“This, or Something Better” …Thoughts on Manifesting for 2015!

Updated: January 4, 2015

Happy 2015 my fabulous sparkle being!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my intentions are for this year and going about it a little differently than last year. How did you do on your 2014 synchronicity synopsis I suggested we do last week? (There is still time to add to the comments on that blog as I think sharing is such an amazing way to learn from one another.)

Since I’ve made my year- end inventory of 2014, and fairly shell shocked to be honest after reading it through, I’d like to share what might be good to be reinforced for all of us.

First off over the years I have manifested absolutely 1000% every single thing I have intended essentially from each perfect home, (I have excellent house karma), to a major label deal as a recording artist, 2 singer songwriter CDs with music I’m proud of, Hay House publishing, creating oracle decks and books that have sold all over the world, a flourishing coaching school, my own TV show (in Canada -soon to be worldwide) international touring as a speaker, and a faithful gorgeous soul mate of 12 years – my husband – who is truly the greatest gift of my life and that is not the half of it.

None of it came to me in my demanded timetable. Not ever.
The Essence was always greater than the form I wanted to manifest and rarely did my puny imaginations ever measure up to Spirits idea of what was best for me.

Like all good little law of attraction subscribers very New Year I submitted the “ form” to the universe’s manifesting machine but invariably out plopped something I did not order that held the purest essence but didn’t look at all like I expected or thought I wanted.

Why? It’s because of one powerful affirmation I believe sums it up.

When setting intentions, resolutions etc. the statement “This or Something Better Now Manifests for Me in Divine Appropriate Timing” is the key.

The thing is we need to allow it to be what it will be. We can’t just say it then say or think right after –“ Your will be done but give me what I want – the end”.  (I will admit that I have done this more than once)

Keep in mind, even though my experience looks pretty good to everybody else, much of what I listed above came in forms I did not expect or pursue, and when I did get the form I wanted it did not feed my heart or do anything that symbolically it was supposed to do when I got it.

Over the years I got wise to how Spirit works and recognized the complexity of fate and destiny, unlimited potential and the soft fluid limits of one’s unique path etc. Yet every once in a while I slid back into thinking I could force the universe to bend to my will although looking back I was in denial at the time. (Don’t Even kNow I Am Lying)

The most important lesson is that the essence of your intention, how you want to feel, who you want to be, and what you desire to experience will show up in the highest version of form and it will unlikely be you that chooses what that will be even if you’ve been taught that to be specific is important.

2014 was one of those years where the unexpected took me for the ride of my life again.

I began my year absolutely determined to pursue a more mainstream version of my work. I spent thousands of dollars on brand experts and coaches to help me redefine my offering. Just about the time I began all this CBR makeover I had a devastating motorcycle accident to get my attention but I am truly at times the slow cousin slightly touched in the head that stubbornly wants to shove the square peg in the round hole.

I knew lying in bed all summer I was off track. Yet I insisted on having my way.

Thank God I always say “ Thy will be done through me for the highest good. This or something better now manifests for me etc. etc.

“But we still need to plan” thought I!

So I set about affirming and planning for my idea of what I thought would be the best way to serve with my skills especially as a coach and intuitive business strategist, consciously saying I would leave mediumship completely off the table and never ever do such a thing on TV again.

None of what I planned happened at all! (If you’ve been following me you know what happened to some of my best ideas about what I was not going to do) I have my own TV show doing transformational mediumship – that’s talking to the dead to heal the living in normal speak) I went back to Hay House gratefully and humbly and my prayers for a more authentic version of myself showed up completely different than what I thought it would look like at the beginning of the year.

You can’t fake it. When Spirit has a form in mind you just need to suit up, shut up, surrender to Grace and be very very grateful.

In spite of my wants, fears, ideas, plans, dream board pictures and statements I got a better life than I wanted, a more integrous way to serve, an authentic more powerful version of myself, and a newfound humility and reverence for the whole shebang.

So here’s the gist of it all.
Do all the things you do to intend your best life, your most creative, your wealthiest, happiest etc. to set this year in motion. Focus on the feelings, the experience, the essence not the form.

