Grace, Grit, and Gratitude – Remembering, Reflecting – ready? Happy New Year!!

Updated: December 28, 2014

Dearest luminous you,

Tis the grand finale of 2014 this week and I’m curious how you say good bye to the year past and welcome in the new year? What kind of rituals do you practice if any?

In past years I would spend a few days creating a vision board looking forward to the year ahead, setting my intentions, affirmations, cutting out pictures from magazines claiming the images that aligned with the feelings I wanted to emulate in the events of my life. The truth is I spent a whole lot of time focused on the outcome of my desires paying little attention to what already had transpired.

I had come to notice that without a closure, an inventory of my evolution and growth for the previous year I find that I’m still somewhat motivated by a sense of “ more” or “ not enough”.

Has that happened to you?

Have you said to yourself “ thank god that year is done. THIS year I will meet “ the ONE”, get the “ perfect job” and arrive at the perfect combination cocktail of events that will make me happy, prosperous, purposeful, desired, wanted and ON TARGET!?

If I’m going to be 100% honest here, I will admit I used to put a lot of time and effort into my wants and very little effort on the – “ thy will be done, I surrender to the highest good for all including the form.” Other than the fact I know that’s what you’re supposed to do when co-creating manifest reality — you know mention the – um — partner in the mix? …That would be a Higher Power?

And, what better way to see how that Higher Power works in your life than to do a look see revisiting of the previous year to have a gander at the events that transpired and more importantly who you’ve become as a result of them.

Everything changed for me when I added the inventory, the ritual of honoring what has transpired before. Looking at what events challenged me, changed me, provided me with an opportunity for growth, and most importantly how my Higher Power delivered the form of events, things, and experiences that were way beyond my limited imagination was truly magical.

When you add this element to the mix of your hopes for the year ahead you can see things with awe and reverence knowing there are extraordinary things you have no context for- the understanding that intellectually you cannot plan that much, since a Higher Plan is in order already. It’s like seeing how your soul and Spirit are in cahoots to ensure you’ll have all you need regardless of what your ego wants. It’s all about the magic and miracles we can’t plan for that deliver the essence of our inspired desires in ways too awesome to ignore.

This is one of the most profound things you can do and why it’s the very first exercise we do for my yearly January workshop at Kripalu on tracking your Destiny for the year ahead. So I’d love to hear from you about your year that has passed.

Who have you become as a result of last year, given we all like to see time as manageable travel segments within which to experience ourselves? Have you seen how your Higher Power delivers your highest good and carries you through the most difficult times?

Here are 10 questions to help you see yourself with greater clarity before you sit down to do your “ What I want to manifest for 2015” ritual of whatever it is you do (from resolutions affirmations to vision boards, maps, etc.)

1.What did you hope and plan for?
2. What actions did you take?
3. What were you afraid of?
4. What actually happened?
5. What did you accomplish?
6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding?
7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with?
8. How were you changed as a result of them?
9. What can you leave behind moving forward?
10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit?

Let’s compare notes this week in the comments section.

I can tell you a little bit of mine now but will save the rest for next blog. My 3 truths are that mostly everything good that has happened in my life to change me is due to the Grace of God. Even though I think I know what’s best for me I don’t- but that said I still need the Grit to get up and show up for my life and follow my dream anyway. Dreaming without action is never going to get me what I desire.

And, last but not least I have a profound Gratitude for every breath I take and for every moment I am alive to serve others. Without Gratitude I have nothing.

Happy New Year to my special tribe of sparkly beings.

I wish you a profound and deep relationship with Spirit, a deeper more joyful understanding of life and the courage to show up for it.

See you in 2015!

Love you so!!!






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  • Lisa Francis

    Hi Colette .. thank you for another great blog and of course the weekly reading !! .. I related to much of the visioning stuff, as I too used to make them at the start of a new calendar year .. the questions you provided will serve me well .. answering them will be a great start to gaining some clarity as I move forward into 2015. One of my things is to know which idea, which path, which product, which way is correct .. I am stumped and feel stuck because I have no idea which is the way. Crazy .. that is how I feel.
    So that is why I am going to do the questions .. if they worked for you then they ought to assist me too !
    Thank you so so much,

  • Tiffany

    Spirit can imagine and manifest a better partner for me than I can imagine. Note to self, “I bet this applies to more than just relationships. ” : )

  • Marissa

    Hi there! As always, great insights which are appreciated. I began to use the ” surrender” affirmation about 2 weeks ago in my morning practice/meditation, and it has been quite a game changer. Affirming that I am a willing partner in divine creation and service on a daily basis takes so much pressure off, and I trust that I am being guided to the perfect situations to express the divine spark placed in me. I am eager to explore the questions you posed as well. Happy 2015!

