How Love and Rainbows shed Light on America.!

Updated: June 28, 2015

“No union is more profound than marriage for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family” said Justice Anthony Kennedy who joined the court’s liberals in the majority opinion. “The challengers ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law—the Constitution grants them that.”

Dearest beautiful you,

How have I missed writing you while on the road! Although the tour was extraordinary, and I had to surrender to the needs of the “other side”, and my responsibility to keep healthy boundaries and self- care in order to do my job, it’s been weird not writing my blogs and filming the weekly forecasts!

I’ve missed your comments and sharing and sense of tribe that we get in our conversations around my blog. I’ve missed that certainty and expectation that even when our journey takes us into uncharted waters and uncertainty, there is a sense of continuity when we all connect here. Here we get to hold hands and sing together as we travel through turbulent waters. Community and sharing makes it all easier to navigate as we might share our love and rainbows after the storms.

This leads me to talk about what’s happening here in the USA this week as the Supreme Court ruled that Love rules, and that marriage, that sacred commitment and all that implies is now available to everyone.

Gay marriage is legal now across all states in America and “ equal dignity in the eyes of the law” is the verdict. Love, and the commitment of marriage and all that implies is no longer just for heterosexuals.

Our gay brothers and sisters can be legally partnered now too.

The law acknowledges their freedom and dignity to stand amongst us.

I add my voice to the celebration that Love legally and lawfully rules over inequality, hatred and prejudice and that this time in history will be remembered as a step forward into the Light, into unity and into hope and healing.

I understand that not everyone shares my views on this.

Yesterday I posted on my public Facebook page that I supported this and was happy about it and immediately was attacked for it (by a fundamentalist stranger of course). This began a barrage of posts by some that enthusiastically quoted passages from the bible to prove that this was all an abomination.

I took the post down because things began to get out of hand amongst my fans who jumped in to protect me, voice their own views and the fundamentalists who were getting all worked up about why God says this is horrific, evil and wrong.  I wanted to have time to think about it all and respond with kindness and compassion and reason, not react by retaliating with a whole lot of F bombs and banning people en masse from my page. (I can have quite the mouth on me sometimes when pushed too far.)

But really. Isn’t this amazing? From all this love, comes all this horror.

I’m long past caring about what haters say to me since what they say is all about them.  Public figures have larger targets on their backs anyway so although the comments are personal I take very little personally. I usually avoid conversations and confrontations about politics and organized religion because that’s not why people visit my page. They come to see their card for the day and connect with others who, like them are seeking guidance for their life.

I have fans all over the world from all walks of life and religious beliefs and so I prefer to share stories through a more global lens. I generally keep my personal views to my personal page, (which is tiny and every single person on there is an actual friend or acquaintance I genuinely know and like), but if you read my blogs you know I’m all about transparency and I share openly and honestly. I fall on my face, I make mistakes, I come to realizations etc. and I share that with all with you so we can share a human journey and find commonality within the spiritual taking shape in the material.

Make no mistake I may not adhere to religious doctrine but I am a deeply spiritual person. I am moral and I am ethical.

The God of my understanding is Love.

Light is the essence of God and illuminates the human condition so we can heal from the illusion of separation and step into a unified consciousness where we are all responsible to steward love, compassion, kindness, and light into the world in all aspects of our lives.

My motto is “Do no harm”.

I’m fully aware that when we signed up to incarnate on this earth we will all fall prey to spiritual amnesia and forget who we really are.

Right now we are all sailing into Uncharted waters. We are in a process in human evolution where uncertainty is the norm and the familiar becomes more and more elusive or challenged.

Like the caterpillar feels danger in the aspect of becoming a butterfly, so will we when the structures of our beliefs are challenged, but in order to evolve we need to allow these changes to shape our lives with Love, and allow a new human to show up to co-create a new earth.

It’s interesting to see how this legalization of love and equality in America is shedding a lot of Light on hatred, prejudice and fear.

What was interesting about the posts? The hate that was thrown around on my page came only from those who consider themselves to be righteous and religious.
While I would never turn away anyone because of their religion, color, or politics, I reserve the right to turn away hate and prejudice, racism, bigotry, and abuse.

At the end of the day, I’m not really interested in whether you support gay marriage or not.

I’m interested if you support the human right to choose who we love and to live an authentic life that expresses equality, compassion, honesty, and fidelity. I’m interested in the way you behave towards others and what motivates your choices not in what you believe.

I would like you to ask yourself to allow Light to shine and illuminate the beliefs in the darkest corners of your psyche and ask these questions.

Do you believe in equality? If so—why? What does it mean to be equal? Is it ok to be different? Do you fear being different? If so—why? What does Love mean to you? What kind of God do you believe in and how do you behave towards others as a result of that belief? Are you discerning or are you judgmental? Do you know the difference?

These are big questions at the end of the day and I don’t think any of us can answer these without deep contemplation and humility.

Our behavior speaks volumes.

I’d love to hear from you.

May your day be filled with Love and Rainbows and may the Light of Spirit reveal what needs to be healed and shines upon that which brings hope and strength to all of us.

Love you!

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  • Juli Gumbiner

    beautifully written, beautifully stated. Love you so much!

    I saw the weird comments begin and just had to step away. Thanks for bringing us back to the essential issues.



    • Karrie

      When I heard the ruling, I cried and cried tears of relief and happiness. I am not gay but I felt my own world expand. We are all one for real, is what I felt. And feel today.

    • Su

      Well thought out and well expressed. Thanks for taking the time to so thoroughly express your feelings….

    • Roxanne Woods

      Good morning!
      I firmly believe the Universe is friendly, inclusive and pure love and that if the actions and comments of others don’t fall into any of those categories, this just means that they are further back on a lower road making their way to the same destination as I am.

      When I do respond to posts like that I try to throw love and compassion at it – I don’t always succeed and sometimes I throw the F-bombs or fear bombs back at them – but it never feels good like I thought it would.

      I thank you for putting yourself out there so that this can be mirrored to us – and to also show us that it’s human to get our feathers ruffled – but it’s always up to us what we do about it.

      Much love – Roxanne

    • Irene Fraser

      Thank you Colette for clearly expressing what I believe. I love you and your work.

    • Mairi Budreau

      Do you believe in equality? If so—why?

      Yes I do believe in equality. It is seen with eyes of the spirit not the body. Eyes of the body can be fooled by the perception of witnessing illness or disability in others and this leads to the thought of inequality. But inequality is not so, and I believe, actually I know it is not so, because we all come from the same source.

      What does it mean to be equal?

      To be equal means we all recognize in each other, in every plant, animal, stone, and tree is made of matter caused by thought, the energy of thought. Knowing this opens a flood of love, goodwill, no harm to everything. Let go and let love.

      Is it ok to be different?

      Until everyone realizes we are the same, it will be perceived that we are different. Yes it’s OK, it’s part of the grand learning we are presented with everyday to remember who we are.

      Do you fear being different? If so—why?

      I used to, but no longer. I’ve embraced I am light among light and I am light among darkness, this is where I shine brightly, and considered different.

      What does Love mean to you?

      Love to me means whole acceptance of self and others. Knowing the truth of every life is love. They are love and I am love. It overcomes the idea of separation. It heals cells, emotions and all things stuck in limitations.

      What kind of God do you believe in and how do you behave towards others as a result of that belief?

      I’m not religious, I am spiritual. Since I’ve had many lifetimes as an Indigenous North American my leanings in this lifetime are for the word Creator, but really I acknowledge the word we choose means nothing. I am still learning the responsibility that comes with accepting oneself as light. I am still practicing to see with only the eyes of spirit.
      When among others I am mindful that everywhere there is the Creator, the oneness, the divine truth and all love and peace is there in each one I see. I’ve grown more patient, compassionate and understanding toward others. I spend time in awe and wonder of it all!

