“Risk the Fear” .. and make a difference!

Updated: January 12, 2015

Dearest you,

I hope you’ve had a chance to take a look at the video I shot with soul contract astrologer Robert Ohotto. If you haven’t you’ll find it really enlightening as it underlines what’s going on in the world now as outer conditions speak clearly to the Jupiter retrograde in Leo theme.

I think the most compelling content is about how we prevent our unique expression via conditional creativity and how we need to move past those restrictions in order to claim our unique place in the world.

The question we’re being invited to ask ourselves at our most intimate level is how do we prevent our true expression because of the need for certainty and the safety of conformity or fear of reprisal etc.? How does fear prevent us from taking risks to be ourselves or express our beliefs?

I led my yearly New Year’s workshop this weekend in divination techniques at Kripalu that I would have been burnt at the stake for in past centuries. I remember many moments over the course of my career as an intuitive and now also as a transformational medium when I felt like I wanted to quit because of intense fear due to veiled and not so veiled threats from stalkers, haters, trolls and the like that do not believe as I do.

Fear is a rapacious creditor and will take all your essence if you let it. I almost gave in to dimming my light and changing directions to protect myself, and it was the worst choice I could ever have made and thank Spirit for showing me the way out of that!

You have to stand up for your truth no matter what. I am what I am and I am fortunate that I live in a country where freedom of speech is a right.

In the last few weeks we have seen North Korea successfully shut down a stupid comedy movie (my opinion) that satirized their leader, and terrorists massacre French journalists. The response has been overwhelming. The world stands up now for freedom. We watched the movie and the magazine continues.

“Je suis Charlie” and pencils are the new symbols of solidarity for freedom of speech.

Satire is not my thing and I may personally reject disrespectful images that I feel are hurtful. But this isn’t about that. This is a much larger conversation. This is not about condoning disrespect. This is about freedom of expression.

Last night Transparent won a Golden Globe and today brings new attention and support for the marginalized transgender community. If the creators didn’t take the risk they could not have made a difference.

We need to continue to express our uniqueness to make a difference in the world. As an artist I know the repressive pain of conditional creativity and the spiritual experience of fully allowing partnership with the Divine flow in creative expression.

So we are all at a turning point now—Will we follow through beyond marches and demonstrations?

I am the grand daughter of a Parisian jew killed in Dachau for his beliefs.
History has a pattern of repeating itself, but it also has a pattern of changing when change is needed. To rebuild from the ashes of the destruction. Let’s be honest it’s reasonable to be afraid now. But if we allow this repressive hateful energy to win we will lose everything. This is not a localized fight for oil or resources. This is a global fight for our souls.

Let’s risk the fear and make a difference.

I stand for freedom of expression. I won’t fall for fear. You?

Love to hear from you if you’ve ever been challenged by fear of expressing yourself, and how you dealt with it?

•    When or how have you risked fear to make a difference?
•    Have you ever kept yourself small for fear?
•    What can we do to honor our freedom of expression?

Let’s have a discussion in the comments section. I want to hear you.

All my love and support ,
Je suis Colette et aussi, je suis Charlie.

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  • Deidre

    Thank you this is perfect as I was feeling the same way with going in peace love an bringing joy into the world and into my being.

    • Patricia

      WOW! I didn’t realize your Grandfather died in Dachau. I have a Jewish friend whose mother was a ‘hidden child’ in Paris and wasn’t freed until the Allies defeated Hitler. I can’t imagine how this impacted his mother’s life not to mention what was passed on unconsciously to my friend due to her traumatic upbringing. I visited Dachau when I was only 24 (am now 68). I won’t ever forget the felt sense of that place… there was such a profound ‘sacred silence’.
      I so resonate with all of your work… thank you for having the courage to be you!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        my mother was a hidden child as well adopted into a Lutheran family. I was raised Anglican. The impact is very real and now I think we’re seeing evidence yet again of this thread of hatred return to the world and it makes me very sad and that much more determined to be authentic.

    • Joanne

      ► 31:02► 31:02
      5 days ago – Uploaded by Colette Baron-Reid
      … archetypal energies currently affecting us all with Jupiter in Leo. … for the New Year 2015 with Colette Baron-Reid and Robert Ohotto.

