was come into his life to bring love because that is who I am, love. I bring magic, through prayers, compassion and goodness and I have been unable to let go because I was not ready to trust fully in what you wrote: real love that that will help me evolve into the one that is “integral to the whole” . My process has been one of learning self love, self worth, and believing from my soul that I want better for me not the crumbs he gave and the poverty consciousness I was trapped in because this is all I knew beginning with family of origin. That I did not “deserve better” but really that I didn’t know “better” was even out there. It’s 5am, and it all clicked. When I know that this man I loved, just on sunday sharing intimacy and laughs and our dog, making plans meanwhile this one big jerk was pulling the wool over my eyes going out with other women. How disgusting of him. but worse still, how he has treated me since, not a damn text of regret, apology, remorse , or caring. I am disgusted and I am grateful too as this finally broke the spell and I want more for me from a man than the shitty way he has treated me. I love myself more and although my heart is aching, I will no longer live in poverty consciousness and Colette , you are helping me in ways you can’t even know. Thank you. This man has deep rooted issues with women and deep hate as his ex and him had bitter split and hate each other and can’t even communicate for the sake of their 2 boys. How selfish of them both. And I have been this man’s doormat for his aggression and anger as he wears this mask to the outside world pretending he is all that, when I know the truth about him, a liar, a manipulator, a cheat, a cruel heart that can be vicious and in the case with me, this precious loving woman there to comfort him and love him and share joy with him, and his warped mind and heart unable to cherish me. He needs help. I am done with him. his only texts to me the day I confronted him about his date, that I set him up pretending to be this woman and that he is devastated I would do this and never forgive me meanwhile he knows the truth, he met her on , emailed her himself, made a date and gave his cell phone to her to chat, and when I found out, he twisted the truth to make himself feel better about the asshole he really is. I am free! I can finally let this jerk go because I want a class act because that is what I am.

  • June

    what a perfect way to express it….
    after loosing 2 siblings and many friends to suicide and attempting a few half-heartedly myself
    I understand deeply, I appreciate every little nuance to life, from the tiny to the big
    and I always remember to not hold back, no regrets.

  • Amber M

    Thanks for another moving blog and it “hits close to home”. I lost an old friend this past week and it is affecting me more than I thought…though I have always been a conduit for emotion. I seem to be thinking of him a lot and its amplifying my stress level. I have had experiences that tell me this local reality is not the only thing nor is it the epicenter of all that is…. yet slivers of doubt still creep in.

    My aunt recently passed and she came to me a couple days after. She woke me up as i slept on the couch at my grandmothers house about two days after she passed( she passed unexpectedly there peacefully in her mothers bed) . Our last conversation before she died about some of my experiences with Spirit. She had said she didn’t believe in anything anymore but as the conversation went on she seemed comforted by my experiences in some way. When she woke me up on the couch she was leaning over me smiling and her voice as I awoke was high pitched and VERY excited communicating Look at me! Look at me!! I am here you were right I’m here…I’m still me kind of thing. Even after an experience like this sometimes its like ….hmm really ? but in my soul I know it is very real ….I know my friend that just passed away this past week IS whole existing outside of this physical reality. It was hard to tell one of her sons that this had happened while the loss is still so fresh and I didn’t want to be seen as crazy or cruel but as I told him in his mothers house that he was cleaning out she was there as well ..I know right where she was too….I felt her, my husband felt her and my dog felt her as well.

    I feel inclined to mention that I am reading a trilogy right now by a nuclear physicist named Thomas Campbell called My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) that unifies Philosophy Physics and Metaphysics. I recommend this to anyone wishing to evolve, explore, and evaluate themselves and the non-physical. It is lovely because it is a scientific understanding of what many deem foo foo or mystical. It also has techniques you can apply in exploring consciousness and what is referred to as “improving the quality of you consciousness”. I think in this community we all wish to become love and this is a great trilogy and thought leader in my opinion.

    The Truth is we can all experience the reality beyond our limited finite physical realm. You mention the avoidance of the void… a chosen action that results in a nothingness/void we may not be aware of until we are no longer in the physical…or an atrophy on a spiritual level that will have everlasting effects on our being whether in human form or on some other frequency….I have found that facing my fears has been and will be the first step on any path of spiritual evolvement …or any movement forward….

