Don’t ‘Should’ All Over Yourself!

Updated: March 1, 2015

Dear you,

Not feeling too sparkly this week yet while writing this I am in deep gratitude for my life, and all its ups and downs. I’m grateful for my tribe, and your willingness to share your stories too. I love our conversations, our humanness, our holding the umbrella together when the rains come, our laughter, and joy. Community is sacred.

This blog was always an invitation and a conversation.

I see Divine Order today in moments when I am conscious of the Great Creator. I know it just looks really messy on the outside, and my small self still is only capable of seeing the details and the uncertainty of the small life, yet the soul knows the greater plan. Today I surrender to that.

You know what I am talking about.

When we struggle against the currents of life, when we plan and set goals and push forward but don’t see the results immediately, we are using a limited map to chart our course. Often we might feel victimized by circumstances, outer conditions and of course the greatest culprit -our inner conditioning and silent expectations.

Yet choosing the spiritual path is about raising that awareness, accepting the things we cannot change, and reaching out to Spirit for guidance. Into the Unknown we journey, trusting in spite of the conditions, and miracles happen. In the darkest moments the soft light that leads us forward, and inward shines even more beautifully.

For the past month I have sensed a shift personally. You know I’ve written about it, about grief, about my dogs. Our beautiful little pom Beanie died last Monday, Feb 23rd from a tracheal collapse in my husband’s arms.

Her crossing over broke us open in ways we were not expecting.

It’s still too tender to honor in words but suffice to say Marc and me and our little boy Sebastian are being changed by this, softened, altered, and we’re allowing it to move through us at its own speed and pace.

Grief is an initiation to Spirit.

We weren’t prepared for it even though I had a premonition and had been preparing—if that makes any sense. My soul knew. Beanie knew. My small self was having a denial hey-day!

“What if?”, “should–a-would-a-could-a” ran through our household as Marc and me both spent an agonizing few hours wondering if we had done things differently would we have been able to change the outcome. Marc took it the hardest as she was his little girl and he had never experienced a loss like this before.

I went to see our vet to get Rescue Remedy for Sebastian and he, in his wisdom said… tell your husband not to “Should all over himself.”

It’s true… for us all no matter what the circumstances.

Radical acceptance means we must “surrender to the will of Heaven” and trust that all is well, even when it isn’t.

So if you’re going through a tough time, go with the flow, accept what is, don’t “should all over yourself”.

Life is a glorious, joyful, painful, and messy thing. Acceptance is the key to all our troubles. It sets us free.

Love you always and forever… Because I want to.

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  • joyce

    Hi Collette,
    I am sorry to here of Beanies passing . I know how painful it is to lose a loving canine companion.
    Take Care,

    • Marnie


      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Love is an amazing thing. And animals give it so unconditionally. Queen Elizabeth once said that grief is the price we pay for love. No matter how deep the hurt and pain, the love is SO worth it. It is why we choose to love over and over again. I understand how difficult it is to process so you need to give it time. When my Mom died, I was numb and the lovely sentiments people shared with me meant nothing at the time. I nodded and said thank you but nothing broke through. In time, and I know you know this wise woman who you are, I was able to read the cards and laugh out loud at something a friend of mine had said in her eulogy. Your little Beanie was so lucky to be loved by you and Marc and you in turn were graced with such love. My wish is that time will heal and your memories will only be of love.

    • Kristi

      So sorry to hear about the passing of Beanie. Love to you and Marc.
      Love Kristi

    • Heather

      So sorry to hear of your loss Collette…only time and wonderful memories help heal. I lost my little girl dog a year ago July and only now am I able to talk of her without the tears of loss and sadness. You are a great inspiration to me, as I have been going through the most turbulent time of my life…your note today was just what I needed to read. I am going to open my self up to the Universe and allow what will come to come…I’m ready for the challenge and ready for happiness. Peace and Love, Heather

    • Eileen

      Dear Colette,
      I sent you a “hug” email after your last post and hope it got to you…I sent it as a reply instead of through this format. Because it may have been that I “should” have sent it another way and you did not receive it, I just wanted to send you an additional hug today and know that you and your husband will remain in my thoughts and prayers as you are healing..I know how much it hurts.

    • Carmen

      Sending love from my heart to yours Colette and Marc at this most difficult time….x

    • Janet Dsuban

      Oh Collette & Marc

      I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Beanie and I feel exactly as you do as my husband and I too lost our dog daughter Lucy on February 25th to tracheal collapse and heart failure. One minute she was at home eating her treats and the next minute we were rushing her out the door to the vets and had to make the decision to put her down. We have also wondered about our decision and we “should haves” all over ourselves too. We are grateful for our dog’s unconditional love and it was wonderful to be her parents.

      Love and healing to you both.


      • Colette Baron-Reid

        o wow I am so sorry for your loss too.. love and healing back your way … we didn’t get the chance to decide for her she died before we could get her to emergency… all the same though.. broken open by the weight of love and gratitude…hang in there

    • Rena Scarberry



      So sorry to hear about Beanies passing. When I was younger we had pug dogs and they felt like family …we had them for years and of
      course when they passed it was heart breaking. I wish you and Marc the best. Much Love, Rena

    • Kirsten

      Such beautiful insight here. Thank you Collette. My heart feels a little bigger and a little softer after reading this. All is well. ❤️

    • Bobbi Williams

      Dear Collette,
      Our animal companions find us and when they leave the physical plane they create a room in our hearts. They truly teach us how to love. Beanie was so blessed to have found your family! She is with you in Spirit! Sending you a big hug! Bobbi

    • Eva Makstutis

      I am sorry for your loss. Our little fur Angels offer us so much unconditional love and acceptance. I miss the chatting, the petting, the companionship of our cats. But we know it’s a matter of time before we find 2 others to bring us joy once more. Wishing you and yours much love & comfort at this time.

    • Renee Sparks

      Colette & Marc,

      I feel your loss for Beanie. Our family loss our Little Sophia on February 7,2015. She would have been 15 on March 7,2015. She was a bright light in our lives. I know your Beanie was your light in your family too. I will says prayers that they meet on their new journey. I do believe this exist! Let Beanie know that Sophia
      is a West Highland White Terrier. The one that can be a little bossy! But a true LOVE! Many Hugs for you & Marc and the rest of your family.

      Cheers for Beannie and Sophia!

    • Rosalyn Marie

      In the past few years I have been going through a tremendous struggle. After being introduced to so much good information starting with the book the secret, through all this I recently came across you. After spending 9 years in Christianity which didn’t help me at all. (that may sound strange “at all”), I now go back to my roots of thinking. You see most of my family is Christian, and I guess I wanted acceptance. Now I have truly accepted myself.

