All You Need to Do Is Ask (or why Spirit rocks as a manifesting partner)!

Updated: September 29, 2014





Dearest Sparkle Being of Fabulosity,

Have you ever asked for a sign from Spirit and got one you can’t deny? Did you follow it?  Did you question it? Did you ignore it? Did you jump for joy in awe and reverence?

I have a great story to share with you and hope you will share yours with me too.

A week before I left New Hampshire to go to Toronto to shoot my TV show Messages From Spirit I spoke to my Feng Shui advisor – the amazing Angel de Para ( with whom I spoke about my sense of feeling like we needed to move. He concurred that my beautiful house, which we loved so much, no longer was energetically in alignment with Marc and me and moving was exactly what we needed to do.
Because he has always been uncannily accurate about the energy of my environment and what we could expect in certain places, I listened.

Truth is we (more so Marc) have felt quite isolated out here in the woods and felt we wanted to be closer to NYC. Although I am not a city girl anymore and need to be in nature, we met half way. Remember the old TV show Green Acres? Reverse the roles and you will get Marc and me- he thrives in the action, whilst I would love to hang out with Wilbur the pig, a bunch of birds and dogs somewhere in Wyoming or Montana.
You get the picture.

So I asked for a very specific scenario.

Spirit, could you make it easy for this to happen if it be your will?
Put up road- blocks if I have lost my mind.
I am fine either way. No attachment.

So we put our house up for sale went up to Toronto and sold it in 3 days.
Then the fun began.

I finished shooting the show at the end of last week so Marc and I, and the two dogs piled in the car and parked ourselves in a hotel in Connecticut and started looking.

We needed an East-facing house (for Feng Shui),which our poor realtor had a very hard time finding as for some reason all the houses for rent were North/ South.
The day of our house hunting tour I was overcome with a sense that Spirit was the one who would pick, not me. So I asked for a specific sign.

“Spirit please send me a dragonfly to the house you want us to live in. Make it so obvious I can’t deny it. No dragonfly? No house, and we will keep looking.

The thing is – we are kinda on a deadline.
We need to be out of our house in a month.
Thank you in advance.”

So we go from house to house. Some houses had the ghost of Tony Soprano in them, some too big, some too dark, one too old and most definitely haunted and most too expensive.  It was a rude awakening.

One had a dead bird on it while the others had bugs but not the right kind. I started trying to claim a housefly for a dragonfly near a house with a swimming pool.  We both started second guessing ourselves.
What had we done?

Then a house came up on the market and we went to see it.
I knew immediately it felt different even though it did not tick off my “wants list” it did fit our needs.  Yet by then we were exhausted and crabby and just wanted to go home and regroup.  Maybe I was wrong?

Yet, there was something about the realtor that I couldn’t put my finger on. In conversation we found we had mutual friends in common. I liked her immediately so this was very cool.

Still, Marc was not having any of it and we were about to leave.
In the distance I saw what I thought to be a hummingbird, or a toy helicopter.  Lo and behold the biggest dragonfly I have EVER set eyes on flew right over to us and circled around us and my jaw dropped.
This was my sign!  Thank You Spirit.

We left and my husband was not having anything to do with my dragonfly sign.  The next day we decided to revisit the house before going home – homeless.  I solicit the help of my parents in spirit. They always had good house karma.  I asked for another sign.

I was so torn and trying to negotiate the meaning of the dragonfly. Maybe it was just the sign to make friends with the woman? After all, the dragonfly flew right around her like a buzzy halo? Maybe it wasn’t about the house after all and I was just getting a new friend?

Using the analytical mind to decipher signs is like trying to turn on a light with a blowtorch.  Not the right toolbox.

We looked again. Marc is resigned and I am hopeful.

Then I hear him say. “Colette did you see this?  You should come look at this.”

I was worried he was going to show me a nest of termites or something.

There, in a frame directly in front of Marc, surrendered and smiling was a picture of a monarch butterfly – the symbol for my father.

Spirit delivers exactly what we need when we need it. Not always what we want but what we need.
When you ask for a sign and get none, well that’s a sign too!  It means No.

My husband then recounted a story to the realtor.  It’s the one about the man who asked God to save him during a flood. He had turned down a man in a rowboat, a man in a powerboat and a man in a helicopter saying, “No thanks, I am waiting for God to come.”

When he did not survive the flood he showed up at the pearly gates and he asked God, “Why have you forsaken me?” God replied, “What do you mean? I sent you a rowboat, a powerboat and a helicopter!”

I got a dragonfly, then a monarch butterfly, and yes a cool new friend.
We got the message. We move at the end of the month.

Your turn! What sign(s) have you received from Spirit that you could not ignore? Did you follow it? What happened?

All my love


Love Colette XO



NYPS. Come to upstate New York for my event at Omega. I will teach you how to have the kind of Vision that allows you greater access to Spirit and the miracles that come as a result.

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  • kirstin

    Hi Colette,

    Dragonfly’s have always reminded me of my sister.. As you know she has passed recently tragically. I have never seen dragonfly’s in the province I live in and this summer they were everywhere. One had flown into my bedroom, and when my family had gone to visit the place where she died my aunt said she had never seen so many dragonfly’s in her life. I believe it was her. Proof of signs and messages.


    • Tammy

      I have never really received messages when I asked for them. Well at least I never recognized any. Until now! My 26yr marriage is going through a real dark period(may not survive). Lately though I have been finding dimes in the weirdest places and always right in the path that I am walking or I go to grab something and there is a dime right in front of me. I did not ask for this sign, but right from the first dime found the thought “everything is alright, it will all turn out fine” immediately came to mind. I have to admit because the situation between my spouse and I is so bad and has been going on for almost a year, I have been asking for a truly loving relationship to come into my life (what my marriage use to be). It will be interesting to see what happens!

    • Patricia

      My sign is the poppy. Ever since I got the dueling dragons I have been at a stand still as to which direction to take. With having some psychic ability I have always followed my instincts which have often served me well. But when it comes to matters of the heart it is quite another story. I am being told I am seeing what I want to see but my poppies of those that are guiding my journey started long before this new part of my life began to happen. When this new relationship failed Colette sent me to do The Art of Love Series which was a very helpful and rewarding experience. But my cards had also told me I was not read to move for I needed to clean house as well. Yes I had a lot of unfinished things to attend to as well. Ready to moved forward my poppies have started to come back as did my friend from the past (but just as a friend) and another poppy appeared the very same day. The dragons are at it again but which one do I feed. Indecisiveness is one of the main things I need to correct but am I seeing what I want or can this finally be real for me? Let’s see what my cards need to tell me today.

