The Healing Power of Happiness Lists!

Updated: March 22, 2015

Dear sparkly you,

Happy Spring! It’s official! (or, Happy Fall for my Down Under tribe).

I love the change of seasons, and I especially love those intoxicating moments of hope when the weather begins to behave like it’s really going to give you what you want. Just a few consistent sunny days with temperatures that coax you out of your heavy coat, reminding you how much you actually do love the outdoors and can hardly wait to get out there and breathe.

I have decided to forgive the weather gods for the trick they played on my Connecticut home on the official day of celebration. Spring entered with a fluffy bang dumping 7 inches of snow on my hopeful gardens, but such is the way of things. I have learned to look for the beauty and the good lately in spite of conditions beyond my control.

This morning I woke up wondering as I do once a week what I would like to share with you and encourage you to share with all of us. What can we learn as a community by sharing our experience strength and hope?

Someone asked me why I keep writing my blogs every week considering I don’t use them to “market” anything.
My reply was “to stay connected.”
“Even if no one reads it?”
“ Do you read all the comments after?”
“ Yup- it’s an amazing conversation that happens- respectful, no cross talk, people writing really beautiful intimate stuff.”

I ran across this quote that describes this so well by one of my favorite authors Ann Lamott:

“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul. When writers make us shake our heads with the exactness of their prose and their truths, and even make us laugh about ourselves or life, our buoyancy is restored. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again. It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship.”
I feel that we’re like that – me writing and you reading, then you writing and us reading and sharing.
It’s a beautiful thing.

In 6 weeks, including a call I got yesterday, I am counting now 4 significant deaths in my life- all meaningful, not from the periphery of other people’s stories, although there were a couple of those too, but from the foundations of mine.
Sometimes I feel like setting up the spare bedroom downstairs for the spirit of Bad News, since he/she keeps knocking at my door. (I change my mind on that one pretty fast. I don’t want to feed it and anyway that would mean I would be a terrible host.)

I know my subconscious holds my patterns and outer events will trigger them, wake up old ideas that have no truth to my current reality in spite of the fact I feel and embody the original experience as if it was happening right now.
This is the same for all of us.
I never saw my mother cry and she didn’t like it when we did. It was the way she survived the war and although I understand it with compassion today, there is still a part of me that expects to be punished for being sad and unproductive.

The background of my world lately has been rocky but that doesn’t mean my life was reduced to those things. Life is richer than that. There has been loads of laughter in my home too.

Whatever it is- whether we’re affected by the unruly aspects of outer conditions or by the storms of our inner world, the journey doesn’t stop nor does it have to only be about one thing.

Grief can be accompanied by joy, disappointment by wisdom, sadness by compassion, isolation by creativity, and powerlessness by faith. We can be happy and mindful now in the midst of this “full catastrophe” of a life, not when it brings us to the sacred cows of destinations – the future. We make our future now, in how we respond to the messy fullness of life.

Every morning without fail I make my coffee, bring Marc his in bed, play with Sebastian and settle in to meditate. I begin the exact same way – I smile and think about what I am grateful for and what makes me happy. It doesn’t take away from the other things that are inviting me to experience. It’s not insulting to the memories of the ones that have crossed over nor to the deadlines of projects stacked up on my desk.

There are moments in meditation where I love my life with intensity, I am feverishly grateful, and inspired, and others where I’m wondering if my pants will still fit me since I let my eating go to hell when Beanie died.

I write about it. I write about happiness and wholeness and what it all means and sometimes its just garbledy goop and other times I find writing plugs me into my Higher Power and the fabric of the universe lights up reminding me that my tiny thread means something in the giant scheme of things.
Other times I am just amazed at how happy I am in spite of everything.
Then I go about my day facing it all as it is and not how I wish it could be. I don’t care that it’s not easy. Not today anyway.

So I’m going to share with you how I write what makes me happy today and I hope you’ll share the same way after! If you’re having a tough time lately imagine you’re joining in a fun sing along on our ship together. It’ll make you feel better and snap you out of the idea you’ve been dealt the wrong hand in the game of life, or that you’re crappy at manifesting, or unlovable or entitled to things somebody else got, or a victim of circumstance or afraid you won’t find your purpose or boyfriend before its too late.

These are happy making moments, things, and experiences for me in no particular order in stream of consciousness style:-

“Deer on my lawn, birds at my feeders, mourning doves hooting and cooing softly while lined up on the tree outside, seeing the ocean from all our windows, fresh ground light roast coffee, regular pooping, (omg did I say that?), sunshine, the sweet anticipation of Coco’s arrival, goat cheese and apples for breakfast, Sebastian buried beside me in blankets as I write, Marc’s happy face when he’s inspired by his creative work, Rosetta stone Spanish lessons and feeling that music, music, music might just burst out of me at any time today.” PHEW that’s it.

It’s interesting to note what I didn’t talk about. Did any of that erase the turbulence?
Not really, but you don’t notice the storms and swells as much when you’re focused on the happy and the Light.

Ok your turn!
Loads of love fellow shipmates…
Always and forever

love colette 200x103







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  • Bikem

    Dear Colette, dear Tribe..Colette, I loved your picture at the beginning of the blog with the happiness shirt…

    I resonated with todays blog since I also write regularly, that is one constant in my life for the last 20 years or more… It soothes me, relaxes me, I talk to Angels in my journal, it is amazing what journaling can do for you, it brought me through some really hard times years back….

    I loved your morning ritual, and Anne Lamott s quote, I like her a lot too…I just published my first spiritual memoir, am in the process of writing the Turkish version of it, but it is going slow but slow and steady won the race last time, I trust the process…

    Am very happy spring is here ,can not wait for my Nature walks before going to Starbucks and diving into my book writing….

    I am sorry for the 4 deaths in your world, we live the —–full catastrophe—try to enjoy our dream of our lives, weaving the dream together…

    Love, Your shipmate, B….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      congrats on your book and in Turkish wow that is awesome.. xoxoxoxox

    • Connie

      Colette,, Thank you for the Happiness idea. I will start to do that every morning. I am always saying there isn’t a lot of happiness in my life. I don’t laugh like i used to. Well i guess i need to make it happen. I love your t-shirt as well. Where did you get it? I am so excited to be seeing you in Regina. I had applied to attend your show in Toronto and was chosen but not on a day when i could come. I see you in Scottsdale and Sedona as well. Luv ya sista and thanks.

      • Connie

        Hi Colette, looking to purchase your sweater as well. are you going to have them available. I love it.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          gosh I don’t know where I got it and I took the tag out of the back but I as just thinking how cool it would be to print those and have them available!

    • Suzanne

      my soul happy list: going barefoot. having the early morning hours to myself to meditate, write, draw. listening to the lovely sound of the birds on my balcony. playing with my birdies. long walks on at the shore at dawn, when it’s just me, the universe, and the dolphins. riding my bike. working on and completing paintings. walking or running in the woods. swimming. talking to my brother and sister on the phone. listening to my soul and I am really really really happy when I follow it! singing or dancing around my home. when my students laugh. writing and doodling happy notes to friends and family, send with a pretty postage stamp. when my loud parrot stays quiet when i practice yoga. that first cup of nice strong coffee in the morning. enjoying tea in the evening. when my jeans fit after the dryer…while sitting down!! feeling and staying healthy. reading. reading your blog and feeling real heart joy and sorrow and love and connection with so many lovely kindred spirits!

  • Rebecca

    hi colette ~
    just a note to tell you how one of your cards prompted a 180 degree shift in my life. now when i start to feel disconnected (fearful, lost, undeserving) i remind myself that i am in partnership with the Divine and that partnership has manifested in the man who is beside me. it is through this relationship that the Divine is teaching me patience and the true measure of my worth. these lessons weren’t available in my previous association; that man only wanted to “have” me and present me as “his.” there was no space for me to learn in increments, only the life lesson of betrayal and heartbreak when his actions came to light.
    anyway, thanks for the powerful daily offering of insight and awareness.
    i am grateful for you, and for the chance to be in this tribe.
    blessed be.

  • Rebecca

    Would you believe I wrote the same kind of list for myself on Friday with the super new moon. We have recently moved towns and are far away from all our friends and family and as I’m still getting to know my way around I can feel quite isolated if I’m not careful. So I wrote my list to remind myself of all the things that make me happy. My list went something like this.
    Mountains outside my window, the beautiful creek nearby, the smell of fresh coffee, swinging on a swing, the rain, music, good books, a great new haircut and playing with my dogs.

  • Sharon

    I think I am one of the few people, who when not feeling well, LOVE to cook and bake!! Someone once said to me that cooking and baking were my church, and I believe them. So that is what I did today, with the beautiful sun shining. I don’t care that it was only 20 something outside, it is still spring. The light at the end of winter’s tunnel (and it’s not on oncoming truck). I cleaned up my puppy’s poo outside and enjoyed it, because the sun felt good on my face. It was also an added bonus that the poo was still slightly frozen, so no smell. 🙂 For me it doesn’t take much – just the little things in life.