      Are you discerning or are you judgmental? Do you know the difference?

      I used to be VERY judgmental, it still comes up if I’m not paying attention or if my body is tired. I look at what I’m thinking and then with a thought of love, remember who I am and acknowledge we are from the same source. To judge them is to judge myself and realizing this clears away the negativity.
      I think to be “discerning” is being able to sort out, give some time for introspection before accepting something for what it appears to be or not be.

      Thank you Colette for presenting this opportunity to share.
      I love you. Mairi

    • Cleopatra Biddle

      Thank you so much Collete for posting this. I am not gay but we should all have the same rights and be treated as equal just for being human beings. Why do people get so caught up in labels? We are all here to help one another and we have to allow everyone to be truly who they really are and honor them for that. We have to carry the light and see the light in all. If more people did this the judgement and anger would decrease tremendously. Bless you for spreading light in the world!

    • Maria

      Bless you girl!! So good to have you back! Missed you soooooo much. Love and a Big Hug. xx

    • Yvonne

      Beautifully written Colette. Wisdom from the light inside you. If we all just practiced acceptance we would all be living heaven on earth ?

    • Sheila Gillingham

      Yup I agree totally! As a Canadian who put this to law years ago, we welcome the USD for finally seeing the light. 🙂

    • Wanda

      I wish the world will learn to understand better.
      I have a Niece and A cousin who are both in a same sex marriage.
      I don’t understand it but am fine with it.
      Thank you for letting the world know it is ok to be different.

    • Kirsty (Charlie)

      Thank you Collette, You once again have put into words (bravely) what needs to be said. I agree with you, the human race is evolving and growing. this can only happen when there is love, tolerance and understanding.
      At some point we all need to stand up for what is right, after all We are not God, the Universe, spirit, what ever you want to refer to the higher being as. We cannot speak on his/her behalf, judge or condemn. Wasn’t this world and everything in it created by said higher being, that is all inclusive, everyone and everything. No one has the right to sit in judgement or condemn because in doing so, aren’t you condemning the very creator.
      I love to think that these religious bigots, who think they speak for God, quote the Bible which was written by Man, interpret what is actually being said in there, that one day, said religious fanatics will finally understand that the human race are evolving onto a higher plane, into a nicer place, and they by their very bigotry are being left behind. Because there is no room for closed mindedness, fanaticism, or bigotry. That everyone is Equal, that we are exactly as we have been created to be, all of us, no exceptions.
      I applaud the hard life that our gay siblings chose before coming back into this plane, it has been a long hard fight, and a very sad one, but fight they have and little by little things are changing for the better. I thank you for your lovely blog, and I wish peace and happiness to those hard fighters, they deserve it the most.

      Love to you all, I wish you peace and prosperity.

    • Dr. AJ

      Dear Colette:
      How it makes my heart tickle with ease to read your post. I’m a gay man., also a healer. After being ostracized by my own biological family for being gay I turned my back on the very same christian teachings and religion that I was raised in. God became the enemy and Love was merely an illusion meant for fools and hypocrites.
      At the time I was SO angry and SO bitter to the point where if I ever saw a bunch of born again christians standing in the middle of a fire and I would’ve lit my cigarette with the same flame whilst watching them burn. I know, the same darkness that compels terrorists. However, this all changed when I was given the chance to actually Love something that had the capacity to Love me back. It was when I met my little puppy dog. She’s long since past but she was the catalyst for Love’s deliverance in my life.
      That was over 30 some years ago and I’ve learned a lot about Love since then. For instance, those who oppose the rights of others to experience true Love…, at the heart of the matter they themselves have never truly known Love. Because once I surrendered to Love and allowed it to be REAL in my life.., suddenly, being right didn’t matter anymore. In fact, being Loved by those who denied me didn’t even matter any more. For me, the REAL POWER was not about how much of their Love I could get but rather, it was all about how little they could do to keep me from Loving them.

      THAT IS THE MOST KICK @SS POWER EVER! The ability to Love one’s oppressor!

      In closing.., that YOU Colette for Loving me. For Loving my people and most of all.., for serving as a demonstration of God’s Love.

      Good Cheer in the LIGHT!

      • Dr. AJ

        Whoops! typo. meant to say ” In closing.., ‘thank’ YOU Colette for Loving me”

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        what a beautiful post- totally get it – and the love of my dogs has softened me too. My ability to know unconditional love really kicked in when I had my first ” very own” dog 25 years ago. I still have anger that bubbles up as those same kind of fundamentalists attack me for being a psychic medium, but it doesn’t last- which is also a huge improvement. IN the moments when I recognize the lovelessness in them and I can be neutral and compassionate I am free. I can’t allow my own rage to take me hostage. Instead I want it to be the propulsion for more love out in the world. For me I need to remember what Black Elk said ” what we do to the web we do to ourselves”. Thank you so much for sharing here and joining my sparkly tribe!! oxoxoxoxoxo

    • Jolyn Nebeker

      I love your message, wish I could write as eloquently.

      I saw 2 rants from someone I worked with and I had no idea he had that much hate in him. I chose not to answer his posts, but instead shared another positive post I received and added that God and Jesus taught “Love one another”, and this does not include “except for the following….”. I also told myself to send love, not hate, his way so that I will receive more love and no hate. I will also stay away from him and his hate.

      Thank you for your beautiful message. It helped me believe what I feel.

    • Kristi

      Beautifully put Colette. I have experienced much of what you have with co workers and friends. My parents taught to love and respect all people. At a very early age I saw my parents friends who were gay, black, immigrants, from all walks of life and all given the same open arms of love and friendship. I have lived by this that although you may not see eye to eye everyone is entitled to how they see they world. I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s a very big time for change. I saw my sister burn her bra for womens’ rights, I saw riots. I’ve lived in various places and seen how you must adapt and bring you love and friendship with you so that all feel welcome and all can be who they are. You love who you love.
      Love is the greatest gift we can give one another.

    • Jennifer

      We are all here for love. Find love, be loved, give love etc…..

    • Nancy Lanzetta

      I believe that was very beautifully said, it is very hard to think that we all do not feel the same. Thank you for your words of PEACE,LOVE<LIGHT. love to all.

    • Lynn Ann

      “The God of my understanding is Love” – Amen

  • Julie

    It would be impossible (for me) to stand before any two adults and say,”No, you cannot have love.” If we were all made from one source, then I assume there was a purpose for each of us. (I won’t shout down those who disagree, as I see so many doing in their own “righteousness,” because I feel they are entitled to their opinion equally and I don’t want to see the deterioration of that right for any of us.)

    Beautifully expressed, Colette! You are always fair and it’s good to know you had a great tour and took time for yourself 🙂

  • Erin Rivers

    Colette –
    Thank you for being another voice of Light and Love. I also find it ironic that those who stand so firmly against equality with gay marriage stand in religions that are supposed to be a force of Love in the world all while they are throwing “anti-Love” – or the opposite of Love around. It reminds me of what Mahomet Gandhi said, and I paraphrase – I really like your Christ and so much of what he had taught, it is his followers that I have a problem with. I am glad that you are not taking such attacks personally. It is plain to see that we are in a time of change and that many of the old structures and paradigms are beginning to fall away. I stand with you in equality, compassion, honesty and fidelity.

  • Tracey Andrews

    Beautiful letter, Colette. The LOVE that is spreading from this decision is FAR more powerful than anything the haters can throw at us. Stay fully in the Light, my dear, as you are, and all will be well. Namaste. Thank you for sharing WITH LOVE.