Leave room for Spirit.
Allow the magic to take the form that’s best for you.
Don’t get hung up on your version.

For when you say “This or Something Better.. “ Magic happens.

Love to hear about you! Tell me a story.

love colette 200x103







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  • Diana Boles

    All of the Ascended Masters have lived by those words you spoke or something meaning the same—–Lord, make me your vessel—-Thy will be done—–Your work thru my hands——so that brings us back to “The Divine will define”. Again, you are right when you say we have to plan. When I decided to take Yogini Training, I stepped into it thinking I would teach it. As the class moved along, teacher of yoga very seldom entered my thoughts as I just lived in the moment of “it-yoga”. And when it was over I knew I needed to decompress. After the respite passed, I set out to create a bussiness of my own teaching yoga. Ha! Obstacles started popping up everywhere. Spirit was telling me to concentrate on my exsisting, more important position which, in itself, was a reinvention of me at my 15 yrs of experience job. This soufflé is still cooking and the diners keep returning to the table for more munchies.

    You know, I am ecstatic to pay my bills. I always do it with a smile, a sense of accomplishment and prayer of thanksgiving. (So many folks out there grudgingly do so.) But I never keep track of what comes and goes thru the cash drawer, just loosely aware. With God’s help, I intend to track what I’m doing. Spirit whispered that I’ll never do more than break even if I don’t pay attention. So a new design by the Divine.

    I love what you said about one step a day instead of taking 10 at one time. When I don’t adhere to that philosophy I end up procrastinating and accomplishing even less.

    When I hear the Others begin chatting, I close my eyes and listen. In my mind I toss a fine silk cord in the direction my senses pull me. It is tethered near me but lies loose in front of me. I pick it up and lightly hold on to it. I move it with me, as I slowly travel towards the sounds. I am able to change direction if I need to, but will still find my way back to the start. Able to change direction, I am able to find direction and take direction and learn from direction. The Higher Power rocks!

  • Sandya

    Hi Colette,
    Great blog post as always. Thank you. I have been on my spiritual immersion journey since 2012 when life fell apart on all fronts. I have learned a lot, and incorporated a lot of teachings in my life from guides like yourself. I would love to hear your perspective on 2 issues I have trouble with, my biggest 2 issues, such that I cannot get to the place of detachment and surrender for them to manifest.

    1. I am working on the essence of the job I want to serve in, that’s not difficult. The “divine timing” part is very tricky as I don’t even have money for February’s rent for my tiny room. So how do I get to the space of surrender there? How do I let Spirit know that time is of essence here?

    2. This is about manifesting a romantic intimate partner. Time is of essence here too, I’ll be 41 tomorrow, yet my bigger question is about physical attraction/chemistry. I have the essence of the partner I would like to invite to co-create heaven on earth with me, been on a 2+ years journey to learning that. However, we all have certain physical traits we find attractive, how does that reconcile with “this or something better”? I guess there’s a little trust issue here that Spirit might bring me a wonderful man where there’s no physical attraction. Kinda like the joke when a man stranded on an island asks a Genie to bring him “the best woman”, and he got Mother Teresa! I know people will say that attraction fades, etc., but after having been in 2 abusive passionless marriages, I feel I’ve done the work to deserve my kind of “perfect” partner, where we would share passion and commitment and unconditional love for the rest of our lives.

    Any pointers would be lovely, from you and your wonderful tribe here. Much gratitude.

    • Harriet

      Still trying to manifest my “ideal” life partner after 12 years. I’m sure he’ll be along soon, however sometimes it feels to me like time is quickly running out and I’m getting impatient. (When he finally shows up, I want to still be young enough to enjoy our relationship.) I’m also trying to find a career/life purpose. What could I be doing better in order to receive these gifts?

