UBU … there is no one else like you…!

Updated: November 10, 2014

Dearest special one,

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself, everyone else has already been taken“.

I’m writing from the Phoenix airport on my way back from the Divine Wisdom Retreat this weekend. It was an extraordinary experience for everyone and I am forever grateful and humbled that I get to do these kind of things. I was able to deliver a lot of messages to people in the audience and share some deep work so I am coming home soulfully satisfied.

Coming together with like-minded people is inspiring because there is a shared synergy, an energy that multiplies in ways almost too difficult to describe. It’s beautiful and safe and creative and transformational. It’s what I hope to create for you here online as well as in person.

Being part of doesn’t mean being exactly the same however.

Group-think mustn’t override your authenticity.

Be yourself.

Find who you are, and be that true expression of you. Your soul knows who the real you is.

I had a strong vision this morning sent from Spirit and so I’m compelled to write this to you now.

While you read these words know allow yourself to feel the power of Spirit surrounding you with love.

You are enough.
You are beautiful.
If you listen and know from your heart you will know miracles.
Your intellect coupled with your intuition led by your soul is miraculous.
You are an expression of the Divine and so there is no one else like you in the world.
Your presence is needed in the world.
Your service is needed.
You are no smaller nor greater than anyone else.
You are always protected and divinely directed.
You are loved.
Always and forever.
You belong.
Just UBU. ….. we all need you to be yourself.
For you are the miracle.

Love you truly special one !!




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  • Chaunaci Gage

    Grateful to see you at the retreat and in Seattle this year. I got your Hidden Realms oracle cards, they are amazing. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your wisdom and gifts. YOU are a blessing!

  • Genene

    Your oracle card reading was farther down on your vlog than usual–which gave me a poke of disappointment that you might have discontinued this. LOL! Made me realize how much I enjoy these and I wanted to say thank you for doing these each week!

  • Amber M

    Awesome!! Thanks Colette for a great start to the week 🙂 Love you blog <3 and I love watching you and listening to you speak


  • Katrina

    Thankyou Collette
    Your Spirit Guides are very clever!
    The last few days have been tough…well tough for this Scorpio anyway. I’ve felt impatient, agitated and wanting ever thing to happen NOW! Meanwhile feeling less and less inspired about myself! Your messages arrive at just the right time to kick me in the butt!
    I needed that!
    Hope you have a great trip home!
    K x

  • Joanne

    Just pvr’d your show. I Cannot wait to see it. Namaste.

  • Gigi

    This message really lifted me up. I had someone who I thought was a spiritual mentor to me but she showed me a side of her that was not love, kindness nor anything I associated a person who was supposed to be a server of the Spirit to be. They say things happen for a reason and I feel it was to make me walk away from this person as she wasn’t someone who walked the way of my God. Thank you for the message and allowing me to express my feelings as I am trying to develop my spirituality, God Bless Gigi

  • Serafina Krupp

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, For your part in the magical week-end!!!

    Love, Love, Love, Serafina

  • jd

    hallo i try to understand what you mean with all but i can not as so many bad things happened to me over the years ,
    i know i have a angle holding me safe and safe my life more then ones when i try to kill my self in my younger years becoc of what was done to me then and other people try to kill me but am still here as my angle was all ways with me .. i never told any body this . my angle safe my life . i can not hate people but there make me very sad as there try to hurt me with it,
    yea i still belive in santa even that i never had any thing for xmas ever even as a child .as i got older all i ever was wishing for was been happy with real good man that realy love me, i know one day he will find me but even that i never had. i belive very much in the lord and live the way of the lord ,i do not go out on one night stands, that is why people say am differant . some insuld me becoc of it and one or 2 like me in the way i am . i love to learn more about it but do not have the money for it not even bit by bit but i try to learn more and read all i can about it ,
    best wishes

    • Lori Ingram

      Hi JD. You don’t know me but people always said I had to learn to love myself. They were friends who used this weakness and used that very statement for hurting me mind soul and body. But over the years I searched for God and he found me. I leave the people to find other prey. Once you allow God to speak to you,You will love you self!

  • Diana Boles

    I find that like minded makes room for authenticity. No expectations other than the UBU. No apologies necessary. Long moments of growth and expansion. Learning ways of better use of language to better express feelings and ideas. Enthusiasm is contagious as is laughter. Support is the strength you share in sympathy and strength is not a question, it is an offering. In that offering, we find like minded folk and like minded makes room for authenticity. Mitakuye Oyasin

  • Jen

    I am probably one of the many who will feel like this was written for them.Only wish I could believe it. Can’t say that I have every really felt like I belong. Too much in the last year,

  • janice wexler

    thank you very much for your kind thoughts
    thank you for being a kind and down to earth and caring person
    your messages are truly inspirational

  • janice wexler

    thank you for being a kind and down to earth and caring person
    your messages are truly inspirational

  • kirstin

    True Dat Colette….