  • Irene

    Happy New Year Colette and thank you for sharing your truths and always helping me with my own. I did experience a huge disruption this past week, quite painful as I foolishly (actually STUPIDLY) went back to Lou that had proved deceptive a few months ago, but he kept coming back and our bond bringing us back together as we were unable to let go of each other. I knew exactly what he was all about, deceptions and his emotionally abusive behavior towards me. But I just could not let him go because I loved him very much and our one year old dog Romeo. I missed him, our dog, his touch, the fun we have together, until his evil side came out because he wasn’t getting me to do what he wanted to fix his problems, blame me, and then “punish” me with silent treatment and withholding emotions. But he knew I loved him and would keep coming back telling me he didn’t want to lose me, that he loved me. But last weekend, I found it out he didn’t want to let me go, yet had started seeing another woman. I confronted him and after our 3 years and 2 month’s together, he was so cruel to me, hung up on me and walked away choosing her. My Christmas and past days miserable in terrible heartache at how cruel he was to me, lying to my face that he wanted us to work on us and behind my back forming a connection with this woman. I did not learn the lesson to walk away and the way it unfolded was just awful. He was awful to me and literally , after hanging up on me so cruelly, he did not once in 5 days now since that happened pick up the phone or text anything to show remorse or apology or caring about what he did to me. It hurts because I loved him very much and even though i Know he was treating me sometimes so poorly because he couldn’t get me to do what he wanted to help him with all his problems in work, and all on his plate , I could not let him go. I was blind wanting us to work despite all the evidence against his integrity. My heart aches. I loved him and feel stuck on how to let go now and move on. I can’t believe he treated me so cruelly and never looked back to clean up his mess with me and at least end it with decency. I am going through major heartbreak because I love him. I don’t know how to get un stuck.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Dear Irene:

      Co-dependent no more. It hurts – pain is something one has to cope with meaning find your bliss – it is not in being dependent. Work on independence and complimentary relationships (does not mean wild abandon). It is tough when all around you relationships are occurring – supposedly healthy, no not really a guarantee it just looks that way. Shed the old skin, revive, and find your bliss if this is manageable going forward – try your might to make it. Care, but do not drown. LOVE because that is who You are without judging anyone else that they do not as you act. You have needs and by the sound you are not getting those needs – a friend in your mate. Maybe practice being a friend(ly) to others (everyone) and maybe you will mate-up (in time) not really expecting a particular scene/look/individual; however, moving on course in life (synchronicity). LOVE Romeo and pray all your might – get a photo or any pertinent info about him – maybe let the local shelters know if ever he is dropped off/picked up to contact you refresh that request every so often. Lou and you know the relationship is not healthy so make Lou an offer for Romeo – you love the pup and I believe that will keep you safe. If you can not be with Romeo please acquire “a pet” like him (maybe in personality, or looks, or the level of your love – you can name the same or a variation of …. ) and care for that life. Read internet/library/Colette’s information to heal thyself and only be a friend to Lou [does he really consider your existence as a healthy relationship does?] without hurting yourself. You can let go of that which does not benefit your future … it’s ok to do that as much as you need.

      I have a Dreamboard: it takes creativity (use colors that heal you, images, words, sparkles) on your part and I know my symbol for higher power is what I identify in life such as a Heart, or an Evergreen tree – somewhere place the symbol for your higher power (even if only known to you) needs to be present – be creative. After all, it is Your Dreamboard. Enjoy your future!

      I pray your future will be bright. “What you thought you wanted may not be what you want” once you get it and realize that it does not fit You – a moment at a time sometimes. Colette has referred to it as baby steps, I believe. Anxiety will always be there for one reason or another but it is not constant (change your mind) just get it together and keep getting over the bumps in the road. Have Faith you will endure, learn, and resolve one step at at time, Amen Irene, Amen.

      Chin-up! Enjoy LIfe.
      Peace be with you ….
      Some of us in this world have been there, some have risen out of the lull and continued on with who we really are (remember that soulful child you were – you loved you), continue your journey, Irene.
      Be Blessed : ) and continue to LOVE friends and the friendly, chin-up and survive going forward …

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        great advice for all. One of the best books I suggest you read is called Women Who Love Too Much by Dr. Robin Norwood – it’s a classic and you will see yourself in it for sure Irene.