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        surrender and allow the divine to deliver in divine appropriate timing. Enjoy the life you have now. Don;t miss the moments seeking something that isn’t there yet.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Dear Sandya:

      As Colette has mentioned to others here about “first” your rent has to be paid and that is your focus. I am also working to resolve my calling as well and understand the push-pull of finances. I would job search in the field I have a passion for, find out according to income if there is an agency or organization that will help you with the rent or other housing. Maybe taking on an employment that allows you to work on your calling and/or offers you in-housing (on property as in a work-trade scenario) for this year try an unusual method of achieving your goal without forcing it yet meaning your actions. I believe this is the definition of thinking “outside the box” as in traditional versus “oh, I did not think of it that way before” maybe being open to another part of the country to follow your new arrangements? You, take a safe risk and learn about yourself. These are just options open to you. Definitely, network with people because it is through this system motivation and opportunities emerge as constructive energy – the Spirit, the pay, and the gratitude.

      You know what you do not desire; how about asking for something better than that! Frankly, keep your manifestations (thoughts and desires) going however plenty of folks learn about themselves in life and help others in a safe manner like fulfilling the best they can be. Having a mate in life is like a drivers license it is not a given it is an earned privilege with rules and laws. You probably already know it takes two and sometimes family and friends to create what you are actually needing. Maybe date a lot like every weekend make a point to make a date in a safety zone (place or with people) to start friendships and learn as much as possible about chemistry and reality before getting involved. To help you keep a journal or “write a book” about your adventures to make it memorable for You. It can show you how you adapt. Create “quality” friendships first. Just my humble opinion.

      Depending on your field of work/hobbies/interest groups is where you get to know people. You could start a “pot luck” dinner club in your area when you are financially more stable. Specify an age range of men and women who come together at a church or safe place to mingle for a meal. The action is to give Spirit the reality boost to help you. Keep in mind “something better” than what you already know does not work for you.

      Be yourself (your authenticity) or “something better” little steps toward the “this” that you would like to manifest for yourself. Just be grateful for each moment and change your goals if you find they need a step-up from what you thought earlier. Remember “this or something better” Colette is sharing with us.

      Have you read Colette’s books Remembering the Future or Messages from Spirit and even “… For People Who Feel too Much” are all excellent sources, at the library when finances are a roadblock, of detachment and surrender to Spirit. You Can Do It is a working-motto like Nike’s Just Do It! Thank You ….


      • DLLGRJandfurballs


        The Map book and the oracle cards Wisdom of the Hidden Realms also are good sources of learning to detach and surrender.

    • Eric


      I’m responding to your post because I can relate to it and it struck a chord with me. For several years when I’ve had my friend read for me the two things I asked to know about: romance and finance. These things are important to most people but I think the question comes down to security. Will I have a warm house to go to? Will I have food on the table, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head? Will I have someone to share these things with? Is it really the job that you want or is it the security that the job brings? Throughout my life I have done many jobs that, although it afforded me the roof over my head, I was not happy doing them at all! Fortunately they were situations where I didn’t have to stay in them or anyone depended on me to do these jobs. I finally surrendered to my passion. My cousin used to read my uncle’s anatomy books when he was 7 years old! My uncle is a doctor and while my other cousins would go out and play he would stay inside and read these books. While other kids asked for G.I Joe and video games for Christmas he asked for a model of the human heart! My cousin is a successful doctor now; it was by no means easy for him to get there but he was driven to do this. I remember helping him through Algebra which he was failing. He knew that this was something he needed to achieve his goal so he asked for help. To this day he thanks me for helping him with those courses, saying that he would have never made it without me. I highly doubt that; I was just an instrument of Spirit to help him obtain his goal. If not me it would have been someone else, but I was chosen for that task. Go for your passion! If you go for what you really love to do the money will come, you will enjoy doing it, and you will be seen as an authority in that area! Try focusing on that as a manifestation and watch the opportunities come! I finally embraced my passion and was able to go back to school and earn my master’s degree in that field. . . . without any debt! It will come for you!

