A Tale of Three Ravens!

Updated: April 26, 2015

Has Nature ever chosen to be the conduit for a message from Spirit for you? Do you have a special affinity to any creature in particular, and when you need a sign does it just seem to show up like magic? One of my friends is connected to owls, another to deer, someone else is sure hummingbirds are her spirit messengers.

I have a strong spiritual affinity to ravens- specifically three of ‘em at a time.

When we were living in Sedona Arizona I was called to give creative birth to the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle cards and throughout the crafting of them I would hear the krrrrk krrrrk sound that these birds would make every time I sat down to write and then again when I was done for the day. I began to notice the timing of the connection and after a couple weeks when I would walk out to our pool I would find three giant ravens perching on the top of our roof. Arizona ravens are magical.

Yet, after a while I got used to them and then to me they were just hanging around and I stopped making the connection.

It’s what happens when you take for granted the things you see and know intimately as a profound connection to Spirit, and instead only concentrate on the realm of Form- when a spirit guide becomes just a black bird, and a talisman becomes a simple river rock. They are both those things, but sometimes the logical mind pushes the magic so far to the outer reaches of awareness you lose your ability to know the quintessential realm that is present in all things. Your first sense of intuition is rendered silent and life becomes small again.

However when you allow and leave yourself open to the possibilities of this uncommon dialog extraordinary things happen even if you’ve forgotten those special moments of the past.

When I fully surrendered to my ability as a medium it was in Thunder Bay Ontario, when in front of my then new friend, (and now amazing event manager Sharla) three ravens appeared right at my hotel window ledge “krrrrk krrrk krrrrk” to let me know I was stepping into my purpose and that no matter what I would be Ok. Again.. I had asked for a sign, and I received it loud and clear. I still get shivers when I think about how close they came and how obvious it was to us both.

When I got back to New Hampshire I had an award winning artist paint three ravens on my motorcycle to commemorate the epiphany so I would never forget.

This weekend we went to inspect the farm we bought in Ontario. I’m going to confess we bought it before we actually went there because of the way it came to us and the fact I didn’t question it, it felt so Spirit led we just went with the flow but now it was crunch time. I started doubting myself even though when we got there it was perfect in every way.

I had told my husband that if there was a dragonfly there we would know 100%. So of course there were two metal dragonflies as soon as you entered, and a butterfly as well – both of which were the signs from this last house here in Connecticut.

I did scream a little about those.

Well .. that kinda wore off a little too quickly as my logical mind began to consider how huge this change would be etc etc.

Sign after sign were being presented to me at the property too numerous to mention but I kept wafting a bit. I admit it, at one point I thought maybe there were too many signs?

Amazing considering I wrote an entire book about signs and omens!

Then, about an hour later it happened.

The current owner of the house, coincidentally (not) good friends with good friends of ours decided to show us around and we drove through a beautiful part of the area. I was tired of listening to my thoughts so I did some deep breathing and looked out the window at the beautiful spot we were slowing down to admire.

Just then, three ravens flew through the trees and landed.

Krrrk krrrrk krrrrk. That distinct sound you cannot mistake for the “Caw Caw” of the Crow.

I can just imagine all my angels and guides and whoever else in the invisible dimensions that seem to be following me around lately having a good exasperated laugh on my behalf.

“ JEEZ ! How many signs does one girl need? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?”

“ I got it.”

“ It’s all good.”

The best part is when I researched ravens in this part of Ontario when I got home. There have only been 2 sightings in 5 years.

Mine would be the third.

So .. am I still a little overwhelmed by everything? You bet. Do I trust this next right action. Yes I do. Will I forget again? Possibly … but only when I allow my small self and its fears to distort my vision. The realm of Form is the illusion that lulls us into spiritual amnesia. It’s what we’re here to remember actually.

The Realm of Spirit is the true reality.

I’m not worried if it happens.

I will wake up again.

I know I will.

Ravens, dragonflies or whatever Spirit decides to get my attention with will make sure I notice the conversation.

So have you had an experience when Nature provided you with a sign that Spirit was trying to dialog with you, perhaps answer a question or show you a specific answer? Did you forget for a while then woke up to the magic again when it happened for a second or third time?

Love to hear your story. Tag You’re it!

Love you now and always.

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  • Shelley

    Ohhh I love this experience that you have shared! I’ll share something which happened to me. I was part of a group studying shamanism. I was directed to learn what my totem animal (s) was, and shown how to do this. It took a little time, but one day I was walking through some woods near my home. Suddenly, I heard crashing in the bush. I stopped, (well, I froze in fear, I think!) and the crashing kept on, getting closer. I thought for sure a bear was coming to devour me. The next thing I knew, not one, but two does were standing (I feel like they came to a screeching halt) staring right at me, not more than 5 feet away. We all just gaped at each other for (felt like time stopped…no idea how long) and then the two does turned their sweet little white tails and leapt away, as quickly as they had arrived.
    OK, that seemed clear. The next thing that happened is that I was driving to work along a highway I usually took, and saw this enormous, unfamiliar (deceased) bird at the side of the road. I am NOT a person who normally stops to look at roadkill, but this bird was so striking I had to see what it was. It was competently unblemished, and just looked like it had been laid there. I *heard* instructions to pick it up and bring it with me. Believe me, I was not wanting to do that, but after arguing with myself I covered my hands with plastic grocery bags and gingerly picked up the body. I still didn’t know what kind of bird it was. I brought it to show a close and very open minded friend who understood why I’d done this, and she ID’d it as an Owl. I took it home and received help to do a proper ceremony, to bury the Owl, after accepting Its’ gift of a few feathers. Within the same week, to my astonishment, I won a raffle at a pow wow (the first and only raffle I have ever won, after buying a ticket only because my friend coaxed me into it). The prize was a huge (I mean MONDO huge- the kind of thing you see in a museum) taxidermy montage of a Great grey Owl landing on it’s prey, a partridge, all mounted on a huge tree fungus. OK, Spirit, thank you, I get it. It also dawned on me after this that for many years, my mother had all kinds of sculptures and ornaments, even jewelry of owls. Evidently I am a member of the “Order of Owls” And of the Deer tribe. So…yes, I try to pay attention to these signs from Spirit (and I forget frequently too) and if I just look, pay attention or ask, they always come. Thank you , Colette, for sharing your confirmations. Inspiring!♥

    • Debi

      I lost my husband three years ago.. Shortly after his death I would hike in the woods near my home where I would walk and cry and generally feel very sad and hopeless… One day I was feeling very very sad and as if to snap me out of it a bee stung me on the hand then at the same time a Buck appeared maybe ten feet in front of me and just stopped and looked straight at me as if to say your going to be alright you must keep moving forward..it felt to me like my husband was sending me a message that he was still with me. I feel my husband sends me little signs all the time when I really need them and it always makes me smile!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I am sorry for the loss of your soul mate… and although he had to leave the body behind isn’t it amazing to know he’s communicating with you nonetheless

        • Andrea Windrim

          I just saw 3 ravens so I was looking on the net for the meaning and I came across your wonderful story. Me too I feel that I have found my purpose and just finished a cycle of learning in my my life. Thank you. Blessings.

      • Jason

        That’s a cool story!

    • Brenda

      Ladybugs, yes the lovely little creatures. There was one day this Fall that I was having a particularly bad day. I remember daring saying, that if spirit really listened to me and heard me at all they would send me a sign and I said ‘ ladybugs’. Now it is not unusual to see ladybugs in the fall, but a couple of days later there were like a hundred on my bedroom ceiling, the screens were still on, so how did they get in, and better yet, how was I going to get them outside? I took my daughter up to our room to show her and she could not believe it, they were everywhere, on the ceiling, in the curtains on the bed, on the lamps. I closed the door and went about my day as I wondered what I should do with them. When I went up ther to confront them that evening, they had magically disappeared. This same thing went on for a few days, with them being present in the day, and gone at night. Soon winter came and there were not as many, but there was always one or two all winter long, somewhere in the house. The funny thing is that even when I go somewhere else, I see ladybugs. They may be real, or they may be a picture, button, tattoo or whatever. But now I know that when I see them I am alway surrounded and protected by spirit. I think I am more aware of them now, and just smile and feel warm inside when I see them, knowing that I am not alone….

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Loved your connection with Nature …. and its meaning to yo : )

    • Cindy schneider

      How interesting, I had a experience with lots of Dragonflies last year, I was having a very hard time here and almost gave up on life entirely, for four days in a roll I went out on my patio and lots if Dragonflies appeared and flew in front of me, when I went back in my apt they disappeared,

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        clearly they want you to hang in there.. dragonflies represent transformation… they are helping you…

    • Jj

      We occasionally saw lizards, butterflies where we live in Anaheim ca. After I bought my kids a baby iguana we actually started having lizards in our patio, in our apt. No big deal right! After my youngest was born, we were having to catch and release numerous baby lizards. They would end up in the room next to my sons crib. On my trip to Hawaii everywhere we went, I would see lizards on trees, in front of me, on the walls, on top of the hood of the car next to us etc.. Yesterday I went to park, haven’t in a while due to health, again I saw no less than 5 lizards. They just stare at me or even let me hold them. I’m surrounded by lizards but also butterflies. My mother has a green Japanese beetle that visits us every day during summer. If it enters our home I just say thank u for visiting but please go outside And it listens. We luv our totems.

    • Diana Boles

      Love this story! Owls are tremendous!

    • SAM

      I cannot believe how amazing you are! I love your Oracle cards. I choose three online every day. But lately, I’ve wondered if they reflect my delusions, rather than the true situation. Because when I feel positive energy radiating from me, the cards are “happier.” (I know that they are all happy, but some seem happier than others!) I do ask about particular situations going on in my life…and only time will tell if the cards were “right.” But also, I think outer circumstances can change according to the choices and changes we make in and for ourselves…so for a lot of things, there is no “fate.” In any case, the cards help me a lot, and it’s unbelievable how I keep getting the same card sometimes three days in a row!
      Thank you, Colette, you are a great treasure!

    • Leila

      A few weeks ago, just before many sudden changes occurred in my life (for the better) the 3 Ravens (who my children and I would call to when they came to visit for the last few months) flew one by one in a line, swooping upward in a row right in front of me and the children!
      A few minutes later, I saw an environmental specialist who happened to be on the property conducting a bird assessment told me the birds weren’t crows (which I assumed they were), they were ravens! We were in Whitby on the edge is a nature preserve, near a development under construction and these birds showed up in March!
      I feel so blessed to have seen something so magical, and like a hello we were waiting for! They would even sometime follow us around the property when we would go out on walks, it was amazing!
      I’ve always loved ravens and just yesterday found a raven oracle deck in a box I forgot I had.
      It felt like a nudge or reminder about seeing them a few weeks ago fly in single file at eye level going upward toward the sky!

    • Lisa

      I’m trying to find the meaning of 3 ravens then also 3 dragonflies. From your story, I take it to mean nothing bad.

  • Tara

    Today I was in my room sitting on my bed looking to the side out the window. I was startled when like a huge black cloud, in a swosh, about 30 little black birds flew over to my window coming so close it felt like they were going to fly into the room; so close I could hear the soft swish of wing tips brush softly against the glass pane as they turned. Without stopping and as fast as time the group turned to the right and flew up to the roof. Was that a sign?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what do you think? … a sign is when we notice and we feel the conversation. It’s a subtle yet unmistakable sense of being in the moment and more than the moment at the same time.