    I have spiraled off in thought Sparked by your blog…thanks again Colette …

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great post .. I am going to find that book myself. xoox

    • jules leman

      Collette and Amber, fantastic posts today. Its been a while since I’ve been here, glad I came today. intellectual conversations around consciousness are a heavenly breath of fresh air from the pop culture of pyschicness Ive been immersed in lately. Huge love x

  • J. C. Romero

    As with many other individuals, I, too, have experienced the death of loved ones, and have been extremely thankful that they touched my life in so many different ways. Each time I see, or hear something one of those lovely beings enjoyed, I smile and remember the ‘ahas’ we shared–for me it is the same as a long distance hug–my version of international SKYPE. Before we criticize how one decides to shed his or her body capsule, perhaps it would be wise to realize that we are all, in one form or another, teachers. To learn is a great opportunity that is best to be used in a loving manner.
    Thank you, Colette, for being who you are.
    Now I must phone a friend.
    J. C. Romero

  • Michelle

    For the first time, I find the afterlife of my mother a bit disturbing. She didn’t pass happy. She passed angry. She was a smoker for 40 years and died of stage 4 lung cancer. We didn’t talk toward the end of her life. Just to give you an idea her last text message to me was, “Happy your kill your mother.” I am struggling with her decision to take the end in a way that alienated almost everyone including her children. I hope she finds peace.

  • Renee Sugar

    What is becoming more clear to me is to allow the disolving, disintegration of my former life/ego to occur. We do want to ” know ” when, what, how? Why do we need to have this information if we are following a pathway of soul-directed guidance? This leads me to consider our preoccupation with the end “result”. Staying “open, receptive, willing takes practice.I do believe that there is a higher intelligence, wisdom that “knows” far better than I ever could because of this wide-range, broader perspective that I do not have at this time. Why would I doubt that source? It has the highest and best interests of all concerned ; mine included. It has been challenging to release this illusion of control. To detach from the form that ” I ” think ” is right for me at this time, and to invite the co-creative forces to align my life path with those I feel a deeper connection to. Then it spreads like a force which serves others’ lives, empowers, and joins all of us in a story so much larger than our own individual ones.
    What I have been learning since the END of my former career in 2011 due to layoff is to celebrate my life and every opportunity that presents itself to develop creative talents, or to explore something that interests me “regardless of the outcome”. It makes for a life of the unexpected, uncharted, allowing unknown doorways to swing open; and fuels a passion that I have to try to understand how this gift called “life” works. One morning in 1999 I met the wheels of a jeep, my body was tossed onto the pavement; and bones in my right arm were broken. Yes all of that healed in time, but what I will always remember is how vulnerable I was, like a turtle flipped over with no shell staring up at the sky repeating OMG like a litany. It might have been the last moment of my life; but it wasn’t meant to happen that way. But for the grace of G-d I am alive and well, and rarely focus on the subject of death. I love life, even when I am not clear where I am headed, I am learning to TRUST that there is a divine plan, and eventually the pieces of the puzzle will be filled in. I recently much to my amazement completed a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It was the most complex patience developing assignment I have ever done. I did this little dance every time I found another connection. I celebrated the “progress, and the process”. I didn’t know if I could ever complete it. But I did!!! Each piece had its rightful place to fill. It was designed that way.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Wholeheartedly, people need to talk about it and make it unshameful, affordable, as well as available to everyone. – “it” the healing (it does not always come in a pill-form and we change/evolve with time – acceptance – something like the Anonymous programs yet foundations need to be in place already). I too thought it only takes a stretch of the arm to get attention however – today – as was mentioned in media Mr. Robin Williams was not ready to reveal his most recent neurological diagnosis as well as the new medication mix and any other knots not yet ironed-out or unresolved – so communication is anyone’s best bet on staying “warm and with us” (Zelda, his daughter mentioned this in article[s]). “What Dreams May Come” (salute to Dante) to RW’s credits was especially touching on death and dying and the power of love, family, to believe (a concept healing in itself) nonetheless and rightly so his dramatic humor drew from living and those around him – LOVE. Colette, Healthy Blessings to you and yours, LOVE. Thank you with all my good heart, hug&hug, thank you, sister. Family & Career Blessings. Love your Pin site I learned a lot – so sweet, real, and healing. Graceful Goodness : ) Beautiful! Forever …

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much! I really needed to read this. I lost my dear sister 15 months ago and I’ve had PTSD ever since. I have lost family members, but losing sis was like cutting out my heart. I considered seeing a grief counselor, but I had to wonder how someone could really help unless they had felt the same deep shock and grief. I have felt alone – and yes, abandoned by my best friend. I’m not sure how to go on.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      see a counselor for sure. You need to talk to someone about this and there are also groups that can help too. Hang in there sending love and light.