  • Paul

    Glad to have you back Colette. It saddens me that at this point in our history, I would even need to have an opinion about the most basic of freedoms – the freedom to be with the person of your choice. Of course, everyone should feel free to voice there opinion. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Some have trouble with that. Freedom of choice has prevailed and freedom will always prevail eventually.

    I published my book, The Fleecing of America on Amazon. Wish me luck!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      congrats on your book Paul!!! Now your book is published you can begin speaking.. workshops etc.. so exciting.. you can do it!

      • Paul

        Thanks Colette, I will do it I just need to resolve how I’m going to pay the bills while I’m working on that. I’m more than a little stressed.

        Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Laura Giacomantonio

    HAPPY SUNDAY! MISSED your Smiling Face, and Sparkling Soul! I could go on and on about equality, but will spear you. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Until we learn to do this with no conditions, we are never going to understand, or except one another for who we are, and how we are all here on our own paths. We need to unite in excepting people for who, and what they are! Love is the only answer! Have an Amazing Day!!!

  • Patricia

    Would that all people could have the same compassion and love for their fellow beings as you. ?????

  • Bev Linder

    Thank you for expressing so eloquently your views on gay marriage. It is so refreshing to witness humans come together to support and reclaim the bonds we formed on the other side. I believe that when people like you continue to stretch others to recognize our purpose here on Earth is to love and accept, this world will be a much better place for our children and grandchildren. Civil rights was the first step. Gay marriage is a continuation of the process. Desegregation has helped the new generation to shed their focus on skin color. Gay marriage will break down another barrier. Slowly the country is changing and you are strengthening the change for the better. Thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      in my teeny way I believe that is true as it is for each of us not afraid to voice our views.. and do so in a thoughtful way 😉

  • Lori

    Thank you for all of the good that you do bring to our tribe, and the world at large. I remember an old friend telling me that the minority may seem like a majority, because the obnoxious ones make so much noise and bluster. It is my opinion that we are experiencing a major shift after the unfortunate sacrifice of nine deeply religious beings who were locked in prayer with their higher power when executed. For too long North America has been complacent to allow evil to creep into every crack, crevice and foundation. It seems as if there is an awakening. The loud and evil jesters have had their way for so long that they think paying people to troll the light and love found on the internet and in the streets will save them and keep them hidden in the darkened places.

    Thank you and bless you. I know you are strong and spread love and healing through the universe, and sometimes the warriors need a little boost of love and strength too. Thank you, and Love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      accept the boost .. its time for change…

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good points, Lori:
      Empowerment Blessings : )

  • Teresa

    So beautifully expressed and full of Love. Thank you for continuing to be a voice of reason, love and blessings!

  • Jen

    Thank you. I have a friend who wrote these words…not sure if they are hers originally or not. She says that being anti-marriage equality because it hurts her straight marriage is like saying my dinner tastes better when you are hungry.

    Love is love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that is so profound.. ” my dinner taste better when you are hungry” is exactly the same as being anti marriage equality… interesting

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good point, Jen.
      Compassion Blessings : )

  • Barbie Wallace

    Very well said, and such a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you for sharing your passion and love with all of us.

  • Ehrentraude

    LIFE IS—–WE MAKE OUR LIFE OR BREAK IT—-MAKE IT A HAPPY ONE——I wake up in the morning, when the sun shines, I still breathe and can get out of bed all is divine.
    Thank you for being YOU COLLETTE. Ehrentraude

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good affirmation, Ehrentraude:
      Happy Blessings : )

  • david

    live and let live…

    love and let love

  • Sue Ronnenkamp

    So happy to have you back! I have missed your weekly blogs and VLOGs so very much. And thank you for continuing to be a beacon of LIGHT and LOVE. We can’t let the hatred and darkness dampen all the good happening all around us.

  • Leslie Lawson

    #LoveWins – that’s all that matters, really. Thanks for the guidance you offer us all.

  • Bryan

    Well said Colette. As polarizing as this topic appears there is a deeper question that begs to be asked. I appreciate the suggestions of introspective questions you provide. To them I would add another. What institutional, religious, or mass consciousness buy in or approval from is one engaging in to have their expression of love recognized? I have been married for 23 years now. What my partner and I thought the reasons for marrying were have been challenged many times. We were together for over two years before ‘legally’ marrying. As much as I had thought I had deeply reflected on all the parameters of this decision, there still was a different feeling to my perspective of he relationship after the knot was tied. Best of luck and well wishes to anyone choosing this particular relationship path. ?

  • Gigi

    Your letter came from a place of Love, as always. All we can do is send them all blessings.
    Also I would like to take this time to personally thank you as while you were on tour ( in Edmonton ) I was one of the very fortunate that my mother came through. ( The lady on the horse, hehe )
    Also Thank you for your book The Map, I’m reading it now as we speak.
    Gigi xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for writing! So happy i was able to be the bridge between two worlds!

  • Ruth Ward

    I’m from Scotland and we’ve had this in place slightly longer, it’s a subject that doesn’t affect me personally but one that I’m really passionate about, so glad America has come to it’s senses.
    The Bible also has many incidences where polygamy, rape, incest, sex with slaves, arranged marriages etc as well as homophobia are written about with approval but funnily Christians only ever get on the anti-homosexual bandwagon, perhaps they don’t read their Bibles as closely as they think! It would be funny if it hadn’t have done so much harm.
    Expect to be hearing the worst from all the ignorant people in your country for a good time to come.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes indeed .. love this and thank you for pointing that out.. its a new world , a new earth…

    • Delilah Praete

      Couldn’t agree with you more Ruth!!!

  • Lynn Lefebvre

    Colette, I just found you recently and think you are absolutely amazing! I agree with you totally that, at the end of the day,
    it is all about Light and Love! Thank you for adding your voice to the freedom of Love! It really is all about the Golden Rule.
    “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!”

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for your words of LIGHT and LOVE. Those who who can not openly understand your beautiful message are just not ready to be enlightened. They are stuck in 2000 year-old doctrine that has been translated thousands of times over the years in order to allow religions to control people through fear. Only people who are still living in fear, rather than the light and love that they ARE, can be against anything that promotes LOVE. I love the poster from years ago: God don’t make no junk. We are all here to promote the LOVE that we all are .. at the soul level. Thank you for spreading your LIGHT and LOVE so graciously …

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for replying !

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good points, Stephanie:
      Soul Level Blessings : )

  • Eileen Navarro

    Beautiful blog! I will say that when I first heard the news I was elated because now I have the right to marry the woman I love. It was amazing to witness so many people support the cause and it gave me hope that many more changes in this world are possible.

    There will always be people who disagree but I’ve learned to distance myself from them. I refuse to let others dull my happiness and joy in this moment because as a human being, I have every right to marry the person I love. Love is love and today that love shines through with light!

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette .. You are spot on .. Love is the answer .. For all life on the big blue ball ! .. Just prior to reading your blog, I was reading a post on my husbands page, he too raised a few comments yesterday. He changed his photo to the rainbow and then had someone say rasta men don’t support gay people .. My husband has dreads .. Anyhow he responded as the peace troubadour that he is , those are the colours associated with spiritual seekers, who seek inclusiveness in all corners of the earth.
    I am so grateful to be part of this tribe .. You are a shining example .. You show us all by example, how to withdraw from conflict and get a different perspective .. Even if you swear, (which is good, because releasing the energy through one of our “end points” keeps the charge from attaching to us ) .. Thank you for your wonderful way, your honesty and all the love you give to all of us .. May you feel richly blessed today and everyday .. Much love to you .. From me .. Lisa

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Thanks for sharing your experiences as they enlighten me/us of the many perspectives that make up the essence of our environment – one planet or universe at a time … LOL
      Solar Blessings : )

  • Richard

    What is marriage?