  • Rebecca

    Absolutely love this post! The animal that I think brings me spirit messages is a spider. Unfortunately I am terrified by them and have been since I was small. I always seem to see them when I need a wake up call. The last one was just before we moved towns and I was getting washing out of the basket and a HUGE spider crawled out of the shirt I was holding. I completely freaked out and ran away before I remembered that my husband was away for work and I would have to get rid of it myself. It seems such a small thing but it was so hard for me to do. I found a broom and swept that shirt with the spider slowly out the door. But I was shaky and jumpy for days! I have been working on my relationship with spiders and if I see them outside I’m ok with thanking them for their message and sending them on their way (as long as they aren’t too big!) but if they’re in my house that’s a whole different matter! I should probably mention that I live in Australia and we have some pretty fearsome spiders!! Has anyone else had an experience like this? How do you make peace with a messenger that terrifies you??

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I used to be afraid of spiders, but now i see them as a messenger of creativity so one day the fear just wasn’t there anymore. That said it’s smart to have some trepidation around poisonous ones. It’s how we protect ourselves, especially where you live you have quite the array of crawlers.

  • Paul

    Actually for me it is 444. Its uncanny, I see them all the time, I wake up at 4:44, see it on license plates, etc. And when I say I see 444 a lot I mean A LOT. I can’t really relate it to anything except it seems to be an “a a boy” kind of thing. I saw several around the time I had my surgery. Someone is sure talking to me!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Hi, Paul:

      Casually, 4 is an education number and added the numbers in your sequence equal 3 (4+4+4 = 12 = 1+ 2). 3 is a communication number. My interpretation is “LIfe’s Lesson”. Yo : ) mention seeing the sequence a lot; could it be you are meant to be learning at those times? (My interpretation is based on Glynis McCants numerology associations).

      Everyday Blessings : )

      • Paul

        Thanks for that. I appreciate it a lot. I also know it is one of Doreen Virtue Angel numbers. You could be right, I know one thing, you go through challenges and you appreciate the positives that much more…….

    • Stephanie

      Paul, I also see 444 everywhere. It’s strange hearing another person has same experience. I woke up at 4:44am every day for 3 weeks straight. I see it on receipts and licence plates and bill boards and all over. Seems to mean something. I heard it means thousands of angels are around you wanting to assist you

  • Diana Boles

    The world of signs and omens! Yowzer! They are ever present for me. I have been granted 11 totems. Each one has a specific compass point in my circle of life. But anyone of them can appear, and have, when I am in need of a comforting sign.
    Back in 2003, Red Tail Hawks started making appearances in my daily movements. No matter where I was, I would see them. Not just here and there, but everywhere and several times a day. Now, Hawks are akin to messages and Archangel Gabriel. I began to realize that these birds weren’t part of random sightings. They were hovering to be near ME! They had something to say to ME! They were offering protection to ME!
    I came to understand what they were alerting me to after a Christmas Party. My husband (now “X”) did something despicable. I cannot get into the details, but it only involved something he did to me. No one else was hurt by this act of his. It was the honest -beginning of the end- for us. I was mortified by his actions. The Holidays ended and he went to Bike Week in Daytona. Our son was on spring break from college ( x was already gone to Florida) and made a spur of the moment decision with friends to go to St. Augustine to visit other pals from high school. When he announced he was going, I said I wish he wouldn’t. “I have a bad feeling about this”.
    Well, he went. So I decided to soul search. I planned to ask for a divorice when hubby’s trip was over.
    My Hawks were everywhere. My Red Tails in particular, started landing in the trees right by my house. What is this message? What do you want me to know? Everyone returned at about the same time. But my son came home with a severe injury. He broke his neck in a diving accident. He is a walking, talking miracle. 2surgeries, 3 plates, 10 screws & a titanium cage where the 5th vertebra used to be.
    Hold everything! This is the message! His welfare is of the most importance. Try to put the despicable behind you and work on forgiving it, on repairing the marriage. So i did..
    But still they hung close to me. Staying in my yard. While I was riding my motorcycle they would seem to fly with me. They were around the school where I teach. In the woods——and not hidden. Right in front of me close enough to touch visible. The message isn’t finished.
    And it wasn’t. But, like Colette they were becoming such often sightings, and things were better, that I was beginning to feel they are just here.
    No, they weren’t just here. They were still protecting me. Still alerting me. Still wanting to talk to me. Then the other shoe dropped.
    The X was cheating. DIVORICE ON THE HORIZON! I sent him away to live with his gal pal.
    My hawks seemed to not be so busy in those first few months of filing for divorice. But now a fox was visiting every night. This message was to lay low. Be silent. Stay in the shadows. Don’t react, respond. When I knew for certain what I would be able to handle legally, I knew I wanted to keep my home. It was spring and things were beginning to get active in the courtroom. I needed a sign that I was on the right track. That I would come out of this like a lady and land on my feet. Suddenly, a young Red Tail took up residency in my yard. She would sit right outside my backyard windows. In the trees, on the roof, on the fences. Always very near me. When I would be gardening she would come to the yard. I felt calmed by her. Safe. Soothed.
    In the end, I was able to keep my home. Waken Tanka blessed me. When the court issues were over, I volunteered my time rescuing raptors. I was only able to work with them for 2 years, but that is how long the young one stayed in my yard. As for the fox, she still visits, but I see her only when I question if Cinderella should go to the ball.
    Now, don’t get me started on my other 9 totems. At least not today! Hahaha

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Love this story!.. (of course not the despicable part) .. hawks and fox… yep they are part of my totem tribe too, and well motorcycles.. yep..when I ride dragonflies follow me.

  • karen

    I saw my fav butterfly called small blue in my new garden. And it was joined by another. I have been waiting/ praying for a partner , maybe this was a sign.

  • Debbie Hamilton

    Hi, Colette,
    What an amazing story! I wonder what the odds are against 3 ravens turning up AGAIN in your life just when you needed that sense of continuity and reassurance the most? I bet you’d have a better chance at hitting the lottery!
    I’d like to tell you my own favorite wild critter story. I call it “My Therapist Has a Bushy Tail.”
    Shortly after I retired from teaching, my husband and I moved back to the city where I was born and raised. I still have family here, and both my children had coincidentally landed here for school and or jobs they liked,so it seemed like a logical thing to do. We planned to rent for a year and look for a home to buy since property is much more reasonable here. Now,when you are house hunting hundreds of miles from where you live, it’s hard to check things out as thoroughly as you might like…so, you guessed it, we signed on for a bad house.
    At least, the front part was, set right on a road that was much more heavily traveled than we expected. Cars, trucks,, horns, traffic…ay yi yi, it never stopped! The back part of the house was the saving grace. It had a big deck off the dining room bordered by ancient oaks,pines and maples, and sat above a long yard that ran downhill into a small wooded area. The day we moved in, an irate little red squirrel dived from one of the pines trees onto the railing and scolded us thoroughly.
    I put food out for him anyway, along with all the birds and gray squirrels and chipmunks and raccoons that found their way to the deck . One day in the winter the crowd was joined by a scrawny, battered looking young gray squirrel with a decided limp. We nicknamed him Gimpy and I worried about him throughout the winter, taking care, whene.ver I saw him to make sure he got his share of the goodies
    Then I was in a horrible car accident. I broke most of the bones on my left side, had to have hip and knee surgery, etc. etc. My husband and my kids took over feeding the critters, but whenever I asked about Gimpy, they just shook their heads, and said they hadn’t seen him. I was sure one of the hawks in the area had enjoyed a tasty squirrel dinner.
    There finally came a day in the spring when I was able to tie some plastic bags full of food onto my hated walker and maneuver my way out on the deck. I just sat there for a few minutes, in pain and very worried. Our landlord had decided he wanted to put the house up for sale and was really hoping we would agree to end our lease as soon as possible. How were we going to find another house in such a short period of time? How was I going to pack up and MOVE when I had trouble moving around the house at all?
    Suddenly I noticed a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. You guessed it…it was Gimpy, scampering across the railing. He still favored the one back leg, but the limp was much better, and overall he looked pretty good! I was so glad! He dropped down to the deck beside me and gravely accepted a peanut. Then he did something I have never seen another squirrel do before or since. He hopped up onto the railing, turned around until he was facing me, spread all his legs out and put his head down on his front paws as if he were going to take a nap!!!He didn’t. He just sat there and looked at me, with no fear, no tension, and as we both sat there together, a curious sense of peace came over me.All at once, the pain was much less, and somehow I began to believe everything would turn out all right. We sat there together for the longest time. I remember how quiet everything got…
    I never saw him again. But to make a very LONG story shorter, everything did turn out so much better than I could ever have imagined. I started getting better much faster, we found a house within a month, still right in the city, but with an even larger property, totally fenced in with mature trees around the edges, so we have peace and privacy. And did I mention what was the very first critter I saw the day we moved in? you got it—another little gray squirrel, standing at the top of my back steps peeping into the family room! No, it wasn”t Gimpy, but it was good enough…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a great story ..

    • Diana Boles

      Fabulous story of comfort and joy! Industrial little guys, those squirrels. Even as therapists!

    • Eric

      Great story! It reminds me of the movie “Funny Farm” 😉

  • Melanie

    Hi Colette and Team

    Thank you for this blog about the 3 ravens. I also get messages from Spirit from the Raven or Crow here in Australia and today, I got a message about your email notification and also 3 Crows flying over.

    At the time I took it as 3 things to crow about and reading your post and viewing your Universal Energies for the week it all fell together for me.

    Thank you so much for your deep wisdom.


  • Margaret Bending

    Hello Dear Collette, yes your story is all too familiar my sign is usually a Hawk. Sometimes though I’ll get a Kookaburra or three.
    Love your sharing and your card decks, truly insightful.

  • Linda Emory

    Upon reading this email, I have to reply. I have had similar experiences… I often wonder what they mean.
    While moving into a home with my husband, there was a cardinal that would peck on my window. Every day for the longest time. When I moved to another room in the house, it would come to that window. I eventually sought a VERY spiritual person who told me it was welcoming me into the home.
    Although my work at that home is done, I find myself looking at cardinals in a new way.
    I lost my husband recently, and upon leaving the clergy for final arrangements, I was driving home and get this…

    A HAWK flew in front of my windshield, and flew straight up!!!!
    It was a sign to me that my husband is flying high with Angels! And smile thinking of it.

    At this time in my life I turn to spirituality and meditation to find myself as we were together for thirty years. The nights can be awful lonley. I am hoping one day of finding another someone as wonderful as him!
    I look at my daily being and ask for signs of guidance.
    I appreciate our interactiveness and will continue to look for signs.
    Until then, I am grateful to have found you. Thank you

    Linda Emory

  • Carina

    Hi Colette,

    Wow…I don’t know what happened here but when I listened to and watched your video for this week I felt a strong pull in the back of my head and YES! I know exactly what’s been on ice lately – but not any longer 🙂

    Thank you for the amazing energy you are sending out!!! I love your work!