        • irene

          Thank you to DLLGRJandfurballs and Colette for writing to me. Yes, I need that book. I am a forgiving, kind, woman that definitely loves too much, everyone. Because of my forgiving nature, it gets in the way for sure as I don’t know where to draw the line and get out. It is hard to let go of a man I adore and love and cherish, but he let me go the other day after 3 years to pursue this other woman. It is time that I face the hard core truth and let him go and put myself out there to find a man that respects me and fits into my life better.

          heartache sucks. I loved him so much, but he has huge financial problems and expected me to roll up my sleeves and sacrifice myself to his business. Whatever help I gave, was never enough. We kept separate homes and that drove him crazy as he wants a partner full time in his place sharing the load, but I did not feel it was safe for me to give up my world and my home and my independence with a man that was in such a compromising situation nor should he put that on any woman. The woman he left me for, rich…..just sayin…

          • DLLGRJandfurballs

            Please, be careful … Your life will probably turn out to be richer when you can put your LOVE to souls who appreciate it. You heard it from Colette …. love your higher power, love yourself, then the know-how for others : )

  • Lisa

    OMG Colette!!: I just sent you a reading before this email came in and it is totally in line with your words: Let Spirit create the miracles for your amazing life AND have the courage to show up for it! THANKS!

  • Ramesh Parmar

    Dear Colette
    Thank you very much for your reading on Monday 29th. 2014 [ 7 ] was the year of spiritually which we will leave in few days. I hope that every brothers and sisters through out the world had a very best out come in their spiritual life as you have stated in your last two cards. We will be entering 2015 [ 8 ] which will be business year and hope the world’s businesses prosper for the benefit of all human being. GOD bless you and compliment for the season.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Nicely said, Ramesh: LOVE

  • Shelley

    Hi Colette
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder to count my blessings- I have so many powerful demonstrations that Spirit guides my life most easily… Much better than any scenarios I can imagine .
    My part in the unfolding is to stay connected . I am grateful for the many gifts I have received, and one of them is discovering you in the recent months!

  • Serafina Krupp

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you for Grace, Grit, and Gratitude. Remembering and Reflecting…
    You are amazing and a precious gift to us all! Thank you! Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Love, Love, Love, Serafina

  • Stephanie

    Your questionnaire is wonderful! I went through the questions thinking that I knew what the last year had brought to me, I was a bit off. Those questions zeroed in perfectly on what I really accomplished this year, and what I want for next year. I felt a little like I had failed this last year, but now I realize that I most certainly did not! Thank you for that, what a great tool!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Colette you are on point, LOL : ) I have been “eye”ing my Dreamboard for quite sometime now and grasped at updating it [its been at least 3 years since I created it]. Thanks, Soul-Sister for being present and caring, LOVE. You were so funny in our reading years ago stating my dreamboard was not that at all – I believe in creativity as long as I believe in my dreams/soul. Blessings for your Belief …. So very Grateful for communication/connection. One Day at a Time sometimes a Moment at a Time. Hugs, stay safe, and healthy. Love that Himalayan salt, your thoughts on life, and nature’s landscapes. Enjoy! Blessings, Blessings, Blessings 2014-2015, Amen!

    A Dreamboard is rather simple in creating: Basically, a symbol of your Higher Power (I am very creative with this as long as I know what it means to me. Example: my mom is my first teacher for everything she is very “God” – spirit/Spirit/Holy connected and her favorite symbol is the Heart. Spirals, petals, and leaves; my favorite colors and various glitters that reflect light – my artwork), a photo of you presently, and all that you dream to attain in words, images, [music : ) ]. Refresh this as time accomplishes dreams into reality or changes are needed. On the board someplace write or repeat @ “This or Something Better Manifests for Me in Divine Appropriate Timing” as well as “Whatever is the Highest Good for Me in the Universe I Now Claim” @

    Have I left anything out, Colette? Which book was it “Remembering the Future” or “Messages From Spirit” that explains the basis of a Dreamboard?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      nope this is perfect and on point my dear! Very helpful for everyone. I can’t remember which book I talked about this in but this will do! thanx for your weekly contribution to our tribe here – always something interesting I look forward to. BIG HUG

  • Amber M

    A great way to conclude the year!! I’m in 🙂 I have a lot of thinking to do ….I truly enjoy your blogs


  • Elyza

    Thanks for another great blog/vlog Colette! I had a crazy year of growth that wasn’t always without some deep pains but answering these questions were uplifting and helpful! I left my whole life on the West Coast and moved to NYC to start over and draw a new path. New city, new life, newly single, and not knowing anyone has made me focus even more on my partnership with Spirit to try to find the path where those feelings I’ve been searching for my whole life lie. So my 3 Profound Truths are Trust (in myself, Spirit, and that partnership), Stay Open (I have had such a habit of closing in on myself over and over, and when I stay open, great things happen!) and Lean In (lean in to all of the greatness that’s now happening around me, and go with the flow)
    Thank you again!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Adding to your thread about Three Truths that Colette started, after I went and answered the ten questions twice LOL : ) I can say my quests were:

      For one, to Turn it Around for my Positive Benefit that is where my thought process was going on any given topic rather than breeding any detriment – not perfected yet although it is pleasant to take a brake from “things I cannot change” especially regarding time gone by (the past).