    • Roxanne Woods

      I have been blessed with messages from the Divine as well as Archangels Michael and Zadkiel – one of the most moving messaged I received was after I found out my child was doing something that was one of those parents worst nightmare type of things. I felt betrayed, lost, angry, and I had no clue how to proceed from there. Should I do tough love and refuse to deal with her until she fell into line? Did I set up so many boundaries and rules she would have to bend to my wishes or lose me – and in turn I her – forever?

      It was a dark moment and not knowing what to do I asked God, just as I was stepping into the shower, to please help me – please show me what to do – I surrendered that I didn’t have the answer – I got an answer immediately – the answer was “Love your child”. I got it. Other people disagree with me, but I decided to love her unconditionally as God loves me – and while she isn’t out of the situation yet – she is doing much better and I realize that her life needs to be lived by her so that her soul can learn the lessons it come to this earth to learn and I just need to step out of the way unless directed otherwise and love her. To me – my love is the light on the porch for her. When she’s ready, it will guide her home.

      Much love and blessings to you!


    • Sherry


      I asked for a four leaf clover. I looked and waited for over a year and one day while on my afternoon walk I said “You know we humans are the ones that make things complicated for ourselves, with Spirit it would be as easy as me bending over and there would be/and was my four leaf clover.” My needle in a haystack. I was on the right path and all I needed to do was have faith and let go and let Spirit drive.

    • Jill

      Listening to you on Hay House radio was always so uplifting Colette. The gift of your enlightened spirit to those of us in your tribe cannot be ignoredit is so powerful. Your post is also synchronistic with my own current path. I follow a woman on Facebook who lives in the southwest of Ireland whose name also happens to be Colette (@PermaGoddess ). She has single-handedly transformed a cruddy piece of land there into paradise through permaculture practices. Asking for guidance for a place to raise my as yet born children, I dreamt I was on her land and playing a board game. A week later I came across a board game at an nearby thrift store called the Abundance Game made by the people who run the Gratitude Cafe here in the Bay Area,CA. It is very beautifully made. I am house-sitting for neighbors with a cat and arrived at their house flipped on the TV in time to catch the last ten mInutes of Shawshank Redemption where Forrest Whitaker finds the box of money, which also corresponds to a dream I had talking with Susan Sarandon about the movie. So, I’m getting the money will be there for my move. And there have been animals signs galore all summer long including dragonflies and butterflies. A stranger outdside the library recommending Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver which is about monarch butterflies. And my niece appearing in my dream last night who is a dragon/dragonfly representative in my life, dearest Chloe now 13. There is life before Chloe (b.c.) and after Chloe. And my nephew/son in the dream tells me I am a Griffon, those half-lion/half-eagle creatures. I also have a friend in Vermont who is showing herself to be more valuable to me than I can express. And I’m dating a man from New York who is prepared to get his butt out of the city and follow me to the country. Vermont is close enought to NYC for people who need that hit, right? So the New England connection has been made time and again, as I’m also in contact with an awesome young farmer/author Jenna Woginrich who writes about her experiences in up-state New York. What an inspriational young woman!

      xoxo Jill

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        thanx for writing and I am going to back on Hay House radio in NOvember!!!

        • Jill

          Hay is for horses and country girls like us! I’ll be tuning in Colette 🙂

        • Brenda Layton

          Yeah colette returning to hay house radio, please keep us posted what day and time you will air

  • Sandy

    Hi! I’m a freelance, contract writer and reviewer which allows me to work at home, when I travel, and pretty much anywhere that has Wifi. Since I don’t have a regular, 9-5 job, I always worry about whether I’ll get another job when one ends. I love my life and how I work, and the thought of having to work in a cubicle to make ends meet just sends chills up my spine. But I really don’t need to worry. When I walk or ride my bike, I always start seeing coins on the street just before I’m offered a new contract. Every single time. And it’s always just before I finish my previous job.

  • Dee

    Hi Colette! Loved your story! My birthday was on 9/17 and the only thing I asked for was a visit from my beautiful cat, Sasha who passed away sometime ago. I miss her very much. I once again have a house full of cats and I have rattan furniture in my bedroom so I keep my bedroom door closed she they cannot go in there. When I was going to bed on the night of my birthday, I went to set the alarm and low and behold, lying perfectly untouched (unfortunately dead) was a beautiful black and orange butterfly. There is NO WAY that butterfly would have survived if it came in on my clothing or somehow just got into the house with all my cats. My bedroom door and windows were closed all the time (I live in Phoenix and it’s still very hot!). It looked like it was just lying there asleep. So that was my Hello from Heaven on my birthday. Pretty cool , huh?

  • Gini Gentry

    Great story beloved! Wish that dragon fly had flown in a southwesterly direction! Smooches! Xxoo gini

  • sam

    I did ask many times and I think I was heard but not always got what I wanted.Usually when in trouble I receive his attention, (twice happened so far),. When I want money,house or love I get no answer at all but at least he is here for me when I am in trouble.I thank him for that. 🙂

  • Magical

    Hello Colette,
    we also just bought a house. We had been looking for a place in Germany but all at once we didn’t see any houses that came even close to our wish. Then after a couple of mnths I really started activating my desires, studying more about manifesting and one day i got the question: if i wasn’t afraid what would i do. “Move to Sweden” popped up, out of nowhere. And time and again, for a few days, so we went there and within 2 days we were offered a house, exact same price as the first house in Germany we bid on and so many things it had, that we had wished for. I waited for a day to make sure my state of mind was clear and i wasn’t nuts 🙂 Mind you I had never been to Sweden before!!
    Yes lik e you i was questioning and questoining, but it felt so clear, this was it.

