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Updated: April 12, 2015

Dearest you,

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who “ knew me when” that reminded me of a secret I want to share with you today. You likely already know it but it’s always good to be reminded when you’re having a teeny bout of spiritual amnesia and forgot “who” is in charge.

I’ve written about this before, about the times I have fallen into “self will run riot” thinking I am in complete control of my universe singing “My Way”, or fallen in with a fear fever, shaking in my bed wondering if the sky might fall on my head or that I might end up a bag lady, will never have a good idea again, and other such delusions.

Yes I said it.

I get like that too sometimes.

But you know that.

Now, this person has not changed much in all the years and still remembers me as I was when I was troubled. And they have a hard time relating to the woman I have become. It’s weird when someone still wants to see you as the old you.

I am so different today.

Let me tell you who I was “back then.”

When I knew this person, I lived hand to mouth. I had no clue how I would pay my rent month to month. I had just gotten clean and sober, and was cleaning up the wreckage of my past. My readings were brand new and I was working 3 jobs. My family was destitute and I had to help out.

I was plagued with low self worth, but like a drowning person grabs a life preserver,

I was also clinging to my new life and the spiritual values I was learning how to embody.

My subconscious patterns set in motion years before were there – yes. But I was rehearsing something more powerful, igniting AH-HA after AH-HA, opening doors like ABRACADABRA. Then I just kept stepping into each door and crawled through every window of opportunity that opened for me.

Yes I wanted certain things MY WAY, and boy o boy did I make it hard on myself falling asleep regularly forgetting I was spirit guided and thinking it was all on my own steam!

But.. I kept asking to be awake and prosperous and purposeful, and that my life could make a difference for others since I got a second chance!

So they asked me what did I do, to get to where I am? What was the secret?

Then they proceeded to complain about all their hard knocks and why this and that didn’t happen and how miserable they still are. They were stuck in a bad relationship because of money, they couldn’t get a job etc. And, if I had their life well.. maybe I wouldn’t have been so “ lucky” bla-bla-bla.

They had a lot of excuses. Good ones too if you only counted the human condition and not the real Power that could change everything.

So .. I said the only thing that ever worked for me every time was to say these 2 magic words. These two simple words are the key to opening the gates of heaven.

Thank You.

You see gratitude before all else, praise before manifestation, glory given to a Higher Power is the Abracadabra, the Open Sesame- the secret handshake between you and the universe.

I remember being so grateful every day that spirit messages flowed like honey. I didn’t always recognize them. Half the time I thought they were sticky goo forcing me to stay in the moment (duh) when I had things to do! But hindsight is 20/20. They were there every step of the way.

And I equally remember how I could so easily forget that I was only part of the equation and how small and contracted my life could appear the minute I unplugged from Source and allowed my small self to lead until an instant flash would wake me up and I was again awash in Thank Yous.

It was also only when I could say Thank You for the harshest experiences, and found I could make some great fertilizer out of all that life S***T that I was able to co-create the life I have now. I am not entitled to anything in my life, I am however responsible to make something of it.

I told this person that the secret is to say Thank You and then do something after.

I am going to share with you some of my secret Abracadabra recipe for success.

Got Lemons? Say Thank You – Make Lemonade- share it, say Thank You.

Got Nothing? Say Thank You- Help someone with less. Say Thank You- And so on.

Feel Poor? Say Thank You- find value in the smallest thing- tithe- say Thank You – and so on.

No Relationship? Say Thank You- buy yourself some flowers- say Thank you- love something for no reason- and so on.

Crappy Relationship? Say Thank you- love yourself more- say Thank You- become the person who could have a better one- say Thank You… and so on.

Experience Loss? Say Thank You- stay broken open- more of you to share- more love to give- say Thank You.

Make a Mistake? Say Thank You- stay humble, make amends- say Thank You- stay open – say Thank You.

Want to Achieve Something? Say Thank You- let go and let Spirit decide the form. Say Thank You.

