Spirit Messengers Wear Mechanic Uniforms. (Or, what happens when you ask for a sign about belonging, being and the importance of connection)!

Updated: September 1, 2014




Dearest you,

I’m away from home and visiting the city of my origins and feeling nostalgic and so much change is going on in my life that I’m not sure where I fit in these days. Again, the unknown is more and more what shows up in front of me and I find the orientation exhilarating in moments then just dang confusing in others!

Lately I’ve been praying for a sign to show me where I belong, not just inside but outside my skin, now that we’re also considering moving again.
Toronto isn’t home anymore even though opportunities have guided me back here.
It’s a beautiful city but coming back isn’t in the cards yet.
Plus, so many memories flood me as soon as I arrive, it’s hard to sort them all out.

Has that happened to you? What was it like for you going back to the place where you were born, went to school, had your first kiss, your first heartbreak, experienced your first death, back to places that hold lots of charge around your past? Do you hear the echo of your old life?

Bittersweet memories along with the joyful ones call to me here in my old hometown.

Most of you know I’m here to shoot my TV show Messages from Spirit, which has brought up a lot of “stuff” around my memories here. I’m coming out in a big way!

I remember when I was beginning to do readings, at my father’s funeral I was asked by one of his former partners what I did for a living and my mother interrupted the conversation to say loudly “She’s in marketing!”

You just didn’t do what I was doing in polite society, especially with all that went into my private school education, Switzerland and law school (sort of) that was to ensure I turned out “appropriate”.

A year later just a few months before my mom was diagnosed with fatal brain cancer a woman came into the store where she was working and told her a profound story of an intuitive she had just seen that she thought was amazing. My mother loved going to psychics (she just didn’t raise her daughter to be one) so she asked her friend for the name and number.
When she saw what was written she exclaimed: “Oh My God that’s my daughter!” After that she was proud. Maybe it was because the woman who told her about me was well off, and well respected?

I wonder how many of us struggle with being accepted for who we are even if we are different? I know it’s up to us to accept ourselves but regardless we are social creatures and the need for belonging is strong in all of us. In my case I had to hold strong in the integrity of the truth of who I was although it wasn’t easy.

Yet, at the end of the day, there’s so much more to it all than that.

I was sitting on the coach in the small apartment we’re staying in for the duration of the month thinking about all of this. My husband had called down to see if there might be a small desk for his make shift office while we are here.

Normally my dogs go koo koo and bark their little heads off if a stranger enters our presence.

A tall man with a striking presence came in to bring us the desk and lingered for a moment. I noticed how Beanie sat beside me so still looking at him and Sebastian just sat up watching him with soft curiosity – totally out of character for both of them.
He was about to leave and I knew I had to say something so I said “ You have such great energy, you must be very kind, my dogs never act like this with a strange man.”

He looked at me with a pensive kind of clarity and said: “Thank you for saying that. I’m not just a mechanic- I’m more than that. I’m an intrinsic part of the universe and I try every day to live as if that was all that matters- this connection we all have.”
Then he asked if he could recite a poem!
It was beautiful – about magic and being happy and the perspective of being a bird above it all.

Spirit answered my request for a message via the hotel engineer- poet- spirit messenger –incognito!

It was exactly what I needed to here. Isn’t that all that counts?
What we do for a living, whether we feel at times dispossessed, misunderstood, fighting against the grain of social agendas, or successful and shining at the top of our game- nothing is as important than this.

It really hit me as I had goose bumps moving up and down my arms.
Maybe the real truth of belonging, being in community, and being a part of something that has meaning is really simple.

Maybe that’s the most important piece of the puzzle. Imagine what would change if each of us would remember that being an “intrinsic part of the Universe, connected to all of life through Divine Consciousness” is the way to find home and to know we belong?

What if I hadn’t talked to him?
I would have missed Spirit’s magical messenger who came knocking in the guise of a hotel mechanic.