      Second, someone (35 years younger than me) who was envious of me maybe even angry (teenage angst) asked me “Why are you so good?” I answered “Because I want to go to Heaven”. Let me explain, I realized I just scared myself for speaking the truth; Today, trouble via the news – saying something so truthful could get me shot or something by unstable youth. I realized it sounded weak – I should have said “I believe in Heaven”. However, I do good, to be good, to enter Heaven whether it be on earth or another sphere. To actually accomplish this “goodness” I need to Understand Fellow Man (Be Sociable Despite My Shortcomings and Continue to Do Inventory Every Step of the Way – Think) for who he/she really is … not necessarily for what I think I see. To believe they can settle down but also understand limitations each individual may have such as myself who can not live life alone when there are needs, laws, and so many others around to take into consideration.

      Third, to Keep the Faith when it comes down to who I am it is a collective of life experience and thought – that is – who I am to myself, family & friends, and the public learning by being taken advantage of by others – individual perceptions affecting me by the way as in “dumped on” me without getting to know me – and who did I say I am as in keeping my word.

      In summary, It comes down to the global God, Me, then Others same as Colette makes her point.

      Thanks Elyza, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2014-2015

  • Janet

    Oh my? was this message for me? I have been through a mixed emotional year with this month saying goodbye to my lover, friend, husband, soulmate of the last 13 years of our lives together since his death earlier this month. But you are so encouraging to focus on the blessings of our journey, to reflect upon the gifts and magical moments of the year and then offer up our needs and desires for the coming New Year. Thank you so much for your light that shines on my day Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      my pleasure Janet .. we are all here holding you up too in this difficult time of loss and love. xooxox

  • Barb

    Reflecting back on 2014 I found that every crisis or setback ended up giving me something I always wanted but could not seem to manifest on my own. In February I lost my job, and in June I fell and fractured my hip and shoulder. On the positive side? By being laid up for 8 weeks and unable to job hunt, I was forced to find something to keep me from going into a downward spiral. It then occurred to me that here was finally the time and space to write that book of essays and get it published as an ebook, which I did. Then when it became apparent that I would no longer be able to remain in my third floor walk-up apartment, a ground floor place suddenly became available in the very town that I have been trying to move back to for the last 15 years, and it is in a house owned by some dear friends of mine. So now I am a retired writer in the making living out in the beautiful countryside (frugally but happily) and all because of things I thought were catastrophes at the time. What am I taking into 2015 with me? Patience, awareness, going with my intuition and letting the rest go! As you always tell us, what is mine will not go past me. Love you! Happy New Year!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is awesome 😉 thanx for sharing xoxo

    • Diana Boles

      This makes keeping vigilant hope and faith a reality — congrats to you Barb,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you know this is such a great story Barb and why I ask all of you to share here – it’s a way to show how Spirit works, how we’re not alone and how our humanity connects us and how Spirit works in spite of us. It truly is a reminder to be grateful. xoxoox

  • Heather

    Colette, thank you once again! This year’s-end inventory is awesome and I love it!!! What a great idea, and a great gift for all of us sparkly tribe members.

    I’m walking into 2015 full of appreciation for myself (that’s a definite first for me) AND for the year’s work (also a first). I get giddy with how good that actually feels. I had begun 2014 determined to let Spirit guide my life completely, to actually let go and let God, no matter what it took, no matter what it looked like. And thus began a year of immense struggle, challenge and change. Somehow I’d thought I would just go straight to the rainbow without the storm! However, due to that commitment I made, and what I now know about my partnership with Spirit, there was no way all that struggle wouldn’t lead to pure gold: a light heart, every moment the freedom to choose what I think, and the ready experience of a grand all-encompassing love that I make sure to swim in at least twice a day, at the start and the finish. Yum.

    I learned this: Spirit absolutely adores me, and is always answering my every prayer in whatever way is in my utmost, tip-top, highest, best interest. If I exercise my choice to have faith in my unseen adoring partner, the miracles become more evident and plentiful. (Doubting has the opposite effect and feels crappy too) Spirit gives me everything I have and everything I am. Who else but Spirit came up with that great idea to live a Spirit-guided life??? I sure didn’t think of it on my own! Spirit loves us all and wants us to know the truth about who we are, and when we ask to know the truth, Spirit delivers big time, in exactly the way that will benefit us most, right where we are. Yabba dabba doo. Spirit has faith in us.

