When The Small Self Wants What the Soul Needs Too – (thoughts on manifesting, meaning and miracles)!

Updated: March 8, 2015

Dearest luminous You,

I wonder if you know what your soul needs? Is it different than what your small self wants? Are they ever the same? Can they be?

This morning I was thinking about that as I wrote my list of what I wanted to manifest in my life. For a long time now I have known that if I only focus on my wants and desires without giving equal space for the needs of my soul I find that my manifestations will be lop- sided.

Magic happens when there’s alignment between the two. When the material and the spiritual are integrated miracles can and do happen. Yet, Rarely will they appear in the form you expect.

The idea that soul and small self are separate isn’t quite accurate, after all we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but our perception of who we are and why we’re here can be skewed most of the time. It’s an optical illusion that we are separate and we will spend our entire human life re-learning how to discover our intrinsic connection to a Power Greater.

We look for ways, (I do too) for the small self to prosper, often forgetting that soul and Spirit are our most powerful manifesting partners. Yet when they are in alignment, you find yourself walking in the world wearing it loosely, in the world but not of it, and all manner of miracles and synchronicities light up with each step forward.

So in order to find this powerful alignment, to light up the brightest strand of parallel potentials within the unique thread of your life woven into the greater pulsing fabric of reality it’s important to ask yourself some questions.

Answering the questions will provide you with a blueprint of how to ensure you honor the needs of your soul along with the goals you set for creating your reality. When you do both you’ll notice how effortless it seems to create a satisfying meaningful life.

It’s part of an Alignment Quiz I created while I’ve been writing my new book for Hay House.
I will tell you how to do it first then I will share you my answers.

Make a list of 5 things you want to manifest in the next 12 months that come to mind quickly. Don’t think too much about it.
Then quickly and spontaneously write 5 things your soul needs to thrive whether they seem to support your first list or not.

Then create a few of your own affirmations and prayers based on what you wrote and share them in the comments! Sharing helps us all get clarity so don’t be shy.

Ok I will go first (by the way this is not the easiest thing to do) Then it will be your turn!

I want to manifest:

1. Sold out mediumship tour in Canada helping more people than ever connect to the other side for real healing and transformation.
2. Finish my new book, hand it in on time and be proud of it.
3. Greater abundance so we can take time off
4. A new healthy happy companion for Sebastian that likes to travel
5. learn Spanish

My soul needs:

1.    Time in Nature
2.    Music
3.    Meaningful conversations
4.    Hilarity
5.    Staying present for all experience without judgment

My affirmations:- With Spirit as my manifesting partner, honoring the needs of my soul, I am in effortless alignment with my highest good in service to others.
Abundance is my natural state.
I always find time to feed my soul and Spirit.
The Light within me creates miracles for myself, and others.
There is always enough time.
The perfect dog to complete our family is here now.

My prayer
Thank you Spirit for every moment and every breath. Show me clearly how  I may better serve and connect to the abundance of the universe. Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Ok now it’s your turn. Notice that my lists were different? I will spend some time creating a plan now that will integrate the soul’s needs first then my first list will be easier to manifest. Or , as we all know something better could show up. That’s the fun part.
Have an amazing week! I can hardly wait to see yours
Love you all..
Ps thanx again for all the outpouring of love through the passing of Beanie. Sebastian especially thanks you. I felt every one of you and sent each one of you love and gratitude every day. May the universe bless you with joy and abundance and support when you feel there is none.



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  • Irene

    Thank you pretty lady! as always, your umbrella is actually very specific to my life and what I am experiencing–that said, thank you for all that you do as it HUGE help to me in my life, to my growth , to my forward movement, and supporting me very deeply. I will take your Quiz , love it, can’t wait for your new book as I have your others and all the cards and you are a huge part of my spiritual journey and I love you Colette!

    Good luck on you list , and knowing you , you will accomplish it all, you are one pretty terrific woman, I so admire.

    Irene (Gardenia on FB)

    • tom

      GREETINGS-i thank you for all that you do. interesting to me that in soul things i chose music and nature, also. likely most did. and then three things that if i look deeper are all about the present, being in the present. exercise, my sensual life with my wife of 30 years, and plants and animals – which are a joy a miracle and a wonder. plants and animals are the daily miracles of life here in eden. firm fast friends and companions who love and support unconditionally and who look to us for care love and guidance and also provide hilarity with their scampering and antics. I believe that i have never been as soulful as i am when i am completely spent from physical exertion. i have been blessed with a wonderful and powerful body that i have used to great enjoyment. when i have run 20 miles through the forest and am sitting on the seashore my energies spent and a salty coating on my lips- i am full of wonderous chemicals that my body has produced, enchanted by the world around me- my mind has given up it’s constant clamor content and tamed by the long minutes of rhythmic breath the oxygen coming in great amounts the simple commands of jump, up , to the left etc. deep in the life of the forest just moving along not considering the social, the financial, the political, etc. I wont’ go in to the sensual aspects except to say that i do have some issues being obsessed with womens beauty and chasing my wife around. not too extreme i am a big fan of women in every way. lot of powerful women in my life. i use physical expression with her as well to get completely lost in her magik and the wonder of life here on earth. she has created 4 children for me as a result of our antics and this is soulful as well. i mean to say in my rambling that i would encourage everyone to take such a long walk or love so long that you are physically spent and then you can really feel your soul. meditation is nice but not as compltely freeing. sweet sweet sweat. you will enjoy food that much more and be a bigger fan of your wonderful body. thanks and love thomas

      • DLLGRJandfurballs

        Dear Tom:

        I agree about spending the body then being at peace to let the mind do what it needs to do and to that point soul must be how far one is willing to take “for the greater good”.

