P is for Puppy!

Updated: March 29, 2015

Dearest sparkle being of luminosity and love,

I am relatively incoherent today given the sleepless night I had with a new puppy in our bed. Today’s thoughts will be short but hopefully meaningful for everyone and not just for me since I’m awash in puppy love mush brain this morning.

Our family began a new journey yesterday with the arrival of Coco Doozie the sweet new addition to our family. It was time for us to adopt another fur baby since a month has passed since our beloved Beanie crossed over and Sebastian’s grieving had been long and difficult to watch. He needed a friend and we needed to share the immense love we have to offer a new furry family member.

Last night we made up a special crate for our little girl, set it up right at eye level to us on a chair beside the bed. She would have none of that and after much whining, won out and settled in right beside Sebastian as if she had always slept there between us. Yes we sleep with our dogs. Bedtime is a family affair.

After the most amazing love fest between Sebastian and his new little friend this morning, today he also generously allowed her to commandeer his favorite crate in my office so she could pile all her toys in it and go for a nap. I believe it is now her little house.

I will have to get him a new one.

He just stood there wagging his tail and they kissed each other on the nose and that was that.

We are hers and she is ours and now we live our next adventure together.

So in these short 18 hours I have already been reminded of so many important things.

  1. Staying in the moment is the best gift I can give anyone.
  2. Trust is a responsibility.
  3. Stewardship is an honor.
  4. Patience is something I need more of.
  5. Puppies smell like heaven.
  6. Just because my subconscious is programmed to be paranoid and over protective doesn’t mean I should allow that to continue. I have a choice.
  7. It’s ok to go to sleep at bedtime. The puppy will still be there in one piece in the morning.
  8. The sky is not going to fall on the puppy – Chicken Little.
  9. When I trust that all is well – it is.
  10. Love is the answer to everything.
  11. Sharing your toys makes everyone happy.
  12. Generosity is a spiritual practice.
  13. Carpets can be cleaned.
  14. Squeaky toys are the heart’s music.
  15. Togetherness is more important than business.
  16. Puppy kisses are like edible twinkly stars.
  17. Naps are good for everyone.
  18. It’s ok to write a really short blog – you’ll still be there too ;)

Off to nap… love to all… more next week

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  • Catherine Lapointe

    Greetings Colette..I chuckled that the frog came up..I had a frog pin on today that my grand daughter had given me…it hopped out of the jeweler box this morning…Enjoy your new adventure with you new fur baby and yes fur babies do smell like heaven..May peace be with…Love Catherine

    • Elaine

      Loved video today on changing subconscious mind. Can I get a written transcript! I have hearing difficulty. Thank you so much.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Elaine can you contact my office and we will see – the course has written pdfs the free videos don’t as far as I know. but [email protected] might be able to assist 😉

  • Johanne

    Lololol, I love the chaos! And all the love that it brings! blessings!

  • Patricia Campbell

    Dear Colette…

    Today I shared your video of Sebastian and Coco Doozie to all my peeps under the heading… ‘How to jump start joy for your day!’

    I deeply connected, in particular, to two of your ‘important learnings’ below:
    – Trust is a responsibility.
    – Puppy kisses are like edible twinkly stars.

    I LOVE your blogs… they come from such an authentic heart…

    Warm wishes… Patricia

    ps… Sebastian’s name is bigger than he is :)))

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      I really adore the “puppy kisses are like edible twinkly stars” notion.

      I was on a “twink” flow this past week and that puppy was the sweetest I have met in my neighborhood, so far.

      Everyday Blessings : )

  • Suzanne

    Dear Colette,
    The love and light you are feeling right now is tangible across the net! (That comes across more than the lack of sleep… hee-hee) What an adorable pair your two little ones make. Coco looks like a little love bundle of mischief! Thanks for sharing your brief, but rich blog post (multum in parvo). I know everyone is feeling sooooooo happy after reading it.
    Much love and light to all in the family!

  • irene

    I love your new baby! Congratulations. the video this morning made me very happy to watch, i am still smiling at how precious. enjoy the new little baby girl and please keep the pics coming as we all love to share in the journey too. thank you for all you do 🙂

    My own baby girl (24 now) came home for a visit Thursday -Sunday as she lives in NY now, working. I miss her so much but proud of her , very proud. She is the most precious daughter , she is like my puppy, as I still baby her when she comes home and tonight as I changed her sheets, bleached all the bedding for the next visit home (everything is white), cleaned her bathroom, made her room fresh for her , I felt blessed and lucky to have shared several days with my girl and making her favorite Greek cookies this morning and seeing her joy eating them–it’s the little moments in life that are the most meaningful of all.