      As far as the romance that may take another approach, or maybe the same! At Colette’s suggestion I’m reading Pam Grout’s books “E-squared” and “E-cubed”. SPOILER ALERT: she goes into quantum physics and being able to observe events in atoms and sub-atomic particles occurring at the same time in matter in different locations. She also talks about being able to vibrate a tuning fork from a distance by using harmonic frequencies. I then thought, as she briefly talks about “string theory”, if this is why some things seem “out of balance” with each other. Ever been next to someone that “rubs you the wrong way”? They haven’t said anything but there is tension between you? I believe that these are people that have different vibrations than you; the “harmonics” are different (i.e. you’re out of harmony). This can be from the way you think, your surroundings. I believe, just like when you stroke a safety pin with a magnet the pin becomes magnetized, you can start to “vibrate” to the same frequencies as your environment. If you’re in a stressful environment chances are that stress will be imprinted on you and you will project that stress upon others. Are you in a low or artificial light environment for extended periods? Light is simply energy that vibrates at higher frequencies than say sound. I believe that just as some sounds or music make you depressed harmonics of those frequencies in light will do the same. This is where light and music therapy comes from. I’m sure everyone did this at the end of 2014, but have you said, “this year has gone by so fast!” With the technology we use we measure time in milliseconds and consider that slow! Just think about that as you raise a fuss when a webpage doesn’t load after a few seconds. I believe that since the technology we use vibrates at higher frequencies than in the past this change in frequency is resonating with us and indeed time is moving faster relative to past years. The tradeoff is that even though time is moving faster people are living longer.

      So what does any of this have to do with finding love? Don’t you want to find someone that you’re in “harmony” with? It doesn’t mean that you won’t fight or disagree; it just means that it will be easier to come back into sync with each other. As someone who never went to prom, had very few dates through my adult life, and always felt like the fifth wheel in my group I still believe that I will find someone to love and raise a family with. I’ve had good role models as my parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary. I will admit that I have looked at my parents interact, seen my father with a puzzled look on his face after my mother had gotten on him for something that was strange to both me and him, and sympathized with the poor man. I then asked myself, “Do you REALLY want one of those in your life, for the next fifty years?” 😛

      Excuse the digression, my point being that if you pursue your passion then you are in a happy and positive state of mind; if you’re in a positive state of mind you will vibrate with that positivity. When you are vibrating with this positivity people who are harmonious with your vibrations will be attracted to you and then you will find your life mate. They might not be in the same field as you but as you emit these positive vibrations as you are doing what you love they will be attracted to this. I had this epiphany recently and although I didn’t get the love that I wanted I always got the love that I needed. Throughout the tough times I’ve been through recently, obtaining a graduate degree while fighting an autoimmune disease, I never would have been able to complete that journey without the love from my family and true friends. As there are no accidents I believe that Spirit sent them to give me this love and support through my journey; it was already in the plan when I chose to embrace my passion. Embrace your passion! You may not always get the love that you want but may you always get the love that you need and be able to appreciate the difference!

      If you’re still reading this I apologize because I NEVER intended this post to be this long! As I reread what I’ve written I think these are words that are just as much for me as for anyone else. I don’t know who or what I was channeling but I believe I received higher inspiration in writing them. I hope they are helpful to you 🙂

    • Barbara

      Hi Sandya,

      Here is a suggestion that made sense to me when setting an intention to attract and manifest a romantic partner into your life. It is simply to add the words “for me” to your intent – i.e. the perfect partner “for me.” Although I haven’t manifested my perfect partner yet (I must be blocking this on some level and need to work on this), I feel by adding those two small words could make a big difference in who will come into your life. At the very least, I don’t think it would hurt to add them.


  • Patricia

    Thank you very much for this reminder!!! Like you, even though I know better, I try to force my will, at which time, I get hit over the head with a 2 X 4!!!! It is so much easier to go with the flow and trust and have faith.

  • Kat

    Thank you Colette for such a wonderful and meaningful post. Happy New Year.

  • Julie

    Here’s to focusing on the feelings, the experience, the essence and not the form…love that!

    Happy New Year Colette!!!