        In sharing how you reach, kind of, a meditative area – because it is also a variant of getting in touch to the greatness (my interpretation) – would you be open to inviting others to take that run through the forest to the sea just because there are folks out there who do not have access to this type of meditation and it would make a better place if “peace” could be experienced – like a good mannerism for the social good – then the “let it go” forward would be open to occur … see, how you would be part of the greater good? Just a thought for all I know you already share.

        A healthy body, mind, and soul are vital to being present, Bless you and your family : )

        There are folks, everyday social people, out there that need a “safe” place to vent and breath as you mentioned in your post and they would be grateful. Even inner city organizations that take back their neighborhoods just to stroll, run, or, socialize with decency would be effective for the greater good.

        Earth Sea Blessings – Just Breathe : )

  • Le Anne in LA

    My souls Needs:

    1) Love for self and others/ companionship
    2) Purposeful Passionate Living
    3) Nature and Animals
    4) Spiritual Clarity/ Knowingness/ Understanding
    5) Peace and Security

    5 Goals in 2015

    1) Connect with my True Soul Mate and Partner
    2) Meet Successful Business Goals with Partner
    3) Idea for my first book along with positive working steps
    4) Lose 30 lbs of Fat
    5) Health and Fitness – Body Building Routine

    Affirmations: I give thanks the Peace, Abundance, Understanding, Satisfication, Security and Love. I give thanks that I am now connected with my true Soul Partner the one who is meant for me in divine design and We learn and grow and build a successful business together as companions and partners. I give thanks I find the perfect body metabolism, actions and food for a healthy, strong and fit body. I also now release any doubts, fears or worries or contradictions that may have kept this from coming to me! I give thanks this is done, finished and complete in a perfect way under grace. AMEN

  • Shea

    This was a perfect morning contemplation, Colette. Thank you. I started by writing out your affirmations. This opened me up, and I wrote some of my own following.

    1. My perfect soulmate is on his way to me now
    2. I am strong and ready for miracles to happen
    3. I am in tune with the greatest love of all and have faith my highest good is manifesting now.

  • Erica in Sweden

    Thank you sweet Colette! All my love and Blessings from Stockhom, Sweden! <3 <3 <3

    I want to manifest:

    1.Get a leading role/part in a fullfilling feature filmproduction and theatre play.
    2. Get a talented producer for my filmidea.
    3. Travel to the destinations I want to (Portugal, France, Bali…)
    4. My company Hello Creative will expand and be succesful in helping and develop kids and adults. (www.hellocreative.se)
    5. I will get together with a man – my longlasting, loving and romantic partner.

    My soul needs:

    1. Be love and light.
    2. Be present every day.
    3. Be with like-minded people.
    4. Explore and Create.
    5. Give and Recieve.

    My Affirmations: I will love and appreciate myself and others, for who we are and bless all that is yet to come. I allow myself to express myself fully with pride and rejoice in others glory and knowledge. I trust that my soul and heaven knows my path and that I can fully believe that only good is coming. I choose to create and explore my creativty, for that is my purpose in life and what I create and give I will recieve thousandfold.

    My Prayers: Thank you dear God, Angels and my beautiful soul for helping me see the truth, that is full of light and love. Thank you for helping me trust and all the blessings I receive. Thank you for helping me see that I choose my life, that I choose how I want to live and what to create. Thank you dear heaven for being a part on my journey of love, light and joyful creations. Amen and Namaste.
    Tack! Tack! Tack!

  • Jennifer


    Your words are like light dancing on paper. I love reading your blogs.

    I am manifesting:

    1. Greater abundance to support all of my new learning endeavors and opportunities to travel and learn and experience new cultures!
    2. To be fearless and open my heart to meet with my beloved so we can be supportive of one another, grow and experience life’s journeys together!
    3. Take singing lessons
    4. Buy a new cruising bicycle and drive less, cycle more
    5. Live in a bright, light beautiful new space that suits all of my personal and business needs.

    My Soul Needs:

    1. To spend time in/with nature
    2. Time to write down my inner most thoughts
    3. Music! And let loose with my free form dance moves
    4. Genuine deep belly laughter
    5. Support and love from other like minded souls

    I am grateful for my awareness and my connection to the spirit world and to know we are never alone.
    Knowing that Spirit is co-creating with me and always has my highest alignment in mind I am networking and connecting with all the right people to expand and grow my work in service to others.
    (I am using this one from you Colette, LOVE this one!) Abundance is my natural state!
    When my thoughts and feelings are in alignment, creating my reality is seamless

    I am so grateful to be connected with you and part of your tribe Colette.

    Love & Mucho Blessings!


  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    thank You so much! <3 and am so sorry for your lost of your dog <3 <3 <3

  • Tess

    How serendipitous is your blog today! I truly appreciate this message and the tools to shift the conversation to a more complete frame up. And so it is.

  • Sharon

    I want to manifest: (1) a new job, (2) better health (3) more down time (4) more meaningful friendships (5) more fun
    My soul would like (1) Quiet time (2) connecting with nature (3) connecting and hearing Spirit (4) doing what I love (5) joy

    Affirmation: I now have the job that makes my heart sing and allows me down time to connect with my higher self.
    I am open to love which allows others to connect with me.