    Love ,
    irene (gardenia rose on FB)

  • Maria

    Dear sweet Colette,
    Sooooooo happy for you and for the Darling little addition to your family! How adorable both puppies are! Wishing you love in Abundance and be Blessed with many years together!
    Thank you also for the Wonderful messages you share with all of us!! You are truly a ‘Special Soul ‘ I feel as much as we are in your Tribe it is also a Loving Sisterhood to belong to!!!
    Much love and stay blessed in Angel Light!
    Maria xxxx

  • Lisa

    LOVE that Acronym for fear, Colette!
    False Evidence Appearing True: Hope I can remember that the next time the OMG-Goblin hops on my shoulder!
    Enjoy your new family member and I love hearing about your puppy adventure: yes, carpets CAN be cleaned!
    Great cards…if I look through the love goggles and not the fear goggles.
    Wishing you a great week.

    • Lynda

      Actually – it is “False Emotions/Evidence Appearing Real.” Nonetheless… same message!

  • Lily

    Hey Colette,
    Huge congrats on the little one… she is sooo cute! Awww..
    Also, such a contrast to witness the fear, but then to see through the eyes of love. Isn’t that what life is all about. So much fear all around… yet, always so much love. It really depends on which one you focus I suppose.
    My friend decided on Saturday to say “Hasta la vista life” and I sit today with so much anger as to how he could’ve been so consumed by Fear and not have seen the Love around. I will never know.
    Best wishes and enjoy your little angel.
    Much love from South Africa.

  • Barbara

    After getting the book you recommended “The Dynamic Law of Prayer” this reading really resonates with me. I am realizing that focusing on the love (love of life, love of Spirit and love of others) I will be able to move forward. I know now that the loss of my late husband had a deeper impact on me than I was willing to admit. The loss of his love left such a hole and I struggled with ways to try and fill that hole. I am now focusing on the realization I haven’t lost his love – it has just become a different form. Thank you so much Colette!!!

  • Tatjana

    Congrats to your new family addition <3. Yes, carpets can be cleaned. And wallpaper can be … re-wallpapered at some time in the future (when the kids decide to draw on it and the cats make their marks on it too 😉 Yes to creativity, right) Good point about the decluttering. It's on my list for the weekend. And yes to choosing fear and anger over love. With that in mind, my heart goes out to all the families who have lost their loved ones last Tuesday <3<3<3

    Have a lovely week everyone,

  • Dawn

    Thank you for sharing your love with us. I am so happy for you and your new addition. Much love to you my beautiful soul sister!!!

  • Delilah

    Dear Colette!

    Your fur babies are so cute! And I too think that puppy breath is a heavenly elixir! So happy that your family is reconstituted. Love is grand! And Doggie love is grand with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on the top!

  • Rosslyn

    “Togetherness is more important than Business” resonated with me.
    Love to you as well

  • Paula

    Dear Collte
    You are so inspiring loving person. I wish you all the best with your new puppy.We have our litle dog Chuwy and we love him so much he sleeps with us to.
    Thank you for shearing your love with us.
    Peace & love

  • Sylvie Côté

    Madame Colette,

    YÉ! Pupies! YÉ! Coco! YÉ! For the love You already have for that bundle of fur and visa versa.
    Ya! Life can be so great sometimes. Enjoy!

    With lots of tenderness to your familly and to all my spirituel brothers and sisters in this

  • Jann Kanizar

    Dear Colette
    After having open heart surgery then being diagnosed w/anxiety & depression, I told my husband I wanted a Yorky puppie. Well, we ended up w/two…Lady Rose & Theodore (Teddie) Roosevelt (my husband is a retired sailor and the Roosevelt was his first ship) hence the name. I am now experiencing unconditional love from two angels that were sent to me to let me know everything will be ok.
    Thank you for the encouraging words and my your furry babies bring you as much joy as my two are.
    In Peace,
    Jann Kanizar

  • Karen Crete

    I am so glad your family has Coco Doozie and that she has you – it is very obvious that this was truly meant to be –

  • Ann

    Bless you and the new furry angel 🙂 Wishing you all many nights of snuggly sweet dreams!