  • Annette Cave

    I feel compelled to write back on this blog post. I love how you just speak your mind and enjoy reading your blogs. I was just thinking to myself how happy I felt, I look at my phone and there lies your message about happiness. Synchronicity or divine order, complete alignment, call it what you wish. Spring is my favorite time of the year also. Usually the best weather. I woke up this morning to 2 Bluebirds dancing in my lawn. I’ll keep this brief on your comment about the weather gods. What if it wasn’t them at all? What if it was all man made or geoengineered? How does that thought make you feel? I ask this as I am a writer amongst other things and an observer of the universe. My current project is a Broadway play about the divine feminine voice of God aka Mother Nature who has something to say about weather modification. Titled, Love through the Essence of Time. Most of the play was channeled from the divine. I thought its original purpose was about public awareness, but I find most people are aware on some level. Left only with a feeling they cannot control it. Food for thought. Spring is here and the skies are blue. Birds will sing as if they knew…. Annette from the SUNSHINE STATE, FLORIDA

  • Petra

    Hi Colette
    I look forward to your blog every week. It keeps me sane to connect and hear that there is light in the middle of chaos. And that being sensitive doesn’t mean you just has to retreat to your mountain top though it seems that at least my subconscious has an endless supply of challenges that has to be felt and released.
    I’m still grateful to be on this journey and happy that spring is approaching and I get to love and smile.
    Lot’s of love

  • Lisa

    I am so grateful for your Blog, Colette!

    My last year has been all about learning to appreciate the ALL and (to try) not to judge: good/ bad, right/wrong good luck/ bad luck etc. It’s been one big lesson in FEELING without fear (mostly) and seeing that it doesn’t kill me….so my thanks today goes out to being able to feel the whole palette of emotions of human beings and allowing them to go through me, touch my heart and to not drown me. I wish to feel, I see it isn’t a handicap anymore, that it only makes my life richer….and makes me more human…and this is for a “limited time only”….so I enjoy it all the more!

    • Anne

      Colette you are an inspiration I really needed to hear this today things just seem to have got out of hand and I need tone reminded that everything is ok thanks so much for reminding me in you blog today. Big hugs love you

  • Lisa

    This quote from today’s Blog you MUST publish in a book, Colette! It is sooooo great, succinct, giving! Blessings to you!

    “Grief can be accompanied by joy, disappointment by wisdom, sadness by compassion, isolation by creativity, and powerlessness by faith. We can be happy and mindful now in the midst of this “full catastrophe” of a life, not when it brings us to the sacred cows of destinations – the future. We make our future now, in how we respond to the messy fullness of life.”

  • Kamilah

    C-you inspire me & make me happy!! So much love to you my Dear!!

  • Donna Paris

    Good Morning! Happy Monday! As always Colette, thank you for sharing yourself with us. I start my Sundays with a sense of excitement, I cannot wait to grab my coffee and sit at my computer and read your blog, watch your energy forecast and then the latest Daily Oracle Card lesson!
    Oh my, how I could relate to what you were sharing on your happiness list! lol being grateful for pooping regularly, I took that for granted for so many years! My gratitude list looks a lot like yours, I am blessed to live out in what we call cow country in New Boston NH. I too can look out my kitchen window and see Deer, all kinds of beautiful churping birds, squirrels, chipmunks, horses, lama’s as there is a lama farm up the road and they get loose every now and then and come visit. I see beautiful sun rises and sun sets that light up the sky and fill my heart at the same time. When I am riding in traffic, I am so grateful to be able to let someone go ahead of me because I am not full of myself at that moment and I feel gratitude to hold a door open for someone, when I catch someones eye and give them a smile from my heart, when my grown son’s call just to say hi, when my boyfriend comes up behind me and hugs me and kisses my on the neck and says he loves me, when I am sitting in an AA meeting and someone shares something so intimate and emotional that I can sit there with ease and send them light. I am grateful to even be able to know what gratitude is and how it feels as for so many years I was numb. I could go on and on. Thank you for inspiring these thoughts in me today.

    I have set the intention and desire to the Universe that I be able to attend the event in Chicago in June, I picture myself sitting front row center holding a huge sign that says ” You are so dearly loved Colette Baron-Reid”. I would be grateful if you could join me in holding this intention. Ok, now I am off to watch your video now!! Have a great week and love & light to you and yours!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      totally !!! and we can have a mini meeting too ..12 steppers all the way!

      • Ellen M. Gregg

        Hello from the NH seacoast, Donna! 🙂
        I’m not in a 12-step program, and yet I’ve just completed The Psychology of Addiction through my college degree program, so it’s pretty current in my thoughts. I’d love to join in on the mini-meeting with you and Colette, if you’ll have me. 😉

  • Marcela

    Hola…que bueno…Te gusta el espanol….Yo hablo espanol…soy de Chile per vivo en Austria…que aprendas mucho…when you have problems you tell me.
    I love all you do, your work, your way of being, everything…One day I dream with you….I was explaining to you my big life..that brought me here. My moments of happiness and sadness..And that I still feel myself not grounded….and you were telling me “All is OK are doing good”…and I said “Yes I am doing as much as I can”…..My life has been of endless changes..of places…
    Lo mejor para ti…Gracias por estar aqui..Un abrazo

  • Kathy

    Thank you Collette! What a beautiful way to just settle into my happy place, especially to start the day. Free flowing, here’s what I’m happy for…discovering my heart is a beautiful place from which to perceive, fresh bananas, dark roast coffee, long walks amongst the trees and nature, having a job that sustains me, a smile from a stranger, my cat Petie’s meow, my boyfriend’s relentless enthusiasm and success, Source and all the angels, being able to change my mood and perspective, knowing every one has free will and that it’s not my job to determine their outcome, oracle cards, candle flames, ice cream, the power of change, my future selvs, Gaia, nature spirits, supportive friends….I’m really getting the hang of this! 🙂

  • Eva

    Although I am losing my friend of 4 decades, I am choosing to see the beauty of my family life with my husband and daughters. My relationship with adult nieces and nephew is excellent and I look forward to several celebrations with them this year. Life is very good. I am enough and I belong. Thanks for your posts, Colette. Perspective is everything. Coming to see you during your Canadian tour.

  • Barbara

    Every week I look forward to reading your blog. It time it touches my soul in different ways. This week especially as I have been faced with a sudden down turn in my financial situation and having to deal with the repercussions. And now once again I am reminded to look away from the angst and toward the positive. I am singing along with you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Barbara hang in there- I remember when I lived hand to mouth never knowing how I would pay my rent- when my family lost all their money, but this too shall pass and remaining true to your Spirit, even if you’re scared, miracles can and do happen and you will get through it. I highly suggest Catherine Ponder’s book The Dynamic Laws of Propserity and the Dynamic Laws of Prayer. .. you are not alone xoox

      • DLLGRJandfurballs

        Thanks, Colette:

        I looked Catherine up and heard an excerpt from her “Laws of Prosperity” about “prayer” – very insightful and helpful. Thanks for sharing … it means a lot when in “hard places”.

        LOV : )

      • Lisa in Hamilton

        Sweet Colette … each time you recommend Catherine Ponder, it makes my heart smile .. the adult portion of my spiritual quest began with
        the book “The Prospering Power Of Love” in 1981 in Toronto. From there I read every one of her books, followed by the Fillmore’s Unity books,
        and the journey continues with many great author’s books to devour .. i ordered the book you recommended for me and I am stoked .. I am
        grateful for my ability to read, I am grateful that when I ask spirit to show me signs, I see some .. your writings, your videos, your cards I am grateful for those too .. you and spirit have led me along when I might otherwise of become so forlorn .. mostly I am grateful for the times when I am sure that all is well RIGHT NOW .. in those moments I KNOW .. and that carries me forward regardless of circumstances or seeming complications .. may you feel abundantly blessed and so so loved .. you are a force of nature, just like the sun, the moon and stars .. I am so happy I was led to your site. xo

      • Barbara

        Thank you so much Collette! I just ordered both books for my tablet. I hope that some day I will get to attend an event and see you in person. You will never know how much reading your blogs and writings have helped over the last year and a half.
        Blessings to you and yours.

  • Sonja

    Oh my oh my! Colette this spike to me on such a deep level, as if to my soul. It’s so what I needed to read right now as it’s been a “challenging” few weeks, yet amongst it all, also amazing. I said to myself this morning as I woke here in Oz, “time for more gratitude” and then this gem of an blog finds its way to me.
    Thanks so much!
    With a huge amount of gratitude:-)

  • Ellen

    Thank you for this meditation on happiness today! I have been feeling really dragged down and sticky with unproductive and negative energy because of a lot of feelings of unworthiness, envy, worry about my parents, etc. The tools you shared in the WRE program (the dumping journal and gratitude journal especially) are the best ways I have to remember to be really grateful for all I am and all I have — the only way out of the funk sometimes.
    I want to thank you for sharing your stories in this community. Your blogs and videos really help so many people, myself included. I am grateful for this group of empaths and sensitive people because we can feel so isolated otherwise.

