Fa-la-la-la-la I don’t Feel Like it (tips on how not to bake your favorite recipe for failure while asleep)!

Updated: December 21, 2014

Dearest sparkly glimmering you,

The longest night of the Winter Solstice is upon us followed by the New Moon in Capricorn – and it’s truly a week that supports practical action, slowing ourselves down into the earthy energy that can ground us all into our highest good.
That said, this week’s suggestions are not just for this week but something to consider for any day, any time of year.

O did I say action, and did I mention grounding?

That means doing something.

It hit me recently as I struggled to write my new book flailing around for ideas. Even though I know better, I was waiting for that moment of inspired brilliance and the moment “ If the Spirit moved me” I would write.

I was waiting for the epiphany and the download before I found a way to ground it into form. (We all know that’s just a fancy way for me to say I procrastinated making the excuse I couldn’t create until I felt like sitting down to write.)
Yes, inspiration needs a spark but it’s my job to keep the flame going and sitting down to actually write is the only way it will get done one word at a time.

And the secret to that?

Inspiration flows like a tap when my butt is in the chair and my hands are on the keys. Yes I might get fabulous ideas in the shower, car or walking. But if I don’t put them down they float away into my “o so very special” anxiety place adding more oomph there causing me to panic through my life while essentially asleep. Bad dream. Yup.

Does this make sense to you? Have you waited for inspiration only to find yourself freaked out and anxious completely unaware of the next step?

Do you identify with this at all?

I want to write the book with clarity and awareness not find myself in a sugar hangover sobbing and typing “ Dear Marzipan chocolate, I am so sorry all 2 pounds of you didn’t make it in the Christmas basket, I feel so very very bad.”

There is a time for being, and a time for doing, but waiting until you feel like doing something, or waiting for your big inspiration, big break, without consistent action is a recipe for failure.

But what if you just want to “be” this season? This is Christmas week! Your gift to you should be obvious right? What about being free flowing and following the promptings of the Divine- if the Spirit moves you then you should act?

How does that work?

It works if you want to hear yourself say things like “I wish I had been prepared”, “ I wish I had finished it”, “OMG I am so late I have the worst anxiety on the planet!!!”, “ I feel like crap I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”, “ I am so lonely and bored”, “Why is this happening to me?” or “ I wish I had told him the truth.” Etc.

Free falling into a situation where the likely reality is that you’ll be stressed without a plan is not going to give you the result you want.

If you wait until you feel like doing something it won’t get done. If you wait til the Spirit moves you to make amends to someone and clean up your side of the street, you’ll miss an opportunity for healing and peace.

Remember the saying “If you take one step towards the gods they will take 10 steps towards you”?

If you’re lying around waiting to be inspired to take the first step it’s likely you won’t take it, and those gods will be playing your destiny game with someone else willing to come to the table to play.

You have to choose to take the step into the Unknown, with a clear intention then keep doing “the do things” until your frequency changes and the amazing thing is what you need and desire shows up in front of you in miracle form.

So, when it comes to self care, “Fa-la-la-la-la I don’t feel like it” is a recipe for failure.
Get practical this week. Make a plan and stick to it.
If every alcoholic in AA decided they only would go to meetings only when they felt like it nobody would stay sober.
What if a diabetic afraid of needles would say they’d only stick the insulin needle in when they felt inspired to do so? They could die.

If you don’t have a boundary around your time with your dysfunctional family (unless you’re all good in which case this part doesn’t apply to you) you might find your face in a whole pie hiding hoping no one will see you gobbling, drinking too much, isolating, feeling like a victim, or saying something you might deeply regret.

So one day at a time have a plan. Do the plan, which then becomes a fluid container for amazing things to happen. And let the miracles flow. Then inspiration flows like a magical stream, forgiveness is palpable, self esteem is assured, peace is the result and love becomes the answer.

Sounds like I’m repeating myself from last week’s blog. I am. Repetition and reinforcement forms new patterns.

