Four Legged Sweet Love!

Updated: February 8, 2015

Dearest sparkle being of love and light,

Oy I am sounding SO corny already. But I am feeling that sweet love this morning curled up with my tiny bundle of love and adoration- my toothless, balding, deaf doggy- Sebastian.

This little guy has been entwined with my soul since the day I set eyes on him. I remember it vividly when he chose me, when our souls clicked and we knew we would journey together.

Have you had that experience? When you just knew your companion animal chose you to teach about love?

He was someone else’s pet at the time I first met him. He bounded over to me and stared at me intensely and excitedly and I immediately knew he had chosen me. It was like being struck by lightning followed by complete and utter confusion since this wasn’t supposed to happen. I already had a dog, (she was his friend already because this was where I boarded her). They were playmates these 2 but clearly with 2 guardians.

I can still see the horror on the woman’s face when I told her “I know you think I’m nuts, and I would NEVER say this unless I was absolutely sure but I think this is MY dog!” (if someone ever said that to me I would have had a fit) IN good and righteous form, she promptly let me have it, that she would never sell him and that I might have potentially bumped my head since my brains were obviously scrambled? I left scraping and apologizing while knowing I was right and wondering what the heck.

I brought my husband a month later when we dropped off our other dog before we went on a trip, told him how I felt about Sebastian to which he responded “ NO WAY that is not a dog – it’s a squirrel and we are NOT pursuing this.” Sebastian weighed about 2 and a half pounds at the time. (He is a sturdy 3 and a half pounds now).

I remember feeling so confused when I had to say good- bye to him. His little face determined staring into mine. “Where are you going??”

6 months later the phone rang. It was the woman. “Are you still interested in Sebastian? I can’t seem to bond with him.”

Marc didn’t stand a chance. I got in my car and picked up my bundle of love. Our other dog was over the moon to see him when I brought him home.

He has never left my side since.

There is something so pure, so beautiful about the love exchanged between a person and the animal that chooses them to journey with. I always like to hear stories of how people first connect with their companion animals because it is a moment that should never be forgotten.

We are altered in that moment. Our hearts are given an opportunity to heal, to open, to grow, to learn, to be guided into better versions of us. We’re invited into a sacred union. We’re initiated into a deeper relationship with Nature.

Nature trusts us in that moment. And, we’re blessed beyond the human concept of what we think will make us happy as there is no ambition or artifice in this relationship. It’s just love and an invitation to be accountable for it.

It’s a way for us to add our light to the sum of all Light, to be reminded that this much love must add in to dispel the suffering in the world, even if indirectly.

I know when I signed up for this little guy I also signed up for gut wrenching heart- break. As much as I am responsible for the quality of his life, so I am for the quality of his passing. One day, not today he will cross the rainbow bridge. I will be there when he does. I will break and I will open up. That is part of the service. That is the awful beauty of this exchange.

I woke up this morning, smiling at him as he slept curled up in my right hand. Our other dog Beanie was settled in at my husband’s feet. (yes we sleep with our dogs).

All I could think about was gratitude, and love, appreciation and trust. Now, a few hours later, he is right beside me as I watch out my window for the birds that come to my feeders. I am still in the same place, my heart that much larger, my light offered that much more freely.

Ambition is tempered, the present is calling.

That’s the best place to be. Here and now.


May you be blessed by this love too….

Tell me a story about your companion animal… and how they opened your heart?


Love you always and forever… because I can.

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  • kirstin

    Affirmative….see you in Calgary!

    • Cindy

      Two words; Love heals. I too am an ‘animal person’, I love my pets as my children, the deepest truest love possible. When my first dog Shama crossed over in my arms, I felt a sadness and emptiness words can not describe. I did not know how to find joy again. Until a month-ish later, I decided to do ‘research’ on finding another dog (I swore ‘no more pets’ for a few years). One thing led to another, and my pom puppy Izzy came into my life. With that the emptiness left immediately and joy, laughter returned. Be brave, open up to a new bundle of fur. It is the answer to healing; Love. And.. for another time, I have a wonderful story of how a 6 story tall Angel saved my little 1 lb puppy. My prayer was answered immediately and it was the first (and so far the only) time I have seen an Angel. xox C

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Cindy come back and tell us that story too!!! this is great.. I have adopted rescues within weeks of the others passing knowing my heart is broken but also knowing I am meant to look after them too.

        • Cindy

          My Angel story: When my pom Izzy was 4 months old (that spazzy run, play, all joy, all the time, puppy phase), she squeezed out the front door that someone was holding ajar. We both took off after her, but Izzy was oblivious to us and was joyfully running full speed across an empty lot towards a very busy street. Too fast for us to catch, I stopped and silently said a prayer, asking God to protect her and keep her safe (I know there is nothing more powerful than a mothers prayer). Izzy was about 15 feet from the busy street and the instant I finished my prayer, she abruptly did a U-turn, running back to me. My heart was filled with gratitude and got to wonder what Izzy saw/heard that made her turn around. For a few seconds I took my eyes off of my ‘full speed to me’ puppy and looked up. There at the edge where the busy street started was an Angel. About 6 stories (not feet) tall. He head was turned to the side- a profile like a beautiful ancient carved statue, blond flowing hair to his shoulders. His blue-ish gown and his 2 huge wings hit the ground- so to a 6″ high puppy it would have looked like she was running into a wall. I looked away to tackle Izzy as she tried to run past me, when I looked back, he was gone. Much love and appreciation to the guardian Angel(s), a vision I hold in my heart daily. xox Cindy

          • Colette Baron-Reid

            I believe you … I have been visited by such a huge angel too – twice now ( scared the crap outta me actually ahah) love this story oxoxox

    • Maya

      Such a sweet & heartfelt message. I’m one of those ‘cat’ peeps – they’re easier – no daily walks, etc. And my kitty Coco hangs out most of the day right at my feet, too. It felt a bit weird at first, perhaps a bit doglike, and I love it. Coco was a rescue also, and it’s hard to imagine somebody giving her up, but the reason was mental illness (her first owner became a cat hoarder). I got Coco from the same people that work with Eldad Hager, who has an amazing animal rescue organization called Hope for Paws. Anyway, I guess what I can add to this conversation is that any pet helps us to bring out the love inside of ourselves and they have so much love to give. It breaks my heart to see animals that have been abandoned – they sit with such trust and, sometimes, a broken heart. I love doing right by my pet, and all animals. 🙂

    • Kim

      Dear Collette,
      Your story of your Sebastian really resonated with me. Our cat, Smudgie, was 19 years old, and slowly dying of kidney failure. I had had eye surgery during that time (June 2010), which she hung on for, giving me great comfort at the time. My husband and I had to choose euthanasia as the compassionate choice to let her cross over as I believed that she was struggling and hanging on for my recovery. When this happened, both of us were heartbroken and of course said, “no more
      pets for awhile.”
      Five months later, my husband’s friend and son found a one year old Maine Coon cat in a milk crate outside of a supermarket in November in Toronto (you’ll remember Loblaws in Etobicoke). Being the compassionate people that they are, they took her home. The three other resident cats weren’t happy about this newcomer, and were being destructive around our friends’ home to show their displeasure. It took a Facebook post to convey the information that the family didn’t want to give her up, but needed a new home for her for her sake as she was hiding in a closet away from the other cats. My husband and I talked
      it over, and went to see her even though we weren’t fully healed from our other cat’s passing. We were able to coax her out of the closet and we took her home
      that afternoon. We weren’t sure if this was going to work because she hid from us for an entire day.
      The following day, she came out of hiding in our basement cupboard and curled up in my lap. I do believe that she chose us to help us heal from our other cat’s death. She is now five years old, and has definitely won us over. I think it is meant to be that a pet will choose the person to complete the journey with.

  • Keri romero

    Love anything that has to do with animals. I was given a baby chi,it will be 8 years ago in april, I was in a bad place in my life. Depression had a tight grip on me. Then a knock on my door It was my dad with this dark brown and tan chi. She just fit in you hand. A feeling of warmth and love came over me. From that point on I was in love and happy! I never knew what unconditional love was till I had her. She is/was my fur baby. Then one September day she got sick out of nowhere ,rushed her to the er she was taking meds for an allergic reaction from a week earlier but her tiny body couldnt take it and she fell into a coma. My world fell apart…..I never felt so much heartbreak in my life. She passed away in my arms as I sang to her. 2 weeks later I had tickets to a TV taping where Colette Baron reid was there amoungst other mediums. My sister was sitting next to me saying dont give my hopes up. I wanted to her from her so bad. 5 days before that taping was 0ct 10 my birthday and the day I got my furbaby ashes back it was a hard birthday still is from time to time. So 5 days later my family and I get into this taping one medium said everything spot on but disreguarded me and talked to someone that had the same info that was like mine. So i had to sit back down and was sad. Until Colette came back to me and said i need to go back to the girl with the purple hair ….*yes i have purple hair* and she told me things that no one would have known and put some peace into my heart about my baby love. It helps everyday that I know she is always near me. Thank you Colette much love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah Keri your lil girl will always be there for you. They love us forever.. hey have you thought about adopting another lil chihuahua? You have big heart.. maybe another lil one is looking for you now? Just a thought oxox

      • keri

        Where we live now, we can’t have pets. One day maybe when it’s meant to be. Cocopuff is my first true love <3

  • sheila

    I lost my dog last year and I gfreive so much help please any info thanks cant stop crying and grieving is he coming bacl w hy did he leave I think I know but help

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am sending you a hug.. it’s hard to know why they come and why they leave but there is always a purpose. Hang in there.. xoxo

  • dianne

    i had a similar story with a 3lb pom too. she’s walked the rainbow bridge and my arms miss her still. my last case of this animal is mine is my collie. i saw the ad on craigslist for blue eyed collies. i thought i would love a blue eyed collie. i had 2 poms with health issues and i didn’t need a large pup on the mix. i even joked with my friend saying i want to give my name to everyone who takes one so if they get tired of them in a year. I’ll take it. well the universe listened. a year later my 2 babies passed the rainbow bridge. I happen to be looking at craigslist and there is one of the collies. when i contacted the person he told me someone is coming to pick her up. i told him to keep my number if they don’t. me of little faith was so upset. a total loss for a dog i never had. 2 days later i get a text he still has the dog. i told him (yes I’m as weird as you lol) “this dog was always mine so don’t feel bad” why the 2 day wait it was my late fathers birthday. the gene pool i got my excessive love of animals from. i believe besides always being mine she was a gift from my dad.