  • Denise Browne

    Hi Collette, it was a great pleasure to read your blog this afternoon and it’s certainly given me faith that spirits are listening. I’m trying to tap into this very useful resource having done your course and brought the cards. As I live on a small island (rock really) in the Caribbean the cards took forever to be delivered, so I used the app.
    Now I can get great happiness watching the sunrise from my window each morning, listen to the birds singing and can accept my failed relationship because I’m much better off here alone. Thank you for the inspiration and the news about the TV show. It makes my week when they arrive. Much love always. Denise

  • Lucy

    Wow Colette, this post hit me like a ton of beautiful, paradigm shifting bricks!! So many bits and pieces from the past few months suddenly brought into focus and a clear “A-ha, so that’s what that meant!” picture emerging! Thank you for trusting your intuition about moving, even though you loved your home, and thank you for sharing that even though you have years of experience working with and trusting Spirit, your analytical mind still natters away with it’s opinions and second-guessing, even when Spirit’s signs couldn’t be any more clear! I also really appreciate that you’re also having the experience of not getting everything on your “want” list. Looking back, I can now see so many times I’ve rejected a gift from Spirit because on the surface, it did not look at all like my “want” list. It’s actually been quite frustrating to me that even though I’m very specific with my long want list, Spirit basically ignores that and shows up with something else! I thought I just wasn’t manifesting well enough, but I see now that I really wasn’t trusting enough. It feels kind of earth-shattering (in a good way) to realize that it’s okay to just throw my wishes to heaven and trust completely that I’ll get exactly what I need, even if what shows up is different than what I ordered. I’m such an anxiety-riddled control-freak much of the time, but feel like I’ve just had a bit shift in my ability to let go and trust the journey. Thank you so much for catalyzing this!! XOXO

  • Liz Marie Hartman

    Hi Collette, I usually never write anything but felt compelled today because of the synchronicity of your dragonfly story to mine. I sat with a friend who was dying a few weeks ago and she told me to look for dragonflies after her death as that is how she said she would come back. She told me she would also send me a sign if writing a book was in my future. After she passed, a friend of mine who is an editor called me and wanted to meet with me about my idea for a book but she wanted me to read one before we met. The book was Escaping into the Open: the Art of Writing True by Elizabeth Berg. On the cover of the book there are many dragonflies with one going off on its own. My sign. Liz

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow !! amazing and my blog was another sign for you 😉

    • Jen Trigg

      I have been asking for for a sign for some serious life questions for the past month. I have felt cut off from my intuition, and have been second guessing a lot. Then I came across this email earlier today, I resisted reading through it and actually had deleted it. It popped up on my iPad, so I decided to read it. Reading through the responses was perfect, now I have my sign

  • Kate

    At the end of an amicable divorce, after 20 years of marriage, I loaded up my car and drove from NJ to Chicago, sight unseen, taking a sublease on Craigslist for 5 months. At the time, my favorite Hay House teachers lived there, so I went for it. While in Chicago, I only found solace walking the shores of Lake Michigan. I knew this wasn’t THE place for me. So I stayed wide open and asked Spirit to show me my next city. In 14 days I recorded 22 “hits” about Santa Fe, NM. Whether it was the Santa Fe salad at Navy Pier, or the jogger with the Santa Fe t-shirt, or a piece of Saltillo tile that washed up on the beach, stamped on the back, New Mexico, or the passage in a book that described Santa Fe so beautifully. My last push was a walk through Millennium Park, where I felt compelled to look up, and there, amid a rainbow of light, the words in bright red: Santa Fe Hotel, coming soon. So I drove to Santa Fe, leaving apt. 602 on June 2nd., for a destination this native New Yorker never, ever considered. I didn’t know a soul. It was like landing on another planet. Nothing was familiar beyond the sky, sun, moon, and stars. But I’ve done my best writing and healing here. I’ve also honored hits to try Florida and Maine, taking 15 months from Santa Fe to live and work in both states. Back in Santa Fe again, I am getting itchy for more choices; as in access to NYC, mountains, rivers, lakes, and the ocean when I want it. I used to think you had to live in or near a spiritual vortex, but not anymore. We are all connected. Spirit is everywhere. This last time in Santa Fe is a tying up of loose ends, a packing up of newly-found tools, and more clarity about life purpose. So the hits about the Hudson Valley are coming, fast and furious, and I will be ready to leave Santa Fe in the Spring. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m bringing back to my state of origin, new ways of seeing, being, and doing. My biggest relationships have to do with “place.” Paying attention to signs and trusting my intuition have allowed me to explore many different lifetimes in one lifetime. It has enriched my writing, poetry, and spiritual practice. Did my relationships, resume, and finances take a hit? Were there nights of paralyzing fear and loneliness? Yes, but it was worth it! I return to NY a woman transformed. I wouldn’t recognize the old me if I passed her on the street. And I only let the victim, the saboteur, the wounded child, and the sacred prostitute sit in the front seat with me once in awhile now, instead of giving them the driver’s seat and the map.

    Best wishes for a safe move with ease and grace Colette! Looking forward to seeing you live next year!
    Thanks for all the love and inspiration you give so consistently and generously! Love and light, Kathleen

  • Karen Malone

    You have all the “signs” you need GF… You have found your new Home! Now for the packing/unpacking… ask for Lots of Help from above… LOL!

    As for me I have been planning a Mission trip to the Mountains of Peru with a group from work. Although we are in the travel industry the cost of the week long trip far exceeded what I had planned/budgeted for. I have asked many times in Prayers ad Meditation for signs and financial windfalls if this trip is meant to become a reality.

    I know better than to let EGO get in the way… and steadfastly continued to eeeek out paying for things along the past few months. Then I hit the perveriable “wall” and airfare cost mounted. As I sat at my desk trying to figure how I would pay for this trip… I read Louise Hays Wed. Sept 24th Angel message… “If you ever doubt whether the angels are watching over you, ask them to send you a sign of their presenve… and they will!”

    I asked for and certainly received a quick response… checking my bank account (just one more time) I found I had received a Direct Deposit of several THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a Tax refund that had been held up in Red Tape! Needless to say I was speechless … AND GRATEFUL that this Mission Trip is now possible!

    Bags are packed, supplies ready and tickets purchased… I leave Saturday on a new Journey… one full of Wonder, Gratitude and Faith… That ALL THINGS ARE INDEED POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE!

  • Dana Peever

    I’ve recently been struggling with the need to forgive someone. It’s going on three years and I still can’t bring myself to let them off the hook for the damage they caused. I know I’m doing myself more harm by not letting it go and that has become more apparent in the last few weeks. So many posts I see on social media lately have been about letting go, forgiving, etc. I feel like they’ve all been pointing a finger directly at me.

    This morning, I woke up and decided I needed to find a way to work through this to find the forgiveness that has eluded me. I have a great circle of coaches whom I work with regularly, so I started considering how each one of them individually might be able to assist me.