    You’ve been a major guide for me this year, Colette, being both a steadfast reminder of the omnipresence of Spirit and a compassionate spokesperson for the human predicament. AND your daily oracle online has helped me keep my feet steady on my path many, many times. Thanks for embracing your woo-woo self and raising your voice and your light. Rock on! Happy year’s end, blessed new year’s beginning, everybody!
    Love always,

  • kirstin

    Hi Colette,

    i cant make sense of alot of the bizzare things that have happened… so just saying hi : )

  • Renee Sugar

    I am going to trust that when a door is closed; (as one was today)
    when the option to extend a work contract was denied.
    As of Dec. 31/2014 I will no longer be employed by this company.
    Rejection is G-d’s protection. I deserve better!!!! and new doorways
    will open. The good news is that I really am not upset. It was a good
    opportunity to get back on my feet (literally) and I was attracting/manifesting an
    income rather than draining my savings. I met a very different , much
    younger group of people most of whom were very nice, and kind and amusing;
    and I had a role unlike anything I had ever done to date. SO ALL TO
    THE GOOD. Sometimes it’s a short assignment and it was not meant to
    be that I stay for a longer time. THE END. Keep it simple; and I am grateful
    to have been open-minded and willing to travel the distance which was a longer
    commute than I was accustomed to . The best part is that I said YES and I walked in
    did my very best each day; and was reminded that all work is valuable and that people
    come in all different kind of packages, and express themselves differently, have a unique
    perspective to share; and I can always learn from just being there and listening. That in
    itself is a gift. So I am ready to invite the new, uncharted doors to open and am willing
    and receptive to participate in what has my highest and best at heart. Allowing in that which
    is foreign can be enriching and expands our viewpoint. I do trust that there is a better plan
    that will be revealed at the right moment. I don’t have to know what it is right now. SO
    It is necessary to close the doors on the past experiences; and be in that empty, place to
    welcome what is meant for my growth.
    Wishing you a very blessed 2015, and thanking you for
    being a part of my life and for your insights and ideas. It is always expansive and inclusive to
    have the courage to attempt what has not yet been tested.
    Onward and upward.!!!!
    XOXO Renee

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is something so important to remember ” Rejection is God’s protection”. When a door closes you don’t know what Spirit is protecting you from, or has in store for you but be assured it will always be much better than this xoxo This is something we all need to remember.

  • Lana


    This article touched my heart and moved me. Its so true and what an excellent idea on how to plan for the year ahead. Thank you so much. I love the wishes you made for us at the end. I hope so too!

  • Courtney

    Hi Colette! I want to wish you the best of blessings and success for 2015! Also wanted to let you know I’ve started to do “The Work” by Byron Katie you recommended and it is definitely helping along with doing some Akashic work with Andrrea Hess. It’s been a very eye opening past few weeks!

    For me, 2014 has been very challenging and all about letting go. Of people, bad habits etc. It hasn’t been easy, but…I’m beginning to feel myself open up to my spirit again and not be in “hide” mode, which because of my sensitivity and upbringing, I’ve been operating in hide mode for far too long. It’s becoming easier for me to not be afraid to show myself out in the world. This is because I’m clearing victim and critical behavior that has stuck with me since childhood. One thing Andrrea Hess taught me was we all choose our parents based on the same vibration we are at when we come into life. If you find for instance you are a critical or perfectionist person and you have parents who really had those qualities in spades and lorded it over you, you learn to become less of what you don’t like about how they treated you. More then that, you take responsibility for your part in all of it and therefore can’t blame something “out there”, bc so long as you see yourself the victim, you will not be able to take responsibility for your life and basically operate unconsciously. All this, plus doing your readings daily is really helping me clear all this stuff out once and for all. I’m not there yet, but so much closer and better then in a long time. So I want to thank you for the work you do and for caring and helping people. All the best! 🙂

  • Irene F

    I started 2014 by joining a crystal singing bowl group and bought a Red Rock Sedona bowl. It was the beginning of Love that I experienced all year. I was able to free myself of an addiction with the help of God, Angels, and all Higher Beings. It was done with Love and Compassion from the Other Side. Since then I have the gift of Freedom and Clarity in my life. I am more relaxed and grounded. Love and Light are my mantras.
    My old life did not serve my Highest Good but my new life sure does and I am grateful for the Miracles from Spirit. I feel as though I’ve just been born or transformed and 2015 will be full of Love, Light, Compassion, Ease, Gratitude and much more that the Divine has in store for me.
    Thank you for being in my life, Colette.
    Its All Good.

  • JD

    This year has been a revelation for me. My partner cheated on me before our wedding, and I chose to believe her when she said that she was committed to working through our issues. Of course, you can see where this story is headed. More lies, more deception, more cheating. And I went against my gut because I wanted to A) believe in the fairytale and B) be the strong, reliable one. All bullshit. I see very clearly now (thank you, hindsight) that I must trust my intuition and the signs the Universe is giving me. I am working through my feelings, honoring them, and learning to love and soothe myself. I am learning to be grateful for this opportunity to become the strong, confident person I know I am. Instead of focusing on my relationship with my partner, I am focusing on my relationship with myself. I know that is the key to my happiness. Me. Not validation through someone else. Sometimes it takes a 2×4 upside the head, but I did finally receive the message, loud and clear.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      bravo you for this revelation!