  • Gale

    SO happy for you all – Sebastian is in awe of the greatest gift you could give him ! They are a riot ! TRUE LOVE abounds to all! Love the name – Coco Doozie !

  • Cindy Vinck

    Thank you so much for sharing this latest leg of your journey. Coco appears to be a wonderful band aid for the big and little grieving hearts in your home. Nothing more healing than the love and antics of a furbaby

  • Jamie

    So happy for you and your family! We lost our sweet cat, Riley, to cancer this past November and adopted Jasper soon after. He has definitely helped to heal my broken heart and also help me to hold onto memories of our girl. Thank you for sharing this! :

  • Louise Michaud

    Hi Colette
    What a cutie she is. It certainly does not take long to fall in love with them, they seem to know how to take over and we let them.
    The cards you picked were perfect for me today especially the fear and perception. I needed to hear what you said to help me get back on track.
    I love your show and look forward to seeing you in Chicago in June.

  • Jackii white

    Nothing says love like fuzzy kisses and warm wet tongues in your face. I have 5 furkids and I would not have made it this far in this trying time without them. Though they are not puppies to me they always will be. Coc Doozie has a wonderful home and she knows it. Bless you and yours for opening your heart and letting her in. And thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with us.

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Sending you and your new baby much love!! Enjoy

  • Karen

    Love, Love, LOVE #16.Puppy kisses are like edible twinkly stars. So true! AND, the reminder that carpets can be cleaned – thank you Colette, you have such wonderful energy!

  • J.D. Hanning

    Congratulations on your new furry family member, Coco Doozie! I agree with all 18 points you mentioned. Puppies do smell like heaven and puppy kisses are indeed like edible twinkly stars! I love how you captured that. My Yorkie, Ted E. Bear, passed almost 15 years ago and I still miss him. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position where I can adopt another dog just yet, but I do look forward to all the puppy kisses one day! I’m so glad that your home and your heart have welcomed a new friend for Sebastian.

  • Kara

    Thank you for #6! It applies to many areas of all our live. Bless you and your puppies!

  • Jocelyne

    All of it – How wonderful! <3
    Enjoy, enjoy – it will give your little boy a new lease of life 🙂

  • Donna Paris

    Colette, you could write a two line blog and I would still feel honored and graced to have read it! Your video filled my heart with joy and love, thank you for sharing that with us all! My dogs sleep with me as well and yes, they smell like heaven to me too!!

  • Katleena

    Absolutely loved your blog! What a beautiful and uplifting read to start the week! Thank you as always!

  • Diana Boles

    its terrific when all those blessings are tied up in a fur bundle of love!

  • Diana Boles

    Ooops! Hit submit by mistake! Fur balls can make a cold day warmer and a windy day calmer and certainly a discombobulated day refocused. So happy for Marc and Sebastian and, of course, for you! I wouldn’t think of not letting my dogs sleep with me. If a man does enter my life, he’ll just have to accept that. These pups were here first!

  • Mary Jo

    FIRST! Thank you, all of your family,for sharing you inspiring and heartfelt words with your tribe! It is such an honor, as if “coming Home” when reading your weekly forecast! I feel “FILLED UP” , CALM and abundance of love, Again, THANK YOU and your family for sharing the warm and fuzzier with us, YOUR TRIBE! It is a trueism that by sharing your light, it does NOT diminish your light! But brings light to others! Again, THANK YOU for SHARING YOURSELF! NAMASTE, DEAR TRIBE QUEEN! And family.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      : ) LOL

  • Deb Williams

    It has been such a privilege to share in your on-going saga with your beloved fur babies. There is nothing
    like the unconditional love that our animals bring to us. I personally have two dogs and 7 cats (yes!) that
    share my life, and while my house is literally a zoo at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Congratulations to all in your family for getting a new bundle of joy to love and cherish. Puppy breath is
    the best!!! Many blessings to you.

  • Beth Ann

    It made my heart happy reading your blog today.

  • christine

    Gratatude is my new attitude of Being each day!! I am so grateful I have all the blessings I do….and A Big sparkely Thankyou Collette for all the inspiration, insights, laughter & Love you send out to everyone. I Appreciate you!!!