      Thank you for this Colette! It was very interesting to me to see the theme of the conversation between you and Robert to be the about the same thing that I’m currently reading in another authors book. The work of angles perhaps… Gotta love it. Keep bringing on the magic Colette. Bless you.

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful Colette! Your messages are so powerful and always resonate with my heart! I missed the video with Robert Ohotto. Where can I access that?

  • Renee Sugar

    I have been doing extensive reading about creativity recently.
    Why are some people able to trust, or have the courage
    to bring something that did not exist into being, while others
    practice self-censorship and don’t attempt or try because of
    self-doubt or a negative self-concept? Whose permission are we
    asking for to explore, experiment, design, breathe life into any creative project?
    The act of creation is following a thread and seeing what unfolds.
    The success or failure does not exist in others’ impressions or opinions.
    Those who are inspired to create, do so because it is an integral part of who
    and how they are in the world. The life force that nurtures/inspires “creation” is a need.
    It is live-giving and soul-enriching experience which for some is foreign. Others reflect what we
    think around us when self-doubt denies us the opportunity to explore, to be moved by “not
    knowing”, curiosity and testing something uncharted. We have become so focused on the “outcome”
    rather than the process that many people are intimidated by the prospect of “creating”. Self-rejection and self-criticism kill the
    spirit. Courage is born by taking action; regardless of the outcome. Fear causes us to hide, to shrink; to wither, to “die”; when
    we are not willing to become all that we have been divinely designed to be.
    “If we knew what we were capable of; it would astound us”.

  • Barbara

    What you have said resonates with me so strongly. I have refrained from discussing with people that I am a Pagan because it could cost me clients and possibly my job. But with what you have said it is possibly time for me to accept that fear of loss has caused me to lose part of myself.
    Thank you!!!

    • dianne

      Good for you!!

  • Trish

    Hello! I have been thinking about “risk” and “fear” a lot over the last few weeks in response to the beginning of the year. I attend a church that doesn’t speak to me. I believe I go out of a sense of loyalty to my ethnic roots, to my family – almost none of whom are living anymore. I had a lightbulb this weekend and I thought, “Why don’t I just go someplace else? What am I afraid of? Judgment? I barely even know anyone in the church.” Its not like the priest is going to call me and scold me, he probably won’t even notice I’ve gone! I’ve been making a conscious decision to meet fear head on and decide whether its worth it. Thank you for your video with Robert and for meeting us here with such regularity. Best to you.

    • Lisa G

      Oh Trish…I think it’s definitely past time for you to leave that church!! Have never understood a ‘church’ that treats people like that!! The fundamental teachings of the religions I’ve read, is about love, compassion and forgiveness…start visiting lots of other ‘churches’ and places of worship, you have to live for yourself, not your family or family history. Find a place and people that make you feel comfortable and accepted and who worship in a way that resonates with you. God Bless!

  • Coreen

    Dear Colette
    A Happy Blessed fear not 2015 to you and your loved ones

    Honey, thank you for your read, the truth is, I am terrified of a whole lot of things, the fear of not having enough to pay my bills, the fear that God is not going to answer my prayers…the list goes on. I am so going to work on all these fears after your email, thank you so much.
    Do you have any advice for me, Please Colette

    Kindest Regards

  • Judy

    I love it Collette! It makes so much sense. Here is to new hope summed up in the phrase “Risk the fear and make a difference!” I have always mustered up this courage when I had to, it’s not easy but worth it, whether its standing up to a bully or your boss if your right your right nothing can tell you other wise.