    Colette, your prayer above is perfect and hit home with me. Do you mind if I borrow it to say every morning?

  • Michele Guillemette

    ThankYou Collette,
    I say thank you god for the freedom to live the life of my dreams with an overflowing abundance of money to spend and share freely, thank you God for the complete healing of my mind, body and all of my affairs, and I thank you God for my divine love TwinFlame fairytale reunion! I AM SO BLESSED!

  • Vanessa

    LOVE xxx

    Have intention-ed a new home, moving this week to new home…perfect cards!

    debt free
    new horse!! 🙂 yee haa!
    successful in biz …much much abundance yipeee!
    perfect spiritual mate… handsome,funny,lovable,strong,adoring – of me of course- partner

    physical alignment
    spiritual alignment
    love, nature, music and harmony

    let it be…in gratitude …thank you

  • Paul

    Good morning Colette,

    I need a miracle this morning. I am losing my job and I have no savings to live on. I am very down this morning. I have been working toward a writing career but have not been able to make it happen so far. Thanks for all that you do and your words of wisdom.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Colette prays and blesses us during this tribal dance; I believe that. She has a new book coming out. I find the Hidden Realms cards helpful usually pulling 1 card as directional guidance but let it percolate before doing a reading again – let it mean something to you. Sometimes whatever it is at work or home “you just do it” and move forward on your journey. For example, I have to unclutter my home and I will be a happier camper going forward.

      Colette also lets her tribe, us around the world, know that something good could come of changes in life. I know it hurts – or maybe a miracle will happen – get your options together from all sources. Some of us or more have been where you believe you are now and can tell you this too shall pass, going forward work on getting yourself back on your feet where you feel “Paul Strong” and keep on working. I am going through a low right now but as long as I Am, something – a miracle – could occur that makes the “desert” times passe or worth having experienced adding a perspective that may help “for the greater good”. I believe that is Colette’s goal by her sharing with us her experiences, different or not, each event has a lesson for us/you to learn and become better in the “small-self” area that affects the larger “greater good”. Yoga is good for relaxing – being mellow. Just being able to re-run the residual of practicing (music, feeling, community) when at work or socializing is prescription enough for a better living. Possibly doing community service thinking about others not just the me-me only helps

      I pray it is not as sad as you may think, at your lowest time, and that you have the “spirit” to pick whatever it is up – looking forward to better times.

      Do what you like, ask yourself all the questions to find where you would like to be next. Whatever it is, there might be a community organization that can help when something else needs to be done in moving forward on your journey.

      Serenity : ) Blessings for your Past, Today, Tomorrow, and Everyday Thereafter …
      I LOV : ) and Accept Myself
      Adding Light to All Lights
      Peace of Mind

      I wondered if pulling a card for you, now, someone objective to the intensity would help:
      I asked what does Paul need to know right now to be Strong?

      The Card:
      The Altar Priestess – Reversed
      [This is the card on the deck of Hidden Realms up-side-down, the lady that looks like Colette, LOL : ) that you can see on the Oracle Card advertisement on this page]

      The Message is:
      Preparation, Prayer, Sacred Ritual

      “Are you degrading yourself in any way or lessening the importance of your impact in your world? Have you allowed someone to dishonor you? Have you failed to stand up for your beliefs in order to get something you want? The Altar Priestess warns that continuing on this path could bring you trouble, as you may be aligning yourself with lower ideas as your companions. Another message she brings you is this: never sell yourself short when it comes to your intuition. You’re always led to the highest ground when you follow your inner guidance. An important responsibility is brought to you when the Altar Priestess comes as your Challenger. You’re being required to be a spiritual warrior and to have courage. Be ready, respect yourself, and believe in your purpose, as you’re being chosen to be the embodiment of the Sacred in the world. In essence, you’re challenged to be the best you that you can be out there. You can do it, and Spirit is counting on it” (Baron-Reid, 2009, Card 39).

      If I took this message a step further I could tell you Card 39 summed up in numerology equals 12 which summed to one number is a 3. By Glynis McCants’ interpretation 3 is a communications number and writing is communications. Maybe the universe/spirit is on target with this message for you. Glynis also has a book “Glynis Has Your Number” you might like to put in your cap, sort to speak.

      Have you taken the Card Reading course, Paul? I wasn’t sure what I was doing before I accessed it but it helps. It is not a fortune teller it gives you guidance and you do the work around your life’s journey. Check on the Reading Course or shop around for Colette’s cards. I like the Hidden Realms because it fits my need for that type of direction. There are four on this site to interact with. Just ask the question (not Yes or No questions, more like “what do I need to know to attain a better employment” for guidance in a “for a this or something better” direction), pick a card that you believe you are drawn/meant to choose – could be heat, cold, itchy, a flash of color, whatever is your sign that you believe/know that is the card to pull – read the message. Challengers cards (upside down cards) are meant for you to look deeper at the focus in point. All of Colette’s books are worth reading – taking what you need and leave the rest to re-read next time. You can get them, even Glynis’, via the library (local, state-wide, or WorldCat [pay a fee, maybe $3 (hello!) that is what I paid last time] to borrow or shop around. As the card message states, “You can do it”.