Share your plans, your hopes, your fears and how you do your “do things” this week to stay grounded and successful, aware and awake! Or just share in the comments because we all care about you.

I’m with you all the way and Spirit is with us all.

Love you so much…

Love Colette XO



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  • kirstin

    Hi Colette,

    I love your hair/look. Its like an edgy newyork witch. I have been noticing my dread and discontent with certain people/things/circumstances have actually acted as motivation and contrast of what I need and want in life. So I have written down everything I must have and be for the new year with the thought that you can’t appreciate heaven unless you experience hell, and that all creation and innovation come from pain and the revelation that what is , is simply unacceptable and must change.
    Hope to work with you in 2015.

  • Silvia

    Hi Colette, funny enough, Your new haircut was the first thing I noticed when I watched Your video! I like it! Well to be precise what was different was my feeling while I was looking at You … I felt more harmony and a sense of wellbeing. What a haircut can do!!!
    Merry Holiday Week! and much much love xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup.. still getting used to it but I like it too less ” hair” – more me 😉 Thanx for the compliment.

      • DLLGRJandfurballs,

        I like the the styles you’ve had Colette. Overall, it is about how you feel – trimming it or letting it flow. Looks like LOVE : )

  • isabelle

    Wishing you all a Divine time
    I am feeling rainbows in snowflakes magic in the air any thing is possible
    Violet I am understanding going with the flow of good cheer, the violet flame healing me with play and laughter
    Indigo I am seeing the light in all
    Blue I am speaking my truth
    Green I am in my heart
    Yellow I am doing all my favourite things
    Orange I am Joy to the world ripples love around the world
    Red I am grounded in mother nature
    hank you and the divine goddess that is Collete for being a light house for us out here

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you’re welcome .. I love the image of the light house !!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs,

      Isabelle, I also find healing in color. I saw another rainbow recently, thank the divine, it is needed to experience rainbows, blue sky’s, marshmellow clouds ….

  • petra

    Love your haircut!
    Thanks for the direction. I have been putting off writing a business plan for many of the reasons you listed. Well… no more! I’m sure the Gods are relieved that I finally get it.

  • Michelle

    Yes I most definitely noticed the hair right away and I love it! Interestingly I keep saying when things get better for me that I will feel better but that hasn’t happened. I know that it’s something that starts inside with me. I just had a dream last night about a house with leaning walls. The feeling and sense I got for this is that my emotions are off. I feel off and not right. I am trying to be positive but I have been feeling really down. I had surgery recently so it stops be from dancing around like I usually do which helps me feel better. I also recently decided to make a name change and it’s something I have been talking about for years. Well I finally decided to file the paper work after all these years. The name has a strange ring to it because I am not use to the extra name being added but I don’t feel it’s a bad thing. I am trying not to procrastinate and just get things done. I needed to read this because it and it helped to remind me to get things done!

  • Sharron

    Beautiful reading Colette- thank you. I can totally relate to the part of finding the inner affirmation as opposed to seeking it outside. The challenge I encounter is that often my inner critic is way louder than my inner nurturer. I wish someone- maybe you? would write a book on living in the head of a super-sensitive soul. Or maybe there is a book? anyways- warmest of holiday wishes Colette. I am inspired always by your clarity and gentleness of spirit. xo Sharron

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      good idea.. I do talk about it in my book on empathy overload called Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

  • Yukachan

    Hello Collette,
    Happy Merry Christmas to you!
    I have your Map card decks but I can’t use them well, especially I don’t know how to shuffle and when it show up the reverse card,
    I feel scared.
    But I do love this card decks.

    It’s almost end of the year in 2014, when we think about new goals for new year, what should we do? Especially, I’m looking for a new job, and great health, love. Also I am thinking about my family and friends happiness as well.
    I am thinking about marriage sometime soon,
    But I have a boyfriend who is long distance, I don’t know it’s him or not.
    Please tell me what should I do. Thank you so much !
    Love and smile

  • Anne

    Thank you for such a loving and empowering message Colette! And your new haircut is fabulous but as you say, you’re the one who has to like it! 😉 BTW, I’ve just finished watching the November episodes of your TV show, you are simply amazing. The message from the young man who committed suicide was just… there are no words to describe it. I do hope his best friend has found comfort and closure from it. What a beautiful gift you gave them both! And may I add I love your laughter?!