  • Willa

    Hi Colette

    I love that you write – from your heart and soul. I agree – sharing our human-ness, with all it’s light and shade, and the sense we each make of our experience, is how we let go of the illusion that everyone else has their s*** together, but not us. My conclusion so far: it’s a bumpy and painful ride, but so worth the highs! Willa x

  • Joyce

    Hi Collette,
    Thank you for your words of hope on Monday morning, Life can be tough and words of hope mean a lot. Have a great day!
    Take care,

  • Lea Ann Hughes

    I love reading about your journey. Like you, I too have a morning ritual starting with a cup of coffee, then a quick email and Facebook check, a few minutes meditation then my gratitude journal comes out and I will write about whatever I am feeling most grateful for at that moment. After gratitude I pull out yesterday’s paper and work all the puzzles then have my breakfast and get into my day! I’m usually up before 5 so I have plenty of time to enjoy every minute. I’m going through a “quiet” time in my life right now after 6 years of turbulence and feel very content and blessed. I will savor every moment of this edenic existence for as long as it lasts!

  • Anna

    Thank you Colette.
    I feel inspired and uplifted by your sharing. You write so well, and more importantly, so much from the heart telling what’s going on in your outer and inner life .
    Many blessings for you, beautiful soul!

  • Suzanne Czerwinski

    Hello Colette! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that it is important to ‘do what you do’, no matter what. Expressing ourselves is so very important. I, too, make gratitude lists daily, morning and night. I say ‘thank you!’ every morning and ‘thank you’ every night and list the many things I am so fortunate to have. Sometimes it’s something big and exciting, but more often it’s the little things that we often take for granted, like the cat (or 2!) curled up next to me in bed, money in the bank (could be $10, still grateful!), my warm, cozy, comfortable bed with the soft, cuddly blankets and warm comforter, oil in the tank, food in the refrigerator, you get the idea! And I, too, start my day with prayer and meditation and ceremony to welcome the day and start it with gratitude and joy. And, yes, it snowed in Connecticut and I was thankful it was barely two inches and I didn’t have to shovel! Spring is here!

  • Ruth

    U always , give me hope and inspiring me .U have a beautiful soul , thanks a lot and blessings **

  • Charlene

    Dear, dear Colette,

    I live in an isolated area, with few neighbors, but lots of family that visit regularly. I am thankful for them, especially my grandkids, my cat, Alex, sunshine, the nearby lake, trees, the snow sparkling on the snow, health, warmth, rabbit tracks in the woods, snowplow drivers, my mail carrier and, of course the internet so I can feel connected to you!
    My life is blessed in so many ways and I give thanks often throughout the day. Thank you for being one of my blessings!

  • Rose

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I wake up and smile that I’m alive and my lovely cats are snuggling with me.
    My life is so full of interesting people, books, and love that I can always say Thank You and mean it.
    Focus is everything. Love Light and Darkness are the main ingredients of a full life.

  • Ysabel V Reyes

    Thank you for this blog. I deeply connected to the gratitude and happy side, in the middle of turbulence.

  • Joyce Glode

    Thank you!

  • Kimberley

    Hi Colette! As always, we are ALL synchronized and connected…thus, when you write, it speaks to us all and helps us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off…and start all over again! Did you start singing? hehe When I wake up in the morning I look around and find the closest things I am grateful for…my bed…the warm flannel sheets…the electricity that turns on my lights…the people who help produce the electricity…my one dog, Captain, who drags himself across me and lays there waiting for me to get up…the sound of birdsong…the sun…you get the picture. I have found that while there are a lot of challenges going on, if I focus on the positive moments, the ones that make me happy, even for a moment, the challenges seem less daunting. Brightest of Blessings to us all! 🙂

  • Anne

    Colette you are an inspiration I really need to receive this message today things just seem to have got out of hand and bless you for reminding me to stay positive and sing! And to remind myself that it is ok . You are a blessing today big hugs and a big Thank You!

  • Ramesh Parmar

    Dear Colette
    Very Good Day
    Yes, time is here for change and do we going to change for better so that Almighty help us. We will have more Sun shine make use of that for better life. Bless you all.
    Thanking you.

  • Ellie

    Hi Colette! I so enjoy your analogy to singing on a ship in a storm…how true! I love your blogs because you are so very authentic. Each time I’m here, I feel a little nudge to step closer to who I really am. Thank you for that 🙂

    …flannel pajamas, journals, books, the hum of the radiators keeping me warm, a sunbeam, stripes, my son sleeping, lemons, music, meditation, taking time to write my morning pages, clients, old friends re-acquainted, my sense of possibility, calm tummy, the thought “what magic will happen today?”.

  • Heidi

    Dearest Colette and Tribe Members,

    I am so very grateful. I look forward to the treasure waiting for me every Monday morning. There are so many times I feel misunderstood or very alone in how I feel about the different aspects of life, but not when I read your blogs and comments. One of the messages I keep hearing and reading lately is just how important community is on so many levels and I am so incredibly grateful for this one and also for the technology that allows those of us who can’t seem to find one in person (yet?), to reach out and find one here.
    The magical little things that make me smile: a rainy day, the toads on the sidewalk when I go for a walk at night, the squirrels and rabbits going about the business of foraging in the mornings, sitting on my stoop with my tea and the front door wide open behind me so my yellow bellied chickens (a.k.a my precious cats Frankie, Maniac and Sirius) can get a safe taste of the outdoors, at night the bats swooping back and forth under the street lamps for their dinner, the constellations and the moon, a cool breeze and the trees swaying when I’m on my walk.
    Feeling brave enough to reach out and share. I’m so grateful for this tribe!

    • Suzy

      Thank you for sharing, sister!

  • Vanessa

    Hi Colette,

    I stumbled upon your blog recently after a psychic reading sent me in a bit of a tailspin. Since reading your blog post titled “Psychic Reading Regret” I have been a loyal reader of your blog.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, thoughts and feelings as well as your weekly vlogs. They keep me feeling grounded as I continue on my journey to discover who I am and open myself up to Spirit.

    All the best for this week!

  • Denise Oates

    Thank you for sharing this morning. Your thoughts and feelings have picked up mine. Thanks. I will share an good morning when I can have coffee while looking out on the lake. Love that. Have a blessed day Colette.

  • Ellen M. Gregg

    What a beautiful way to frame my day. Death has been preeminent in my scope of being recently, too – although not to the degree it’s been for you, Colette. One of my oldest and dearest friends passed unexpectedly on March 2 after a brief and avoidable illness. On March 20, one of my oldest and dearest friends marked the birthday of her eldest son without his physical presence for the first time, as he committed suicide back in May. Today, a long-time family friend is in congestive heart failure for the fifth time in two months. At almost 91, and now under hospice care, she is close to this life’s end-time. And, as of last Monday, I’m in a course title Death, Dying & Hospice. How timely. How challenging. How… beautiful.
    After reading your happy thoughts, I’ve got “Happy Talk” from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific running through my head:
    “Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk / Talk about things you like to do
    You got to have a dream / If you don’t have a dream
    How you gonna have a dream come true?”
    Perhaps now it’ll be running through your head, too. 🙂
    My “happy talk”: The sun shining over the hill and creating prisms through the stained-glass butterflies; homemade chocolate coffee in my mug; dried cranberries in my oatmeal is ridiculously good; Higher Potential and Valor diffusing the most amazing aroma in this room; snow melting in spite of the cold; a too-cute-for-words baby squirrel is getting bold at the bird feeders; starting two more courses today (Intro to Ayurveda and Developmental Psychology) with two of my favorite instructors at SWIHA; realizing I’ll be graduating in six months (!!); knowing my elderly friend’s husband and sons, and recently-departed kitty Lucy, are waiting to welcome her; my parents are, by and large, healthy and happy; I get to see my Compass sisters (we represent the Sisters of the Seasons!) and my Ya-Ya sisters (who I love more than my luggage) this week; I am deeply blessed, I am deeply blessed, I am deeply blessed.
    And so it is. Peace.

  • Kelli

    Spring came along with a bit of snow here in Pittsburgh as well! I actually kind of like winter and snow but have really enjoyed hearing the birds lately! I saw my first cardinal of the season in the yard the other day and the cutest little bird perched on the outside ledge of the kitchen window while doing dishes. Happy spring!

  • Nina

    1 the saying on your shirt (happy is the new black) LOVE that thought. My son Being happy this morning even though we woke up large, which sometimes makes his mood unhappy. Spring- I love seeing all the buds grow and the possibilities seem endless. Art/painting and the Joy it brings me.

  • Kathryn

    I definitely have to keep my eyes on what is going right in my life instead of what’s going wrong. There has been so much change lately, I notice it takes time for me to digest and assimilate it all. I have to give myself time and let the dust settle. I am mom to a special needs child, separated, and had 3 deaths in the family around the separation. It can be difficult to take care of myself when I am so focused on my son’s care and well-being, but I too start with a gratitude list and ‘things going right’ list to help me keep positive as I live a rather isolated life myself. I appreciate you, Collette, your writing, and I love your card decks. 🙂

  • Jenn P

    Thank you, Colette, for always finding the words & feelings that are in my heart & soul ! Your blog makes a difference, every single word of it, to someone, somewhere, always, and I’m so crazy grateful to have found it. My list today goes something like this – the Gregorian chant on the radio, the blue sky outside, the yummy creamer in my coffee, the ability to recognize I am not perfect, and that an apology that has to wait until after someone returns from school, is still an apology that matters.