  • Angelina Ortiz

    Colette, your story spoke to my soul. I cried like a baby because I thought of the bond and love I have for my English Bulldog, Rosie. My Rosie has been with me since she was a few months old. She is now 10. Every birthday she has is bitter sweet for me. I am happy she made another year and a little sad that the years keep coming because Dogs do not live forever. She has been there for me through heartbreaks, life changes and moves. Always by my side. I have, in return, been there for her during surgeries and eye issues. I have never loved anything as much as I love her. Because of her I have followed through with Reiki training so I can use the gift of energy healing on her and other animals. Everyday I tell her she is beautiful and that I love her. Her choosing me makes me the luckiest fur mommy in the world. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah .. the beauty and the sorrow all rolled up into one. I get it as you know. Sebastian is now 12 years old, and my other one Beanie is 10. big hug to you and to Rosie 😉

  • Mary Ann

    My Annie cat came into my life in an usual way. I had gone to the pet food store to get food for my Caesar cat. The local humane society regularly showed animals left in their care in a small room just inside the entrance to the store and as usual I went into the room to visit with the animals. Annie came to the front of her cage to share love and I briefly pondered whether I should inquire about her. She had been declawed though (a cruel act) and I did not think she would fit into my lifestyle. I wished her well and proceeded out into the store to get Caesar’s food and go home. As I walked down the aisle from the showroom, I was overwhelmed with a tremendous heavy fog of sadness that literally stopped me in my tracks. I did not relent in the moment, but went home to rethink my initial decision. The next day, which was Sunday, I went back to see if she was still available. The humane society attendant put my name on a list that had 7 others ahead of me and said to check back on Tuesday. Much to my surprise, none of the 7 others had followed up on adopting her and I took her home that evening. December 13, 2014 I had to have Annie euthanized as her kidneys had failed. She had been diagnosed with kidney disease in April 2013 and her vet said she might live a year. We shared 20 more months following her diagnosis, including 2 summers which Annie loved, so I couldn’t hardly complain, but I miss her and her gentle, loving kindness every day. Annie and I shared life for 13 years (she was actually 17 yrs old) and her memory continues to bless me.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this made me cry! I felt the whole scene you were describing. They choose us and this is another beautiful example!

  • Amber M

    Stellar Blog 🙂 !!

    I am so grateful our furbabies are in our lives. My hubby and I share the bed with our babies as well and our oldest Petal (2yrs) sleeps right above my head–I love it. I feel that my bond with my pups Petal and Roo (almost 12 months old)…. especially my Petal , is healing the child within my Soul –by providing really nurturing energy—I am here for them but they just give and give so much Love– Both of them show me characteristics about myself –thing that are great and things that need to be changed. I am just so grateful for them both and they are such little individuals. My relationship with them also amplifies my intuition because I can tune into them –two lil Shih Tzu’s ….I always loved ewoks when I was a kid and now I have two lol!

    Great reading as well…..for the past 6 months or so the Death card dances in my readings—the transitional period I am going through is intense…hearing you explain the concepts and insight helps me understand some of my personal readings –Thanks for your Blog Colette 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love the names you gave them !! Thanx for writing. Glad you are here oxoxox

  • Julie Condy

    Colette, what a beautiful post! Yes, they choose us. Back in May of 2001, a brown – gray tabby boy showed up at my mom’s house. I had moved in with her that January to take care of her. Her health, mental and physical, was not good and had been getting progressively worse since my dad had died in December 1999. So this young cat showed up. Mom already had 4 cats so new cat was the last thing on my mind. But he squirmed around my feet and cried. I fed him and was hooked. “Squirmy” had a home. He and I have an extraordinary bond. We belong to each other. He falls asleep hugging my neck with his head on my shoulder. He is the only cat who has to see my face at all times. He sits in my lap, stretches across my chest and puts his face in front of mine so we can look eye to eye. I have always felt that my dad sent him when I needed extra love. Squirmy survived Hurricane Katrina. Too long a story for this post. He is now 14 and adores his “mom” (me) and my husband, too (a post – Katrina addition to our family). (My mom passed in Nov 2004 thankfully before the flood.) The bond between us is unique. My family had over 20 cats over 30 years and none had this kind of bond with me. A very special and most treasured companion. Thanks for this post!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love this – cats are different than dogs but they are just as bonded to us and just as spiritually important to our growth and well being. If I wasn’t allergic to them I would have a bunch of ’em!

  • Marybeth

    I wouldn’t want to live if I couldn’t have my pups. I fell in love with my Lexi online. She was 1 of several lil blue heeler puppies off a farm in Iowa. I didnt need another dog, but couldn’t get her out of my mind. I waited a few weeks to call. She was still available. ..and I knew she was mine.
    My ‘baby girl’, teaches me daily how to be present – she wakes up so happy & truly alive and is always ‘in the now’.
    Sparky came to me via a rescue organization and I feel my beloved dog Dakota who passed guided me to him. He needed me and Lexi & we needed him. His calmness & ability to ask for love teaches me daily.
    I had my Dakota for 14 yrs and he was the perfect man. Lol. When he passed he gave me The most beautiful message from beyond telling me thank you, I love you & see you on the other side. I miss him, but look forward to seeing him again.
    I feel animals are gifts from God & am honored to get them in my life*** 🙂

  • Rachel Medhurst

    Some things are delivered at the exact right time. My dog is in his senior years now and although I’ve only had him for five years, we share a bond unlike any I’ve ever allowed into my life. I know he came in to help me open my heart and as he gets older, I try not to think about the time when he won’t be here, but I’m so grateful for the time we’ve had together.

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,

    No animal stories, although I do have them ….. but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your weekly videos, card readings and the card course …….. and, by the way, I am very amused by Spirit’s many different ways of trying to get their message across to me that this is a time for me NOT to “do” anything !!! I love your light hearted yet keenly observed, compassionate approach so thank you for being you <3

  • Olivia Dumont

    I’m in animal protection and because of that I have seven dogs and seven cats. It would take long to tell their stories. What I would like to tell you is the lessons I learned from them. The dogs taught me about inconditional love. You discipline them, they become sad and just keep waiting for a chance to apologise and show you their love. The cats taught me the value of a high selfsteem. You discipline a cat and he’ll be away waiting for you to apologise and show them your love. My pets also taught me that one must let the Universe take care of things that are greater than oneself. When they have a problem they can’t handle they just sit and wait until the Universe solve it for them.

  • Sophia

    My Jack Russell, Tillie is only 3, but we’ve had such a wonderful time together, these past few years! She’s a sensitve Cancer like me, and the most amazing friend I could have wished for. When she was a puppy, I took for for a walk at night, because she had so much pent up energy. I had a man jump out of some bushes and try to attack me, but Tillie was there to protect me, even though she weighed 4kg! She transformed into the most ferocious, scary dog with a bark you’d expect from a Rottweiler, and frightened my would-be attacker away. Tillie recently had surgery for a torn ACL, but I’ve been giving her reiki daily to ease her through to a speedy recovery. It plays on my mind a lot, the thought that one day she won’t be here anymore, but I try and focus on the many years we have left, with God willing! She’s truly opened my heart up to love, and taught me to take every day in your stride, without sweating the small stuff. I’m so lucky to have such a sweet dog as a friend!

  • Ellen

    I have had the same dog come back to me several times in different bodies. I can always tell because of the habits. The first time she was a stray beagle with terrible mange that showed up on my 6th birthday. Then she was a stray spaniel-x puppy that walked into a bar where I was working when I was in grad school. Then she was an older basset hound that was rescued from a puppy mill, and lastly an ancient rottweiler that had been abandoned and was starving. I think she might have come back again in the form of a little chihuahua puppy that my son came home with. She has been a wonderful dog in every way possible, this companion spirit of mine, teaching me love and loss and that return is not only possible but likely.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Ellen this is so interesting. I know the same spirit has travelled through many of my canine companions too. When Sebastian’s companion Bizoo died a few weeks later his personality changed dramatically and I swear she is in there sharing his soul space! Isn’t it amazing? thanx for writing

  • Barb

    I had three cats, two females and a male. The male was chosen by my daughter when he was just a few weeks old but he became my bosom buddy and best friend from the day she brought him home. When the girls left home, the cats, of course, stayed with me. The male, Charlie, was my little spirit brother, and although when they all eventually passed, his passing was the hardest to take. Fast forward 16 years and the last cat, a little girl named Billie Jean, was in her last days. I told myself that after her I would not get another pet because I could not stand to have my heart broken any more – it was just too painful. My daughter called to tell me she had found a young cat, maybe a few months old, in her recycling bin licking out dog food cans in the cold of an October morning. She brought the cat over to my house and put her in my arms. The little one looked up at me like she had known me all her life. I couldn’t take it and told my daughter to take the cat back and find another home for it. That night, I had a dream. I heard the cat say to me, “My name is Charlotte, and you know me.” I called my daughter the first thing next morning and told her to bring the cat back. When my daughter left, I took Charlotte in my arms and said, “Charlie? Are you in there?” She immediately meowed and put her head down on my chest. After Billie Jean passed, Charlotte became very lonely and, as an experienced cat owner, I knew she needed another cat around to keep her company while I worked, so Laura (the name she came with), came into our lives. My girls are love personified, all accepting, all knowing and always teaching. When I see the world through their eyes, I see it as God intended us to see it. Sorry this is so long, but these little ones, all five of them, have been my greatest teachers and my greatest joy (don’t tell my kids!). Blessings.

  • sue montalbano

    Hi Colette, Love your story and your connection to animals. I have three dogs myself and I love each one of them. The third dog happens to be a rescue and attacked my other dog. I called my trainer and she said to find a home for the rescue dog. I thought about it for five minutes and said no. I found another well known trainer and he gave me hope and happy to report we are starting training next week.

  • Kim

    My husband had brought home a six month old dog from a breeder someone had purchased and then returned. My husband had worked extremely hard to train this dog he named BB. After a couple of months my husband told me the dog was worthless and he could see why he had been returned. For the next month I read every book I could on training dogs the way my husband had done for years but I paid little attention to. Secretly I worked with BB while my husband was at work. After a month of hard work between BB and myself I was ready to demonstrate BB’s accomplishments to him. BB performed like a pro. I was so proud of him. My husband asked me how I did it. I told him with love and that no soul is worth throwing away even a dog’s. A month after this performance BB was hit by a car while chasing, yes my little dog, into the street. He broke his back and had to be put to sleep. I was devastated. I cried for weeks. The worst part was I didn’t even have one picture of him. Approximately four weeks after his passing while meditating, I saw him as a soul running and running like he use to love to do while we were training. I knew he was at peace and I never again shed a tear for him. I loved that dog. Since then I have always taken a picture of every dog immediately upon arrival and proudly display their picture like the rest of the family. Thanks Colette for all you do!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful story

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      “… with love and that no soul is worth throwing away..” this is the reason I have my three rescued pups and I am learning everyday. For momma I brought in two of her pups that would have been cast away (to their death as was momma going also by previous owners) after six months of age. It was the first time for me with canine aside from a teen who knew nothing however I still believed LOV: ) would conquer all – I am hoping all the more this mantra still carries weight.

  • Yolanda

    Hi Colette,

    I have 2 puppies, Jake and Lucky, Jake is a 5 yr old Westie and we bonded right away, he was 9 weeks old when I brought him home, and is the light of my life. Lucky is a Schnauzer, I’ve rescued at 4 four months old from a family that could not keep him, and we bonded immediately, and so did Jake, he liked right away and we decided to bring him home, he almost 3 yrs this coming June. I cry when I think of them leaving me, but rejoice everyday and every time I spent time with them. Jake and Lucky are soul mates that continuously teach me something new everyday. To my friends they think I am obsessed with my puppies, but is ok, who cares? I love my friends and understand where they come from with their opinions, I used to be like that over six years ago, I know better now :-). So, yes Colette, I can relate, and love it every minute.