      • Paul

        Thank you so much for those kind words. I will be fine, I just don’t know what form it will take. I learned a long time ago to never assume, but believe. Paul

  • Anne Marie Barrow

    5 things I want to manifest
    * large client base for our 2016 inaugural bull sale
    * sell all our current bulls by May 2015
    * write a book
    * study hypnotherapy
    *set up HEARTFELT

    5 things my soul needs to sing
    *time with my hubby
    * time with my friends
    *playing with my cows, dogs and cat

    • Paul

      Thank you, I pulled a card and got “Rescue”

  • Eva

    Colette, you’ve motivated me to elevate my thoughts again. I celebrate a milestone birthday on Thursday and AM going into the next part of my life manifesting beauty, peace, joy, health and abundance for (yes, myself) and those around me. I will make my lists before Thursday. So, to start, I’m reminding myself to just breathe.

    As an aside, I was at your show in TO. I hope to meet you again. You are a lovely, sincere person. God bless.

  • Lisa Froman

    I am sorry about Beanie– I heard you tell the story about Beanie became part of your family. It was beautiful. Thank you for being so generous with your wisdom. This was a beautiful piece and I reflected on it in my journal. I am in alignment in many areas, but I see I have more work to do in other areas.

  • Delilah

    Dear Colette,

    I appreciate how you honored the apparent duality in all of us in this post and in this process. It does seem like we have a tendency to separate what our worldly needs are from what our soul needs are. One way we go awry is by developing tunnel vision and becoming contracted around pursuing one or the other side of the duality.

    Complete health
    Finish writing the book
    Have more money than I can possibly spend
    Finish work on the house
    Travel for fun with Michael

    Enjoy love and humor with Michael
    Hang out in nature with the canine kids and Michael
    Keep letting go into flow
    Explore the subconscious material with Colette, coaches and tribe
    Rest as the inalterable and infinite Isness that I Am even while everything else is going on

    Prayer: Today I give thanks to The All There Is for providing me with everything I always need in the exact way that I need it at the exact right time for me.

    Affirmation: I now allow myself to be wide open and receptive to all the miracles

    Sending love to you Colette!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      I agree with you, Delilah:

      I enjoy your creativity and sharing that, even your name is appropriate in my world on a couple of levels of familiarity, its letters, and the sound of it. Interesting how people resonate to details of script, its meaning to their path, or a tone of it.

      I just had a deja-vu, LOL : )

      I appreciate your phrasing references and the mention of the word “duality” that clearly enlightens the variety of levels this week’s blog calls for yet the honest fact that the duality can be a tug of war when it does not have to be justifies the awesomeness of this weeks exercise – sometimes composing is easy to do and sometimes not.

      Creative Blessings : )

  • Michelle

    Learning to listen to the Whole Self is my desire for aligning it with the unconsciousness/conscious.

    1. Spiritual Lake Retreat
    2. Abundance to feel and move in life with my soul’s desires.
    3. Healing, aligning others, as well a, myself in life.
    4. Peace on Earth
    5. Walking with ease in life

    My Soul’s Desires

    1. Knowing all is possible
    2. Knowing your Oneness and Awesomeness
    3. Ease of knowing integrated in all things
    4. Smiling upon all perceptions
    5. Love above all things

  • Michelle

    Affirmations for Michelle:
    Deep within me, my knowing is that all is infinitely experienced with love now. Aligning with my Soul brings
    me with clarity and knowing. I relax in listening in my loving supported steps now.

  • Susan M

    Hi Colette- I have a question about your weekly umbrella readings. Is there any reason(s) you like to use 4 cards ? I know I can use any # that resonates with me, I just wondered why you use 4. Thank you !

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      gives a balance.. 4 cards if it doesn’t make the full story I sometimes choose 5 but 4 gives a where do we start, whats the underlying theme or foundation, what do we experience, through what do we evolve,…

      • Susan M

        Thank you for answering my question. As I typed my original question I did think 4= symbolic of a foundation. By the way I have two of your oracle card decks (Wisdom of Avalon & The Enchanted Map) and really get a lot out of them.

  • Johanne

    My soul needs
    1) acceptance of who I am and where I am in my spiritual journey and not grade it in comparison to others
    2) clarity of my purpose
    3) compassion
    4) to connect to Mother Earth
    5) to awaken to the smaller things and feel gratitude

    To Manifest:
    – greater spiritual self care, meditate daily
    – better nutrition for optimum physical health including more exercise
    – greater financial stability and abundance in order to pay-it-forward
    – work less hours , spend more time with grand-babes
    – slow down , less judgemental and more compassion

    I give thanks to Spirit for my awakening to a different path, for my curiosity and commitment to change.
    I am grateful for meaningful conversations with like-minded souls.
    I am grateful for the light within me that continues to shine, to grow and enlighten me.
    I am grateful for Spirit connecting me to Collette.

  • Jaime

    I am going to give some other thought as if I were not in this solar system ( it has a reason ).
    This time I have to do it in English,,,Let’s see what happen

    M agic is always the beginning of everything, but the
    A nswer of everything is Magic all alone?
    N one of us can create major changes
    I n life with a simple and easy
    F ormula to manifest our more
    E levating desires, however we must
    S urf and dive into what you call small self in order
    T o find our needs of the Soul , and yes, definitely this is the best way to
    A ttract the most harmonious hilarious and spontaneous miracles, but having in mind
    T hat the universe itself Planets , stars, always with no exception make
    I nterference in our minds, as if they were the messengers of God telling us that
    O n the long run , we must also have to take care of ,our needs of the soul ,so in either case we
    N ever ever should lose the bigger picture of our true nature. Cosmos itself.

