Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him!!

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Son-na-ma Beetch, its-a-really him! ( thoughts on why “surrendering to Spirit’s plan” yields astounding results, even though they aren’t what you set out for.)

Hey there precious sparkly member of my tribe,

This morning I am craving constancy, grounding, familiarity and connection. I am setting out to sell my house and move closer to NYC.
I think you know like I know that certainty these days must come from within if it isn’t present in conditions.

So, I admit I am craving some semblance of control even though I get I only have it over my response to life especially now that I feel like I threw myself willingly on the first car of a roller-coaster!
Did I ever tell you how I throw up on rides?

There is little certainty in my world and moving freaks me out more than anything although we do it every three years like clockwork. I am a little Cancer crabby girl who needs to know where her home is at all times thank you very much.

I believe 1000% that Spirit has a real estate plan for me. I always am steered to the perfect house in the perfect timing. Have you ever had that feeling? Even under duress, things work out exactly the way they are supposed to and I am always in awe of that.

I just want it to happen the way I want it to. Does that make sense to you?

“Dear God, I turn my will and my life over to you. I trust you have a plan for me. Please make the perfect house come today by 3pm. Thy will be done amen.”  HA!

Here’s what happened.

The realtor I had been chatting with had a death in his family and so he replaced himself with another realtor – a wonderful woman who committed herself to help us find a rental. She too had a recent death in her family.

Hmmmm….Spirit’s plot thickens.

She was lovely and did not pry at all when I skirted the issue of what I exactly do for a living. After seeing so many homes that were so-so and so not right for us, I needed to go to the restroom. I sat down and asked Spirit to send me a sign!

Here I am sitting down on the “throne” and all of a sudden I get the strongest sense of an electrician in overalls in the bathroom with me telling me he wants to talk to his sister. Um… spirit folks – timing and privacy please?

So, back in the car, wondering if I was completely off base and trying to swat the spirit away like one does with flies (don’t bother), I am finally overwhelmed with the need to tell our unsuspecting passenger about her brother. Hmmmm… opening up a conversation like this, is always a delicate one.

To make a long story short and without revealing all the sensitive details here’s how it went:

The electrician, with a lot of issues (I always get those) comes through in disjointed yet self-sorting puzzle pieces.

Me to Realtor: Hi, was your brother an electrician, addict, alcoholic?

Realtor: Eye opened wide. “Yes he just passed away.

Me: In June, 11th? (yes, he really was that specific).

He says you need to remember talking about him by water? It’s really important you remember that. Do you need to do something with this?

Realtor: Omg, shock on her face, my brother died on June 9th and was cremated on the 11th and he specifically asked us to cast his ashes in the sea!

Me: You guys haven’t released the ashes though have you?

Realtor: Eyes widening and throat constricting to let out a tiny “no”.

Me: You guys need to release the ashes-so you can release the guilt and cast it out to sea. He is at peace and happy.”

Realtor: OMG yes we all felt so guilty especially my mom.

Me: He wants me to tell you “I’m so not in hell!!” Tell… Rose, nope, rose, roses, ROSARY?  I see an old Catholic woman?

Realtor (in shock): yes my grandmother always said he was going to hell and she says her rosary for him constantly.

And so it went all afternoon, as more and more was revealed for her, I realized this trip sent me for this woman and her family and not at all about houses.

The day ended and it was time to say goodbye, and yet again I needed to go to the restroom so dropping off our shocked and curious realtor at her office I followed her in to use her facilities.

“One last thing”, I said. He shows me images of her crying over a bicycle he refused to help her build when she was little. “He says he’s sorry he did that”.

I tell her he wants me to tell her—“Now do you believe it’s really me? Talk to Ma, tell her I said she was an awesome mother, she did not make me this way, you guys need to let go the guilt!”

I didn’t sleep all night and the next day our realtor revealed she had spoken to her Italian mother about it all. They had been consumed by guilt and could not let go of the ashes.

She relayed all of the messages and told me her mother cried her eyes out and was so relieved and now they both knew it was ok to let the ashes go.

The one thing, the thing that made the mother completely know it was indeed her son was this – it was the last message about the bicycle. That message was indeed the icing on Spirit’s cake to really hone down and give the message that would seal the deal.

She apparently blurted out, amazed in her thick Italian accent…

“SON-NA-MA BEETCH, its-a-really him!”

Apparently, they had found peace and the family was now making plans to release the ashes.

So …the moral of this story is this. You and I may plan what our day is going to be like, plan our goals, take actions towards them but Spirit/ God/ The Dude/ Quantum Fred or whatever name you call the Divine Intelligence that breathes Life, Consciousness, and Love into every atom and in between, has the real plan.