    Much Love


    • Diana Boles

      Oh, yes! Hawks are definately akin to Angels. Gabriel in particular. And He is considered the messenger.

  • Petra

    Thank you Colette for your open honesty about doubt, trust, and Spirit’s patience. I am sitting at a fork in the roads; to leave my current position and get a new job in a healthier environment. Now some elements in my new position are shifting and the environment has a different feel. Still, I am thirsting for something new. Do I still pursue a new job? Do I stay? What does Spirit think is in my highest good for the highest good of all? How can I F I G U R E this out? Jeez Louise, I spend tons of time trying to figure this thing out. I was reassured with your experience that Spirit will be right there handing me cues. Thank you Colette that was my sign. Thank you Spirit for your humor!

  • Nancy Browman

    Thank you for this Colette. It is so timely. I have been living in fear and form for several months now, and feeling quite lost. Raven has always been one of my spirit guides, and just this past week, as I was driving up Highway 70 in eastern Ontario, Raven flew over my car twice and then tracked me up the highway, just visible in my sideview mirror, for two full minutes. I started to cry, and heard that voice asking “how many signs do you need?” And here is another one! 🙂 <3

  • Petra

    This is too funny – your card reading for the week totally backed up some other events. I had put to rest the non-profit I was trying to start: Caregiver Resource Center. I was trying to do it all by myself and was just too stinkin’ tired and couldn’t solve problems by myself. So Christmas time, I said no more, and put it away. This woman calls me last week (out of the blue) saying she wants to start a non-profit for caregivers. We are meeting this Wednesday. Then a college calls me and asks if I want an intern which means someone to help with the work while they learn. I interview her on Thursday. Could the non-profit idea be coming out of a deep freeze? Oh boy, it’s my heart…

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Sounds awe-some, Petra : )

  • Karen

    Well nothing to do with animals/birds but this morning I went into my living room to find that the door to the garden had opened all by itself …….. and then I had been mulling over a trip to Canada, my son is in Calgary, and then going down the west coast to take in Mt Shasta etc. I had seen that your post had come into my email but before I read it I decided get out my crystal book with sacred sites in it and read about Mt Shasta had done a bit of research about flights before reading the next chapter which was on ……….. Sedona !!!! Then I read your post ………..so I guess I’m off on a trip later this year …. 😉 xx

  • Angie

    Hi, Colette!

    I find that mostly birds (sometimes butterflies and dragonflies too) seem to come up as signs for me almost everyday. The most poignant would be the hummingbird. When I was having some life altering health issues and I was just so scared, especially of not knowing what was going to happen, I was standing on our porch one day asking for a sign that everything would be ok and a hummingbird came out of nowhere (or “now here”, depending on how you look at it ;)), hovered about two feet from my face, looking straight at me, for what seemed like forever. In that moment it seemed like time stood still. I couldn’t believe it! And when I went for my first CT scan, there in the waiting room was a beautiful color photo of a hummingbird—there were no other photographs, just that one. Thankfully today I am happy and healthy once again and every once in a while when I need reassurance on that front, I just ask for a hummingbird sign and somehow one always seems to appear in one form or another.

    I also had one of these encounters last summer when I was at my father’s house. We were sitting on their back deck and I asked my dad and stepmom if they ever saw hummingbirds around their area and they said yes, quite often (I personally had never seen any there or at my home just 45 minutes south of them). Just then I heard this loud buzzing right next to my ear that I thought for sure was a bee, and I was about to swat at the noise, but then something inside of me said, “no don’t do it.” I slowly turned my head just as the hummingbird flew off. I looked wide-eyed at my dad and stepmom and said, “Did you see that!?” They did and I laughed said, “talk about ‘ask and ye shall receive,’ geez!”

    At the moment, signs seem to be coming from hawks, especially red-tailed, red-wing blackbirds, robins, crows, and sometimes bald eagles.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It helps to serve as confirmations for our own stories.

    • Diana Boles

      Wonderful encounters! These can surely make the day.

  • Alexandra

    Dear Colette,

    thank you sooooo much for this article. I read all of your articles and watch the videos every week, but wasn’t brave enough to leave a comment – until today.

    I thought about reoccuring signs in my life – and found out that I often look at the clock at 11:11 , sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I remember that this time should have a special meaning, but have to admit that I cannot remember it.
    And there is a little blackbird visiting my balcony every spring- and summertime since 3 years. Why do I think, it’s the same? Because he isn’t even slightly impressed if I’m on the balcony as well. He continues singing his song – and he really sings wonderful. Every time, I see or hear him, a little smile get’s onto my face.

    If anyone could explain the meaning of 11:11 or a blackbird, I really would be thankful, cause unfortunately I’m not very good in interpreting signs.

    Another significant coincidence is that there was a time, when my little Mini Cooper had little aches and pains – but everytime it was something that kept me from driving (light machine broke, battery empty, exhaust pipe broken etc.). At that time, I personally felt stuck in my life and especially in my job. So, the pain of my car made me thinking of my own sufferings.

    The cards of this week also seem to fit to my current situation. I cannot work anymore since a few months due to physical problems and depression related to my job (yes, the one, that obviously made my Mini sick as well…). In the meantime, I have made the decision to quit that job and want to become self-employed as a coach and web designer (I made several trainings to support that plan – even before the situation at work became unbearable…), but I was completely stuck. Probably I also self-sabotage myself a little bit because I’m afraid of unexpected success… But yet, it looks like everything that concerns the new Job perspective is evolving like magic. Some friends of mine asked me to support them building a website and the girl-friend of a neighbor who owns an advertising agency is thinking about a cooperation with me. So, it really seems that some things are suddenly coming to life after a long period of stagnation.


    Big hug,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanks for joining in the weekly tribal chat! Now, rather than tell you what things mean , I’m going to challenge you to do some digging on your own. Go on the internet and research the meanings of these things. Finding out on your own makes you that much more connected to the way Spirit uses Nature , and time phenomena etc. personally to connect to you. I send you GIANT hugs. Start at whats-your-sign.com , check out my book Messages From Spirit, or Denise Linn’s book on Symbols and Signs. xoxox

      • Alexandra

        Thanks Colette!

        You caught me… 😉
        Immediately after posting I asked myself “Hey! Why don’t you google the meaning of these things?” I love doing research.

        And know what? Right before I read your answer, “my” blackbird was visting me again. 🙂
        So, I’m accepting your challenge. Thanks for the tipps and the giant hugs.

        Sending you giant hugs back in return.

        xo, Alexandra

        • DLLGRJandfurballs


          You might like to read Glynis McCants “Glynis Has Your Number” (Chapter 18, page 206) just about 11:11; I follow her foundation philosophy because it is not complicated to understand. I won’t tell you what it means here so that you get the surprise. Think about all the times and what you were thinking when you saw the number and apply Glynis’ meaning to the thoughts – that’s communication for you!

          Blessings : )

          • Alexandra

            Oha! I see… I will have a lot of new reading stuff… 😉
            I have ordered “Messages From Spirit” today (including the mediations!) and put “Glynis Has Your Number” on my wishlist at Amazon.

            Thank you sooooooo much ladies for your inspiration! I think it’s time for me to learn trusting into my intuition (which isn’t too bad at all…) and learn to interpret the signs crossing my way. What a challenge!!!


  • Maria

    Hi Colette – I am a singer/musician (as yourself) i have found that most of my signs come through songs i hear on the radio or elsewhere. But it took a long time for me to make the connection and actually hit me as a AH-Ha moment the day of my sister-in-law’s funeral, 11 years ago. She was (is) the biggest Rod Stewart fan, loved flowers,finches and loved the song “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, which her mother had asked me to sing at the funeral ceremony. After the burial, my brother (her husband) and I had to run a quick couple of important errands, so while doing so we both realized we hadn’t eaten much in 24 hours, stopped at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat. As soon as we sat down Rod’s song “Forever Young” came on the radio, we just looked at each other, said nothing the way siblings can communicate through eyes and smirks…then he had to use the washroom…”Wind Beneath my Wings” was the next song that played…(OK I get it)… when my brother came back i said it out loud…You heard it didn’t you..”YUP” he replied…” she wants you to know that she is ok, and she is here with you ….”YUP … i believe it now !”. And from that time on whenever I think of her I will usually see yellow finches sometime throughout that same day…just diving in to say hello. And as for the songs on the radio yes it happens frequently but of course it can take a few repeats before i actually hear the message, because I still prefer to see a white envelop flying through the clouds, straight to my windshield addressed “To Maria – From God!”

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      LOL : )

    • Diana Boles

      Amazing how music delivers.

    • Eric


      I get these all of the time, either through music, TV, or movies. If you see this please put “cledon” into your search engine and you will find a blog entry by Colette; it explains what the phenomena is and why you receive them. It definitely was refreshing for me to learn from this and perhaps in the near future Colette can republish this or better yet, with Colette’s permission, here are a couple of links to explain to you what they are:

      Colette’s blog on Cledons, 2010

      Cledons as explained by Sue Tanida

  • Barb Parcells

    I hoped and prayed for 15 years that I would find a way to move back to the only place that ever felt like home in my whole life. When the opportunity finally came, it was, of course, not exactly where I had wanted to be but pretty close. The one thing that I missed was the pair of cardinals that I had painstakingly lured to the bird feeder outside the window of my old apartment. There didn’t seem to be any birds around the new place except those big, noisy black birds that one finds around farm country. But I was still being led to make the move anyway. On the first day that I actually had a chance to just walk around the property after all that unpacking, I heard the unmistakable call of one cardinal for another. There they were, one in the tree out front, and the other in the tree across the road. That was 6 months ago and the signs keep coming. The more I just give it up to Spirit and follow, the better life gets!

  • Brook

    Beautiful story – and so much gratitude for you to remind me of finding the sacred in the every day. Practice the presence. In the summer of 2014, I was offered an acting job. Dropped out of the sky – the conditions were just right. The salary wasn’t great, but it was a dream role for a woman of “a certain age”, the director had been a Tony and Drama Desk nominee….so why not accept the challenge? I was terrified. I hadn’t been in a play since high school and only memorized lyrics with accompanying music. I set off on my 1,300 mile road trip to the theater singing prayers to angels, my new orange dragonfly earrings on. Was I doing the right thing? Was this worth the risk? Every time I filled up the car with gas, the numerals added up to 11, my life path number. On arrival at the cast housing, dragonflies swarmed around me as I got out of the car. I filled up the tank one more time before rehearsals – 11 again.

  • karen

    Crows, ravens, crooks, whatever you call them (know they are different breeds)…I think they are my spirit guide, source, “friend”. Last year at the beach, my son and I were sitting alone on the beach, when all of a sudden a crow landed right next to me (I didn’t remember seeing very many crows at the beach before). It walked slowly between the two of us and then jumped up on top of the empty chair between us and cawed several times and flew off. I’d never seen one come so close before. we both sat there quiet and watching. I knew it had to be either my late husband or my father, I was just sure of it. I see crows all the time now, not sure if they are all a spirit but feel they are watching over me and my family somehow.