    When I make that tricky game of words ( Magic ) , is because , What is Magic? ..
    Is that blending leaf of space-time into those realities (spiritual and material as you say ) in one….
    Or should we define magic as the logic of the invisible? that seems like a Sub-real miracle !!..
    But in any case.. The straight formula to get what we want without thinking too much in the underworld
    is what you propose. a brilliant balance.

    ” ……………………….. because I also want to. ” :…
    in the pure sense of the word. I also want to be your friend ,, And me , as the Piscis that I am , Friendship means a lot ..
    So I want to pour a little bit of water into the seeds of this tribe as you call.

    My manifestations , for a period of one year and a half.

    1.living with an interesting girl spiritual and physical healthy, hand in hand for the years to come.
    2.to live far away from Colombia. ( enough is enough) . Europe Germany or Asia in a peaceful prosperous community.
    3.start my own International trade Company “ honey money as a bee”
    4.International Travels 24 hours a day 5 days a week.
    3.buy 3 houses in 3 different places over the world , City , beach , and country one.

    My soul Needs:

    1.To be in touch with “smart” “funny” people
    2. to be free from Past lives and present Karmas once and for all.
    3.Create a meaningful circle of real Friendship ( probably without too much Facebook
    I am getting too addicted to , and all addictions are not good) ( In this new Era , I don’t know how it could be!!)
    4.being able to connect some information that I have from My “sleeping mode” ( when I sleep ) into reality.
    But I need to go back to University !!!
    5.Some Master Electronic stuff comes and comes again and again all the time in my brain .….Anyway!!
    Lazy I am at the moment…


    1.I live day by day in harmony and joy as I am.
    2.I live with a healthy lovely spontaneous joyful girl and people ,pulling together in the day to day. As I am.
    3.I persevere into get discipline and determination in my targets
    4.I start to feel again love for the life itself.
    5. I keep my body healthy with my energy- abilities.

    Prayers :

    The last past 4 days , I have been unplugged from the sky , A little bit,, My mind is so dizzy,
    specially in my front head , So I can not connect right now with Prayers…

    instead , I will start sharing some of my analysis about Manifestation .

    Me as the Pisces that I am , with Jupiter mercury and venus in Aquarius as well as Venus in the Midheaven ,
    My life has been unfolded in miracles all the time. from health issues to the most hilarious moments on International TV,
    not to mention traveling and living in the richest countries of the world ( well USA not ) .. but without money in my pockets ,
    Just the desire , the spiritual guidance and a clear purpose ( study )…

    But since I watched the movie “the secret” in 2008 I haven’t been able to manifest nothing at all..

    So. My technique last year to unblock that process , was to make an Excel Table of manifestation-events in my life, from health issues ,
    love matters , money , and traveling in correlation with prayers, Magic Wall, Magic itself , breath exercises. and some many other factors.

    And what I could find as a constant rule was— Prayers but with someone else ( alone doesn’t work for me ).
    and miracles happen just with the blink of an eye. But how to find a sincere person who is able to pray with me.
    Well that was another tricky part, ( since 2009 , I have only received one hug for just 5 seconds or so !! that’s crazy ) ..
    So that lead me last year to add another column to my table.. Astrology stuff … and since December last year I can understand perfectly why the manifestation process occur from that perspective. That’s why My thought at the beginning is made as if I were out of this solar system
    and watching the manifestation process from another point of view.

  • Renee Sugar

    What I WANT to manifest.
    1. A pathway that serves the needs of others
    and uses the natural skills and talents that I have
    been gifted with.
    2. Rebuild my savings and attract financial support and prosperity.
    3. Continue to explore new ways to become all that I am meant to be.
    4. A new living space that is spacious, bright and creates room to include a
    significant other into my life.
    5. Freedom, optimum health, adventure, travel and time to enjoy.

    What my soul needs.

    1. Time and space to breathe, to be alone SILENCE
    2. Kind, committed friends who want the best for each other
    3. Fresh air and natural surroundings to nourish the body
    4. Life-long learning with new ideas to improve my perspective
    5. Exploring new creative media just because.

    I borrowed these affirmations/ Dr. Wayne Dyer “Whatever I desire that is aligned with spirit, is on the way”/
    Louise L. Hay” All is well. Everything is working for my highest good; out of this situation only good will come.
    I am safe.”

    • Renee Sugar

      Here is another affirmation I heard recently from you Colette.
      Hope someone else can benefit from its wisdom.
      I can’t he/she can;
      I think I’ll let him/her.

  • Sarah Jane

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for this amazing tool to use this week. The list of words that my soul needs came quicker than the manifesting list. So I feel this week it is important for me to focus on my spirit. Love, Compassion, Trust, Honour and Will. Those are my five words. I am in the midst of creating a “brand” or “niche” for my new business which I’m asking spirit to lead, however in writing my newsletter last week I think we figured that part out. Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga and Crystal Healing. These are my gifts I wish to share for the highest good or all. It is my prayer that spirit will use me as a vessel to educate the abundance of clients I have the pleasure of encountering. My story and my method of healing will help others tremendously, I am so passionate about this as I know it is my true calling. I pray for my name to circulate so seekers can find me.

