When You Run Out of Gas!

Updated: July 19, 2015

Dearest sparkly wonderful you,

Before I begin this week’s conversation I thought I’d say what a great tribe we have here! Notice how respectful and insightful everyone’s comments are when you post? I am so proud and happy that so many of you are coming forward to share your experience, strength and hope with all of us every week. I hope more of you join in. You are all so welcome, and the more sharing the more we know everyone is witnessed and supported.

So as usual I am going to start!

Yesterday it hit me. I had absolutely and completely run out of gas.

Have you ever ran out of gas? It’s never at a good time is it? When we moved from Canada to the USA the first time, we ran out of gas on the highway somewhere in Texas on the way to Sedona Arizona, our first home (of too many). I remember it vividly. We were driving in an ice storm along a stretch of unfamiliar highway. Ding Ding Ding.

I remember telling Marc “I think the dinging sound means we need to get gas” while he assured me there was enough to get us where we were going and then us sputtering over to the side and having to call for help. Love those ring a ding- ding signals in cars.

So what dings for you just before you run out of gas? Do you know the signals and do you pay attention to them? What happens when you don’t?

This morning it occurred to me I have been running on fumes for the past few weeks and then last night hit the proverbial brick wall. (if I’m being honest)

Now I know better. I heard the ding ding ding after I came off my Canadian tour. But I had a book to finish, and a wait list of clients, and even though I have cut back to half my work load I’ve been noticing how drained I am after every reading.

I’ve been forgetting things, completely bailed on a promise to a friend, and when I handed my book in (on my birthday) I could barely celebrate anything as when I’m fried, my goblins have a field day reminding me about “ How much MORE has to be done!” “Chop Chop no time to rest!”

My response is to create movies in my head about people I could resent, things that might happen, etc.” And then there’s the food. Don’t get me started on the food. DING DING DING

Last time I didn’t listen to the dings, I had a serious motorcycle accident.

Yes it’s true for the next ten days I have to pack up my house for the move to our farm, and the list goes on and on. Life goes on.

Life is filled with stuff and things to do for all of us.

But none of us can run on empty.

When my tank is full, it’s a different story.

So how do I fill the tank?

So for now, I am going to have to say no to a whole lot of things, and a whole lot of people. I need to soothe the part of me that gets all squirrelly that if I set a boundary I will be punished. (that would be a double Ding)

  • I will have to say no to friends who need me for things they don’t really need me for.
  • I will have to ask for help.
  • I will live in 24 hour compartments because it works and I can handle anything I get in one day.

If I feel an “ I think that’s too much” coming on followed by a “ I can do it! I’m Wonder Woman to the rescue!” It’s a Ding Ding Ding that I need to say no, have a nap, take a salt bath, meditate or go for a walk.

When I start freaking out that there are too many bills that aren’t measuring up to my income since I had to take a break and the farm needs way more care than we expected OMG! That is not a sign to scurry back to “work” and do readings or coach while I’m on my knees packing up the books in my office or, in my pajamas when I’m supposed to be taking a nap. (no one will see!)

That is a Ding Ding triple Ding that I need to get calm and centered and trust that Spirit has a plan. It’s a sign to take my mind away from worrying about the form and trusting in the essence.
I cannot serve if I haven’t gone to fill up at the service station of the soul.

So how do you fill up once you run out?

For today I am paying attention to my needs. Saying no when I know it’s not good for me. Having a green juice! Walk on the beach, slowly without hoping it will make me slimmer. Taking a nap and a salt bath. Staying present in each moment without worrying about how the next thing will get done. Breathing deeply. Trusting the process, and relaxing within the currents of life and letting it hold me up. I need that right now. I really do.

Big blessings to everyone and of course I’d love to hear from you. What happens when you run out of gas, and how do you fill up?

Love you always and forever.

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  • Lisa

    Hurray and thank you ! .. Leading by example is a wonderful gift. … I have read the blog and watched the week forecast .. Filling the tank is mucho important, for me I practice a ho’oponopono mantra that came to visit me once during prayer .. It works for me really well, probably because I have done it so many times .. I also use the bird and landscape techniques from your course, those are newer to me, hence more practice is essential .. Either way, when I move into the silence I remember, humanity’s measurements are man made, I am God made, and therefore I am immune to it all .. Oh yeah, I live in a city where I never seen a dragonfly, and yesterday morning I saw one on the fountain near the front door .. I knew instantly that it was reminding me to return to the house of spirit within me, not only daily but moment by moment, to remain balanced, I must spiral into the Isness .. What a joy it is to be a part of your tribe ..