  • Joyce

    Best wishes you , your hubby, Sebastian, and Coco Dozie.
    I love the name!

  • Margie

    Colette – So wonderful to hear how awesome your new puppy is settling into the family. I cannot imagine my life without a dog to share it with. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy 🙂

  • Genene

    Aww…so happy for all of you!

  • Barbe

    AWWWWWWW!!! That’s so precious!! I loved watching that video last night of him playing with her and running all around like he was a puppy himself! It’s so wonderful to see him so HAPPY with his new BFF. I love it!

    You wrote #3-Stewardship is an honor and that is so true.I lost my Bettie in August. We have another senior Chihuahua Veronica we adopted a couple of years ago who is more than happy to be the sole dog in the house now that Bettie has passed away. My heart still aches, and I want to get another little one to shower love on. Try as I might to find another dog I think Bettie’s spirit has other ideas LOL. And I’m OK with that, I know when the time is right a new dog will join our family.

  • Jaime

    Just a little short one !!! 🙂

    A lways is going to stay …..; an eternal spring
    M irrors the essence
    O f the “tropical” lands where seeds I can
    R emember.

    Amor.Love or Miedo.Fear..!!! definitely LOVE is the choice…

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Spanish is a language I will be also learning for work purposes and the fact I like to be connected to people as well as helpful.
      I appreciate you adding that touch to your posts and your poetry is authentic.

      Comunicación Bendiciones : )
      Communication Blessings : )

  • Renee Sugar

    “What a difference a day makes”.
    Glad to hear that Coco has claimed her
    space in your home. So funny how the
    tiniest breeds make up for their size
    in personality. Looks like the choice was
    just the right fit for Sebastian.
    “Love is a many splendored thing”!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    Love this! I just got a new puppy 2 weeks ago and your blog made me laugh. Puppies are so sweet and full of energy! Mine only sleeps for 6-7 hour a night so the last few weeks have been a bit tiresome- though throughout it all he is such a little bundle of joy that reminds me that love in unconditional~

  • Christine

    Even in the picture you posted Colette, the look of love, happiness and excitement in Sebastian’s little brown eyes says it all! He’s enchanted with this little Coco! Love heals everything and brings a sense of “newness” to his world. OMG, she’s so little! Sebastian will have all sorts of things to show her and teach her!

    Love and light to your new family,

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Yay! Coco’s here!
    She is a cutie.
    She resembled a bear in the other photo and here she is a lion.
    Seba and Coco are nearly the same size – Giggles!
    L is for LOV : )
    Peace Blessings …. all around and everywhere toward everyone … let it begin with me …

    When fear is removed one can see capabilities and what needs tuning, thanks for the reminder.
    C is for Colette, Counselor, Communicator, Caring, and Hilariously : ) Healthy

  • Eric


    When I read this week’s blog I couldn’t help but to think of the Greek myth of Persephone; if you’re curious as to why I’ll explain.

    To refresh those of you who may not remember the story of Persephone she was the daughter of Zeus and her mother Demeter. She was kidnapped to the underworld by Hades after Zeus gave him permission to marry her. Upon learning that he simply took her without trying to court her Demeter protested to Zeus for her return. Zeus sent Hermes to retrieve Persephone from the underworld but Persephone grew to love Hades although she missed her mother and living on the earth. Hermes negotiated a deal with Hades that Persephone would live in the underworld for four months of the year and be returned after the four months to live with her mother on earth. Demeter, being the goddess of the harvest and fertility of the earth, was sad and depressed during the time when Persephone was gone; this left the earth cold and barren. When it was time for Persephone to return Demeter was overjoyed and made the earth lush and fertile again.

    In this forum we have talked about the changes that will take place in the upcoming year; we were given a Mercury retrograde to think about the changes that were coming and the things that we needed to do to make the changes effective our higher good. The solar eclipse in the last sign of the zodiac reminded us that there were new beginnings on the horizon and the lunar eclipse this Saturday in Libra will remind us that things will be coming to completion. In this blog and in videos you have reminded us that the rainbow will appear after the storm.

    I’m reminded of a recurring dream that I have had for many years: I will dream that I am amongst a crowd of people, inside a building or outside in the open, a suddenly a tornado appears. Everyone seems to be oblivious to it and it is up to me to warn people to take cover. As I take cover I can see one or several tornadoes pass by; the tornado never hits but there are close calls, and that concerns me.