      You are a blessing and inspiration to me. At age sixty one, I now feel my life is truly starting even though at this time I am living in a shelter after leaving for 3 months and I was there for 8 months before. So therefore I am just hearing about your lost of Beanie. In 2013 I have to give up my two cats I had for almost 4 years, I rescued them as kittens at age 3 months they being from different litters.

      You are my new best friend xoxoxo!!!
      (I will make it to one of your seminars one day!)
      Love and Peace
      Rosalyn Marie

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        O Rosalyn this touched my heart it really did. may you be blessed with more joy and peace than you could imagine, and when you’re stable again perhaps another fur baby will come to share the Love with you. oxoxox

  • Paula

    Dear Colette, Marc and Sebastian, I read and feel this news with a deep sadness and pain. I wish to offer my heartfelt condolences and I pray your wonderful, joyful memories with Beanie are able to bring you comfort and peace during this most difficult time. Love and peace, Paula

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you … we are happy for her that she has crossed the rainbow bridge so she will no longer be in pain.. but sad for our loss at the same time…

  • Robin

    Sending you all much love and peace….

  • Sandra Dawn

    I am so sorry about your baby, Beannie. Nothing can prepare us for losing a special part of our family. You have no idea how much this post resonated with me for a totally different reason. Thank you so much for putting this out… totally helped me to say, “I know me and I understand what is going on.” Thank you so much.

  • Teresa

    I am so sorry for your pain and grief! Marc may want a drop or two of Rescue Remedy, as well. My heart is full for you all, and I send you much love and light to help you find peace and connect with Beanie on the other side.

  • Erica

    Thank you Sweet Earth Angel for your thoughts. Loss of an animal is devistading and crucial – yet it is what it is in earthly terms and something else in the spiritual realm… I often have to remind myself of that. So Thank you again for your words – it’s centers me. All my love and blessings to you and your loss.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup… 2 layers of truth.. the human loss and the spirit’s freedom .. both are true

  • Amber Criste

    This brings tears to my eyes –love to you and your family <3 we have two little girls and just the thought of losing them sends me over the edge. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have been meditating lately with crystals and just being still–that voice creeps in should I be doing anything? am I just focusing on raising my frequency , talking about Spirit and playing with rocks, as obstacles flow in for my hubby and I? and the answer is No….I know in my Soul the answer is to just observe to accept–to surrender as you said.

    Very beautifully written blog–sobering and poetic at the same time. Thank you for your time and energy during this difficult time for you and your family

    I wish everyone here well!! <3


  • Christine

    Sending loving thoughts to you and the family. Cindy Campo has some wonderful music that you may find comforting. One of my faves is, “Every once in a while”

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    I am sending love and light to you, Marc and Sebastian as you are feeling the pain of grief at Beanie’s passing into Spirit.
    I truly believe that this little Soul will continue to teach you, love you from her place in the Spirit world. ♥

  • Lynda

    Dearest Collette & Marc Sebastian:

    I am so sorry to hear about your beloved fur baby Beanie. I know it doesn’t really help the acute pain, but as you know most of us have been there – losing a beloved fur baby. Speaking from experience, there are no words to describe the pain and broken heart and nothing that I can say that you don’t already know. Hugs to all three of you – cause I know Sebastian misses him, too.


  • Cathy

    Im dealing with the loss of the love of my life. He died unexpectedly and I’ve been doing that, should I have called, he’s a truck driver, should I have been with him and so on. I’m so lost. I come to your site to do my cards it brings comfort.
    I’m sorry for yours and Marc’s loss.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Cathy… don’t poison yourself with the Should’s .. we are not privy to the will of Heaven when it’s our time and what it would mean when we’re faced with tragedy. But we can hold hands until the pain is over, knowing none of us is alone.. and in the invisible spaces Spirit holds us with never dies..

  • Patti

    I am so sorry for your loss. To be owned and loved by our furry friends is to know unconditional love to the fullest. Your vet is very wise. I lost 2 of my 3 dogs this past year. My boy Tuxedo in August and my girl Fallon in November. This house has been so empty and lonely at times. Also, I lost my husband of nearly 32 years last March. Just this past week, I added another furry member to my family. Not to replace any that have just left, but to bring some sunshine, laughter and joy to my heart and my home. I am sure this little guy, Maxx, is an angel, my angel, sent to help me cope this difficult portion of my life. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience change, to move on and find life to live.
    I send you love and light, may you enjoy all of your precious memories.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Patti I m sorry for your losses and at the same time so happy for your new angel Maxx. They are our teachers and healers. … they break us open so we can have more love for each other and for the next one that needs us…

      • Patti

        Thank you and Yes 🙂 They sure are.

  • Barb

    What goes around, comes around. Back in 2011 I wrote to you about a pet store that was under water due to a terrible flood before they could get all of the animals out, and how the community was devastated by it. Your reply was heartfelt, and kind, and comforting, and helped us to get through it. Is it any wonder that when your need was great, all those that you have been here for would be there for you. You teach us that what we give out, we get. This should be a glowing example of the kind of love and light you give out to the world. And yes, you still rock! Love you.

  • Ada

    Oh Colette, again my sincerest love and Blessings to you, Marc and little Sebastian too. You are right Dear Lady…I’ve been shoulding over myself and events for far too long…. Creator just showed me in something a few moments ago… Allowing/receiving…. May your days be filled with Light and Love and the forthcoming changes be like warm hugs flowing forward <3

  • Dianne

    Love your words. Emotional world is rough. The “should ofs” are tough to let go of but like you said there is a bigger picture. Hugs and love girl

  • Annette

    Sending you a great big hug, thank you for sharing your openness it softens the collective pain we are feeling.

  • Ursula

    I wish all of you much love, warmth and kindness with a huge dose of healing headed to all of your hearts, Beanie, Colette, Marc & Sebastian. What connects also breaks us open. The pain of losing a family member and witnessing their transition to spirit is heart breaking. I too attempted to prepare for my pets transition however the impact and shock of that moment was devastating. Thank you for being an example and offering your transparency especially with experiencing so many emotions. Like a wave, grief envelopes us and weaves its way in and of our being.

    I applaud your strength to share, it is very difficult. I support you and I offer to hold space for you and yours…..may your healing continue.
    It brings tears to my eyes to witness your pain, as it brings me in touch with my feelings too.