    While sitting at my desk this morning, I received an email from a site I subscribe to. Sometimes I open it, sometimes I don’t. This morning I opened it and clicked through to a story that was of interest. On that page was an invite for a 6 week coaching session on Forgiveness – staring me right in the face.

    I couldn’t ignore it, so I begin that journey next week.

  • Bikem

    Dear Colette, I am glad, you got your dragonfly/butterfly house and moving end of month….I have a story too about signs…One day while brushing my hair after a shower, I was feeling discouraged, which is not usual for me…At that moment, I brushed a colorful feather from my hair, now how did it get there? I thanked my Angels for being there for me, and showing me I am not alone, that I am always protected and watched for.. I trust Spirit so much, since it gives me signs, and answers my prayers in a great way, a lot better than I can plan or manage.. I put my life in Spirits hands long time ago, I never regretted it….

    Blessings, Bikem Ozturk…..

  • irene

    Wow Colette, fun and cool story. So happy you found “the” house and I wish you a wonderful life there! There isn’t one day in my life that I don’t see Spirit in it, little ways, big ways, right there propelling me each day. It’s amazing once you “get it” . I didn’t know that the “invisible world of Spirit and angels and guides” existed until years ago I began learning Qi Gong which opened up my understanding that there is something out there called energy and we are connected in huge ways to that huge Source of Divine. Little by little, over time and many years, working with Spirit matured through much practice and opening myself up to many new things relating to energy and it grew and grew and now it’s just a natural, cool helpful , supportive , guiding, magical part of my day . It’s like having an invisible partner just moving around helping me and my life. Prayer has been the biggest source of understanding Spirit and the energy world as prayer, and I mean prayer that is humble and grateful and sincere–prayer for me, prayer for others–is a huge part of my life and the support I receive in my life. Colette, you have also played a huge role in opening up my awareness over the years as the synchronicity and guidance and your work has been part of this huge Spirit guidance. I was guided to you and you bring me magic through Spirit and you every single day in ways you cannot believe. Well, you can believe as you know this world firsthand. Love you lots, Irene

  • Kimberly

    I love reading all of these divine experiences! My story is kinda funny… I recently started my own business & I had been concerned about finances. I asked for a sign… I asked for a very specific balance in my business bank acct. The very next day I got an alert from my bank app on my phone that my available balance was ABOVE such & such amount. It was the exact balance I had asked for! Only, I found out later in the day that my husband had run out of checks from our personal acct, so he transferred money to the business account to cover checks he had written from that account. All I could do was laugh!

  • Mary Jo Nicosia

    SAM: I have a saying on my kitchen wall “I asked for a miracle, it’s not what I asked for, but its what I needed! HE/SHE knows what you need, or what lesson you need to learn, much better than we do…NAMASTE, MARY jO

  • Paula

    Hi Colette,
    In early 2012 on a New Moon, I described the exact house that I would like to live in when & if I sold my NY condo. It took a year and a half, but it finally sold. I looked and looked for a new home and found nothing. A week before the closing, a friend talked to another friend and I was able to rent the exact house I described back in 2012. It is cozy, near water, sunporch, 2 bdrm and affordable with land to garden – and lots of fairies and elementals… Perfect! We just have to trust divine timing.
    Blessings on your new venture,

  • Leslie

    Hi Colette, I loved your story I am pretty new to all of this, but falling in love with my new path in life. My sister and I was laying outside on the grass just relaxing with conversation. I was talking a bit to myself and my Angels. My sister said look Leslie and up in the sky there was a cloud formed like the most beautiful Angel I have ever seen. It was very cool!!!

  • Chantelle

    I LOVE that story! THankyou Colette! i think it has inspired me to ask spirit directly what i can expect in building my client base and how and when to let help come through and when to do the leg work. So cool! Muah!

  • Dianne Dolan

    When I got my first house I put out when I needed to move in, how much it had to be and a lesson we always need- I asked for white tile floor. ( it’s in Florida. lots of work keeping that clean lol). Got it all.
    I feel like I keep getting a message from mothman but so far I don’t get it. Just weird how it pops up and synchronicity and all. I don’t know why but feel it’s a sign but not like the prophecy I don’t see it just the movie and the book or a discussion all of sudden like coincidence but I think coincidence is a sign. It’s now a joke between my sister and I.
    I wish you moved to Arkansas. Country and quartz crystals great water. Little Rock would be cool enough for your husband.
    X On forever grateful I saw you on my sisters Facebook wall 🙂

  • Eric


    I am intrigued by this story; I do believe in signs but often signs are misinterpreted (by me), so I had a question to this :

    Now I am an analytical type of guy and usually you have to spell it out for me. I am one who see a woman winking at me interpreting it as romantic interest when she just has something in her eye and miss it when she is interested and I think she has something in her eye. I’ve also been the one who I see someone waving from across a room at who I think is me, but only to realize that they’re talking to someone behind me. Being Charlie Brown, knowing Lucy is going to yank the football away when I try to kick it I’ve tended to ignore potential signs. Meanwhile, as life continues around me, friends getting married, kids, grandkids, etc. I feel like an understudy for a popular actor in a long running play (or Peyton Manning’s backup for football fans). My friend who reads for me assures me that my time is coming, I haven’t missed out, and life will be all that I have dreamed of. SIlly me, like a kid sitting in the back seat of the car constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” is a bit skeptical because of the past misinterpretations.

    My question: can these signs be as specific and tailor made as needed? You mentioned that the dragonfly was what you asked to see, but the butterfly was what clinched it for you. Knowing me I would need something blatant like a lettered sign on the door saying, “buy this house!” or “DO NOT ENTER” if the house was not sutible for me. Would I have to watch what I say, knowing that if I said “a piano would have to fall in front of me” in order for me to do whatever I just might get that. I’d appreciate input from anyone; is anyone else like this? Thank you in advance.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good question. Ok my advice is to read 2 books both by author Pam Grout. E squared and E cubed. All the answers to this question are in there. Signs come in the most uncanny ways. I always ask to know beyond a shadow of a doubt. By the way I knew 1000% it was my house. I got all confused when he didn’t go along with it immediately and since he has to live there too we both needed to sign off on it. I surrendered it and it was my husband who needed the extra sign. It’s not easy to be married to a woman who wakes up one morning and says we need to move 300 miles away and a dragonfly will tell us where to live. YOu get the image. I trust implicitly without attachment. That’s the key. Detached at all times. Stay curious. It’s all just a big adventure xo

    • Jen T.