  • Judi Hofmeister

    I love your account of the ravens! My partner, Robert, and I live smack dab in the middle of suburbia in Colorado. Our neighborhood is your normal mix of 30-40 something couples raising their kids, etc…pretty typical. There are a few open spaces, but none that are too close to our house, so we were surprised about 5 years ago when a family of fox moved in under the deck of the house next door. (The owners of that house don’t live there full time, they have another house.) Anyway, for years now “my fox” have been coming into our yard for drinks of water, to play, or simply to lay in the sun & take a nap. The other morning as I was having my coffee and meditating I saw momma fox walk right up onto our patio…I think she was looking for a bunny, but she peaked right into our sliding glass door for a couple moments. I thanked her for being in our yard and told her she was beautiful. She looked right at me, turned around and sat down for a moment…then strolled off to find that bunny, I suppose.

    We have constructed a pond from rocks that my family has collected, along with an area for a fire pit. I also have a bird feeder that attracts multiple types of birds and of course, squirrels. So there are many times that the squirrels are chasing each other around in the yard. We had a nest of bluejays one spring, along with a family of garter snakes that live in the rocks around the pond. (My Robert calls our backyard the Serengeti, our neighbors call it the Wild Kingdom!)

    Just a couple of weeks ago 2 ravens began coming into our backyard and hanging around our house. I was in my home office one morning doing some work. The window in my office looks out over the peak of our roof, and there sat one of the ravens…just hanging out and looking in the window right at me. He sat out there for a good half hour, just chilling out and looking in at me as I typed on my computer. They are such funny birds, with wonderful personalities! I said hello to him, he seemed to acknowledge me with a nod of his head. Such cool birds!

    So the world of our suburban Serengeti lives on and the circle of life continues! I am grateful that “my critters” have chosen our house as their hang out! What a delight, what a gift! Have a wonderful day, Colette! I love your blogs and your daily card posts! Blessings to you and yours!

  • Sue

    Ah, so many things. I have learned to pay attention to these signs! Ravens and crows have been my totems for years now. 7 or so years ago, I too was in Sedona. The very first place we stopped in the town was the Raven’s nest (at that point, I hadn’t been paying attention). A raven landed in front of me as I walked to the exercise room at our resort. They were at every single place we went. Every single one. We took a tour with a group to the Grand Canyon. A young boy on the bus had a Baltimore Ravens hat on. A raven flew by at the Canyon.

    My family, particularly my husband, usually doesn’t pay attention to these things, but even he caught on to this. We stopped at a store in town, so I could pick up a carved raven totem. When I explained to the young man who waited on me what I wanted and why, he said “I understand” and pulled a carved raven totem out of his pocket because it resonated with him, too! On the plane home, the random movie playing had a scene of hundreds of ravens flying up from a field. It was the beginning of a real paradigm shift in my life.

    Years later, on a trip to Ireland, we stayed at a hotel near a castle. Hundreds and hundreds of ravens, everywhere. And later that week, in Dublin, I focused my camera on a monument in a cemetery. A raven flew onto the stone, I took the shot, and he was gone. I remember, I thought, I remember.

    These days, these gifts from the universe are something I acknowledge and embrace every single day. They are a reminder of the exquisite connection to the universe and the angels everywhere.

  • Lori

    Dear Colette,

    Mine started me on the path that I am now before I even knew I was on a path. I am smiling right now, having typed that btw. It was about five (maybe six…I’ve dealt with MS since 2006 so my memories can get mixed up) years ago when I had felt a push to pick up a camera and take pictures of ‘things’. Not people, just of nature and whatever would catch my attention so my ex-boyfriend and I had gone to a local park to hang out and see if there was anything I would like to take a picture of.

    It was dragonfly season so I snapped picture after picture of them and then finally sat with my legs in the lake water and several flew around me and some had even come to sit on my legs. I felt such a profound sense of happiness it is almost impossible for me to describe….the peace and joy I felt was so amazing.

    After that, I went back to the ‘real’ world, dealing with the disease, the money issues, the boyfriend stuff and so it was about three years later before I saw them again. I had driven down a street, heading to a gas station, just minding my business in this ‘real’ world, when I had slowed down at a stop sign and one buzzed right in front of my windshield. I was so shocked that I had to sit for a bit and try to think, “Where did THAT come from?” After all, it was in the middle of town, by railroad tracks (two sets of them crossing each other) without a lake or river to be found for miles! That was when I woke up again. By this point, I had made a friend in one of the most craziest of ways and she shared with me stories of animal totems, etc. and I had shared with her my time with the dragonflies.

    So, I thought of what I was having to deal with at that time and what decisions I had to make….about a move into a house that I wanted to do but was uncertain of since it was going to be a rental with the landlord being my ex. But, because I was leaning towards doing it and w/ the dragonfly having come to me, without more thought, I made it and promptly went back to the ‘real’ world.

    I didn’t see them again for a few months, not until after the move and then I started seeing them again constantly, in my backyard, buzzing around me when I would either just be sitting on the back deck or even when I mowed and it was by this time, I finally realized they were my advisors of a sort and they were telling me that I was right where I needed to be at that moment.

    I really started paying a lot more attention but I didn’t see them for the longest time. Even though I had searched them out, even going back to the original lake. We are talking about another year, actually. This part of the story makes sense considering it had taken place in the Everglades. The year before I’d been able to take a trip to south Florida (not the Everglades then) and fell in love. As we had crossed the bridge into the Keys, I felt that feeling that I’d had with the dragonflies all them years ago. It moved me profoundly, to the point that when we had to leave to come back home, I actually cried. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was home and so hated to leave it.

    So, we went back down the following year (and still had yet to see a dragonfly even though I had searched for them constantly, still) until we went to the Everglades. As soon as we walked up to the place to go onto the water, I saw a large one and thought, well, of course they are here. It’s the Everglades. It wasn’t until I saw my first alligator that I felt that sense of awe again staring into it’s eyes and right then, a dragonfly came hovering over the boat. The dragonfly stayed with us even as we zoomed across the water. And we were FLYING across that water! It stayed right over my head, moving a bit from side to side and I knew right then and there…..south Florida was, truly was, my home.

    I’ve yet to see one again, but just recently, I’ve been having intense dreams of alligators. One recent dream, I was scared to death of it and tried to run from it, but it gripped my arm and ‘led’ me around from ‘room to room’ until I what I needed to see. After that scene, I had to say good-bye to it/her and as I closed a heavy, wrought iron gate, it/her came swimming over to me and I reached out to touch it/her, feeling that same intense sense of awesome feeling of love that I felt for the dragonflies along with that terrible feeling of sadness at having to say good-bye that I did when leaving south Florida.

    As I’ve typed this, I am working my way towards making my home in south Florida as I KNOW that is where I am home.

    Thank you so much for letting me share this!!

  • Sherry

    Very powerful story. Thank you! I too received spirit and sometimes I can’t believe my eyes. 4 years ago my sister passed away and at the time it was very difficult for me she was my mom, sister, best friend. The signs I received after her passing were unbelievable. I am careful about who I tell because it is mind blowing. The day after she passed away my other sister and I I had a huge blowout. I ended up hopping in my car with my dog and driving just driving. I had no plans or destination in mind. A friend had given me some chakra oils to try from Vera. all of a sudden I saw a store that sold these products. So I pulled in to check out the store and directly next to it was a spiritual store. I abandon the idea of going to the store and looking for the chakra oils and instead went into the spiritual store. While in the store I met the shopkeeper and told her my story about my argument with my sister as well as about my dear sisters passing. She told me it wasn’t a coincidence that I ended up finding her in her store. She said that she too had lost a sister 8 years before and that she had no interest in spirituality at that time but her sister was very interested. So upon her own sister’s passing, she began to read some of the books that her sister owned about spirit. She was reading a section that she knew her sister would have known more about. She laid the book down and said out loud, “if only you were here to talk to.” To which her sister replied, “I am always here, you just have to ask.” the woman said she spoke with such clarity it was as if she was right there beside her. the woman told me that my own sister the one who have passed away is always with me and that I just have to reach out and talk to her. She said not to worry about the argument I had had with my sister who was still alive. what I really needed to do was reach out to my sister who had passed. She told me to go for a drive and just talk and that my sister would answer. So I did. I talked and heard my sister’s voice in my head and at first I thought it was just my mind playing tricks o me. Then her to give me a bird nest so I could put it in my sunroom as a sign from her. She said “no,” In true style. My sister would never have taken a bird’s nest down from a tree for her own use. She loved the birds and couldn’t possibly do anything to hurt them and that’s when I knew it was really her. Since then, whenever I am feeling lost or down….a bird nest is either given to me or is clearly placed up in a tree close by. I have had similar experiences with sunflowers in odd places…..and seemingly just appearing there all of a sudden. I also find dimes as tokens and of course birds…crows…cardinals and most recently a raven. We thought the raven was a crazy crow because of its different sound….only to learn it was a raven….anyway….thought I would share my story…..doing it on my cell phone. ..so it is likely filled with errors. Love learning from you, Colette. Thank you so much….

  • Renee Sugar

    Interesting topic. I have a very amusing connection with squirrels.
    I love to talk to them. Maybe I was a squirrel in a previous life?? or
    Maybe I’m just NUTS!!! (just kidding) Anyway. I always say good morning
    when I am taking out the garbage, or I notice one on the way. They always
    stop, look directly at me, and begin to move closer to me; sometimes too close
    for comfort. I think it must be the quality of my voice. I stand completely still and wait.
    They are always perched on the fence behind the apartment, like
    a sentinel, and it is a bit unnerving when they are staring at me while I am eating.
    As if to say can I have some too? I feel a part of this community of squirrels, and
    I love their spirit of play, joy, and sharing. Lightness is what they represent to me.

    Recently I chose the owl as the bird for the Invision process. I felt safe with that choice.
    There was no hesitation in that selection. I am very aware of owls as a symbol in the world.
    The image is often used to decorate everyday objects. The intuitive, observant, wisdom of this creature who
    is so present and awake. Always “knowing” when the right moment to swoop down to capture its prey.
    It is always tuned into a higher intelligence, and is guided by instinctual clues which lead it to what is coming.
    When I go to sleep at night; I hand any concerns, worries, over to the owl and ask that the solution be revealed
    and to keep an eye on everything. The protection that the owl engenders for me is one of faith, trust, and a higher
    perspective which I am not always able to imagine. I think this must be why these symbols are so meaningful. We
    are reminded that there is this interconnected story unfolding, its timing absolutely on cue, and we are a part of it.
    Are we tuned into other realms? or are we too absent from noticing these signs around us? Has technology taught
    us to be mindless, and distracted? absent-minded? I think this topic allows us to be “re” -minded of other clues and
    the way Spirit presents information meant for our growth. Pay attention. Stay TUNED.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      I have got to agree, Renee,

      Since viewing those introductory video’s regarding the subconscious exercise process about a week ago I loved how reality appropriately brought into play Colette’s suggestions. “Get On Your Bird” was exactly what I repeated as advice to myself when my mind started to run into the shadows. I felt joy and relief that I had a place to run to mind-wise. If I can stir myself into a frenzy of stress I can also unwind myself and fly free …. Thanks, Colette, Renee, and this Tribe for putting concepts into words and visuals that have meaning and actually work when studied they apply themselves, Naturally.