    Thank for the gift of both.
    Much love,

  • Monica

    Dear Colette, Marc and Sebastian,
    My heart goes out to each of you with sadness and sympathy for the loss of your beloved Beanie . Having had recent transitions of loved ones myself enables me to more fully open my heart to you as well–not in commiseration, but in bearing witness to, and empathizing with, the sacredness of your own personal loss. I wish you comfort, healing, faith and strength. Love soothe your tender hearts.
    Love and hugs. XOXOX

  • Marina

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your life with us. May you be comforted and feel the presence of angels surrounding you at this time. Sending you warm hugs and healing wishes for your heart.
    With Love,
    ~ Marina

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Dear Colette:

    I look forward to your v-“blogs” every Monday, went to like your Facebook posts, thanks, “Bean”nie is a communicator, I love her images she is here with Us through them, (your “Seba” is a handful … LOL … and playful from before – I am seeing green around him [healing] and he likes the blue [protection]) just my interpretation.

    I picked a card for Beannie in communication:

    The Dream Walker as an Ally
    “Dreams, the collective good, illusions …
    … dreams really can and do come true. Still, there are two kinds: those of the small Self and those of the Divine. Spirit has a dream for you that is yours alone, and all you need to do is ask and it will unfold like magic You also play an important and unique part in the Divine dreaming of the world. When you ask, Is this the dream for me that serves the greater dream? the most beautiful vision for your life serves the highest good for others, too. Just the act of asking will immediately provide the answer. The Dream Walker is beside you to help you move effortlessly through the illusions, observing the Truth and celebrating the waking dream of your life that results” (Colette Baron-Reid, 2009, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards).

    She is just like you, Colette, in the way her cheeks are squeezable – you know what I mean … LOL. That makes me a European type of Mother in the gentlest way. Bean is very pet-able and she accepts that she is beautiful, loving, and a loved puppy; she gets “I love you”. Think completely Loved (pink) and brightly Wise (gold). So, important she was with you …
    Looking lovely Colette, love the ambiance of your reading v-blog. Blessings …Career, Family, Health, World Peace, LOV: )

    Positive affirmations for All our Fur-Munchkins and Loved ones … Amen.

    Adding Light to All Lights

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Beanie : )

      Excited to read your up-coming book, Colette

      sounds like it will be pragmatic; a “realm” natural

      to anyone if only one lets it be ….


      Which Tapping Summit day is your presentation?

  • Gabrielle

    Dear Collette,

    My love and light are with you. I understand the great hurt you and your family are feeling. I lost my beloved Hercules on the morning of February 10th. He is my best friend and though I accept death as a natural part of life, I am heart broken. In time, we both will be able to share stories and look at pictures but not now. Now is the time to grieve and allow it to work thru us. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      o honey… sending you a very big hug… I am a medium and can speak to those who have crossed over and still it doesn’t release the pain.. grief has its own season…

  • Jen


    Thanks so much for this post. I’ve lost 4 of my beloved kitties in the past 4 years – 3 within a year and a half span- and the most recent loss has left me reeling. My 16 month old kitty, Serafina, passed very suddenly a month ago from what we discovered was undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which caused a sudden and catastrophic saddle thromboeboloism. No matter how much the vets assured me that, while rare, this is not unknown in cats even as young as 6 months, I still spend so much time turning everything over and over in my mind. While I understand it on an intellectual and spiritual level, the emotions are what take so long to catch up. (the small-self, as you aptly put it!) This post had me in tears because I empathize so very much with what you are going through right now and it’s good to be reminded to be gentle with yourself in times of mourning. Thanks again. {{{hugs}}}

  • Beverly Corso

    Dear Colette:

    Sending you, your husband and Sebastian the gift of many precious and beautiful memories
    of your sweet Beanie. Losing a pet is so traumatic, but the positive and loving energy never
    leaves you, it is palpable. So please be at peace knowing that Beanie energetically will never
    leave you, that alone is such a gift.

    Blessings of Beanie’s love….

  • Vivian Axmacher

    Colette I am so sorry for your loss. I too had to say goodbye to My Harley (shitzu/chihuahua mix) on Feb. 16th. It was the saddest day I have had in a very very long time. I know that he is in a better place and his sick little body is whole again but I wish he was whole with me. I miss him terribly and often think I see his spirit. Blessings to you and your husband as you walk through this sadness together.

  • Teresa

    Acceptance is key… it sets us free!
    Thank you and my deepest sympathy to you and Marc for your loss.
    Another soul just got her wings!

  • cp

    Beautiful haircut and beautiful song at the end, sung by you Colette? Very nice! Keep going! 🙂

  • Patty Held

    We lost our beloved cat, Beanie, this year. He was 17 years old. He was a great cat! Wishing you the best of memories

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      another Beanie in heaven.. sweet…. at least we know our fur babies will never be alone

  • Sharon

    So sorry for your loss. I had a similar story in 2013. My cat Spice passed away in front of my husband and I. She was around 20 years old and her health had been deteriorating so we knew it was coming. At that moment I looked at my dog Missy who was turning 10 and thought for a moment that the day would come when I would have to deal with losing her as well. And in that moment I heard that little voice inside my head telling me that she had fulfilled her purpose for being in our lives. I didn’t want to hear that. Well she died suddenly, completely unexpectedly about 3 months later. Her passing completely tore us up. I was full of should-haves and what-ifs for a long time even though I embrace this understanding. She was my baby and I felt that I should have seen something or done something different. Even though that voice told me she fulfilled her purpose. The healing process takes time but the love lives forever. I know I will be with her again someday and I feel her often and occasionally see her. Bless you for sharing!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      That is a good point – they fulfill their mission for us and then they cross that rainbow bridge into another dimension of light and love. I believe this with all my heart.

  • Cynthia Fontaine

    Dearest Colette and Marc,

    Feeling your loss as my little Alice, who came to be mine when my dearest brother passed 18 months ago, is at the end stage of her life with very little time left. This is especially hard for me because my brother loved her so much and to me she is the part of him. She is funny, sweet and saved me from losing my mine when James committed suicided. Alice is the puppy of my mother’s Pomeranian, I lost my Mom 13 years ago and James’s MinPin. So she has such deep meaning for my and I love her so much. I dread the next week or two knowing she will be going to be with my Mother and Brother, as she is falling rapidly. So, I have been holding you both in my heart, with Love, Compassion and Deep Understanding. May you know that you are both loved and your babies were blessed to pick you! Sending you both Lots of Love <3 Cynthia

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O honey… I know how you feel so intimately.. and we are so fortunate at the same time to be so beautifully altered by it..

