Amazing Grace (or, how a no complaining diet creates miracles!)!

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Dearest amazing you,

We are past the midpoint of this mercury retrograde and heading into the tail end of the disruption and I’d love to hear how it’s been for you. I have to say it’s been extremely jammed with “stuff” for me but it’s also been strangely uplifting too.

I had committed to a “no complaining diet” for 30 days and I’d love to share with you how it’s changed my life.

I’m writing this from an airport (yup- again!) while my husband and the dogs are being swarmed by movers back at the house as they’re helping us pack for our total life move next week.

Love how I said “helping US pack”.

Other than slapping some stickers on a couple boxes and putting Do Not Touch signs on them the rest is all on Marc!

Not sure about you but packing and moving can create so much anxiety in me some days I think I’m going to spontaneously combust. Hence Spirit organizes my schedule so I have a speaking engagement conveniently smack dab in the middle of it all, then Omega the day after I move.

In the past my schedule would have had me moaning and groaning, triggered with anxiety about the house, the dogs, the birds, and all kinds of insecurities and my Chicken Little challenger self would be squawking about how the sky is falling OMG!

Not this time and here’s why. I made a promise to reframe my thoughts and perspective the minute I go to the default setting of worry that sits in my DNA.

What we all have to remember is that old patterns of challenging emotional states that are reinforced over time via the subconscious are wired into our brains. Self- compassion and willingness to do things differently provide us with the keys to get out of those old prisons.

The most important key is to actually do something different not just think about it.

It’s not that the difficult feelings are banished forever, nor is it that the actual life issues are easier. It’s that by not complaining about anything I have been able to trust the process more and see things from a very different perspective.

A good example is that I had to fly back and forth to the west coast twice within a couple weeks this month. I used to get bad jet lag and so in the past It’s as if I braced myself for the exhaustion, rehearsing it in my mind and body. I would also typically get a cold too.

This time I decided to see things with a sense of humor.
What if there were no planes and all I had was a covered wagon to get back and forth across the country?
Imagine how long it would have taken me to accomplish those 2 feats? I definitely would have missed my mark and likely would have been a year late for it if I hadn’t perished along the way!

Never mind how much do I love to watch the little cars move around on my Uber app when I need a ride to my hotel with a bathtub and clean running water! Whoa. No complaining also allows me to consider what I take for granted.
The result? No cold, and no jet lag! No kidding!

The experience of a positive perspective seems to flood all the other areas of life too. Yes things can go upside down. Nothing is the end of the world. Obviously as a medium I also know the big end isn’t the end either so it really hit me that keeping a positive attitude has kept me in a pretty consistent trusting relationship to Spirit in so many ways.

No matter that my drivers license expired (oops) and I forgot to pay a speeding ticket (oh oh) and that I managed to be unclear about the instructions for the guy painting my new house resulting in a higher bill and all the trim needing to be repainted. One thing after another too many (and too private) to share here but with this promise of no complaining it’s been such a trusting and hopeful time when in the past, well, never mind.

The truth is, complaining and reiterating stories of “he/she/it did that to me” keeps me in the wiring. Those victim stories that are based in memory are like extra barbed wire in the prison of the mind. I want out don’t you?

I want to share an important story with you that is delicate for me to tell but so meaningful.
I ran into someone yesterday from my past. He is a man that took part in one of the most shameful experiences when I was a drug addict in my early twenties. I have seen him maybe 6 times in the 34 years passed. Each time I would not be able to breathe, remembering how I gave my power away and stood like a deer caught in headlights frozen in fear and overcome with shame. His presence reminded me of every degrading experience I have ever had.

Years ago he was so handsome, deadly too, one of those bad boys that strutted around in the coolest places. He was popular too. Women swooned over him way back, which was why my experience was even more painful and embarrassing.

I stood this time, without fear, just observant.
He approached me and I saw him for who he was. He was older, paunchy, a little sleazy now, and no longer able to hold the old persona together. He had that haunted look of awareness of what he would never accomplish.

He said: “Wow you look incredible. You have not changed- it’s amazing.”
I said: “O but I have” and a genuine smile took over my whole being and I looked at him and wished him well and meant it.

I felt compassion and an honest shedding of all blame, all the shame was gone and finally understood that all the years of staying sober, surrendering to Spirit, and learning to love myself had paid off and it had nothing to do with my outsides.

Yes I had the initial catch in my throat that precedes the cascading of the old emotions but because I had been rehearsing the positivity perspective (I mean if you can’t complain you have to reframe yes?) I was already in the space of observance and humility, and the joy that comes along with that.

This is the amazing grace I want to wake up to every day but it’s up to me.
I think I will keep this no complaining thing going.

Love love love from ME!
Love Colette XO





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  • Ronelle

    Colette – wow – such an amazing sharing today! Your openness is inspiring…thank-you for that.

    I love the weaving of synchronicity I feel that has taken place this week as part of your “tribe” <3 – "connecting with you" through "Love is the Answer" spirit on many levels & gateways 😉 <3 🙂 Today's Universal Energies Video REALLY spoke to me – as I'm sure it has to so many of us…as always – you are "on cue" just when I needed (you) most <3

    (And I'm actually listening to your song "Love is the Answer" right this very minute :-)!!!)