  • Renee Sugar

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Colette;
    I am open to guidance, inspiration, and synchronicity/serendipity.
    I don’t always “KNOW” what is best for me.
    The wiser and intelligent universe has a higher view than I could understand.
    My “experience” is only based on a limited perspective on what is possible.
    I want to be authentic, not to perform my life, to be comfortable in my soul.
    I want to be courageous, to take risks, to open new doors and walk in regardless
    what happens. I want to stop trying to be perfect, and be more human. I want to
    share more, to be more honest with my inner self; and to stop procrastinating waiting
    for the “optimum” time to attempt to try something new. There is no perfect time; just
    the willingness to take a risk; and see what happens. NO GUARANTEE!!!
    So to begin the NEW YEAR; I wrote two or so pages of an outline for a book idea.
    I removed all of the patterned tights from the shower curtain pole and organized them, put them away,
    and reclaimed the bathroom. So much space. Space is created when the old forms and
    habits are removed/changed inviting new ways to replace them.
    Knowing what I don’t want is important as it
    leads me to discover what I do want.
    Only by exploring and experimenting am I able to test, and experience
    new opportunities and to learn whom I should trust; and should not.
    The doors to the NEW YEAR are waiting for all of us to enter. The past is
    behind us. I pray to be guided, and directed/protected to move forward and step into
    the life is waiting for me. THY will be done.

  • Kelli

    For the first time in years I actually made resolutions/intentions. Part of the reason is because for the past 3 years I’ve learned that each moment is a opportunity to start over or set intentions, but this year, I decided to add to that with my resolutions for the year, to set goals and try with all my might to make them happen. Which is part 2 of why I didn’t do it before, afraid that if I set a goal for something, I mean like really planned for it, I would be disappointed if it didn’t happen. When my Mom passed, somewhat unexpectedly, 8 years ago I lost part of my faith with her (though I know she’s not really gone) but I’m regaining that. I know that it takes work with faith to have things come to pass. But thank you for the reminder to set my intentions but still allow, in fact ask for spirit to have its way because I know that His plans for me are way better than what I can imagine, and believe me, I have a wild imagination. Good luck to you Colette and everyone here this year. May 2015 be our best year yet!

  • lisa

    thank you, colette! you do so much good work! happy new year!
    2014 was challenging, and we all got through it. for most americans, last winter was really tough. i live in Maine, and the winter went on, and on, and on.
    i feel for those in the mid-west! having to live with a polar vortex! my favorite title for last winter is “the winter of our dis-belief”.
    then politically this world seemed to come apart. so many instances of people performing atrocities, and government/police scandal, and religious fanaticism. for me it was a tough year for processing so many confusing reactionary emotions – boko haram, anyone? i wanted to single handedly take those guys out rambo style. right? then the feelings of injustice in regards to our police getting away with murder (my opinion).
    i think many people dealt with life issues in 2014 which were of surprising, life-changing, and quite exhausting nature. i did, and many people i know did.
    life is a series of contradictions, and choices, and ultimately a great balancing act.
    after all this, i can truly say that happiness is a choice. it is not something that only happens when you get what you want. it is a decision that you must make every minute of everyday, and that is a good place to start. that and being kind.
    let’s hear it for 2015!

  • JD

    What a great post to kick off the year! I am currently looking for a job–a new career–and while I got close to one I really thought I wanted (but didn’t get), this is a great reminder for me to put myself out there and let Spirit bring me the best position. “This or something better…” Because you are right–Spirit has a vantage point for my life that I can’t possibly see right now. I’m knowing that the perfect position will come my way, and I will let you know what that is. Thank you for this message to do the work and to surrender to something even more amazing. Cheers and blessings!

  • Brenda

    In 2014 I realized that I am able to manifest exactly what I want — or, as I also discovered — what I thought I wanted! The light went on totally and clearly inside of me on New Year’s Eve as I was contemplating my 2014 experience. Wow!,I thought. Desire-infused thoughts are truly powerful. I genuinely felt the things that I asked for and without any forceful effort of trying to make anything happen through will or the like, I got what I asked for. The only problem is that the manifestation didn’t bring me what I had hoped it would — nothing! I spent some time asking the Universe “why?” Then on New Year’s Eve, at the 11th hour, literally, I received an answer to my question. That response — I manifested out of my mind, not my true self. The thoughts about what I thought that I needed were so powerful that I could feel them. But when they did not bring the desired outcome, I had to go deeper into myself and excavate. I found the truth there and now am faced with both the realization that I manifested out of fear and that I now in a situation that feels less than affirming. From now on, the phrase “Know Thyself” will precede any request to the Universe for manifestation. Much pain has come into my life due to this type of manifesting but it has shown me how powerful thoughts can be. Now I will be a more conscious steward of my thoughts, feelings, intentions and petitions. Happy New Year everyone.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Brenda: What you said reminds me of that ole’ saying “Be careful what you ask for you might just get it”. We truly can help others on their journey’s like those before us helped … us. Wisdom and the Golden Rules.