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Grief and loss is such an individual process and its so wonderful of you to share your experience as you always do in celebration, loss and all the in betweens…I feel your pain and as you said you and Marc are shifting and opening and it is as the Prophet Kahlil Gibran says “pain cracks the shell of understanding” I wish my magic wand could remove your pain and just leave the newest of awakenings.
    I have learned as you, that every one of my moments and every experience brings me to exactly as I am to be in that moment. Although, the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s, will sometimes surface in times of great difficulty when I sit back and allow the Creator energy to envelope me in its purity, I realize the experience was perfect to move me forward on my journey here…so much love and healing energy to you and Marc…Thank you for being you always!!

  • Karen Crete

    Left you a PM – hugs, understanding, empathy and sympathy – and you know that Beanie is happy over the rainbow bridge – interesting that now even the Catholic hierarchy is accepting dogs in heaven – because without it would be intolerable………………………………

  • Angela Boucher

    Thank you for sharing your deep feelings with us. You are such an inspiration to me. And I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Cindy

    Dear Colette,

    We met last year at the Enchanted evening, you are such a beautiful soul.
    March of last year was a very sad time for me, my beautiful dog who resembled Beanie (although he was a long-haired chihuahua) passed away in my arms (poisened, I believe, by a plant) he was only 4 years old but was my constant companion. As we are entering the month of March I am reminded of how much I miss him.
    Last summer I was reading in your book the part about you adopting Beanie, that was so beautiful and came as a sign of comfort for me. So, tonight I am sad to learn that you and your husband have lost your dear little friend…they are small but hold a big place in our hearts. Our little ”foxes” will always be close by.

    Once again, your words so profound and beautifully written, bring me comfort as the “what ifs” are often in the back of my mind.

    Please know that I am thinking of you and send all my love and blessings,


  • Jocelyne

    Sat down to write this and can think of nothing to say that I feel could make it better for you. 🙁
    I ‘shoulded’ for the longest time when I lost my girl last year, but one action I took the day I had to let go of her was to pull three cards from the Hidden Realms deck. They told me it was time, that everything has its season, so after the vet my only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner but I have to believe in perfect timing 🙂
    Nothing is right when you have to say goodbye.
    Hope you are encircled by love, both.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you… and to everyone I didn’t thank personally … same deep gratitude to each of you

  • Rachel Medhurst

    Sending you so much love xxx

  • Karen

    So very sorry for your loss ….. Thinking of you all and sending love xxx

  • Sandy Bocko

    So very sorry to learn of your dog’s passing … <3 !!!

  • Madina

    Colette, thank you SO much for your articles that you share! For your wisdom! The article about acceptance and ability to see the higher plan is just so timely! Thank you very much! Please accept my sympathy for your loss! Much love and gratitude to you!

  • Amy

    I feel moved to share the passing of my beloved Gran way back in 2006, it was devasting and the catalyst for immense change and healing, and many dark nights of the soul. The same year my awesome cat Silk also passed over, he was always more than a cat and infinitely wiser than I. I always felt he was looking after me and fiercely protecting me. On reflection a few years later I realised that the love of my Gran and her passing blew open my heart chakra so that I could heal and love fully, and feel love fully. And that Silk’s purpose was done, to protect me, I had to be laid completely bare to experience the profound grief and pain. This is something I am still working through, it’s a journey, and it’s such a blessing to have both people and animals in our lives that touch us so deeply and move mountains within.

    Sending much love to you x

  • Cindy

    I am so sorry for your loss. My sweet, sweet Cookie, a cockapoo, passed this year – on my birthday, January 5th. I took the day off from work and am grateful that I could spend her last day here on earth with her, it was very bitter sweet. I feel your heartache and loss. The gift our fur babies give us in this life is very precious – unconditional love. We all are blessed to spend our time here with these beautiful sweet souls, and we feel that loss deeply.

  • Cynthia

    Colleen, Mark, and Sebastian, my heartfelt condolences to you three and many joyful memories as you awaken to a new life without the physical Beanie’s energy in it. My love is poured over you as you three allow your pain to reveal… A bunch of hugs sent through the universe on wings.
    Your tribal goddesses are with you in all things…even our silence holds purpose in our love.

  • Mary Jo

    So very sorry about your Beanie. Xo

  • jewels

    I wish you peace, love and light. I am glad that you have a loving support system. When my darling Casper passed I typed out a book on Feng shui that I had been meaning to read. It took about 3 weeks and I stopped a few chapters before the end. Blessings to you, your family and all of your community.

  • Diana Boles

    What was is just a footstep behind us and growth can seem like an unattainable leap ahead of us. Familiarity brings knowledge. Practice brings wisdom. And so the wheel keeps turning and we must keep walking so that we do not fall off. Blessings radiate from the hub and we bask in the light of them. XO to you all!

  • Jenny Smagala

    Dear Collette and Marc.
    There are no words to cover such grief and loss, so I simply send you both “buckets of love” (as in a LOT!). I have been where you are – both my cats had to be put down, several years apart. Although this was out of kindness to them, it was definitely not a kindness to me. They were two of my dearest friends on the planet and I missed them deeply for many years. Even with tapping, I still carry some faint residue of “shoulds” about their illnesses and deaths.
    Death is inevitable but grief is a choice I suppose!
    Big hug

  • Kimberley

    Ohhh Colette, Marc, and Sebastian,
    I am so very sorry to hear about Beanie. I know too well that kind of “shoulding.” I’ve done it each and every time. Why do I keep doing it? Why do I keep setting myself up for the heartbreak of losing a beloved member of my family? I ask these questions and more…a gentle, loving response is given…because they have enriched my life in so many ways. They make us laugh and smile…sometimes give us frustration, and always they give us love…unconditional love. They have ways of mending our hearts when we are in pain that no human could possibly do for us. Silently loving us, and sometimes rambunctiously loving us. We are better for having known them and privileged to have had some special ones in our lives. My heart goes out to you all, along with my prayers.

  • Sandee Sharpe

    Dear Colette,
    There is grief on the surface, and then there is grief from the depths of your soul.
    I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Sparky (rescue cat) and we had approximately 18 years of unconditional love together in this world.
    I found this quote and have it framed with a picture of Sparks. May it bring you some reflection and peace.