    Your story felt like it was shifting through my body as well – as though I was feeling that same "twinge" you had upon running into this person from your past…oy…I relate – been through similar circumstances…someone who "turns up" – to which I inwardly say "hmmm – what is my lesson from this…where am I still a little stuck, here"…

    I adore your immense depth of integrity. For where others may respond to crossing paths with such painful memory-infused individuals and react to them with a sense of arrogance and one-upping vibe – You opt to take a much stronger road of "gracious, eloquent magnificent self" – what a way to role-model to us and the universe.

    I am loving all your newest offerings I signed on for through your website – the V-blogs…Daily Oracle Courses etc. – all of them! Looking forward to all the upcoming ones!……….With Love & Gratitude…Ronelle <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing Ronelle 😉 and a big welcome oxox

    • Michelle

      Lovely reading as always. I like to meditate outside in nature. Thank u for you insights,X

    • Jan

      Hi Collette .Thank you for your website ,I joined your card reader’s course which is brilliant I’ve learn’t soo much.I also do daily Oracle my cards daily Fly on my bird.When I first heard you I’t was just like hearing the message I needed to know.I have been doing the no complaining,wow what peace it gives you.I would like to see you but live in Australia maybe on day. with much love and peace Jan

    • Mindy

      MR has kicked my ass this cycle around, but in an amusing way. I have been practicing awareness, being in the moment & observation and am amazed at how this detachment has helped me see as if a birds-eye-view of my life and how I interact with others. It truly helps me to navigate & negotiate to my highest purpose within each day. I have decided at my age of 57 years that is the sanest way to approach each day. I’m here to learn and that has been a big part of my evolution this past year.

      Saturday brought me lots of miscommunication errors, btw my iPhone5 has been wonky in a sporadic way since this MR cycle began, but this past Saturday every phone call was going straight to voicemail, all my text messages were going to my boyfriends computer instead of his phone causing me to get a little concerned when I didn’t get a response, bc he usually responds immediately. Then my toilet decided to become a gusher and I couldn’t stop the water flow & ended up with a giant puddle in my tiny bathroom & into my bedroom, luckily it was clean water. I for one am glad we are only days away from the end of this cosmic craziness. I was born during a Mercury Retrograde and often wonder if that has any message for my life. I would like to explore this, can you tell me the best way to do so?

      I just purchased the $7 special card lessons and cannot find the link to access the lessons, once again, MR has interfered, I thought I saved the linlk, but since my bf installed the latest OS system on my mac this weekend I cannot find the link. Please assist, I would so appreciate it. I was only through lesson 2 and am eager to continue but alas I need a little help.

      Colette, you are my go to for uplifting messages and I am thankful that I found you through Robert Ohotto another one of my go to sages, I have many bc that is what it takes for me. But your messages and your approach is so vibrant and magical. I truly look forward to my daily messages from the cards and from my own connection to Spirit – so a BIG Thank you to You. Keep up the good work and please plan a workshop or retreat in Florida, I live in Miami and would love the opportunity to attend.
      Kindly ~ M

    • Lyne Rochon

      I’ve been reading you for a while, follow-ups during the time I join. Interesting how we have same comments & applications. Why? Dont know? It’s all about what I transfer to my clients. I do intervention on daily basis as work & devotion. Thanks ’cause its always helpful. I deal with ,,,whatsoever comes & I’m ready for it & deaL to find a path through to guide. Some tips comes to my mind when I’m in a “CUL DE SAC” as we say in French ! So on from Québec !

  • Serena

    That’s pretty amazing. More power to you!

  • T

    Hi Colette,

    I read your blogs religiously and there are many lessons wrapped in them.

    The topic of the no complaining diet is what I need to do for the month. My daily interactions involve a mountain of this “stuff.” I won’t go into details. It does. It reeks of this.

    It’s so seductive and familiar for me to just be part of the clique and moan too. Maybe it’s the people pleaser in me. And yes, the mercury retrograde is kicking my butt. I’ve had the past show up on my Facebook private message. I messaged the person very quickly and didn’t accept the friend requests. Normally I would bend and just play along. This time, I chose not to.
    Just feel I have evolved past my “past life” with that part of my life. I have changed.

    My challenge this month is to step back and just say i’m not interested to the past and the moaning sessions in this as you said in your blog.

    I will walk away more and just stay out of the mess I see so often.


    Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    Have fun in your new home, Colette.

    Hugs, Trisha.

  • Rebecca

    I think I will give this a try.
    A good addition to the daily gratitude practice.
    Thank you for your beautiful cards and lightness.

  • Safena

    Hi Colette

    I am new to your work and I love it. I just want to thank you for your rawness and vulnerbility. It is hitting me at the right time to look at my own and share my own with others around me. I just went thru 3 hard weeks of the most excruitiating pain (trigeminal neuralgia) and during that time I received healings in my room at night when the pain was at the worst. I understand now how protected I am and how loved I am. That was the blessing and not to mention I finally chanelled all that love towards me for a change. That was a big aha moment. I am in the present moment pain free and feeling completely blessed. Just thought I would share with you. I live in Vancouver, BC and hope to see you next time you are in Seattle! I’m also checking out your courses. I have already done the oracle card reading for $7. Best money i ever spent. Big thumbs up!!!!! thank you!!!! 🙂