    What gives government, the few, the right, the authority to rule on Love, on who can love?
    What gives government the right, the authority to intervene in a marriage commitment?
    If marriage is intended as a convenience and not a lifetime commitment, and it takes two to freely agree to marriage isn’t it reasonable that it should take two to freely agree to end marriage?

    What is the purpose, what is gained in the “victory” of marriage if it no longer has true value or real meaning?

    Could it be said that this “fight” for marriage equality was a waste of resources, resources which could have been used building up this love which is freely spoken of by so many yet rarely demonstrated in actions.

    Was this a victory of love, or just another nail in the coffin of our freedom, marriage is the proclamation of love and commitment between two souls, the foundation of family, a lifetime commitment to loving each other, a lifetime commitment to caring for each other, expressed through trust and fidelity to their love, to their commitment, but mostly to each other.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Love is that much sweeter, healthier, and compassionate toward others when not stressing about who, what, where, why, and when. Making same-sex marriage national is just legalizing federal (laws of the U.S.A.) benefits of that marriage trumping state laws not that same-sex couples did not love despite acceptance. As one tribal dancer stated that some other countries have already legalized same-sex marriages; if they have survived so will the U.S.A.

      If the goal is world peace “power” has to come from somewhere … everyone is welcome to lead by virtuous example.

      “Peace Keeper” Blessings : )
      Make it a Better Place “Heal the World”
      – MJ is coming through ….

  • mimi Duffy

    Beautifully stated thank you…sending love….nice to have you back!

  • Jeannette

    How can LOVE be wrong?

  • Jo Ellen

    I too found your words both honest and refreshing. It was disappointing to read that there were so many dissenters and that the use of the internet offers strength to those who feel comfortable spewing their emotions in such a vitriolic way. If we could just ask ourselves, what if? What if I were born gay or I were born black or if I were born ??? It breaks my heart to pieces that we have this divide and truly find comfort in the venue of this close tribe. I am neither black nor gay but see no difference in myself from those that are. Thank you Collette and all for being my brother, my sister, my friend from one who rarely has the time to share on facebook. For today, I am proud of the Supreme Court ruling, for today I’m proud to lend my voice in support of love and light and will continue to build our tomorrows so that perhaps all can experience that same equality – that same joy. THANK YOU! Jo Ellen

  • kathy

    I am so in agreement with what you say. I have been with my husband for 42 years. We have had many friends thru the years that didn’t stay married. One couple wanted to get married but it was legal as they were gay. They have been together 15 years, longer than most other married couples. That said if you love someone and want to make a commitment it doesn’t matter what your sex is, love matters.

  • Delilah Praete

    Dear Everyone,

    No matter how much we believe that we are different or separate from what we hate it doesn’t make it so… Love will always win. LOVE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. It may take a while but in the end love will always win. After having worked as a therapist, coach and spiritual mentor for many years I have come to realize that we are all on the same highway, we are just at different exits. Eventually we will all arrive at LOVE and that each of us has our particular detours to navigate through until we arrive at LOVE, because LOVE is the ultimate destination. It is what we all truly are! Under all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, concepts, dogmas, is LOVE. We are LOVE. Even haters are LOVE they just haven’t figured it out yet…but they will! There is no where else to go but LOVE. 🙂

    Basking in the entire infiniverse of LOVE,

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Dear Delilah:

      I like your sense of humor : )
      I am with your philosophy

      “Flower Power” Blessings

  • Karen

    I’ve missed your newsletters too! I so appreciate that you don’t bombard like some! And it says a lot about you that you take the time to take care of you and are secure in your followers and business that you can!
    Beautifully said. The Spirit of the Universe is Love! Stronger than anything! I let got of the narrow god of judgement and fear.

  • Cath

    Welcome back Colette, and thank you for sharing your perspective and the feedback you received on the new marriage laws in the U.S. It is a wonderful example of how the consciousness on our planet is waking up and also, how those who are still in the dark are coming out of the woodwork to be exposed to the light. They are resisting, in venom and vituperation, but Love is winning! Can’t you just feel that the tipping point is near? May you be blessed for your beauty and open heart!

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Blessings for safe “Americas” and the entire global family of humanity, Amen ….
    LOV : )

  • Debbie

    First I would like to say that I am so sorry to hear that your posting brought out the worst in people. Even though the best in people also came through, there is no peace in a shouting match. I believe that we are living in an extraordinary time, where pillars of society: government, religion, education, family; as well as matters of race, sexuality, and gender are being challenged, reexamined and changed. I am so thankful to have seen the change from “taboo” to “accepted”. Not embraced though, and hopefully that I too will see in my lifetime. Love and light is not welcomed by fear and darkness. Our purpose should be to shine our light and send our love where ever we may be, with out question, with out attachment. If we do this and continue to do this, I truly believe greater and better changes will occur!

    Keep up your fabulous work Colette! Peace….

  • Eric


    This has definitely been a watershed moment in the United States, and the world. The events of the past two weeks in the United States has compelled a lot of people to confront issues that have been suppressed or avoided in the past several decades up until the time of the formation of the country. To be fair to your readers around the world who are not directly affected by U.S. politics I will try to limit my references to the same, but as tenants and custodians of this planet the observations and conclusions reached can be applied universally across the globe.

    Throughout my life I have been a logical person; I have been one to analyze (or overanalyze) things to arrive at a sound conclusion. One of the things that I hated hearing from my parents growing up and the thing that may have piqued my curiosity about things were the words, “Because I said so”. This was an attempt by my parents to quash the need for long explanations for a topic and to protect me from the many inconvenient truths in the world. I remembered some of these topics that I wanted explanations on and did research to find answers. Some of the answers brought even bigger questions ; other answers were so simple that it made cause to wonder why the questions were so complex. When Plato was writing the Phaedrus he wrote about Socrates and his aversion to the written text. Socrates cautioned that in the written word the audience had to be assumed and because of this no true dialog was taking place. He said that this caused the mind to atrophy because there was no debate that exercised the agility of thoughts; no connection was made between people and society was lesser for it. In the 1980s Walter J. Ong cautioned the same thing when it came to computers. Ong said that, just like when kids asked to use calculators in their math classes when they became affordable, computers would allow easy access to answers without any work to gain the knowledge. There is no debate, no challenge to information on the internet, and therefore no scrutiny to its validity. The saying goes, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”; however, there are thoughts and ideas that some people put on the internet that others accept easily and readily, no matter how eccentric it is. For the billions of users that are online and the millions of different thoughts and ideas that each user has there are billions of different combinations that these thoughts can be matched. If I did my math correctly it works out like this:

    n! / n1! n2! n3! . . . nk!

    where k is the number of people online and n is the number of thoughts each person has. The bottom line is that it would seem to be a huge number but it’s actually very small. In other words, two people sharing two obscure thoughts is very small, yet it seems that with the advent of the internet these two people can connect easier and since people can be lazy and accept circular logic and non-sequitur solutions the number of people sharing an obscure idea can be huge (see groupthink).

    There are probably a lot more variables than I’ve presented here involved in this problem; this is one of those more complex questions. The Universe is a very vast place, a fact that has been shown by science (bear with me, the point is coming). As vast as the Universe is and complex the way it’s put together we really don’t understand it all. The rules that hold it all together have a balance and synchronicity and there is a reason for each. Even though there is a complexity about the Universe that one person couldn’t understand in several lifetimes let alone one there is one conclusion that I have reached is ironclad:

    If you weren’t supposed to be here on this planet, you wouldn’t be.