    “The answer to the mystery of existence is the love you shared sometimes so imperfectly…you’re driven to your knees not by the weight of the loss but by gratitude for what preceded the loss. And the ache is always there, but one day not the emptiness, because to nurture the emptiness, to take solace in it, is to disrespect the gift of life.” Odd Hours, Dean Koontz

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so beautiful.. this is exactly the grief we feel now,, not a dishonoring one.. but broken open by the weight of the gratitude that preceded the loss … yes so beautifully put…

  • Jaqueline

    Colette & Marc,
    You are both in my prayers.
    Sending you a tight hug

  • Joanna


  • Patricia Stevens

    Colette, so sorry for the pain you, Marc and Sebastian are feeling.

  • Delilah Praete

    Like so many others here I know exactly how painful it is to loose a canine fur child. It’s nearly unbearable. I just allow the grief to do whatever it’s doing and cry and cry and cry as much and as long I need to. It’s my way of honoring the love I feel for my dog. I still get an achy feeling when I think of my fur children who have passed on. But I also enjoy the happiest of memories of them. When grief is allowed to express itself fully it moves through with grace and respect. It allows us to feel even more tenderly towards our beloved fur babies and to ourselves as well as towards our beloved bipeds. If we allow it to just flow, the grief too can melt our hearts. When we allow the grief to flow freely we get better at letting everything flow freely. There are so many of us out here that are sending our love to you and Marc. We are so grateful for what you have given to us through process and honesty. Now is the time to allow the sparkles to be washed by the tears so they can sparkle even brighter when it’s time. Sending much love,

  • Doreen

    Dearest Colette, Marc & Sebastian,
    My heart breaks for you & for the loss of little Beanie. I dread the day when my 11 year old toy poodle (Sasha) crosses over, she has been my constant companion since going out on disability in 2004. I am sending you Light & love & many hugs from VA.

  • Leslie Shades McCabe

    Dearest Colette and Marc,

    I am saddened for your loss on this side of your dear friend and companion. Thankfully, you both know that you will be reunited “shortly” (their time).

    Love to you both always and forever.

    Here is a virtual emerald green healing blanket for comfort.


  • Sue

    Hello Mark n Collette,
    I feel you journey in Heart Felt Love for Your/Our Furry Families. “”Hugs””

  • Andrea

    Not much I can say that others probably haven’t already, except I feel for you. I’m sorry for your loss of his beautiful little presence, but at the same time happy you got to experience such deep love. It is a gift, It just hurts so bad sometimes it doesn’t feel like it… Hugs!

  • Virginia

    So sorry for your loss. I also had a big case of the could’ve would’ve should’ve’s. My Millie died of Hemangiosarcoma at age 11 I thought by giving her surgery (not fully understanding what was wrong with her), that I could help relieve her pain, and have more time with her. 2 blood transfusions later, I let her go, in a vet’s office not at home. My thoughts are with you and your husband, and I hope that you know when Beanie died in your husbands arms, he was held with his and your love. And that, hopefully is solace to your hearts. ox

  • Alicia

    As a fellow cancerian and also someone who knows the pain of loss, please accept my condolences. I know how hard it is to let go of our loved ones physical presence, even if we know they live on in spirit. With love you to and yours Alicia.

  • Christine

    The greatest honor one can show a pet that was truly loved is to celebrate their moving on to the next stage of their soul’s course of evolution and, more difficultly, to try to love again. Yes, love again, let another furry creature into your life and establish a new relationship of love and joy. If your pet taught you nothing else, he taught you how to love. Show him how much you loved him by letting go of grief and loving again. Let the light of love in again, don’t delay long, be strong and take steps to let the tails start wagging again on earth and in heaven.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup we are indeed already searching for our new one.. never a replacement, but we have more love to give now then ever…

  • Carol

    The love and bond of a dog with his family is a strong magical one. My heart goes to all of you as I type and look at my own doggy who is turning 13 this year….For the last year, I noticed thinking of how grateful I am for having her in my life knowing that her journey will eventually end….I am blessed as you have been with the love, joy and humour this compassionate fury friend brought to you….and to me! Love and Light!

  • Linda

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Colette. Much love for you and Marc. <3

  • Sue

    It is so difficult when our four-legged companions transition out of our earthly lives. They have brought us joy and unconditional love. Though we know we will be reunited again, and they will be helping from the other side, it is still so terribly difficult for us to let go of their physicality. Having a loved one and friend transition is never easy. It doesn’t matter if it is an animal companion or a human one. The pain of their leaving is just as great. Our hearts break wide open and we grieve, for however long it takes.

    May the love and support of family and friends, along with wonderful memories of Beanie, help to ease your grief. Holding you all in the light and sending love.

  • Johanne

    So sorry to hear of Beanie’s passing. Hugs and love for all three of you through this difficult time. I’m reminded of the time during my teen years when we lost our family pet and my mother’s grief was such that she swore to never have another to avoid the grief and she didn’t. When I turned 50 (12years ago) my marriage broke down and I was thrown into a horrific nightmare (financially ruined) rendering me totally helpless it seemed. My brother send me $500 to help me with a few bills and I spent it on my new golden retriever, Lucy. Everyone thought I had gone completed mad and irresponsible not to mention the added responsibility of having a puppy to tend to. Lucy is the reason I got up in the morning, dressed and out the door for her daily exercises. What more can I say, she chose me because I needed her. She is still with me today and I hope for another few years. I am so grateful for having her in my life. My mother is still with us as well (90 yrs) and has voiced that she hopes to be gone before Lucy goes so that she doesn’t have to face that grief. I too don’t look forward to that journey but what’s the alternative? Don’t experience love? How sad.

  • Cheryl

    So much love, hugs and prayers are being embraced and sent your way Colette and Marc.
    I truly understand as well what you are experiencing. The joy and absolute unconditional love that they give us is a God send, they truly are angels here on earth. When we let our girl, Sandy go in 2012, it was tough for quite a long time but now I can look back with so much love and appreciation for having her and look forward to welcoming another little bundle of fur back into our lives soon with so much of her in it.
    You and Marc were so blessed to connect with Beanie and to share a life with her. You obviously needed to be there for each other and for that is gift. Take care and give lots of hugs to your Sebastian as he will need them too…. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  • Julie

    Colette, my heart is bursting for you. My experience of grief is like you say – an initiation to Spirit. A breaking open of the heart. An invitation to compassion and to a strengthening of Faith. Beautiful but also scary, painful and sad. I think it’s important to honour all of it and, in so doing we honour ourselves as well as the ones who have crossed over.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself. For your courage, your compassion, your vulnerability and your wisdom. Your gifts are a blessing in my life.

    Love to you, Marc, Sebastian and to your precious little Beanie,


  • Cyndee

    Dearest Colette, You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week.

  • George

    Blessings, prayers and love go with you and Beanie.