  • Helen Spielman

    Yes, I think about death daily more than ever before. I am in good health and I am Holistic Practitioner. I have spoken to firends and they say the same thing. It must be part of our experience here and necessary for some reason. Living and Loving. Helen

  • Agnes

    I lost my dear husband almost 3 years ago now, after 47 years. I’m still struggling without him but I found God again after years of forgetting him. I have now found my husband too, he’s with me constantly, I hear him,feel him , know he’s there. And surprisingly enough, so does my daughter and grandchildren. Xxx

  • Teresa Mooney

    I look forward to you advice every week! Thank you. I am 59 and I was reading about talking about death and dying, well my friends and I have been going through the same thing because not just our parents passing on ,or on that journey now, but i t me it seems like the world has never seen so much addiction, mental illness, homeless people, divorce, family issues, world hate, power hungry people, sickness, our protective agencies not doing their jobs etc. I have never in my lifetime seen such unrest and unhappiness where you have to fight every day not to be negative. You know James Garner was depressed too. I feel like this is a movement and the whole world is changing, and it’s going to get worse before we understand what is going on. We have been living lives over and over and still haven’t learned how to get along and love and help each other, and I think maybe this is the lesson we are going to learn in the end of our civilization. Maybe not in our lifetime, but we are all in a big classroom and it seems to be getting harder. Yet there are a lot of people that get it and are helping the world one way or another make good changes. Like me for instance I had been busy all my life, pulled in every direction, and tried to be the best person I could. In the last three years, i am not working because of panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Both my parents had cancer at the same time and I have always been in high pressure jobs, it was good I quit so I could take care of them. Anyhow so I have been going through this lost time. The kids don’t need me anymore, my Father passed and my mother is in a home, all my friends are still working, my husband and I are trying to find a new kind of relationship. I have been working on myself to get over all this fear, because the depression anxiety drugs don’t work. I make myself drive , lost my weight, etc. I have always thought of myself as being strong and being able to help others and got woke up really fast. Yesterday I was watching a homeless person, with a dog asking for money, and on our tv news they told us not to give anything because they could be con artists. So I got mad and called the police, because we are getting more and more. I asked them if they could question these people and see if they really do need help and then we should help them out with resources. Well of course they said they couldn’t do anything because there were no laws in place even though they had been getting complaints for years. She suggested I call my local legislatures and the Mayor. I said yeah like they are going to listen to me. She said you would be supprised at how one voice can make a difference. I thanked her for reminding me of that. My whole point to all this babbling is I now have a mission, I looked them up and they are all getting an email. I think that is one of the major keys is service to help others. I have always done what I can to help others and when I hit my bad times I realized I was acting the victim. So I am trying to pull my head out! You have been a major help, thank you.

  • Gesa

    Dear Collette, thanks soo much for your words. I`m sad about Robin Williams, but I can understand his decision.
    Sometimes there is no other way left. Nobody should pass judgement on these kind of decisions.
    We didn`t walked in their shoes.
    It is soo sad that some people, like Robin Williams, didn`t find a reason to stay, and the
    more desperate ones kill themselfes, the others wait until their body is getting sick.
    Life is beautiful and life is hard, for me it`s like a lyric from Kahlil Gibran about love…
    We have to take it all or we live a life, where we laugh but not our whole laughing and we cry but
    not all of our tears…
    I want it all,..Love and hope to us all, that we can change us and the way of our planet..
    Love is the way…Hug to you all!

  • Belinda

    I just love how you embrace all, and talk about things in the way where you lead to look at the full pic. I love that you remind all that we need to remember the cycles and the seasons. Great!!