      I can relate to the misinterpreting signs too. Especially if I have expectations about what I am asking. For me I have learned that if I am asking for a certain sign regarding a situation or concern I will get more than one validation of that sign. For example I asked for a sign this morning about an issue I am having. I had 3 different people come to me and talk about what I was looking for a sign. All three had the same answer, and they approached me to talk. Looking back I now realize this has been how my signs work, they seem to come at least in 3s or more. Not sure if it works for anyone else that way.

      • Eric

        Colette, thanks for the book recommendation. I previewed them on Amazon and can wait to get them! I saw you in Indianapolis a few years back and it put some things into perspective. I understood the “finger pointing at the moon” phrase better. Lots of insight gained in that seminar.

        I think the main problem is “letting go”; I pulled your Oracle cards and it mentioned about “letting go” in several readings. I wasn’t quite sure how to do that. In the modern world I think we’re obsessed with “control” or the perception of control. Simply look at the news about those trying to “control” nature, people, thoughts. In reality they have no more control than two fleas fighting over who controls the dog! Notice how the dog gets irritated and scratches frequently?

        The problem is when we realize that we don’t have control is to “let go”. Just look at the couple who fights over a plan when they lose their way; “he never stops and asks for directions”, “she’s always misreading the map”. The real fear is ending up in a worse state than they already are. While they have “control” they’re content drive the car in the ditch. The big lesson is to realize that we can “drive the bus” as long as we let Spirit “hold the map”. Sometimes it’s even better to curl up in a bus seat and let Spirit take control of the whole trip. The biggest problem is trust and realizing that to get from New York to Los Angeles there are many places on the way, and just because you end up in St. Louis doesn’t mean that you’re off the path to Los Angeles; there was simply a reason that a stop in St. Louis was necessary*

        Jen T, apparently everyone has their own “sign language”? I’m glad that you’ve figured yours out. I’ve had recurring signs throughout my life that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’ll see recurring “tornadoes” in my dreams that I have to take cover from. I will think about a song, a movie, or a TV show, sometimes something very obscure, and it will end up coming on the radio or TV. Not sure what they mean but I hope to figure them out soon.

        * When I post on forums I find that a lot of the time the messages are meant for me as well as those in the forum, sometimes especially me. My thoughts can come out and I may start rambling. I apologize for that.

        • Jen T

          Eric, I agree with your response about letting go. I need that as a constant reminder, thanks for sharing your post was very fitting for me right now and helpful! Definitely time to curl up in the bus seat!

  • Donna Paris

    Awesome story Colette!! Here is mine!
    About a year ago my relationship came to an end. Long story short, 14 years of friendship and 7 or those years living together as a couple. As I shifted, he drew within, emotionally not available. For 2 years while we remained intimate, we slept in separate beds, no longer having those late night talks that draw a couple closer and everything that goes along with the experience of waking up next to the one you love. He was so set about not having a co-dependent relationship, it was important to him for us to maintain autonomy that we ended up spending more time apart than together as a couple. So after 2 years of this, all the while, developing my spiritual practice, self healing, developing my intuitive gifts, we drew further apart and then it took just one conversation…I was sharing my experience with him about a healing that I received from Archangel Raphael, I was so flippin excited, I was feeling so loved by this experience and wanted to share it with him and when I was done he said “please, do me a favor, don’t tell anyone else about this because they will think you are crazy” my heart sank and that was my moment of clarity, I realized that we had been living separately for so long it was like we didn’t even know each other! That was July 4, 2013, I moved out October, 2013. Ok, i really need to shorten this story, after a few months we were still communicating and we actually talked more than we ever did and we realized our own mistakes and what could have been done differently and decided to take it slow and see if we could reunite. After 7 months of doing this with no intimacy what so ever, physically or emotionally, I had to do something so I had the conversation with him and basically asked him to make a decision either way….to no avail, he said he needed more time!!! I am like WHAT? 7 months is not enough time for you? Well, I continued to wait and then one evening during meditation I asked for help from my guides and angels, nothing specific, and then went to sleep. I woke up the next morning bummed that they hadn’t come into my dreams and helped me, nothing, I couldn’t even remember dreaming.
    Well, that morning I meditated and then tearfully prayed to them again asking them “am I meant to continue waiting for him to decide, do I continue putting my life on hold for him to decide if he wants to be with me? Angels, if I am meant to move on, I will need a big sign, huge sign, please!!”

    Well the next morning when I woke up, I heard someone say to me “it is too late for you and Lance” and I said no!! Then I heard ” he loves you, but he is not in love with you” well my heart sank but I heard what was said and I called him and just came out and asked him “I know you love me, we are best friends and have been for 14 years, but, are you IN LOVE with me”….no answer, then he said, it is not that simple! I said really, well, are you still attracted to me…again no answer…..then he said really donna it is not that simple!! He said, I have the wait of the world on my shoulders with this decision! So then it came to me, I have put my fate in someone else’s hands! We ended the conversation and later that day, I got a phone call from a friend, she lives in Surprise Arizona, and she needed some help with elder care for her mother in law. She made me an offer of a weekly salary, and offered me her beautiful guest house that is 10 feet away from the pool in the beautiful backyard for free! I am like really? Yes! Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but, this sign could not have been any more obvious to me!! She needs me out there asap but I have to give a 30 day notice to my landlord. So what I did was call the ex, tell him about the offer and that he has one week to make up his mind, he was so angry, he said I was backing him into a corner and he couldn’t take it and he wished that I would just make the decision! Well, 1 hour later, I called him and told him that I am taking my power back from him, I AM making my own decisions that affect my life, I AM going to Arizona! I told him that I needed to have someone that was in love with me if I was going to be in a relationship and I did not feel that he was the one to give me that. So, I leave October 31st! I am driving with my chihuahua Bella and, a surprise turn of events, my ex is driving with me and flying back…as I said, we are best friends and I love him so much and I know he loves me!
    So, my Angels & Guides came through for me, everything is falling into place, I put my practice up for sale and with any luck, I will have it sold on Thursday, then to move onto packing for a huge yard sale, then I start shipping my “I can’t part with this” stuff to Arizona. My ex is planning a side trip for himself once he delivers me to my new home, I suggested Sedona, hehe, I figured he would benefit from the vortex! So, in the mean time, we are spending alot of time together getting ready for our road trip, it is mixed with excitement and sadness, but I know in my heart this is the right thing for ME! Thank you Spirit!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    Pretty powerful stuff. I am a true believer in signs and as the realtor involved in this miracle, my faith and belief in signs and intuition grows even stronger. Here are just a few things that happened behind the scenes….
    I’ve been going through some stressful times …bit of workaholic behavior has brought “busy” to a whole new level and I’m trying desperately to find balance . Fear of disappointing others is one of the things I need to work on and the day before I put this property on the market I prayed for guidance & willingness …for the teacher to come to help me find balance, peace and clarity (things I have been looking for for so long …oh and unconditional love of course!)
    1…. I was not supposed to put the property on MLS until the following week. It wasn’t ready. My marking materials weren’t even done and I’m always fussy about that. I don’t want to present a property until the materials are perfect . But somehow I knew that I had to put this on…and I just pushed the go button without even knowing why but knowing it was the right thing to do.
    2…. I rarely show my rental properties because time does not permit but somehow I knew I had to be at the showing …I showed up in my workout clothes
    3… The energy, trust the understanding of this person was immediate
    4…. That night when I got home although I only had a first name and the fact that she had some sort of radio show to go by, I googled…after scrolling a bit …the very first link that I clicked on was the correct link
    5. That night I was sent a link to a song called love is the answer … I can’t describe the magnitude and importance of this particular song to me …it was truly exactly what I needed to hear that night and as I wept I was filled with faith that I haven’t felt in a long time
    6. The next morning sitting at the beach at 8:30 in the morning , my daily reflection meeting was all about love and The importance of working with the right teacher.
    7. Immediately following I went to the house & made beautiful friends… met two of the most adorable puppies… Watched in wonder as a dragonfly actually seemed to greet us as it circled around us …Witnessed the miracle of the monarch butterfly and something as simple as a Peace sign on my T-shirt…