  • Gail

    I found my little bundle of love at my place of employment. Someone had placed pictures of these adorable Papillon/Pekinese mix puppies they had for sale in the lunchroom of our building. I admired these pictures for a couple of weeks without ever contacting the owners. We already had two cats and I had not talked about getting a dog with my husband.
    Then one day I came back to the office after lunch and had noticed a group of women all standing around making ahhhing noises and I knew that it had to be because of a baby or a dog! So, of course, I had to go investigate. Sure enough, there was this cute little black and white bundle of fur that was being passed around to be held, and I wasn’t going to miss out!
    I held him for a moment when another woman wanted to see him. And so he went, around this circle of about 8 women, being held and coddled. Then he came back to me! This time the little fellow let out a big sigh, cuddled into my arms and fell asleep. The then owner of this little pup looked at me and said “I think he chose you”! I knew at that moment that he was going home with me, with or without talking to my husband first!
    My little Frodo has been my constant companion since. Some say he spoiled, I say he is loved. This past Christmas we celebrated 11 years together. And I still love hearing those little puppy sighs when we cuddle up together.

  • sarah

    I signed up for a rescue list when our beloved Zee passed. We couldn’t wait for the perfect rescue, so we found a puppy and brought her home. But I still stayed on the rescue list. Almost a year later, an email came about two littermates in Mississippi, a male and a female who needed a new home. My husband said immediately, ‘we want the male.” I was shocked (since we had a six month old puppy) but I sent the email saying we’d take him. They e-mailed back saying, the male was going to a family in New Orleans but did we want the female? We didn’t answer, hemmed and hawed because we already had a female and and weren’t sure it would be a good mix. Then out of the blue the rescuer called me. There had been a mix up – the boarder had given the female to the New Orleans family by accident (?!?!) and the family loved her and wanted to keep her – did we still want the male? I said yes, even though we had never seen a picture of this guy, knew he’d been in 3 homes and chewed up couches and expensive shoes. They had a friend driving across country who could drop him off. I picked him up at a McDonalds parking lot on the interstate with a bag of cut up chicken in my hand (they’d told me he loved chicken.) He was mine (ours) from that second. So calm and loving and fit in perfectly with my family. I have to believe he was guided to us. All the barriers that kept us from adopting him fell away. Heck, maybe he chewed those couches and shoes and got thrown out of houses just because he knew he wasn’t home yet. He was going to be here, no matter what. (And he’s never chewed a thing he wasn’t supposed to here.)

  • Maureen Shaw

    Such a wonderful story Colette! Went to visit my daughter in Calgary. A beautiful 6 year old ginger Pom rescue became available for adoption from an outdoor puppy mill (rabbit cages) from Alberta!! Can’t imagine ..she’s 6 lbs. it was xmas eve. At night I had a vision of my deceased friend’s dog who was identical. I smiled thinking of how Karen loved her dog. Xmas morning my phone dinged with an email message but I couldn’t locate the email !! So strange. I looked forever..then searched ‘unread messages’. Bingo! An unread message from Karen (deceased) that I had never read from 2011!! Karen passed shortly after. So thank you Karen for bringing little ‘cinnamon’ into our lives. She’s a doll!! She also needed a hernia operation when I flew her home from all the litters she had. Poor sweet girl. See you in Hamilton June 1st Collette !! Can’t wait! Maureen Shaw Dundas ON.

  • Ursula

    I grieve my best friend and companion, my adorable pug named Tarot. As I respond to you, my cats, Saoirse (Seershaw) and Cooper rest on me comfortably.
    I had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep, a year ago tomorrow. I have been weeping and sobbing the past week. I still can’t bring myself to even print a picture of her.
    As a fellow medium, she worked with me. The night she came home with me I heard her former owner say hello to us both, perhaps checking in with her. Tarot knew spirit would arrive near me before I would. She followed me every where I went in my home. She taught me, how to love and care for her and how to share that love. I would look into her eyes and hear her thoughts, we bonded deeply.
    I still greet dogs and look in their eyes to see if I can make the same connection. It eludes me. I hear their thoughts and I remember why I miss her and that comforted me when I needed it.
    She used to snore and make unique sounds that only I understood. She has made her presence known once. I was weeping on my couch, grieving her physical loss, my cats by my side and loudly, clear as day I heard her snore, sigh and settle back in beside me and rested with us.
    I hope she returns to us and that we may bond again and that we never lose our connection.
    Much love,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing.. beautiful story.. Tarot will be back of that I’m sure.. until then she will snuggle beside you in spirit. Doesn’t make the pain less sometimes though… HUGS

  • Connie

    My sweet soul dog was chosen by my husband at the Humane Society. He went there looking for a small poodle like dog for us and saw a small curly haired brown thing looking sad and alone. He called me at work and to ask if we should get her, and I of course immediately said “heck,yea!” He went back to her cage where by now a woman with small children was looking at her, but my husband snatched the papers for the dog out of the holder and marched off to pay for her, all the while the woman yelling at him that she was looking at her. We had to leave her over the weekend for spaying but when we went to pick her up the following Monday, she snuggled down into my arms, never having seen me before, and never left my side in the 16.5 years we had her. She was completely mine, having been badly abused by a man, and was always with me. I still miss her, even though she’s been gone four years. And, by the way, this scruffy mutt turned out to be a beautiful Bichon Frise, and lives on in my heart and soul.

  • Michael

    Oh my God,

    I can’t agree with your story more. I know for a fact there isn’t coincidence of becoming a bonded soulmate with a loving best friend that has picked us and has tough me the true meaning of unconditional love. I will never forget my soulmate angel.
    Leasel my true life soulmate

    It all started out with my former wife wanted to get a ferret I had no idea of what would happen next. We both agreed to go to the pet store where my former wife (I will call her my former wife out of respect and never call her my X) had previously went to look for a ferret. I agreed so off we would go. I had no idea of the crazy,funny character of ferrets but soon would start to love this gentle loving little friend.

    When the store clerk showed us where the ferrets I was smiling at the beautiful colors of their fur and of course the masked bandit face will melt your heart. The store clerk ask me to put my hand in the cage and pick her up and just as I did so……….with one leap this ferret scared the S*** out of me. As we all laughed and smiled the clerk said don’t worry she just wants to play with you. So again I put my hand in the cage and the bond started to flow. This is when I named my new best friend Leasel.
    I loved playing and learning so much from this beautiful soul and we soon became best friends. As time went on and a separation with my former wife turned into divorce my former wife wanted nothing to do with having Leasel I replied I will keep her and I couldn’t have been more blessed to have her. Leasel and I would occupy the little cottage called “The Crystal Hill Cottage” I truly believe Lease was the cottage queen. 🙂

    Through time spent at the cottage and the woodlands surrounding the cottage we would go for daily walks 2-3 times a day and enjoy nature. I would walk Leasel on her leash through the woods but as we would arrive back to the cottage I would release her so she could run up the hill and go under the porch to play. I would also take Leasel for drives in the country and like any other pet she would love to have her head out the window with the breeze blowing in her face.
    I never penned Leasel in the cottage she had free rage of the home she was litter trained. Leasel also loved to take showers she was one of cleanest pets I ever known.

    Sharing our time together for about 8 and half years like so many other ferrets Leasel had developed tumors on her pancreas. I had no idea of her having this disease when symptoms started to show I immediately took her to the vet. After a few blood test I was told of her condition and what I could expect. The recommendations were to let her go in a few months or have a surgery to remover the tumors. This didn’t take a moments time and I agreed to have the tumors removed and give Leasel the best treatment I could. The surgery was successful except they were not able to remove the microscopic tumors. Leasel recovered miraculously and I thanked god for giving me more time to spend with my soulmate friend.

    We spend all last summer through fall walking through the woodlands and new places I couldn’t of been more happy to have my little girl back. As the tumors began to return in late September/October we were told this wouldn’t be advisable to have more surgeries and I asked the doctor to please let me know when it was time to let Leasel go.

    Every night I would take Leasel to bed with me and most times she would sleep in her little hut. In the last month she would crawl up on the bed and wanted to be close to me I was loved by Leasel. Every night I would pray to God to let me know when it was time I wouldn’t want Leasel to suffer. I noticed her breathing was becoming harder for her at times and I was concerned but she still played and we continued our walks in the woods and all seemed to be okay. On November 10th 2014 we woke and had our breakfast and I told Leasel I was going to dedicate this day to her. In the morning we did our walks,playing and sharing our time together as we returned to the cottage all was good. Leasel was so funny when she wanted to take a shower she would stand next to the tub looking at me telling me she wanted her shower/bath so shower it was. After blow drying her she went to sleep in her place under the stove she loved her heat since Wisconsin is cool in November I had the wood stove in the basement going this was her place. In early afternoon about 2:00 pm Leasel wanted to go for another walk so off to the woodland once again playing with figure and all is good we returned and she went to sleep under the stove once again. So I went out to work in the yard taking care of fall chores putting things away for winter. I came into the cottage and Leasel came out and once again she wanted to go for our walk we did but this time it was so different. I knew we were going to have cold moving in in the next few days. I would always put Leasel under my coat when we would go for our walks till we would arrive at a place in the back woods then I would put her on her leash. On the way down from the cottage with Leasel under my coat I was again thanking God for giving us this day to spend together. With Leasel under my coat I was telling her how much I loved her and what a blessing it was to have been givin this gift of God to know she has taught me unconditional love I will never forget this day. I also was telling Leasel this may be the last day we may have to do this walk again because of the cold coming in. When we arrived in the place I would put Leasel on her leash we went for our walk with the sun making a beautiful sunset. Returning once again to the cottage all was good once again she returned under the stove to sleep. Since this was an incredible sunset I decided to go out for one more walk by myself to thank God for this beautiful fall day to share with my soulmate. As I returned to the outside of the little cottage something came over me or the voice in my ear said not to go in the house? Puzzled I thought okay I’m suppose to extend my thanks to God for this day. So I went over to one of the benches outside of the cottage and extended my thoughts to God. After about 10-15 min. it seemed like time to go in. As I came in through the back entry there’s a full view window I could see Leasel laying on the floor passed………………… I know I wasn’t the only one that wanted to spend this day Leasel had chosen this day to be with me and pass in her best way.

    I had already talked previously to the vet telling him I wanted to have Leasel cremated when the time would come and this was truly I felt the best way to take care of this because I had made the decision at the time of my passing I want Leasels ashes mixed with mine and spread in the woodlands and where nature takes us. With cremation I received the poem “rainbow bridge” Incredible I know this decision may have been made for our ashes to mixed together by my dear soulmate friend Lease that has taught me unconditional love. There is so much more of our incredible journey together and I will hold these stories of love and compassion in my heart forever till the day we will be together and cross rainbow bridge.