    Living in the Midwest of the United States tornadoes are a way of life. As the warmer weather of spring approaches the threat of tornadoes increases. Given all of these things I’ve often wondered if I am seeing future events; is this to be my fate? My friend Judy who has done readings for me for almost 20 years assures me that I will not meet my end in a tornado. So why was this dream haunting my slumber? Why was it more intense at some times more than others? I’ve tried to remember what was going on in my life when the dream returned but my recollection fades. Then I remember seeing the “Storm” card in the oracle deck (I’m not sure which deck it is in offhand) and the explanation behind its appearance. Perhaps this was Spirit’s way of warning me about the rough patches in my life and the times that were the roughest the dream was more frequent. Maybe the warning I give to others in the dream is me trying to help them through their rough times in life because no one wants to go through them alone. At the end you keep reminding us that there is a rainbow after every storm and we just have to make it through.

    At the end of January when Beanie was going through her trials I remember how sad you were; I could almost feel the anguish you were going through in the way you wrote about the situation, so helpless in dealing with the situation and bitter that you had to go through it. When Beanie passed there was much sorrow felt by all and the way you described Sebastian’s reaction he was feeling it most of all. This past weekend when you posted the video of Coco’s arrival and Sebastian’s reaction it was almost like there was a parade going on! You seemed overjoyed more than words could say; it was much like Demeter, who wept when Persephone left and overjoyed when she returned. The storm has passed and the rainbow has appeared!

    The past few weeks have reminded me that we need adversity in our lives so that we may recognize and enjoy the good times. Perhaps Beanie knew that she had to leave because Coco was coming; the lessons that you needed to teach each other were complete and it was time for you to take Coco’s life lessons. Enjoy the time you have getting to know Coco; in some cases it will be like beginning again and in other’s it will be building on the knowledge that you’ve collected from your life with Beanie. We all need to be patient as we weather our personal storms because our rainbow will soon be at hand!

    I can bear witness to this; ever since I’ve joined the tribe and for many years like my friend Judy has learned I had gone through many storms. I had watched others go through their storms and watched them receive their rainbows; I felt forsaken by the Universe. My friend Judy assured me that my rainbow was coming and that once I took my first job after I graduated all of the things that I wanted, a wife, a life partner, a best friend, a family, financial security, would soon follow. As I was going through it there was question as to whether or not I was even going to graduate. As I have mentioned in other posts I did receive my master’s degree this past December. I was happy that I achieved this milestone but still skeptical as to whether the rest was obtainable. When I consulted the Oracle cards I kept receiving the message that it was coming soon (how many years in “soon”, I thought). I’ve been pretty positive in my posts but on the inside I was on the edge of despair; I was resigned to the fact that some people get their dreams and some don’t. After pretty much giving up all hope because I felt my shelf life was starting to expire I am elated to report that I received a job offer in my field of study on Wednesday! (Yaay! 😀 ) At first I thought it might be an April fool’s joke because I believe spirit does have a sense of humor, but I learned that it was legitimate! I will soon start reaping the rewards that my rainbow will provide and God willing I will get to enjoy them and share them with others for a long time!

    For those who have not received their rainbows yet and feel that they are in the eye of the storm keep faith; I pray that yours will be coming soon!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautiful post Eric. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 44 years old. and I must have spent the better part of 30 years looking for him and wondering if every man with the letter “M” was him! Same with my music career- chased it wondered if it was all BS as nothing seemed to materialize and I hit brick wall after brick wall. It was only when I surrendered and began to say Thankyou for the smallest things in my life, regardless that I wasn’t getting these major life desires. At age 40 I signed a worldwide record deal with EMI records ( now Universal) produced 2 music CDs – this when I couldn’t have cared less about it anymore. Then I met my husband 4 years later. All when I was ready. Action – detachment – action – praise and gratitude in advance. No one knows how long the storms last and the droughts drain the water. We keep going.
      by the way .. there was no bitterness with Beanie- powerlessness yes but I knew one of them was going soon. I blamed myself since I saw it the day before and thought that meant I could change it. So there was that. CONGRATULATIONS on your new job. we need to hear about these moments. Its the singing we need on the boats at sea and the stories of magic and miracles that keep us together especially for the ones still not yet seeing the rainbows. We need to keep them hopeful. Hugs to you and everyone here!