    A couple of affirmations for this week:

    I love and honour my soul which is perfectly aligned with my highest good.
    I trust my intuition and the voice of the great spirit to guide me in the next steps towards my highest good and good of all.
    I have the will to carry forward these gifts of light to my clients and abundance of new clients.
    I have compassion for my soul as it prepares for this wonderful journey.

    As always I am so very thankful to you Colette, for your guidance, your capacity to share the deep love within your heart and for encouraging other light healers to share their gifts. Blessings to you.

  • Feather Stein

    Hi Colette!
    1 Feeling good and safe!
    2 Eating healthy for me- healthier for me is easy now!
    3 Paying all of my bills, needs, and desires with ease, love, light, and joy!
    4 Traveling!
    5 Attracting and moving into My Own Home with my family of cats and chickens!
    My Soul’s needs and desires.
    1 Purpose!
    2 Love, romantic relationship with the best person for our highest good!
    I am giving thanks to our Creator for this and so much more! For his life giving breath, guidance, and fun! For the creation of us all and the Light that he provides for us all! Thank you for the gift of life and giving! Thank you for this all and our time to co-create with you! Amen!
    3 Nature time, being with more, outside, co-creating!
    4 Traveling!
    5 Fun Time, daily, regularly, monthly, always!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I love this exercise, truly needed this, thank you.
    Blessings for your tour, book(s), career, family, me-time, health, and heart : )
    Here’s to you feeling better everyday!

    My sincere …

    = Part-time passionate employment, all good – be the “fit” and receive abundant pay – to be debt-free of past obligations, monthly maintenance bills, afford nourishment, some everyday and business clothes since most are absent or thinning, – looking forward to Full-time in the future, stable, and secure, a joy to work.
    = Abundance to follow my true soulful life (passion) helping others by the abundance as well a true career and caring family by the abundance.
    = Ability to be guardian and caretaker of my pups and family kit-kat’s via abundance, love, and “study of”.
    = To organize my home office, living arrangement, repair inside and out, and yard maintenance.
    = Repair, secure, and protect my vehicle for it is the main transportation for giving life.

    Soul’s Aspiration
    = Kind sincere words and actions; gentleness amidst reality of work.
    = Balance of reality and faith; both are necessary in life otherwise it is too extreme.
    = Serenity, peace, goodness toward others.
    = Health of the physical, abundance of the material, so there is time to focus on the soul (faith/spirit).
    = Everyone needs to become color/culturally/religiously/politically blind and live as “people” [this one is tough because everyone is evolving in stages/phases especially personally at different times in their life. Greed is also a problem/Control is probably the answer but personalities are greedy back to square One. Satisfying “the hungry” is also vital.]. Rules are made because someone over-stepped the boundary of decency toward others or are geared toward a development of a concept sometimes good sometimes bad (as we know by history). We do need a Oneness in the best possible sense for world Peace.

    This kind of reminds me of what I have on my “dream board”; a mix of the wants, needs, and experiences to manifest.

    = Believe in a peaceful universe and anyone can make peace happen.
    = The universe shares abundance with all who ask for it, need it, and care about each other.
    = Balance is always there just be open to sharing your gifts with others.
    = A place for everything and everything in its place makes a healthy home.
    = One day at a time, one hour at a time, one step at a time, sometimes one moment at a time; any size fits All, Amen.
    = Big guy, little guy; both enjoy abundance and peace of the world’s universe, Amen.
    = The universe is friendly, loves, is abundant toward, and protects all species of creatures “peace be also with you”.

    Divine Family, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron:
    Let there be light to my darkness and let it begin with me.
    Blessed is all I touch, hear, see, think, feel, and speak of …
    Allow me to be a blessing to others in a practical or spiritual way
    as has been for the grace of Heaven go I.

    Added Light to All Lights
    LOV: )

    Have a Blessed Present and Future having acquired knowledge-wisdom-healing from the Past.

  • Christine

    Hi Colette

    Loved reading your email this morning over breakfast. The question activity which I completed confirmed to me that I’m on the right path – that I know what I need & have taken the initial steps to go for it! I liked your suggestion to add my own affirmations & prayer at the end of the exercise – thank you!

    I’m in the pre stages of a new career that is more I tuned with my Soul Purpose and the Reading for this week is so spot on for me that it’s made me really excited to keep going. So thank you! It’s always so soul nourishing when one gets a sign from the Universe, especially when one has some doubts, that keep you moving forward knowing that the intuitive choices you are making are right! I have your The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards which I love so I’ll go and check out the guidebook too.

    Many blessings to you Colette for the week …….Christine

  • Jan

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you for sharing
    5 things
    Overseas Holiday ,Days at the Beach, More Income ,Happy Family Life ,New Business.
    5 things my Soul needs
    Meditation ,Relaxation ,Music ,Joy , Acknowlegement.
    I think you prayer is wonderful can I use it .
    Jan (Australia nsw)

  • Sandra

    5 Things I Want To Manifest in 2015

    1. An absolutely thriving creative business whether that is my existing ACO business or new creative ventures
    2. Find the perfect tenants to rent our house to
    3. More opportunities to take trips and travel for business and pleasure
    4. Meet and make new friends, colleagues, creative collaborators
    5. Improved health and fitness

    5 Things My Soul Needs To Thrive in 2015

    1. Creative expression
    2. Connection with likeminded individuals
    3. Joyfulness in everything
    4. Lightness of being
    5. Being in beautiful, natural surroundings

    With spirit, my higher consciousness leading the way to honour my soul’s desires I am in perfect alignment to manifest my soul goals and desires with ease and grace in the here and now.