  • Chantelle

    Thankyou Colette for this 🙂 I too have a man from my past that reminds me of my shame and my old feelings of low worth. It feels so good to not relat to myself that way anymore. I love who i am turning into ….who I am and have a lot of compassion for the lost young woman i was. This is turning out to be a pivotal and life changing , life enhancing October and Mercury Retrograde. I have so much courage and compassion now to be with my shadowy parts. A lot of that ability has come from the awesome Robert Ohotto. Wow! Have you heard his Mercury retrograde in libra and scorpio yet? It has changed my life in the most beautiful way. My relationship to myself and to the Divine and to the way I position myself to others has a quality of honor and equality that i didn’t consciously know before. I quit my shitty job, and am about to start my own practice through a place that is run by ethical people. To do that I needed this shift in how i relate to myself and everyone. It feels really good to be here. It feels good not to put people above me anymore. I wasn’t even aware how much i did that until lately.I wish you a safe and smooth move into your new home and am grateful for this connection too. Much Love Chantelle

  • Diana Boles

    This Mercurial shift! The best MR I can ever recall! Usually we run and hide and fail to communicate. This time we seem to be able to hit it head on, opening the window & the door. Colette, you mentioned this diet last week and I thought, ” how delicious”. So, I tried it. I realized I don’t have anything to complain about except for that lawn that is soooo long it’s going to take two passes to get it short. Not an issue that I can’t keep my hand out of the peanut butter cups that are for Halloween — then there was that “failure to download” episode that took 5 days to happen! Does that sound like I’m complaining? It does, doesn’t it! Well, the lawn got mowed and , even though it took two days, I was happy to have this yard to tend to and I was smiling and connected to my totems the whole time. I’ve maxed out on chocolate desire and the peanut butter cups are still in the basket and on October 16–the “mid way day” of MR the download showed up in my iTunes file, where’d it been all along. (You were on my wave, Colette. I went back to look @ my computer the same day you posted to me. But I hadn’t read your post till after, when I wanted everyone to know—Gemini & MR can cause their own trouble).
    Since September 22, I’ve been listening in on the Spiritual Awakening Global Summit. Some new faces and some familiar ones, but everyone’s message is as yours. We must be the change we want to see. Whistle while you work. It’s elevating and that causes release. You can’t fly with your feet stuck in mud!

  • Amber M

    Great Vlog and Blog as always! I look forward to your entries every week.

    Retrograde.hmm..It has been interesting for me personally the last several weeks. The hubbs and I are moving too this coming Saturday far far far away from NY and we really do not have a plan or the resources to do so…. which is …scary. We have also had plans fall through including selling the hubbs motorcycle which would really help us out with the move–this has been hard to swallow.

    I have asked Spirit for signs about our move , a specific sign, and I have not seen it ….This has led to me wondering if I am getting signs that say not to move at this time and also doubt…which your last blog telling your story about Spirit sending the Ravens & the No Doubt tune really really had me thinking. I asked and expect Spirit to make things easier if our relocation is in the highest good …but it has not been happening that way or so it seems. Things keep falling through, I feel ill prepared and we literally have very little means to carry out this HUGE move with no jobs in place–just a hotel room and blind faith. I’m going nuts so I think i have kind of turned off? …hmm…but still i do have a sense deep within my core that everything will be fine because it always is no matter what …I have that stillness inside I can access …

    ANYWAY, this is what has been swashing around in my head/reality last few weeks….retrograde? I don’t know..Monkey Mind? “Chicken Little Challenger”? :…most definitely… haha

    I am grateful for this weeks blog/vlod because I need to practice a different perspective and reading your experiences do help. The oracle cards are also very helpful because for one I know I need to work on the area of discernment . Your story of running into someone from the past is potent in delivering the importance and power of a perception switch thank you for sharing it–I think everyone can relate to that feeling of getting sucked back into old stories …..Thanks for taking the time each week to speak/write to us and cheer us on with your insights , experiences, and oracle cards 🙂

    I took the Oracle Card online course it was wonderful!!! 🙂 A lot of great content!

    I would take a course designed for giving readings to others as well. I get asked to pull cards for others and I do for a close friend, my sister & my mom (who wants me to pull for her friends because she loves your cards so much!!!) but eventually I may for others so it would be great to see a course like that sometime .. I use the Avalon deck–they are beautiful ..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great to hear this and happy you look forward to reading and YES I am going to do an oracle reader certification class next year – one for beginners and then one that’s a little more in depth. STAY TUNED.. ok gotta go now we move today and off to a hotel while the movers do their thing.

  • Teresa Mooney

    You I look forward to every week, I have learned a lot from you for years, but I have been struggling with meditation. I have done everything, guided ones, calmed my mind tried to see and hear something for years. I’m not getting it. My mind just wanders off or I go to sleep. Can you suggest a book or something? With me if I need an answer I pray and it comes to me sooner or later by just entering my mind. But I know that isn’t meditatation and that seems to be the only thing I can’t grasp!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you might try guided ones first my Journey Through the Chakras works wonders. I have several others too xoox

      • Ronelle

        Hi again 😉 – for years I’ve been using your Journey Through the Chakras – I love it…and the way the album closes with your song “Love is the Answer” is the perfect “reawakening” back into “the moment” and day.