  • Ashlee Morton

    This is so funny I did a 3 card pull just the other day and got the Dream Walker in the 1st position, The Ringmaster of Scrutiny in the 2nd, and the Dragons Duel in 3rd position and also while you were talking about the meaning of the first 3 cards you pulled before you showed the the last one I kept thinking the Dragons Duel was what it was going to be. Anyhow thought I would share these funny experiences. Thanks for the wonderful messages and can’t wait to have my personal reading with you on Sept 25!
    Thanks again!
    Ashlee Morton

  • Kate

    Dear Colette,

    Loved your beautiful essay. There is no time like the present to honor the people in your life.
    Keep sacred those intuitive hits and dreams that come to you about a loved one, they are a way to avoid the phantoms of the “should-haves” once they pass over. Sometimes the best relationship you can have with a challenging person in your life is after they have gone. It almost forces a communication between your two “highest good” selves. Also, the animal messengers are a lovely companion piece in reminding us that those who have moved ahead of us are really never far away.

    I am full of gratitude that I get to share the planet in this time and space with beautiful and loving teachers such as you Colette. Sending love and light your way always.

    With blessings,

  • Margaret Robbs

    Today marks 20 years that my Dad transitioned so this message really resonated with me. Also the remark about the Karma bus reminded me of a movie called Heart and Souls. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made my soul dance with joy! It does feature a Karma bus! If you can find it anywhere, it is a phenomenal movie! Thank you, Colette, for your wisdom! Love and light!

  • Tellisa

    My sister transitioned over a year ago, and a couple of days after her passing she came to me while I was asleep and even though I did not see her new glorified body, but I certainly heard her voice and she told me in her words, “I could have stayed, but I knew you had Mama.” My mother is disabled. I awoke from the dream happy. So, I know that it is true Colette that energy never dies, but only transforms!

  • mia

    Hi colette.
    As i was sitting in my sisters back yard on bernal hill in San Francisco, I was watching the fog roll in, the day that robin Williams went to the other side. I thought resurrection. So i started talking to robin, asking him to come back and what a messenger he could be, and i felt energy pulsing out of my hands as i reached them out to where his body lay in Napa,…
    And then as i watched the twilight sky clouds roll across the sky, Dr. Seuss type characters of all silly shapes began to parade across the sky, and each one so silly, I burst out laughing.
    My friend called at that moment and because she was speaking of serious things, and i kept busting out laughing, I told her my situation. As the phone call ended, punctuated by my outbursts of hilarity, so the show ended and the sky was blank…
    I believe robin showed me that it wasn’t over, his presence in our lives, to those who would ask or be open to see.
    What a heart was soothed…