  • Linda

    I love your blog! I read every one of your posts because they are your heart-felt sharing.

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspirational blog posts.
    I, too, choose happiness! 🙂
    Sending you lots of love from the Midwest-

  • Erica in Sweden

    Dear Colette!

    Thank you for your open heart and charing everything between “poo and strawberries” ;o)
    It feels so good when I get an “Aha-moment” and remeber that we are all in this together – we are all in the same boat. So lets rock the boat together!

    For me, music is a lovely way to get my feet back on the ground. To just sing along with it, dance and be playful is the best. I am now listening to “Don’t worry, be happy”, by Bobby McFerrin :o)
    I am also grateful for Bella – a dog that I’m taking care of during daytime, she is such an angel and blessing in my life. And thank good for nature, woods, flowers, water, tulips, lovely friends and family, to eat watermelon, good cup of coffee, a swim in the see and to be creative. The list can be long, haha.

    All for now. All the best, love and gratitude to you all!
    And yeah, Colette – when will you come to Sweden..? ;o)

  • Cyndee

    Good Morning Colette,
    This was a very lovely and timely gift. Thank you for taking the time to

  • Lois

    Dear Collette,
    I have been a fan for over ten years, and still get excited to see you in my INBOX….because no matter where I’ve been in my life, your articulate wisdom has always spoken to me….allowed me to feel me pain, lick my wounds, find some joy again, and bounce back up on what feels like solid ground once again….so I can turn around and cheerlead the “others” in my life.
    I am sorry for your many recent losses….that you continue to shine and sparkle in the throws of sadness inspires us all….thank you for sharing your soul.
    With much appreciation! (And love your card decks, too!)

  • Andria

    Thank you for this lovely post, my online intuitive friend (I feel like we’re friends even though we’ve never had a conversation…I hope that’s okay).

    Last week was a rough one–lots of angry, hurt, useless, powerless feelings–but I’m trying to move on now. I pulled The Mapmaker of Destiny this morning, a lovely reminder that, while that moment that caused those feelings might be fate, I can choose what to do with the feelings and the moment. I’m choosing to look for future opportunities and being present as well.

    Today’s “happy” thing: My 1st period students had an assignment to research and analyze a popular song from 1964–and the jumbled mash of music in the room as they were working just made me smile. And sing. And singing always makes me feel better.

    Thank you for this post today! I really needed it. Take care!

  • Andria

    Oh, and that Anne Lamott quote: perfection!

  • Dodie Weiss

    So grateful to have discovered you, Colette. You always share from such a deep, authentic place. Your words really touched me this morning and encouraged me. Thank you. I will pass it on.

  • Crystal

    Good Morning Colette!
    Thank you for sharing your Beauty-full list of Gratitude for this day! I would like to share too!
    Waking up, seeing the glow of the Sunrise, the taste of my Maca/cacao hot drink, smashingly successfull heart coherence in my meditation, the smile on my daughters face as I sang her awake with “You are My Sunshine”, a surprise visit with my son at 7:00 AM, getting the kitchen tidied by 8:00 (that one doesn’t really belong but I’m grateful for it nonetheless

  • Andrew Lindeman

    Hi Colette,

    Hoping this is a pleasant surprise! My life’s journey has recently changed and I find myself looking for inspiration and help. Your messages today couldn’t have been any better. I want help and I’m receiving it as I write this. I decided to start writing again about a month ago, but have found it difficult to stay on task. I too chose the stream of consciousness approach. Your sharing today prompted me to start afresh, your weekly reading re-enforced my decision, and finally, my personal reading gave me some specific insights into my ‘demons’ and my path to follow. Wow! I’ve accomplished more in the past hour than I have in the past 3 weeks. And lo and behold, my friend Martijn just pinged me to offer some additional insight/guidance! I’m so grateful! Leaving you with final thoughts: I was asked recently to finish the following statement: My entire life, up to this point, can be summed up in one sentence….. And I answered: “My entire life, up to this point, has been a series of memories shaping my understanding of now and my desire for tomorrow. Interestingly, my experience of now changes my understanding of my entire life, up to this point, and my desires for today, tomorrow and beyond.” With gratitude, have a wonder day Colette.

  • J

    Colette, I love you!

    I have been having a very trying 6 months, although with no physical deaths going on in my life. It’s more like I’ve been packed up in a tiny box & suddenly nothing in my life is going anywhere near right. I am a pretty positive person, & I’ve been doing my best to have my own sing along in the storm, but my life has just been rockier & rockier, and lately I’ve felt like I just might break. I’m actually in the middle of a big sob fest & I thought I’d see if I could find something on Facebook to help me get out of it so I can actually go to work looking halfway normal! I saw your post & got here to your blog; the crying hasn’t stopped, but at least I don’t feel alone. And you made me laugh out loud about the pooping regularly comment! When you talked about your mom, mine is the same and I have felt such shame for crying & feeling sad & unproductive, that I haven’t really cried in years. Maybe these past 6 months have led me today so I can start to release some of these tears without the shame & knowing that I’m not alone. Thank you so much Colette!

  • Renee Sugar

    “It takes a happy heart to sing a song”.
    Listening and learning one of my favorite passions in life.
    Trying to understand others, in a compassionate way. Opening
    my eyes and noticing what is in front of them. SIMPLICITY and FAITH
    Don’t know where it comes from, but it requires a commitment, and
    a decision to BELIEVE that even though it might not appear so;
    ALL IS WELL. I am returning to a place of forgiveness;
    mostly toward my self. Celebrating taking small actions and steps,
    forward, and appreciating how much courage it requires to do this
    without any guarantee of the outcome. TRUSTING that I DON’T KNOW
    what the best option might be and to be open to other possibilities.
    I have all that I need today. HEALTH the most important gift which means
    a perspective that is HOPEFULL , BUOYANT and POSITIVE.
    I say THANK YOU for everything I can. The more I am able to appreciate blessings, the more grateful
    I become. I have been unemployed for some time, searching within and without to discover the
    place that I am meant to fill, it has been an incredible journey; and although I have not been paid
    in currency; I would not have traded being laid off from the box I spent twelve years in, to the
    exclusion and expense of my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. That was way to high
    a price to pay!!! I know by creating the right attitude does affect everything so that is what I focus
    my energy on. What can I change about my perspective today? What small step can I take, that will
    build a little more confidence, hope, courage and connect me in ways with people I have never met.
    precious gift. I appreciate you and others reading this, and hope that somehow it is helpful to even
    one person. “If I can help one robin back to its nest, I shall not live in vain”. Emily Dickenson.
    Loved listening to your radio program on Thursday past and Nancy Levin’s 1st broadcast. I laughed
    and smiled, and learned a lot from listening. (Especially when you said “Breathe Joy, just Breathe!!! )
    From my heart Colette, I thank you for being who you are and the kindness and love you extend to
    those around you. XOXOXO

  • Linda Zeppa

    Oh my I am so grateful for your sharing this! I write…and I work with others to allow them to write, not lists and goals and tweets but what comes from the deep, unique, creative source, the intuitive spirit. Stories, messages and ideas are abundantly there when we allow our intuition to flow. This is my passion. It has not been easy. Following this passion has taken me to situations that are uncomfortable and filled with fear and hard lessons. Yet the joy and happiness that comes as well feels so wonderful. It give credence to the idea that opposites are complimentary. I am grateful and I trust. Reading your words is uplifting and encourages me to continue because it feels so right.

  • Liz Taylor

    Colette, You’re the best! “It’s dead people time!” So hilarious! I liked in your blog how you talked about blogging to stay connected. I disagree with the woman who said you weren’t really marketing anything. If it wasn’t for your wonderful blog and Universal Tarot Forecast, I wouldn’t have known about your cards or your class on oracle card reading! I have all of your decks and I love them, love them, love them! I’ve also loved your class with the cards! I want to watch Messages From Spirit! Will it be on any channels in the U.S.?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey not yet.. we are hoping it will air in the US this fall.. Spirit willing. What she meant was that I don’t “sell” in my blogs the way some people do- I don’t write with a purpose to sell something more with a purpose to connect. 😉 But my website offers my work for sure..;) and happy it does!

  • Tee Ming

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you so much for your deep sharing of your life which moves me to choose joy, & not be mired in the muck. Happy list from me: your blog post & Oracle card readings, connecting to my spiritual team with 3 of your Oracle card decks & Guardian Angel Tarot cards, my daughter offered a scholarship for college, my husband who adores me, Southern California sunshine, inspiration to birth a new website, Spring Equinox Women’s retreat, learning to feel Yes/No with my hands, healthy body, inspirational communities, true blue friends, flowers in my yard, everything in my life!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Happy making moments:

    The scent and taste of unrefined-cold pressed-virgin solid coconut oil; it’s like candy : ) a treat for me and the pups. The windows around the house to look – seeing nature’s picture – especially tree tops [my heart tree and neighboring trees]. Ability to pay my bills and provide for my family. No hassles from anyone [leave the past in the past using it as an example of what works or not]. Love and Accept Myself. Clean & Organized, Healthy. Understanding my pups’ language. Achieving integrity, dignity, safety of home and family. Retention of hard earned maybe never to repeat stuff, my home-auto-and-things, that is sentimental and necessary to me [one man’s trash is another man’s treasure]. The wherewithal to body salt soak in the tub [managing with foot soak instead]. The common and intuitive senses.