      It Just Takes a Moment Blessings : )
      Turn to Good

  • Kathleen

    Oh Colette, I love you and your stories! My story is too long and too deep to write it out here but because of the raven I felt compelled to comment. I moved to Arizona 14 years ago, because God told me to! My late husband was not healthy at that time. He spent most of his time in bed. He’d hear the krrrrk of the ravens and felt threatened by them, he would say “those damn birds are coming to get me!”. He’s been gone from this life for 12 years now and his spirit has never stopped coming through in many different signs to me, family & friends. Recently I’ve noticed a raven walking around my yard everyday in the same area. I’ve wondered, is that you ‘my love’ letting me know you are around me? After reading you story, I have my answer!!!

  • Cheryl Lynn Chabot

    I have always been drawn to dragonflies.

  • Bags

    I would like to share my experience. A few years ago , I was dividing my time between my mother’s home and my home. My twins were around a year old and my husband and I both worked long hours. My parents-in-law lived in a different city and during this time my father in-law was facing problems in his health. We got a call that he had taken a turn for the worse and had been admitted to a hospital. My husband decided to fly early next morning to visit his parents. Late that night my husband went to our home to pack his stuff and came to my mother’s place. I was at my mom’s place that time. Since both the houses were at a short distance from one another , he decided to walk back to my mother’s home. All along the way he was followed by a stray dog , it stayed a few feet behind him, but followed him the whole way. The streets were empty. The dog kept crying and howling piteously all along. When my husband stopped the dog stopped and when he started walking the dog would start walking.
    After reaching my mother’s home my husband narrated this incident to me. The first thought that came to my mind was that the trip next day was going to lead to some unfortunate incident . I felt the dog was warning us about this. Since , the trip was unavoidable , my husband continued with the trip. The next afternoon , when my husband and mother in law were on their way to the hospital , their vehicle was hit by a speeding cab on the highway. The cab driver drove away and a passerby helped my husband and mother in law . My husband escaped luckily with a few scratches. But my mother in law suffered with broken ribs and spice injuries. She was admitted in the same hospital and the room , next to my father in law.
    Thankfully both my parents-in-law have recovered from that time and happy and healthy now.

  • Jocelyne

    Hello all,
    … what lovely stories these are! I don’t have tales to tell about animals, I wish I did, but I think part of the reason I don’t is because it is difficult sometimes to believe that you have just had a ‘hit’ of some sort.
    I do get ‘feelings’ sometimes and they come true sometimes – more on that in a moment 😉 but I don’t always trust the quality of these things because sometimes they are just thoughts or irrational fears and I think “dear God I hope that doesn’t happen”. (What does one have to do to get better at telling the difference?)
    So back to my ‘feeling’. It’s about you moving back to Canada Colette … You said something months ago when you were busy with your TV show, about loving being in Toronto and a little thought started … then I saw you being interviewed with Crystal Andrus Morrisette a few weeks ago and you looked so happy I thought to myself, Colette is going to move back to Canada. It was like you were coming alive and being even more fully yourself on home ground. So, when you wrote your newsletter about moving back to Canada I was very excited!
    I live in the UK so you are not exactly near to me, but I had a feeling of you coming home.

    How lovely.

    This was a lovely post. I am going to be on the lookout for animal messengers now!
    Thank you – again

    Hugs all round

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well you were right we will split our time now between Canada and the SW USA 😉

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Today, I was reading the blog here and my brother & sister pups got restless so I brought out the peanut butter as I spooned out the portions a heart shape formed in the swirl of things – I knew I had to give that section to “momma”; she recently lost her claw and it is wrapped up (such a lady in her pink bandage bootie) and she also has heartworm, positive (last check). I have been LOVING them. Recently, finances are not, just that – n-o-t. I have been praying to the universe (hint-hint) twice a day to heal my boy pup of the bulge he had in his neck; I have been giving him minced garlic (one clove) entwined in any creamy milk product (cream cheese, dried milk paste, yogurt, etc …) – suffice to say it has subsided tremendously yet I am still feeding him that at least once a day. I prayed to heal him with what food I have and understand garlic to be an antibiotic. Antibiotic, very expensive, is what the veterinarian gave him as the first course of action. LOV: ) is the special ingredient and it works just as it affects humans pets need it also for true healing.

    Back to “the message from spirit” it is the Heart shape for me I look for it, I spot it in Nature such as my backyard tree – two seeds infused – a rock/natural gemstones/minerals, when I fidget I will twist paper – twigs – ropes – plastics, you name it into shapes (the abstract). The heart-shape is a symbol of my Mother, my soul-child, my Comfort Zone, eases anxiety, Hope-Faith-Intuition …. A Universal symbol of caring for humans, joy of something or someone, for me assurance that I am in the correct place at this time doing the correct actions …. and “all is well” for the time being so move forward as you are …. “to be continued”, LOL : )

    Thanks for Asking, Colette
    Blessings Every Step of the Way : )

    • Sylvie

      Dear DLLGRJandfurballs,

      Oh! I hope your pups get better. Take care!

  • Eileen

    I’ve only recently “discovered” Colette and her amazing gift. The thing I don’t understand is…are these “signs” simply reminders that God is? Reminders that God knows what is going on in our lives, reminders to stop and appreciate the Beingness of God?
    Or are we supposed to interpret hidden messages. For example, I have two doves that come to my back deck periodically. I enjoy seeing them and sometimes talk to them as if they are my deceased parents. Sometimes, I just give thanks for them and their beauty. But I don’t thinkk of them as bringing me a message other than reminding me that God is around (which I always know and am normally aware of).
    HOWEVER…almost immediately after reading about your ravens, I looked out my kitchen window to my front lawn and saw a robin with a long srap piece of cloth/paper and I knew she was building a nest somewhere. She disappeared under a nearby cedar bush and I returned to my computer. After a while I went to the front door to open it for fresh air. There on the porch right in front of my door was that scrap piece of kleenex and several more plus several other pieces of straws and grass, etc, that would be used to make a nest.
    Now here’s the thing: I am in the process of getting my house ready to sell with the intention of moving to a condo. When I saw this ittle “miracle” I didn’t know how to interpret it. Does this mean that I should continue to make my home here where I am? Or is it simply God (my mom, dad, sister) saying “we know you are making a new home for yourself.” and giving me an attaboy. The truth is I am torn/confused about the move.
    If it’s the former, then that is a really big deal and a big decision on my part to stay (ie, the robin’s activity is a big deal). If it is the latter, then I have to say, so what? Of course God and my deceased family members all know what I’m doing. And yes, it’s a beautiful thing that they would be letting me know this, and I’m grateful for that BUT I guess what I’m asking is: how do I know?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      go still.. very still… and listen to the still small voice.. mostly we struggle because our small self and logical brain is planning and looking for sequential experience that makes sense. Intuition is a whole other sense. I would interpret it as the robin dropping gifts to you to make your new nest like she is. 😉 and of course.. its always nice to know you’re watched over and looked at.
      God, Spirit, the Field, Quintessence is the beingness. Sometimes we forget that we exist within that since we see ourselves as separate. 😉

    • Eric


      Welcome to the tribe! I’d direct you to my previous blog entry about pre flight instructions on this journey through life but that can be done later.

      When I first came to the tribe I asked Colette some of the same questions; she directed me to a wonderful book by Pam Grout called “E-squared”. I received a lot of my answers there as well as paying attention to others’ posts in the blog. I submit that since you’ve asked the question of the Universe that it will give you your answer if it hasn’t already because, as I have learned recently, “What is for you won’t go past you” 😉

  • Ann

    How beautiful… how true. I love the Sedona ravens as well.. the ones that live in Westfork are my buddies. I feed them cashews and they fly overhead telling me secrets. Once I asked one if I could have a feather for my altar, and she plucked it out of her underbelly and sent it spiralling down into my hand in the breeze. Bless you and your work and your home, and all your dear friends in the cosmos. I don’t take the time to read others work too much as I put out so much of my own inspirations, but your spirit is so beautiful and your presence so real that I celebrate your success and thank you for being!

  • Suzanne

    Wow Colette! I had spent 2 hours earlier this morning journaling, I was having an epiphany of a situation that I have been pondering for over a year. It just unfolded in an incredible way. My totem was a golden eagle, my symbol for Divine Wisdom. It took about 2 hours to unfold, and it did so in a most magnificent way that totally blew me away. Then I got your email with the weekly Universal Energies video and the cards were EXACTLY what transpired in my journaling, card by card!

    Thank you, I loved it. It was a confirmation (although I didn’t need it) that was very touching and gratifying. Thank you again.


  • Wendy

    Hi Colette!
    I saw you in Toronto last fall when you had the TV show tapings. It was then I realized that you are the Real Deal…communicating with Spirit on the other side, not just for the sake of doing that but to deliver important messages that bring such awareness and understanding and THAT is what allows people to heal.
    Cardinals are messengers for me. One day, many years ago, I was down in the USA at a conference feeling quite alone a pair of cardinals appeared right on my window ledge peering in at me for the longest time. In my experience, Cardinals are shy birds and never do that kind of thing. I knew right away it was a message of comfort.
    Ever since then, often when I have a question or am pondering what to do, a cardinal will come and help me with the answer.
    Thank you for reminding us of this.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thank you Wendy.. that experienced changed my life in ways I am still trying to figure out. grateful for your cardinal story 😉

  • Cassandra

    I have what I call “The Daily Davis”. Since college, I see the name ‘Davis’ every day. On trucks, billboards, backs of people’s shirts walking in front of me, stickers on windows, car license plates, voices as I turn the radio on, television credits, any random way you can think of, it’s happened. I don’t even have to leave the house, it just finds me. I know it’s a popular name, but it’s ridiculous. It’s always when I’m not really paying attention and RIGHT in front of me. Even my best friend’s last name is Davis (who I met after this started happening). But I don’t know if it’s because of her, or if she’s just another mysterious Davis. I have yet to figure out what the point is, but I guess it’s pretty funny anyway. If anything it makes me suspicious of coincidence, haha!

  • Catherine

    So amazing! Although I see signs in different animals and birds that show up…the biggest one for me are the white feathers that will appear magically when I need positive reinforcement. I always figure its one of my angels letting me know to keep the faith and keep walking forward as all is well even when it feels like its all falling apart…Thanks for sharing everyone..Beautiful…love to you all…xo

  • Bev

    Recently on the drive to visit my dear friend, I was greeted by an eagle, he flew over my vehicle, circled and flew with me as I drove. Apparently with in a period of three days this eagle has guided other visitors to her house. She lives in a remote area with little signage to direct visitors. The eagle has made it his job to show us the way.

  • Helen

    Hi Colette, thank you so much for all that you share with us.

    I recognised my messenger about 20 years ago. It was during a particularly bleak 18 months…I had escaped an abusive husband, feeling powerless, lost and little self esteem; I walked away from a new love who couldn’t commit – moved interstate; and my father had died suddenly at 55. Despite having experienced my dad visiting a couple of days after he died and the overwhelming impression that everything was okay, months down the track I felt completely alone, more lost than ever, floundering in life and feeling like I had no one to rely on but myself in a busy uncaring world.