      I’ll be working on turning around a negative snowball, wish me blesssing’s, please.

      Happy New 2015 : )

  • Irene

    wow Colette, I got goosebumps reading your truths. I am very happy for you and you inspire me daily. you really do. what a role model you are for all of us in the like minded group of friends. thank you always for your honesty.

    I made my list of what i wanted to leave in 2014, bring to life in 2015, and of course, to leave room for Spirit. The magic of Spirit.

    Thank you .
    Irene (Gardenia on FB)

  • Teresa

    First of all, I have listened and watched you for years and have become a better person for it. I look forward each week to your cards of the week and thank you for the special extras like Robert you add to your video. I wish so bad I could watch your show. Not all of us can afford the classes, trps etc. that you provide and it’s very nice to be able to connect with you. You and John Holland have always been my favorites. I did take your card reading class and that was excellent! I wish the best for you in 2015. And thank you for all your intuitive gifts. Now if your interested at all in what I have to say about your new hairdo, here it is. You look good anyway you want your to wear your hair, but I used to be a hairdresser, and I like the side part , but I think it’s too short. If you could think about growing it a little past your shoulders all one length with a side part you would look ravishing! No layering. Just sayin. I am 59 and refuse to cut my hair short cause it ages you, just my opinion, won’t let it go gray either!!!!!!!! Check my profile on Facebook, Teresa Hubbard Mooney, and you will see what I mean. You have given us great wisdom for 2015 and I am determined to change My life and be the best I can be!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey I totally agree with you !!! I am growing it out to shoulder length but have to grow out the layers now 😉

    • Bridgett

      Wow — I’ve also had a strong desire to grow my hair long. I’m 55, and still have my natural shiny blonde hair that’s now mixed with gray, silver, and white.
      I haven’t worn it long since my 30s — older women aren’t supposed to have long hair, right? Interesting that many of us are feeling this desire.

  • Bikem

    My story….I started going to medicine school, getting sick, wishing for true love……Fell in love with the wrong man, another old lover proposed, took me to USA, all predicted by a psychic years ago…Published my first book about my story……Now tomorrow is our 21st anniversary, I have a 9 year old son, also predicted by the psychic, and I dream of a bigger life, serving humanity, this or something better, like serving the intergalactic maybe….. Ha Ha Ha….Breathing in, expand, breathing out, release…..

    Love, B….

  • Tori

    Hello Colette,

    I am a fairly new subscriber to your newsletter, but I have to say that your write what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I was just telling others of my “resolution” of not worrying so much and learning to let things happen as they are supposed to. I have always been the worrier of the family and know that I need to let go and give it to God for my sanity and health (easier said than done but I’m willing to try). Thank you so much for your insight and I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings 🙂

  • Diana Boles

    sooooo right! “Flow it, grow it, LONG AS I CAN GROW IT MY HAIR”. And I’m 65——-and I’m back to being a redhead. Regardless of what “they” think. Whomever “they” are. I prefer to recognize the face in the mirror. Spirit does have a sense of humor but some of his jokes aren’t funny. Like sagging cheeks salt and pepper on the top of my head rather than on my veggie burger! Besides, I find long hair covers the saggy jowl line and color makes one look healthy and robust. Goddesses one and all!
    Bang – a – Rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber M