    I look forward to your weekly Universal Energies reading in 2015. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  • Amanda

    Hi Collette, thank you for your lovely reading. On Saturday, my father made the transition from this life to the next state of existence after a prolonged battle with cancer. It was me who was the one out of his children who told him that it was alright for him to let go. He waited long enough for his sister to come say goodbye then took his last breath. The holidays are a challenging time to both plan funeral arrangements and to also attend holidays events. Some of what I usually enjoy doing to prepare for the holidays just has to be left for another year as my energies are needed elsewhere. My husband and I are also being selective about what we choose to do over the holidays.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there Amanda – its tough but stay close to your husband and your Higher Power. This is when you get to put self care front and center and saying no can be a great blessing xooxox

  • Bette

    Regarding your weight loss program, I really don’t need the weight loss, but I need the instruction for dealing with stress. I am not savvy with computers – I don’t like being on facebook, but I am toying with joining the program.

  • Linet

    Hi Colette,

    All excited! This is so perfect, I have spent the entire year “waiting” for that divine inspiration to understand my true path. Some wise people have told me to make one small decision after another and stick to it, but that deep desire for the big “ideal” map to appear and to follow is still slowing me down and preventing action.
    The equivalent to my “prince” is a solution to marketing my art. Will “he” ever come, or should this little princess just pull on her riding boots and mount her steed? Methinks, mefeels….mmmm Doing a bit but galloping in all directions and not getting far.
    A good kick from Colette and we’re away!
    I love your verve, your voice, your art, your message all rolled into one….you are an amazing multi-dimensional package!
    I am a muti-whatsitmethingy aswell, I just haven’t found the appropriate container in which to pour it all…thus the waiting around for inspiration! Deary dear.

    Have you read Dr Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”?

    – “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

    – “Simple it’s not, I’m afraid you will find, for a mind maker-upper to make up his mind”

    – “I’m afraid that some times you’ll play lonely games too. Games you can’t win ’cause you’ll play against you.”


    Profound! I love childrens’ stories who touch all ages. They make you gulp, they make you think. The world’s in your hands with a pen and some ink!

    Good luck with the writing, and much love and blessings to you for now and into the new year.
    You have been one of my main inspirations of 2014! And I am very picky!

    Love Linet

  • Linda

    Yes! One of my mantras…consistent focus, consistent effort. Not that the focus and effort always have to be completely on-point or sustained for hours at a time but, as you said, the flame does need to stay lit. It’s so hard to start again from a dead stop and so easy to end up in the wrong place when you just collapse into things. I also heard the other day that in 2015 we ARE the flow, so don’t be waiting around for rescue. I shared that with others as “you might as well grab a paddle–resistance is darn near futile”.

  • Colleen

    I can so relate to all of this. Thank you for sharing, reminding, sparking. Sounds like me to my husband! Ha.

  • Patricia

    Last night I did my first year in review face book pictorial. Look how far I have come and all that I have accomplished in only one year. Thank you Spirit, blessings and Colette for helping me to grow. If this is any indication of things to come, 2015 should be awesome. Sharing best wishes to all.

  • Katrina

    Thank you for the sage advice for the past couple weeks as your hamster story from last week still makes me giggle. Your advice is incredibly powerful and putting it into action always helps ground me and make me a better person.
    I am always so excited to ready your vlog and watch the universal energy readout. By the way, I LOVE your haircut. You always look like a goddess and you would still rock it even if you were bald.

