All You Need to Do Is Ask (or why Spirit rocks as a manifesting partner)

. VLOG . BLOG Dearest Sparkle Being of Fabulosity, Have you ever asked for a sign from Spirit and got […]

It’s Gratitude Time!

. VLOG . BLOG-Gratitude List Dearest Sparkle Being- It’s Gratitude Time!, I saw this great post floating around Facebook recently […]

Accountability, Courage and the Price of Your Freedom

. UNIVERSAL ENERGIES FOR THE WEEK OF SEPT. 15TH . . BLOG Dearest Sparkly One, I’m learning a lot lately […]

A Moment of Truth- A Lifetime of Freedom – It’s a Brave New World

VLOG . BLOG   Dearest Sparkle Being, I write in this moment thinking about the past few days and how […]

Spirit Messengers Wear Mechanic Uniforms. (Or, what happens when you ask for a sign about belonging, being and the importance of connection)

VLOG . BLOG Dearest you, I’m away from home and visiting the city of my origins and feeling nostalgic and […]

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