  • Sabine Ullwer

    Dear Colette,

    I send you and Marc all my compassion and love.

    Big hug!

  • Jenn Priestner

    I hope that the beautiful memories of Beanie will help comfort you during this time of grief. I know you understand and believe all too well, that our soul companions (whether furry or not) are not gone, but not being able to bury our noses in their little animal fur is hard. Sending love and white light to you and Marc and Sebastian. xoxo ~ Jenn

  • Anna

    Dear Colette so very sorry for your loss. My heart feels your pain and know that
    your Beanie knows and is so very appreciative of the love of your family.
    God Bless

  • Renee Sugar

    “We” are fortunate when our hearts are changed by the presence of a pet.
    Sad for your loss and Marc’s and how blessed you all were to have been
    connected to share so many years together. Your forecast spoke about what
    part of ourselves we might be blocking/restricting our way. Our furry friends accept
    us unconditionally which is why the bond is so close and runs so deep. They love
    us no matter what.
    I am having a difficult time at the present accepting the death of
    a 63 year old cousin who recently ended her life with a gun. She was suffering with M.S. and
    struggling with the restrictions of living in a wheelchair. I know that everyone faces
    the guilt that how could any of us have stopped this? Her husband was her caregiver,
    but her family (relatives) live in another country. What could we have done? So tragic
    and final to make the decision to end one’s life. The reverberations shake everyone; and
    the denial runs deep. Some don’t even want to address this or speak about it. I reached out
    to both her husband and sister who wasn’t even aware she had M.S. and sent love and healing
    prayers to them to say that they were on my mind and in my heart. They were very appreciative.
    I had to reach them directly not on an online obituary “guest book”.
    Gratefully even though each of us lives in different places, this blog is such a gift as it does connect us and
    touches each one in a special way.
    We are an extended family and sometimes when our “blood relatives” are absent
    we need to connect.
    “The bond that links us to our true family is not one of blood but of joy and respect
    of each other’s lives. Rarely do the members of one family grow up under one roof”
    RIchard Bach.
    Thank you for this blog. It has really impacted my life sharing truth in my unique and original way.

  • Virginia Clark

    When my husband and I lost our senior rescue Bichon Buddy we were completely taken off guard with the depth of our pain. He was our first dog. In my prayers I asked Buddy to guide us to our next dog when it was right. Three months later Wyatt’s picture appeared on a rescue site we’d been following. We both saw Buddy in his eyes. We drove from Phoenix to LA and back in 24 hours to pick him up. Our dog is the heart of our home, we are so grateful. Sending you both love.

  • Shannon

    Colette & Marc,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know just as other humans come into our life to be soul mates and guides, animals do so as well. We can all feel that loss of your soul mate, Beanie, is terribly painful for your family. When we lost Montana, I knew she had come to deliver a message on the importance of quiet Presence & tranquility. Sadly, I was only able to really feel & understand the message with her passing. I am so grateful to her. Sending you so much strength & peace during your time of sadness.

  • Jan

    My heart opens to you and Marc in your grief dear Colette,
    It’s so hard to see the way forward when the sadness is overpowering but you have been and still are such a clear and bright inspiration of truth and love. May that be reflected back into your own life as deep ease and a pillow to soften the suffering.
    I have cats in Malaysia, a horse in Alberta and a dog with me here! I love and miss them all, all the time and their incredible unconditional love.
    I send you that love and am so grateful for you in my life and the clarity that has shown up.

  • Louise Michaud

    Hi Colette
    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing our best friend is losing a part of you.We get so attached to these animals who have given us unconditional love and have helped us get through the difficult times in our lives. We must be grateful for the years we had together. Just like humans animals have a purpose here and that is to help us create our lives. Once their job is done it is time for them to leave.

  • Laurie

    Dear Collette,

    I am so sorry to hear of Beanie’s passing. March 9 will be the 2 year anniversary of my beloved Cali’s passing who was also a pom, she was 14 1/2. On Wednesday, Feb 25, iIfound my beloved cat Snowball, who was 7 1/2 on the floor and he passed just as I got to him. No indication at all, he tells me it was a heart attack, but I still keep asking myself if there is something I could of done. I also gave Rescue Remedy to my other cat and two strays that I take care of. Snowball left me a gift, that morning I put on makeup because my mom was having a heart procedure and she never likes to go out without her makeup and in the middle of my eye shadow was a penny. I had been asking him if he was now an angel in heaven and was he with Cali, and that he way of telling me he was. Like you, Snowballs unexpected and sudden passing has me so confused as to what to do for the future. He reminded me how precious life is and how quickly it can be gone. Sending you much love.

  • Teresa

    I am sorry for your loss. Your message is a reminder of how precious each moment is with our animal and human family.

  • Aradella

    Dear Colette and Family,

    Sorry for the loss of Beanie. My heart compressed while I was reading your article today. I am an animal lover at heart and know how it feels when a member of our furry family transcends. These beautiful souls come into our lives to bring us unconditional love, joy and peace at different stages of our lives and will always have a special place in our hearts. I am sure you and your family gave Beanie a wonderful life full of love and she will always shine her light back at all of you.

    Love and Light,

    Aradella En Ra

  • Harp

    I have been thinking of how Beanie was doing since we last spoke and was saddened to learn of Beanie’s passing. My heart goes out to both you and Marc. I gave my Nova an extra belly rub and ear tug and am grateful for having him in my life as he is my world. So sorry for you loss but am glad you are ready to share your love with another pup.

  • Lisa

    Colette, sending you love and light in healing from your grief of losing Beanie. I have lost 2 of my fur babies in the past couple years and I can so relate to the shoulding all over yourself. I loved your reading this week. Relates a lot to what Robert Ohotto has been saying about this Jupiter Retrograde and this theme of expressing your authentic self and trusting you are safe to do that, is so huge right now. I am right in the middle of what you said, “When we struggle against the currents of life, when we plan and set goals and push forward but don’t see the results immediately, we are using a limited map to chart our course. Often we might feel victimized by circumstances, outer conditions and of course the greatest culprit -our inner conditioning and silent expectations.” With all that has gone the past year in my life, the loss of a long term relationship and our pet, that he took, some health issues have cropped up and I am at the point where all I can do is surrender, be in the flow and trust that it will all be better soon. Trust that this is part of the plan and to know that this is getting to point where I can let go of those beliefs about myself to truly become my authentic self.

  • Amy

    I’m sending love to you and Marc. I’m so sorry for your loss and I wish you joy-filled memories of your times with Beanie.