        Sometimes instead of listening with eyes closed – I do these meditative-versions:
        One of my favorite ways to listen to it – is when traveling by plane – there is nothing more incredible than soaring above – looking through the (airplane) window – and feeling “connected” with spirit and with my own soul-journey. I often find a lot of my creativity comes to me when I do this 😉 <3 And listening to it while outdoors – on the patio – or even by a window indoors when its raining…I just focus on the spoken-passages…background music and stare at the skies…for some reason – it relaxes me. xo

  • Donna Paris

    Hello You Beautiful Spirit Being! I love waking up Monday mornings to you in my In-box! This Mercury Retro-Grade has been extremely interesting, it is all happening while I pack up my life in NH to move to AZ. This move is huge and i know that you know what that is like Colette, I am sure that you can relate!
    My 7 year relationship came to an end a year ago, and I found myself meditating one morning and heard that voice “why are you putting yourself in wait mode” you see, I had a desire to reunite with whom I knew was my soul mate, he was not sure if he wanted to work on rebuilding our relationship, so he asked for time, 8 months later,he still could not make up his mind, I heard the voice and it made me realize that I had given my power over to this man, my fate I so easily put into his hands, putting me in wait mode. Well, long story short, I took my fate & power back, prayed and meditated for what should be my next step and then got a call from a friend that lived in AZ. She made me an offer that I just could not refuse. I have full and free access to her guest house, temporary work until I get on my feet, and access to a huge healing community, and her son just opened a massage practice which he said that I could sub-contract from him as I am a LMT and Intuitive Healer. All this because I took my power back!
    Now, my Soul Mate, well, I love him dearly, we are best friends, have been for 14 years, and it remains solid so solid that he is driving with me to AZ on October 31st, we travel so well together, we are having fun putting this trip together. I know that he is my Soul Mate and I know that the distance is going to be good no matter how it turns out, but, tentatively, he wants to sell his house in NH and come out and hang out with me in AZ for awhile.
    I welcomed his idea, but, kept my power, I set a boundary between us, within our friendship, that neither one of us is to question the other about whatever relationships are going on in our lives, I will no longer be in wait mode, I am open to whatever the Universe has in store for both of us!
    All this during a Mercury Retro-grade, amazing, everything has been said from a place of love and received with love, with understanding. I have been living in the house that I left I year ago while I am selling everything off and packing what is to be shipped, it has be familiar and different at the same time. It has reminded me of one of the reasons that I had left, which has been helpful in those moments of reservations.
    I am following my path and it feels wonderful, filled with excitement of what is to come. I will miss my friends, but looking forward to all the friends that I haven’t met yet!
    I have already joined 4 meetup groups with like minded people and I have every listing of the AA Meetings in my new community. I will arrive to a loving home of friends as well, how much can a 52 year young single woman ask for!!! This is my time, I have raised my boys who are now 30 and 27 to be independent, they have strong ties to their community and are doing well. So I leave with love & gratitude in my heart for everything that I have experienced in my life that has brought me here, to this wonderful place, I am grateful for EVERYTHING in my life, good, bad or indifferent! I too am in recovery, 14.5 years sober and when they said to “hold onto your seat, your in for a hell of a ride” well they were not kidding!!
    With Love & Gratitude

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow do I love this. Arizona has great meetings. WE lived in Sedona for 3 years before moving to NH. NOw we are off to CT. BRAVO you. Isn’t it amazing when we let Spirit lead.. we are never lost and we find magic.

  • Jen T

    I have had several opportunities, this last year to see that I had based my self worth on others. Learning that and attempting to discern pass patterns and choosing something different has been difficult. I have an extremely hard time letting go.I have an opportunity to choose something different this week. However it requires me to stand up for myself and let go.It is extremely difficult to choose, as this choice will affect so many in my life, especially my children. I have so many things to consider its overwhelming. It seems like there are different past patterns in this choice that it makes the choice complicated. So hopefully I will find the grace to support myself, speak up, and let go. The letting go part is the difficult part, that influences how I support my self. When you need to stand up and speak your truth so you don’t abandon yourself, yet let go with grace and not push. the way I see it I have 3 choices, one is definitely an old pattern, one is mixed with fear of the unknown, and not trusting, because it would affect everyone with the most negative consequences because it could be really good or devastating.The third choice seems best, it allows for honoring of myself,standing up and letting go. I keep wavering between the one that I am avoiding out of fear, and the compromise. So I am wondering if the feeling in my gut is about, pushing forward, or more of a warning to not go there.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      simple.. if you do what you did you will get what you got… answer.. so something different.

  • Gladys

    Thank you Colette so need this as 2 years ago we moved to California, and we moved back to NYC as it did not workout for us! So we it’s like starting all over, we think positive about the move in California as we know our children got closer my in laws:)) and a experience that my boys won’t forget:) things are tight for us financially but we are grateful for our health, the love, peace and a new apt that we moved as it’s 5 of us and the apt before was so small that could not have two beds there!! So we are thankful for the small things we have, and yesterday my husband went to California to drive back to NYC with our car and belongings that been at my in law and our beloved dog:)) and I know in my heart things will work out for us and I am truly praying about this Ebola scare as been reading that’s it’s airborne!!! And a lot of oeople will get sick!! Or it’s just me as I’m going through menopause and I stress about everything!!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      NIX THAT THOUGHT … focus on health and imagining the virus will be contained like in Nigeria. Read Dr Joe Dispenza’s book You are The Placebo. The media is all scare tactics. there are 300 million people here and there is no evidence it is airborne. Remember our predominant thoughts become our reality. oxoxox You might want to learn my In-Vizion® Process – it will help with your fear. If you can come up to Upstate New York next weekend The Omega Institute. There are still spaces left. 😉