  • Alex Wilson

    Thanks Colette for your comments. I have had to minimize my conversation around my past hobby and present work of astrology when visiting my family. No matter what the conversation, I minimize what I say around my spiritual beliefs as well(which are similar to yours, I am quite sure…). I don’t try to convert them, and don’t let their atheist comments get me rattled either. However, if I have a chart to do, or astrology books to read, I don’t hide that when I am visiting. In the rest of my life, around my own children, and friends, old and new, I don’t hide what I do for a hobby/living. I finally freed myself of the need for my step mother’s (and most other people as a consequence) approval when I told her that she shouldn’t pass judgement on my hobby if she hadn’t studied it and understood the usefulness of astrology. Unfortunately I waited until 50 for that to happen! I have learned that it is important to be open-minded in life, and I truly wish the whole world believed in Live and Let Live…especially extremists of all cultures and religions. Alex

  • JD

    Love this post. I’ve faced down fear many times (don’t we all?). First when I came out of the closet. When I left my secure corporate job to work in nonprofits. Then when I left a 9-to-5 position to start my own company and using all my savings to finance my dream. Now I find myself in my late 40s, looking for employment, ending my marriage, in debt, and looking for a place to live. I have experienced pangs of terror, but I have to tell you, I feel reborn. Having been raised by parents who grew up poor during the Depression, I have always stayed away from taking big risks in my life until recently. And you know what? When you lose it all, it’s not the end of the world–it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Facing that demon was one of my greatest experiences because as long as you have faith and a sense of grounding, nothing can be taken from you. And so I march forth into this year truly humbled, open-hearted, and excited about where I am at and where I am going. Being able to look at my circumstances through a lens of appreciation is truly remarkable and a signpost of how far I’ve come. Thank you for helping me along the way, Colette.

    • EV

      Wow, JD your post was inspirational! Such courage, Grace & perseverance. You have a beautiful faith and light. This year will be great for you. Thank you for sharing

      • JD

        Thank you, EV! I appreciate it! Blessings to you!

    • Cheryl

      thank you! your story resonates!

  • Stephen Lesavich, PhD

    The best thing we can all do to honor our own freedom of expression is to honor our own soul plan, the frequency of what we can here to be and accomplish.

    It is the highest base frequency we can personally generate.

    That base frequency provides your own unique vibration and voice to the world.

    Embrace it, use it, express yourself through it.

    We can make our own base frequency even higher by making an affirmative decision to generate a frequency of love, compassion and understanding towards those around us and to the world.

    A large part of the collective world is stuck in a victim energy, that is feeding upon itself. It is creating a non-sustaniable illusion for its followers.

    If we all hold positive energetic space together, we can tip the energy of the world in the new positive direction.

    I stand for my freedom of my own expression.

    I also stand for the freedom of not being forced to accept the expression of others based on their threats of violence or death if I do not agree with their beliefs.

    Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD

    • Diana Boles

      Right on Doc! Got a “Big Bang” of my own spinning in my heart hoping to send love where there is hate, comfort where there is pain, strength where there is weakness and courage in the face of fear. It rings like a Diva singing that High C and sparkles like the Holiday Lights.

  • Jocelyne

    Merci Colette, moi aussi, je suis charlie. Merci bien pour vous encourage les autre.
    That’s my school- girl french maxed out now!
    But just to say how moving it was to see so many people on the streets literally ‘making a stand’.
    Sometimes in life that is just what we have to do, for ourself if for no-one else and risk the fear to make a difference.
    I am using your Holographic prosperity plan right now and am releasing fear from childhood – 43years after the event! – to risk the fear of being visible. I had a school teacher who made being visible a very risky & humiliating thing.
    Releasing fear also releases power. That feels so much better!
    Yes! Let’s risk the fear and make a difference.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Thanks Jocelyne: For the Holographic Prosperity Plan. Colette, organizes the “cleaning” LOL : ) LOVE

  • Todd

    Your post is PERFECT for me today. By the way, the Sony thing was an inside job–that was the news last week anyway. It’s still about fear but even crazier. Look at how our entire country responded to “North Korea” when it was some disgruntled employee.

    On a separate note, I’ve been observing my fear as I’m about to step out and do some performing. Stuff I’ve done before, and it’s funny, but I’m really gripped with fear and feeling the desire to self sabotage. My act is a female impersonation. “Her” name is Harriett Levy. I nearly put Harriett away after a run that nearly bankrupted me. But I got a call from a small theatre in West Hollywood and, anyway, I’m doing the act twice this weekend. The thing is, I know this act could go big. I have combined spiritual principle with ridiculous comedy in such a way that is disarming for folks, and healing if you will. My main goal with this act is to help people let go of the BS in their lives and live more authentically. I do exercises, sing songs–so, it’s really in the form of a seminar inside of a nightclub act. Harriett is one of those people who took a class once and is now a life coach. That’s where some of the comedy comes from. She “reads” people to help them “facilitate a break through”. Any way, I need to get to work. Just thought if I shared my stuff it might help somebody else, and maybe if I TOLD on myself, it might help me. HERE’S TO SURRENDER! Or, as Harriett would say, “Today is the LAST day of your life…so don’t blow it!”