    I asked and I received

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      WOW .. Julie isn’t it amazing how it all worked out and when that dragonfly came whizzing around us? I am so so so grateful and in awe of Spirit. A house and a new friend. Could NOT be any cooler. LOve that google showed me so quick. Spirit ROCKS. I did wonder how the heck you did that since I didn’t tell you my last name ahhaha oxoxox

  • Staci

    What a wonderful recount and how blessed are we for you to have shared it with us.

    Normally Spirit will send me a sign in threes – that is our understanding since I sometimes don’t catch the first sign and if I do I often second-guess and ask for another, just to be sure.

    My latest sign has been hawks. Several days ago a hawk’s cry caught my attention. It’s not unusual for me to see or hear hawks, I live in a very rural area. However, this day was different, the hawk cried off from morning until dusk. I went outside to look for the hawk and found it circling the trees from the west to the south and back again. I was able to catch its cries on a voice recorder.

    A couple of days later I decided to take a rural ride on my lunch break to clear the energy of my job. Along the ride there was a hawk on the side of the road perched on a small embankment that made the hawk eye-level as I drove by. I drove on a little further and decided to turn around to see if the hawk was still there – it was. I stopped and we stared at each other for a minute and when I looked down to grab my cell phone so I could take the hawk’s picture it flew off with its prey in talons.

    The next day I pulled a card reading to get a little clarification on the hawk’s message. Three cards in I pulled the Transcendence – Sacred Surrender card – the silhouette of a bird soaring covered the card. That night I dreamed of a hawk.

    Late last night I read this blog post and after reading @Liz Marie Hartman reply I decided to look for the book she mentioned. I remembered her saying that the cover of the book had dragonflies on it; when I located the book it had a hawk on the cover.


    Yeo Colette: Was at your last taping in Toronto , great stuff. Anyway to give you my short version. My dad ( past ) use to hand feed chickadees landing on his hat an arms by the feeder he made for them at his country home. We use to talk about spirit once in a while an he would always say to me how do you know this stuff, as he was a fence sitter. Six months after he died i had a very powerful dream. ( i receive a lot of info from spirit in my dreams too ) he walked up to me an said how are you doing i said just fine how are you he said just great. He then said are you going to tell them ( many other family member around ) pointing his finger at me he kept saying YOU KNOW YOU KNOW . Ha anyway i said i think you should tell them, alright he said i will. ( being a leo ) He waved his arm an produced a film of many chickadees in a tall white pine tree with snow on it singing on the wall in the room we were in. He looked at me an said what do you think of that. I said that is great , but i think you can do better. He said alright i will , he put his arms straight out from his sides an all the chickadees flew from the film on the wall an landed on his arms an head. i woke in a sweat an a big smell almost laughing. I suppose i can believe dad now believes me ha . This sort of thing has happened all my life , i,m older than my dad now an watching for my chickadees. I have a very funny story about my dad the day after we put him to rest, but i have taken up enough of your an marc,s time today. Take care Don Cook

  • Renee Sugar

    It is unsettling to be somewhere between no longer and not yet. Glad to hear that you and Marc have been led to the right door. Hope you have a peaceful transition and stress-free move. I too am about to embark on a new adventure. While visiting the Metro Reference Library which wasn’t unusual; I noticed that there was a job fair taking place. I wasn’t aware of that; and wasn’t really prepared that day. I had no resumes with me . So I tried with the assistance of the librarian to print some. She gave me a little piece of paper with a code on it so I could log onto the computer and access the printer that way.
    Well I wasn’t really in tune that day; and I tore it up into many tiny pieces. She came over to the computer and asked where the piece of paper was with the code? OH !!! Did you mean the one I just tore up? Anyway; we reassembled it and went to the printer. The password didn’t work, so no copies.
    I was getting annoyed and impatient and thought ; maybe not meant to be; but I think I will go anyway without a resume; and if they don’t like that; well
    so be it. WELL. The companies that were represented were not really of interest; and I was trying to be open-minded and there was one company that I had never really considered. As it turned out; they were having an open house the following day. So I went. And there were a flock of monarch butterflies fluttering about while we waited in line. Also when I went to register my name the person at the table thought it was funny and burst out laughing.
    Her colleague came outside and she asked who I was, so I raised my hand. Looked like they were friendly. The interesting thing was; I have absolutely no background in this industry; and have never really worked in that kind of setting; but I received a phone call on Friday and spoke to someone after the weekend. So things are moving forward; and there is an Orientation Session first week of October . At first when I heard that I would begin at 8:00 A.M. I thought; YIKES; but I would be finished for the day at 4:30P.M, no late nights. So although I “don’t know” is this is blessed or not. I have previously been hired for very similar positions to remake the one the that was last on the resume; but each time, the door shut very quickly in my face; and it was VERY CLEAR that I
    wasn’t going backward. So likely the reason I had no resumes was because it didn’t matter what I have done before, and now age 59; I can still enjoy a rebirth and new beginning and work with younger people. Who knows where this might lead; but it is a very ethical, international company with values and a consciousness regarding environmental issues and sustainability, fair trade and other matters of significant importance. They have donated over 8 million dollars to initiate programs all over the world. A company with a heart and soul!!! I could have “fun” at work. That would be a refreshing perspective!!!!
    To make a beginning ; is to make and ending THE END is where we start from”. T.S. ELLIOTT
    (P.S.) Hope the gift packet/w art cards reached you on the final day of shooting ” Messages from Spirit”.