  • Karen

    Dear angel spirit collette,
    Hair looks amazing. I see all of you. Love the insites you share each week. Thank you and you are wrapped In the most beautiful colored sparkly ribbons. Blessed holidays and love and hugs. Karen

  • Safena

    Merry Christmas Colette!! I live in Vancouver…so glad you are coming!!! YAY!!!! BTW…you look super cute with your new hair style. I’m over 50 and I know I start wondering if I can still pull off long hair and you were one person that inspired me to keep mine long cuz you seriously pull it off beautifully. I just wanted to make sure you knew that the longer style was awesome too.

    Happy Holidays and please take care of yourself….you are so needed and valuable here. XOXO

  • Irene

    Interesting.. read your post and scrolled down to comments. What I noticed is that so many people commented on your hair. Was a bit mystified about this, since I was pretty sure you didn’t write (much) about this? but maybe I missed this. It made me think of my own hair and what it meant to me to cut 30 cm off this week. It was a conscious decision, since I love my long hair, but I felt some of it had been with me in times where a lot of things happened and this energy was still in the bottom of my hair. Felt I had grown new thoughts and since hair is alive and energy, I felt strongly about cutting it shorter and grow it long with the thoughts connected to it that reflect me in the way that hold a truer expression of myself.
    Have a light filled Christmas xi

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Irene: Interesting points you make about the “life “of hair – a true concept. I agree sometimes it is difficult to trim the memories because they will never repeat again yet a time comes when health is more vital to ones presence amongst others in the community. I also love my hair as it give a soft touch to a message we want to impart to others. I said once, to a childhood acquaintance after she went pixie-short just because it fit her lifestyle at the time that I would do the same when I am older and cannot lift my hands up to shampoo. Well, I have had some physically rough times but I waited and waited till I was darn sure I would not regret it. Today, a pixie is still an option since there is so much to do however a feather to any cut is more time consuming than a single length no mater how short or long. An even line cut like an edge – it is a smart cut just needs a trim often to keep it sleek. like Colette has now is very practical. A truer expression as you stated … of belonging ~ Blessings : )

      • Irene

        Thanks DLLGRJandfurballs (now I am curious about your furballs 🙂 for your hair/-thoughts – was good to read and ponder further into it. xi

        • DLLGRJandfurballs

          LOL : )

          four kitas: Two different litters one year apart same Momma Cat – Angel in heaven
          [three females one male)

          Honey (tuxedo with a white heart shape on her lips)
          Snowy (grey and white – winter clouds)
          Milk (a female – Honey is her littermate)
          BoyPrince (orginally named Princess – lovely pink nose)

          one kita:
          Aries (boy kitten)
          Asher Bailey – Angel in heaven
          Kit-kat – Angel in heaven

          three pups: 5-6 yr old adult and 18 month puppies
          Angel – momma
          Star – girl sister
          Merle – boy brother

          Bless their health this year and new, amen.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    LOVE : )d Episode 26 > good creation, healing, gentle connection … Laughter! This is needed, Colette. Blessings for Career, Family, Friends, Health, Communication, Inspire/Preserve, Creation, Healing, Longevity, Be Kind to Self … is the answer. I appreciate the gifts you bring to this table; all the times you and CBR’s team has shared making this table a healing place. I really hope and pray the show will bring Peace and Health worldwide – one moment at a time. Chin-up! L : )VE

  • Lisa

    Hahahahahha!!! I love your inspiration insight!: It ” flows like a tap when my butt is in the chair and my hands are on the keys”
    That is a title to a book somewhere, Colette!
    Thank you for those reminders about relationship to spirit and our integrity and how to stay sane as the tempo increases
    ………..and you look great!