  • Kimberley Kling

    Hi Colette!
    Thank you so very much for sharing such an experience. I felt the way Ronelle felt upon reading your experience and I will share one of my own. About a lifetime ago (just kidding, but you know what I mean) I worked at a local hospital as a medical transcriptionist for the radiology department. There were about 10 of us shoved in a small room with no windows in the basement of the hospital, with our own little cubicles. Needless to say, there were times when things got a little tense. One incident I still remember is that one of the ladies, Jill (that’s not really her name) decided to ask for 1/2 day off. I thought that was a great idea and asked our supervisor since Jill was taking 1/2 day would it be possible for me to take a 1/2 day as well. I was granted the time off. Suddenly, Jill came over to me and leaned down and said something rather threatening and mean spirited. My heart skipped a beat or two and I didn’t understand where all the hatred was coming from! Normally, I would have cowered in my cubicle. This time, though, for some reason I mustered up the courage and walked over to her and basically told her she didn’t get to come over to me and say those things and get away with it; that she doesn’t get to bully me around. Needless to say, I was VERY grateful for having a half day. I was so nervous, and scared. I didn’t know what she would do to me or what would happen when I returned to work. It was at that time, after I got home, that I took a long walk and truthfully from the heart asked for help. I talked to God, the Universe, Spirit, you know…QF, and switched my query around, came from the heart and said Jill seemed so very unhappy with where she was and to please help her find a place where she would be happy to work. I felt a shift when I asked in that manner, rather than the old way of asking for me. Two weeks later she got a new job and I didn’t see her again. About a year later I found another position as a medical transcriptionist working from home.

    A few years later I was in the parking lot of the local grocery store, putting my shopping cart away and a lady came over to me and said she would take the cart to use. I thanked her, looked up and into the face of Jill! My heart skipped a few beats at first and she looked me over and said Whoa! I must say that it was not in a good way since I had gained quite a lot of weight. She seemed rather pleased to see me looking worse. However, I was truly happy to see her and asked her how she was getting on with her job. She said she loved it and was so happy. I told her I was so very happy for her, that it was great that we both got away from that place and I wished her all the best…and meant it. I saw a change in her demeanor with my positive words and I felt as though a healing had occurred. I never quite understood what caused her to initially lash out at me. I have since read that there are times, in order for people to move on, something completely out of character will occur in order for the energy to shift. Not sure if that makes any sense.

    I still do transcription work, part-time now, and am a concierge at a country club where I get to practice gratitude, patience, not complaining A LOT! LOL Of course, still very much a work in progress, though I find I am catching myself quicker when I start down that path of complaining than I used to…so yay for me! 🙂

    I love your cards, I have taken the online course and REALLY love it! There’s a lot of information…lots of BANG for the buck! Thank you so much for sharing and for caring. I like thinking I’m part of a tribe…thank you so much and thank you for letting me share this with you all.

  • Patricia

    WOW. Rebirth and growth is always amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jen T

    I just finished a reading with the enchanted map oracle cards, a received elephants in all 3 card, so setting aside the general reading for the day, Collette I was wondering if you have a meaning for elephants in general since I pulled 3 of them. Thanks jen

  • Renee Sugar

    So love this blog. It feels like coming home!! Loved the part about the no complaining as it is
    never a constructive process. Observing and being present without any emotional charge is
    a discipline. Today is the beginning of the third week of a new job. I am “re-minding” myself
    to celebrate, the courage to step into a new world. Change can stir up a lot of discomfort; but
    it also completely redirects our choices, thoughts and behaviour. Learning to lighten up is important
    for me as someone who prides myself on excellence, high standards and has been so serious about
    aiming to do everything perfectly and placing such pressure on myself to make certain that no one would
    ever know how human I am. This new doorway has a lot of much younger people working and I did not
    have a joyful childhood/adolescence; so being playful, and joyful is not the norm. That being said; I can learn to be
    less critical of myself; and everyone and everything else if I choose to. Power is choice; recognizing it is
    empowering. The upside of entering this new doorway is that I am being paid and that there is a shift, an inflow;
    occuring; as I no longer will need to depend on my savings to support myself. Even if this is not my dream job; or
    destiny; it is an improvement and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience something quite outside the realm
    of my former experience. Things can change in an instant; so not worth the aggravation of focusing on the parts that
    are a bit unsavoury. Being flexible; and open to change; keeping an open mind are important keys to not getting bogged
    down by the challenges. Whatever happens; I can handle it!! It feels so good to be earning an income and getting back on
    my feet again even if I have to wear steel-toed shoes!!! No I don’t wear a hard hat; but it isn’t glamorous what I am currently
    doing , but it does have a place in the scheme of a larger story and there is potential for new opportunites; but I may not be
    promoted after only two weeks. Saying YES to this job opportunity is allowing me to be more conscious about making decisions
    along the way. I can ask for what I want; and it may or may not be granted. There are perks along the way; so just appreciate
    that things are progressing; and don’t sweat the small stuff!!! Before I know it; the time will fly so quickly I’ll wonder how it happened.
    LIFT (Life is for today. ) Take care and wishing you and Marc a smooth transition into your new home. XOXOX

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love it LIFT – YES ! thanx 😉 am writing this from a hotel room with my lil stressed out dogs and napping Marc!

  • Patricia Stevens

    So delighted that you spent time on the NH Seacoast! Thanks for spreading fairy dust here.