    There is probably so much more that makes me or anyone Happy.
    One of the biggest is Peace; too much war everywhere and in every nook and cranny – that needs to disappear! Anything is achieved one person at a time, one step at a time, one forever at a time… Keep working it Tribe!

    In fact, this exercise [to me] is about taking back that Smile that a disturbance may have quashed or wiped-out or off our faces, in our hearts, ashamed to admit it is possible because of adversity [when appropriate] and that is “ok” to be the one to share it first – to be the Change for Greater Good. Everyone will have their time as they learn about themselves and loyalty … where it belongs and how to share “the good” with others, Amen.

    Thanks, Colette-The CBR Team-Tribe, for being the catalyst, the epiphany, the change-agent, the counselors of lives * growing, springing, singing as a healed/healing community [Full-speed ahead, Mateees! Row-row-row your boat ….].

    LOV: ), Peeps!

  • Barbe

    Where you wrote about not seeing your Mom cry and her not liking when you did “here is still a part of me that expects to be punished for being sad and unproductive.”

    When I was a child, I had abusive parents. If I cried during or after the beatings, I got beat more. Like your Mom, I also learned to not cry (outwardly) as a way of surviving but the inner pain festered from not being allowed to release. Thankfully, as an adult (and it took many years!) I have learned to let the tears flow-happy, sad, depressed, angry-whatever the reason. I think I still have a tiny bit of expectation like you do but I’m working on it 🙂 Thank you for sharing both your happy and not so happy parts of your life and connecting with us. XO

  • Jackie

    My teenage grandsons have had major stuggles in the past couple of years due to disruption of their family. They have been, understandably, angry, dejected, feeling rejected, and acting out. I came up with the following list to help them deal. It does consider some negative aspects…but makes them look into themselves and come up with positive outcomes. Whenever possible, I go over the list with them over the phone. It has strenghtened our bond, as well!
    How are you feeling today?
    What made you feel good about yourself today?
    What did you do today to make someone else feel good?
    What made you happy today?
    What did you do well in school today?
    What did you not do so well in school today?
    What can you do to change that?
    What did you do to help someone else today?
    What did you do well at home today?
    What did you not do so well at home today?
    What can you do to make that better?
    Did you do anything to make someone else feel bad today?
    What can you do to change that?
    Were you angry today?
    How did you react to being angry?
    How could you have handled it better?
    What is your goal for this week?
    How will you accomplish that?
    What is your goal for this month?
    What have you done to accomplish that?

  • J.D. Hanning

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful words with the world. I can’t tell you how much they meant to me today. Sometimes all it takes is to hear some inspiring words to feel encouraged again and to be reminded that we’re not in this game of life alone. I can definitely relate to writing as a means of staying connected. When I first started writing my own blog, I felt as if no one was reading because there was very little interaction with the readers (no one left comments). It was discouraging at first, but I kept writing anyway. Now I can’t imagine not writing. I posted one of my short stories on my blog today in honor of Beanie: Thank you again for being such an inspiration!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      your blog is beautiful and made me cry ugly tears !! You are such a talented writer.. you got it keep writing..

  • Linda

    Please keep writing, I never miss reading your blog or watching your videos. One day, 3 of the 4 cards you chose from the Enchanted Map deck were the same ones I had chosen for that day.

    You always inspire an emotion or a deeper thought with your comments.

    May the light always shine on you!

    Linda in Oregon

  • Christina

    I really look forward to your posts and methods for maneuvering through this 3D. Lately, I have been really struggling with my addiction/s and it feels good to know that you were there once, that you healed, and that you have found happiness in the small things. I don’t know how you were able to become so bold in your actions and to just allow spirit to use you as a vessel — while overcoming everything. I feel like I am on the cusp of that now and I really don’t know what I am doing. I glean off of your journey and find so much solace in knowing that if you made it then I can make it. Thank you for shining your light.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I went to a 12 step program and never looked back. If you’re struggling with addiction … I have been there 1000% – there is help… I couldn’t do it on my own.

  • Barb

    I love that you included Anne Lamott’s quote. I adore her. She is one of those special writers, like yourself, that encourage writing for the love of it, to connect with people, to help us navigate through life, and to be our safe place to fall. When I get responses to my blog, or to a comment on a group I belong to online, I feel so connected to the rest of the world, and especially to women just like me with the same hopes and dreams, the same regrets and sorrows, and the knowing that together we can make it through anything. Things I like: Waking up to sunshine for a change, my cats purring and rubbing up against me to show their love, a good cup of coffee, my morning meditations, sitting down to start a new writing project with all the excitement of opening a present (because I’m never really sure what will come out), my 8 year old granddaughter calling me after school to ask me how my day went, and, yes, a good, daily poop (there is so much to be grateful for on this subject, especially as we get older – a truly under served topic to be sure)! The more I write this, the more things come to mind. Isn’t that great? Blessings dear one! You Rock!

  • Kara

    “There are moments in meditation where I love my life with intensity, I am feverishly grateful, and inspired, and others where I’m wondering if my pants will still fit me since I let my eating go to hell when Beanie died.”
    I love this comment and I am so glad to see that I am not alone in my battle of emotional eating! Thank you for being honest and such a inspiration!

  • LILIAN from England

    Hi Colette ,
    I have just come home from clearing my mother’s house , the house I grew up in .
    I so understand how you feel …
    I have been looking at the good things today , the sun on the spring narcissi and crocusses .
    But tonight I find that that , what I call , ”weird feeling” is creeping in again .
    I wake up every morning like that , with that ”weird feeling” , I get mySelf a nice coffee and I write , a lot!
    It helps to clear the mind and Soul , if not my house , as that is in a mess , I just do not seem to be able to clear it
    up , let alone clutterclear it .
    I tell mySelf that all is ok and that the indecisiveness and inability to clear will go !!!! ;-)) ….
    Love to you from Lilian xx

  • KIM

    Dear Colette

    I’m so sorry to hear of such sadness but it is wonderful that your beautiful heart is still experiencing joy.

    I am enjoying the sunshine that we finally have and grateful for the opportunity to join a meditation workshop this coming weekend. I become angry with myself as I feel a failure at meditation when I’m home alone – I cannot still my mind as it’s too full of stress and worry. In the meantime let’s get outside and enjoy nature and music and dancing and being silly.

    With love and gratitude that you do keep writing to us all each week x

  • Madina

    Dear Colette! I can’t stop thanking you for connecting to us through your posts and for being so open and sharing! This is so inspiring and helpful and really does help to connect with the world outside and inside oneself. Thank you for your wisdom and your humour too. I just love it! Bless you! Much love and hugs. 🙂

  • Anjali

    Thank you Dear Colette!

    Your “tiny threads” each week make a world of difference to me! You are always bang on with what you write and it always touches perks
    me up with whatever crazy emotions I’ve been dealing with during the week. I am grateful for your sweet, kind, loving and generous words.

    Some of things that really make me happy are:
    my dogs
    birds singing in the morning
    warmth of the sun (even on a cloudy day)
    babies laughing (goes right to my soul)
    pigeons and doves waiting for me (to feed them off my patio)
    connecting with like minded people and having varied conversations
    a good cup of tea

    May you always be well in your soul. God Bless you, Colette!


  • Suzy

    Colette and Tribemembers,
    Thank you so much for your vulnerability and ability to express it. I too struggle to ask for help when I need it, to cry when I am sad, and
    to remember to feel grateful every single day for my many blessings.
    I’ve been thinking about loss lately, so sorry for your loss of little Beanie. She taught you so much while she was alive that you in turn taught us, your tribe. I am getting ready to make a dramatic (the scared part of move wrote drastic) move across the country to be close to my daughter, husband, and two grandchildren in Georgia. I have been so caught up in my sadness in leaving Kansas City that I have forgotten what a precious gift my 18 months here have been. I can feel loss for something that is wonderful: the rolling hills, the changing seasons, the friendships that I have made in the crucible of my extremely stressful job, the special male friendships that I have supported me, the favorite restaurants that I will miss. It seems so crazy, but these realizations make me know that more joy awaits me in Georgia in ways I cannot even anticipate!
    Well, the divine gave me a month reprieve before I have to move. More time to accumulate happy memories.

    Thank you again, Colette for helping me to open up my heart. You sparkly being of Light.

  • Debbie

    Hey, Colette,

    My partner forwarded me the link from this article and no more than two hours later, I got a job offer. Not implying a causal relationship, but hey, you never know. Thanks for the spirit boost.