We just need to trust and show up, then trust again when something we wanted doesn’t happen in our timetable. Something better just under our noses just might—if we stay open and allow Spirit to move us.

Stay tuned for more adventures of moi. Things are getting interesting.
Love you always and forever!

Love Colette XO




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  • Sheri-Lynne

    What a beautiful story, Colette! Thank you for sharing (and bringing a few tears to my eyes).

    I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving our area, but I’m sure you will find the perfect home very soon.

    Thinking easy, peaceful, real estate thoughts for you!

  • Donna Paris

    I am looking forward to the week after watching your weekly reading! And by the way, you look absolutely marvelous in that beautiful color!!!!!
    Light & Love & Blessings

  • Barb Parcells

    Loved the blog this week (I love all of them, actually)! I am trying to manifest a new home in the little town I had to leave 15 years ago for financial reasons. Now I am retired and trying to find my forever home in the place where I was so happy for the first time in my life all those years ago. Maybe spirit has another plan for me but I sincerely hope not. In the meantime I am staying open to the messages as best I can. The reading for this week certainly ties in as my transformation from my old life into my new life as a retired person definitely includes letting go of what no longer serves me and being open to what I can be. This is turning into quite the adventure. I will be curious to know how you make out on your house hunting and I will let you how I am doing with mine! Love, hugs and blessings!

  • Carole

    Have to love your story and laughed when you mentioned you were a Cancerian, but of course no wonder I liked you without even meeting you, yep you guessed it I’m a Cancerian and your story reads like mine at times, when you think you are doing one thing you get hijacked to do the Universes bidding, I just love it! Always love your card readings!

  • Marlene D. Botts

    I love it……i wish my parents would talk to me. My mother did twice. But i couldnt ask any questions. Thank you so very much. I do the cards everyday..

  • Samantha Alexander

    Thank you for sharing Colette. I will remember this blog for a while.

  • Teresa Mooney

    Great story!

  • Lynn


    I wish you all the best finding the perfect place for the next 3 years…

    I am creating a business around helping homeowners to “let go” and move on from a home that no longer fit’s. I am happy to share a meditation I created to help manifest the home of your dreams…although I hardly doubt you will have any trouble doing this yourself 🙂

    You can download it directly from my site at On the homepage to the right of my video there is a box labeled “Trouble downloading audio files”. Click this and plug in the password – gogohouse. It is meditation #4.


    Big Hugs,

  • Irene

    wow, i enjoyed reading that! haha! I can only imagine what the lady was thinking if she doesn’t know this “world” like we do! But on a serious note, that was such a gorgeous story you shared and you gave a gift to this family and your house will come, the perfect house and very quickly is what I’m thinking because you moved out of your own way to let Spirit lead and Spirit knows what you need and when. And on this day, Spirit needed your help to help this family. You are so cool Colette!

    Regarding the weekly forecast, yup, speaks to me for sure. After the breakup last week, I really understand this guidance and I am pleased to report that the heartache was a huge catalyst to get me moving on my book and get it done! I was wasting too much time in upset and not writing and I am excited about my new beginning. Spirit and you are literally guiding my life in such small and such HUGE ways, it’s all so specific when you pull cards and speak your thoughts out loud. It’s so fascinating as I have attuned myself so deeply to Spirit over the years, it’s like Spirit is there everyday showing me the way, sending me miracles , helping me and sending me the right people, like you Colette, to assist me. We are like soul sisters Colette. Good luck with the house, keep us posted and I just adore you!

    • Diana Boles

      I’m so glad for you! You sound so much better this week!

      • Irene

        yes, thank you. I am definitely better. Last week was rough. But the weekend brought my little precious daughter home from NYC for the weekend and that was a great gift to my heart as she moved 2 months ago and with her moving, relationship ending, and my puppy Romeo no longer in my life, it was tough on the emotions. I have moments I am sad because it hurts to be treated in such a careless, thoughtless manner, by a man I loved for 3 years, built memories, had such highs, and of course lows, but there was so much joy as well and literally one week has passed, and he has not gotten in his car to drive to me to face me face to face, to care about what happened and to end with decency. It’s stunning but also telling about exactly how little I meant to him. He has called a few times, does not leave a message, but I don’t answer. What’s left to say. I don’t want him back. I am aiming for higher aspirations for myself, a man with integrity who cares about my feelings, my heart, and my book! I have grown so much through it all and am a better, stronger woman for knowing him and experiencing what we did. But in the end, he doesn’t really give a damn about me, and his being a no show only proves this loud and clear. Thank you for caring Diana! I think each week will get easier as I keep letting him go and our Romeo and focus on my book and myself and when I am ready , I will put myself out there again to meet the real love that I know is going to come into my life. God Bless You Diana for caring about a total stranger as we are all connected to the great big whole. Please Pray for him, he has such a good side, he just is too afraid to grow up.