      • Eric


        I didn’t mean to mischaracterize your feelings; I know how difficult it can be when a loved one. My grandmother, the family matriarch, passed this past January. She was 93 and feisty until the end! I wasn’t sad that she was gone because I know there’s something after this lifetime, I was upset that I won’t get to share my “rainbow” with her, at least formally.

        I think I was projecting my feelings on to you; I have to admit that I’ve been bitter watching life seem to pass me by. I felt like I’ve had a flat tire on the highway of life and I’ve had to watch the other cars whizz by. Some would honk mockingly, at least it seemed like it to me. Maybe they were giving me encouragement; maybe they were warning me to get out of the way because some things in life can run you over if you’re not paying attention. I have to admit it has been tough waiting for AAA to come when you’re broke down on the highway of life.

        But AAA is here! I’m fixed up and back running again! 😛 Don’t worry, there have been a lot of calls and they’ll get to everyone as soon as they can! 😉

        In all seriousness I want to give thanks to all who have encouraged me through the dark storms. I didn’t realize that some of little things that seemed insignificant at the time were truly blessings: phone calls from friends just because, conversations with my grandmother giving me encouragement. All of those little things got me to this point in time and I am grateful.

        Lol, when you mentioned the boat it reminded me of a story that I wrote when I first joined the Navy. I wrote it while I was on the ship and all in one night. I would like to share it with you and the tribe but I’m not sure I could post it here; it’s 8 pages long. If you can tell me where I might post it I’ll be happy to share it. Thanks for allowing me to share on this forum; it has done a lot for me and I hope to continue to help others as everyone has helped me.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          so happy you’re here… nah you struck a nerve and I probably WAS a bit bitter for a day or so ( didn’t want to admit it spiritual teacher that I am supposed to be here) and 8 pages is too long for my blog comments page but you have my permission to invite people to your Facebook page to read it if you post it there etc. No one is broke down on the highway of life we all have the tools to fix the tires and find meaning in the smallest things until the big things show up that then just become things… its the experience that counts. AAA is you 😉

          • Eric


            I think I’ve found a remedy; I put the story into a blog and posted it. The link to it is posted below:

            Eric’s Story

            Again, the background on this story is I was about 26 years old, new to the Navy, and one day I started writing this story. I wrote it all in one setting so how you see it is pretty much how it was initially written. I won’t say too much more; just read and enjoy at your leisure! If the link doesn’t appear or there is a problem with the HTML I will repost the full link.

          • DLLGRJandfurballs

            I agree Colette:

            “Triple A is You”. Without the tools I was drowning; mom & dad busy with life, me the youngest of four, school limits itself – what is left but we, ourselves, who need to apply “the tools” that work. This, that, here we are: Why am I here? It is a return to/of LOV : ) for me. I know some of you will agree “back to the soul child” we know we are and must be for our own sanity and when we are sane we can help someone else “give” in life as opposed to “take” out life. Peace or War?. Ever the fighter yet for whose team?

            Blessings, Please : )
            Amen, you guys!

            Learn any and all the tools because there will be so many scenarios in life that they will fit someplace – the puzzle of life.

            Colette, your Journey is very, very, very interesting (our Higher Power has an interest/share of an investment in us); love you, Sister. Hugs for fur munchkins and Power/Spirit for your team and tribal dancers.

            “Błogosławiony” (in Polish)
            “Blessed” (translated)

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Yay! Eric : )

      Victory Dance!

      I love rainbows [pastel sparkles, please]… LOL

      Literary Masterpiece’s of the World well written and cosmic.

      Forever Blessings go a long way …

  • Eric

    Thanks DLLGRJandfurballs, I admit the story is a bit of a tearjerker; some have asked me to polish it up and publish it. I don’t know about this one but there may be a story/book in me somewhere. 😉

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Just read the story; it is a very full start to a book/movie as a lesson to be learned with an author’s accent. I pray you find the partner to polish-in the feminine perspective [at the point she realizes her mistake] to have a balance yet the way it is also is acceptable [elaborate a tad more about written note – explain why those words]. I , the reader, could visualize it for the most part and that is the key to written success. You’ve got something – creative – unique- classical ….

      Infinity Blessings : )

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