A Seasonal Survival Guide for Sensitive People!

Updated: December 14, 2014

Dearest you,

Imagine for the next couple weeks until the holiday Season Finale on Dec 31st, you the intuitive sensitive being that you are, may be seeking ways to manage your hyper awareness that may not serve you as well as you hoped. So here are some tips to make it through these next couple weeks relatively unscathed before we enter the prosperous promise of 2015.

I believe at this stage of our spiritual growth, and just plain seasonal self- preservation we all agree on a few things.

There are not enough cookies on the plate to stuff down the hairball of feelings that show up as soon as you get to your in-laws, think about your ex, or wonder why others seem to manifest their dreams faster than you. There just will never ever be enough to stuff.

We know people pleasing does nothing to protect you but will definitely and most certainly drain the life out of you.

We know rebooting an old holiday resentment is like drinking poison gleefully expecting the other person to get sick. Forgiveness makes for a much jollier time but if that fails, and sometimes it might, well it’s just better to save all that for another day when the urge to return to the drama has passed.

We also know pulling out all those credit cards high on life might seem like a whoopy session at the time, until you get the bill and begin the year in debt. So we know the gift- buying extravaganza will indeed be an invitation for self- reproach we might want to temper.

And, not that you would ever do this but, sloppy office kisses may wash out of your mouth with gin but the next day they do seem to linger in the jingling shame box of memories held by the Ghost of Christmas past begging for attention.

One would hope this would be permanently off the holiday option list regardless. In this case stuffing your face is the better choice.

We also know that those emails suggesting you buy those discounted sweaters, software, sheets, creams, books, shavers that also make coffee, or bacon smelling vegan friendly alarm clocks, etc. are NOT signs from the universe just because they showed up at 11:11 on the 11th day in a row in your inbox or Facebook feed. You do NOT have to order them. Spirit is not your online shopping divination guide in email and AdChoice form.

So what shall we do besides cultivate a sense of humor?

  1. Be grateful.
  2. Be thoughtful.
  3. Be compassionate to yourself and others.
  4. One is enough, and if that isn’t true for you abstain altogether.
  5. NO is an excellent word. Use it.
  6. Being present with someone you love is the best present of all to give them.
  7. Make a daily self care plan and stick to it.
  8. Stay connected to like minded others
  9. Meditate- meditate- meditate, and breathe- breathe- breathe.
  10. Never compare yourself.
  11. Manage your relationships – you and Spirit , then you and you, then you and others.
  12. If you do all of the above then you have this truth to look forward to. Miracles can and do happen.


So, as we approach the last 2 weeks of the year may you remain safe in the hand of the Divine, grounded, and grateful for this is the best gift you can give your sensitive self one day at a time.

Let me know how you are doing by commenting on the blog- if you have tips for this season share them so we can all learn from each other. Love to hear your thoughts.


Love love love to you all!


Love Colette XO




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  • Bikem

    Instead of shopping I go to coffeeshops and try the new holiday flavored coffees…. and people watch….Blessings dear one, Saturday is my birthday, I love this season….Love, B…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      happy birthday and that sounds yummy!

    • Iveta Fedele

      Hello Colette,
      Thank you! Nicely set..love it:)

      Love and light

  • Patricia

    Thank you for this sage advice, Colette. I have copied it, printed it and stuck it on my bathroom mirror… I really need to read this ((( EVERY ))) day.
    I feel embarrassed to admit this… but each year I struggle ‘deeply’ with the Christmas season… and breathe a huge sigh of relief when it is over.
    That said… I can also express… with deep gratitude… a profound appreciation for the gifts of life, good health, and the opportunities made available to continue my healing journey.
    Thank you for all the healing (and fun) you bring to this world!

  • Ursula

    My fail safe any day is an epsom salt or himalayan salt bath….with ambient music, my cat beside the tub and a big ‘ol conversation with my spirit guide. The warmth comforts me, the salts soothe me and my aura. Being sensitive to everyone as a medium, and as you mentioned is a year round balancing act, not just this time of year. Crying is a great release, to allow myself to feel more deeply and let go.
    Much love to you this time of year and always,

  • Diane

    Thank you Colette for the love and the great messages. Big hugs <3

  • susan

    Letting go and letting spirit lead is hard when you want something, but I am really trying, thank you for your message ♥

  • Diana Boles

    with the kids all grown up, spending less is much easier. Fun cookie times, donations to an orphanage, a babysitting fundraiser with donated time and lots of time walking in the silent shadows of the evening woods. Peace

  • Ellen

    Thank you for your kindness and your humor when we all need it the most!

    My children’s father died this year, and none of the kids (aged 15-35) were able to have a close relationship with him for several years. Despite the lack of closeness, the children felt strongly that their ideas surrounding what to do with his remains needed to be honored, and there was a huge fight and subsequent split from their father’s immediate family. This year, the weekend before Christmas, we are planning to take his ashes to the mountains, and release him to the elements. I have been looking forward to this for six months, but now as the time has finally come, I am dreading it a little. My children, step children, and grandchildren have (I think) been burying their feelings, and I anticipate a storm of painful emotions — normal, yes, but I am the one who has consistently held the safe space for them, and it’s exhausting.