  • Ursula

    I have been fretting and desperately gripping to the following phrase “I want everything my way now and I want it on my timetable.” I read your blog and saw myself in your story. I have moved every 2 years and it’s making me nuts! I am moving again and I don’t know where to, I do know what I need and so does spirit. I am in the same career as you and I forget to allow, ask and let go. Thank you for the reminder and thanks to spirit for encouraging me to read your blog. Divine timing is everything.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey Ursula.. I remember you from years ago in Toronto! Yep Spirit is our boss and decides where we go – it’s both a perk and a curse in our field. I never let anything go that doesn’t first have my claw marks all over it. sigh.

  • Christel Schindler

    “I just want it to happen the way I want it to. Does that make sense to you?”

    It makes perfect sense to me. I think that all the time.

    Hugs, loved the story. 🙂

  • Diane Market Gaston

    Holy flippin cow!

  • Raewyn Ireland

    I just love this!!! Thanks for sharing this story Colette. They found me the perfect house too after falling in love with one that was lost..soone after, once BIG loose ends were tied up in my life, the much better PERFECT HOME came on the market after having been taken off for several months…orchestrated..definitely meant to be…but ONLY when the timing was right 🙂 Good on them eh..just as well THEY know what they’re doing lol..we just need to be patient, trust and hand it over. xo. Happy house hunting.

  • jeanette

    Thanks for that Colette, it really made my day, and cry as well but you know thats good too..
    Serependipity hehe..
    I like that you are so connected to your guides 😉

    I hope your move to NYC goes well..maybe the realtor will come back to you with the most perfect home!! (maybe you should’ve asked the electrician lol 😉

    Reminds me of a time before my gran died, she got a ‘visit’ from my dead grandad, it freaked her out..he’d been gone 30 odd years, he asked why she’d rearranged the furniture etc etc!
    I laughed and said” You should’ve given him the hoover (vacuum cleaner) and told him to get on with it..” (He’d always done the housework when he was alive lol)
    She laughed and said I knew you’d have an answer you daft beggar! She wouldn’t tell anyone in case they thought she’d lost the plot! haha

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this made me laugh so so hard OMG hilarious! Thanx for sharing

      • Christel Schindler

        Nice to see that you read our comments. You’re the best Colette. 🙂

  • Janis

    Come to Huntington, Long Island. Artsy, gorgeous, please!!! I have an awesome realtor, moving there myself soon. Hope to see you in Rhinebeck.

  • Diana Boles

    Candles are glowing, toots! With spirits contacting you all the time, I’m sure Quantum Fred will mosey a MOVEment in your direction! Even if it doesn’t happen until 5:00 pm — HA! Prayers abound

  • Carina

    Quantum Fred…I LOVE IT 😀 Thank you Colette for your inspiring videos and writings. You have such an energy and I always feel so refreshed by your readings. Your story really shows that we just have to trust that feeling, keep our ears open and that through us very much help is reaching to the ones who need it.

    Much Love

  • Petra

    Dear Collette,
    Thank you for daring to tell your story every week, every day. I currently am reading and trying to apply Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly. It’s about shame resilience and what she calls living whole heartedly. You seems to apply Dr. Brown’s concepts naturally. I am struggling right now. As the cards talked about this week, letting go of stories that don’t work. Mine is to take care of all of those around me (so I can stay safe) and my needs sit on the back burner (simmering with resentment at this point). Now I am 50, burned out emotionally and physically, and still wanting to develop my dream of a Caregiver Resource Center. It remains my passion. Your cards and weekly readings help me. Thank You,
    P.S. I lived in NYC (70th and Amsterdam) as well as Chappaqua for a while. Check out Chappaqua, Pleasantville, Mt. Kisco, Armonk area. It’s very pretty and about an hour from the city.