  • Dodie Weiss

    So sorry to hear of your little one’s passing. It is so hard to lose these little animal companions of ours…so hard. Your words were so timely for me to read. Thank you Colette. Thank you for the work you do and may the angels come to you and your family and comfort you in your grief. Blessings!

  • Maureen

    Dearest Colette, Words can feel so ’empty’ at a time like this – but please know that mine are filled to brimming with love and a gentle heart caress for you, Marc and Sebastian. Maureen

  • Paula

    I’m so sorry for your loss . Sanding you love and peace to all.

  • Natalie

    Oh Colette I am so sorry.
    Since we were all praying for Beanie after your blog last week I guess this is the way it is supposed to be.
    But I know that knowing that does not ease the pain.
    I bet she had a great life with you as her mom.

  • Genene

    Heart (((HUGS)))

  • Gale

    Colette -Thinking of you and Marc and sending love during this most difficult time with the passing of Beanie. I understand the pain to lose a family member like Beanie. i hope is will give you comfort knowing that she is “play bowing” with my kids and all the souls that have crossed the rainbow bridge. What peace that she is knowing and the warmth and love that you have given her – she hears you still. Do talk to her -she will comfort your soul, she is at the knee of those thayt loved you too – and will be there to great you when Spirit says it’s time for us to go home………. we will meet again. Blessings and love –

  • Charmaine

    My heart goes out to you and your family on the passing of your special pup. Thank you for sharing and I pray your grief is tempered with special happy memories.
    I am presently dealing with conflicting thoughts about a sister that has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and all that entails. Should I travel 3,000 miles now to see her, will she decide to fight this or surrender to it? Leaving now throws my own family into a tailspin and our business. The grief and emotions are all over the place.
    I’ll remember not to “should all over myself”. Just looking for some answers on what to do.
    Peace to you and your family,

  • Valerie

    Thank you, Colette, for your beautiful, generous spirit. Thank you for having the clarity of vision to see through your personal grief to the essential message, the pearl of wisdom, that you could share with others so that even your sadness can bring the gift of an uplifting message. I was reading your blog with sympathy, but when I read what the vet said to you, I burst into tears. This is precisely what my husband needs to hear. And your beautiful closing paragraph. I was about to draw some cards to ask for guidance but it seems my guides found a different way to get the message through to me.

  • Lana

    Thank you so much Colette!
    I am so sorry for your loss & can completely relate as last week was a really tumultuous week realizing – accepting, that my 17-yr old Angel, Lab/Husky has had a very long loving life with me. It started to hit me in such a way that I started feeling guilty of the possibility that I may need to make the decision for her because she is so strong despite the physical challenges she’s been having. It wasn’t until the other day I had to be kinder to myself & to have Love, Acceptance, & Trust for this situation & not to allow it to suck me into despair. In fact, I know I have to honor the “grieving emotions” & not judge them or fight them – as my perfectionist self would like.
    When the time comes, I pray Angel makes the choice but if I must, I will honor the life she has graced me with!
    Blessings to you!

  • Karen E Gaynor

    Dearest Colette, Marc & Sebastian, May you all find solace in your warm and wonderful memories of Beanie. The first thing that came to mind when I read about her passing was, what a very beautiful life she must have had with you all. I am positive that she would want you all to hold on to the joy she experienced like a love filled hug :* Wishing you peace and comfort XO K

  • elaine patraschuk

    I feel such empathy for you, Colette, your husband, and Sebastian … and I feel connected to you in Spirit as my beloved kitty passed on February 21 six years ago as I have already written to you. I feel that as Beanie crossed that rainbow bridge, she must have looked back and said, ‘bowsie, wowsie, did I ever luck out being so loved and having the home I had on Earth with Colette and her tribe.’

    I had made so many mistakes with my kitty that when she passed I thanked God for God or I would never have forgiven myself. I couldn’t even think about the ‘I should haves’ or the grief would have multiplied and so I dwelled on the gratefulness at having her at all and focused on the pictures and memories. There is simply nothing like simple Faith to get through these rough spots and temporary losses, I learned. I am so happy that you know Spirit and that these furry souls wait for us on The Other Side/Heaven and, to them, in the space of eternity, in just a blink of their loving eyes, we are together again.

    Colette, I also totally understand your love for poms as my dear friend loved this particular breed and I spent much time with her Prince. Princey, as I called him, was ‘cute as a button,’ adorable, and loving and he returned my friend’s love a thousand-fold. My friend was reunited with her Prince in July 2013.

    I so believed Sylvia Browne when she taught me that the critters that we loved or bonded with in our lifetimes are the first to come running when our time on Earth is done. And so this brings peace and hope that we are reunited with them when we pass. I was so pleased when, in one of your readings in your TV show Messages From Spirit, that you connected with a dog to confirm this belief.

    Your hearts are filled with memories of Beanie in the meantime and how wonderful is that … with love and tears of gratitude for sharing, elaine

  • Pat

    Thank you, Colette, for your wonderful reminder that ‘everything is OK even when it isn’t”. I love your authenticity. Thank you for being so real during this time of loss.

  • Deanna

    Sending Love to you, Marc and Sebastian…
    Thank you for all you have shared…your words have given me the comfort of knowing our loved ones are safe on the other side. Most of all, that they know we love them and think of them always. Let the memories be the good ones and connect with peace and love….
    Thinking of you xo

  • Lois

    Hello Collette, Marc and Sebastian,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Be glad you had your time with Beanie and shared her love. Take care and be well knowing she will never truly leave you, for she lives on in your hearts.

  • Mary

    Dear Colette:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Benie. I didn’t even know her, but I had to get the hankes out. I am so attached to these precious little beings. I lost my sweet Bailey, my eleven year old Golden a year ago, two days before Christmas. I now have an almost year old male Golden, Brinkley to join Annie, my eight year old Golden. I still have Bailey’s picture in three different places so I see her in almost every room. Bless you, Marc and Sebastian.

    Love you, Mary

  • sandy

    My condolences to you and yours. Feeling in my heart the sweet surrendering peace that comes from letting go with love.


  • Safena

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Beanie was so incredibly loved and thank u for sharing this truth because it is a reminder for me that there is so much unconditional love here when at times I get overwhelmed in the heartlessness. Again love to you and I am sending you prayers to get thru this blessed time. Beanie looks utterly adorable and happy and loved thru and thru.

  • Lisa AK

    Love, Light and Peace to you Colette, Marc and Sebastian…so very sorry for your loss but know that Beanie is now running around having a frolicking good time in doggie heaven!! She has no pain and is forever young and carefree having fun with all the other fur babies that have crossed over. You will have good days and bad days but know the grief will lessen over time as Beanie takes that forever place in your heart. God Bless!

