10 Simple Self Care Tips For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People for 2015!

Updated: January 18, 2015

Dearest sparkling light in the world—You,

This week we enter the first mercury retrograde cycle of 2015 ( Jan 21)  which is a perfect time to retrace your steps and have a look at some of the ways in which you need to reaffirm your self care.

I posted an article/quiz on my public FaceBook page that I found particularly accurate on describing the traits of empaths, or highly sensitive intuitive people. I didn’t expect much action on it as people tend to share my daily universal card reading but rarely pass on other things. At this writing 40,000 people saw it (and climbing) and over 500 people shared it so far which tells me there are a lot of people in my tribe who identified with this.

I am teaching one of my favorite classes right now called Weight Release Energetix® Lite geared to sensitive people who typically end up with me as a last house on the road when diets and cleanses and other programs don’t work for them, or who suffer fatigue as a symptom, and end up isolating because the world can overwhelming etc. I’ve created protocols that I share in the class that work. I offer this every year (this is year 8) because I had to learn how to manage these myself and they work.

Bottom line is that intuitive people can suffer if they don’t have tools to manage their boundaries and feelings. (and they can also find it hard to release excess body weight, manage fatigue etc. but that’s another story)

So I wanted to offer up some simple easy to follow tips especially since we’re about to enter into the first mercury retrograde phase of 2015 which empaths in particular need help navigating.

First off here is the article from the website to see if you relate. It’s pretty much the best one I’ve run across so if you’re curious you should answer the 30 questions. ( I got 28 out of 30)  http://themindunleashed.org/2013/10/30-traits-of-empath.html

So here are 10 simple self- care tips for the upcoming retrograde (which work all the time)  

1.    Meditate on gratitude every day for min 20 mins. (this focus releases feel good hormones that counter balance the stress hormones that our bodies are addicted to)

2.    Get enough sleep (if you’re tired it’s harder to set calm boundaries)

3.    Manage media exposure (limit the news since you will feel
like it’s all happening to you. If you have to immerse yourself in world events you should counter balance it by watching videos of cute cats and puppies, or other things that make you smile, laugh or be happy – yes I am perfectly serious)

4.    Stay as local as you can. (when you start to feel overwhelmed deal only with your immediate surroundings. And ask “ Is this now, in front of me or am I tuned into something else?”

5.    De-clutter your surroundings. (remove all chatty objects that remind you of unresolved emotional stories)

6.    No Drama (curtail conversations with gossipy friends, people who dump on you, and do not do it yourself to others it will just make you feel worse and escalate the overwhelm)

7.    Ask yourself when you begin to feel too much empathy, or get super tired or overwhelmed “ Is this mine?” (if the answer is no, and 9 times out of 10 it will be NO, it means you’re identifying with the emotional energy of others. Just by identifying if you’re tuned in diminishes the impact considerably.

8.    Learn to say No (many empathic people fear reprisal if they say no, or feel like they are not worthy of refusing to take on the burden of the world’s energy- many of us want to fix it and/or completely bolt at the same time. You are worthy of self care)

9.    Go outside (I get it- if it’s winter and going for a walk outside is the last thing you want to do- bundle up and do it anyway. Unless you’re Down Under in which case this will be easy so go barefoot in the grass. It’s been proven that being out in nature is healing and grounding. Even 10 minutes a day walking and being grateful will keep you sane)

10.     Lighten up- Make sharing joy and laughter a daily practice. (laughter also reduces the stress hormones commonly associated with empathy overwhelm. Find the ridiculousness of life, share the cute and funny, heartwarming and silly. You will be so much better at managing your sensitivity)

These seem simple but for highly sensitive people they work to keep us balanced so we can release the weight of the world and manage our days with happiness, grace, and peace.

Ps If you want to learn profound techniques and protocols for managing empathy have a look at my online class WRE Lite. It works!