  • Vikki

    Thankful to have stumbled upon this story this morning! I’ve been asking for a sign that is tailored to “me” to help me make a decision on relocating closer to my family and how to make it happen. I’ve yet to see any defining signs as to the way to go…… How specific should our requests be? And how do you know without a shadow of doubt that you have been answered?
    Thank you for all you do and sharing your beautiful stories~ Vikki

  • Amber M

    I love this blog & like most here it resonates with me. In three weeks my hubby and I along with our two dogs are moving half away across country no jobs no place to live just 8nights at a hotel and prayers Spirit will lead and catch us if need be. Not ideal but we want to do and we need to at this point.

    I have a story of Spirit Speaking in my life: I am not sure if I already shared this here or not but it involves a symbolic piece of jewelry gifted to me by my now husband about 10 years ago (give or take a few yrs), a maple tree, rainbows and a wedding—our wedding.

    My husband had found a sterling silver bracelet with flower’s etched on it in a “hippie shop” amongst the blown glass and Bob Marley patches for 20bucks. I fell in love with its simplicity and beauty. We both infused this piece of jewelry with so much meaning and it became a symbol of our union. I would wear it on my right wrist and I would imagine a banded bird flying around free but always connected to somewhere or in my case someone and I would say to him “I am like one of those banded birds…” pretty soon he would rub his fingers over it and smile at me as it had become to mean so much to him as well.

    In 2007 after wearing the bracelet every day for years I had a dream I was staring at my wrist donning the bracelet—the image surrounded by a brilliant white an all of a sudden it broke and disappeared into that bright alabaster abyss. I woke up immediately, leaped out of bed, and ran to the kitchen wear my Boyfriend of 7 yrs was making eggs.

    I was panicked and blurted out that our relationship was moving to the next level or it was going to end. I pointed to my bracelet and said I had a dream this broke and just as I said it, without me touching it, the bracelet broke and fell to the floor. I was astonished I said see see! OMG OMG! He protested and seemed rather annoyed as I babbled on about us getting married or splitting up due to some horrid act of betrayal (thank you left-brain). I did not know that he had just hid the engagement ring he had bought several days before for me to the closet that morning and was nervous his secret would be ruined. My analyizing continued as I received so many more signs …

    In the following weeks a maple tree that we never planted began to grow in an empty pot from a deceased houseplant on our balcony. Maple trees often symbolize male and female balance-I pointed that out too and would often talk about how I felt a strong urge to prepare for a wedding but I also over analyzed which led to other negative talk–over analyzing is for the birds and the more cledons , I think that is what they are called, i received in public the more crazy i went. the signs were so strong it was almost overwhelming.

    In the weeks leading up to the proposal I would also see rectangular rainbows everywhere in the sky, some he would see too and others he couldn’t see. I got the strong sense that family that had crossed over was loitering and facilitating those rainbows in particular his grandmother Barbara. I knew these rectangular rainbows were a sign of what was going to happen in our relationship. he handed me a letter the night he proposed an I turned away form him to read it and when I turned aroused to him on bended knew by the water’s edge something caught my eye–a very bright well defined rectangular rainbow was there on the water right near the edge –it was rather amazing. I knew it was there for us. We have been living together for 13 years and our 5th wedding anniversary just passed.

    Spirit sends these signs and signals all the time I just pray I can be open and receptive enough to see the ones sent as we embark on our adventure and move half way across country.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    When it comes to places to live the house I am in now I saw in a vision before I lived in it or owned it – Surprise! I LOVE signs and intuition I just do not like what sometimes seems mischievously fearful men, women, and children maybe because they are hard work to convince otherwise so I just let them be themselves; hopefully there is someone in the wings that sees me as better or not scarey …. woooohooooo! Maybe I look familiar to them as if … maybe their intuition tuning in; a “do I know you from somewhere” [dejavu] moment. I am hoping it is not worse than that otherwise humanity is in deep trouble (ex: too defensive). So, having an intuitive moment without clarifying it by asking questions can be weird. I find intuition comforting also like this house and property had a feeling connected to it and it was “all is well” sort to speak. Learning to harness the intuition “for good” and to avoid “the bad” without alarming everyone around would be/is very helpful. I have to re-read your books, C, there are so many details to comprehend with time.

    I saw a couple of yellow butterflies that were beautiful while walking the pups the other day…. maybe we are all on the same page… LOL : )

    All the more, Colette sharing your adventures, creations, it continues to bring out the heartfelt, natural, artist in me, LOVE. Stay Beautiful! Blessings for all you LOVE – hugs for all ….

  • Leigh Murphey

    Hey Colette. 8 years ago I was disconnected, lost and generally unhappy. A friend referred me to a spiritual counselor who told me that I was disconnected from God and the church. I told her I witnessed too much hypocrisy in the church but was open to directly connecting with God. She said pick a sign for yes and no and God will show you the will learn to trust through this. I picked a white butterfly for “yes” and a black scorpion for “no”. I went on a job interview several weeks later, I was very torn about leaving the job I had because I had invested so much, but also felt a change was needed. I left the job interview and asked God to show me my sign and that I would fully trust and follow it. I pulled over at a gas station to take a call and looked out my car window to see a white butterfly, flying across a field straight towards me. It not only circled my car several times but followed me all the way back to the highway. I took the new job and that started a chain of events that transformed my relationship with God and spirit. I also asked once if the man in my life at that time was good for me, and I got a black scorpion twice, displayed on the tv screen, within 2 days period of time. I ignored that sign and was very sorry that I did. So, you can ask for a No sign as well. Now, I trust it every time, I do not even hesitate or question it. My friends have witnessed white butterflies following me, and I have taught many to ask for signs, ask the Universe your question with full intent, and sit back and watch the magic. It’s so amazing!!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Thanks so much for the insight, Leigh and Colette, thanks : )

  • Lisa

    Last fall I was in a very dark place and for many reasons needed to find a new job. I didn’t want just any desk job, I needed something to nourish my spirit and turning 40 was a big turning point for me. I’ve always found cemeteries peaceful and if I need a place to think, I drive around a very large one close to me. While driving around the cemetery, my cell phone made a very strange sound and the screen did something it had never done before or since.