    • Auset

      Todd, OMG thanks for the belly laugh 🙂 Do you have a website or link to any of your material? I’m a self-help junkie, recovering co-dependent who is transitioning to a “unknown” creative career – I would love to hear/see more. Thanks for sharing , good luck & hugs & more power to you & Harriet 🙂

      Colette, I am so proud of you! As you were going through your awakening & acceptance of your mediumship, I sensed what was going on & I felt saddened & that I was going to miss all the wonderful spiritual gifts/guidance you have given.

      Now that you are sharing your story, I am so glad you made the choice you did, because your experience has become inspiration for me as I grapple with the very same issues in my world. How do I incorporate woo woo astrology & divination into my career?

      Intellectually, I know the answer is to let spirit guide me. Time to put that faith into real practice! Thank you so much for helping me do that, not only with your cards, but with your life as concrete example of where spirit can take us, if we only let it.

  • Wanda St.Hilaire

    Hi Colette,

    I overcame a tremendous fear I had of writing my truth. I began publishing, but held myself back from writing what I really wanted to say (my travel memoirs) for fear of what others would think or say of my behaviour and activities. The fear was so strong it was as though I felt I would be stoned in the public square. My mum was the one who set me free. She told me to do what I needed to do, not matter what anyone thought of it.

    I wrote my first travel memoir about Cuba and the response was fantastic. I then began a blog called Life by Heart based on living from the heart rather than strictly from logic or societal norms. It was born after a second diagnosis of breast cancer. I was driving in the countryside after the brash doctor admonished me when she saw the mammogram results. There I had the spirit-hit that I needed to honour doing the journey of cancer MY way. Not her way, not anyone else’s way, but down the path that my heart directed me to. I did follow its directives and I began to write my stories with transparency.

    I’ve learned that, for the most part, people are thrilled to hear the raw truth. It comforts them to know they’re not the only ones who secretly feel a certain way. Readers appreciate my willingness to be vulnerable and many have told me they’ve been inspired to do something they are afraid of.

    Vive la différence! My deepest heart’s desire is to keep inspiring by example and to help others break free from their self-imposed prisons to authenticity through my writing and story-telling.

    Je suis Charlie.

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much, Colette!!!
    Yes, I really feel people saying: “That’s it, we aren’t going to to allow ourselves to be frightened back into our shackles any more!”
    May the silent majority be silent no more!!
    Still: It doesn’t even have to be as dramatic as that. You write how we censor ourselves unwittingly because we have been doing it for so long, because it feels safe and because it is a habit.
    I agree with JD (above) about having the courage to possibly lose it all and seeing that it was simply opening a new chapter. I had the courage to face what I thought was my biggest fear last November and was rewarded with love, freedom and more self-love. After that wonderful experience, coming back to planet earth…I realize that the challenge comes in continuing on the path, asking ourselves on a daily basis, “Is this authentic? Is this truthfully me? Why am I trying to please this person?” and not to bash ourselves when we fall off the wagon but to keep striving to be really us.
    Thank you, Colette, again for your “Energies of the Week” readings…which are always a wonderful mirror.

  • Ula Yee

    Hallo Colett

    Thank you for being you! Thank you for being the brave one paving the way for the others.