    Thank you for letting me sharing this story I believe we have been so blessed to know we have a connection beyond humans that make our lives more whole from the connection of our soulmate children friends. Yes Leasel couldn’t have been more of a daughter to me. I have no children but now I know God has given me this gift.

    Peace and harmony to all that have had the blessings of their deep soulmate friends,


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Michael this made me cry so hard. Such a beautiful story and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with all of us. Thank you everyone who has written in … so amazing how our companion animals teach us about love and what truly matters.

    • Safena

      What an incredible story of you and your baby girl. I can’t stop crying. Thank you so much for your beautiful heart. I’m just so glad you are here loving these special souls that come in just to teach us love without conditions. I feel like I know Leasel too now. What a powerful magical soul!! Love Love Love to you both.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I know right? I have always wondered about having a ferret except I think Sebastian wouldn’t like it. I would have a menagerie if I could. Leasel lives in all our hearts now Michael

    • Diana Boles

      Michael, this is such a fabulous legend. It has made me laugh and, like Colette and Sefena, made me cry. Tears of sorrow for your loss, the fur balls I have lost, and tears of release. Colette is right! Leases will stay in my memory. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Val

      Dear Michael, what an incredibly beautiful , deeply moving story of your life shared with your beloved little Leasel. How blessed you both were to have found each other. I truly believe animals are little Angels and how infinite is Leasel’s light. I too have had my beloved little ones who have gone back to the Light, cremated so that my own ashes can be with theirs when the time comes. I hope another beautiful little soul or souls will bless your life again in the months and years ahead. So many would blossom with your cherishing love. I will never forget your beautiful story. Perhaps, one day you will may write a book of Leasel’s life and all you shared. What a gift that would be. May Heavens blessings be with you, val.

  • Safena


    The absolute love of my life is Molly. She is an 11 pound cockapoo. We chose each other…love at first sight…but I am allergic to dogs. I was given permission to bring her home with me to see how I was affected and she was sitting on my lap while my husband was watching tv and I remember feeling tortured with this heart wrenching decision. Then I simply asked (not expecting an answer) “is this healthy for me” and then I heard a voice “Molly”…I literally looked around the room even though I knew the voice came from inside somewhere so I repeated “did you say Molly” and there it was again. So I turned to my husband, and said “meet your little girl, Molly” …I guess that answered my question. I understand now why we were meant to be together. She is now 5 years old. I love her everyday like its our first day together. I am still in awe and wonder. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story.

  • Mary Louise Smith

    It was nineteen years ago, (1995). I had left my husband in Winnipeg, MB, and returned home to Ontario. Hurting and lost and living once again with my parents I was feeling destroyed and unlovable, when someone threw a kitten out of their lives and into mine. I was a dog person and never had a cat nor did I want one yet that wee kitten captured my heart forever. Learning to laugh and love again and enjoy the might of this four pound Tiger I began to live again. Sadly on January 23rd this year, shy of her twentieth birthday I had to put her down and with her passing I lost my best friend and companion.
    Celebrate each day of unconditional love they, our fur babies give to us, for life is to short for a day without their love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sorry for your recent heart ache. Blessed by a fur angel.. tis true we are all so lucky

  • Louise Michaud

    I had a beautiful golden retriever who was almost human. Tara became a part of our family when she was only 8 weeks old. She was a beautiful little bundle of white fur. She took to our home instantly. We had her for 12 years before I had to put her down. She was such a loving and beautiful dog. She also slept in our bed. Picture a 70 pound dog laying on a queen size bed beside my husband and I not much room left. I had a red velour bedspread on our bed and every day I had to remove all her white fur but I didn’t care. She meant the world to me. The day I put her down was very hard on our family. I still think of her, and I miss her. She has even come through in a reading telling me how much she loved being a part of our family. I now have 2 cats which I love equally as much Oliver and Spencer. I swear I hear Spencer say the word “mom” when he meows. I get such comfort having them around. Animals bring us such unconditional love. Whenever you feel down they seem to know exactly what to do to bring your spirits up. God bless them.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    You have opened the door to a topic that is so close to the heart.
    Conrad was his name, a Weinmaraner. Thought he was really ugly as
    a puppy, but he was a very loving, protective companion. Always by
    my side; or someone else’s. I remember all the times I tried to practice
    the piano for my lessons and he would climb onto the arm of the sofa
    and lift his leg, (front) and balance gingerly. He would lift the leg and place it over
    my arm, so I could pay attention to him. Not an easy feat for a 90 lb.
    hunting dog. He was always connecting with some member of my family.
    It was heart-breaking when he ran away, and was found by someone who
    lived quite far from my parents; she was kind and took him in; and nurtured
    him back to health. He was my brother’s dog, who had gone out west to work
    in Alberta. Conrad had a tattoo from the Kennel Club in his ear, so this woman
    tracked down his owners, and I granted her permission to keep him. To this day
    every time I see a Weinmaraner, I want to greet them and as they are all related
    and part of a long lineage of bloodline. There was no finer moment than feeling the
    bed shake in the morning when he watched to see if my eyes were showing any
    signs of life and if so there he was nose to nose ; eye to eye letting me know it
    was time for ALPO.
    Since then I have had one cat; but she was very strange;
    and unpredictable and would attack me from behind; and bite.
    I would find her very entertaining as she raced across the room and
    leaped onto the curtains, suspended until she climbed down with her claws.
    I couldn’t understand why she appeared so peaceful one moment, and then as if
    a switch was activated she became this demon. I chose to give her away.
    Felt horribly guilty, but it just wasn’t working out.
    There is really no equal to the companionship and empathy that a dog offers.
    So sensitive and very attentive; sometimes more so than a human companion.
    Thank you for the topic. XOXO

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for sharing.. don;t feel guilty sometimes our companion animals are meant for someone else. Bet her new owners love her to pieces. Look what happened with me and Sebastian. great stories 😉

  • Janet

    We have 2 rescue standard poodles, one black and one white, which came to us 3 years apart. The black one was rescued with 6 other poodles, who had been dumped in the countryside, and had been spotted foraging for 6 weeks before rescue. We saw a photo of her online: she looked like a scarecrow, a wild mass of tangled black 4 inch long hair. We saw that photo and knew we wanted her to be home with us. After our visit, by the time we got to our car, I told my husband her name would be Sweet Adeline; I call her Addie Bell.

  • Marie

    I can totally relate! When my fiance and I decided to adopt, I found Maggie on a rescue website, she was in a crate, looking so sad, a white toy poodle who had been shaved to get rid of all the matting. She looked just like the Easter lamb cakes. The website said she was 10, deaf and had bad teeth…I knew right then she was the one for us! Her adoption was already pending, but a week later she became available. I went right out to get her and when I did I was greeted by a little furball whose fur had grown back and she was too cute to not leave there with her. She was the love of our life, she was not quite as old as they thought, but she did have to have 35 teeth pulled, didn’t matter to me, she was perfect! She got me through my darkest days when my fiance passed away suddenly of cardiac arrest at the young age of 45. Maggie and I shared 3 more years together until she crossed the rainbow bridge in September. It is never easy saying goodbye but she understood and she let me know when it was her time. I know there is another rescue out there, she just hasn’t found me yet. ♥

  • Nancie

    I have been blessed 4 times in my life to have this magical connection. My first was my Deaf White cat, Spice who stayed with me until she was 16. One night we sat watching TV, our usual, when out loud, and randomly I said ( yes, I speak out loud to my deaf cat) ” I know you can’t stay forever”… Immediately I scolded myself for being so morbid. Spice left the next day. Next came Yogi, my black cocker spaniel who appeared ” magically” on my street one night after I wished for him. 14 years ago, in a room full of puppies, my Abbey picked me out. She climbed over everyone of her litter mates and sat on my lap. I returned on three different days and each time, she claimed me as hers…. She will break my heart when she leaves. But while she is here, she is the second beat of my heart. We have journeyed the most together and I have often believed she was sent by Yogi. ( their personalities are so similar ). Lastly, is my little black kitty, Iggy…found in a ceiling crawl space only 4 days old…. He comes by name, he talks to me and I tell him all the time, he is my magical baby. Ironically, the very first animal I carried home and begged my parent to allow me to keep was Gato my black cat. Recently, I pulled the Differences card …. There are Spice and Colette would say, “That’s Interesting”.

  • Sharon

    When my husband and I were new in our relationship we brought home a puppy and neither of us had a clue how to care for or train him properly and he was so lonely and chewed everything. My husband and I disagreed on how to train him so we found a home for him. I said no more dogs. I found cats easierbut my husband isn’t a cat person. Quite the couple we are lol. So needless to say we have always had a cat ( I usually win!) Well that all changed when I watched a friend train her dog. Our children were old enough so I figured I would have time to do the work needed to train. I wanted a Westie and my husband didn’t care what kind because he was so excited that I agreed to get one. Well we brought home Missy a Westie/Bichon bundle of pure joy. I watched in awe at what that precious little brought to all of us. Most of all me! I was holding her one time and I could feel our hearts beating in unison. From that moment on I couldn’t imagine not having a dog in my life. Missy passed last year unexpectedly and we were lost. Our hearts hurt. We both decided that the joy she gave us outweighed the pain of losing her. The strangest thing happened though about a week later I was minding my own business and the name Grace came to me and so I went online to look for dogs and I found her. It took me a little convincing but my husband agreed to go look. Well we brought her home exactly 2 weeks after Missy passed. That surprised us both but I am grateful I listened because she has been so healing. Sorry for the long story but they truly do choose us. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sharon you are so right ” the joy she gave us outweighed the pain of losing her” .. that is how I feel too and I get it about the 2 weeks. It’s about as much time as these little guys give me off before I get called to service again. Thanx everyone for writing I don’t get time to comment on all your posts but do when I can LOVE YOU ALL

  • Karyn

    Hi Colette,
    My little girl Lily picked me. I had been searching for my first dog and visited shelters and pounds and saw her pic on PetFinder. I knew she was mine even though I thought to myself ,she looks depressed or ho-hum about life. When I finally got to meet her at the foster home with 9 other dogs running excitedly amuk, she jogged over, jumped in my lap and barked at the others “get lost, she’s mine” She’s my little mirror as well as my ‘baby girl’ Shes growing, and trusting and so so sensitive, anxious yet learning her authority, semi independent. She attends to my lonely dad but sleeps in my room and always waits for me at the door.

    Last night I could have lost her. Winds had blown off the spa cover(full of cold water) , I was out performing in a show and dad let her out to potty like normal. Im so glad he searched for her when she didnt come. There she was half frozen paddling,scared out of her mind in that damn tub. She’s a 10 pound Pommy.
    I cry thinking of her impetuously jumping up on that cover and my stupidity for not making sure the yard was safe.
    I know it wasnt her time or our time for her to go. My little girl is teaching me so much.I love her so very much. She gives me so much. And there she was when I arrived home late, waiting for me at the door ever so slightly damp,and still scared by her water ordeal, slowly greeting me. I thank God for my lttle girl.