If it doesn’t come the way you want it? Say Thank You- Spirit has a plan- Say Thank You for that etc.

Dying? Say Thank You… you won’t get another chance to do it over. Not in this lifetime.

My friend was less than impressed. They will keep doing what they are doing and by golly so will I.

There is no room for complacency for me.

No matter what conditions we are faced with -Thank You comes before the manifestation of something better, not after you get it.

Thank You for sharing this moment with me. I know they are precious.
Love you always

love colette 200x103





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  • Lisa

    Thank you .. two magic words .. your honesty is a blessing.

    Thank you for being brave and humble.

    I loved reading that .. very soul touching .. reminds me to let go, say thank you and to be here now.

  • Shelley

    I love this week’s blog (and each week’s!) with this beautiful re-minder to be in gratitude, in faith that whatever IS right now is filled with blessings, visible or, as yet invisible. Gratitude is nourishment of the highest order.
    Thank you, Colette Baron- Reid! You are always right on the mark. ♥

  • Erin

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  • Laura Young

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Thank you for your authenticity and thank you for following your soul and being who you are today! You are a blessing!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • john McKay

    Thank You! I also remember you back when. You always had that special spark. I knew even then that you were going to be much more than just OK! I love your blogs and the daily Oracle cards! Thank You! and Many Blessings!

  • Karen

    Thank you

  • Renee Sugar

    I recently read Dr. Joe VItale’s book who writes about the H’oponopono work which in its
    simplest form asks that you say; “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, THANK YOU.
    You can say this in whatever order you choose. After the first few times of not really feeling like
    you mean this, something begins to shift, and your heart begins to open, and you can of
    course apply it to yourself about anything that may have transpired throughout your life.

    I sure identify with the “MY WAY” theme, so today, I ask to be willing, to keep an open mind
    and to know that I will be in the right place at the right time by divine appointment. I was
    invited for a job interview scheduled for later today ; and the person who left the “message” said he was “excited ”
    to meet me?? This is a new experience. What does that mean? I must be leaving a favorable impression
    although “Once upon a time” I was a very difficult person who was driven by my need to strive for
    perfection. That of course was a means to cover up how scarred, and scared I really was.
    I was attempting to return to life after being struck by a Jeep. I made things uncomfortable for others
    with my demanding, exacting ways and was not the most loved member of the “team”. Little did they
    know how vulnerable I was feeling, how difficult it was for me to ask for help, and to show the side of
    me that was “human”. What a performance!!!! It cost me a lot because I was trying behave as if I wasn’t
    broken, or that this experience didn’t leave an indelible impact on my perspective. So the short of it is
    that I no longer work for that company; I was laid off, but the journey home was a very pain-filled one
    and taught me much about self-compassion and self-forgiveness. THANK YOU I now know that I can be
    more patient, and kinder toward my own being; and when I am not acting as if I am the
    GENERAL MANAGER OF THE UNIVERSE ; everything will unfold more easily. I just have to do my part.
    Work is only a slice of my life, the big pie has many aspects and facets.
    BE KIND for everyone you meet is experiencing
    difficulty in some aspect of life’s trials and tribulation. No one is exempt.
    So I THANK YOU for “re”-minding me that collaboration and co-creation are the current
    way of creating synergy. That way everyone wins. So grateful that I can share this message.
    “Whatever is meant for you will not go by you”. THY WILL BE DONE. It may not be MY WILL;
    but moving forward is the direction I want to be heading.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      LOV : )
      Thank you, so much, Renee:
      There is always something I learn from your posts ….
      comment or no comment, LOL
      Everyday Blessings!

  • catherine

    Thank you, I am grateful for you always Colette. I am sitting in probably the worst time my businesses have faced with declining cash flow…did everything I could to sabotage my new partnership relationship…LOL…so we closed the last relationship episode of Season 1 and my man and I together agreed to begin Season 2 with a fresh start no looking backwards…This unconscious pattern for my companies is about men coming into my life and me not being allowed to having prosperity and abundance in relationship…done so so much work on it over the years.. on all aspects of me and these unconscious programs….and yet the most amazing thing is that as I write this I sit in peace and harmony knowing that Creator’s divine timing is at work and that as long as I keep saying Thankyou, I am grateful for these lessons and take action on the restoration goals set in place, that I will prevail. In however that looks and feels…Such an amazing journey! Love to you all!!