    Have I ever dimmed my light… Well, have I ever not to? Maybe when being a small child my spirit shined through but it’s been long ago and I barely remember those times.Lack of self esteem seems to be the companion I remember the most.
    I’ve learned to fake it. I took the bull by it’s horns. I would walk into a room full of strangers with my head up make it look easy and natural. Oh boy nobothy would suspect how much energy that took. I think I’ve managed to fool a lot of people who think I have it all figured out and my life is so well balanced.
    Yes, for years and years I was pretending. Took even more energy to cover up how insecure I felt in the world. I’ve been over 14 years on the healing journey now. A healing from what one may ask. That I didn’t know myself. My life had no particular trouma to deal with. Born into slightly disfunctional but loving family. How do you jump an invisible wall if you don’t even know it’s there? I’ve been peeling those layers one by one. Started with adictions: cigarets, emotional eating, disfunctional relationships… But those were only coping mechanisms and such a lovely distractors. Once I started removing those it started freeing more and more energy for just any form of expression. This years ago if one mentioned self expression to me my reaction would be… Self expression? What is that? In the process I learned about reincarnation and past lives. Those unvisible walls became visible derfore not as scary anymore. I’ve learnt I was empathic and intuitive and most of the junk I carried wasn’t even mine. So I let go of that one too. Although not to carry other peoples junk I need to remind myself on a daily basis.
    Now I see trying to stop my spirit from shining through is like pushing a big beach ball under the water and trying to keep it there.
    I can’t! You can’t silence your spirit if it chooses to speak.
    Now after all those years I find mysel facing the ultimate invisible wall. Is it need to conform? Is it fear? Those don’t even resonate with me. It’s strange and so strong. When I make one small step toward self expression I loose control over my body, it freezes and shakes, I choke unable to speak. Why can’t you just feel the fear and walk throug it like you’ve done before? I’m asking myself. I’ve done it so many times! And my body says to my spirit: No thank you! You had those other bodies.You walked them through stoning to death, stabbing through the heart, burning at stake… Sorry I’m not interested. I’m not listening to you!
    This is what I’m going through right now and whatever happened in Paris is just timely, an outside expression of what I and probàbly many others are going through right now.
    How am I going to jump this ultimate wall when my body is not cooperating I don’t know yet.
    Trying to talk to my body, past life regression healing session something else…
    I’ll let you know when I figure this out. Although I feel helpless at this point I know I will conquer it!
    My spitit won’t stop bugging me until I do!

  • Bikem

    They do not burn you on the stake these days, they put you in a mental hospital….I learned to play the game of “normalcy”, but bigger than life children, or adults are considered ADD or bipolar these days and put inside or given medication…

    How you express yourself is important and how big of a dream can you have? I keep my biggest dream inside myself, maybe one day when I will be sure, I will not be locked up, I come out of my closet of big dreams….

    In the mean time, I write books, blogs, and help people….which is my life purpose, I do not know, my big dream or my life now, which is little smaller, but still helping people, just not at that big scale, YET….

    I totally support you, Colette, and everyone, who express themselves, the way they are….Freedom of speech is a must, but do we have it even in this country enough, I do not know… I do not think so….

    The world is moving to a new consciousness, to a new, more awakened awareness, and I believe our children will bring the PEACE ERA to this difficult Planet…I am hopeful…We, the X generation, is a transitional generation, and I believe our purpose is to bring as much Light into these changing times as possible….

    Blessings, dear Colette, I love you, and keep up the good work…Love, B…

  • Robbie

    It has been a three years working in an environment I could no longer be in.
    I decided ‘Fear the Fear and do it Anyway’
    I work in Safety on the main roads where peoples lives are in danger both workers and travellers and it has be paramount for everyone, as there have been deaths in my profession.
    I have stood in my truth, done the right thing, expressed my concerns, pleaded for change to find that my TROLL BOSS and the Toxic environment really don’t care, its about themselves EGO, jealousy of my position, standover threats were used on me for wanting to tell the truth and most of all KEEP PEOPLE SAFE… its the old story …It wont happen here”
    For a long-time my inner has been showing me things, I had an Awakening, Divine Moment asking me to step aside, I have done what I can do.
    I felt fear, scared, yet I saw this pattern had been here for a long-time, and as much as I wanted to stay the course, it was not going to be!
    I woke the other morning, sent my resignation and a huge burden has been lifted. Don’t know where I am going, most important, I LISTENED
    I am at peace and trust the Universe will manifest something better for me in ‘Appropriate Divine Timing’ as you said Colette
    Thankyou so very much!