    May the universe bless my soul desires, guiding me to my highest good in service to others. Let the muse in me sing!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      That was a sincere share which is the key to belief/faith. I enjoy reading the details of – intimate yet common to most of us in each their own journey/way – the posts because it connects one soul to the other as we are a living organism (that chooses to habitate where fertile for its life) storing knowledge; it becomes a session of a single “prayer” or meditation sending good vibes around the world. If all people understood how important the “oneness” is for healing – like reiki [just a beginner yet there is something natural for me] – then we would all be “ok” with each other most of all equals. Alas, greed (bullying and worse) is what destroys peace so that is at least one behavior not to practice.

      This exercise is admirably helpful to let go of the obstacles, open the doors and windows of the world and soul, and get active in shaping the quantity and quality of one’s “living” situation so when goodness is the goal it will probably attract scenarios that give one a chance to do so.

      Blessings for your Thoughts : )

  • Cindy


    I love this exercise! I will have to give it some thought, as I can only think of one thing that I want to manifest this year, and I would be willing to forego getting four other things just to manifest this one! Coincidentally, my guidance has been about co-creating with my soul, and sort of merging with it in those experiences that it wants: walks in the park, laughter, games, silliness, intimacy with others. How helpful to have a list of things to take time out to engage in!!

    For a regular dose of hilarity, look for Laughter Yoga clubs in your area. In the States, you can find quite a few on meetup.com. There are some videos about it on YouTube, look for Laughter Yoga with John Cleese. You can also get a lot of hits on Google. It is basically a series of exercises in which your spirit can come out and play, without worrying about anybody judging you for looking silly, acting goofy, laughing like a fool, because everybody is! It is so delightful and energizing to look other people in the eyes when their spirit is just shining through, and you can truly see them and connect with them. In essence, it is a spiritual practice.

    Knowing you don’t like long, it also does wonders for your mood and outlook on life, and has amazing health benefits, too!

  • John

    I want to manifest
    A home that I own that is my sanctuary and filled with love
    A job that is fulfilling where I am loved, valued, appreciated and financially secure
    Learn guitar
    Commit to a regular meditation and yoga practice
    Travel for pleasure

    My Soul Needs
    Express creativity
    Spend time in nature
    Connect and be a light in this world
    Give and receive love

    I joyfully allow myself to be creative and express myself

    I am a unique and perfect expression of the divine and share my love and light with the world

    My spirit delights in the dance and rhythms of life

    The universe loves and supports me completely so I may love and be of support to others.

    Dear god please fill me with your divine love and light and so that I may be a light in this world and of service to the earth and all beings on the planet. Help me to be free of the limitations of my ego so my soul can truly express itself in love, joy and beauty. Thank you for the blessing of this life and your ever presence, love, support and guidance.

  • John

    Thank you Colette for this exercise!! Was great inspiration to get it out in writing. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Yeah, I am enjoying reading all the Wants, Needs, Affirmations, and Prayers – It is very enlightening and up-lifting.
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you , Colette

      Thank you, Everyone here : )

  • S.

    Colette- great big love to you. XX and OO.

  • Katja

    I want to manifest:

    1. relationship, partner, love — the man i wake up next to with a smile on my face
    2. succsessful and suitably busy CST clinic with a excellent client flow
    3. weight lose -50 kg
    4. abundance
    5. flow and grace, peace and love in every aspect of my Life

    My Soul needs:

    1. me to love myself
    2. to trust myself
    3. love and happiness
    4. dance and sing
    5. openness

    Each and every moment, here and now, I love and trust myself. I feel and experience the love and happiness around and within me. I dance and sing with and through my soul. I am open for the world, people and each thing that comes to me.
    Romantic love with the best partner for me is in my life.
    My own CST clinic is successful and a great client flow in keeps us suitably busy.
    My life is abundant in every possible way.
    I love me as who I am. I’m in my perfect weight, physical and emotional state.
    I feel and experience the great flow and grace in each moment as it comes with peace and love.

    Thank you my dear Soul for your guidance. I ask the great, unconditional Love from the Divine and Mother Earth to fill me, my whole body, my each cell, my heart and my soul. Great Love, I open myself and I ask you to guide me through the day so that I will meet myself, all the living beings and situations with compassion. Spirits, Angels, our Helpers — I thank you for every lesson and message you bring to me. I thank you for your help on my journey. I thank you for teaching me to be the best of me. With the greatest gratitude I give myself to the pure love and divine plan.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      I love your prayer; it is expansive touching upon the “all”ness …. thank you : )

  • Tatjana

    Lovely Colette, I’m also borrowing your affirmation and prayer. They’re both so clear and nothing needs to be added. I also find it interesting that the Education Card has come up for this week. I’ve decided to turn off the telly in the evening and read instead. Plus, I started to jot down words that I don’t say that often. It’s a way to expand my vocabulary. I’m already feeling so much better, although I started with this kind of exercise a few days ago. Sending you, your family and everyone in the tribe lots of love <3<3<3

  • Renee

    Thank you, Colette, for this opportunity. I usually just read, but never “do”, any actions like this, or just do them in my head. But I felt moved to write everything down this time & also to SHARE with everyone.