  • Sara

    As always, very much what I needed to hear today, and yet seemingly so difficult right now. You see…a week ago, on Oct 13, I phoned my father to wish him a happy birthday. I was devastated to find out that he had passed last May and my family had not told me. I am trying to find the forgiveness…I am praying to let go of the vengeance I seek…I am crying big elephant tears for the loss of my father, the cruelty of my mother and mostly the heartbreak that was rained down upon my children (who are adults, but were also not informed of their grandfather’s passing).
    I too am an addict. Tomorrow I will be eleven!! And I have done the work…the REALLY tough work. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have put in endless hours of self-assessment and discovery. And just when I was reaching that first calm moment….BAM! I do my very best not to be the victim (for I can be the victim of SO many things). Perhaps I am too hard on myself, too. I don’t want to be sad anymore. I want to be able to comfort my kids. I don’t know what to say…or what to do. My mother and I have had a no-relationship relationship since I was a tween. It just grew worse over time. Now it has apparently cost my children dearly. And I feel like I have nothing left…just void. I know that is not true. I know it will pass. It will get better. I am truly a Highly Sensitive Person living a highly spiritual life. I am just having so much trouble finding my way back to my feet right now.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Turn it over honey.. this will pass, and I am sure you have done the best you can with your kids. Family stuff is tough and addiction is a family disease. Be extra loving and compassionate to yourself. Your mom has to live with the bitterness maybe she doesn’t know how to let it go but you have the tools. That said sadness hits us all in our life. IT’s life.. the whole stinky dirty fabulosity. 😉 Your Higher Power is with you xoox

  • Colleen

    Dear Colette, Sparkle Being Yourself, Oh Great Sharer of Authenticity,

    Thank you for playing full out, living an empowered spirit-filled life in front of us all as an example. We are grateful, and pray that as your pebble of influence has dropped into our pond, the ripples of our lives will connect the love and light of this tribe to all those we meet each day.


  • Lisa Francis

    Hi Colette .. loved the blog .. as usual

    I also loved the song playing on your site .. I know it is you.

    It has flashes of Kate Bush .. simply lovely to listen to.

    I believe I will get my husband, the recording engineer/producer/Juno award winner, to listen to it tonight.

    He does gravitate to music that provides healing and upliftment to others .. which your song does.

    Love the cards .. I had booked a session .. but had to postpone until .. Jill knows .. anyhow I do plan to rebook shortly.

    blessings .. have a super week


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Lisa that is so so sweet. If you’re in Canada you can get my CDs on iTunes. I recorded my first CD Magdalene’s Garden with Tori Amos’ producer Eric Rosse – and the music you hear on my site is from my second CD I AM/Grace – both are on EMI music now Universal. I am itching to go back in the studio.. 😉 stay tuned

  • T Stroh

    Isn’t it amazing how we bury ourselves if our fears and “Stuff” and hide from our potential and then bitch about it! I like the no whining diet. I too am going to give that one a shot. I, as most of the planet, am in the middle of some BIG life changes and this idea could be a total god sent! Thanks for the honesty and the heart felt love you give to all of us! I sure wish I could see your new TV Show!!
    Crystal Blessings, hope the big move went well and can’t wait for next weeks video.

  • denise davidson

    Dear Colette, thank you so much for your inspiring story. This has been one of the most difficult years for me and I do feel like the roof is falling down more often than not, lately. There is so much going wrong and I feel my life is spiralling out of control. I tend to forget that that there are blessings to every difficult situation too. Thank you for reminding me of Amazing Grace (which happens to be my favourite hymn). Starting now, I will certainly TRY to focus on the positive and not complain. Even when I feel overwhelmed. I will take it one day at a time. Thank you.

  • Eric


    After reading this post by you and the previous post that you had done, again, I was fascinated. For whatever reason we tend to think that those that are enlighted have ALL of the answers, which is not true at all. Perhaps we should think of it in terms of what Kris Kristofferson said in the movie “Convoy”, “I’m not the leader, I’m just up front”

    After I read your previous post questioning your signs I thought that might be due to the Mercury retrograde; after this recent post I decided to look at your astrology chart. While I didn’t have your birth time I did see some interesting things. You have many hard aspects in your chart which means that you have been “tested” in life; those with many hard aspects in their charts are the ones that can hold up in a crisis, those with all easy aspects tend to fall apart. I also have found that those who are enlightened will have many hard aspects in their chart. I’m not sure why this is; perhaps adversity teaches them compassion? Anyway, I’m glad that you “passed” your tests from earlier in life; as you know the ones we fail we get to take over again and sometimes tuition can be pretty steep, but we can take solace in knowing that we’ll all “graduate”.

    Thanks for your continued insight. If you have a birth time I’d like to read your chart with houses. Hopefully it will help me hone my astrological chops and if you wish I can share with the “class” and you can “grade” my work! 😛

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Best wishes,


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for the offer Eric!I will think on it xo BUt I LOVE this ” I’m just up front” That is exactly how I feel and why I think it;s so important to share the journey as is not as it is supposed to be. How can we have courage to overcome obstacles if the only people up front never stumble?> oxox

  • Leeza Robertson

    Can i just say thank you for the “surrender with the arms up” comment. I listened to your vlog right after I had finished my podcast recording for my Totemscopes show and your reading this week really hit home.

    I had been putting my arms down this year as a subconscious form of defeat. I didn’t realize just how disengaged and disenfranchised I had been with my life this year till around August. I had come into 2014 very attached to how i wanted life to show up. It needed to look like the picture I had in my head, but it didn’t. I guess I really wasn’t getting the intention + detachment = hitting the mark equation at all.