    I have seen many people pose arguments online about the same sex marriage decision by the SCOTUS, the racially motivated assassination of a state senator in South Carolina along with eight of his colleagues, and more unrest generated by ISIL and related groups. In each of these cases and in one form or another, the support for the actions in the case of the racial South Carolina shootings and ISIL actions and against the ruling for same sex marriages, each of these groups has used God to argue their cases. It’s amazing to me how many conflicts have been fought “in the name of God”. In my mind if two people want to share their lives together, one proposes and the other accepts, in the eyes of God they are married; the ceremony, license, reception, etc. is for everyone else. It amazes me that there are many who want to be at the ceremony, uninvited, to object to unions but they don’t want to be there for the other things: family illness, financial issues, and the other problems that happen in a marriage. Some people justify killing others because of their skin color or their religious ideologies; the shock of it all is that there are those that agree with these ideas. Perhaps we need to follow the lead of the relatives and parishioners of Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC after the brutal killings in its walls; even after such carnage perpetrated by one person who hated them just because of their skin color the congregation forgave him. He wanted to start a race war and divide people he succeeded in doing just the opposite. The POTUS used the hymn “Amazing Grace” to illustrate an awakening that is occurring. While I am hopeful that there will be a day when we will be able to live together without harming each other right now there are too many people who are infected with divergent ideas. Out of the complex battle between people and the quest to validate themselves at the expense of others I have found one simple conclusion:

    In short, we will live together and respect each other, or we won’t.

    Throw them into darkness for a few hours and then sit back and watch the pattern.

    And this pattern is always the same?
    With few variations.
    They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it’s themselves.

    All we need do is sit back and watch.
    Then I take it this place this maple street is not unique.
    By no means.

    Their world is full of maple streets and we’ll go from one to the other and let them destroy themselves.

    One to the other.
    One to the other.
    One to the other.

    The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout.

    There are weapons that are simply thoughts attitudes, prejudices, to be found only in the minds of men.

    For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own for the children and the children yet unborn and the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone.

    -Rod Serling, 1960

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I always love it when you write .. great share.. 😉

      • Eric

        I was slowly getting further and further into the weeds; I could have gone further but decided to bring it back home 😛

        Welcome back! Although you probably had a great time seeing everyone in your travels and I’m sure people were fulfilled by attending your shows I think it’s obvious that the rest of us in your tribe missed you while you were gone! 😀

      • Eric

        Oh, I almost forgot . . . if you look in the western sky right after sunset you will see two of the brightest objects in the night’s sky coming together. These are the planets Jupiter and Venus; they are in the sign of Leo and will reach its closest conjunction on 1 July. Is it a coincidence that we would see these planets so visibly in the night’s sky after the events of the past two weeks? (Venus, planet of love conjuncting Jupiter, the planet of expansion, philosophy, and learning in Leo, sign of leadership and public display = the expansion of the the philosophy (Jupiter) of love (Venus) by leadership in a very public way (Leo)) I think not 😉

        • DLLGRJandfurballs

          Saw them last night, Eric:

          Venus is the smaller one, she was higher up than Jupiter the brighter larger looking one that seemed lower than the other. Thanks, so much for pointing that out. What was Astronomy class for if not to enjoy and understand the sky-dance, LOL : )

          I remember a couple at work talking about Orion (to me, a guardian and protector – and his two pup – the hunter, the provider) and at the time I thought it silly however it is beneficial to know or take an interest about everything because it just might turn out to be a Wonder of the World …

          Cosmic Blessings
          Thank You

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      LOL : ) Eric

  • Barbara

    I so love reading your blogs. They are always thoughtful and enlightening. You have spoken with love about love in a way that reaches to a person’s soul. It is a shame that there are those out there who feel that there is only one way to love and that is their way. From the time of my childhood I have never found solace in Christianity. But the messages of Jesus have always brought meaning into my life. With his teachings of love and, like you, the view of “do no harm” I try to live my life accepting that we all carry that blessed spark of the universe within us and that is what me must love in each other.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep.. I was raised Christian and love Jesus’ teachings.. and they had nothing to do with hate… ever..

  • Randhi Wilson

    What I’ve found as a common thread with the haters is they all seem to be driven by fear….they all need our prayers of love and light. What are they so afraid of? Change? Something outside their awareness? It’s a mystery to me.

    Basing their righteousness on the bible is so nonsensical because Jesus was such an outstanding example of love and acceptance.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs


      Someone or a few comments mentioned in other words haters are looking for “co-misery” such as is fear. In the same respect Colette’s tribal dancers are looking for bliss, blessing, love and light.

      Speaking of Jesus of the previous comment … if is true, he uttered the words “forgive them for they know not what they do” which indicates, as you have mentioned, something outside of their (the haters) awareness. And a previous commenter made notion they (the haters) have not figured out they are capable of loving as well so continue to fester those who do know love – that is envy.

      Again, from a previous comment, “groupthink” will turn their back on the one’s who stop thinking like they do. Again, fear or “not knowing” what is on the other side of the dogma of organized religion or belief will keep a hater accusing those who do not fit their mold.

      Personally, my life’s road was less traveled; however, I am still here and choose this light (free-will). I am good and will help those who need what I can give them no matter who they are – every situation has its own resolve so any kind of knowledge (even that which to avoid) will be key to doing good.

      Blessings of Wisdom to Know the Difference : )

  • Debbie

    So glad you are back! Such a well written message. Love is all that matters.

  • Margie

    I’ve missed you & your weekly blog post so much!

    It all comes down to one thing that everyone needs the most (even if every individual cannot see that)… LOVE. Love is everything. Who am I to judge anyone else on who they love? How many times have we heard someone say “You don’t choose who you fall in love with”? Let every person love and be loved. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Do not hold back out of fear from what anyone else may think. That is their own issue to deal with, not yours.

    The court ruling confirms that Love Conquers Everything. Let love shine and be beautiful for everyone.

  • Cathy

    This is so beautifully written and expressed, thank you. The questions you pose are profound and wonderful. I am choosing to focus on the vast amount of rainbows and love I am seeing and ignore the hate and bigotry. In the last couple of days, I have felt extremely proud and blessed by the number of my FB friends who are changing their pictures to rainbows, sharing beautiful posts and stories and just celebrating love. It has warmed my heart. I’m ignoring the rest. 😉 One of the best quotes I saw was from President Obama: “When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.” Such truth. Thank you for all the love you share, Colette.

  • Karen

    Thank you Colette – It’s so nice to have you back! I believe this is a time where the world is moving forward, although some might think of it the other way. It’s time to evolve! The message is clear nowadays – everything is all about LOVE, in every way. It will be interesting to observe what happens in the next while. I for one am over the moon for this huge step forward and excited for what will come from that. Thinks are starting to shake up for the good (that’s the way I’m feeling). Yahoo! Love and light to all!

  • Carolyn

    Dearest Collette,
    Have missed you and whole heartedly support your adventures on your road trip and love the new pix of your smile!

    Thank you for bringing grace and understanding to the world and not letting the bully haters shadow your light.

    Love YOU!

  • Elly

    I have always believed we are all on our own separate path and each one of us have to make our own choices none of us has the right to tell someone what is right or wrong as what is right for some is wrong for another for their own individualistic reasons we can only do and say what is right for our own beliefs at the time and even that may change in the future as we gain knowledge and understanding and with that will come our own inner peace each of us are at our own different levels of understanding and therefore you will never satisfy all just be yourself and you will always have that inner p eace and your understanding will always be for your own and many others highest good thank you for being you

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Good message, Elly:
      Sanctuary, Balance, and Journey Blessings : )

  • Jana

    Hello, Colette!!! I smiled a BIG smile when I saw your post in my Inbox this today!!! So glad you are back…I missed you and your blog/posts!!! The 26th was my Birthday and what a wonderful gift of Equality given this day!!! “All we need is Love, Love…Love is all we need.” YAY!!! Love, Light, Peace & Blessings!!!