  • Cristol

    Thank you so much for this important reminder! I often try to side step the more important synchronistic moments that the universe places on my path each day. What a wonderful reminder that we are so loved that we are truly always in the right place at the right time for what ever lesson or contribution would best serve us at that moment. Your post has given me a gentle nudge to act on those moments when spirit speaks to me instead of letting my own agenda and beliefs run my day. Perfect timing for all of us struggling with forms of transition at the moment 🙂 I’m sure the home you find will contribute to you above and beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Laura Hilliard Brady

    Hi sparkling Collete,

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous storey, of course Spirit speaks through you with such a fun loving heart and willing to share it with the world.
    I adore your weekly news and look forward to the magic greeting aswell as the message. I too have my beautiful house for sale and possibly making the move from Ireland to Arizona. I am letting Spirit touch and my heart guide me all the way.
    Warm snug regards,
    Laura ♡

  • Paula M Jones

    I have always have what I call great “real estate karma” because the right house always shows up for me – or for the people around me. Last year, after months of looking, a house that I’ve been picturing in my head for most of my adult life appeared. It appeared just as we had let go of the notion of finding it – assuming the time for that house just wasn’t right yet and we’d have to go with an interim house. Great real estate karma strikes again!

    I believe I am able to “lend” others my real estate karma, too, so feel free to use it!

  • Kathleen

    Thank you Collete! Love reading your stuff! Your writing style is very entertaining! Have a blast moving!

  • evelyne

    omg!!! how amazing is that….just love these stories of the afterlife and how wonderful it is that you have this gift and that you share it with us….you are such a blessing and a hoot!!! love your humor which we all need in the midst of our crazy lives…wish i could come to your show in toronto but am in florida going through a major change in my life and your cards daily are helping me to make love based choices even though it doesn’t always feel like it…please pray for the best outcome for all of us involved in this change….only want the best and love for all….

  • Joan Manning

    Thank you so much for sharing! You are really teaching me how to open up to my intuition through your class and your blog. Just love your weekly energy readings, thank you so much for sharing you gifts with all of your Tribe! Sending you much love and light!! Joan

  • Renee Sugar

    Seems you were in just the right place at the right time to nurture someone’s spiritual growth whether that was “your plan” or not. Man plans, G-d laughs.
    Have no doubt that just the right place will be “revealed” at the right moment.
    I have not always lived the conventional road; as a creative soul; sometimes walking into
    a door has been a life transformative step.
    I recall after my home was flooded; and I was living out of a suitcase on wheels staying in a variety of guest suites, not “knowing” where I was going to live. I raced around looking at as many apartments as I could, and as it turned out; the one I rented was in the process of being renovated with a brand new kitchen, and some of my furniture was placed in the unit for safety. I visited to get a change of clothes and there were two people in the apartment which surprised me. Turned out one of them was the owner of the unit who was in town with her painter to do some work. She lived in another city, and it was rare for her to be there. I introduced myself, and shared some of the details of my story. She was looking to rent the unit as it had been empty for several years. I took her telephone number; and I did rent that space. It was adjacent to the one I had to leave which really made moving everything so much easier; no packing required. Source did provide just the right thing. What I needed to learn which was the most difficult part for me; is there is a solution; which I am not able to see; and because moving is so unsettling; and shakes up the “status quo”; we want to have a guarantee. TRUST, BELIEVE, LET GO. “What I desire that is aligned with spirit is on its way. I anticipate its deliverance, sychronicities, clues and opportunities.” As a dear old friend would say; “Whatever is meant for you; will not go by you”.

  • Janet

    Dearest Collette,
    Thank you so much for all you share with your tribe! This is a beautiful and moving story, and a great reminder of forgetting our well laid plans and following Spirit.

  • sam

    I love stories like that. So glad you trusted your intuition!

  • Deborah

    That was an amazing share! I love it. And a good message for me today as I got the ‘disruption’ card today. And don’t ya know a whoop up of a text message came through throwing me off my game plan….
    I also got the cards Love and The Serpent.
    Things are definately getting interesting.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there.. there is our plan then Spirit’s plan. Mine is never as good even though I want what I want when I want it. Disruption clears the way for much better things, although remember when there were no texts? Things were quieter back then lololol.

  • Candace Neumeier

    What a beautiful story! I have a question for you. I have a niece who is twenty and has suffered from anxiety since she was young. She sees spirits, communicates with them, and feels what they feel. She is very afraid. My brother, her step-dad, didn’t believe her until she did her first and unbelievable reading for him. She contacted my cousin who was very close to my brother. He was blown away. He is now a true believer. The spirits follow her. I am sure that you understand. They just had to have their house cleared because of all of the spirits in the basement where her bedroom is. She won’t sleep down there. There was also something evil in the basement. The spirits actually used the answering machine upstairs to talk with her. Where does she go to get help in managing this gift? She needs to learn how to protect herself and not to be afraid. It just seems that you hear of more and more individuals with this gift and there don’t seem to be any classes to help. They live near Madison, WI. I could use some advice. Thank you!