  • Bobby

    Colette and Marc…I join the collective voice in offering empathy, sympathy and condolences for Beanie. Those we hold in our arms for a short while are in our hearts forever. Blessings to you all.

  • Margaret

    Dear Colette and Marc,
    I am so sorry to hear of Beanie’s passing. I am sending you waves and waves of healing, compassion and strength energy.
    I love your weekly blogs and look forward to them. Your personality shines through so brightly through them; funny, inspiring, informative and eye opening.
    Thank you for sharing even through your deep sadness and despair.
    Sending you so much love and great big hugs,

  • Courtney

    Dear Sweetest Colette,

    I’m so saddened to hear of the passing of Beannie as I know from your blogs just how much she meant to you. I empathize very much with what you’re going through. I’ve lost my best companions in both natural and heartbreaking ways and its never easy.

    My cat Osiris was the closest to me and of all the cats I’ve ever had (7) the pleasure to journey with, he was the Prince. Prince Osiris Blue. He left me the earliest too at 7 yrs of age from heart disease and it took me a year just to readjust to life without him. I was so mad and depressed at his passing and didn’t know why he had to leave me and so early when I heard a voice (angelic + Osiris) say to me one day after months of being sad “You got to know and experience the truest form of love there is. Be happy you two were ever brought together, that you spent your time the way you did and that you truly loved one another and it was understood and known by Osiris how much you love(d) him. Had you never met, you wouldn’t have experienced the happy, joyful, soulful, loving feelings you did and you wouldn’t have been taught the same lessons by just any other animal companion.”

    After I heard that I realized that even in my loss and sadness that I had been truly blessed by this cat, that he taught me so many amazing life lessons, that I am super grateful to have ever been connected and brought together with him at all. When you think of all the millions of animals out there, yet you two somehow made your way to each other, its pretty amazing in the scheme of life. Though its not easy to accept physical life without him, there’s a part of me that knows he will never leave my side and will always be with me in spirit. And so it is with you and Beannie. There is more in the air then just the wind….

    Be well Colette. Sending love, peace and comfort to you, Marc, Sebastian and Beannie. Best Wishes Always 🙂

  • barbara

    Oh Collete,

    My heart goes out to you Marc and Sebastian. I lost my beloved Poppy November 9, 2013 and the hole in my heart is just as big as it was then. I still speak to her and miss her terribly, she was my soul mate ..her soft eyes knew my thoughts and feelings just as i was experiencing them.

    We knew each other instantly the day I looked into her eyes at the Animal Rescue. funny how it was she who rescued me. I thank the Spirit and the Universe for allowing me the joy of holding her, stroking her and putting my nose into her soft biscuit scented beautiful Chihuahua, Poppy.
    I hope Poppy and Beanie find each other.
    Hugs to you all,

  • Anjali

    Dear Colette,
    I was very saddened to hear your news this week.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us during this heartbreaking painful time in your world. Beanie (and Sebastian) look adorable and so very loved. I am and have always been a fanatical dog person and wish you strength, love and plenty of kindness.

  • Barbara

    Dear Colette,
    Much Love and Light to you, Marc and Sebastian from Burlington, Ontario.
    My sincere condolences on the loss of your dear little one. I too have experienced the very deep loss of a “furry girl baby” so, like many others, I can relate to the pain you are going through.
    Your spiritual attitude of acceptance and surrender to the will of Heaven is the only true answer to this painful lesson. You will be rewarded for going with the spiritual flow and I know Beanie will make her spiritual presence known to all three of you. I love your vet’s advice to Marc.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Marie

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Beanie. *hugs* I have been through this myself with a very special cat and know the heartbreak it causes. They are more like our children than pets which causes the grief to be so much more stronger than one without pets could possibly understand.

    I am not sure of your policies of posting outside websites, so if and when you or any others readers would be interested taking a look at it, you can email me and I will send this link. It helped me greatly with my healing in the loss of Tiger. It is a memorial that anyone can use as this site does not charge for posting there.

    You will be in my heart and prayers, to help ease the pain and loss of your most precious gift from the Creator your loving companion, Beanie.

  • Jude Scaglione

    Dear COLETTE I was sad to hear about the loss of your beloved pet. I as well have a Yorkie who has the same issues. I love him so much,so i feel your pain.THANK YOU for such up lifting words.

  • Sylvie Côté

    My dearest Mme Colette,

    I too, like many others feel very connected to You because I’m in grief of my
    Father that died suddenly on the 22nd of Feb. I can’t assist the funerals cause we had a country that
    Keeped us appart and it’s still the same presently.
    I’ve had Time to Cry, scream, think, analyse, reflet on all of this. But what is coming out
    Of this, is this beacon of Light that has whispered to me exactly the same and wonderfull things
    You wrote at end of Your chronic. That confirmed me that I was on the right path to move forward.
    What a process! What a Journey we all have to go through, each one of us, one day or
    Another on our paths. Like many others, I reach out to You and others to send warmth and com-
    Passion in all that sadness…all is well.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      xoxoxoxoxo sorry for your loss too .. but yes beauty and passion in all the sadness .. this is the beauty of grief..

  • Sylvie Côté

    Thank You also Mme Colette for your kind words. Today is hard for me cause it’s the day of the funeral
    And I’m not there physically. But I truly believe that where ever He is, in spiritual communion with the
    People who will be at the event, He will be lead to the Light that He can take or not not, I think.
    In communion with Your Spirit in these grieving Times … But I see a flicker of Light Behond and the
    Goddess Nyx that is whispering “All is well”. Thanks for the cards on Your site, they have been my
    Words of grace these past few days.

  • Patricia Stevens

    A friend of Beanie’s I believe, Donna (Feather Lady), has crossed over. Her life will be honored at a Gratitude Meeting in Hampton on Sunday.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      o yes.. and I will be there in spirit. We all loved Donna, and she was met I am sure by Beanie who loved her most. thanks for writing Patricia

  • Patricia

    Fragile Circle

    “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
    Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
    We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
    never fully understanding the necessary plan.”
    Irving Townsend

    Blessings to you and yours, Pat

  • Lena

    Hello Mme. Collete
    Being new in your page,I just found out about the Loss of your Beanie.
    Wards are helpless to express a grief of such departure. We had white shepherd–princess and her leaving us effected more people then we thought.
    There are many post emotional curvatures and my thought is to take another dog very similar to Beanie if your sircumstances are open for that.
    My sentiments,

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