    • Eric


      An instructor of mine once told me, “If you want something ‘real bad’ that’s usually how it ends up – ‘real bad'” I’m sorry that you had to go through this. It always boggles my mind how some people take for granted that which others yearn for. Does that make those relationships any less? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know I’d rather be alone waiting for the right person than spending years trying to make it work with the wrong person. I know it’s frustrating looking at other couples and longing for what they have. I’ve actually introduced several of my friends to their spouses, all of which have enjoyed many years of marriage. I’ve marveled at how something so insignificant to me was a lightning moment to two other people. Why hasn’t happened to me? Where is my “lightning moment”? For many years I had resigned myself to the fact that some people get to have marital bliss and others just don’t; the funny thing is many of my friends, the same friends who I was with when they met their significant other, thought the same thing. “What’s wrong with me? Why am I undesirable?” Then POOF — all of those negative thoughts were quenched with a brief encounter. What was my role in this? Was I the catalyst that brought these people together? I often joked to my friends, “If you’re looking to settle down hang around me!” Perhaps I was there to simply bear witness; perhaps Spirit was telling me that finding a life partner can happen in an instant and it will take me a little longer to find her so keep the faith! I have taken non-traditional paths to reach many milestones in my life and perhaps matrimony is just another. When it’s right you will know it; it was crystal clear to these friends of mine that they were looking at their life partner. Maybe you will find her in 2015 or maybe you won’t but keep the faith, she is out there. Spirit will bring her into your life when it’s right for you! I have seen it happen!

      I’m not sure why I responded to your post; it seemed to resonate with me. All of the words that I have shared with you I needed to hear myself. Perhaps this is Spirit’s way of telling both of us to keep the faith. Happy New Year, and may 2015 be better for you!

  • Diana Boles

    Ahhhh—2014! What a world, what a world! The Divine will Define——-it is my mantra, well the first one in my Book of Chants.
    I learned that saying things out loud with witnesses makes me more likely to follow thru with what I would “like to do”. And the more I say it, the more I must save face-walk my talk.
    We always have a choice and we can elect to place the selections on a Lazy-Susan platter and, although spin and grab doesn’t always make a great meal—at least you received nourishment.
    So as I walked myself through Yoga Teacher Training, trying to give myself options, another door opened. The promotion I never dreamed possible, therefore I never even gave it a thought. Me, the lead teacher for the program I have taught for 15+ years. Choice—– In both positions, I am the choreographer — writing a new routine for each yoga class and writing the new annual routine for a team of teachers. Two new major recipes like these at the same time is just setting the stage for two failed soufflés —- so I meditated, prayed, educated myself, and listened to what Spirit was putting in my heart. I’m cookin’ as the lead teacher of the 4’s program. And no regrets for having taken the yoga classes. I believe that pushing myself thru two jobs and those classes helped me obtain the reward of more strength and flexibility. (What it has done for my personal practice was worth every penny spent). And a lighter schedule now.
    As I walk the spiral of my Medicine Wheel, I find the truths I’ve always known, even though I may forget them———The Divine will Define——-though the path from wisdom to illumination is a short walk, the road from illumination to wisdom can be a long journey———all prayers are answered, always in all ways.
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you Tribal Dancers!
    Bless you, Colette, for all you do and have been through!

  • Marla Crabtree

    Colette, Thank you so much for inspiring my words and helping me on my path.

    This is my farewell to 2014 and intention for 2015:

    First, the things I am Thankful for that happened in 2014. I sold my home and have opened a path for a better environment. I realized how strong I can be when it seems everything is going wrong. I am grateful for the friends I have, that they are loyal and know the meaning of friendship. I came to the realization of how little you can mean to some people and how much you can mean to others. I am extremely Thankful for those I spend the most time with, my sons, grandson and my dogs. Without them, my life would be so lonely and unlivable. I value and appreciate my relationship with Spirit and appreciate greatly my guides and all the messages I receive.

    So for the coming year, I wish peace and prosperity on those that deserve it and compassion and humility on those who don’t. I pray the selfless be uplifted and the selfish become aware. This coming year, there will be those who will no longer be in my life as I have realized I am not obligated to those who have no obligation to me. I will no longer tolerate their lack of compassion, their void of kindness, or their self-righteous attitude. I will choose to live my life in a peaceful manner and be one with nature and Spirit. I will live in an environment that promotes all the good things to come to me and blocks all that is negative. I will prosper and have time to enjoy the things I want to do. This year I dedicate to me because all the previous years, I have devoted to others. I set this as my intention for the highest good of all as this or something better will be received.