So may we all pay attention, stay present, stay connected, and soar above it all, no matter how we struggle with labels and places, memories and ambitions.
This is all that counts.

O and when we ask for a sign- expect it to be delivered in surprising and profound ways.
Well Toronto – Things are getting very interesting already and I just got here!

Love you always and forever.
Because I want to!
Love Colette XO

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  • Amber

    Thank you =) <3

    • Lamoine

      Thank you. I guess we all needed that and thank you for sharing your message. I guess some of us got one also. L

    • Inger May

      Tusen takk 🙂

    • Julia

      wow… *shivers* This is exactly where I am at right now. Recently was guided back to my home town… a place I swore I would never return to… & was overwhelmed by the amazing welcome I recieved from old friends not seen in nearly 20 years & family.
      I had been searching for my place of belonging… & while I never felt that particular city was my ‘home’, I am guided back there to the community that embraced me, accepted me & have shown unexpected immense support for me & my ‘career’ (as an Artist… which even my own Mother has never really shown a great support for. lol).
      I am planning to move back up as soon as possible & have been pondering whether it is the right move. haha… you have become MY spirit messenger today Colette… thank you xxx

  • Brenda Watt

    Dear Wonderful Colette,

    Every one of your messages has either contained something for me to think about, or seems to be directly to me. Your message today was something to which I can relate.

    I am in the process of moving back to Huntsville, Texas, where I grew up. My 84 year old mom has a glioblastoma multiforme and I’m going to attempt to take care of her. It is a move that is filled with so many conflicting emotions and memories, both good and bad; exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Having never fit in during my childhood there, I have, however, grown to love and accept myself for who I am during my almost 40 years in Houston and feel I’ll be able to handle anything that comes my way. Somehow I know this move is right and there is a reason, but if it turns out to be absolutely the worst possible place for me, it’s comforting to know that the option to move again is in the not too distant future.

    Hopefully, your sign as to where you need to relocate will arrive soon. I wish you well on your journey and thank you for all of your remarkable thoughts, words, and deeds!



  • Reply

    Thank you Colette for your constant words of wisdom and enlightenment. I struggle at times with being in a profession that I feel is ahead of its time in this location in Australia. I am beaming with boundless knowledge about medicine and the structures of the human soul. I thrive on helping others to overcome patterns that hold them back physically, mentally, and emotionally. I struggle to make a living and hold on tightly to the original message/agreement with spirit to create a free clinic to help others with chronic medical conditions and to teach others about the joys of meditation and its benefits to the human race. I find your daily cards so accurate and they help to keep me on my path to fulfil my agreement with the universe. Thank you again for your time and wisdom! Yours sincerely in love and light, Cindy Turnbow Medical Intuitive

  • Gayle

    Thank you Colette.
    Such a simple message and yet it resonated strongly throughout my body. I will remember that belonging means belonging to the universe and that surely is everything. <3
    Sparkly rainbow blessings to you and yours

  • mimi Duffy

    Sending you visions of success…I am so happy for you and wish I could join you. I love your oracle cards and visit them each morning as i enjoy my coffee… I look forward to meeting you someday in person. You are doing great work!
    I have had an interesting series of events over the last years and am trying to be open to what the universe is trying to tell me…guide me towards…Take joy, Mimi

  • Michelle

    Thanks I felt I really needed to hear this. I am going through a time where a situation didn’t work out for me recently and I needed to decide what I was going to do next. I had decided to go back to school to finish a degree that I didn’t complete and didn’t want to go back to the same campus as I had a very bad experience there. This was about 4 years ago and when I decided to go back and since then so much of the program has changed. I felt now that the campus has a better policy and is much more tolerant since I was forced to leave previously. I also went to a campus a little further away that way I don’t have to deal with the same person who caused me trouble at the local campus where I am at. I still get that hesitant feeling of will this happen to me again and in some ways it was bitter sweet but it has turned in to sweetness for me now. In all aspects I am kind of glad I had to step out because emotionally I feel I can deal with the program so much better after having gaining experience from more schooling else where. I felt that I have grown emotionally and mentally and can now deal better with this program.

