Where To Go When There Ain’t No Flow!

Updated: May 17, 2015

Dearest sparkle being,

Are you feeling it yet? You know what I’m talking about yes? Mercury retrograde is here again, and although it can be a wonderful time to regroup and revisit, deepen understanding of things etc. it’s not the ideal time to be sure or rigid about your plans.

I’m on the road and beginning my first leg of three touring Canada. This trip I’ll be visiting 12 awesome cities large and small and the whole thing is during mercury retrograde! You know what’s hilarious? I make a point of never planning anything other than staying home to regroup during a retrograde time! But for some reason the celestial calendar lined up so that this was the only 3 weeks to begin the Canadian tour. So I believe I have some lessons to learn and I’d love to share them with you, then maybe you’ll share yours with us.

Now, every retrograde has its lessons personally and collectively.

Communication can be a bit wonky, and travel plans might glitch up, computers can do all kinds of interesting unexpected things with your important files etc. So it’s good to be aware.

Now, I am at the best of times a home- body, so traveling to me needs to be “just so”, each hotel room becomes my nest, and my events become my place to bring Spirit home. I do take the home thing seriously. It’s easy to do when things are running smoothly. I have toured a lot in my day and have my travel experience down.

There is always a flow when I go. And that is the point.

This trip we took our two little dogs with us since we’ll be away for so long. Sebastian is a trooper as long as he can see me he can curl up in his little crate in the airplane under my feet no problem. Our new addition Coco Doozie is not as certain and made it known the entire 5-hour flight that she was less than enthusiastic in hers. Then she had the runs when we got to our hotel, which I managed to slide through en route to opening the door. My husband had shipped all this important tour equipment to our Calgary hotel which we found out got turned away –OOPS-One unexpected expensive time consuming hairball to contend with. Then, ordering room service was like playing charades, each time the game getting more and more complicated with surprises on trays showing up followed by “ I didn’t order this” calls ad nauseum. And this is just our first day!

So it’s obvious. My usual travel flow that I rely on is now like a pin ball machine and I admit I’m being being thrown off by these new experiences. So where do you go when there ain’t no flow?

Well, since I need to walk my talk, and had to do something, and fast before I got too anxious, I began to “get on my bird” to see the big picture. (If you know my work this is an essential part of my Invision Process®) I recognized that my ways were too rigid, and I needed to be flexible and stay in the moment. Nothing could be important. Not the fact I lost all my Mac makeup, expensive perfume and Sebastian’s medication in the airport security bin. Not the fact I forgot to bring a jacket, but managed to over pack as if I were going on a Caribbean cruise etc. etc. Nothing could matter. I had to bring it all down to letting it be.

I had to be fully present in each moment.

I noticed my breathing had gotten shallow and my mind over chattering about how I might be able to control the next few minutes.

I had to surrender to the Divine flow, not my idea of flow. There’s a big difference.

Do you have an idea of what flow is to you?
Has your flow been rudely interrupted by life?

I didn’t even realize that my idea of flow had become so rigid that I forgot what it meant when life became inconvenient. When I remember Spirit is in charge I can relax and deal with whatever shows up as long as I let go my expectations and wants. My will is good for some things for sure, but I can’t force anything to go my way. I am hearing the lesson loud and clear. Be here now with whatever shows up and stay grateful, and allow others to make mistakes as well as yourself.

In this moment, I am sitting here, thinking of you, feeling so grateful for this wonderful respectful awesome tribe, having just cleaned up the puppy, the carpet etc. I’m here at a Hay House event with my wonderful colleagues, about to give readings to a sold out theater.

There is always a flow if I go to Spirit and center in my heart. No matter what.

love colette 200x103



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  • Shawn Arbor

    Dearest sparkly luminous Collette,
    I have felt like that when there was a change in flow and had to just trust that the course correction was part of the grand plan. I just returned from an amazing two week vacation to Sedona, where by the way I purchased your “Hidden Realms” Sedona inspired oracle deck. WoW!, Thank you. So special to be in Sedona by Oak Creek discovering the beauty of those cards. Full of my after glow, I returned to my practice in Oregon and found that I had “no flow”.and several speed bumps. Then I slowed down, And I let go… felt the current and the direction Spirit had for me. What an amazing week. I will light a candle for you as you enter into you events and feel the currents of Spirit help guide you this week. In Health