  • Cindy


    Your blog this week was pure synchronicity for me!!!! I have been on a journey of rediscovery lately, and I keep having experiences that help me to see what the best questions would be to bring to the oracle for guidance on best next steps. You wrote “Find who you are, and be that true expression of you. Your soul knows who the real you is,” and used Enchanted Map to answer the question, “What do I need to know to find what my true expression of me is?”

    First card was Field of Dreams reversed. The trend in my daily readings has been to pursue a particular creative project, but I have felt a lot of resistance around it and haven’t been able to figure out why. This says to me, “Look inside yourself for the creativity.”

    Second card was Strength. This project feels very daunting, even though I know in my heart I can do it, and the result will be awesome. But the card is telling me to have faith, and I have been reading inspiring books to help boost that faith, so I’m right on track with that. And it says creativity again!

    Third card was Solitude. Here is where I had an AHA! moment. Knowing that I am spirit, if I get quiet before I start working and allow that true, authentic part of me to flow through me, then the authentic expression of myself is allowing spirit to create through me. I have been approaching this from an ego/logic/left brain place that had me stalled out, but it can’t feel overwhelming and intimidating if spirit is doing all the work through me. Lately, I keep seeing this (and I paraphrase) All things are possible through spirit who strengthens me. (Oh wait, wasn’t card #2 Strength?!)

    Isn’t that reading awesomeness? Thank you so much for your course! It was so incredibly helpful!!! Just the first part, where you talk about how to best frame your question, and the attitude to adopt to get clear guidance has really transformed my readings and what I get out of them. I could go on and on and on and on about all the helpful things I learned from those videos. You really helped me to get a good grasp on how to hear what the cards are saying. You rock, sistah!

  • Shawn

    Watched your show tonight, you are awesome! I live on Vancouver Island in Nanoose Bay BC, 10 minutes north of Nanaimo. Do you have any plans of coming this way for a show?

  • Denise Bedsor

    Thanks Colette for your UBU letter and this weeks card reading…..I love how you’re just writing that message for me. Both were very relevant today (tuesday in Australia) for starting my new business today. Thanks for being YOU…genuine, encouraging, inspiring and down to earth….can’t wait to see your new show (being a medium is pretty up there). Denise

  • Cindy

    Thank you, For your time …you take for everyone to do the things you do!! I adore you!!! I can’t wait for your show!! I will be glued to the tv !! lol….Much love and respect!!!

  • Lisa Francis (By Grace Go I)

    Love love love love the music playing .. I feel fortunate to hear it .. thank you Colette .. so touching .. so real .. authentic lyrics with an uplifting feeling

  • Renee Sugar

    Loved the Universal forecast and UBU message. Also love Oscar Wilde quote.
    Am feeling excited this morning as I followed up by making a phone call from
    a referral that I received months ago. As I am currently working full-time; time is
    limited; but I never shelved a creative story that I have been developing since 2008.
    Timing is everything and NO is not an answer that I easily accept. So this phone call
    was received by someone I have never met who was open-minded and understood the
    challenges of navigating through a daunting maze to uncover the best way to manufacture
    a product which would integrate the original collection of artwork I designed and have
    morphed into a series of possibilities already. TIming is everything; and sometimes it isn’t
    the best time for something to manifest; or there are delays. Anyway to make a long story
    shorter; the person I spoke to willingly gave me her E-mail address; and said that although
    they don’t usually collaborate with artists/designers doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a favorable
    exchange and could work for the highest good of all concerned. She was receptive and as I
    was given the name of this company; and had a contact; the door opened easily. So one step
    forward and I have moved forward not underestimating the potential of the work I painstakingly
    created from nothing and am immensely proud of. We are indeed irreplaceable; and need to be
    reminded of that. It took the hard knock of meeting the wheels of a jeep while lying on the ground
    so grateful to stil be alive to “re-mind” me that no one could fill my place and that I am here because
    that was G-d’s will.
    I am excited for the airing of your show; and can remember you sharing how you felt before it began. Lucky for me I attended the taping as I will be sleeping at 11:00 P.M. It is a good thing to reflect on how far we have travelled sometimes at lightening speeds to reach the moment we are experiencing today. So LOTS OF LUCK with the airing; hope it receives an avalanche of support which I know it will.
    So appreciate this blog and the opportunity to be who I am. Oscar Wilde also said; ” One should either “be” a work of art; or should wear a
    work of art”. Looking forward to the latter and sharing the original artwork in just the right form. XOXO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE this quote ” ONe should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” LOVE IT

    • Diana Boles

      Renee, I read what you have t say every time you join in this conversation. So, after reading this I had to check out your art. Fabulous! Love the full kaledescope textiles. Good for you!

  • Beth

    Thank you for this. I am also enjoying your TV show very much. Nice to see you in action.

  • Tara

    This is perfect and beautiful, thank you. Also, I just posted to someone today- “You are enough”. That part meant something to me. Thanks again. : )

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