  • M

    Do you believe in equality? I’m not sure.
    What does it mean to be equal? I don’t have a clue. I’m being taught that equality is an illusion that isn’t for me or everyone.
    Is it ok to be different? No Do you fear being different? Yes If so—why? Because I’ve been through things and experienced things that weren’t nice or pleasant because of being different. I and my children look normal but we are different because we have medical diagnoses that are considered special needs/disabled by others (We consider them life lessons to be learned/experienced). Having gone to the police and sheriff dept. for help and to the DAs and private attorneys too only to be told there is no help to be given by them for us because we aren’t the right religion, aren’t gay, and/or aren’t the right race/ethnicity/skin color to qualify for help. If we had any of these or would change to them then we’d be able to get help because it would be then classified a hate crime and things could be done about it. But since we can’t change our skin color/race/ethnicity, aren’t gay, and don’t have or desire to change to a religion that would qualify and are just different so there is nothing that can be done and your not as equal as you were told you were… When your hated and attacked for being different for a specific reason or you look a certain way that provokes the attack, it’s one thing. When your hated and attacked for being different while looking normal it’s totally different and really teaches you that equality is not necessarily real. After years of such thing and seeing people harassed, mistreated, abused, and killed, you begin to wonder if there is such a thing as equality or if it’s just an illusion.

    What does Love mean to you? Again I don’t really know. Love is a complex, many faceted feeling. Love has changed so much at various points in my life. It’s like a river constantly moving and changing, ebbing and flowing, it’s not a stagnant, fixed pond.

    What kind of God do you believe in and how do you behave towards others as a result of that belief? Again I don’t know. I try to live by the golden rule but I have a long ways to go. Are you discerning or are you judgmental? Not sure Do you know the difference? Not sure.

  • barb

    when meditating a few weeks ago, a thought came to me that has remained and gains energy each day when i sit and be still…. we must stop looking for excuses to hate….the confederate flag, the police officer that pulled you over or the gay couple next door that just wants to live in peace….when you stop blaming stuff and start looking into your heart….that is when you will “get it” and move toward harmony….one heart, one soul at a time…until the world becomes a better place.

  • Rochelle

    Wonderful post and thank you, along with others for sharing your thoughts and feelings in a respectful manner. I’ve always firmly believed and adhered to a personal code of respect for every being. Whether or not I’ve agreed with a topic or situation, I respect each beings right to their own view, thoughts and/or opinions.

    What I hope deep in my heart and spirit is that the issue of equality for all couples and unions being finally set, that as humanity we can move on to even bigger issues in this country and abroad. That hopefully, humanity can move forward and take the steps to bring a little more light, love, honor and peace to this planet….everyday.

    I think the best way I’ve heard this whole topic be shared and explained……is…..”Love Conquers All!”

    May the Great Spirit and Mother Earth bless all! 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Great post, thank you! As a Canadian, gay marriage has been legal here for years, so it always surprises me how viscerally threatened fundamentalists react to it, even in theory. I have to resist the urge to tell such people that there have always been gay people, all throughout history and before that, in every culture on the planet, and even throughout the animal kingdom. It predates any notion of religious dogma or dictates and cannot and will not be controlled or eradicated by any means either.

    My view of the larger situation is that as the world is changing, evolving and transforming, it is necessary for these sorts of ugly underlying things to be flooded with light in order to be healed. Because that is what is needed is healing, by the individuals who are so enmeshed in fear that they live in hatred and judgment, as well as the institutions that thrive by way of those poor individuals. We cannot move forward as a whole until we are able to find a way to better deal with this kind of thing, but we are. We just don’t see our communal progress reflected in the news or social media. Yet.

    I think it’s important for everyone to realize that we are seeing so much more ugliness in the world now because it has to all come up into the Light in order to be recognized, to be dealt with in compassion and to be healed into wholeness for the benefit of all.

  • Viola


  • Kacey

    Gorgeous words that I really needed to read this morning after a weekend of joy & relief (finally, equality for all to love, legally) to confusion & sadness from the angry, overwhelming negativity of others. Your words beautifully expressed exactly how I am feeling as well. Thank you, Colette.

  • Victoria

    I’m glad to see the USA is finally catching up to the countries who have already advanced their societies to include gay equality. Canada has had these fundamentals in place since 2005. I hope you celebrated it as a Canadian in 2005. Our former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, said government had no right to dictate who we love.
    Being a straight person, who had a gay cousin and watching his struggles during the 80″s, I experienced the lack of knowledge & fear about AIDS. Like all cultures there is a process of learning that propels us forward and teaches us to be more compassionate to our fellow man.
    God is Love and this is our journey on earth…to know love.
    I find the most difficult hurdle on this path is not to judge. We are so conditioned, from early life, to make judgments.
    Thank you Colette for the opportunity for dialogue.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I did celebrate it and then the next year we moved to the USA. For 9 years we’ve lived in Arizona, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and wondered how it could be so different being so close one country beside the other. Now we split our time between Canada and the USA and feel more balanced especially now that there is this forward movement in the culture. This is only the beginning of great change in the US. What a wonderful time to be alive to witness all of it.
      LOVE all the shares here. Come back next week all for more conversation oxoxoxox

  • Kyle katz

    To Be or NOT to be….that is Not the question. By Kyle Katz
    He made a decision. A desperate decision. That evening, he locked his office door. He wore his suit and shined his shoes. He hung himself… over his mahogany office desk. The step stool lay quietly below his feet. He was finally at peace. He didn’t want to be gay.
    He was my dear friend. Who I loved very much.
    He was kind, smart and ultra conservative. We had deep conversations for hours at end. I was his date at weddings and any other event he needed a strait man. He was my biggest supporter after my divorce. The glue that kept my soul from ripping.
    He loved God. But could not understand what had happened to him. He wanted children…he wanted family and a corporate career. He loved to dance and smiled with his perfect set of white teeth…as though something delightful was always going on in that brain of his. At work we’d play practical jokes on one another. But he wanted no part of being gay.
    I didn’t know he was gay. I kept trying o fix him up with my girlfriends. After working with him for over a year he sat down and told me, dressed in his suit…he loved to wear a suit. This strikingly handsome man looked me in the eyes and held my hands.
    “Did it ever occur to you I might be gay?”
    Then he smiled. I smiled back.
    “You’re kidding…right?”
    “I know you’ve worked so hard to match me…good job…wrong gender.”
    “But you told me you dated Kathy for almost a year.”
    “I tried to change. But I couldn’t. It didn’t work. She understood.”
    “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I feel embarrassed.”
    “ Not your fault. Listen. I hate being gay. I don’t want to be in this world being gay. But I am.
    This week a supreme court ruling changed our nation!
    I see his smiling face… again. It is a good day!
    Love you babe! <3

  • Ed Lehner

    Right on Colette. I sadly seems that there so many out there that use hate to justify their god. I am not too sure where their god really comes from as I don’t know of any of our great teachers whether Jesus, the Buddha, or any of the other others that taught “hate your neighbors” to get to heaven. Interesting. We have that choice to live in fear or love. Personally. I find living in love to be much more rewarding. I pray for those who live in such fear that hate is the only way they are able to express it.

  • Michele

    I saw a documentary recently on gays who consider themselves to be Christian. I loved the remark one woman made who said “l believe I was created in the image of God, so God must be a middle aged Lesbian.”

    I feel blessed to be able to witness one of the most important human rights victories since the civil rights movement.

  • irene

    thank you Colette for doing this weeks forecast. I missed it so much, but the daily cards and guidance is perfectly awesome and amazing as you are.
    Love, Irene

  • DeBanne

    Thank you. Just – thank you for being so honest and articulate. Thank you!