  • Jean

    I loved this, Colette. Most of what I love is your authenticity and truth-of-yourself when sharing. The message is great, and your Light is bright. I really appreciate you. 🙂

  • Carole

    Thank you for sharing your journey, like you I felt this way until I realized home is where the heart is and makes you feel amazing whilst you are there!
    Now it certainly isn’t the house I live in but the view out of my window…..the Ocean, it always revives my Spirit! I did have to laugh at the Mechanic as your deliverer of the message that we are all connected in some way! (I’m a Quantum Body Mechanic!)

  • Diana Boles

    So I walked in the woods setting a pace that would reconnect my spirit to THE SPIRIT-Great Mystery! First sign at my feet was a rock–a perfect pocket sized sign that was split in a perfect half. The top being of white quartz and the bottom of deep grey granite. Never saw one like is before. Message—two sides to every story. Prayers started booming! Spirit, you know me, you know I need a feather to help me read this omen. Finally, after a mile of blank ground, I told spirit that I would present the feather blessing to the secret altar the I have along this familiar path. One that so many people, strangers, walk past every day, and never see. As soon as those words were annunciated, I looked to the ground to find a Cardinal feather. The symbol of renewed vitality and recognition of self importance. To listen and pay attention. To assert myself and my feminine creativity. I quickly picked it up and walked the 30 paces more to my secret sacred space. I placed it and sang my prayer, smiled with the confirmation. All this happened so close to my altar, it was what was to be. And I was the side of the story needing to be heard. On I walked, aware and ecstatic. Just before I finished the 2 mile mark, I was given another cardinal feather. Both feathers were from the left wing of a cardinal—-second one in a lesser graduated size, but this one was meant for me to take home—as my reminder——of my importance. Be who you are, you were born to be different!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      as always… a joy to read your posts…ooxox

      • Diana Boles

        Wish I could join you in Toronto — ;~}

      • Diana Boles

        Wish I could make it to Toronto ;~}

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Beautiful colors and Light. Look … it ‘s little Seba! Happiness is … LOVE. Career and Family Blessings – Safety and Joy surrounding you. What is the worst that can happen? That we say goodbye to our earthy lives regretting we did not say “hello, how are you today, sir”? What is the worst that can happen? “Very well, I thank you”. Going Home is varied where sometimes it is accompanied by renewed energy and the sense of a stronger self or maybe gratitude for better or worse wondering what gift could one bestow on that what raised you to be so grateful in the first place. Spirit can travel and materials can and do change … Home is where your Heart is. Eloquence and sincerity affect those most open, amen. Thank you, so much for sharing. Waiting to hear more about mystic adventures. LOVE ~ Take your time, Colette, enjoy! You have folks rooting for your team. The card decks are ALL good cards because they open up the thought process to teach, comfort, positively reinforce creative resolve/solutions of our own making (decisions) – Being Open. Affirmation of the positive. A place for what is working, on the other hand, what needs mending. One of my favorite experiences was on the drive back home from where I live now – I saw this huge-wide rainbow of pastel colors and sparkles – I had to find the end expecting the pot of gold and the Lepercaun instead I wound up in the rainbow and LOVEd every sparkly second while it lasted I basked in its … spectrum of healing hue. Everyone’s journey is unique. Feel Blessed.

  • Patricia Campbell

    Dear Colette… what an inspiring ‘read!’ I love how you tell your truth… with a genuine and sensitive heart. I so remember ‘coming home’. I would be so excited and looked forward with great anticipation to see everyone again… until my car pulled off the highway to the exit closest to my family’s house in Niagara Falls, Ontario. And then a deep pain in my gut would flair up… and I ‘knew’ I made a mistake… I was afraid again. No matter how I wished it were different… it was so difficult to ‘accept’ my parent’s active alcoholism. I loved them so much but couldn’t take their behaviour when they drank.