  • Alannah

    Colette, you gorgeous, effervescent, most sparkly being, I adore you! (In a non-creepy, un-stalkeri-ish kind of way 🙂 )Thank you, thank you, thank you! You write these perfect blogs, at just the moment I need some perspective, and I know I will not be the only member of your tribe saying the same. Retrograde, eeek! Plus Mercury’s my ruling planet, so it feels like a double whammy. No sleep for more than 90 minute periods, a rather unpleasant person that I have to deal with at the moment, who I know has been sent to teach me it’s okay to say, ‘hey, that’s not okay’ so I honour, and am thankful to him for that. Doesn’t make it easier to do though, and the fact that I still feel like throwing something at him. . Plus wonky communication, a puppy with the runs also, and everything I plan going haywire. I threw my hands in the air this afternoon after trying to beat the budget into submission, and said “I give up, I can’t plan through this” I had forgotten about Mercury retrograde, and here you are my lovely, with those magic words… “Get on your bird” Exactly what I needed to hear, thank you and bless you, and much love from Australia. May your tour be full of delightful surprises too, I have had a couple of those today. I wish the same for you, every day. xxxxx

  • Lisa

    OH Colette!
    I feel for you….wow…don’t even want to imagine what you’ve been going through!
    Thank you for giving us a reading despite (or because) of your circumstances. Very good cards for me, too…I woke up this morning sick–after working very hard the past 4 days to get my teaching work in order so I could go to a workshop this evening! And now a substitute is having to take over my classes….and the workshop is , *sniff!* out the window. But home is literally, where I am meant to be now. I can’t teach teens with a foggy head and no voice…
    Thanks for this reading and I am sending you good vibes for flexible inner strength and less drama, please–these next few weeks!
    Blessings to you, you big spark for us all!

  • Erica from Stockholm

    Beautiful! Thank you for your words and thoughts.
    Love & Gratitude
    From Stockholm

  • Diana Boles

    First I clean out the refrigerator. Composting makes me leave things that I’ll take out the next time I go to the “lower 40”. And , inevitably, I forget they are in there. Next , I look at the garage/storage. Ok, I looked! Save that for later. After all, there are 3 more weeks to go! Pull some weeds. Do some laundry. Go to work (sort of—summer sabbatical starts in 4 days). But mostly, just surf! Ride the wave! Let IT take me where IT wants me! O, I look more like a 4 yr old with ADHD! Nobodies really looking anyway. It’s a Zombie forum for everyone surrounding me. Some are less informed than others. I am fortunate enough to be one of the informed and happy to share that which I know. (Hopeful not to sound snotty, just humorous.) Being a Gemini, the spring MercRetro comes when I’m ready to breathe deeper than I normally do. And it ends with my birthday—DANCE IT OUT!

  • Anjali

    Thank you dear Colette! You always, always have the right words and apt choice of events every week! I have suddenly lost the flow these past couple of days and have been feeling so lost until I read your vlog. I’m surely now going to take your sane advice and be the spectator in my life this week. Yes I will say, ‘that’s interesting’ every time things don’t go my way, even if it kills me!
    God Bless you and your family! May you have the most successful 3 weeks ever here in Canada. All the best always!

  • Paul

    Well, my “flow” is very disrupted. I recently became unemployed before my career goals have been achieved. I never cared for the job and being someone who wears his heart on his sleeve I never hid that very well and now the job is gone. I have been down a very difficult road. In 2011, I had heart surgery and everyone told me I was disabled. I had a stroke prior to that. I was not working then and had to move in with my mother at 57 years old. Recently, I had back surgery and lost my job just after. I am relatively healthy now, believe or not but not sure how I’m going to support myself as I continue to write and teach part-time.

    I feel I need to continue to have faith and do the things that my instincts tell me to do and continue, writing. I pray that the flow comes back.

  • Bonnie Townsend

    Is that what’s happening right now? I recently had to leave my job after a little over 3 1/2 years because I hit a wall with it. It was very difficult for me to deal with for awhile because I felt a part of me had died. I’m trying to find something else a long the same kind of lines. I had an interview for another organization, but received a letter a few days later saying they won’t take me. May be I communicated to them without knowing it that I’m having difficulties, and afraid I might hit another wall. I have to reconsider if I need to change my whole perspective of myself, what I can do and what do I want to do. Also, a few days ago I seemed to have badly pulled the muscle behind my left shoulder blade and it hurts. Right now I don’t feel very enthusiastic, but I believe if I try to clear my negative energies and open myself up to possibilities, something will be there. I love your Invision course, Colette – it came at the right time for me as support and journaling along with it has helped me realize a few things.

    • Paul

      Bonnie, I don’t normally respond but you and I have something in common. It is a big part of your life and there are profound insecurities involved, at least for me – Im guessing you too. Life has a way of forcing change even when you don’t want it. You know you will be fine, right?