    1. a fit body that I can be proud of
    2. share more love with my husband and family
    3. more like-minded, joyful friends: a tribe!
    4. confidence as a dancer
    5. develop more trust & faith in Life & the Universe

    My Soul Needs:
    Sunshine & light
    Time outdoors
    Time w/Spirit

    My deep thanks to God, Spirit & the Angels for showering me with light & love each & every day, & for allowing me to be a beacon of light & joy for others.
    And so it is. Amen.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Your prayer resonates and is lovely.

      Thank You for sharing it : )

      “Full” Heart and Achievement Blessings

  • Cheryl

    Thanks Colette for this avenue of expression and support…
    I want to align with my soul and manifest:
    1 a complete connection to God, Spirit, myself, my husband and my children
    2 a successful and wonderful healing and energy practice full time
    3 to be financially independent and confident in knowing that I can support my husband and children as well
    4 to have my Sandy girl back in her earth based form
    5 to be a life& success coach publicly and privately

    I need….
    Fun/ lightness

    I am completely confident in my ability to manifest all that I need or require in all areas of my life
    I am clear and open to my connections with Divine source and Spirit, as thru me we work together to bring abundance & a lightness into my life and into all of my relationships
    I deeply value and appreciate speaking my truth and in knowing that I am supported and in doing so supporting others as well
    I manifest only that which is in my highest and greatest good. I clearly see, hear, feel and know the signs that are being presented to me by Spirit and Divine Source
    Thank you
    It is done
    It is done
    It is done
    Blessed be

    Thank you for letting me share and sharing as well.

  • Bikem

    Hi dear ones, hi Colette..Great exercise which I will use for my new life coach clients, can I borrow it?

    Small self wants….
    Be size 8
    Finish second book manuscript, publish it
    Travel to Spain
    Continuing of great family life
    A yellow Jeep

    Soul needs
    Contemplation, relaxation time
    Nature walks
    Moving my body–dance, yoga
    Coffeeshops to be alone, to write, and be with people at the same time
    Love, connection

    Affirmation…I love my life.
    All my wants and needs are possible…
    I feel blessed.
    Simplicity saves the day….
    Come, drink some tea…

    Dear God, may there be peace in me and peace in the World…May we live peacefully among all nations…May everyone enjoy their lives,and be happy and joy…May all beings awaken and be free…

    Mucuk… Love you Colette.. Mucuk means kisses in Turkish in a sweet way…Love, B….

  • Grandma Irene

    I’m calling myself Grandma Irene because there is another Irene replying to this exercise. Besides…..one of the things I love best in life is being Grandma Irene.

    I’m at a stage in life where I’m looking back and seeing clearly how I have not known better is so many things I have done. I have lived a life so full of need that I wasn’t able to give to others.

    At the moment I’m faced with some material stresses and life difficulties that increase my feeling of ‘doing it all alone”. Each day I work at ‘letting it go’ and trusting all will be well. Meditating is helping so much.

    The 5 things I want to manifest:

    1. a perfect new home for my cat
    2. a perfect new home for myself
    3. a healthier body weight
    4. improved total health
    5. friends to love me

    My soul needs –

    1. to love itself
    2. to be loved by another
    3. to dwell in a healthy body
    4. to live with a healthy mind
    5. to abide in beauty

    When I am overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, I return to readings that have meaning for me. This time I am reading some Science of Mind philosophy. I like the part where Spirit (mind) drops our wants into our Soul. The Soul acts on what the Mind gives it whether that be positive thoughts or negative. I have therefore become more conscious of all the negative thought I live with and am consciously changing those to ‘all is well’ thoughts.

    Thank you for your page….thank you for your site…thank you for your TV show. Peace be with us all. Grandma Irene

  • Celine

    I want to manifest:

    1. The publication of my spiritually based children’s picture book The Fizzheart Fairies: The Rescue of Mother Tree – to be on my road in my purpose.
    2. A new car/SUV for my pleasure and future kids (my first new vehicle).
    3. A loving dog that is my spiritual friend. A dog who can read me and me him.
    4. Love and my future husband. Greater love in all things; friendship, work environment, family.
    5. Travel for my soul, spirit and self to Hawaii Maui or Disneyland.

    My soul needs:

    1. Healing over past life controls
    2. Receiving of love with oceans of gold healing light and more conversations with the divine
    3. Compassion and understanding
    4. Hilarity and fits and fits of giggles
    5. Acceptance and remembering who I am

    My affirmations:

    I am effortlessly in connection and communication with my spiritual team of angels, guides and helpers.
    I am protected and my life path is safe by the truth of God, even in the dark times when I feel uncertain.
    The Light of heaven shines brightly upon my life creating miracles in my space and lighting the way for others.
    I am refilled and plentiful.
    My 2015 is the perfect beginning to my journey.

    My prayer

    Dear Spirit – my angles, spirit guides, higher self, God, ascended masters and spiritual helpers – thank you for assisting me and guiding me on my path both spiritually and physically. Thank you for showing me what I need to clear, and let go of so I can have a life of joy, happiness and love. Thank you for all the miracles you shower me with daily, for the beautiful alignment you bring to my life. Thank you for helping me reach far and wide as I speak to audiences, teach and write. I love our divine contract even during the times I claim I don’t. Thank you for unconditionally loving me and accepting my humanness. It is rightfully frustrating at times. Lets eat some cheesecake! Love and Blessing, Celine Comeau.

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