    Hi Colette and Everyone! Happy 2015

    I have to write out my inventory I have not done that. 2014 ended with the Universe taking a laser beam and blasting away all the pieces on the chess board for my husband and I (car accident+ no car=owing over a couple grand ). So here we are in the middle of a blank chess board , no game-pieces .. with my hands cupped around my mouth yelling “Spirit are you There? You just cleared the board and left, that was a crappy move 🙂 lol?” (I have been practicing listening which has taken the shape of attempting to tune into rocks and crystals –really getting interested in the stuff)… so no money, mounting debt, no plan and 1,704 miles away from home as we made a HUGE move in October. WOW! Curious for sure ….All I can do is let Spirit lead but I feel lost –this is where i am at. I need things like a JOB since we have rent to pay in February and only 1000$ of credit left to live off of (not enough for rent) –so JOB yes I would like to manifest that and one that pays well not 9 dollars an hour—but I am usually feeling excited and happy despite the urgency of it all. Making a list of resolutions doesn’t feel right sooo….

    Instead of Resolutions I’m Compiling a Soundtrack that Resonates With the Quality of Being I hope to be/become/Embody this year. Music I can turn to/think of in my Greatest & most difficult moments as I walk the path to becoming the Best & Most Authentic Version of Myself. Music is powerful & resolutions can be cumbersome so I’m doing this! the point is perspective, vibes/energy, and setting Intentions for 2015. I can also use these tracks as launch pads for deep reflection. So far I have 5 tracks and I add 6 today/now (going for 15 and I am also doing the album art–FUNSKI

    Track 1 : John Lennon : Instant Karma (Shine On)
    Track 2 : Silver Linings by First Aid Kit
    Track 3: Thank you by DIDO ( a track/ode to my Hubby we have been together for 14 years come March)
    Track 4:BEAUTY IN HARD PLACES by Colette Baron Reid <3
    Track 5: Heartlines by Florence and The Machine
    Track 6 I added today: Changes by David Bowie ( also the only decor in our apt is a large silk hanging of this creative soul oh David Bowie you creative genius!)

    Many Blessings to ALL OF YOU


    • Bridgett

      Love it, Amber! I think I’ll adopt your playlist.

  • Bridgett

    “Listen through your screams to the wind still whispering: Don’t give up — Surrender!” Eric Ganther

    I found this quote, and have adopted it as my mantra for 2015. Last year(s) felt like one long scream that seemed to blow me backwards on the spiritual path that had brought joy and magic into each day.

    One of my favorite exercises is walking a labyrinth. I have beautiful visions when I do this. One day, I saw a cartoon version of myself clinging to a branch of the tree above me as the wind threatened to blow me straight up into the sky. A whisper said, “just let go.” I did, and felt the lightness of flight.

    There’s a quote by a favorite author (can’t think which one at the moment) that goes something like ALL MY SUCCESSES HAVE BEEN SURRENDERS.

    Yep, getting out the white flag for 2015.

  • Susan

    Colette, thank you so much for the reminder of how things work. I tend to get very attached to people, things, and ideas. However, remembering to let go and let Spirit always brings something better or in a better way than I could have done for myself. Also remembering that sometimes the longer path is part of the gift. Much easier said than done. ” This or something better for the best interest of all”. I should tattoo that on my body 🙂 Thanks for the grounding. May 2015 bring us our essence is perfect Divine form.