With love and laughter,

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  • Shelley Seguin

    Thank you, Colette. These are great tips, and even just reading them is a nurturing reminder that I am worth the self care. I chuckled at the term “chatty” objects…I think I will do some de-cluttering and Zen up my home and make my surrounding less chatty.
    Much love and Light *

    • Colleen P

      Yes, it’s time to declutter again. Thanks for the reminder. These are great reminders & I’m grateful that you shared these. I will pass these on & read them to my 10 year old daughter as she is an extreme empath. She struggles daily because of this but we are working on ways she can shield herself. Thanks Colette and much love to you. ♡♡♡

  • cynthia eyer

    I am definitely 27 of the 30 and sometimes one of the other three. I think it is important to offer gratitude for life and gifts with others. I do this by sharing a smile and positive energy. We are learning ‘Perspective’ in three of my Psych classes at the same time. Ya think it’s a message from the universe?? 🙂 😉 I thought your weight class was only about losing physical weight and I have always been petite and active (Sagittarius). Now that I know it’s to help empathes manage the ‘weight’ of our gift in a healthy manner (I am diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, so no gluten or corn anything and have lower back pain from injuries in the Army), I will be looking to take your course next time it is offered. Thank you Me Lady!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx Cynthia by the way stay tuned we are going to offer a broader course called SOAR in a few months ( stress, overwhelm, anxiety relief)for empaths I think you’d love.

      • DLLGRJandfurballs

        SOAR sounds brilliant, Colette; the implication has me curious. Re-reading your book “…for people who feel to much”. I feel less stress playing with my Dream Board and acquiring one of Glynis’ numerology products. I am curious about her calendar too – just a newbie to all this. Positive affirmation is not easy when there is no motivation to move-out of a mess-of-thnigs. If only “ease” would stay with me. “Not knowing” and “fear” can drive one bonkers. Could use some Blessings, if anyone has some to spare or bestow, regarding completion of tasks/chores/assignments in now-time, LOL : ) LOVE

  • Sangeeta

    I would like to offer several more similar ‘Tools for Empaths’ to our tribe Colette. The post can be found at my blog https://serenereflection.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/tools-for-empaths/

    Thank you for all that you share!


    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      That was an interesting site, Sangeeta. I will have to go back an explore it some more : )

      • Sangeeta

        Thank you, I would welcome your visits and comments 🙂

  • Renee Sugar

    Quiet. Solitude. Time to just be in the silence/alone.
    I NEED this often; to just “be”. It allows space for things
    to find their natural equilibrium. To let go of the outer
    interference so I can tune into what is happening from the
    inside out. Sometimes I wonder if I love being alone too much.
    Nonetheless; it does give space to both myself and others so a
    resolution can be created with the best interests of all in mind.

    I also find that creativity can allow space to focus on something
    other than an “issue/problem “, or disagreement. It frees the mind to see
    with clarity how to proceed. I attended a concert alone this past week,
    which connected me to a larger space/audience; and was an opportunity to just
    “be” without needing to speak. Listening is a wonderful gift when we
    share our “presence” without needing to step in to adjust others as we
    see accordingly. The right outcome, answer will be revealed in due time.
    So TAKE TIME while it is available to nurture the soul, and to allow all of
    the parts of our multi-faceted beings to integrate and catch up from where
    we have been . When we allow that time for ourselves; it has a very positive
    effect on others. When I really want to; I enjoy being with others;
    that vibration expands and touches others energetically. ( I HOPE SO)
    Thank you Colette.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Healing observation, Renee; good to share and heal others.

  • Bikem

    I watched the vlog, dear Colette…Yes, please grow your hair really long, it looks wonderful long, very feminine and beautiful long. I liked the self care tips. I do most of them. No news, walk outside, sleep, all valid. I need to work on no gossip and letting people use me as a garbage can while at the same time, listening deep and helping people. I think I can bring these two together somehow, like telling them while they talk about their suffering, after one hour, I need to go and have tea, and we can come back to the subject of suffering another day. Any ideas on this…

    Blessings, I love your oracle cards, my favorite is the Avalon, then the Higher Realms. Love, B…

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      B, we will have to wait and see how C feels about the length of her hair. I can say it will look “fabulosity” anyway it’s done; Love is Love – it is when it is. C is more than a harido. I like the way the attention is on the “features” and “achievements” of C and what she shares with us not just her hairdo or that spot on her blouse, LOL : ) LOVE

      Be Blessed Also

  • Amber M

    Thank you Colette this is perfect

  • Kim

    Looking forward to the SOAR online class.

  • Alicia B

    This is a very helpful post. I wish I had come across this much sooner. I have a tendency to shut myself off from the world because I become so overwhelmed by people’s emotions and their feelings sometimes I don’t want people to touch me because their energy is hard for me to shake off and it just lingers. I found brief comfort in becoming cold toward people and “turning myself off” so I wouldn’t feel anything..it didn’t last. It became too much to bare.

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