    I now live in Mississauga (a ‘suburb of Toronto). I just turned 68 and have experienced tremendous upheaval in the last six years. It began with my husband’s death in 2008, and in 2010 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which required that I leave work immediately, undergo three separate surgeries over a one year period and early retirement. In 2012 my eldest son was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening illness, CADASIL, that causes strokes to the brain. He now resides in a long term care facility in Gravenhurst.

    Why am I telling you all this? I guess it’s because I connected deeply with everything that you wrote above… especially the part about ‘staying strong in the integrity of the truth of who you are.’ I’m still working on that :))) In my search for belonging, love and connection… I have come to learn that it is in remembering our ‘True Essence’ that we ‘know’ love and belonging… we are all one. We just have to help one another to remember this… especially when the clouds of change, loss, loneliness and confusion play havoc with our ‘vision.’

    I first saw you at the ‘I Can Do It’ conference with Hay House in 2009. At the time, your work, meditations and visualizations aligned with what I felt going on within me. I so enjoy your ‘blog’; I’ve purchased your latest book on weight release… but what I simply love the most… are your Oracle Cards, especially, ‘Wisdom of the Hidden Realms.

    You see… YOU were my Divine sign for today!

    With love… Patricia

    ps… I so wish there will come a time when you will consider doing personal readings again.

  • Amber M

    Thank you Colette, I know I needed to hear this. I feel I dont know where I belong or what to do lately….this blog is a nice switch in perspective or reminder of the calm that comes with knowing we are all connected

  • helen

    love you too ~ you are so fun xoxo 🙂

  • Lynn

    Such a beautiful & intriguing message. I especially loved the part about finding the most important piece of the puzzle. That if we could remember that we are all an extension of the Divine, connected like a string of lights and that we all have a unique place in the earthly plan…hmmm, what would life be like then?

  • Lena Doyle

    This article is so relevant to me it’s not even funny. I live in Oakville which is very close to Toronto. Last month I went to Portugal for a month long vacation. I was born in Portugal and my father still lives there with my stepmother. I hadn’t been back in 15 years. My dad is ill and I felt it was important to go. I had mixed feelings about going because I don’t have a relationship with him. Needles to say myself my husband and the three kids made the trip. We rented a condo because I wanted my space. I had a wonderful time connecting with my father and my stepmother and meeting allot of family members I had never met before. I also found out that being a Medium runs in the family. 🙂 Im back in Oakville now and thinking that in 2 years ill go back and visit the family again. I would never move back because Canada is my home. My intuition tells me that my daughter will probably end up living somewhere in Europe once she finishes University. She fell in love with the lifestyle, the architecture and history. Thank you for your article it made realize that this was an journey my spirit needed to make.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Colette! Your message today was something to which I can relate. That is the situation I’m living right now. I can’t go back to my country right now
    but I will like to move, and I am not sure where to go. Where I belong? Where is my destiny? Where is my success? Where is the place? Move is the answer? I’m scare that I take a wrong decision but at the same time I know I can’t stay like this no more. I hope I can find all the answers and do the best for me and my family.

  • anthony james bell

    Being a bird above it all. ? enoch thoth hermes. He is reminding you that your dwelling is above not below which is abundance. Their is no money in heaven. Helping others is the highest form of abundance.

  • Leeanne

    Hope to see You at the taping of your TV SHOW Colette , anticipating a seat to attend, oox