  • Eric


    The last two weeks have been eventful for me: I finally earned my masters degree and the commencement ceremonies fell on the 21st, the Winter solstice and the New moon. I understand these to be new beginnings and apparently this is Spirit’s way of telling me that I should look to new things in the new year. I think I have written on this before but in this post I’m going to put my “unofficial” graduation speech. It’s not anything I presented on campus but I shared on social media and it resonated with many people. I have been through many things this year, including an on going battle with an autoimmune disorder. At this point in my life I am grateful for where I am; however, I feel that some things have passed me by: marriage and raising a family. I have taken non-traditional paths through life and maybe this is another. Thanks for reading and hopefully it will be some insight to you and other in the New Year!

    I want to thank everyone who gave me support throughout my pursuit of my Master’s Degree; I’m a Purdue Grad . . . again! My fellow Purdue alumni know what that means. It was by no means an easy task; those who are aware of the challenges that I’ve had to face know that there were many times that I was down, but I was not defeated. I find it funny that the major milestones of my adult life (Bachelors Degree, Commissioning in the U.S. Navy, Masters Degree) have been accomplished through non-traditional paths. While extremely challenging I learned to persevere, and when accomplishing these milestones I realized that I learned just as much if not more outside of the classroom than inside. I learned that some will want to steal your joy just out of spite while others will go out of their way to help you succeed. I learned that you never know who is watching you so do things to be the change you want to see in the world; respect others as you would want them to respect you, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all (thanks Cowboy Bob), and be a positive motivating force. It may surprise you how contagious it is. I learned that you never know who will inspire you; the answers to the questions that you have long been searching for may be staring you right in the face, but not in the form that you may recognize or necessarily want. Don’t discount anyone because their gender, race, ethnicity, size, country of origin, or creed may be different than your own; it is those differences and learning about those differences that makes life enriching. I learned that everyone may not agree with you and you may not agree with everyone, but you can agree to disagree without being disagreeable; how boring life would be if everyone had the same thoughts. I learned that everyone may like you when things are going well but a select few will stick by you when things are bleak. It is those few that stick by you through good and bad you will find will be there for you throughout your lifetime. Finally, I learned that your life path may not map the way you think it should; John Lennon said that “Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans.” It doesn’t mean that we are failures if it doesn’t work out the way we want. I believe everything happens for a reason; we are brought lessons to learn in life and just like in the classroom if we fail to learn the life lesson we have the option (sometimes there isn’t an option) to repeat the life lesson until we pass. The tuition for each life lesson can be steep but not necessarily monetary; we can pay psychologically, physically, and emotionally, all of which have their own innate value. Throughout your life you never stop learning; the day you stop learning is the day you stop living.

    Thank you to all of my family and friends who have given their love and support, I could have not done it without you. I don’t see this milestone as an ending but a beginning. I have done many things in my life but there is still more to come. Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet! Stay safe, and keep reaching for the stars.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      BRAVO a million cheers thank you so so much for sharing this with us here BRAVO again!!!

    • Lisa G

      Congratulations! and thanks for sharing your ‘speech’, very inspiring and well said!!! Happy New Year!

  • Jane Carroll

    I was presented with several opportunities to know, own, and live my truth. While I saw them as challenges at the time, I realize now that they were truly gifts for following the path that I am on. I look forward to more fully living my truth in 2015 and seeing what opportunities arise both personally and in my business.

  • Mary

    Happy New Year 2015. It has to get better. The year 2014 really sucked for me. Too many stresses. Constant car problems, My beloved Cat Mia passed away suddenly, My Home took 13,000 Volts frying everything, My Mother’s Health has been poor and my employer is screwing me over. The one good thing is I realize how strong I am. I did attend the Workshop /Retreat in Scottsdale this November and although I did not personally meet you, I did enjoy the three days and hope to possibly come to Chicago. I needed the retreat to help open me up and to meet others of like mind. I did see you when I was waiting for my sister to pick me up. You were getting out of a corvette with a friend of yours. Thank you for reminding me daily of the Bigger Picture. My own soul is calling me. I enjoy your weekly forecasts. It helps me release the stresses of the daily grind. I know that this year will bring me a new employer, better health for me and my Mom and hopefully a continued Global Awakening. Take Care. Thank you again.

  • Esther V

    Dear Colette,
    Your programs are changing my life for the greater good! Thank you for your Light.