    I am hoping that all the family will be able to feel the grace of Spirit beside and within them as we go through this most painful part of the grieving process. Many blessings to you for your vision and reassurance.

  • Diane Quapaw

    Your message came at a good time for me, because this month for me has been very trying. Everything has been going all wrong. I do believe in spirit but it’s hard to stay positive. I know things will get better I just need to wait, thank you Colette for your peaceful message. Diane

  • Marina

    I love your messages, Collette! Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season and please keep shining your incredible Light! <3

  • maria

    The movie Elf does it for me

  • Annabel Kirkpatrick

    Thank you Colette for all of your emails, cds, books, everything! You are a blessing! I started my day with a gratitude journal and I feel so much better and blessed. I highly recommend keeping a gratitude journal to others, it is so uplifting. Just right a few new things each day you are thankful for 🙂 thanks!

  • Irene Fraser

    Collette, I love your message. Its so true and easier to handle because you make it funny. I love your writing and I love you.
    Happy Holidays, Irene.

  • Lois

    This is the best seasonal survival guide I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much! I copied it into Evernote and am strategizing how I can just happen onto it several times a day. Namaste.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I am trying to follow my bliss when I really have bills to pay. I am protecting myself from being taken advantage of: not flashy, sensitive-respectful to others, avoiding confusion – however I am willing to help in the right measure because we are in this boat together. Over the years I have learned to dance to the song of communication taking in the body language, the tone, the words, and possibility of perceptions and expectations before I Leap into action. I guess I have to get going to find out the answer.

    Ask: Need blessings here also such as financial, educational, family, home, and safety. This weeks weather has been blue sky …

    Holy, holy, bless Lil’Bud this 7th year of her birth – thinking of her… LOVE.

    Blessings for Career, LOVE, and Relationships to Colette : ) Family : ) FurBabies : ) and Friends : ) these Holidays and Happy New Year. Thank you, for being here ….

  • Claudette

    Hi Colette, I always enjoy your weekly blogs but this one was especially brilliant. Breathe… And the “bacon smelling vegan friendly alarm clock” cracked me up! It’s a great reminder to those of us actively looking for signs of angelic guidance that using our common sense is ok too!

  • Renee Sugar

    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night” !!!!!
    I plan to be sleeping and restoring the balance after a pretty
    frenetic and challenging 3 months working in the “Willy Wonka
    Chocolate Factory”. (just a comparative symbol) flowing with
    the unexpected every moment of each day I have worked at
    this fast-paced machine. I don’t really get caught up in the frenzy
    of the season as I am Jewish; but I hope that I can create the time
    to connect with friends and send holiday wishes. I often feel like
    I live in a different zone because I never celebrated X-mas; but I
    will light the candles each night on the menorah to honor the
    tradition and to share in a celebration of color and lights.
    I hope that those closest to my heart already know there is
    a special place for each of them and that is an important
    exchange. The key is to just share some in some form of celebration
    regardless of what it might be. “The holiest of holidays are those kept in
    silence and apart; the secret anniversaries of the heart”.

  • Lisa

    Oh Colette, you crack me up!!! I look so forward to your posts, you help remind me to stop and breathe. Most mornings I do my yoga and pilates, set intentions and read a verse from my Daily Word. This works pretty good to help keep me grounded and start off the day with my best foot forward. Still, we live and work in an often hectic world and it’s nice to be reminded while we may not be surrounded by like minded people daily, we can find them. Besides being a nurse, I do energy work and connect with people in my community this way. I also attend a monthly Intention Group where we each set an intention and meditate on it (can be for self, family, community, world event, etc.) All these things really help so much, then there’s you!! You are able to reach so many people through your blog, internet, etc. Colette please never doubt how much you are appreciated and loved my fellow sparkly being!! God Bless you and Merry Christmas!!
    P.S.– I must watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with Jimmy Stewart at least twice every season!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you made my day .. i woke up feeling kinda crappy so thank you for this!

      • Lisa

        Oh, I’m so glad I made your day! You make so many people’s days!! I met you briefly at the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Scottsdale. One thing that struck me about you, Denise and Lisa was even though I knew in my head you’re all ‘real people’, it really connected in my heart. Even with 300 or so people there, you all shared your stories, trials and triumphs…connecting with each of us. It was an open hearted trust for you to share with so many people. Just made you all so much more real, at least to me…and that like all of us, you have ups and downs, great days and not so great days. So just know when you have one of those days my dear Colette, you are a beautiful soul and a blessing to so many, you are enough just being you!! Love, light and peace!

  • Trisha

    Great advice for the Holidays.

  • kirstin

    Merry Xmas Colette. I like to be my own Santa and buy myself gifts. Lifts my spirits, and buying my little dog a vanilla steamer from Starbucks. Its almost over!

  • Jerry

    You are so accurate with how I feel this time of year! Now if I can only break away from the CNN’s and Fox’s of the world I’d be very happy. (I know, it’s simple… push the channel button, or off button 🙂 )

  • Jerry

    By the way…. #6 brought a tear: Being present with someone you love is the best present of all to give them. (and for me, to receive)

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