  • Sandra

    Great post Colette. I’m amazed and happy the US has made this incredible ruling on marriage equality. That is a progressive, momentous step forward. Now if only Australia would follow suit. The case for marriage equality has been up for debate for several years here, but unfortunately each successive government outright refuses to budge on changing the law. Let’s hope now that the US has made marriage for gays legal, perhaps the Australian government will rethink their stance. After all, they have no hesitation following the US into war.

  • Audrey

    Thank you Colette, beautiful and profound.
    I originally come from a Christian background but have followed yogic path for many years, eneavouring to follow the Yamas and Nijamas, as well as my own practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.
    I agree our behaviour speaks volumes, whatever our religion/ beliefs or path, and to see the light in all as well as in ourselves.

  • Osadora

    Dearest Collette,
    As a woman of colour I have always support An individual has the RIGHT to live life which ever way he/she chooses. I have always supported Gay Rights Gay Marriages. Just returned from the Gay Parade in Toronto. Been doing it for the last 20 years. Who Am i to tell anyone whom to love. We are ALL Divine Beings

  • Janet

    Hey Colette, Beautifully stated! So nice to have someone speak of love and acceptance….the freedom to love whom we choose should be a God given right. I think there is a lot of fear out there regarding differences. It saddens me, but I guess we all could use some compassion when dealing with our fears. We don’t seem to be able to think straight when we are in fear. Anyway, I loved your response to this topic….hopefully we will all be able to step into a future where everyone enjoys the right to choose who they wish to marry without anyone else’s judgement. I guess I feel it is none of my business who anyone else loves….after all it is Love is it not? It amazes me how we get so worked up about who someone loves or wants to marry, and we don’t seem to get as worked up about the wars going on all over the world with innocent people dying. It seems to me that should be a bigger priority now.

  • Cindy

    I believe in love.

  • Cathy Fuller

    So sorry you had to deal with all the haters and their comments; However, I am certain you had to have seen that coming. Sad, but true. Why anyone should care who anyone else chooses to love or marry or live with is beyond me. How can this possibly cause any harm to another? Does anyone really believe that passing or not passing laws will make reality less so? What the laws do is make it mandatory for all to be treated equally….UNDER THE LAW. Passing laws does not put any one religious belief’s stamp of approval on anything, but rather reflects what the majority of people believe to be right and just. This is, after all, what this country was designed to do….to be ruled by the majority, as long as that majority did not violate the rights of any minority or individual. It is also a sad situation that says people can not just agree to disagree. It seems that there is no conversation…..only confrontation and insults and demands that one side has to be right and the other has to be wrong. Again, how could one person being “wrong” cause any possible harm to the one who believes they are “right?”

    Is it ok to be different? Isn’t everyone? How many even realize how different they are while working so hard to be just like everyone else in so many ways? Is it ok to be gay? How can love, in any form, be wrong? I believe that love is the only truth and the only reality, so I can not find a way for love to be wrong. It is just that simple to me. I do not often state my views, because I do not see how my views on the subject can make a positive change in anyone’s life. If asked, I will state what they are and why. Only when others really want to understand my point of view do I feel it is likely to be considered as a possible alternative to what someone else may have believed before. It isn’t often that others even consider the role reincarnation may play in some of these situations. Not many consider the eternal aspect of love and how one soul may find and recognize another in this life after having been paired in another. There are so many reasons for why we are attracted to others…or even repelled…the roles we are here to play and the things we choose to come here to learn and experience. Empathy must be learned through some very difficult experiences, sometimes. The ones who hurt the worst….feel the deepest pains in themselves and in others are the ones who have learned empathy. Without this, no one can or will truly understand unconditional love…….they will not understand the essence of God and can not possibly understand anything of what is “right” or “wrong” here or anywhere else.

    I wish you continued success in all you do and share. I thank you and wish you nothing but love and light.

    Blessed be!

  • Lee Munch

    Bravo Colette! So well put. I have missed you too! I enjoy your weekly readings for us, and your engaging blog posts. Welcome back!

  • Cassandra


    Very much enjoyed your post. Thank you.
    I believe that Humanity is in the process of crossing the ‘Abyss’. Old, strongly held, beliefs are being shattered. There is much fear and chaos globally.
    Maybe we should all, mentally, hold hands until we get to the other side.

    In the early 70’s I read book entitled, I believe, ‘Peace Cannot Exist’. One of the passages I still remember went something like this; “Peace cannot exist if one person is angry, lonely, hungry or ashamed.

  • Sue Marshall


    I read your posts every time I receive them. I can’t explain exactly why this one is difficult today. On the surface it’s was the simple subject of love and marriage. Love is a gift not everyone finds in this life time. It is sacred and always too short no matter how long you get to keep the gift.
    I am having so may emotions since this past Friday. My husband suddenly passed away from a massive heart attack at 41 and only 13 short years of marriage. He was the other 1/2 to my whole. I have come to more fully understand the preciousness of what we had. We were inseperable and moments come when I don’t know if I can go on. At these moments I feel him and his thoughts. I just had to share because I know you will understand these feelings.
    No matter our religion, spirituality, color, or gender…love is a gift that takes work and when you are lucky enough to find what we have, you grab it, treasure it, enjoy it, and never take it for granted.
    We are connected by our energy/light (some say soul) that makes him present even though I can’t see him. Although I am grieving the earthly attachments, I know we will always be together. This should never be denied anyone and it is given to us no matter how we may believe.
    Thank you for letting me say what I needed even if it rambled.
    Everyone needs to go today and allow love to be felt and be sure you let those you love know you do. Life is the longest part of our journey whereas death is only a moment…celebrate that life!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O honey .. I am so so sorry for your loss… we are all here for you … you have a place to land and share .. BIG BIG BIG HUG

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Beautiful Truth …
      Healing Warmth, Amen
      LOV : )

  • Renee Sugar

    WELCOME HOME Colette!!!! With over 115 comments on this blog; it is clear that everyone
    needs to be seen, heard, understood, welcomed and included. What we create here is
    the space to share, and hopefully to learn from others who have different perspectives.

    “Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely one strand in it”.
    Whatever we do to the web; we do to ourselves”.
    Chief Seattle 1854
    Based on the year of this quote; it is clear that some things never change.
    Whatever opinions we have that express judgment; moral superiority;
    that exclude, that criticize another “human being” for his/her right to
    honor their respective truth/ differences is what makes the world a collective
    pool of consciousness. You cannot divide the ocean; into separate parts,
    anymore than you can view a spiders’ web where any one strand is
    more important; than any other. It is an interconnected system. Everyone is
    a part of that construction. So everyone should have the same options and
    choices. Those attitudes that do not include all of humanity; reflect where the
    seeds of hatred are planted, and like weeds can overtake an entire field suffocating
    any potential for future growth.
    We are all in this together!!!

  • Sharon from Saskatoon

    Thank you for adding so much clarity to this topic, Colette.

    It is sometimes difficult to wade through thoughts and feelings that external influences have conditioned us to accept as absolute RIGHT or absolute WRONG. Our big picture “norms” are evolving at this time and this can be a challenging process for some. Getting to the root of the matter as you have in this blog, helps identify fundamental truths making recent changes much easier to digest and adopt.

    My hope is that we continue to work toward a norm of true equality, respect, love and kindness as we move forward in our evolution.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    So glad to see you back with your blog, and huge gratitude for your Messages from Spirit tour as well. It was so nice to see you in person. Thank you for your clear and consistent messages that God/Spirit is love. You are a much loved and needed leader and strong voice for the way of loving thoughts, words, and actions .
    I completely agree with the sentiments expressed: love is love, love shines away the darkness and love prevails. I wanted to express thanks to you and All here.