  • Nancy

    Your writing meant a lot to me……..I know there is a reason it showed up today as I have cried a lot today. My husband passed away two years ago after a lot of illness….melanoma…hip problems. He had lost an eye to melanoma etc. We were married 48 years. At the last he had to have a root canal …it didn’t stop the pain… they took the tooth out then he developed shingles of the mouth and was in extreme pain and couldn’t eat so got very thin. A hip replacement he had some 20 years ago went bad and his only hope of walking was to do surgery……..he only lasted 2 weeks after that and died shortly after they transferred him to a nursing home closer to home. He was just to weak to survive the delicate surgery that took many hours. Anyway………my son was not happy with the arrangements I had and has not spoken to me since. That doesn’t surprise me too much as we had problems with him his whole life….he was in and out the door so to speak his whole life. He threatened me over the funeral arrangements and threatened the the funeral home also. Thank goodness he didn’t follow through on the threats then.He didn’t even show up at my mothers funeral years ago either. What surprises me is my daughter has pulled away ……..sends me a card on birthdays etc but has not come to see me in the two years…..she was here and helped with the memorial etc but pulled away since then and has moved in with her boyfriend some 50 miles from here. I sent her a text this morning saying I loved her and missed her in my life…..all I got back was we are leaving this week to go back to Wisconsin where his folks are…..with which I ended up in tears as she can’t come see me. The only thing she has said about it all is its too hard to come to the house since dad died and I know that hurts you. At the very end my husband seemed so angry……told me didn’t like my cooking. But also at the end he thanked me for all the love and support for him over the years. I was there for him through all the many health problems he had over the years…,he was in a wheel chair the last year….so was lots of work for me. I think the biggest problem was he didn’t put in writing his last wishes and told the kids different than he told me. I was blamed for not feeding him right so he got thin before the surgery……every time I went to get groceries I begged him to tell me what to get for him but he would say I don’t know. So I lost not only him but contact with my two kids (in their 40’s). His sister has not spoken to me since his death either….so I am really struggling with what happened to us all. I did have an angel show up in my life though……a fellow who lost his wife several years ago happened to walk by house this spring when I was trying to figure out to remove the blade from my lawnmower by myself…….he took over …sharpened my blade etc and has since did so many things to help me with my huge house and yard and wont take any money for it. The other day he got up on my roof and cleaned out the gutters as my patio was leaking water when it rained…..he fixed my outdoor garage light…I could go on and on what he done for me and won’t take any money for it. He stops in often to see if I am ok and we end up talking for a long time. He only lives a block away but I had never seen him before. So your writing helped me when you said about when a person dies angry. I forgot to say I also took care of my mother at my house for many years before she died. The last two days I have smelled my husbands shaving lotion when I walk into my house from outside. Just before he died….our wedding picture fell off onto the dresser …nothing to cause that I can figure out. My wedding ring broke just before his death…….he was telling me good bye and I knew he wouldn’t last long…….no one else believed me but I knew. I had run home to get something to eat when my daughter texted me I had better get back as dad was breathing hard….but he died before I got there. Our son had run home for something also and didn’t make it back before died. The hardest thing I am dealing with now is my daughter pulled away which I can not simply understand. I know all this has made me a much stronger person as I have had to learn so much since that happened……like driving again as my husband did all the driving up until the last year. Sorry this got so long but maybe it will help someone else thats dealing with a death.

  • Jen

    Thanks for this beautiful essay, it resonates deeply. I shared this poem today with several friends who are now grieving and thought it might help some of your readers~ Blessings, Jen Reich

    A Different Light

    One moment you were here with me
    And I could hold your hand
    Now your memory is all I see
    And it’s hard to understand-
    Yet in my darkest hours
    When I’m lost within my pain
    Through you I find the power
    To greet this world again-
    So I’m grateful for the life we shared
    And though it seemed too brief
    Your presence is still here with me
    To love me through my grief~

    Jen Reich
    Flagstaff, AZ 9-1-12

  • Linda Majaya

    Hi Colette,

    I transformed my view of Robin’s passing in this way. He saw that Lauren Bacall would be leaving soon and he left early so that he could get the door for her, and probably welcome her.

  • Dame Rev Rio Rose

    Blessings Colette,
    Thank you for this blog, I too have had many people coming to me recently both from this side (having experienced friends committing suicide) as well as those who have passed and know they will ‘be heard’ by those of us who hear them.
    As you stated, it can be challenging for all, however the bottom line is that we all have choice, even though people may not condone or agree with that choice, one of the benefits of being on Planet Earth is the expression of free will.
    I just wrote a blog today, of my experience with Robin when I was age 19, as well as my own struggles, and overcoming them at age 17. The path I chose was my path, the path Robin chose was his. I bless ALL paths…. And send ALL of us Love!
    Thank you Colette, for your loving heart, your guidance through your work and readings, and for teaching from your soul. You are a benefit on this planet, and I look forward to meeting you one day and talking about all the stuff we’ve done, since our last life together.
    Peace, Light and Love! Dame Rev Rio

  • Sue

    Yes..each August I have difficulty but realize this..and know that it will pass. .in turn I am having big life changes going on. .I feel my difference in attitude toward my neat told me to pay attention to the fine print. Facial and slight actions. This whole county feels the enormous amount of death this year here..more than ever and my thoughts have been just what you went over.i feel the best I ever have in where I am now and going toward.
    Thank you for everything you do…Sue

  • Julia

    Thank you so much Colette – I’m new to your website (although I have 2 of your amazing oracle card decks). There has definitely been a wave or cluster of deaths going on at the moment in my life (and also my 2 young adult sons’ lives). The huge message for me (and my sons) is to cherish and love those close to us, appreciate who and what we have in this amazing, evolving and beautiful world that we live in and, as you say, don’t put off that phone call (so easy to do in our crazy hectic lives). I lost a friend recently and am so glad I chose to call her one evening, neither of us knowing that it was to be her last. I put off calling my brother who lives in Canada 2 weeks ago, because I was busy. In the meantime, he had a minor heart attack. He had a major one 7 years ago. Thankfully he is now back home and doing well. I’m just so grateful that we have the resources (Skype, Internet, messaging) to be able to have close contact with each other.