    This particular encounter occurred on my way home from work. I a very old train carriage (‘red rattlers’ we called them) to myself – my station was the end of this particular run, the door was open and since it was summer the breeze coming in was lovely. I had been sitting there with existential questions and feeling hopeless when a dandelion seed head blew in the door. It blew slowly towards me and floated back and forth in front of me for awhile. I talked to it, telling it that this wasn’t a fertile place – that it should find somewhere more conducive for survival if it wanted to flourish. It then got caught in a gust coming through and blew out of the window behind me….It suddenly struck me that I was like that dandelion fluff – it was enough of a wake up that I started to take back some of my power. To cut a long story short, a few months later I had moved out of the city and was living in a rural community minded town.

    Whenever I need a wake up call or a nudge they show up, float past my face or swirl around me. One day sitting on the sofa, having had a grueling morning with my autistic toddler, I asked the question “Is there really magic in the world?” Lo and behold, a seed head blew in through the sliding doors floated across the room and landed in my lap – I had to laugh…how obvious could the reply be.

    Lately though, I have been trying to conceive how an idea of mine will work and twice now on my morning walks right on the path I have found feathers from a tawny frogmouth (these are nocturnal owl-like birds that are incredibly well camouflaged in trees), both times the feathers lay as if pointing the direction forward…I’ve never found these feathers before and now two on different occasions. I guess I can be reassured that I’m on the right path.

    Love and blessings to you xx

  • Diana Boles

    So many fabulous, unifying stories that pull us tribal dancers together into one, stunning Chorus Line with perfect high kicks in unison.

    Sunday morning i knew it was time to draw fresh cards for my “long term” reading. The card I pulled for the North position, the Wisdom position, was Raven. He represents Majik. Then I read your post about Raven! There is some REAL MAJIK going on here!
    Colette, you ROCK!

  • Rita

    When I was trying to leave my now ex husband; I was being abused and became very depressed. I stopped laughing, smiling and started to just lay in bed, not good as I had a six year old that needed me (my child was not abused, just me). One morning in the early hours, I had a dream; in this dream I was in a huge green field with something moving toward me in the distance. Squinting to see what this was, as it got closer I could see it shimmering, as it came closer still I could see sparkles coming from it and it was a small thing and moving above the ground at my eye level. Coming closer toward me I could see that whatever it was had wings and with every up sweep of its wings a huge plume of sparkle would fly out in all directions, finally it reached me and I could see that it was a butterfly. I thought that it would stop but it kept flying straight for my face. I tried to lean away from it but it landed on my nose, it was so ticklish filling me with happiness and in my thoughts the sight must be so bizarre and delightful that I laughed full-heartedly out loud and I laughed so hard with joy that my own laughter woke me up and I was laughing as I was waking. That same day my sisters called me and said that they where so worried for me and that they wanted me to go up to the lake with them the next weekend for mothers day, with some convincing I agreed. I had while on the phone and my child next to me explained my dream, this tickled and awed my son and he asked me more about the butterfly dream after I hung up with my sister. So the next weekend we were at the lake and sitting down to eat at the picnic table, my son was next me,. As we all were just about to start and while talking to my sisters, this butterfly started to fly around my head and I casually was swooshing it away and somehow it managed to land on my nose and I went crossed eyed to look at it and at the second realized how absurd I must look and burst out and in joyous laughter and the butterfly then flew away. As I looked down at my son he looked back at me in awe his eyes all shining and my sisters as well were just not moving and just looking at me, I looked back to my son smiling and in a hushed tone he said, “Mommy, that was your dream.” . I knew we would be alright and we are. I also knew that the butterfly would always be my spirit guide…and on occasion now will have to swoosh one away from trying to land on my nose…..

    • Sylvie

      Oh! Rita,

      Your story is so touching. It moved me to tears. Wishing You the very best now and always.

      • Rita T

        Sylvia, We are doing very well, my son is now 23 years old attending college as a financial major, just took a job in finance, his goal reached 🙂

        I am working in IT Sales and love it! Now just to find a man who loves me as I am in his own house…..if it is for the higher good it shall be.

        • Sylvie

          Dear Rita,

          So glad that You and your young adult Son are doing great. Hope You get
          What You wish for, for the good of all, of course.

  • Lucinda

    Hi Colette, I love your story about the Ravens and all of the ones posted above and have one of my own too. My grandparents had both died within a year of each other, leaving their large house in Virginia empty and in limbo before my mother eventually sold it. In the interim I was living there for work for several months. It was a house I had grown up visiting, full of picture windows overlooking a forested area backing up on the Potomac river but only a mile or so from Washington D.C. As a child my favorite memories were saving parts of my dinner and then taking the scraps down to the back patio. In the middle of the night my grandfather would wake me up and we would creep to one of the picture windows and watch whatever animal had come to dine on what we had left, foxes, raccoons etc. They always had a salt lick and what we saw more than anything were deers, usually only one or two. After they died and I was living in the house, On January 28th, which would have been my grandmother’s birthday, I felt very alone and sad but I felt like she was asking me to wish for something. I wished for love. The next morning, when I woke up I felt something urging me to open up the shade in the picture window in my bedroom. I never did this, I always left them down which would have irritated her in life, she would always come into my room every morning when she was alive and pull up the shades, since she died – I never did this except for this one morning. When I pulled up the shade, what I saw took my breath away. It had snowed overnight and it lay like a blanket on the ground and the morning sun was shining through the trees showering rays down on a family of not less than eight deers, father, mother and babies. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen, and something in all the years in the house,I had never seen. During what would be my last weeks in the house, I would be working until really late at night, 2am etc and several times when I would pull into the drive way, there would be a doe and a buck standing there in the front lawn, almost waiting for me to return home. Again I had never ever seen a deer in the front of the house in years, as it was suburbia, and they would have had to have climbed sloping stairs to get around to the front. Soon after I left the house for good, I met the man who would become my husband and father of my daughter, who is now three and guess what! has the same enduring love of animals that I shared with my grandparents.

  • Melissa

    Just as I was reading this a hawk swooped down heading to my right for a graceful landing or maybe even a capture! My sure sign that everything is gonna be alright! Then a moment later three magnificent crows followed, flying directly overhead, but got confused as to where the hawk went. An even better sign! as crows like to bully my hawk. Well, not this time so this path should be easier. Later in the day at work, I notice a girl had three black birds freshly tattooed (raised)on her arm, and when I asked her what they were she replied “crows” rubbed her arm and said “I just had it done”. Even now as I type this, this morning the crows are going ham, cawing up a storm. They say they are in agreement with this message, sometime it sounds like they are saying human English words to me, now they say “yeah I am”. They’ve even told me “get a job” before. Maybe it’s my thoughts in unison with their caw, maybe it’s divine timing or maybe it’s the messages they are said to bring. I love crows they are like martial arts masters graceful magical mystical and mysterious all shrouded in black. I just want to know their secrets! Ravens are rare here but the are prophetic and have to do with vision of the future and oracles. Definitely a bird I would like to connect with. Thank you for this beautifulessage Colette and at such a perfect time.

  • Linda Gribko

    Hi Colette,

    I love that the ravens are your messengers. I have something going on with the crows. I hear them when I write and always send a thanks up to them. They only recently started hanging around my property on a regular basis and I notice them sometimes high up in the trees close to the house and realize that they are standing watch.

    I also receive help and consideration from wild animals. I was photographing a pair of wild mallard ducks on Sunday, for example, and received some help. The ducks were preening and moving and the light was low so I was having trouble getting an interesting shot without blurred motion. At one point, though, the male duck stretched his wing out towards me, looked me in the eye and held still as his mate also sat still. I knew that they were purposefully helping me. That one shot turned out to be the keeper from among the dozens that I took of the pair. I’m taking it as a bit of a sign that I need to do more with my nature photography–that the support is there for me at this time.

    Thanks so much for all you share,


  • Diane Anderson

    Hi Colette, OMG I love that story! I would never guess you would miss a sign!! lol So, about a year ago I asked for a sign that I would not be able to ignore, something miraculous, something obvious. I waited, and almost forgot about asking for it. Then one night I was frying chicken breasts for dinner like I always do, nothing spectacular about it. Then I started cutting it apart to help it cook faster. Well, when I made the first cut from the underside there came a big white butterfly…it opened its wings, and gently flew up to my face, touched my cheek and flew up to the ceiling….disappeared!!!! I thought maybe it came from the meat, but impossible because the hot oil would have killed it. I just stood there in awe, what just happened!!?? I knew it was spirit…and I definitely couldn’t miss that!! What an amazing experience to get my attention! But , one more thing to mention…after your story about the ravens,,,you sign off with ‘tag your it”……just couple days ago while on the highway we passed a car and the license plate said…you guessed it…’tag your it’ ..!!! how crazy is that? I knew that was a ‘sign’ too, and told myself to pay attention to it. WOW. thanks for letting me share…Diane A.

  • tracey chilcotin

    Hello Colette!
    Thank you for connecting with me!
    As a FirstNations person from BC Canada, I grew up running thru nature on a regular basis. I have always been fascinated by MotherNature, from the smallest bugs in puddles to the fresh air we breathe. Lately I have been thinking of the very first dream I had as a child. I must have been abit over 3 yrs old, I was so young….I woke up in the middle of the night screaming because I saw a Beaver, an Owl and a Moose staring at me from outside the bedroom window. My dad came in grabbed me & hugged me and said it was a dream. What I find amazing now is…at that young age I had not yet experienced Life! How did I know that it was an Owl, Beaver & Moose!? How did I know the words? This is my very first memory of my Life. I had forgotten about this dream. I remember I awoke because I could “feel their stare” lol I could still see them, it was in the eyes we connected.
    My daughter was just saying she remembers when she was that young, she was starting her sentences with “when I was older…” at that time she wasn’t even 4yrs old yet.
    Another family friend of mine was telling me a story about her youngest adopted son/nephew. She said he was so young & tiny, not even close to school age, he came in from playing outside she recalls he was covered in dirt and “rumpled’ up. She asked what happened out there and he tells her ” I fell down a gully”. After telling me this story, she says…he was so little and didn’t talk much yet, how did he know what a “gully” was? how did he know how to explain it to her?
    Food for thought!
    I see wildlife all the time and still continue to see them everyday, I call them family. Whenever I see wildlife out there and if I stop to take a better look, I talk to them. I comment on their beauty, I ask them how they are doing, I ask if I can take a pic of them, I tell them I love them, I warn them of danger, I thank them for being there. I keep it short & sweet, I don’t carry on conversations! lol i love the smell of pure nature with no smell of pollution, I say thank you for that pure air I breathe right now, if I taste really good pure water from nature with no additives like in cities, I say thank you. To me there is nothing better in this world than the taste of pure natural fresh ice cold spring water! Absolutely Love it!! So grateful to even taste it.
    Thank you for this opportunity to think out loud! lol

  • Kimberly

    Very interesting that you see 3 ravens together! It’s lovely, really. I also see a raven, only a single raven. They are the bringers of transformation for me, as they only appear just before I’ve had a miscarriage. They really get my attention — one landed right on the hood of my car as I sat in the driver’s seat. Another perched right on my front steps as I returned home one day. I tend to brace myself when I see them like that, but really they are always calm and I feel a sense of soothing, like they are helping get a headstart on the grieving to process it more fully.