      • Bonnie Townsend

        Yes, Paul. I’ve been through it before. It’s Spirit’s way of letting me know there is more and different work and relationships to be open to.

  • Ann Albers

    God bless you! I hear you, in a big way. I got on an airplane to go film a series of my angel show, got off w/twisted intestines, bloated to heaven and back and in excrutiating pain. I had to practice all I preach, being hyper-present all night to heal enough to manifest filming the next day! Bloated, no sleep, and the only thing that fit was my yoga shorts which I wore with pretty “filming” tops! The joke w/the cameramen was “Film above the bloat line! Please film above the bloat line!” It worked awesomely. The miracle healing energy was in the show, and people had their own as a result. God rocks. Presence rocks! And You do too! Prayers for grace and easier walking the talk for all :)!!

  • Mary Louise

    Thanks for sharing. Each day, no matter what is a lesson in staying on our bird. Love you. You have taught me how to live life with grace.

  • Renee Sugar

    “Be patient with all things; but most of all;
    be patient with yourself.” This is a lesson in
    itself. Coincidentally, last week I was at the
    Zoomer Media location where the T.V. version of
    “Messages from Spirit” was born. It was such a hopeful place
    for so many people. So many gifts shared through
    your “presence” and the innate gifts that you offer.
    I remember shortly after attending the tapings that I was
    hired for a short contract. Although the doorway was not
    something that I had previously considered; I said YES.

    So to Bonnie, and Paul who are in that wonderful, transformative
    process of reinventing yourselves; be REMINDED that it is what
    you learn about yourself along the road that can shift your perspective and
    open new doorways that you might have never considered.
    I am discovering that I don’t know what is best, nor the timing that is
    appropriate. SPIRIT does KNOW this; so when things are not going MY
    WAY; I am learning to just trust that . ” ALL is well; everything is working for my
    highest good; out of this situation only good will come; I am safe. ” Louise L. Hay
    “Not to worry; not to fret; ALL IS WELL; but not just yet”.

    Wishing you a joyful journey Colette(albeit a sometimes imperfect/inconvenient
    and aggravating one!) There are so many people who are excited to
    welcome you across Canada who are waiting to meet you. You shall not pass this
    way again. XOXO
    Take good care.

  • Deanna

    Hi Colette;
    Wow…I couldn’t believe it when I read your vlog this week…our family took a trip away this past long weekend and tried a new retreat/kennel for our little man (dog) as his usual retreat was booked solid (which has never happened before), needless to say it was miserable. He usually comes to greet me at pick up excited and happy…this was not the case at this retreat. He did not do well at this particular spot….as a doggy mom, the guilt you feel can eat you up. You are responsible for their care and he is used to constant love and affection…it was tough trying to figure out what happened when you feel you picked a good spot…how could I have been so wrong? My puppy doesn’t have a voice. I kept saying to my husband “I have to get on my bird!!!”.
    Our next trip is coming to see you! He will be going back to his usual retreat of course…I called and mentioned what had happened and was assured how well he does and he is so loved there. Sometimes it’s just not possible to bring them with you, as much as you’d love to.
    Thank you so much for all you do, I just couldn’t seem to wrap my brain or my heart around this until I sat down quietly with my Enchanted Map cards. (p.s…Home was one of my cards too).
    So much love;

  • Eric


    Ahhh yes, another Mercury retrograde! I’m sorry that you had the issues on tour, hopefully you will overcome them and learn the lessons that this retrograde presents. I had my own encounter with the retrograde as I was at a doctor’s appointment. My blood pressure was being checked by a machine; the results blew me away! 155/110! The nurse asked me if I was feeling ok, did I have a headache, or any numbness because these numbers are approaching stroke numbers. They took it again, this time with a different machine, different model, on a different arm: 150/100. I was beginning to panic because I had gone through a lot healthwise already and I really didn’t need this one! The nurse finally took it manually: 117/80, normal. The nurse said, “Wow, that was strange. I wonder why that happened?” I knew right away it was the retrograde. I thought back to the cledon that I received through listening to an EWF song that I described in an earlier post; if I remember right it was about the time of the last retrograde. Here is a short sample of the lyrics for those who didn’t see my first post on it:

    Watch for the signs
    That lead in the right direction
    Not to heed them is a bad reflection
    They’ll show you the way
    Into what you have been seeking
    To ignore them, you’re only cheating

    These are lyrics from the song “Getaway” from the album called “Spirit” 😉 It’s clear to me that when this happened Spirit was telling me that I need to look after my health; I need to drop some “el-bees” (or kilos for the tribe members outside of the U.S. 😛 ). If I don’t I could be faced with other health issues.