    This is an incredible time that we are living in and I feel very blessed to be a part of it all.

    Thank you for your inspirational words.


  • Joyce

    Hi Colette
    Is all I can say is wow, it’s amazing when we listen to sprit and then to find out in your heart that your really not alone.
    Thank you so much

  • Amy Martin

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. It couldn’t of happened at a better time for myself. I’ve been grieving over the passing of my mom who died of cancer on July 9th of this past summer. We just found out she had cancer on May 3rd when she was suddenly rushed to the hospital. This all came so fast to our family. My mom and dad as well as my older sister live in Kansas, and I have a twin sister who lives near me in Long Beach California. It was so difficult for us to understand and accept that my mom was actually dying.

    We did all we could to try to save her. We flew back and forth from Kansas to CA to attempt to help in all ways that we knew how. Until we got that final call that my mom was moved to a hospice in Kansas City and she actually only had days to live not years. It was devastating to us, and still so hard to believe. Both my twin sister and I were able to stay the night over with my mom the morning she passed. I actually felt her spirit leave at 4am, when I woke up suddenly. I felt it happen, and I have never felt anything like this before. I also, felt my grandma there as well, to help with my mom’s transition to the next world, and felt that my mom had waited for the right time to pass. She must of felt safe to pass because both my sister and I were there for her. We were both very close to our mom, she was my best friend as well as my mother. I remember this night so clearly, and it was so real and unreal at the same time. For the first time in my life, and I’m now 38 years old, I felt the spirits in a different plane. I know now there is life after death.

    However, even knowing and experiencing all of this, I am unable to communicate with my mom. I can’t help to want to speak with her. I know she is in a good place, but I have a hard time not being able to hear her voice and laughter. I still talk with her, knowing she can most likely hear me. But I don’t know if I’ll have peace without being able to somehow connect with her on the other side. I guess this is part of the grieving process.

    Your blog, is so helpful for me and I’m sure to others reading this because it once again reminds me and that there really is life after death. You are absolutely correct when you say we will miss them because they are no longer hear, and yet their spirit lives on. I know that my mom is angel in the other life as she was in this human life. It’s only natural for us to sometimes forget, because we do miss them and love them so much. We just want them back in this world, and I’m sure there will never be a day that we would feel different even after the acceptance of their death.

    What helps me now to move forward is to know that my mom’s spirit also lives inside me, and therefore she will always be alive. I do hope that one day soon, I will be able to communicate with her, perhaps in a dream or if she is able to visit me. Who knows what is truly possible until it actually happens. In the meantime I will keep myself open, and love my mom as much as I loved her when she was alive. I will also remind myself as you reminded us in this blog not to take other love ones for granted, and to give all of our love to them. This is a very important lesson for all us to remind ourselves that we must not let our busy lives get in the way of sharing loving and important moments with the good friends and family that are still with us in this human world.

    Thank you Colette and God Bless!

  • Nathalie

    This year has been touched by death, but none of my loved ones. I am thankful for that. One died of cancer — it was the most beautiful act of loving that i have ever seen. Robin Williams death saddened me, but did not surprise me. I feel for those he left behind. I prayed that angels reach them, so that they may learn & heal. 9 years ago, I lost a friend to suicide — in his last breath, he gave me my first. It was not what I would have wanted and yet I cannot thank you enough for the gift that he gave me.

    When I posted a prayer for Robbin Williams, a friend of mine attacked me on Facebook saying that there is no such thing as spirit and that I should look elsewhere for explanation. it bothered me for days. “Having an opinion is just an excuse not to look into the dark void ourselves.” Thank you I needed to be reminded of that.

    Love & Light,


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      BIG BIG HUG dear Nathalie thanx for posting… anyone who says there is no such thing as spirit are blind in the saddest way.

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