  • Skye

    I’ve got one. It’s not exactly a super-happy-ending story, but a good one nonetheless. About 2 years ago a friend took me to a psychic after a bad breakup to cheer me up. The psychic told me I would meet someone through my work and that she wasn’t sure but she was pretty sure she saw him holding an engagement ring. She said he did something having to do with lights and carpentry, that he was raised in two places at once somehow, that he was a lot older and his first or middle name began with a D and something about Cardinals. I forget all about and fast forward to about 9 months later, I’m an actress working on a play and I become friendly with a guy who built my set. It bears adding, I wasn’t in the mood for dating or boyfriends or anything like that, having just got out of a long-term relationship that ended in infidelity (his, not mine). Somehow, I ended up going out on a date with him, feeling this weird pull toward him– it felt like the vibration in the air picked up the more we interacted. Well, his first name did start with a D, he was raised in St. Louis and Arizona (both of which have sports teams with Cardinals as mascots), there’s an 11 year age gap, and he worked on all the lighting and set design for my play. On our first date, I can remember telling him about a family business, which he knew a lot about, all of the sudden out of nowhere, I hear “He’s going to have this same conversation with your father.” It startled me, but I tried my best to keep a straight face. Then I went to reach for bread around the same time he did, and I had my first premonition. It must have been a matter of seconds, but it was like my consciousness split in two, with one half of my brain still at the table and the other watching a film on fast forward of my life with him. I had to excuse myself to the ladies room to calm down because I’d never experienced anything like that before. Fast forward to now. I may have been on the receiving end of a soul mate experience, but clearly this guy wasn’t ready for one. It’s hard to let go. I don’t know if I ever will. It’s been a long time since I last heard from him. I went to a different psychic this past September, a different one. She told me that only when I start enjoying my life will I be able to have him back in mine. That’s the trick. Not having him around makes me sad, so it’s harder to enjoy my life. It bears adding that even feeling this way is a source of embarrassment for me. I try to present myself as this ambitious, career-driven woman, who wants nothing more than to be very successful. But if it came down to it? I’d pick him. A million times over. I even told him so, that was my last interaction. I gave him this huge letter where I told him exactly how I felt, not exactly using the big L-word, but close enough. I told him I wanted nothing more than to see him happy. That was a while ago. And no response. I’m still Facebook friends with him (gotta love technology), but I can’t reach out. I feel like the last interaction I had with him was reaching far enough. A couple of my friends have basically told me they think he’s a loser and a waste of time, using his past hurts as reason to run away from any happiness that he could ever have with me. I was replaying a conversation I had with them the other day during a cab ride home in NYC, but in my mind, I drew it out further. I tried to explain in words what he meant to me, why it was so hard to let go, but even in my imagination it was hard. Here was everything I wanted in a person, walking and talking and existing, with a name attached and not with me. I could tell you exactly what I love about this person and why. But I couldn’t tell you why I wanted to let go, not even in my head. Well, the cab turned on to the West Side Highway to take me home, and pulls right up along side a big ship. The name: D E S T I N Y It stopped me cold. That was the first time I ever saw that boat. The only other time I saw it was today, which reminded me about wanting to tell this story. Was it a sign? Was it a coincidence? I was also thinking of my career too that night. Is that what was meant by destiny? I don’t know. I do know that my mood has lifted both times since I saw that boat. Doesn’t Colette always say that Spirit works on its own timeline? I guess we’ll see. But even as I sat down to write this, I heard a small voice somewhere say, “He’s not ready. Yet.” I don’t know. Who knows. Until then, I’m working on focusing my energy elsewhere, going after being the successful actress I want to be and if I’m being really honest–hopefully meeting someone along the way who really is who I want, and by that I mean, someone who is available and open to being vulnerable with me and walking alongside me, rather than running away. I know it’s going to take time.

    • Skye

      Edit note: That should read: But I couldn’t tell you why I couldn’t let go, not even in my head. Well, the cab turned on to the West Side Highway to take me home, and pulls right up along side a big ship.

  • Krissy

    Hi Colette! Thanks for this story, it’s a lovely reminder.

    There’s no nature in my story, but I did get a sign today. This morning I prayed to my angels for guidance on which projects to focus on for my work. I’m a self-employed artist with endless ideas, and recently I’ve been inspired to move in totally new directions. But are they the right directions? Is this divine inspiration, or am I just spinning out in confusion?

    I prayed to my angels for a definite sign on which project to focus on now. I had a morning meeting that a friend had set up, she wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers because we had similar interests. I went with zero expectations, just thinking I’d meet someone new. At the end of the short meeting, this person offered to hire me for one of my nascent project ideas. Out of the blue, completely unexpected.

    I’m still in a bit of disbelief, but I’m taking that as a sign to pursue the project. 🙂

  • Cathy

    April 26
    I took Clover, my 12 yr old Wheaton Terrier for a walk in the High River woods, (near Calgary,Alberta), one of her most preferred walks. I stopped shortly into the walk due to a Canadian goose standing comfortably ahead, out of where he really should be. I held Clover back to give him space to fly off but he just softly half-honked as if whispering and rocked a few inches back and forth in his spot while looking at us. After 5 mins I slowly proceeded and he flew off towards the river.

    I continued on and began reminiscing about how much Ollie was in her element when visiting this natural setting and loved this place so much. I had a feeling that she was there just ahead of me with her springy-weightless gait I never ever got tired of watching from rear view. Ollie is (because putting this in past tense would be agreeing that she is not with us anymore-and avoiding the signs that she really is-but simply in spirit this time) Clovers mom and was the most fantastical Wheaton anyone could ever expect to share their life with. After 15-1/2yrs of true enjoyment I had made the difficult decision to send her to Heaven just 3 months ago.

    Fifteen mins in I believe I see the silly goose again with his friends on the opposite side of the river bank acting nervously aware of my presence but still chatty and dancing his little dance.

    Walking through the woods I heard a Raven call which started a mind-dialog about how this abandoned old wooded property should be called Raven Hollow. It is an old place with 100yr old grand character trees that have expired long ago but refuse to fall until a strong windstorm causes them to come crashing down. It has a history of flood after flood sweeping through it and has a very natural and magical feel about it. It is home for many deer, owls, rabbits, coyotes, ravens, hawks, eagles, chick-a-dees, squirrels, water fowl and even visited by a cougar.

    About the 3/4 way of the hike there was another Raven above but I redirected my attention to the shriek of an Eagle gliding full spanned wings to a tree-top nest.

    The Raven fought for my attention once again by flying right over top my head about 10 ft up in a very slow soundless circle. I stopped in my tracks and followed his body overtop while rotating with it till it exiting to a close-by tree.
    I stood watching it as it watched me and listened to it do this purring thing with a few subdued calls.

    I continued walking and thinking about how cool that was and within a couple mins the Raven did it again. Same thing. I repeated my turning, gazing and following it back to a new tree. I tuned into his conversation in amazement for a few mins and contemplated standing still with both arms out as a perch for him. I was not afraid of him but learned from saving a snowy owl fledgling a few years back of the harm a large bird claw can do so then gave that stance idea up and proceeded to walk on.

    Round three then happened. I followed his flight above gliding not once but two slow motion gliding circles again only 10-12 ft above. Almost so slow in flight that I wondered how he could manage it. He then flew to a tree farther back.

    My mind-dialog was in overdrive concluding that this is not normal. This beautiful quirky creature of the forest is entertaining me, but why?
    I say to my myself that if he does one more loop over me, this has a meaning of some sort. Anxious for him to take action and exuding confidence that he will I stand still and watch him. He is fairly far back and high in the tree. Cackling and purring about and now has a buddy in the next tree hopping about the leafless branches.

    It took about 2mins then he departed his perch, dipping down in his swoop right towards me needless to say quite boldly. About 10ft away he lifted his body up to 10ft above me and did a 3/4 swoop, hesitated a little then flew off over the forest.

    This was still in the forefront of my mind by the time I went to bed at 10pm. Curiosity made me Google-up the meaning of seeing a Raven and was thrilled to learn that they are messengers from the higher realm. They are believed to let you know that you are exactly where you should be in life. Ravens are good luck and are messengers between the spirits and physical bodies. They are a hint of something great and pivotal to expect. They are brilliant birds.

    Happy with my findings I pack into the sheets and sleep the night away.

    In the morning I check my phone and see another profound signal.
    I had an email from a website that I had only just signed up for less than a week prior.

    The email headline was: Colette-Baron Reid – The Tale of 3 Ravens!

    Two days later Clover gets me up at 7am to go pee. I go outside with her and two Canadian geese fly just overhead and through my yard honking a good morning. around 10am it was a beautiful sunny day so I head out to take Clover for a walk up the canal. I was about 15 mins into the walk, knelt down to give Clover a hug and became overwhelmed by the absence of Ollie. My iphone music had then shifted to the song ” Let her go” and I started really tearing up. A few steps further I see a Canadian Goose across the canal all by itself just watching me. When I became positioned directly across from it, she gently nestled down facing me. I continued walking but couldn’t stop crying until close to the last part of the trail. I saw a lady standing with a dog up ahead. As I got closer I noticed that she had a Wheaton too. She started to ask me all about my dog as hers was a rescue and was looking for tips. Wheaton’s are pretty rare around here, and her dog looked and acted very much like Ollie. We chatted for about an hour about the dogs and was if she was sent there from Ollie to cheer me up. Her parting words were ” have a nice day and I hope it is filled with good memories of Ollie”

    Is that cool or what!

    P.S… I tried to book tickets to the Calgary Show, and was so sad to see it sold out! No surprise though, so will stay tuned and jump the gun for the next time you are here.
    Thank you Colette for all you do!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing and I am so sorry about the sold out show we will do a bigger venue next time!

    • Diana Boles

      Your Raven took you in a spiral dance—–3times! Th Sacred Spiral, spinning in the clockwise, Mother Earth spin, draws all that is good and when performed in reverse, wards away all that is negative. Add the Majik of 3— confirmation in the joy and creativity of your life. Loved this legend.

      • Cathy

        Hey thats so cool! Thank you for that. I was spinning in reverse and remember clearly that on the last one It ended with the sun being too bright in my eyes so had to look down and steady myself.
        Enjoy the moment 🙂

        • Cathy

          15 days after writing the initial note, I have had a twist of belief on what I thought that Circling Raven meant. I did research the meaning the night I had the Raven visit and ‘chose’ to see it as a pivital ‘good’ message from spirit over entertaining the thought of it being an Omen. I try to only promote the good.