  • Genene

    I agree with others–I noticed your haircut right away and like it! Hope you are liking it too. Interesting post about taking action and just being. I also found when I wrote my last book that it flowed when I sat down at my computer. However, I tend to overcommit myself, so I’m building a new habit this month to take time to just “be.” It’s an interesting experience and I find I’m still productive but digging deeper into possibilities. I’ve also begun communicating with relatives who have crossed over. Have talked to animals for many years, but hadn’t really tapped people on the other side until I listened to an interview yesterday to just ask. They are very chatty–it’s a hoot! As always, I so much enjoy your weekly readings. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Amber M

    “Inspiration flows like a tap when my butt is in the chair and my hands are on the keys. Yes I might get fabulous ideas in the shower, car or walking. But if I don’t put them down they float away into my “o so very special” anxiety place adding more oomph there causing me to panic through my life while essentially asleep. Bad dream. Yup”—

    The Lady of The Lake Speaks this week 🙂 I love this blog.I guess my plan is to “do”. I have had this reactionary compulsion to isolate since we make a big move. This just is not working and our situation is interesting –things have to change like yesterday….so I plan to do I have been taking salt baths the last couple of days and its been interesting it has set my body a buzz and has helped with grounding me–I think. SO I want to keep this practice up.

    I write and this really hit home with me –I have been saying I am not inspired blah blah and avoiding my my things I am passionate about—the last couple of days I have written and I have to keep it up–what you said is so true 🙂

    I do not really have a plan but this has me thinking …thanks Colette

    Happy Holidays Everyone


  • Pam

    When I opened the e-mail and saw your photo, before watching the video, I thought how amazing you look. You look beautiful! I love your hair, makeup, necklace, cuffs, dress… all of it – love! And, after watching the video, I love the background music and the background itself. Really nice! And, as always, everything you said makes perfect sense for what’s going on right now. Thank you!!! Happy Holidays Colette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love!

  • Renee Sugar

    Absolutely love your new haircut.
    Must feel lighter and it frames your face and accentuates your features.
    Now about inspiration; sometimes I just allow the spirit to lead; that is when
    I am bold. courageous, adventurous, curious etc. I am so moved by whatever
    has ignited the spark that I run with it. Then there is the other side of the equation;
    when I start to doubt the motivation; second-guess it, criticize the thought or idea;
    and completely convince myself that it is not a sound idea; and why bother?
    I wish I were more in tune with the first option. When I live with my spirit; I don’t have to think
    about taking the action because just taking it is the key. Outcome does not matter. I have been
    considering writing a book for some time now; but not having ever attempted to do this feels like
    a daunting challenge so it hasn’t happened yet. If it were visual art I have less self-doubt because there
    is a beginning and an end and it is all so subjective anyway. Anything we attempt to create is born of the
    spirit to express oneself in whatever form is chosen. So on that note; one page; one paragraph; leads to
    the development. I do not have a linear way of approaching things as my mind does not work that way.
    I wish I understood how it worked because I could then maximize the methodology. I have written poetry;
    when the spirit moved me, and created a body of original designs by practicing a historical printmaking
    process with no prior experience having ever used that medium before, (self-taught).
    What it boils down to for me is that when I truly WANT to I really DO it, otherwise; if it isn’t meaningful for
    whatever reason; then I really am not inspired.
    Enough said; Colette. Hope some of that makes sense.

    I wish you a holiday week filled with “time” to ” be” with those who matter most to your heart.
    Let go and the “doing” part will come at the divinely-timed moment and will flow as a result.
    G-d’s delays are not denials. “If we knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation;
    not creation” Gertrude Stein

  • Irene

    I love your haircut! You look gorgeous!
    thank you for the weekly forecasts, the guidance and the love.
    Merry Christmas!!!!!
    love you!

  • Bikem

    I am starting to write my second book, have been waiting and waiting, your blog came in the right time.. Mine is a translation to my native language, Turkish of my first English written book…So I need to write in my old language which I am kind of forgetting…

    I got from your blog the message, have a plan for each day…That is a great plan for me…

    Sorry, but I liked your oldest hair the most, which was long… I love long hair, am growing mine….But enjoy your new
    hair if you like it…Women change their hair when they want something new in their lives, want change, go to the barber…
    Ha Ha Ha…

    Take care Colette, HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS..Lets write those books…Love, B…..