    After a period of silent surrender I now feel engaged and ready to aim again. But this time my arms are going up in celebration for what is to come regardless of what form it takes or how it chooses to show up. I have also taken the Arrow Master out of the deck and have it on my desk as a reminder 😉

    Blessings, Leeza.

  • Lori Ingram

    So many times I have asked for someone to explain life to me like my grandma’s did. One was native American. One had a mother who married her slave. started a church where Dr. Martin Luther King pastored and then was sent to an sanitarium for life by her family. They both spoke in parables and children were to be seen and not heard so I understood the layers of those parables bit by bit. I trusted them. They knew the future but didn’t tell it. Neither do you. YET,
    I receive an ever opening message through you and feel them here hold in hands waiting for me to follow God’s instructions with courage. Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautiful… thank you…we must learn to discover each step ourselves, even though I see the future it is only my perspective, yours will be richer with experience. It’s never how it seems.. yet it’s always perfect…

  • Holly

    Hey Colette! LOVE the readings every week And your blog. This mercury retrograde has been wonderful!! I took a chance, made a change and got a new position. I’ve been manifesting a job with less hours, better hours (I’ve been working night shift for 10 months), and MORE MONEY!! GUESS what I got? All the above!! So excited!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      LOVE IT .. I get it this one really was about being focused and taking the risk based on what was honestly best for all! Risk taking worked! LOVE it.. miss master manifestor 😉

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for this Colette! It has been ages since I’ve read you, listened to your shows, etc, but it is time to return. Love your Oracle cards.

  • NinaC

    I am trying not to complain as well as not gossip. I never thought I was a gossip (which sometimes is just another word for complaining) and then…clarity…I am! I couldn’t figure out why and then I had a family member call my SON on the phone and while I was cleaning up shattered glass and said “I can’t talk, glass everywhere” they wanted to know “how I was feeling about another family member’s life” and they said it in this “caring” voice that reminded me of when I gossip! and I thought oh my gosh, THIS is how I was brought up. I thought THIS was okay. in fact, when I was younger, it seemed really caring and seemed like it brought me closer to people. but it really didn’t. and hasn’t. and has only led to problems in my life. and i’m finally, at age 45, realizing this. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t see the caring, thoughtful, person I felt I was…and maybe its cause they could only hear the complaining and gossiping. the next thing I’m trying to stop is the pat on the back I give myself for NOT doing it and just making it a way of life. so . so. hard. but I expect to see a better, more positive life all around so keep plugging away at it. sometimes, for me, if I write something down I am able to let it go. so I almost want to start a complaining book to just write it and forget it…but I’d hate for someone to find that and read it so haven’t yet.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its wild when we see that in ourselves. Me too .. tho has really helped me reframe my conversations for sure.

  • Patricia

    Colette: thank you for your readings. I am struggling emotionally and your readings bring me great moments of clarity and force me to think. I know that staying in this state will not produce better things in my life. The challenge is for me to feel and think better even when it feels as though all the negativity is flying at me – especially work and at times personal. Your uplifting card decks and your video readings force me to realize that this is not my spirits true nature and bring me to another way of thinking. Thank you! All the best on your move. It’s funny but I feel like that is something we need to be doing. Moving brings new adventures and puts you on your next journey.

  • cath

    thanks for all the positive needs to be lived and we are all facing our own issues and to hear others are going through these moments help us learn to stretch.

  • Lynn

    Beautiful message Colette…thanks for sharing as it helps us all to stand tall, even in the shadow of the past. It’s such a powerful feeling to see yourself in the presence of change for the better.

    Even with your crazy schedule and MOVING in the middle of it all, you have such a vibrant, joyful way about you and it just makes me smile!!

    Love you so very much!!

  • irene

    Good Luck on your move and the new house. thank you for sharing your story. I like the no complaining diet, hard to do, but we all certainly can improve. it’s all about energy. good energy and good thoughts bring more of the same.

    love you.

  • Diane

    Yours words are so inspiring and real. I love reading what you feel like sharing, for many reasons- one of which is that you allow others to understand that their stories of their past are just as valuable and by allowing us to see our true selves, outside of our experiences, we can move forward stronger, wiser and ready to set sail for a fabulous future!


  • Lisa

    OK…so, you are mind-blowingly awesome….and real!!! I have been using your cards for quite awhile but never really felt like I knew YOU! After watching a couple of your videos just now and, reading your blog….I’m your new biggest fan!!! You’re funny, entertaining and like I said, REAL…<3 LOVE IT!!!

  • Anna

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message Colette! Especially the reminder to be patient. Which can be hard sometimes when I have so many great ideas and so much enthusiasm to work on certain projects. I do find that whenever I slow down, things become much easier, much more simple, and I get more done with less effort. I’ll try to remember to meditate at least once a day this week. (I’d better walk my talk, lol.) 🙂

    Lots of love and have a wonderful week!

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette,
    How cool! I only listened/watched this today…after having pulled 2 of the same cards you did for this week! Isn’t that cool? This Mercury retrograde was being fairly nice to me until Friday Oct. 17th until Tuesday Oct 21 when I road an emotional roller-coaster ( it was about making choices in a friendship…the high road or the ego road….I picked the Dragon’s Duel every one of those days.)
    I seem to have come out the other side of the vortex, and must have fed the right dragon. Now that the storm has passed, I pulled, the Queen of the Light (yeah!) the Arrow Master and the Resting tree. Cool or what? And, after finishing up some work, I’ve got all day tomorrow for the resting tree.
    Thanks again for your spot-on readings and hope you can resting-tree-enjoy settling into your new home!