          Today, very unfortuneately I have to change the ending. Yesterday I took Clover for a walk and on the way home she stopped, gave me a worried look, lifted her front paw which means for me to pick her up and began loosing her balance. I caught her and she began having what seemed like a ten minute seizer. She has never had one before so it was very scarry for us both. I sat on the neighbours lawn and held her till it was over. I carried her home and she had 2 more before I could grab my things to get to the vets. At the vets she had 3 more and the six were all within 45mins. In the midst of her last one the Dr. gave her injections of Vallium to stop them. I left her there so they could do bloodwork, testing and monitor her.
          By 5:30 the vet called me back to see her. The seizer had caused her to be partially blind, fall into wall and trip while walking. Her liver was off their charts with amonia toxins and was causing swelling in her brain. She had no emotion and did not recognize me or my voice. I took her home for the night with meds to administer if needed and he told me to call him for any reason.
          We did not sleep all night because she was needed comforting and I was extremely upset. In the morning I got a recheck from the vet and we both decided that we could try to lessen the chance of seizers but the liver would eventualy take her. So I made a very difficult decision to send her to see her mother Ollie.
          So I have come to the conclusion that the Ravens were a warning of an Omen.
          I also think the song “Let her go” that began playng when I came overcome with the absence was not meant to ask me to stop greiving for Ollie, but a message from Spirit or Ollie to -let Clover go-.
          The geese and Ravens are birds, and I buried pennies with Ollie which have birds on the back.
          It has only been 2-1/2 months since Ollie left us and Clover missed her so much and I think she was heartbroken for her.
          Tonight I am in such disbelief that my family is now gone. Losing one pet is heartbreaking enough, but loosing two is incredibly painfull.

          • Colette Baron-Reid

            dearest you, this is so incredibly painful and I am sending you so much love and support through this difficult time. There are no words to comfort you I know this but we are all here for you. Sending you so much love…

  • Mary Jo Nicosia

    Dear Colette, It is with an open heart that I write this message. All the blogs have been so open and sharing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful signs, and your humanness! I forget that you too are human, and forget to “re member” that which you have been told and confirmed. Thank you for sharing your human side, So this May, my husband has decided to check off some of his bucket list items. To my pure delight, it will give me time to be back home, in Chicago and the ability to share time with my sister. Low and behold, You will be there on June 15,16,17th! I bought tickets for my older sister, myself but my younger sister, whom I share a close physic bond, refused the offer to join us. I am so sure that we will connect at the pre show! Thank you in advance for your confirmation on my path. Love and hugs to you your babies and your new and old staff, and Marc too! Thank you again for sharing YOURSELF! Mj

  • Alina E. Gonzalez

    Thank you Colette for letting Spirit speak thru you as a sign for me. I have been wide awake for the last weeks and I was starting to wonder if all the messages I was getting were “real”. I settled into fear for a bit and started thinking perhaps I was imagining things and began to think “are the naysayers correct?”. I could seriously write a book from the messages Spirit has brought me thru animals, music, movies, and nature and people over the last few weeks. I finally surrendered last night…once again;)… and this morning I read this. Infinite Love and Gratitude for your message…it truly meant a lot to me and has brought me comfort during these difficult days. I have learned how strong I am and how powerful faith and trust is. Please say a prayer for Tony and me for our highest and best good. All is well and I am I once again humbled and in awe of the power of Spirit. I am grateful for everything, especially the dolphin pod I saw recently and the one which personally visited Tony and me when we were on our first kayak ride together…I was moved to tears and I could feel the love and healing it was sending us. As I write this I am moved to tears once again for the beauty surrounding me. I am blessed to have awakened to more of my gifts from God. God bless you and all you do. Lots of hugs and kisses, Alina

  • Irene

    I’ve had numerous experiences with birds, especially hummingbirds, that have been so amazing and inspiring. Just after I read this story, I was driving to the gym and asked my angels to guide me through the day. What appears? 3 Ravens… may have been crows, but nevertheless… I had a huge smile on my face and such a warm feeling. I love the way we receive messages so instantly when we are open and pay attention! 🙂

  • Jenny Flanigan

    Dear Colette,
    This blog really spoke to me, because I’m embarking on a big move, and having to trust the synchronicities instead of caving into the fears!! After I visited the place, I entered the freeway behind a community bus with numbers on the back that matched the house number!! And I don’t hear ravens much, but they have been around a lot at my current residence 🙂 Every time I hear them caw, I think of you and the wonderful way you have opened my heart and mind to the magic of this life.
    Cheers, Jenny

  • Eric

    Sorry that I’m late on this. I’ve wanted to contribute to this blog and last week’s blog but I’ve been battling a URI (yuck).

    Colette, I am so glad that you expounded on your home buying experience. When I see people around me receiving their blessings and I am there to witness them receiving their blessings it is a good feeling knowing that I contributed in some way, if not by just bearing witness, but I have always wondered when were my blessings coming. Did I miss the exit to the road that leads to them? I have written many times in this blog about recognizing when my blessings were coming, “are we there yet”, and so forth. My first post in Colette’s blog was recognizing signs and when they are meant for you; she directed me to Pam Grout’s books “E-squared” and “E-cubed” which helped initially, but I still wondered that maybe I wasn’t worthy to receive the things that I wanted from this lifetime. The battle that I faced reinventing myself at this stage in life, trying to stabilize my health, and trying to recover from the “foot on my chest” while life was happening around me was daunting. Then things seem to slowly change.

    First of all I found this blog and read the many stories from everyone; it made me realize that I wasn’t the only one feeling these things. I made it through school and have managed to get a handle on my health. I’ve talked about the cledons I’ve received through music and the things that are on the horizon. I then saw the title of last week’s blog entry. I’m not sure if it was a cledon or not but it resonated with me: What is for you won’t go past you. Wow! It was like I was having a private conversation with Spirit! I had a reading with my friend Judy and this topic came up. After I received the information I wanted to know she told me what was going on in her life. She explained to me that she had recently broken up with a man that she had a strained relationship with for twelve years. She said she finally realized that this man was causing her more harm than good. It was about this time that a man scheduled a reading with her. He was running late and he didn’t want her to leave before he got there. She said when he did arrive and their eyes met it was over! Skyrockets, a bolt of lightning, any other analogy that you want to use was appropriate. They talked for many hours after her reading with him was over and she learned that he had gotten divorced about the time that she had gotten involved with the previous guy. Apparently the Universe put him in a holding pattern until Judy was ready and learned the lessons that she was supposed to learn. After she told me this I sat back and thought about those who are destined to enter my life; are they sitting around, drumming their fingers on a table thinking, “When is he going to FINALLY figure it out? Why is it that he keeps repeating the same thing over and over again?” Of course I know that they’re not doing that any more than I’m doing it for them, but to think that it is a possibility given our humanity I can’t help but to be amused.

    I have written about wanting to catch Colette’s shows on Hay House Radio but I’ve always seem to miss them. The ones that I have manage to tune in to there seemed to be a purpose involved; I wasn’t meant to call into these shows but to listen to them and understand the information presented. This past week I managed to catch the last half of her show; the show’s title? What is for you won’t go past you. Her guest: Pam Grout. I couldn’t help but to be tickled by the synchronicity. I’ve now adopted it as a personal mantra: What is for you won’t go past you.

    As far as totems go I’ve been told that one of my animal totems is the Wolf. I have to admit I haven’t studied much about animal totems. I don’t know if there is a Wolf card in any of the Oracle decks but now I will look for him. I haven’t seen him throughout this recent journey and frankly I haven’t been looking. I know now that shouldn’t matter as when there is a path to be taken I will be notified beyond the shadow of a doubt because what is for me won’t go past me 🙂

  • Beth

    Thanks Colette for another great message.

    Just over a decade ago, I started getting interested in animal lore, power animals, oracles, and more due to some unusual animal and bird sightings.

    The first sighting was 3 badgers, during the day, cross the highway in front of my car on three separate occasions in a week period 12 years ago as I was questioning my life and what direction I wanted to go.

    10 years ago, I was in the midst of the worst month of September of my life and was one decision away from having a nervous breakdown to escape the neverending stress when I was driving down a gravel road on a Friday and came up to a hawk standing in the middle of the road…he didn’t flinch or move…I stopped and asked what he was there for…didn’t get an answer yet he looked me right in the eyes and then flew away. The following Tuesday on my way to work, I crested a hill and there was a hawk standing in my lane…same thing, didn’t move till we’d locked eyes. I realized that I wasn’t alone no matter how much life seemed to be heaping on me.

    In 2011, I was driving home from work and for a 3 km stretch, there was, on both sides of the highway, countless crows lined up…they were side-by-side just standing on the side of the highway and they didn’t fly away or even move when I drove by. The next week I drove the same stretch and there were crows lined up on only one side of the highway. I’ve often been told crows indicate change is on the way and I certainly have had a LOT of change in my life since then as my life has been totally turned upside down.

  • Anonymous

    I see you posted this story in 2015, but it caught my attention….I absolutely LOVE Sedona AZ! I’ve only been there twice, but both times have felt so in tune, so empowered by the energies there! So my story is actually about one of the times myself and my women friends were driving thru the desert from Las Vegas to Roosevelt Lake AZ…and on our way back we stopped in Sedona.

    Interesting too, because I know you are also a friend of Bill W, and this trip we were on was going to attend a Convention in Roosevelt Lake AZ. We stayed at a small, out of the way motel there and had a blast! Hiking in the canyons near by and saw the caves where the Anasazi Native American Indians lived! Wow, that was cool! So on the hike up to the caves, I noticed a Crow following me above and cawing loudly…it kept flying above me! Even my friend made a comment as to why it was there and following us?…after our hike we went back down and attended the outdoor meetings, etc at convention! It was a fabulous experience for me! My sponsor and my friends, all there …

    So after a couple of days, we headed back and my friend who had the vehicle asked if I would drive. So I said of course. It was me, her, her 2 teenage daughters and my sponsor. 5 of us in that vehicle, with me driving. We were on state route 40, not sure exactly where at that point…but in the middle of bum f**k Egypt for sure! LOL No trees, no nothing ….just mountains and desert! 2 lane hwy, middle of hot day, sun scorching above…and I was doing the speed limit, 60 mph. Up ahead of me in opposite direction there was a Truck trying to pass a car and the truck was headed straight for us, when out of NOWHERE a Giant Crow (or Raven) flew down and Swooped down on the hwy like it was trying to get something right in front of me (even tho there was nothing on road)….I saw the bird, but NOT the truck! That bird saved all of our lives!!!! I instantly swerved out of the way and we were not hit! Miracle? YES!

    So not long after that road trip, the lady who owned that vehicle went on another road trip with her 2 teenage daughters. They went to California from Vegas (they lived in Vegas and so did I back then). On the way back, driving from Calif to Vegas (we still are not sure who was driving?) They were in a HORRIBLE accident! Their Jeep rolled over into the median and all 3 of them were instantly killed!!!! It was the saddest day of my life! Attending their funerals, all 3 caskets CLOSED dues to their injuries!!!! She was my dear, dear friend …I still think of her and the girls often. Esther, Cathy and Cindy…rest in peace.

    Now I know why the Crow or Raven came and distracted me…saving our lives on our trip….it was not my time or my sponsors time to go! Sadly, it was my friends time and her 2 girls time…for whatever reason. I am to this day in Awe of the signs I get. Always. Watching, listening. I have many Crows that come around my place where I live now. They make me remember. I miss you all, I know you are safe now. This happened early in my sobriety, 3 yrs? I am now 29 yrs clean and sober. Everyday I thank Great Spirit for all of my friends I’ve met on my journey, and continue to meet. God Bless you Colette, you and I have much in common and I’m grateful for your teachings.Thank you! JB

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      happy sobriety .. life is full of magic and miracles thank you for sharing your story.. and of course I am also sorry for your loss

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