  • Jan

    Hi Colette Thank you for cards and words this week.I really neede them.I had Angels visit me told me to write everything down they were saying.They told me I was needed that it was from the high realm.I won’t go into details.but I was afraid its screary .Them I read your blog and your message for the week. Its hard to start something but you said spirit relation comes first .xo I must try even thou i’m scared

  • Cyndee

    LOVE the hair! Oh Gosh, I needed this, and now need to read it until it sinks in………I have a marvelous, inspired idea for my business, and ‘all’ I need to do is sit down and do the artwork to get it launched……literally only about 30 pieces…….and yet, every day goes by, with me writing down yet more ideas, and searching for exactly the right colors or whatever I allow myself to be distracted by, and here I am, with tons of unfinished sketches and wonderful concepts, and not one finished piece! I SO want to break this procrastination cycle!!!!!

  • Lisa G.

    Love, hugs and Merry Christmas to you Colette! Holidays are an especially good time to practice ‘boundaries’ ! Also being 5,000 miles away from family at holidays makes it easier too!! LOL!! But even when we go back to visit and it’s not holidays, we make it very clear before hand that there simply are not enough hours in the day to see everyone (family, of which we have a lot of extended family, and friends). We let people know of one day during our visit when we’ll be at a central location, usually someone’s house, for the day or afternoon and would love for folks to drop by to say hello…if you can make it great! If not, we understand and no hard feelings either way! I have learned over many years and in many situations the sooner boundaries are set the better! This helps communication, no misunderstandings and things flow smoother. Always be flexible but not so that you compromise yourself. Have also learned over the years to take care of myself…a long time to learn this, but if I take care of me, I can do everything else better!!! I keep myself motivated by constantly setting goals…long term and short term. This helps keep me going & gives me something to look forward to! Example: I want to re-paint my living room & re-do the window treatments…first I have to de-clutter so I can move everything to half the room to prep for the painting…de-cluttering gets me closer to being able to paint and brighten the walls the way I want! But I also work full time, so if I want to sleep in on Sat. morning and get a later start, that’s OK too. I just start when I get up. Or if I get up raring to go and want to stop and take an afternoon rest, that also works! Everything in moderation! Love, light and peace to all!! God Bless!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      these are great – I like that announcement about whoever comes and can make it great if not no hard feelings. Early boundaries with slight flexibility does work – then everyone knows and it’s not a big deal. oxox

  • Jenny Smagala

    Thanks Colette.

    I enjoyed your VLOG and you look radiant as always. Happy Christmas to you, dear sparkly lady of wisdom. What a year you’ve had, launching into a new television career, moving house and countries, and creating your daily oracle reading course. And that’s only the bits I know about!

    May 2015 smile on you and your family, including your canine child (? children). Thank you for all that you have shared with us this year. You have brightened my days.

    May the power of Merlin flow through you. Perhaps you are a descendant – now wouldn’t that be nice?

    Laughter and love, Jenny

  • Eric


    This has been an interesting week already. After many difficulties healthwise and administratively I received my masters degree on Sunday. I found it interesting that I graduated on the new moon and the winter solstice. To my knowledge the significance of the winter solstice as well as the new moon is new beginnings. After all that I have endured to get to this point perhaps this is where I reap the rewards of my hard work. Perhaps my health condition will go into remission; maybe this is just the learning of another life lesson and I have completed the requirements to move on to the next lesson.

    Maybe it was everyone’s graduation day; this has been a trying calendar year; no matter what tests we were given in 2014 we can take comfort that we endured. The test may not be over but it might be considered a new test for 2015. In that light I have no major plans for the next 10 days or so. I plan to enjoy my accomplishments and I would suggest that everyone else do the same. 2015 will bring new test of its own soon enough.

    I will relay a prayer to you that I do every year: I thank Spirit for helping make it through another year; please allow me the strength to apply the wisdom from the lessons learned previous year to those lessons in the year to come. Please grant me health, wealth, love, success, and happiness in the new year. Thank you for the support of my family and friends. Please grant them health, wealth, love, success, and happiness in the new year.

    Colette, thank you for all of your support and wisdom. I wish you health, wealth, love, success, and happiness in 2015 and beyond!

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