    • Jolyn Nebeker

      You and your niece should read some books written by Sylvia Browne. She taught that you ask God not to give more than can be handled. And use the white light to surround and protect you and also imagine mirrors around you reflecting out to keep away unwanted negativity. I went on a spiritual cruise with Colette’s and Sylvia. I enjoyed it immensely. Hope this helps and you can email me if you have any questions about what I just told you:
      God bless, Jolyn

  • T Stroh

    I swear the whole frigging world is looking for the perfect place to live, I am looking and not finding anything and getting more frustrated by the day. so much is up in the air right now I just told Spirit to take it all as it was making me crazy! Now of course I wake up every day with “OK is it time yet? I’m aging here, what is going on up there? Really not yet?”
    Hopefully you find your perfect place and so do I but I get the waiting is a total pain in the butt! Also the message thing is coming through me too like gang busters, what is up with all that anyway?!
    Love the blog and the class still going over the lessons and learn something new every time!

  • Sonja

    Oh this was just the best blog! How awesome for the family to find peace.
    And thanks for the reminder in trusting the flow.
    You, my lady, are one of life’s gems!
    Thanks again from all the way down here in Australia!

  • Bernie

    Your VBLOGS and the Daily Readings you provide are … so USUAL…. seriously. I base my 3 card reading on the card you pull for the day. I am beyond feeling surprised, it’s synchronicity at its best. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Oracle Cards with us. You truly are an amazing woman.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Laughter is the best medicine, LOVEd it! Something miraculous happened when I did a reading yesterday – just finished a semester at school – so, I ask “what deck” out of the four or “which cards” fanning over the set laid out I picked one and ok’d it letting the reasoning seep in, then I ask again fanning my cursor along the set and I see a spark of green and gold coming off a card as I fan the cursor toward the other end – I never had the happen before, first time “yikes” – so I go back to pick it. What did you think? The Lady of Lightening, that’s right. What an experience … just goes to show how Spirit gets our attention (by the way I include the father, mother, sister, and brother in this mix since I am tired of fearing “God” and Dude-Fred is still patriarchal and I am making God/Spirit/Holy Ghost a way of describing [in one word/title/name] all anyone or I need which is the mix – family energy [cool and collective]) . I cannot be, physically, where your shows are however I also am very grateful what you have brought to the table here to share with all of us – we need you. Thanks so much, Ms. Colette, LOVE, Family and Career Blessings : ) Waiting to hear about your adventures …

  • Marguerite J

    Perfect timing (as usual) for me to read this story! I’ve been having some doubts that the Divine Spirit is really hearing me. This story helps bring back that spark of hope that says “Yes, Marguerite, Divine Spirit really does hear you”. I just need to stay alert for the messages being sent my way, it will only be a matter of time for the perfect message to be delivered to me at the perfect moment.

    Thank you so much for your inspirational and uplifting words 🙂

    On a selfish note, I’m thrilled to hear that you are moving closer to NYC, which is closer to me in Michigan. Would love to meet you in person one day!

  • Margaret

    Dear Colette
    What an amazing story a good lesson on trusting and acting upon your instincts and obviously ur gifts and talents are a little more than the average person lol also the best laid plans! Hope you manage to get something soon for yourself xx

  • Satya

    As usual, Colette, great blog, and thank you for sharing that story! I am so used to Spirit ‘diverting’ me to different people, situations and locations that I just expect it as par for the course, now. Any time I go out I may have a loose framework in mind, and then just go with the flow that comes…

    The cards for this week are so ON as to some of the issues I’m dealing with presently – evaluating which beliefs are truly mine, which are from ‘other’, and which from either source are erroneous and need to be discarded. Rewriting who I thought I was…learned some enlightening things about myself this past year, and have been going through a serious period of transformation where it feels sometimes that it is all I can do to keep my head above water!

    I am Cancerian like you, and not feeling the most comfortable in my present home is quite unsettling. I know that a move is coming – have known that for years! – but the when, how, and where to haven’t been made clear yet. I know that we both will be led to the perfect home/location for us, at the right time…

  • Gina

    Colette, you certainly rocked our world this weekend. My mom wants to make you a big Italian dinner to thank you for the precious gift you gave us….that’s how we Italians roll! 🙂 Real Estate is never boring, as long as there are people like you in the world. Thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      GINA !!!! So happy to see you here. Spirit rocks and I am all in for some of your mom’s cooking !! I “hear” it’s awesome xooxxo

  • Madina

    Colette, thank you so much for this! I loved the story and the moral behind it! Thank you for sharing it with us all and for your love too. 🙂

  • Ann

    “Stumbled upon” this article this morning. Perfect, story of my life too 🙂 One of my favorite prayers, “Dear God, thy will be done and please make me love it!!” Rock on angel sister!

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