  • Lisa Froman

    I loved the video with Robert Ohotto. Your cards and analysis, combined with Ohotto’s sacred contract/ astrological reading resonated strongly. Thank you for sharing who you are. It really does help to encourage the rest of us to follow suit. P. S. I do love your Wisdom of Avalon deck. It is my favorite.

  • Sharon

    Very well voiced, Colette. Thank you and the others who commented here.

  • Esther

    Now I understand, the love story between my parents began in the displaced persons camp in Dachau. My mother was a nurse and my father was a survivor. She save his life. Thanks to you Colette I will not fear the evil that has been so real for a very long time. I will take this time to mourn the souls lost in Paris and when the mourning is over I will walk with the strength their stories have given me.

    Je suis Charlie

  • Mary

    Thanks for your message Colette so spot on … we are all connected and I for sure like many others will no longer be bullied into feeling fear! I went through a process of feeling the fear (2014) but did it any way. The result was a win and a wonderful reconnection with my spiritual self again. Resigning from my place of work after four years was the best decision I made, even though it was difficult, but necessary to step out of a toxic environment that was not healthy for my soul wellbeing. I can soooooooo relate to the comment made by Robbie I had that experience too!! it may not have been exact but non-the-less similar. Like them I’m at peace and trust the Universe will manifest something better (or a match) for me in 2015 now left within Universal hands. Hopefully, attracting “authentic souls” to work along side … thats my universal request. Your a blessing Colette xx

  • Jan

    Living is a creative act.

  • Diana Boles

    there are so many different types of fear out there. From the simple to the complex, from the fear that moves you to the fear that paralizes you. But no matter, because fear in any shape is fear and it all ways-always leaves you feeling the same. Vulnerable and helpless. I have had sooo many experiences that did just that. From physical acts of violence against me to Cancer survival. From sweaty palms before singing in front of a crowd to going on a first date with someone —- it is still fear. My life is so charmed. For this I am so grateful. At those moments beyond what My Self can Control, a bubble seems to encapsulate me and allows me Control of My Self. Spirit fills me and helps me breath. A light presents itself and wraps it’s blinding cloak around me. Present in the spirit, the spirit present in me. Safely through – now on the other side – safe to discover how frightened I was.
    I am here—God held me again and surrounded me with His Angels. Hoping the same for all our brothers and sisters —

  • Michelle

    I definitely agree it’s about expressing ourselves but in the case of Charlie Hebdo the message I got from spirit is not necessarily about fear but about caring for others. We just don’t do it anymore so many people are not conscious about what their feelings and their words reflect. I do not anyway condone what happened but the strongest message and I even got confirmation in the physical world from spirit was that these pictures which came with a freedom of expression but also with a disregard for how these images impact others. We need to have care for others because there are already racial, religious and economic divides of the people in France. But it’s just on a spiritual level to be aware of what we do and how we say it. There are more tensions towards muslims since 9/11 not just in America but its more apparent in Europe. The creativity is going to show which ever way it comes but freedom of expression is a gift that our governments have given us while in many other places it’s not and it can cause them to lose their lives and even been jailed. We take it for granted often quite a bit but to me it’s about also being responsible in how we use it. I choose not to say Je suis charlie but my prayers are to still with the people of France because what happened. I am not afraid to express my opinion even if others don’t like it but I try majority of the time to come from a place of love and not ego.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I agree.. we take for granted our freedom also for sure the freedom to hate is inherent in the freedom of expression and to be honest my view was simply that. I do not condone haters or disrespectful imagery and I am not a fan of satire. It would be amazing if everyone would show love to the other and respect our differences. I hold out a vision for this in my heart. We need to be responsible for our words..for sure.