  • Margie Johnson

    Hi Colette! Loved your message for this week! I just watched the vlog which means I didn’t even know this message aligned with me when I started my morning. I started my work day with a huge swelling of confidence and positive energy and decided to tell my new manager that I was interested in filling the position left empty by my previous manager just 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it will work out that way, but I feel SO GOOD in taking that risk to voice my interest with loads of confidence. Either way that the job goes, I will always remember this awesome feeling of speaking my truth when I’m usually not so bold. Love, love, love how the universe and co-creation works for us. Have an awesome week!

  • Jean

    Colette, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your openness and honesty is so-o-o amazingly refreshing. You face life head on and stay more focused on what’s good and what’s going right, than what’s not. That takes intention and discipline, and I appreciate that, especially since I need to do that more. You inspire me with your tell-it-like-it-is-ness and sincerity, and all this givev me permission to be myself. In your Light I feel normal, accepted, like I can sit in the local cafe and enjoy a talk with you without being “below” you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your courage, your candor, and for being unabashedly you. You give me permission to be so also. I can’t tell you how good that feels. Thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you made my day with this comment

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      This was beautiful, Jean.

      “In your Light I feel normal, accepted … without being ‘below’ you “

  • Anne Marie Barrow

    “We make our future now, in how we respond to the messy fullness of life.”

    I love that you write – your weekly emails are the highlight of my week. They reground me, remind me to focus on the bright sparkly being and yeah it’s okay to bob along in the other stuff but keep redirecting our focus to our hearts true desire. I watch the card reading every week and it helps me make sense of the ‘stuff’ happening and my emotional landscape … and sometimes the card is just the permission that I need to “Stop and smell the roses” . I’m working on writing my own permissions slips but just like when we learn to ride a bike we use the stablisers until we can 2 wheel on our own, I graciously accept permission prompts from others. So instead of beating myself up when I look to external sources, I am thankful I have found my tribe; grateful I have taken the time to slow down be aware and observe and happy that all my feelings/emotions come and go. Some days I am riding a tricyle, a penny farthing , a 2 wheeler but the important part is to keep riding……. and on the days when you are freewheeling down hill with the wind in your hair and the laugher in the air you know that you are aligned with your hearts desire.

    I love that you share and you inspire x x x

  • jan

    When I read your blog.i felt a lot of tears in the words ,also a lot of healing,we all need to be grateful for what we have its amazing what this can do for your life.thanks colette

  • Aida

    Thank you, Colette. When I read your blog, I sense your sincerity and I feel like giving you a hug. I stopped writing and I miss it dearly. I like writing To Do Lists, which by the way never realy get done and only serve to remind you that you slacked… anyway, those lists just turned into To Be Grateful For.

  • Gabbi

    Hi, dear Ones, Aren’t we just a lovely bunch! How about early sun shining thru’ raindrops on spiders webs. Or a new born puppy’s breath. Or 20 pink and grey galahs doing fun acrobatics on wire out back. Or knowing you don’t HAVE to get up just yet. Or seeing new autumn colours spreading thru’ the trees. Or the bumble bee checking out the honey on my toast. Or thinking up just one small wacky thing I might be able to get away with today. Or …… Or….. Luv to all.

  • Amanda Evans

    Colette, it was such a pleasure to read your post. Your wonderful energy flows with each word and I felt so soothed. It resonated with me too. I love to write and express what comes flowing through as I take a pen in my hand. I do prefer to go old school with pen and paper as I feel I connect better with my true self this way. Reading through your happiness list was amazing and it had me picturing the fantastic scenic views that I get to look at everyday. The hills and green fields are so beautiful this time of the year. I love looking at the sun rising over the hills and it was even more special this weekend as we had the eclipse and the equinox which was celebrated by druids from around Ireland here at the Loughcrew Cairns that are located in Oldcastle where I have the pleasure to live. The sunrise was spectacular and this is something amazing to behold at least once in your lifetime.

    My happiness list is always my children, I love seeing them bounding out of school with big grins on their faces, it makes everything seem worthwhile.

    Thanks again for your wonderful post. xxx

  • Susan

    Dear Colette,
    Like so many others I notice the synchronicity of this post. Many times I feel you have just the right message at the right time. Maybe it’s that universal energy that we’re all tuned in to. Today I woke up in an unusually sad mood. Ironically, I woke up to one of my happy songs “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. Maybe the lyrics aren’t as happy but the song FEELS happy to me and reminds me of a time when I looked forward to what the day would bring. Before I was even fully awake I felt what seemed to be the huge gap between the happy I once was and my current experience. I began wondering what does make me happy? Let’s see..the Chicago Bears, All My Children, the Goldbergs and Modern Family. There must be more than tv shows. If the Florida sun would just come out I would feel better. So after some admitted wallowing in my sadness I came over and turned on my computer and there was your blog complete with your shirt on happiness, reminding me to start with the small things and let it snowball.

    I’m taking Jean Houston’s class with you pretty much based on your recommendation. Also what I needed at the right time. So now I’m off to do some more processes and follow the suggestions of Jean and Betty. I’m setting the intentions and allowing my entelechy and the universe show me the details and the direction. Thank you for always being there with the right message at the right time. There is no doubt the Divine works through you. You help so many people in ways you don’t even realize.

  • Debbie Sims

    After reading your post, I had to download and process like a computer does I have files I need to open explore and search..this is the result of my inner actions..
    On waking I too have a routine that happens, m ninja cat appears for some quality and quiet pampering, which follows with me brewing coffee as well, which gives me time to meditate.
    I give thanks to my spirit guides and guardians, allies and ancestors, my mom and a higher guide named Red…I give thanks to…
    The Creator for another beautiful day and the beauty that will unfold, Great Spirit and Great Mystery.
    I Call forth the energies from above and below to surround and protect me, as well as enter and open my third eye so I may see the beauty that surrounds me, open my ears so I may hear the voice within, and open my heart to receive wisdom, compassion, understanding, love, and joy, and to release that which does not serve me.
    To also make me a channel for the Divine Creative and to use me as an instrument for my highest will.
    As I sit in silence I suddenly feel tears slowing moving down my cheeks, and I released today that it is spirit responding to my I inhale love I exhale gratitude. .for it is the breathe of the universe that is the connecting me to spirit..and I am truly blessed.
    that’s all I have..enjoy you coffee..and your day
    Namaste. .

  • Ada

    Colette, thank you for helping me and others see the need for focus. Focus on the lovely, the fun, the smiles, the joy…

    Here in NH we had a taste of Mother Nature’s Ironic twists, cold and ewww for the first few days of Spring. Taking the time to clean and clear out some things.

    Thank you too for writing about keeping up your blog, even if no one reads it…for your sake. It gave me a defeated feeling not to have mine read a while back and yet I keep writing and doing “nada” with it…. not really… Once a week I can do. It will let go of the anxiety not to put the “i wants” into it and just let it be and have fun with it.

    Wishing you JOY when your new little friend, Coco arrives. I wonder how high yours and Marc’s feet will be off the ground with the clouds under them?

    Blessings, Ada

  • catherine

    Happiness and joy in the last two weeks as my grandson’s momma…soul daughter to me got married in Florida..I got to spend to weeks with my growing bigger not so little almost 11 year old grandson…took him to Toronto to visit his Dad and step mom and almost born new baby brother…took him back to Florida to his momma and step daddy and then back to Vancouver late late last night…whew….and into my own bed…now back in the office…looking around going…I need to get this space painted…LOL….Through sorrow we can really appreciate joy as it flows back through our cells in our individual process…You always rock it Sista…and love to you all….xo

  • Karen

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you so much for your inspiration. I love your blog and your weekly newsletter and global readings. I do have your Daily Oracle Card Reading Course but honestly haven’t dived into it yet. I haven’t yet bought one of your decks but am leaning towards Wisdom of Avalon. If you have any insights for me for which deck, please share. Also, I have to say, you are so “real” as compared to other mediums/psychics. I feel I could approach you anytime as a “friend.” I’ve shared your site with my husband and daughter and, I am so excited, we will be seeing you in Regina on May 22!! Love to you! xoxo

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      The way I decided was I used all the ones Colette has on her Oracle Card Interactive page and pick the one that resonates with who you are most – communicates in a manner that you understand.

      I own the Wisdom of Avalon [kept getting the Phoenix over and over it was too much for me …] however I resonate [my personality and it are in conversation] more with Hidden Realms. I have a choice of the others however after using them I prefer Hidden Realms for me.

      Give it a try for a while and let it “percolate” [settle/sink in] and it will stick with you as to which one or ones are best for you.

      LOV: )

      • Karen

        Thanks for the great advice, I will do that and allow it to “percolate!”

  • Sylvie Côté

    Madame Colette,

    Jeez! It seams your blog is written for me again this week or for everyone in this Tribe.
    When one reads others blogs, it sure makes One’s soul feel that we are not alone in this Tribe. Soul
    Connects from all over it seems. Our soul knows no boundaries.

    So … Thank You Madame for the creation of your blog in order that like minded Souls can communicate and create a place of tenderness, peace, compassion etc. etc. all hand in hand with You
    without judgements. Deeply sorry for your loss.