  • Renee Sugar

    ” Be yourself”, everyone else is taken. Oscar Wilde. THANK YOU Colette for everything.
    For this blog that always opens the door to a thoughtful shared perspective. (community)
    For the Oracle Cards that shed light in a profound and helpful way. For your new
    T.V. show. But most of all for inviting everyone to share, (optional of course) ideas
    experiences, a new perspective. I feel welcome, heard, understood and acknowledged.
    This is a very necessary part of being included. In this new technological maze where we
    might connect across the globe with total strangers; it asks for being selective about what we
    say. One comment could impact someone’s day; hopefully on a positive or uplifting note.
    SInce the loss of my former career focus; (laid off) 2011 it has been humbling, confusing,
    frightening and empowering to have another layer of the ego removed. Having lost
    both parents; a home after 13 years(flood) ; nearly my life due being struck by a vehicle;
    I ask WHAT’S LEFT. The “spirit”. Were it not for this presence that has somehow been
    with me throughout my life journey; I would not be here. In retrospect when I reflect on
    where I have been; people I have shared my life with; places I have visited; experiences that
    were the most transformative; were those that removed the “known” factor. When the outer
    being breaks; the inner being emerges. Emerson said ” We are a part of everything we have met”.
    We are all an integral part of the whole. Irreplaceable; unconditionally loved; and valued for our
    unique gifts and talents. The rich part of life is “experiencing”. It isn’t limited to any connection to
    our past. It is open and expansive; and full of potential. If we can remember this; then “who knows”
    where we might travel next??? Take heart in “not knowing”. XOXO

  • Belinda Allen

    Thank YoU, Colette! You think you so wonderful for who you are and everything you do for humanity! I really needed to hear the message this week….knowing that I have to be a bit more patient to harvest the seeds I planted to so long ago, somehow it made me feel better to know that I was not the only one (teehee) Going back to school at age a 55 to learn a new craft and then to run into one road block after another. I need my hands to work and a sweat gland dis=order caused me to put everything on hold…..Sheesh, so spirit said to read a lot. Your Oracle cards ( I want them all) have helped tremendously also, letting me know when I am being naughty and obsessing about things, they also warned me about some legal issues in regards to my home=based business (Foot Zoning & Chakra Bal.) So….long story short, the silver lining in the grey cloud was, that I have so much more to learn and grow in order to help others more fully as a healer. I am want to learn Reiki Healing (I can heal myself!) I am looking a moving in Dec. when my lease is up, cuz I can not get a city license the way things are ….now I can see where this has been all going….it will be better than I even imagined! I will have more to offer others and myself. Enjoy your new adventure, Colette …….I am looking forward to mine!
    Blessings to you and yours ~

  • Sara

    Dearest Colette,

    Some 22 years ago I found myself fleeing an abusive relationship with kids in tow! I ended up in Phoenix! I knew no one here…had zero contacts and was forced to “survive”. For the next 12 years I dragged myself and my children through a roller coaster of a life, most of it challenging and perhaps frightening. I never went back to my hometime…talked to no one from my past…and my parents basically disowned me. I got clean and sober in 2003 and thereby disassociated myself from anyone that I may have met in Phoenix and in 2009 my best friend died in prison. My hyper-sensitive personality feel apart and I sought treatment. About 4-1/2 years ago…through the magic of facebook…I received a message from my best friend from seventh grade! And the walls came tumbling down! I now have the ability to communicate on fb with some 400 of my closest friends…and yes, I know them all! I have returned to my hometown 4 times over the last four years. During those visits I have faced my fears, discovered people that love and nurture me (although those people are not my parents, I have learned to separate myself some from that pain), and grown some new, REAL relationships. I am a very spiritual person…born under the auspices of the red-tailed hawk in the family of the owl. Whenever I am feeling somewhat unsure of myself, one of these two creatures appears (and recently those appearances have been through your oracle cards). While I may be unable to repair the relationships with my relatives, I have been able to repair some of my deeper wounds. Once a year I go back there, and once a year a bit more of the wound recede. What a blessing!

  • danielson lord

    Hi Colette,
    I can relate to your message here. I have yet to find my place I belong.I’ve Struggled with this all my life, I’ve made many moves. I finally studied Numerology and figured out my #s, which helped me live in a compatible city that wasn’t toxic to my life path. That has helped a lot. I also am active in a meditation group in Dallas and staying sober which has helped to ground me a lot.

    I love your messages, readings etc. You have great wisdom, compassion and insight, thank you for sharing.