  • Maggie

    Normally, I am not a commenter, however, you are hitting the subject of my purpose! My beloved Freckles (I did not name him but he loved his name so I didn’t change it) so totally chose me.. it was something I never had experienced before. He saw me and that was it, he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. He growled and tried to bite everyone else, but me he nuzzled and cupped my wrist with his paw to keep my hand rubbing the side of his face. Well, that was over 16 years ago, Freck just passed on 04/04/14 (and I’m still getting weepy as I write this). I see those 16+ years as the best of my life! We were SO close and had so much fun! I hospiced him myself for the last 6 months of his life. All I heard was ‘euthanize him, euthanize him’.. but he was not in any pain at all.. he was just at the end of his journey. And I had that total “knowing” that I don’t get often, but when I do, I know it’s real.. that this was something I had to do. It was very difficult at times, not just emotionally, but physically.. but still, I just knew I had to do it. And I do not regret a single moment of that experience. I do not know though when I will have another canine companion. I know the day will come, it just doesn’t feel right yet. I do have my cat Marshall, who is a handful and a half, and my parakeet Kiche (which means Sky Spirit in Cree).. and right now life is quite full with them. However, life without Freck still seems so odd sometimes. Anyways, Sebastian is such a love.. had to giggle at the line ‘he is not a dog, he’s a squirrel’.. thanks for sharing your story.
    Side note.. Regarding the end of our beloved pets journeys, I have my loves cremated as I rent and don’t have space for burial. I have started going personally to the crematorium and staying through the process and being present (both physically and spiritually) as the form changes and rises to the heavens. It was a tad overwhelming the first time; but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like taking them full circle.. and I don’t even have words for the depths of the spirit connection. Just sharing in case anyone would like to explore that idea. Again, thanks for your story, many blessings to you. Maggie

  • Renee Leverington

    Oh, Colette, your story truly brought tears to my eyes, I so know this experience. I’ve had the honor to be chosen by my animal companions more than once and I’ve had my heart broken more than once when it was time for them to leave me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this <3

  • Cindy

    Dear Colette…I relate to you on so many levels…My eyes have been opened too so much that you share with us!! Thank you for all that you do!! I had just Lost Pongo which was my beloved Husband sayin ..I’ll too would never own another pet!! ..Till me and my daughter go to the city shoppin and on the way back , she said I always stop into the shelter on my way home…I say long as you know we are not bringin anything home…we look and are just about to leave when the man said, Do you need help or is there one you was interested in…I said there was one but he didn’t seem to friendly….(He was on the list to be put down the very next day) the man said…Oh hes really a nice dog ..he just acts that way around the other dogs barkin…would you like me to get him out and bring him up here so you can see…I was thinkin the whole time …I’m just wastin your time….Low and behold …when he brought him out…we connected a big black puppy full of LOVE….Hes a lab/dane mixed ……I named him Major Pain!! Hes 5yrs old know and still a big Baby…He thinks hes a lap dog!! guess what he knows which side of the bed is his!!

  • Jan

    I found Jessie, our collie/malamute mix, at the humane society when she was about two years old. I had seen her on their website and had to check her out. In my attempt to get there before anyone else could take her, I arrived very early and asked the girl at the desk if she was still there. She sent me down a long hall to the “dog door” and said she’s the dog in the first cage. Well, I went there by myself, went into the dog room, the door closed, and I promptly got locked in. There was absolutely no one around and so my banging on the door was to no avail. I decided that someone had to show up at some point and so I proceeded to check Jessie out. She was such a beautiful, laid back girl who barely gave me the time of day. All the other dogs were raising a fuss so I took a look at them and not one of them caught my attention other than to feel sorry that they were there. I went back to Jessie’s cage and sat beside it and talked to her. She came over and actually talked a little to me. Malamutes will do that. After about a half hour I heard someone in the hall and banged on the door again. This time a lady came and let me out saying that no one had told them there was anyone back there. The girl I had spoken to originally had gone home and forgotten about me.

    Anyway, my husband and I adopted her and have had the experience of our lives. This is one of the smartest, most gentle, teaching dogs I’ve ever known, and I’ve had dogs my entire life. It’s been 13 years now and we have been taught so much about how dogs think, learn and communicate than ever before. She is our 50 lb soul mate and we wouldn’t give up this time in our lives for any amount of money. There is no doubt in my mind that she was meant to be with us, love us, teach us and make us laugh every day. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She has cancer now and, at her age, time with her would be shortened anyway. We so dread the day she passes. I know she’ll still be with us in spirit though and that is a comfort.

  • Linda Miller

    I’ve had and loved dogs in my life but one seemed to love me back more than the others. He was a 90 pound Golden Retriever who thought he was my lapdog. My kids named him Max. I have always believed dogs have souls and move on like we do. He passed away in 1997 after months of illness with me finally telling him it was okay to let go, I would be fine. I have a chronic illness and when I was very ill, the closer he was by my side. He couldn’t seem to get close enough as though he was checking on me. Fast forward to 2004 and my beloved Dad died. I was heartbroken and I was laying in bed trying to watch a movie when I turned to get my water from my nightstand. When I turned my head Max was standing the in the doorway. My first thought was ‘how did he get in here’? When I turned back, of course, he was gone but I know deep in my heart he came to check on me and let me know he was watching over me. Pure love.

  • June

    I’m responding to Four Legged Sweet Love! I need some assistance…on Feb2 in the eve my son was in an accident ( my son is ok and healing), he was traveling with our chauwawa named Chimmy, she was lost in the kayos of the accident. I know she chase the ambulance down the hiway as people did try to catch her but she wouldn’t give into them, likely so she was frightened and scared. We have gone back and keep searching for her all over the area and neighboring areas too, I feel she is still alive, and with someone who may have rescued her but we just have not connected. We all want her back home safely. Please if you can pick up on anything, as I have but my worry and fear ego keeps interfering. She is white with three yellow markings on her back! This happened I the Lavern area (Glenwood, AB), its on the Kainai First Nations reservation.
    I truly thank you for any help that you may give, every thing helps. I hope I made sense, my mind is distracted by this,
    Thank you from another animal lover,

  • Sharon

    Many years ago, my daughter got a small black kitten from her then boyfriend. She wanted to name the kitten Chloe and proceeded to take the kitten to the vet, only to learn the kitten was male. Names were kicked around and since this kitty had the biggest ears and smallest face, we named him Gizmo (from a movie), Gizzie for short. I had to take him to the vet to be neutered as my daughter was busy. When Gizzie began to cry in the car on the way to the vet, the thunderbolt struck my heart – I knew from that point forward he was MINE. Some years later he got outside and was lost for 2 months. We had given up hope finding him when a stranger called saying our cat was in their garage. Sure enough it was Gizzie. He was half his body weight and on the verge of dying. We nursed him back to health. Three years ago Gizzie got outside again, but this time it was different. I was told, probably by my spirit guide, not to look for him. Needless to say I didn’t listen and prayed everyday for his return. I had a reading 6 months later and the first thing the reader said to me was ‘stop looking for him. He’s still alive, he just couldn’t find his way home. Someone is taking care of him”. Looking back, I remember Gizzie looking me in the eyes a couple of weeks prior to his last escape, and he was trying to tell me somethiing, like he was bored. I think he knew I no longer needed him, that someone else needed him more. I still miss him to this day and will see him when it’s my turn to cross over the rainbow bridge.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sharon.. what a moving story.. and you couldn’t know this but I just finished a mediumship reading for a client and had such a strong connection to her grandmother who talked about the family dog. I thought .. ” Mom” send me a sign you’re around … I came to my computer and lo and behold.. my mom’s dog was named Gizzie short for gizmo, My sister knew he would one day be hers. She inherited Gizzie and was her most beloved pet after our mom crossed over. Your story was my “cledon” from my mom. cool.. xoxo

  • Caitlin

    Funny, only this morning before reading this I was reminded of the beautiful Dog I once lived with, who has now passed. She was a rescue Dog who was found heavily pregnant and with coloring like Toffee and round like the candy, they named her Toffee Apple (this is an Australian sweet – not sure if you have them in the States?)

    She wasn’t my Dog. I met her when I’d just moved into a new share house during my University days. I wasn’t so sure about the place but as soon as I found out there was a Dog living there, I was sold.

    The night I moved in, I was out on the balcony and felt this very soft nudge on the back on my knee, turned and looked down to see this beautiful, gentle, gorgeous Staffie/Labrador girl, look up at me with the sweetest eyes. I said hello and that was it, instant connection.

    Although she was my flatmate’s Dog, for the 4 years I lived in that house, I walked her almost every day and we became best friends. She wasn’t allowed to sleep on beds but as soon as the sun rose, she’d be in my room, jump on my bed to excitedly waking me up. Of course, it was too early for me so I’d moan, ‘Oh Toffee’ and point to the end of my bed, where she’s curl up and wait for me to wake.

    I recall nights stretched out on the sofa watching TV and she’d be stretched along the side of my body, we’d cuddle like pals.

    She was the sweetest, most beautiful Dog but she had that sassy Staffie spark. A little bit of fire inside her Labrador nature.

    With sadness, I still recall the look on her face when I packed up my things to leave, she knew…and we were both so sad.

    She died a few years after I’d moved, hit by a car but I was comforted to know she died doing what she loved the most, going for walks and chasing cats.

    I still talk to her and sometimes when I’m walking through fields or just hanging out, I can sense her presence. She was an angel in a fur coat, for sure. And we were soul mates.

  • Christine

    I am a cat mother. I lost my cat of many years to old age and for months I had been searching everywhere, including the Internet to find a new buddy with no luck. Then one autumn day I saw an ad for a very expensive pure bred cat that was living on the west coast. I took one look at the cat’s picture and I absolutely knew he was my cat. I answered the ad. I told the woman all I could cover would be the price of his plane trip to the east coast. I took a shot. For a long time I heard nothing back. My heart was broken. Then out of the blue she emailed me and told me to send the money and she would send the cat to me. I couldn’t believe my luck! I sent her the money and she bought him a plane ticket. I was so excited when I went to the airport to pick him up! I went to the place where people arrive and debark the plane and had to be told he was coming in at the baggage area. I ran across the airport and I finally found him in a special cage howling to beat the band. And to this day he howls if I have to leave him! He is a special guy! He’s my valentine.