  • Johanna

    We don’t say grace at dinner but before every meal, we all have to say something we are grateful for, something that made us happy that day. It helps us focus on the good even after what may have been an icky day at work or school and there are no “nothing to be grateful for”s allowed. So, I love the idea of a happiness list so here is mine for today – that the sun warmed up the day so I could put on my lighter coat, that I got to walk my dog and puppy in the sunshine and feel it warm my back, my son’s amazing mind, my daughter’s love of having round rubber pucks fly at her as she fearlessly stops them, my puppy crawling into my lap for a snuggle, the way my dog greets me when I get home, a great person to work along side with at my job every day, seeing my husband smile at his puppy and the joy our furry friend brings him, that we live in the quiet peace of the country with an enchanted forest for a backyard, that spring is springing!!!!

  • Gin

    Hi – Thank you for your post. After completing my spirit arrow with intentions on Friday, I felt such an energy shift this weekend and on through Monday and Tuesday, which I spent at home and not at work. I was very tired. Shifting. However, this morning I was immensely sad to have to return to work. I so appreciate your words describing your happy list – which has helped me re-focus my energy today. Blessings to you! 🙂

  • Catherine

    Wow, I really loved this week’s writing, and it resonated with me so very well.

    First let me say that I can sympathize with your losses. Not that long ago I lost my husband, brother, and dog within a span of three weeks, and there were times I wasn’t sure if I could continue to be strong, but here I am, doing fine and loving my life once again.

    Your morning ritual is amazing, and it makes me want to do something a little more special with my morning before I head out to my office. I have lost touch with some of those little niceties, and I need to regain them.

    I love how upbeat you can be despite all the grief you have had to endure, and it absolutely gives me strength and courage to read that. What a beautiful example you are for all of us, and please know how very much appreciated you are.

    Thank you for your awesome work…I look forward to your weekly email more than I can say.

    All blessings,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you made my day this morning. I think there is an inaccurate perception in the self help spiritual community that there is a secret to living – to manifesting powerful lives where we can have it all and always be happy. Having it all is “all” – the whole enchilada.. the dark as well as the light. We live good lives by navigating the storms together as well as the sunny days where we stumble on magical treasures. Or is it the chaos of the storms that push the treasure to shore? Your story, losing your husband, dog and brother in 3 weeks? Then coming here to share so candidly about loving your life again. You too have inspired me this morning. This is why I love it when you guys add to my weekly blog. Your voices are like candles flickering in the dark offering some intimate thing for us and others … we never know when our light will call into someone else’s darkness to lead them out. Thank you for writing Catherine.. and thank you to every other person here too. ” I see you”.. with all my heart ” I see you” .

  • Nancy

    Beautiful! Thank you Colette.

  • Anne-Marie

    Dear Colette,
    I just read your blog and whilst reading it the following came to me ‘acceptance is the key to achieving the answers you seek’.
    As hard and as difficult as life can be, because as humans we never seem to learn from anything that comes easy when we should just feel huge gratitude ,I have learnt that stopping striving and searching has led to answers coming to me when I have let go,trusted and accepted, no matter what.
    Thank you for your blogs .
    Love and Light xx

  • Laura

    Thank you, Collette. You helped me find peace again.
    I was watching your show – which is incredible, by the way – and you were so accurate and compelling and funny that I looked up your web site.
    My mom just passed, suddenly and unexpectedly. While I am counting the blessings and remembering the wonderful times and looking on the bright side, I feel the loss deeply and profoundly. Then I stumbled on this blog. So timely… exactly what I needed to hear.
    That’s exactly how I meditate on my morning commute (by seabus) – close my eyes, smile, and list all the things I’m grateful for. Once you start you can’t stop and you immediately feel lighter and at peace. A good reminder to be mindful. I am thankful for the community that magically appears when you lose someone. I am rich in thoughtful and supportive friends and family who love to laugh. Just like Mom. 😀
    Thank you for all the hope and peace you put out in the world. When are you planning a Pacific tour? Vancouver, please!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      HI Laura – sorry for your loss – we only lose our parents once in a lifetime and it is life altering. Honor your process – the light and the shadows. YES! we are planning a west coast tour end of the year;) so stay tuned Victoria, Vancouver and I think Kelowna will be our stops. we were going to do one this summer but then the network signed on for Season Two and so I am back up to Toronto to shoot the show in July and August 😉 I see an angel snow globe for you filled with love and laughter. Not sure why I saw that but .. maybe your mom sent it! xooxoxoxoox

      • Laura

        Woohoo! West Coast tour sounds awesome, and happy to wait due to Season Two! Thank you for your wisdom and grace. XO

      • Laura

        Colette, you were totally on point with the snow globe! My sister was working in Montreal that week. When she returned home to Vancouver I told her what you’d ‘seen’. She was gobsmacked… It had been snowing in Montreal and she nearly bought me a snow globe! The love and laughter is us, to a T… Peas and carrots 🙂

  • Eric


    It looks like you’ve had a big response from this week’s topic; it appears to have resonated with a lot of people. What’s more interesting to me is the number of first time writers to the blog. There have been over 100 entries in this week’s dialogue; what interests me is that for every person that has responded to your blog how many are observers? For every writer there may be as many as fifty people who read your blog. Would they rather just sit back and read the responses to get inspiration? (nothing wrong with that) Maybe they’re afraid to write in; maybe they haven’t found their voice yet. Maybe they’re afraid that they will be judged r their writing skills are not as developed as they wish. Writing is something that has come easy to me. When I was in school I would start papers the night before they were due, write for a few hours, do a spell check, and turn them in. I think I got no lower than a C on any of them. I only say this to point out that this is something I DO feel comfortable about. I find writing cathartic; I can direct my conversations to myself or others. I can release emotions both positive and negative. I can be honest about my views, to others and myself. If my writings are well received by others then I can feel satisfied I’m fulfilling one of my passions in uplifting others. To those who might be reading and are hesitant about contributing I’ve found everyone in the tribe welcoming and supportive. We also realize that not one of us has all of the answers so please lend your voice to the chorus; one person can make a difference but everyone has something to contribute.

    We can’t make assumptions about anyone who participates in the tribe. I can imagine what that person thought when Colette pulled up to a reading on a Harley Softail Deluxe with leathers and chaps on. “Where are the long robe, scarf, and crystal ball?” they might have thought. “No sage smudges? She must not be legit”. The problem with this type of thinking is that it is trying to put limitations on people; it suggests that we are no greater than the sum of our parts, something we all know not to be true. It also suggests that we look at the world through someone else’s lens and not our own. I remember hearing Colette on an online radio show where she said she often thought of herself like the Oracle in the movie “The Matrix”. (Spoiler alert) If you remember in the movie that when Neo was taken to see the Oracle she was nothing like he expected. She talks to Neo after he has broken a vase:

    Oracle: What’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything. You’re cuter than I thought. I can see why she likes you.

    Neo: Who?

    Oracle: Not too bright, though. You know why Morpheus brought you to see me? So, what do you think? You think you’re the one?

    Neo: Honestly, I don’t know.

    Oracle: You know what that means? (she points to a sign that says Temet Nosce) It’s Latin. Means `Know thyself’. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Being the One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you’re in love, you just know it. Through and through. Balls to bones. Well, I better have a look at you. Open your mouth, say ahh.

    Neo: Ahhh.

    Oracle: Okay. Now I’m supposed to say, ‘Mmm, that’s interesting, but -‘, then you say –

    Neo: But what?

    Oracle: But you already know what I’m going to tell you.

    Neo: I’m not the One.

    Oracle: Sorry kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something.

    Neo: What?

    Oracle: Your next life maybe, who knows? That’s the way these things go.

    Later on Neo goes on to save the day, but it wasn’t until he started to believe in himself that he went above and beyond. Another quote that I think is profound comes from Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon”:

    “It’s like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” – Bruce Lee

    For a long time I thought that this was a cryptic quote and didn’t understand it. After a little examination I finally found out what he meant. He was simply saying don’t focus too much on the teacher and forget what was taught; don’t get lost on the one giving inspiration and forget what was inspired. The focus of this week’s blog was to share what makes you happy; don’t focus on someone making you happy and forget WHAT makes you happy. I remember asking my ex why she was with me. She said, “Because you make me happy”. I pressed her on it and she named off a list of things. With my logic I thought, “If I fail in one of these areas then she’s no longer happy and she won’t want me anymore?” I’ve seen many people quantify their happiness in this manner but then they come to a realization that explains their social failure: you can’t “make” someone happy any more than they can “make” you happy. Perhaps it would have been a better premise if my ex would have said, “I’m happy when I’m with you”, but I don’t think that she believed it.

    The takeaways: Temet Nosce – Know thyself. Know what makes you happy and strive to achieve it. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy or you might be waiting a long time.

    That’s about it. I wanted to write earlier but as was mentioned last week changes are coming and some of those changes have kept me busy. Just as we had the solar eclipse, or “super” new moon that signified new beginnings a week ago there will be a lunar eclipse, blood moon, or “super” full moon next week that will bring resolution, bring things to completion, and bring things to fruition. You may notice that a relationship ends, you may lose your job, or something may stop working. Some things must be eliminated to make room for something new.