  • Christina

    I loved this post. But if I am being real, it feels so unattainable right now. I think a pertinent detail to note about me right now, however, is that I’m currently right smack in the middle of my Saturn return. You know, that magical “growing up” phase that occurs from 28.5-31.5. I’m a Pisces chick with Sag rising. It’s hitting my rising sign’s first house and my sun sign’s 10th house. Boy am I feeling it. I feel, well, much like Saturn. Sad, alone, dark and left out. It seems like everyone around me is making progress, even if it’s incremental. I am trying with all my might to pursue my passion, but it’s proving so challenging. I wish I could go off and do something else, but I know I won’t be happy and will always feel frustrated I never went after my dream. It’s also not helping that it seems that everyone around me can just achieve want they wish for with ease. Relationship? Check. Satisfactory job? Check. Progress toward a big dream? Check. I can’t even summon the energy to cry about it, that’s how dark I’m feeling right now. Someone posted up thread some lyrics or poetry about screaming into the wind. That’s exactly how I feel. I know Spirit is supposed to know best and we’re supposed to co-create with Spirit, but I just can’t. I’m so frustrated. I’m just in that head space where I just want what I want and for once would like it to work out. I can’t even say that I’ve had the “be careful what you wish for” experience in a while, because the last thing I manifested and surprisingly got was actually even better than what I thought it would be. I guess I got lucky with that one, that I was really plugged in to Spirit in a great way, and it’s basically spoiled me. Now I’m on the other side of what I wanted, which was school, a really wonderful experience and man is it painful. Now I feel as though Spirit has either lost or *blocked* my number. I’m trying my hardest to listen to Spirit, but I’mat a loss for what it is trying to say right now. I feel like I’m in a desert right now, really trying to dig deep for some gratitude, some pinpoint of joy, but it’s taking so much effort on my part. I really feel like the embodiment of Saturn in this moment. I’ve got until Dec. 2017 before this trend passes. I’m willing to do the work and put myself through my paces. But right now, I just feel as though I’ve nothing to work toward or look forward to. I had my dreams, but I don’t see how any of it will come to pass anymore. Did anyone else go through this or know what I’m talking about, with regard to a Saturn return?

    • Diana Boles

      Oh, Pisces! You carry so much weight on your feet! In your pursuit of the dream, you are tightening the noose and strangling them. Loosen the lariat — hold it lightly. It is the way to recognize the small steps that become the journey that fulfills wishes and hopes and dreams. If you cling to tightly, you miss the signs. The little curves & curbs that stub your toes —- when you see them, you know when to high step or pivot your foot or wait for traffic to pass. And you’ll miss when you’ve avoided injury. When you’re busy dreaming, your eyes are closed. When the dream is in your heart, your eyes are open

  • Diana Boles

    Oh My Goddess! I just watched the Colette-Robert gift! So right on! The authentic self, the “me as I am or don’t” —-this is so going on.
    I have to tell you a story about a fellow yoga practitioner. ——- back in November I went back to being a red head. Since my divorice I’ve tried blonde, the not so attractive greying thing that is going on, back to blonde, cut it off, back to greying, grow it back – and all of this was because I was searching for me and, at the suggestions of others, satisfying the friends. Yuk—I only felt like a stranger in the mirror. I like my hair long and red, (what I like to think is Gods original plan). So when I went red, a fairly good looking man in class, who I’d seen many, many times, complimented me on the change. Said “I like it”. Being me, I got that embarrassed “oh we’re talking about me” drop of my eyes, slapped my hand to my forehead and leaned to his shoulder. AWKWARD——-but the huggy me is the authentic me and I didn’t mean anything by it other than chuckles and conversation with someone I’d shared Ohming with for at least a year. Well he hadn’t spoken to me since. I wasn’t trying to make an advancement to date, I was just sharing another moment, like so many other close moments in the yoga studio. And it bothered me that he misunderstood my intentions. He speaks to everyone else but me. So, this weeks blog has been resonating, as they all do. I have read it several times and decided to add this event with yoga guy to the things I’d like to shift. Spirit “just to clear the air” this or something better. Today, he began a conversation with me. Thank you spirit. Now just on to the action of yoga and being an acquaintence in that environment. And off to watch your conversation with Robert again. You drew the Eagle card—today, I was visited by a Great Bald Eagle – not unusual to see them, but not even a weekly occurrence around here. Love YA Colette!

  • Annette M Cave

    Happy to hear that you are having a happy new year. While 2013 was an amazing journey writing a new book titled, Linked by love/Essence of love. 2014 had many changes with pings and pangs. But the last quarter began another amazing journey, beginning around my 55th birthday, in October. I had written a letter in the 2013 book that I had written a Hit Broadway Musical play. Now, no one could of told me that a year and a half later that I would actually write this Divine play that was channeled by the Divine Feminine Voice of God. So maybe if the Divine has her way, we will all see her in her TRUE BEAUTY and GLORY and ESSENCE of LIGHT in the CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS. Look for, LOVE THROUGH the ESSENCE of TIME, coming soon to a musical theater near you. NAMASTE, MY FRIENDS ♡♡♡♡♡

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