  • Courtney

    Hi Dearest Colette 🙂
    Your posts are always highly relatable and I thank you for sharing your process.
    For me, I was given the message at a young age by both my parents (specifically my mom) and in school. I was either too much or too little. Pipe down little one! It had a confusing, but devastating effect on me for a long time. So as I mentioned in previous posts, I hid myself. It was safer. At 13 when I told my mom I wanted to be a Vet, she told me “You cant do that! Your math skills arent strong enough”. However, over time, it helped me gain strength within myself. That if these people see me this way, I have nothing to lose and am my own best support (well, my cats helped too! Lol) Its these experiences that often make me vocal about the issues I care about. I’m very vocal about civil and animal rights. It’s animal rights I seem to get the most pushback energetically (though people won’t actually say anything, I can psychically feel they’re thinking “enough already! Write about something else” which I do put funny things up too but it seems easier for people to look the other way when its an intense issue). I used to be afraid to lose people by not being who they wanted me to be. Now I am who I am and am not afraid. You find who resonates on your frequency more by letting those go who want to and finding those who understand who you are and being happy about it will want to stick around. Ill never not fight for freedom or let the powers that be make me afraid. I’ve tapped into the divine, and that frequency is too high to ever go backwards. Love and Light! ⭐

  • Valerie

    In 1988, I read a book by Susan Jeffries entitled Fear the Fear and Do It Anyway. It changed my life. There have been many times since that year that fear has reared its ugly head in my life, but the title alone always helps me to press through the fear until courage shows up. I read somewhere recently that courage is faith that said its prayers. I am about to begin a life coaching business without having a business background. I am afraid of not knowing enough, but I have more people to help via a life coaching business. I received a message from spirit when fear showed up boldly. It simply said, ” Move forward. I have everything that you need.” Pressing onward toward my divine destiny.

  • JoAnn Becht

    The risk of fear. Thank you. I am not a writer. Don’t have the time. The risk of fear. Thank you.
    I am legally blind in one eye. Many years ago 1985, in my one good eye, a contract had ripened and had
    to be removed. I was at that time , blinded in both eyes. I went to eight eye doctors in Manhattan and no one would
    touch me because of the risk and fear of been sued mostly likely. There was a Doctor in New Jersey who performed the
    surgery and restored my sight to 20/20 in my one good eye. The risk taker. I was determined to write a book one day,on the risk takers
    of the world ,and what they can accomplished and the difference they make. The Risk of Fear. Thank you Colette.

  • amanda evans

    i love this post and I can relate. I keep myself small all the time but there have been times when I have listened to spirit and the Angels and followed my bliss which have been amazing and so fulfilling but fear always makes me step back. Fear of what others will think. Fear of being a fake and not really being able to communicate with and channel messages from spirit. I would love to be able to just let go and be my true self without the repression.


  • Linda

    Hi Colette,

    Thanks so much for this post–a heavy subject that’s so personal for you.

    My addition to the conversation has to do with pushing aside fear right now to post what I want to post in my blog. I started my company with a focus on pollinator gardening and environmental activism, but quickly started bringing in more income with divinations and mandala art. I tried to keep the two streams separate on my website, being afraid I would be ridiculed by old colleagues or offend the gardeners on my newsletter list. My intuitive services were actually so well hidden on my website that people had trouble finding them, and I was so nervous of “being found out” that I was ok with that.

    Recently, though, I realized the AddThis plugin was popping up and recommending intuitive services to people looking at butterfly gardening posts!! Apparently, it had been doing that all along and no one had dropped dead of shock. Once I realized that, I just plopped my monthly divinations for 2015 right in amongst the butterfly posts and started writing about things like finding flow, healing from wounds, and life purpose…words that I hope will help others heal and step up to their joy. I didn’t offer a word of explanation, I just did it.

    And the old colleagues? I dumped them from my newsletter list. I’m still feeling my way along, working to link everything together so it makes sense, but having everything out there has really reduced my stress.

    Thanks again for the post, I appreciate your work so much!


    • Diana Boles

      Oh, Linda! What is your blog/web? I garden for the sake of pollination. I have some of my best Faerie – Earth Mama chats with soil under my nails.

  • Gail

    My step-father, who raised me, was in Auschwitz. When I got agoraphobia (all fear) I just wanted to be near him to absorb his strength. He was the strongest man I ever knew and I was counting on osmosis from him to get over the agoraphobia. I know from fear and now I know that if you don’t find a way to turn it into love it will eat you up. My father is deceased and is helping me with my mediumship studies/abilities. I guess, after reading your blog, that I still bow to fear because I am afraid of showing my abilities for fear of ridicule that I got “it” wrong with a person. I don’t have the confidence to really practice which is key. I will now absorb your words and I thank you for writing them. You ROCK! I wish you would come to San Diego and do some seminars or the like. I’ll be there.