  • Laura DiMinno

    Thank you! I love that you’ve been on the “no complaining” diet, because I have found that I’ve been complaining more than ever! I put a stop to it and remembered the gift of the opportunity to stop and explore a little deeper. I love when that happens! The discovery of the gift, that is. I’m practicing saying “thank you” when I feel most confronted, challenged, and icky, because I know it’s taking me somewhere so much better – it is for my Highest Good. And then, when all evens out a bit, I thank myself for having the courage to ride the wave, so to speak. What a trip!! Biggest lesson this Mercury retrograde period? Letting go and trusting the process! And then being kind to myself when I slip, fall, and get back up again. When I feel awkward, I think of my 14-year-old daughter, who, having never before played volleyball, worked her ass off to get on the team (check), get off the bench (check), and become the bad-ass player that she is! (check) Tonight’s her last game of the school season. Her courage and determination inspire me. Yes! Here’s to getting back up and enjoying the process! (even when you don’t feel like it)

  • Bikem

    Hi Colette and tribe, I loved reading the blog….You must have been moved by now, Omega is tomorrow, good luck with both….Your story reminded me, when my mom told me that my trauma caused person died some years ago… I felt relieved, not in a bad way but in a releasing the past way… He must get a lot of healing in Heaven, I hope he got it….

    MR had been difficult for me… Now I am in your shoes—-literally—–from last summer, or was it the summer before, I have a cracked foot..Resting Tree, yes….It has been couple weeks, so it is getting better…

    No complaining actively, would be a good practice…Sometimes complaining I mix with self compassion…I do not complain too much, but when people say how blessed my life is, I say but I have this this this problem…I can say, yes, my life is blessed and I am very grateful for it….Thank you for noticing…..

    Blessings all, keep up the good work everyone, Love, B….

  • Kathleen

    Hi Colette,

    I just love reading your blog and look forward to it every week. It’s like picking up a good book and reading a short, inspiring story. I feel a sense of home here with you and the other members and am touched and inspired by the rawness and honesty of your writing.

    I wanted to share a visit that I had with you. I was writing down a dream informing me that taking another job similar to what I’ve been doing would be self sabotage. I leaned back and closed my eyes reflecting on what was next and all of a sudden you showed up clear as day in my minds eye. In an instant I’m transported outside your window. You’re in a sitting or living room with a glass wall or big glass window. It’s dark. You ask who’s there and I answer but you can’t hear me. So I throw something small at the window and yell “Colette, it’s me” and you let me in. You pull 4 cards from a deck. I’m not sure what deck it is but the words I see are Becoming, Whisperer, Medium, Castle in the Air. I’m not familiar with all of your cards so am not sure if these are even cards in the deck. Is there one called Medium? Anyhoo, I was wondering if I should write you about this and my touchtone lamp behind me turned on and off three times by itself.

    Hope the move is going well and that your new home is everything you wish for and more. Thanks for listening and visiting! Kathleen

  • Diana Boles

    Where to start! Usually, when I draw cards, there is not something specific in mind—it’s more like I am looking to see where the day will carry me, what the day may present. But this morning was very different for me. I, for once couldn’t decide whether to go to an overnight girls pj party, or stay home to keep myself connected to what must be accomplished this weekend. So I went to the Map Oracle cards to query specific for help deciding—-I drew the Deep Freeze card. Freeze frame———DO NOT LEAVE———-next, 1card from Hidden Realms——Hawk Prince–heed the message from Deep Freeze & just then I looked out the window of my Moonlodge and a Redtail Hawk was circling over my backyard——-now Avalon——-2 cards jumped out of the deck on their own—–at the exact same time that I turned over what was the Disruption card, ambulance & Fire engine sirens blared somewhere close and at the same moment I turned over the other card — the Wind Faerie — a big gust of wind began and sustained for a long time.
    Omens, signs, messages! I believe it was confirming that I stay home for a million reasons that I knew to be true. The danger is in going. The need is in being here. I also think that one of the messages was that I stand by my own side regardless of what others think.

  • Alina

    Thank you!!! Your Vlog and Blog always help me and this one especially connected with me. I recently pulled the cease complaining tool from my toolbox. I was going thru a difficult turn on that wheel of life and I hit rock bottom and realized the only way thru was to surrender. Once I was open to something other than despair I was reminded of this tool by Spirit. I was able to see myself again as the observer and witness the pattern I had created. Did anyone say self-sabotage?! I also asked Archangel Gabriel to guide me with my communication and I was able to get off the pity party carousel. By speaking from a place of awareness I was able to flip my vibration back to love. So I thank the Universe again for reminding me of all of its gifts and beauty, abundance and blessings …and the miracles…the everyday miracles. And ceasing complaints is one of those everyday miracles. I am grateful⭐️ Blessings to all of you

  • Deb Anderson

    You make us all see the shadow we like to hide from. I saw you in Las Vegas and loved your realness. You show the world that we DO have control and can change our thoughts and actions.
    Thank you for the beauty of your cards and yourself

  • Tatjana

    I love the idea of no complaining and just made a pact with myself to do that until New Year’s 😉 Every moment is way to precious to be wasted …

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