  • Shawna

    Yes! I can so relate….and loved how you described the amazing experience of unconditional love with nature..the blessings and the lessons and the heartache all rolled into one. That has been on my mind a lot lately. My sweet soul mate kitty, Shakti, came into my life when she was just 10 days old! (found her in my yard…thought it was a bird calling out for a couple hours..then I finally inspected and found her under an ivy leaf mewing loudly!!) I didn’t even know she was a cat, she was so small. I had never had animals before and wasn’t even sure what to do with her. I got a box, some shredded newspapers, and a little (I think it was soymilk I had on hand). I also was not allowed pets at my rental….and had certainly never thought of a cat! I always thought someday of having a golden retriever or something like that. A few days go by…she’s not eating…getting weaker…no help from people who could take her. I was getting my hair cut and the lady looked at her (I had brought her with me in her box in my car) and said she’s got to go to the vet! I took her there and they checked her out and said how she needed to be bottle fed (I had no idea!!!!!) but really it would be best to find a nursing cat mom. So they got on the phone..and I thought, okay, this will be taken care of..she’ll have a home. I was sitting in the waiting room and I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of love come over me….I crossed my fingers they wouldn’t find an available cat mom. They couldn’t…and I said..oh, I’ll take her! They were very surprised..and I said, “oh, just for the week, I’ll help out”. Well, that was the end of that…..I got clued in….got her nice fleece and flannel blankets, bottle fed her..sent a letter to my landlords….and within only days she was frisky as could be! Shakti was my close companion and best friend ever until she passed suddenly (but very peacefully in the backyard) just after her 12th birthday. Deepest heartache I’ve ever felt. I still feel it…that will be 2 years at the end of May. But she is with me…always….I can feel her. During that year I wasn’t sure if it would be right to have another one…I was still healing. Then the opportunity came to be of service and love a most interesting kitty….shiny black boy with amber eyes who was full of life and health and fire (his name was Agni…I got the name before I met him, and wow, did it fit perfectly….the fire dragon that he is), and he was 1 1/2 years old. It was really different with him…but of course I loved him and welcomed him with all my heart. He was only with me for less than 3 months…he was suddenly killed on the road. A huge shock nonetheless…I just couldn’t quite believe it….and I don’t think he could too. But he was here for a specific reason….and it was a fast mission….and since I was 100% available to love him..he accomplished what he came for I suppose. That will be just about 1 year ago. I have spent the last year healing my heart again…giving thanks for them, still telling them I love them each day and finally finding my footing as a ‘single’ person. No foreseeable plans for a new urges, no signs….until suddenly 3 weeks ago, 2 people in the same day (unrelated) called and said they were thinking of me and would I like a cat. I said ‘no’..not thinking about it, not ready. Well, I ended up spontaneously meeting one of them…a kitten…she’s gorgeous and sweet and interesting. Lily and I just celebrated our 3 week anniversary yesterday! I feel so grateful that she’s here. I see things slightly differently this time around….never taking for granted a single day before…but this time knowing first hand the heartache that ultimately comes when they leave. I already know it doesn’t matter if she’s here for a few weeks, or months, or years, but that I’m 100% here for her and I know I’ll be ok….that I’m here to help her with her mission…her to help me with mine…she is a special girl with lots of gifts to share, I can tell! So, everything you said just makes my heart fill and my tears run for sure! Thanks for sharing and letting us share too!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I’m starting to sound like I have nothing original to say but LOVE this story.. we are so lucky to all have each other to share.. and Diana tribal dancers… we are all … together here at my virtual fireside.;)

  • Wainani

    I am moved to tears reading everyone’s comments.
    My cat Jay crossed the rainbow bridge a little over 4 months ago.
    He was my familiar,companion and guide.He gave me unconditional love and was there for me through some of the darkest times of my life.
    I was truly blessed to have home in my life for 13 years.I have felt his presence since he has passed.I know he is with us still.
    I am so thankful that he also got to experience having the love and care from my partner for the last 3 years of his life.
    They were buddies,and I feel it was healing for him to have Jay in his life.
    Jay had kidney disease and we had done all that we could,his health started rapidly declining.I knew it was time when he didn’t even want to eat his favorite treats.
    Our vet was wonderful.She had been Jay’s vet for as long as I had,had him and was so loving and caring.I am truly grateful for her support,as,I am for Steve,my partner.
    He has had a lot of loss in his life,including parents,siblings and a close friend,but Jay’s death,somehow went directly to his core and allowed him to truly grieve for the first time,to cry over a loss,to feel it.He didn’t expect it to hit him as hard as it did,it broke him open,as Collette said,and that in and of itself was very healing.
    So Jay gave us both a gift,not only in his life,but in his death.We will always remember him with love.
    Thank you for having this forum,it has helped me to be able to share my story.
    Blessings and Aloha.

  • Diana Boles

    Tribal Dancers! You have such amazing stories! I couldn’t help but read them all. You’ve made me remember all my dogs, even those that were not really mine. And the cats that have strutted thru my life as well. There are 2 with me now, and a rescued African Grey Parrot that came to me 3 years ago. Missy is 15 and came to me when she was 5. She was my Mom’s Bichon, but my mom had taken ill and could no longer care for her, nor rely on anyone to tend to her so they could stay together. She moved to my house, but the hard part was that I live in virginia, near DC and my Mom lived near Detroit.

    It wasn’t a terribly hard adjustment for Missy. I had Petey—my energetic, handsome, 34# Boston Terrier. What a bruiser he was. But he loved Missy and she loved him. So, she was ok that she wasn’t really my dog, or that my mom wasn’t with us. She had Petey and we traveled north for visits several times a year.

    After about a year, my Petey suddenly had kidney failure and passed. I was, like all of you, lost. This was the first time I had to have my dogs ashes. Missy felt the loss as well. But, though we weren’t “you’re my owner” tight, we did have each other and she had friends at the fence and visited with Jack in his backyard.

    Well, it was just Missy and I for a while. Then, Christmas of 2012, a friend
    told me about these cute Cacapoo pups that were ready for homes. Did I want to see one? Sure I do—Missy needs a companion and a puppy is perfect. She wants to be a mom in the worst way. (She can’t have white toys because she thinks they’re babies and she nurses them and they don’t drink and then she thinks they died and then she goes into mourning—
    jeez). Well, my friend walked in with this champagne colored teddy bear of
    a pup and that was it! She chose me. She snuggled right up. I looked at Katie and said — She stays! Katie asked what I would name her and a voice spoke into my right ear “Gloria”. Gloria in Excelsis Deo or G-L-O-R-I-A like the song from 1966 or on the 4th of July, Old Glory, and some day she will be. But she is a love – she WATCHES tv. I mean really watches TV. if there is a horse, she wants to get in the TV. If there is any other animal she shows the same interest. You should have seen her watch Turner & Hootch.

    So she was just what Missy needed and me too! Because Missy and I are great friends, but not that bonded, parental feeling that I’ve always had with my pets. Until October 19th, 2012. My mom passed. We traveled to Detroit, like so many other times. The dogs knowing every bump on the road for the 9 hours it takes to get there. And knowing when we ARE almost there. But when we went in the house, Missy knew Mom Was not there. When we returned to Virginia, something changed. And from that day Missy became my dog. No longer did she have a confused sense of loyalty. When I sense my Mom is visiting us, Missy searchers the air and sniffs at it. That’s when I smell roses.

    Now, I really keep trying to figure out who Gloria was before her puppy life with me. When we are in the car, she has to be so close to me. She rests her head on my shoulder. She is always with me. If I move, she moves. She even tells me when it’s time to go to bed. I sometimes think she was human—and maybe met her end in a car accident. But the only Gloria I know in this life, is still alive. An angel told me that was her name. She answered to it immediately. And the love of horses and farm animals, and animals in general, makes me think she was a rancher or farmer.

    Love this tribe! Again, such fabulous tales. This is a most magical Merc Retro and Jupiter Retro phase. Happy Valentine’s to all. And the best blessings to our furry friends. Love to you Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Diana I so love it when you write with your stories. Love love love this – first cup of coffee and hanging with all you guys.. makes my heart burst. LOVE xoxo

      • Diana Boles
  • Niki

    My Oscar is the love of my life. When we first set eyes on each other, it was love at first sight. I lived in Las Vegas, NV my roommate got me him. He didn’t know that the puppy he brought home was the exact one I saw as a little girl in North Jersey. I remember seeing the dog and saying to the woman, he looks like a little man. When I grow up, I’m going to have the same dog. Sure enough got a black long hair dachshund. He has taught me love, compassion, loyalty, responsibility, how not to be so selfish. I always make sure he has what he wants and more. He sleeps with me and when I wake up in the morning he is cuddled in my arms and gives me kisses all over my face. When I look into his eyes there is so much more to him, his soul. We have bonded from that first moment. He has never left my side. As a puppy while I was sleeping he would pull the comforter off and drag in to the stairs then run and jump on me to get me out of bed. Smelling the puppy scent made me smile. Sometime when I’m just waking up, he is sitting there starring at me. Other times I’ll walk into the room and he does not know it. His nose is twitching and making little noises looking up. He can see Spirits in my room. I can see his expression. Then he looks at me and gives me kisses. He knows when I’m talking to him. He really is a little man with such a personality. Oscar and I are def two souls on a journey together. I am very grateful that the Universe brought him to me. He is my best friend.

  • Katharine

    Thank you Colette for such a lovely post. I had tears in my eyes thinking about my girls, both stray cats, and my love for them. And also for the love I have for my previous two boy cats. Then I saw all the comments your post has received and I don’t feel so alone in my all encompassing love for my pets. (Sometimes I feel like a weirdo when I talk about them to others) Thank you.

  • Luanne Beresford

    I have had many pets , many rescues, but Gigi was a purchase as she was a full Burmella Cat. She was a gorgeous sable smoke. Always by my side, she became my daughters cat too from the time she was born. I never saw a cat sit so nicely for a 3 year olds tea party. She even sat like a doll in the toy stroller while my daughter whipped around the house. Most cat would be terrified but not Gigi.
    After 10 very happy years Gigi had been fighting a terrible itchy rash on her tummy. We tried everything the vets suggested, even a specialist. Growing more uncomfortable her heart eventually gave out. I had spent her last 3 day in my bed with her. Seeing her have a heart attack was heartbreaking for my daughter and I. It happened so fast.
    After crying for a good while I placed Gigi in a pretty open fruit box . I lined it with beautiful cloth and cover her with flowers from my garden. I placed her in the laundry room for the night as she was going to be cremated the following day.
    That night i sadly crawled into my bed alone. I lied awake thinking about Gigi just feeling heartbroken. After about ten minutes there was a very clear and very loud “meow” right infront of my face. It was unmistakeably Gigi’s happy meow. I was so thrilled to hear her again! I lied awake for a good while waiting to hear her again. But that was it. Just one really loud beautiful meow saying “I’m okay and thanks for being a good mommy. Bye bye.” I think it was just one of those things that you have to experience firsthand to really believe it. My Gigi was so connected to my daughter and I she had so much love to give, even after she had departed. I cannot wait until she chooses to incarnate again one day. And I will be there for her should she choose me again.