    Best regards,
    Danielson Lord

    • d

      Beautiful, Sara. Time. Sharing is the best.

  • Lisa

    That was magical and just what I needed to read! We all want to belong and at the same time we want to be special–yes, we can have it both and it begins inside. Thanks!

  • Anna


    Thank you!!!! Less than an hour ago I asked for a sign and here it is. Yes we are all connected even when we feel disconnected. I guess that has always been my missing piece of the puzzle. <3

  • Avril

    Beautifully said, Colette 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails and this one really spoke to me today. LOUDLY.

    You are a dear and wonderful soul doing really essential work in the most down to earth and practical way I have ever come across. Thank-you.

  • Rosalinda

    Hi Colette, Your message is inspiring. I Like where I live though it needs a fixer upper. I wish you the best where ever you are going to live.

  • irene

    thank you for sharing. it was lovely what you wrote. and yes, the messages always come in fantastic and sometimes weird ways but when we know we’re being “spoken” to , it’s such a cool feeling. good luck with the show and we are all so proud of you.

  • Roxanne

    Hey, Collette. I just love your cards, each deck done so well. I know the feeling of being caught between *homes*.and the yearning to feel that certain warmth of connection. Some homes , I’ve discovered come with an expiration date, and some come with fierce storms. It’s part of my PTSD re Hurricane Irene that weather concerns give me great pause before I up and move. But I keep looking. Lately I’m getting homesick for that feeling of warm shelter that can accommodate my beautiful family, baby, pets. I know it’s out there somewhere. ~~ Anyhooo If you do come to NY …we’d be lucky to have you. But if you are a nature lover you should maybe look towards Hudson Valley. Close enough to the city but with mountains and rivers and glorious starry nights. I wish you luck on your quest.
    A fellow intuit,

  • Sharon

    Hi Colette, I was in the audience today and loved your adorable bubbly energy. I was so hoping to get a message from my dad. He passed away this year and we had a difficult relationship throughout my life although I know he loved me deeply. Our relationship was so confusing as he was a doctor, and could be incredibly mean towards me and my brothers. He had a violent temper and yet could be the funniest most charming man. A a young girl I was in love with him- but through my teens and adult life, not so much. For the last part of his life though, I let a tenderness towards him. i knew he came from a very difficult childhood as well. When he died, he apparently left no will, and his 4th wife has never been my fan. (nor his third) anyways, I still feel this deep sadness, perhaps it’s just the grief and perhaps the resolution has to happen within me and perhaps the sign I’m wanting will come in an unexpected way. Thanks for your loveliness today. xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sharon please come back again to the show! You never know what could happen next time. I feel you, and I know it would help to have a reading although I can’t promise. I also do private sessions you can contact jill@colettebaronreid.com to book xoox

  • Nicole

    I feel compelled to write this…not necessarily in response to your most recent vlog…or blog…but just in response to you. I have been visiting your site for about a year now…and I went through many phases…curiosity…skepticism…confusion…and finally clarity. Not so much as in you as a person…but in the way in which your logic…common sense…spiritual and intellectual approach…makes me feel calm…and centered.
    “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    -Maya Angelou
    I think this applies here…it is not so much in teaching….or predicting…it is more in the way in which you and your outlook shed light on life and the circumstances we all face. It really is in the way we focus our thoughts…and energy as far as what we manifest. If we perceive our lives to be in lack…we will always be in want…if we see life as providing what we need now…in this moment…suddenly there is an abundance.
    I just wanted to say thank you…for your lightness of spirit…your willingness to be you…and your generosity in sharing it….in the end what we give the world is all we have….in this your life is full.
    All my best wishes on your new adventures…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this made my DAY !! Thank you for being here Nicole I could never ask for a better testimonial for my work and my commitment

  • Mindy

    my dearest Colette, I am so encouraged & delighted to receive today’s wisdom. I love your music, so very inspired by your message.
    wishing you love & light today!

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