    When I began studying astrology I learned that when planets go retrograde it makes you look inward for the qualities that each planet holds as well as the house, sign, modality, and element. For example, in my chart Mercury is retrograding in my 8th house Gemini. If you notice Mercury retrogrades via element. Earlier this year it went retrograde in Aquarius, an air sign; this retrograde is in Gemini, another air sign, and it will go retrograde again when it goes into Libra. The thing that changes in these air signs is modality: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Gemini is a mutable sign which means it adapts to the energy that is in and around it; you have heard of the twins of Gemini. All mutable signs are dual signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

    The 8th house deals with transformations; Mercury rules thinking, communication, and coordination. Gemini is ruled by Mercury so thinking, coordination, and communication is even more emphasized. Gemini is also the “jack of all trades but master of none” sign dealing with communication. Make sure you think about what you say before you open your mouth else you may regret it. Make sure you really want to say the things you want to say before you hit “send” on an email or “post” in social media. Be sure you verify the number before you hit “send” on the text message. Again, Mercury rules the mind, communication, and coordination so coordinate your mind and your mouth before you speak 😉

    If these are areas you need to work on then you will be tested and you will notice the retrograde; if not then this, like other retrogrades, will not affect you as much. Like Colette has told us about “reversed” cards in the oracle decks retrogrades are “hazard lights” telling you to pay attention. Once you know what’s coming then you can use the retrograde to your advantage. Remember, the Universe will tell you to “jump or be pushed” in some circumstances; if there is something you need to work on you better sit down and work on it or the Universe will sit you down so that all you can do is work on it. That’s why phones are lost, cars break, computers fail, etc. Retrogrades are an inward reflection so if you need to work on yourself you don’t need any outside distractions.

    So how does this relate to my blood pressure? Mercury naturally rules the 6th house that rules work and health 😉

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is as always Eric a great post!!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Thanks, Eric
      Taughtful Blessings : ) LOL
      Always Learning
      Good Share
      Adding to the All

  • Lisa_AK

    Thanks Colette for your weekly readings! Seems I’ve noticed a theme over several weeks about staying grounded in self, taking care of personal business (and maybe professional), going with the flow & getting creative with it and to always release to Spirit. And this is all so appropriate in my life right now! For the last couple of years I’ve taken time off work to travel to classes, classes, classes…definitely ones I wanted to take and have loved them all…about energy/integrative healing therapies. I was supposed to travel to another class the end of Jan. this year but had to cancel due to my mom having health issues (mom lives with me). Since then is when I started noticing this kind of pattern in the readings. Paying attention and releasing to Spirit, I’m staying home, getting my own house in order (literally) and just enjoying being grounded in me, home, family and Spirit. I’m very slowly building a practice as an energy healer (work full time as a nurse now) but just slowing down to focus and get things in better perspective has been great! Almost a kind of freedom from not having to worry about the next class, etc… We always seem to put more pressure on ourselves than anyone else does so sometimes we need the reminder to slow down, observe and re-evaluate.
    I also wanted to thank you big time Colette for the Hay House program that just finished on the Invision Process! Wow! Life changing! I’ve already e-mailed and been put on the list to be notified when you do the full course in the Fall ! Now when I get monkey mind or have trouble falling asleep, I just go to my Sanctuary and become so peaceful. Love you Colette!

    And to Paul and Bonnie…take time to reflect about what you really want and tell Spirit all about it!! 16 years ago I sold my home, quit my perfectly good job, packed up my mom and 2 dogs and did a 3 week driving trip from Georgia to Alaska arriving with no job and no place to live!! Now everyone (except mom) thought I was crazy but I had no doubt Alaska was where I was supposed to be (another story). Within a week I had a job and a place to live that allowed my 2 dogs! Best thing I ever did! Not saying everyone should move to Alaska but that you have to really let Spirit lead the way! God will not give you anything you can’t handle when you let him/her open doorways and lead the way. God Bless!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Thanks, Lisa_AK
      LOV: )

      • Bonnie Townsend


        I know Spirit is getting ready to move me again, but I don’t know where yet.

    • Paul

      Thanks. It is a real challenge to not make the “safe & secure” decisions for me. I am an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic who has been through 2 strokes and open heart surgery – tends to make you a little insecure about taking care of yourself and having the $ and so on. I am actually fairly healthy now despite all that plus back surgery a month ago knowing I would not have a job. Life doesn’t give you more than you can deal with and joy is right around the corner for me – its already here!

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