  • Jenny

    Hi Colette, Loved this as I too am an animal lover and have many stories but one that stands out for me is a few years back one of my dogs, Samson who was a shepherd lab cross and my faithful sidekick around the farm and while out for a ride, had to be put down because of a tumour. He was only seven at the time and I was devastated. About a week later I was out working with my mare and she became very distracted by something in the pasture beside us. I realized then that there was a coyote in the field. We stopped and watched him however once he realized I had taken notice he ran right up to the fence in front of me. Admittedly I was a little nervous and shocked at the behaviour but then he stopped and stared right at me and all I could hear was thank you, thank you! I had a vision of Sam running free. He then spun around and ran back for the woods only to stop again to turn around and look at me one last time before trotting off into the bush. I truly believe it was a message from my beloved Sam thanking me for setting him free of his pain and suffering here on earth and in turn it helped to set me free of my guilt from the euthanasia and remind me that everything was ok. We also had a Golden Retreiver at the time but had always had two dogs so the search was on for another. We decided that two big dogs was maybe a bit much so began looking at the smaller breeds. A few months later we went to look at some poodle x King Charles Cavalier pups but just didn’t feel a connection to them and the breeder said well we have a three month old female King Charles pup that they planned to keep but we could take a look at her to see if we wanted to wait on the next litter of the breed. It was love at first site and within an hour we had talked them into letting us have her! She is the love of our lives and brings us joy every day with her nonstop enthusiasm of life and unconditional love along with our Golden Retriever, two cats (one which we just inherited) and four horses!

  • Delilah Praete

    That’s such a great story Colette! I have stories about the moment all my dogs came into my life. They give me such pleasure to remember them all. My dog Minute came into my life when I was finally able to convince my husband Michael that Travis, our 10year old husky would benefit from having a playmate. My “sell” was that it would keep him younger and healthier longer. We were in the VW bus (yes we are hippies!) heading somewhere and as we drove by the shelter I said “Let’s go in and see if they have a medium size dog for Trav!” He turned into the driveway and I knew this was it. I was lobbying for a second dog for a while with no success but here we were heading towards my dream. We knew the folks there because we had been there to donate things and walk the dogs waiting for forever homes. Anne told us that they had a medium size dog called Minute Maid. She was orange, hence the name. They had just found her roaming around a parking lot at another shelter because they were full up and the folks who were trying to leave here there just dumped her off I the lot anyway. They were keeping her in a crate because they didn’t have a run for her. I was wearing my crazy winter garb and when she saw me she barked a crazy loud bark. I had a momentary doubt but they told me to take off my big hat and then they let her our of the crate. She was so fast that all I could see was an orange blurr. They told me to sit in the easy chair that they had there and see what she does. The minute (pun not intended but appropriate) I sat down she climbed up on my lap and slurped my a few times. She stood on my lap with her front paws on my shoulder looking out at the window behind me. She said, “Yup! You’re mine! So where’s the car?” I too was struck by lightening. I fell in love with her HARD!!! I didn’t even know exactly what she looked like because she moved like mercury. They had us come back a couple of times and even though she never stopped moving and I sensed that she was the sweetest most lovey thing even. They had us bring Travis by to make sure that they were compatible and Jane gave the thumbs up so we took her home that day.

    We got her home and let her out into the large dog pen we built onto the back of the house and she went absolutely crazy. She ran around and spun around and leaped and ran and ran and this did not look like normal joy. This looked manic panic, good for hair color, not good for dog behavior. I called the kenned and they said that she was exhibiting dog anxiety and that I could bring her back or I could work with her. I already loved this dog in some deep mysterious way so I said I’d work with her. I had to keep her in a crate all the time and work with her to sit and calm regularly. I could take her out and let her run around in the pen for exercise, but until she came out of the crate calmly I would have to work with her. She was a constant explosion of energy and it took six weeks of work. And then one day I opened the crate and she calmly came out and sat right down at the door of the crate. This was the first time I had even seen her clearly because she wasn’t moving. She was the most beautiful color of golden orange. She had golden eyes. She was exquisite. I was stunned by her beauty. She was the sunshine in my life for 17 years. She was the happiest, most devoted, best behaved, affectionate, generous, cuddly, “fun fun funnest”, dog ever. She is gone in body but she is right here in my heart slurping me as I write this. Thanks for giving me a chance to love her up with you Colette!!!

  • Eric


    SO many great stories; so many lessons about unconditional love. I have mentioned before about those who may not get the love that they want but may they always get the love that they need. Since so many have shared stories about their pets I will share a brief story of many about mine. This story is about Rufus. Rufus was a long haired German Shepard that grew up with me during my formative years. He had free reign of the backyard and we had the biggest one in the neighborhood. This was during the days when German Shepards were the “bad dogs”; many dogs have had that label: Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, and now we talk about Pit Bulls. My cousin has four Pit Bulls who are the biggest babies. He is like the Dog Whisperer with these hounds, I’ve never seen anything like it! When it’s time to feed them my cousin would walk out to where he kept their food and all of them would walk out with him. He would bring out the food, measure each portion, and set the bowl down. He would look at each one and ONLY when he indicated the one selected would began to eat. He would do this with each dog until all were fed. No feeding frenzies, no discourse. All other times they are big babies, thinking that they are lap dogs. This amazed me, as Rufus seemed to always tell ME when it was time to eat, not the other way around. Point being don’t buy into the reputation about “vicious breeds”, I believe it’s how they are treated (perhaps a lesson we can apply to people?)

    But back to Rufus; it was an odd relationship that we had because it was hard to know who was raising whom. He’d tell me when it was dinner time. I could give him a hand signal to either sit, lay down, or get into his house. He would let me know when he was frustrated with me, he would go hide in his house when he felt guilty about chewing up mom’s chairs. Growing up my grandfather taught me the value of hard work by teaching me to plant a garden. Rufus would help by helping me dig up the soil and keeping the critters away from the garden. Unfortunately, I think Rufus enjoyed digging in the garden so much that he would continue digging long after the garden was planted, only he dug in the middle of the yard! I learned about Rufus’ handy work when my father would cut the grass and the riding mower would get stuck in these hidden holes all around the yard! I spent my weekends acting like DOT filling each of these holes and planting grass in the filled hole. I never knew what he was looking for but I knew he looked for it in several places around the yard! 😛

    He also gave back to the other animals in the neighborhood. Being a long haired German Shepard he would shed his hair continuously. I could spend an hour brushing his coat (which he thoroughly enjoyed) and the next day there would still be balls of fur blowing across the yard like tumbleweeds in the Nevada desert. These furballs would get picked up by birds, squirrels and other critters to line their nests. I remember looking up in a tree at what I thought was a very hairy squirrel only to realize that it was a bird nest.

    I remember when Rufus got sick. He would simply lay in the yard and was not as active as he once was. I remember my father would be up all night at times; I didn’t know it at the time but he knew Rufus wasn’t going to recover. My father thought us about animals; he would take us to the zoo and is a lifetime member to this day. He had various animals growing up: ducks, dogs, even a horse. He knew that this was a bad illness but I think he didn’t know how to tell me. The vet wasn’t able to do anything for him, he was just tired. Those times when Rufus told me it was dinner time occasionally I would give him canned food and covered it with dry food. Silly dog would dig out the dry food with his nose and eat the canned food. Just one of his quirks, I guess. During those last days we made a place for him in the garage. I would make sure that he’d get his canned food without the the dry food. One night I brought him his bowl of canned food. He briefly sniffed at it. He looked at me for what seemed like forever and gently swept the floor with his big brush mop of a tail. He rested his head on his paws and let out a big sigh. I got a deep empty feeling in the pit of my stomach because I knew he wouldn’t be here in the morning.

    I was seventeen when Rufus passed, not yet a man but on the verge. He had been with us for ten years, all during my formative years. I’ve shared some of the lighthearted moments with him but as with all relationships there were rough times as well. I’ve asked myself many times if I had done right by him. There were many things that I wish I had done or wish I had done differently. It bothers me even today that I would let someone down if I got too close to them and at times I close myself off to people because of it. I still see an occasional long haired German Shepard and it reminds me of Rufus. People can’t say that animals don’t have personalities because these dogs would look like him, but they weren’t Rufus.

    Wow! I had a lump in my throat writing that after many years! On another topic Colette I’ve noticed that there are many members in your “tribe” from many locations around the world. It’s no secret that there are many conflicts around the globe and many people hurting because of them. Even our planet is in turmoil from our actions. I have read people’s posts on your blog, people who are in pain. I briefly try to send out positive energy to them. I was thinking that with everyone in your tribe sending out positive energy it would help people, conflicts, and hopefully our planet heal that much faster. Perhaps along with the daily oracle card there can be a topic or maybe a person who needs positive energy and remind us to direct it towards them? If you’re already doing something like this and I just missed it . . . nevermind. 😛

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      lovely story Eric.. yes I think about what we might do for people in conflict – in some way I feel by bringing us down local here, and adding our light here to our tribe bringing solace and comfort here, in our tiny world, we add love and light to all the others. So much love is needed everywhere… I too send healing to each person.. before bed..

  • Cheryl

    Hi Colette,
    I’ve been so totally in love with animals since I was little. I had a dog growing up, she was a collie and me being 4yrs old, I thought that Lassie was the perfect name. She was wonderful and motherly and she went everywhere I went. She would even take me by the wrist in her mouth and ever so gently walk me back to the house when I was little up until I got older. She let me dress her up and the cats would lay on top and all around her to sleep. She died when she was 11 and I was in grade 9.
    I didn’t have another pet until 1997. My husband and I went searching for a poodle as he grew up with one. I grew up on a farm and we were never allowed animals in the house( though I tried many times, lol), so to get a little dog that would be in the house all the time was pretty huge and exciting!
    We went to this poodle farm and we went into the garage/kennel to check all the pups out and a lil black mini poodle pup came running up to me and was jumping at my ankles. I looked down at him but another caught my eye. It was a little apricot pup huddled in the corner of a kennel cage, eyes big and brown… That’s it, I was done! I picked her up and I knew immediately she was ours/mine.
    I loved her sooo much, we named her Sandy cuz that was the color of her hair. She was so small she could fit in my hand and I tucked her in my front pouch of my hoodie.
    I always called her our first born as 3 yrs later my husband and I welcomed twin boys into our life! She was so great with them and them with her. She loved the perks: playmates, more neat toys, more food dropped on the floor and more handouts too!
    In 2010, she was 13 and the signs of aging were starting to show… It really hurt my heart so much and I took on all of it out of guilt and obligation and love. She started to get sicker and so did i. In the fall of 2012, I knew it was coming time to let her go and my husband, Curt said that whatever I decided he supported me. The grief, guilt and utter sadness and defeat of letting her go was taking it’s toll on me too. I made the decision to put her down. On the way to the vet she sat on my lap and I hugged her all the way and cried. When we got to the vet, I let her out to go do her business. All these years of taking her to the vet and she would basically crawl onto my head to get out of there, this time she sat in my arms and licked my face, she knew and she wanted me to know it was okay.
    She went peacefully and she stayed with us for a long, leaving an imprint on a blanket or jumping on the bed… I dreamt about her too. She was the reason I got involved with holistic healing and energy work and reading cards, everything cuz I became so sick from stress when we let her go….
    Then 3 months ago, I went and seen a theta massage practitioner and she told me that Sandy is waiting to come back to us, and I looked into it further and only 2 more months and Sandy will let me know when she’s coming home to us.
    Thank you so much Colette for your guidance, teaching, support, sharing, love and enlightenment. It has been such a blessing in my life too. I look so forward to seeing u in May in Calgary. Edmonton is 3 hours closer for me but it was already sold out so I got tickets in Calgary. So stoked!!! Take care and God bless Xoxoxoxo 😉