  • Lisa G

    Thanks for the subject this week Colette! Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father, fear was the norm in our house. As a result I became very defiant and rebellious when I got into my teen years. I knew that fearful and totally helpless feeling all too well and when I was old enough, I never ever wanted to feel that way again! Not until I really started working on myself as an adult did I realize all of my ‘self-confidence’ was still that rebellion based on fear. It took years of reading, classes, seminars and seeking answers to finally understand this and start turning the fear around. Now I come from a place of heart center, compassion, caring and love instead of fear. I think it’s a Course In Miracles that says ‘everything is from love or fear, if it’s not love it’s fear’. I also don’t care for satire and wish all people everywhere would only show things through love and respect. But I also believe we are here at this time to help show others how to do this, how to accept and respect our differences by focusing on all that we share and have in common…we all want food, shelter, safety, respect, love, family, friends and community. Continue to let your light shine and so will I !! Much love, light and peace to all!

  • Eric


    Hopefully I’m not too late to enter the conversation.

    As I read your entry and the other posts the common theme seems to be courage. Now I can’t help to think of the lion in the “Wizard of Oz” every time I hear that word; ultimately he found out that the courage was in him all along and he just had to recognize it.

    How about the courage to forgive? To forgive others as well as yourself? I mentioned in a previous post about embracing your passion and how long it took for me to embrace mine. I’ve looked back on several events of my life and I seem to dwell on the missed opportunities. Would I have made a difference then? When there were injustices done to myself or to others there were times when I did nothing. Would it have affected things in my or someone else’s future if I would have said or done something? I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe that’s why we as humans are fascinated with the concept of time travel as portrayed in movies such as “Back to the Future” or “Frequency” where changing a single event might have made a difference. I look back at certain things that I wished I had done differently: stand up to a bully for myself or someone else, made a comment or done something that hurt someone, take advantage of an opportunity to perform or make a play in a game, to tell someone that you liked them or ask them out. Why is it that we dwell on these events? Some of these things we have problems forgiving ourselves for when there are other events where we did something or done something that made the difference for someone else we have problems accepting? I mentioned in an earlier post that I helped my cousin with math and he was eternally grateful; to me it was something that I knew how to do and was glad to help but I don’t dwell on it as a pivotal moment in my life (should I?) Think of the times where we said something or did something that was just what someone else needed to hear or see. That event gave the other person the courage to follow through on a project or get the help that they needed.

    Not exactly a historical event but I was in JROTC summer camp I was asked to call cadence for the formation. I found out I was pretty good at it and did it for the duration of the summer. Come the end of camp when the parents came for the awards ceremony I was calling cadence again. After the ceremony different parents came up to me and said,”you have a lovely voice, do you want to sing professionally?” That thought never crossed my mind. My family came up to me and looked at me as if to say, “Where did THAT come from?” In that moment I wasn’t singing for the parents or the formation, I was just expressing myself honestly, and it felt good! I still sing on occasion; when I was in Japan I would sing karaoke at the O-club on base and people would put in requests for various songs, but I never looked to do anything beyond that. People have asked me why is it easier to sing in front of people, something that terrifies many, than to forgive myself for things that don’t matter and I can’t do anything about?

    Colette, I ask you as I have read things about your life it seemed that it was easier for you to accept yourself as a singer than a medium, things that you both do well. If that is the case, why? Where did the courage come to accept yourself as a medium? You have helped so many people with something that many of us would say comes easy to you. Perhaps if I can figure out how you gathered that courage it will inspire me as well as others to find their inner courage to affect change. It may not be on a grand scale at first but it is a beginning 🙂

    (SIDE NOTE: There are many good anecdotes and advice that people share in this forum; any possible way to put them in a book? 🙂 )

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ooh you are my Cledon today! My new book is all about this! and I am going to be sending an email to people whose stories I would like to share . For me to be frank it was about facing my fears and trusting in spite of them. Acting as if and reinforcing that. Re my mediumship – I was obviously changing lives in the experience I couldn’t turn away from something that basically kept chasing me lolol. More to come !

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