  • sharon

    Dear Colette– you spoke with such eloquence and dignity. I am extremely happy for the LGBT communities for this long overdue ruling. The people who are against this ruling are living in fear and hatred. There is not a lot of difference of how slavery in the US played out with such hatred and is still a problem in some areas. How Religion can be used in such a tragic way needs to take a good look at themselves and realize hatred and fear are not the answer. Love and tolerance will lead to such a better world. Please look deep within your soul to find the answer.

  • Shawn A

    Hi Tribe

    Welcome back Colette…

    This is one of my favorite spiritual quotes.

    ” This is my simple religion
    There is no need for temples
    No need for complicated philosophies
    My brain and my heart are my temples,
    My philosophy is kindness.”
    – Dalai Lama –

    Compassion to all,


  • Diana Boles

    “this is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius——Harmony and understanding————-” ————–40 years to get here, but we are finally taking steps in the right direction.
    I was on a small vacation last weekend and so much happened here. It was almost the wrong Friday to “unplug” but the news upon returning was the best. The right to marriage; the confederate flag coming down; health insurance for all; and a certain someone being seen for what that someone is.
    I have such a hard time trying to understand the people against equality. Don’t they have a spot of compassion? Understanding? I often wonder if they are the abusers.
    I will continue to pray away for mankind to be kind and tolerant and compassionate —
    So glad your back. I’ve missed this Tribal Dancing! ? LET THE SUNSHINE

  • deb

    It seems like some people are so miserable and can’t control their own lives, so they think that they have to try to control others’. Why can’t we just live and let live? I have never understood how LGBT individuals harm us in any way by getting married? Or how someone else harms us because of what they believe. Nobody can make you change your beliefs or thoughts, so why fear them when they believe differently?

  • Sylvie C.

    Dearest Madame Colette,

    Ever since I’ve been a teenager (that was in the Ice Age ha!ha!) gay’s have always been
    In my Life. I’ve had a gay BBF, a gay confident, brothers-in-law (still today) etc. etc. I lost a brother-in-
    Law to Aids and witnessed his spouse go through the different level of Courts to get equal rights in other to get his part Of a widow’s pension in Quebec. He won!!!! With the help of the Canadian Charter of
    Rights, this cause went to our Supreme Court and with time, mariage was legalised 3 yrs ago like
    Someone said previously on the blog in Canada.

    I’ve always deeply respected their personnal sexual orientation cause I’ve always seen in
    Them such special qualities.

    They have blessed my life with grace with honesty, sensitivety, loyalty in friendship,
    their sharp sense of beauty in everything, their artistry, their sense of humour. I am proud to say that
    I have my brothers-in-law in my life. I love them, my grown kids love them and of course my tenderness
    Really loves his brother.

    I’m glad my Southern brothers and sisters have joind us up in the North. Let’s continue to

    Tenderness to You and to all the Tribe members ?

    • Sylvie C.

      Oupss… i made a mistake .. Guay mariage was legalised in Canada about 10 yrs ago … Sorry!

  • Irene

    I’ve had many people ask me where I stand on the subject of gay marriage over the years. Some of those same people have insisted that I need to have a “title” to define my relationship with the man that I consider my best friend. The questions about when we will get married, etc continue and they are baffled that we are quite happy to simply enjoy each other’s company. The comments to him many times are, “She’s beautiful (etc)… You better marry her before someone else takes her away.”

    To me, that’s all about the conditioning that people hold onto regarding “how it should be”. Expectations are automatically included with those titles and definitions. Yet, every relationship is unique. Even my relationship with him has shifted over the years… We have both grown so much, individually and in our relationship. So, my response is… “It is what it is and we are both very happy!”

    As for where I “stand” on gay marriage… Well, it’s the same as I view heterosexual marriage… It’s what two people choose… Not what the government says it is. When I was finding my way away from a tumultuous marriage, it took years to do so. We lived in two different states, he lived with another woman, yet the law stated that we were still married. For me, though, that’s not a marriage… It was a legal technicality. And when he finally agreed to the divorce, during a two month waiting period, his words to me numerous times were, “You’re almost a free woman.” To him, that paper (that legal technicality) was a means of control.

    To sum it up, your relationship with another person is your own… It cannot truly be defined by government. For a harmonious relationship, it’s only important what YOU recognize… Not what the government recognizes or anyone’s else recognizes. The light and the power is within each individual unless that individual CHOOSES to give that away to an outside source.

  • Beate


  • Brook

    Heart is full after reading your post! Last week I had this amazing synchronous time – I was part of an ensemble presenting the chamber musical “A Man of No Importance” in Manhattan. It’s based on a movie with Albert Finney about a Dublin bus driver in 1964 who is gay, builds community and a inspiration through the magic of theater. The rehearsal process was mutually supportive, filled with love and I had the opportunity to ask the composer, Stephen Flaherty about the charism of community that occurs when one begins to tell this story. He affirmed that it occurred from the beginning – when this piece was conceived. So Friday night – we were telling a story in the larger framework of the Universe. The artistic director said that in 2014 when he decided to produce this piece in July 2015, Divine Intelligence knew our little troupe would be sharing the story at a momentous time. (even though…what’s time to the Universe?) #lovewins

  • sheena

    Hi Colette….This was a very beautiful and inspiring post !You have communicated such wisdom in this post. Well done even without F-bombs lol…I enjoy F-bombs myself…haha. There are so many great comments on here from others as well. We are evolving-stepping into the light. I believe in equality and feel everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, As you have said at one of your events that I attended “before we were human we were souls” …souls first! 🙂

  • Wainani

    I am truly thankful that Love and Light has prevailed.

    It is difficult to have compassion and goodwill towards those that hate,and who spread that hate towards others,who they deem ‘sinners”,however those of us who are awake and aware have to be mindful,not to fall into the same pattern of anger,judgement and criticism,towards those that are still in the midst of a deep sleep.

    I believe the true test and one of the greatest challenges is to be kind to those who are not.To show compassion to those who are unwilling and or unable to show it.To express love in the face of hate.

    Holding them in the Light and Love of God/Goddess is one of the most powerful things you can do.

    Rising above,being, truly in your spirit,knowing that we are all connected,all emanate from the same source,all have the spark of the divine within us,that we are all on the same journey,just on different paths,perhaps with different timing as far as learning and growth,however all those many paths will lead to the same place,to the One.

    Love is truly the most transformative energy in the Universe,and Every soul has a right to find and experience that with the person of their choosing.

    I feel incredibly blessed to have recently married my best friend and soulmate.I am truly grateful,that now anyone who is blessed to have found that person,no matter what their gender,will be able to have that legal recognition and acknowledgement of their union.

    Much Aloha,

  • Bettymay

    There’s a fine line and a world of difference between self-righteousness and righteousness.

  • Lizzy

    I have read all the comments and I am awed by this love-affirming blog. It is refreshing to be in the company of a tribe full of wisdom, love and acceptance.

  • Sharon

    my husband and I went to our first gay couple marriage about 20 years ago. I’ve always believed that marriage should be about love and was thrilled the highest court in the land agreed. Your blog was written with wisdom & authenticity and I believe there is far more light & goodness in the world than hatred & darkness. The hateful atrocities committed in the name of whatever “almighty” people follow – including those who worship only themselves – can overshadow the light. But people shining their light and love can and do illuminate the world. Great comments. Thanks Colette for stepping up!

  • Happy soul

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
    from The little prince.
    Just watch the animated movie of this book and it is so good. It reminds me of people who forget to love and accept the truth of others and leaving taunting comments hehehe trolls attack. Love your new card deck Colette and thank you also for the videos it’s inspiring.

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