  • Diana Boles

    ………………and then there’s my two legged, two winged African Grey, Rock-0!!!!!!! ……………..For the first 12 years of his life, he lived with his companion bird and their original owners, 2 older sisters. Now, why they needed to find new caregivers is unclear. Once I was told the were “elderly” & Geys can live 30-80 yrs. then I was told something else — but they were passed on to another family. This second family did not know the names of the two birds, so they called them Bonny & Clyde. Hmmm—now his name is Clyde.
    Things weren’t going so well for anyone. The birds were talkers. There are two of them chatting & squawking and fluttering. Husband didn’t like the noise. Hmmm—now there’s a blanket over the cages.
    Things weren’t going so well for anyone. They had toys hanging in the cages to keep them occupied. Things to rattle and ring and chew. Bonny pulled apart a toy with pony beads and choked on a bead. You cannot hymlich a bird. She passed over. Hmmmm—now he is an only bird.
    Things weren’t going so well for anyone. He was all alone. No one to talk to but the television. That didn’t make the husband happy. So a blanket was thrown over the cage. Often. Hmmmmm—now he is alone in the dark a lot
    Things weren’t going so well for anyone. He needed to be heard and seen and the only voices talking to home were on the televisions so he would squawk and whistle and talke back. So he got moved to another room with a blanket over his cage and the door was shut. Hmmmmmmmmm————lets see, in 6 months time he had lost his original owners, had his name changed, lost his companion bird, been shunned by his caregivers and then ostracized from the flock. Things weren’t going so well. So he stared pulling out his feathers for entertainment. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm——————I knew family #2 and they asked me if I wanted him! Yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!

    Well, he has a life with Gloria and Missy and me. We have meals together and he feeds the dogs whatever he and I are eating. (I’m a vegan). His cage door is always open unless he is sleeping. He plays and sing and whistles Beethoven and does yoga and talks to me and calls the dogs by name. I couldn’t call him Clyde —- to many bad memories with that name. So I called him Rock-0 cuz when he first arrived he kept saying Roko or Coco—which I could tell, maybe both. And he would say it when he saw the dogs. I didn’t understand if he was telling me his name, his other birds name, or both or if there were othe dogs in his original home. His bad habit of plucking feathers hasn’t stopped. I like to think its cuz he loves me so much he want to look more human so I will date him! Ha! He’s healthy, happy and loving. Things are going much better for everyone.

  • Jenn

    I just love and appreciate all of your writing Colette! You speak directly to my soul

  • KateE


    I wrote you last week on your grieving newsletter about my Boston-Terrier, Cali, who was sick and other than keeping her comfortable we had done everything possible for her. I took in every moment and it wasn’t enough as Cali went to be with God on February 10th. My husband and I are heartbroken.

    Cali came into our lives twelve years ago. We lost our Lab-Shepard, Tay, in March she was fifteen. In my grief I began a search for her going from rescue home to shelters to find her or someone who looked like her. I realized my grief was taking me over and stopped my search. A few months later my friend who worked in a pet store asked me to come in to see two new puppies. So my husband and I went. I wanted a large dog but when we got there, their sat two Boston-Terriers one dark brindle and one tan. The dark brindle sat quietly while the other was spunky. I told my husband that I wasn’t sure about this as I wanted a larger dog, I had never had a small dog before, but what I didn’t realize was God had a different plan for me and my husband told me he locked eyes with the dark brindle one and knew she was the one for us. So, home came Cali. Though, I was still mourning Tay, Cali began to put her paw prints on my heart, she was so small and loved being cuddled, this was new for me and I soon began to enjoy this new bundle of fur.

    I had doubts of being a good mommy, somehow I thought I was being unfaithful to Tay by loving Cali, but I soon learned that I had enough love for her and then some. She didn’t need to be trained at all, which was surprising as her sister Tay had eaten everything in the house and them some. Cali was different, what we didn’t know was she was sick when we got her and was told by our vet she may not make it, but with me being me and passionate I told the vet through patience and love I could heal her and I did, even the vet was surprised. She became my world in a short time, we loved our walks, car rides, ice cream runs but most of all she was cuddly and she loved being kissed and hugged, even if it was all day long as long as it was me and she was with me she was happy, the more the better. We found early on she didn’t like to swim much as we had taken her to our lake house, the look on her face when she came out of the water was priceless…she didn’t like to swim, she’d rather sit on my lap or by my side, she just wanted to be close to me. Cali had won my heart and helped to heal my sadness. She became the queen of the house, behind our couch was Cali Castle, down in the family room was Cali Condo and of course our bed was the big bed where we were her guests. Since she was our only pup she had over fifty or more toys which we named and she knew their names, they also spent time in our bed. She brought them up and down each day, it was so funny to watch who would stay and who went. Sleeping she either would lay behind my legs, body slam me until she thought she was close enough, or my most favorite was of her laying with her head in my hand. Our soul’s were one, we were a mirror image of each other, protective, loving, sassy, stubborn and sensitive. If I couldn’t sleep I would get up and go downstairs to watch television, she got up and sat across from me waiting for me to go back to bed. I couldn’t go anywhere without with her, she wouldn’t have it. Almost a clone of each other, one human, one canine. I got the best, God knew what I needed and gave me the most precious pup and I was the lucky one to be blessed with her.

    But early fall things began to change, she know longer did the things she liked. The toys didn’t move and her racing around the dining room table was no longer. She seemed different. So we took her in and our vet said it was her liver and a host of other problems that seemed to come out of nowhere, we tried everything possible, took her to the best doctors, where told the same at each, there was nothing they could do but keep her comfortable, I knew what that meant, it was only time until I would say good-bye. Nothing could prepare me for February 10th, I just kept whispering in her ear, love you, love you, love you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, something I told her everyday without fail, she closed her eyes. I lost it.

    When we came home we sat quietly in our family room with only candles lit, and I could see her in her bed which made me feel comfort. I smell her and woke the next night seeing her in the big bed. I know she is here in our home with us and that is what I can hold onto, along with our memories of her.

    I miss her so much and have cried so many tears. She took my whole heart with her and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a touching and beautiful story 😉 … sending you much love thank you for sharing this with all of us oxox

  • elaine patraschuk

    What a lovely story of love between you and Sebastian. I grew up on a farm and have especially always loved cats. When I and a boyfriend lived in Duncan, Vancouver Island, on an acreage with all kinds of mice, I saw a sandy tabby at a pet store in Nanaimo I thought was so pretty but it was the black and white ‘little girl’ in the back that was saying, “take me, take me” plus she was the female that I wanted.

    We spent almost 18 years together though the boyfriend was only meant to be for two more. Shyla was skittish and shy and would hide when company came so why her name Shyla, but she was one good mouser. We went through all kinds of adventures together but right after I retired, Shyla got hyperthyroidism and I had to let her go Home to The Other Side. I had never done this in my life and it broke my heart.

    A few days later Shyla’s vet sent me a card and as I opened it, I thought, what could she say to possibly heal my sorrow. She quoted The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran in the card to dwell on the joy of having Shyla in my life at all. I went to my bookshelf to find my copy of the The Prophet and found inside a birthday card from my now-departed and dearest friend, Barb. But I knew I had that card in my bedroom … turned out my friend had given me the same card two years in a row … and how Barb and I had a laugh over that … and what synchronicity.

    The other synchronicity was that I discovered the Clinton’s cat, Socks, went to Heaven the day before Shyla, on Feburary 20, 2009, the day I had originally planned for the euthanasia but longed for one more day. Socks was adopted by the Clintons in 1991 after he jumped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton as she was leaving the house of her piano teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Socks was a black and white cat who, though male, looked amazingly similar to Shyla. He passed from cancer of the jaw. I tried not to feel guilt about having to let go of Shyla and this helped me because Socks was 21 and, though Shyla was healthy and active otherwise, I thought how worse an illness could have been in store for her and that her passing had truly been in God’s hands.

    Shyla and I lived in downtown Kelowna for half her life. Next door a couple of young girls moved in who had a male cat Hercules who had a heart condition but was living beyond expectations. After Shyla went to Heaven, he would look at the gate between our yards like something was there … it was a gate Shyla used often and I believe he saw my spirit cat.

    Days before I moved away, Hercules came into my suite somehow and I felt the most incredible feeling of love come between us like a soft arrow; he was saying goodbye I felt to me and my spirit cat, Shyla, and it was the most beautiful, heartfelt experience.

    Shortly after Shyla went to Heaven, my grief was also helped by seeing her in a beautiful, green meadow chasing butterflies. It was like a small TV screen hanging in the air … there she was, happy. Every time I see a butterfly or a picture of one, I think of Shyla.

    I ended up in Red Deer AB and it turned out my neighbour was psychic and could see my Shyla. Then I started to feel Shyla’s visits. The first time it kinda scared me as I felt a thump on my bed when she landed near me while I was sleeping. Even when I would go to Calgary or Saskatoon, she would thump on the bed I was sleeping in sometimes and I knew she was with me.

    My psychic/medium in Kelowna told me in a reading that she appreciated how I looked after he and loved her and was now looking after me. And the first words of a psychic in Edmonton were: “you have a spirit cat that protects you from the snakes in the grass.”

    Then one night, though I was asleep, I felt a whoosh over me so dramatically and a thump to my left side … that it woke me up. I had the most beautiful experience of actually seeing and feeling and petting my Shyla once again, as my psychic neighbour promised me would happen … that I too would see her.

    Later I read somewhere that I probably had an out-of-body experience. It was night, all was black, and I have kind of an amnesia about this but I know I was petting her and we were reunited.

    Since that night the thumps are gone but I know she remains by my side. This coming weekend, Saturday, February 21, it will be six years since I had to let her go Home and still I think about her daily. Pictures my friend Barb took of her fill my home.

    I absolutely believe she crossed and crosses that rainbow bridge and, when I go Home to The Other Side, I absolutely will dwell in a ‘mansion’ with her and all the other of God’s creatures that I loved in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. I feel Shyla was a gift of God, and she was the joy of my life staying with me as long as a child does, legally speaking, 18 years.

    As I sob remembering “my little girls” (I never had children), I thank you, Colette, for being so kind and reciprocal that you not only tell your story but you give us an opportunity to relive our memories of our loved ones. Sorry for the length but I did my best to compress those 18 years. See you in Calgary … with love, elaine

  • Jen

    My jack russell, Daisy Mae .. planted herself firmly in my lap at a store one day. She was a quiet well behaved little bundle who just sat and looked around. She told me her name the day before I actually went back and got her. I tease and say she totally suckered me. Never having had a jack before, I had no idea what I was in for. She is the most energetic, curious and smart dog I have ever met. I have even heard her call me while I was outside with one of our other dogs. There is definitely a bond between her and I that I cannot explain. She is mine and I am hers. (your sound of the sun recording is one of her favourite things to listen to … it calms her right down).

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