  • Andrea

    Didn’t get the point first. But then! Well: THANK YOU!!! Love and a lot oft hugs.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Thank Yo : )

  • Delilah Praete

    Thank you!!!!

  • Sylvie

    Ah! Madame Colette,

    Gratitude! … Expressing it by saying “Thank You”. .. I was mentioning exactly that this weekend
    to my Tenderness that we where very lucky to live where we are living, eat, love and drink all the water
    we can freely drink. We have to say a big Thanks for all that we have. When I speak to him like this, he always tells me I should have been a preacher. Then we look at each other and we laugh…

    But I know that in the secret of his heart, He will say words of gratitude. He is one of the
    best thing that was put on my Path, that and my children and my grand-children. The Universe only knows how gratefull I am.

    But … But I’m still learning and bowing my head in humility and humbly saying “Thank You” even if
    life puts unplaisant surprises like Jack in a Box on the path. Yes, those moments do come and they
    Are there to make us learn something like asking for help, to understand, to silence ourselves, regroup
    And reconnect with our spiritual self in order to get out of negativity. Boy is that ever challenging.

    Yes, it is hard and harsh work but when we surrender in gratefulness and send love and
    blessings to what as hurt us the most, it is soooo good when one start to see the light at the end of a
    tunnel and say a beautiful “Thank You” with open arms. That I know.

    My Dear Madame Colette, bang on this week with your blog message this week.

    Thank You !

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      “Bang On” that was a good one, Sylvie ….
      I appreciate your authenticity
      Thank Yo : )

  • Gilda

    Thank You so much for being YOU and being always so cheerful now, despite your earlier set-backs. It is so true, one has to be grateful and give THANKS, even for the negative experiences one has to endure in life — one grows because of them (speaking from experience). There are always people that have or had worse situations to overcome — ALWAYS. Now I miss that you are not on the TV-program every night, as I liked to watch your GOOD WORK. Thank U — Thank U — Thank U 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Gilda I am on tv .. they just took a break and the shows are all back on air again. 😉 thanx for writing

  • cp

    Just what I needed right now right this moment, thank you for the sharing and message.

  • Diana Boles

    Isn’t gratitude the greatest blessing we can receive and, in the same embrace, the greatest blessing we can bestow? A single breath exhaled can be a Thank You —- These two little words are the purpose for the inhale. “Imagine all the people, living life this way”.

  • Jenny

    So many times I have put out the intention for a job and like clockwork I would get a job that seemingly just fell into my lap.

    Recently I was in need of a job as my bank account was very low. I went on an interview feeling very positive and had my heart and sights set on one particular job. When I didn’t get the job my heart sank as anxiety set in. I soothed myself with the reminder that God shall take care of me as he always has and that perhaps that wasnt the perfect job for me. The perfect job was coming. And sure enough I received a phone call from a friend, spoke to her human resources people who hinted that they would hire me if my interview with the hiring manager went well. It was like they said yes to me before they even met me. I’ve been working there a month and a half now and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thank you for the stories you share. I just wanted to take a moment to share one back. Congratulations on your dream home. Xoxo

  • Debbie

    Thank-you for being genuine, honest and caring. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world.

  • Cynthia

    I have always known this is how it works. My little small me forgets. I say thank you without truly being grateful at times. Thank you for the reminder. It’s not enough to say just thank you, I have to recognize it in my very ‘being’. Thank you are dear sista goddess. You are beautifully created!


    THANK YOU! Beautiful post… you are a blessing!

  • Christina


  • sudesing chunnoo

    Thank you for your valuable message , I think I will start myself to say thank you , before doing an action .Once again thank you

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