    I had considered nursing but with 2 small kids and money issues, that wasn’t an option. I looked at online courses for something I could do from home. I came across Thanatology, which is the study of grief and bereavement. I immediately thought of my phone at the cemetery and knew I had to do it. I am on my last course and will receive my certificate my December.

    I’m sure spirit forcefully nudged me in this direction and I couldn’t be happier. I also continue to see my birth date everywhere I look, which I seem to know is telling me I’m on the right path and that there’s a bright light at the end of this tunnel. I also use your Enchanted Map Oracle Cards often, which are amazing!

  • Diana Boles

    We, each one of us, is a vortex in ourselves. A swirling mass of air and fluid capable of sucking everthing to us. The story between Colette and Julie shows the magnetic property of that energy. As I read thru these tribal songs, I was reminded of the daily notifications that spirit sends me. Most of my answers come in feather form and most often the fluff is found at my feet. These omens help to define the day, even if there is not specific request. They keep me in the light of Spirit. I have a tree in the forest near my home. Almost daily walks with the pups are taken here. I knew the tree and I were connected and, one day of many spent in it’s splendor, I shouted out a big hello upon my arrival. I opened my arms to sing out a blessing and it dropped a branch to my outstretched hand. Well, I hadn’t had opportunity to walk to that end of the woods for quite some time. But finally, the day came for my routine to return to a comfortable pace. (Embracement tree is on a river bank that has grown ever more eroded, but the roots cling deep and look like interlaced fingers resting on Santas belly. ) As I walked along the path to my tree I thought about a time a few years back, while walking around it’s roots, I was found to be looking straight into a toads eyes as he sat in Santas lap. So, when I arrived, I sat in Santa’s lap for a prayer and a song and a meditation and to rest against this mighty trunk of a Beech. When I stood to leave and give Embracement a farewell hug, there at my feet, was a toad. First one I had seen there in the 2-3 years that’ve passed since the first time.
    I have felt the arm of spirit wrap my shoulder, stroke my hair, whisper words in my ear and lift my foot off the gas pedal just under the radar gun!
    This is a blessed life I’ve been given. I survived so much—and know that THE HIGHER POWER is the reason why. Whether it was a voice in my ear or a feather at my foot or praying mantis in the yard or dragon fly in the air, I have been protected.
    Colette and Julie, fabulous legend!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good news, Diana, thanks so much for sharing poetry/spirit/power in motion…

  • Teressa

    Colette you’re so wonderful and I love you!

    I’ve never asked for a specific sign like you did with the dragonfly, but I like the idea. I usually just ask Spirit to lead the way and do what’s in everyone’s highest interest, and then go with the overall vibe of the place or situation, and my “gut” reaction. So far it’s worked out marvelously. When I’m lost and not sure what to do I pray and consult your oracle cards, which are such a beautiful gift.

    Thank you for being an inspiration, and good luck with the move!

  • Jan

    Everyone who posts on this blog is always so positive. It’s very nice to see.


  • Anita

    This reminds me to ask my friends and family to choose a sign for when one of us passes over!

    Colette, after you got the sign that this was the house, did you see why it was the best choice even though it was not your favorite (or see more of its potential) or are you still waiting for it to be revealed to you?

  • Leanne Howlett

    I got so many goosebumps reading this story. I know it is the perfect place for you and Spirit will reveal more as you make it your home.
    Much love to you and Marc.



  • patricia shenofsky

    Sometimes, things happen for me in threes.I was looking for an apartment and thought I found the perfect one. I called the real estate agent to set up a date for a showing. She didn’t show up so I called again.She didn’t show till the third time I called. We went through the apartment and it was beautiful. I submitted my application but was turned down. I was really disappointed and down about losing it.About a week later, I saw on the news that the roof collapsed in the apartment building and it was eventually condemned. I guess I make my angels work overtime to protect me! I wish you the best on your TV show. I love your work very much. You are such a comforting presence 🙂 Love, tricia XO

  • Noreen

    Hello Collette- I recently attended your seminar in Seattle (w/ Dougall Fraser), and was simply blown over by your beautiful insight, exercises, and techniques- You are brilliant.
    Last night I was drifting off to sleep trying to wrap my head around a line from one of your books, ‘proof of faith’, and wondering what it would take to fully surrender to the Divine- because I want so desperately to believe in a higher purpose, yet have a long way to go in understanding my own.
    Then an Angel painting fell off my shelf.
    It’s been securely sitting there for years, there was no earthquake, not even a gust of wind, I hadn’t dusted it recently, or jostled it in any way (see the intellectual rationalizing? ha!)- it just fell to the floor. Hello Sacred Sign:)

    I was raised in an Atheist household by a pair of highly intellectual scientists- any form of religion/spirituality was harshly criticized and labled wackadoodle- it’s been a challenge to work through some of those ingrained barriers, even though I do receive signs, my darned inner skeptic takes over in an attempt to rationalize them.
    You’d think I’d have plenty of faith after the most profound sign I ever received- it’s a doozy- also the most difficult one to tell (which I never have)because I was in such a dark place: Almost 20 years ago I was sitting in my truck on the edge of a cliff- I had gone there specifically to drive off it only to find that there were too many trees that blocked the downward descent (I said ‘dark place’, right?). I found a pocket knife in the glove box, but it was dull and probably wouldn’t have cut through cheese, much less a wrist. I sat there feeling pissed off, frightened, and extremely lost, when a gigantic eagle floated up from the edge of the cliff- it hovered all of 4 feet outside my window for the longest time just looking at me.
    At the time I didn’t have a feeling of sacred awe, to be honest I was scared sh**tless- that was one mighty big bird- but it got me off the cliff.

    Thank you for your beautiful contribution to helping others, I love your insight and honesty!

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