    I had scary brain surgery in March 2014 & was forced to take it very slow. After waking up, I had this connectedness with all around me that wasn’t there before…ever. The message was clear as daylight We spend too much time complaining, blaming, not being grateful. The answer is and always be Love. I had to learn to trust and love myself for the 1st time in my 43 years. I survived childhood abuse and thrived as an adult but couldn’t See that until this past year. My lessons were to be Open to receive what is freely being given to all of us. To always say Thank You & to finally Let Go.
    I found your courses in the fall during my recovery. Everything was falling into,place. Thank You to God, Higher Self, my Spirit Guides and walking angels like you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Esther this is so beautiful thank you for sharing glad you’re with us 😉

  • Lisa G

    Thanks again Colette, you knock it out of the ball park every week! 2014 was so-o-o-o life changing for me!! I’ve wanted to study a certain energy modality for years and was finally able to start this past year…1st class in Feb. on Kauai, Hawaii…figured if I live in Alaska and am going to take a class that’s taught around the world, I’ll go to Hawaii in February! Accomplished this (one of your questions) by planning, starting in the Spring of 2013 ! Planning and saving! Then took my 2nd class in Nov. in Tucson which happened to start the Wed. after the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Scottsdale! When I got an e-mail about the retreat I looked for a class in the area and ‘poof’, there it was! (Spirit and Synchronicity!) Wasn’t quite sure about how it would go financially but again Spirit provided…living in Juneau, it’s VERY expensive to get in and out of here, one airline basically has it all wrapped up. But about 3-4 wks after the e-mail about the retreat, there was a sale which included Juneau-Phoenix only $450, ROUND Trip!!!! This is unheard of up here where usually round trip just Juneau-Seattle is $350!! Grabbed it up before I had even signed up for the retreat! Also have been paying off debt and living on cash only for last 5 yrs which has helped a lot! (God helps those who help themselves!) Challenges: Got to the hotel for the retreat after midnight and had no room!! Had made the reservation months ahead, called the week before to confirm very late arrival, assured I would have a room but…I get there at like 12:30am and told no room…not a happy camper! I said to myself ‘Stay calm, it’s not this clerk’s fault, she just happens to be the one who has to tell me there’s no room available’, so I stayed calm and it turned out they had a backup plan all ready…had made arrangements for a room at another hotel (5 star!!!), a car to take me there and back the next morning, and they paid for the car and the room!!! On top of this, another retreat person came in about 10 min. behind me, also had no room and had also made reservations months before. We both got a room at the other hotel paid for that night!!! We ended up becoming wonderful friends throughout the retreat and after! Also, even though I stayed calm about not having a room when I arrived, I am a professional in my career and made it clear to the clerk on duty that this was an unacceptable situation, a flaw in the system somewhere and definitely wanted to speak to a manager upon arrival back to the hotel in the morning. Well, when my new friend and I arrived back at the hotel the next morning, not just a manager but the Director of the hotel met us outside when the car pulled up, apologized profusely, was very upfront about what had happened (which I greatly admired instead of trying to make up some excuse) and as a way of further apologizing, they had already checked us into our rooms, he had our luggage whisked away to our room for us then personally escorted us through a tour of the property and to our rooms, gave us ticket vouchers for breakfast while we were at the retreat and ‘extra’ amenities in our rooms…bowl of fruit, chocolates, bottled water and a personal welcome card!! Wow! Talk about a not so nice thing turning into a blessing!! And did I mention my new friend from all this is from Hawaii—Maui!! I mean what are the chances of someone from Alaska and someone from Hawaii getting to a hotel within minutes of each other and all this happening!!! Then made more new friends at my 2nd class in Tucson after the retreat. And the blessings continue…have 3 friends whom I’ve known for over 26 yrs., one is having her 60th birthday last week of Jan. and has a time share for a week provided by someone else in Las Vegas and invited whoever can be there to come help her celebrate!! So looked for another class (I always look for a class when I travel because if I can get CEU’s – continuing education units – I can use the trip on taxes) and you guessed it…there’s another class in Sedona that same week!!! I got my plane ticket to Vegas after the invitation when it was on sale and before there was a class!!! But I had faith that Spirit would all work it out! The instructor for this class had NEVER taught in Sedona or even Arizona before! And this particular class was not available until just about 6 weeks ago and I’ve had the plane ticket and plans for 6 months! So I’ll see old and dear friends for 3 days and hop over to Sedona for my 3rd class and then I can add this modality to my energy work!
    So through this past year I’ve: continued to strengthen my relationship with God / Spirit which has helped me to: take better care of myself because I’m worth it; I’ve learned FINALLY after over 5 decades of living to LOVE MYSELF!!!!! I know what my true purpose is and I’m pursuing it no matter what, no matter what other people think of me, no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles occur because these are lessons I’m learning and Spirit is always right there, guiding, helping, teaching and protecting.
    So Happy 2015 everyone and God Bless!!!

  • Bridgett

    Sometimes it seems that difficult, devastating times are never ending. Thank you for reminding me to let go of what I can’t control or change, and to celebrate the things I can do to lift myself out of the quicksand.

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