    Oh, what is my happiness list? Writing, learning something new, listening to music, walking on the beach, being on the ocean, reading this blog and being inspired, and being able to inspire others 😉

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that “We also realize that not one of us has all of the answers so please lend your voice to the chorus; one person can make a difference but everyone has something to contribute.” .. beautiful Eric. Thanx for posting, as always 😉

  • Gale

    Love your blog here ……….. Okay – My gifts and happy things are – healthy litter of Champion irish terriers ALL wagging tails and licking my nose, cardinal at the bird feeder, older dogs racing the yard following the joggers, sun peaking through the clouds for a moment, husband playing his music and breathing new life into him, mother-in-laws happy face at 90, seeing the puppies and giving her new dreams, (she is a retired professional dog handler and terrier breeder of champion Wire fox terriers), a friend calling just to lend support and a happy word, the call of a hawk and a warm hug.

  • Charles

    Dear Colette,
    Your post brought a very real sense of compassion to me.
    Death is a very touchy subject for me.
    I make a point to never smooth over the negative feelings.
    There are no words for the real emptiness death creates.
    The loss.
    I have learned that the hole that is left in your heart after someone you love passes, will never heal. You just learn to cope with it.
    It never goes away.
    Whether or not that is “OK” who knows.
    My heart is with you. Your so sweet to share your story so openly and honestly.
    Thank you again for your post.

  • Emilia

    I’ve just jumped on board 🙂 Just purchased Daily Oracle Card Course – enthusiastically and clapping. Anniversary day of my mother’s passing so I enjoy what became her favourite food – a middle eastern dip called Baba Ganouj. (eggplants roasted,mashed with lemon juice,garlic,tahini). Not standard for a Ukrainian 🙂 I love reading this blog – this connection. Love it! Here in South Australia the rain and winds have made themselves felt after endless dry days yet right now it’s pleasantly warm and radiant and where I live in this isolated country seaside town -the Landlord’s sheep has just run past my house, he’s been doing this for weeks so I’m about to go usher him back to the paddock and close the gate. He knows me now. We do this regularly and I haven’t scolded him for eating my few plants. I look forward to seeing the 2day old lamb whilst there. An adult kangaroo stood behind a thin schrub,pretending not to be there when I approached the compost bin earlier, so, I pretended I didn’t see him either. Cheers! So glad I’m here.

  • Suzanne

    Dear Colette,
    I looked up this blog post as well as the one about Crying Rooms. Just this morning I was telling a student about Aparigraha – detachment or non-covetousness. Right after that, I got a call from my husband to inform me that our beloved parrot, Abigail was dead when he uncovered her cage. She was a healthy and playful parrot and we were in shock. Turns out that our building blasted two bombs of pesticide on the floor below ours, and the fumes must have killed her overnight. By God’s grace, Spirit, her brother, is ok (although I took him to my mother’s home). So much anger and grief. Yet I know that Abi is gone from us now. I am focusing on the good things in life, and how beautiful she was in giving us love and letting us love her. I am not quite adept at this type of detachment just yet. I feel anger (management who knows we are organic, and never use pesticides, commented “I thought you had parrots, not parakeets” as though they knew it would be deadly for small birds.
    Thank you for reminding me that there is so much grace around me. I can’t dwell on the past days with Abi, although we miss her already. Spirit also misses her and it’s the first night he does not say goodnight to her at bedtime, she is gone. I miss her sweet chatter.
    So tonight I am in grief and anger and shock. I know I am raw, but there’s a little light inside me that feels her strength, saying “Go On, Mommy.” I had 3 cledons (sp) that assured me she is safe and in the Light.
    It’s too soon to make art about my grief. I suspect it will be art about the joy she brought us.
    All our friends support us and are shocked and sad with us and sending us their love.
    I am rambling, nevertheless and for some reason sought your posts for another place of comfort.
    Thanks for that.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Dear Suzanne, I know your grief intimately , the anger when your pet crosses over by the folly of another. I remember when my dog Trinket was killed in a doggy day care by a bigger dog and how devastated I was, and how when Beanie died this year it was the result of an MRI due to the irritation in her throat afterwards. Both times I wanted to sue, scream, rage and rail against what I was powerless over. I’m a medium and I know we don’t really die but in this life, I experienced that deep loss regardless. Funny someone said to me ” why are you so torn up?” It’s because I can’t hear her funny noises, smell her bad breath and cuddle her in a thunderstorm. It’s the here and now. Like you, I also kept my focus on the beauty. Today I just smile with the memories of all my furry companions who have crossed over. The pesticide piece is a tricky one. We moved in to our new farm and there were cans and cans of spray for everything from ants to flies. I threw them all out. Granted we have to spray the outside of the structure of the house for things like carpenter ants since they will eat my house lololol, but only sparingly. Pesticides are bad for everything and everyone. Natural products are the way to go. Turns out flies don’t like baggies filled with water and pennies and also don’t like the smell of lavender and Eucalyptus. So bit by bit we are changing things round here to be more prudent with the creatures. I am so so so sorry for your loss. For it is a loss. Until we cross over to reunite with them, we’re still stuck here in the illusion of reality we signed up for. And in this one. It hurts too…

  • Manny Lieberman

    Please can you send Manny lots of love, light healing, as he suffered a stroke that affected his right side and hand, and also fell off a chair backwards, and injured 2 of his ribs on the right side of his back, and is in a lot of pain. Thank you so much.

  • Diego

    I know that it’s been over a year since you wrote this blog but still I felt the need to respond.

    The weather has been beautiful here today, the sun was shining and the temperature went up too. It was a weird day though. With pleasant things and some less pleasant once. But in the end it was a good day.
    The books for my study arrived today, tomorrow the Summit starts and a friend of mine decided to go and join me with it early this morning. I found some peace in a subject that was a bit sensitive for me, as I am a very loyal person and feel this connection with you Colette, I also start feeling it with Nancy (Levin), I know you know her very well.
    Late last night or early this morning, depends on how you look at it, I signed up for Complimentary worthy group sessions. After I went through a very difficult time last night, I did the first step of ’10 steps to letting go and leaping’. For the first time in my life I admitted things to myself, things that I already knew but never really faced. For the first time I went and looked beyond my fears. So yay for me, I DID IT!
    Even though I’m going to a rough time, I see the light at the end of the tunnel some day, I’m taking small steps forwards, although last night was a very big step for me.
    And while I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, and last night was hard on me, it was liberating as well. I may not know all the answers and I may not know how my path will go but one thing I do know I’ll get there, one way or another. I’ve achieved so much in such a short time already and I don’t want to go back to how things were, ever again. Today I also found out that while my external HD is broken that somehow I can get back all the stories that I have written, and are writing, and published, so I’m so relieved and happy about it. Maybe this is what I need to get passed the writer’s block I’m dealing with for at the past year.
    Sure there might be some bumps on the road, but hey that ain’t gonna stop me. Yes, it might get tough and there may be very hard days but that ain’t gonna stop me either. Today was a day of revelations, and I’m sure there are about to come many, many more.
    While I was meditating for my daily Oracle Card reading and was listening to your voice guiding me, as always, I went to start walking across the bridge I was looking around me and saw things I never had seen before but what really got me was the fact that the moment I was about to cross the bridge towards my Oracle Cards, someone suddenly grabbed my hand and when I looked aside to see who was taking it, it was my grandma and she passed away last January. She didn’t say anything, she just helt my hand and guided me over the bridge towards my cards. How amazing is that?!!!
    I don’t know how you do it but I’m actually calming down and am able to feel ’empty’ with your meditation, which is the complete opposite of what every other way of meditating or meditation brought me. What I do know is that it must have been time for you to show up in my life and guide me towards and/or on my path….

    So the past 24 hours have been quite turbulente in many ways. And since I’m on the confessing chair since yesterday evening, although that wasn’t in public, here’s something else, that Nancy made possible for me to say out loud. So yes, I still might be scared but I’m not afraid anymore about saying it.

    You mentioned in your blog something about finding a boyfriend… well here’s the truth while I always been attracted to women, blonde hair and blue eyes for some reason, I found out about 3 or 4 years at the age of 32 or 33, that I’m also attracted to men, but I never openly talked about it. I was in my early thirties when I found that I’m bisexual. There I said it, out of the closet now in front of I don’t know how many persons. (omg, did I really ‘just’ said it?)

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Diego you are so brave and wonderful and I love that you felt safe enough here to come out to us- NO boxes confine us here, no labels are sufficient to define us and in being authentic as you’re being is all about that spiritual refinement that allows us all to be who we were meant to be! SHINE ON my love and welcome to the tribe oxoxoxoxo

      • Diego

        Thank you so much Colette! I can see truly say that I’m relieved about saying it out loud. After coming out here, I came out to a very good friend of mine and she was very positive towards me.
        My life is finally changing for the better this time and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it. Thank you so much for being who you are, being a shining star in the sky for so many of us.
        Love and xoxoxoxo


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