    • Tracey

      Thank you for taking the time for me on emails! Very grateful. For me I have been paralyzed by” fear of the Gov’t” for the last few years. My life has gone nowhere. I am running out of gas, hiding from living Life. I am tired of myself living like this. I am well prepared with info to move forward and I just need to take action. I feel alone a lot. I want a new life with new people. I am an awesome person and its a shame that I have been doing nothing. Today is a new day, I have no choice to shake everything off and be brave, face my fears, put my problem out in the open and not worry about what others think because I am the one suffering inside. I feel confused and stuck becuz I don’t have faith in the Gov’t to do the right thing, I guess this is becuz I grew up in “Residential School’ as a child. I am scared of the RCMP. I haven’t had a job for years becuz of these fears. I don’t trust people, I’m always thinking they are going to do me wrong. I have decided my first step is to stay away from the people I have been surrounding myself with in these last few years. Its been a gongshow and I’m wondering what the heck am I doing!? Thank goodness for computer technology so that help with healing is at my fingertips!

      • Gail

        Tracey, I am sorry that you have had to live in mistrust. You show wisdom in some of your comments that speak to your goodness and to your capacity. The hurts of the past cannot define us. As someone who was seriously hurt by others, I had to learn that my life was my own to create. I could not give those who hurt me more power in my life. I send energy and prayers to you that you find the strength of your own heart and intentions and keep moving forward. Don’t look back. You can do this. It is never too late to renew your spirit. Blessings and good luck. Trust…yourself and that there is good in the world.

      • Della

        I keep wondering when a residential school survivors are going to start a support group for companionship and support. I have worked as a liaison and a chaplain with many who have had this experience and I feel the isolation that has been endured. Both of my parents have been there. Is there a way that I can be supportive? No one should suffer alone.
        Maybe we should all join together to put our prayers and positive thoughts forward for people like Colette and any others who are running low on fuel so we can get them to where they can be re-energized. We all could use more joy.

        • Tracey

          Thank you for your support, I appreciate it very much!

      • Urszula Ruszczynska-Yee

        Hi Tracey
        Your honest account of your situation deeply touched me. I can relate to you for your story accept for some details is my story.
        I almost don’t want to write this to you but something inside is just drilling in me to do so.
        So here it is.
        I feel I am just one step out of my predicament and I need to reach out to others to share how.

        I started to work with hypnosis and past life regression (PLR) many years ago. I thought it was for me to be the hypnotherapist; now I see it was more for my own healing. Many years has passed since my certification as a hypnotist and there always seem to be something standing on the way of making it my open profession.
        Although these years may appear as lost they actually weren’t. I was pealing layers and layers of issues that I didn’t even realize were there. I only could find those issues through examining past lives. In a lifetime of a Jew dying in a holocaust I found my lost self esteem. I had only myself to blame for loosing it. What was happening to me and other Jews was one thing. What I thought of it was another. And I made myself believe there must have been something wrong with us, we must have been of a lesser value to be treated this way. Not until I found that false belief deep inside of me and released it could I see any value in me. It was just a belief yet so powerful and causing me so much trouble in this lifetime.
        This is only one example of a past life trauma that I had to clear and there were many more.
        In just recent couple of years I started to clear things in my current life.
        Examining motivations for doing the things I was doing, realizing I would do things for wrong reasons. A.e. Keeping friendships with some people just to show/prove them how good a person I was. It was really hard to let go of the need of being perceived certain way. I knew if I stopped performing for those people they would think of me as selfish and a hypocrite. But I did untangled myself and cut off of several people.
        I kept cutting myself from people and situations until I was left with nearly nothing. It was difficult time that I questioned myself a lot. Did I know what I was doing? From the outside it didn’t look that way at all. I had no one to share my experiences with, no one to compare my notes with, no one that would understand. I heard comments from some people that I was making to much of it. I wandered if they were right.
        Yet the false constructs were falling down And I felt lonelier than ever.

        Eventually came a realization that all those people and situations were just my way of distracting myself from real issue. When all distractions were gone
        I discovered a deep fear similar to yours of moving forward with my hypnosis practise. I found myself unable to distract myself anymore but face to face with the true issue, the fear and unable to tackle it down.
        Until than I didn’t understand such an abstract fear or phobia. It seemed so unreal. It’s like a line in the sand you find yourself unable to cross. But here I was having the irrational fear of… I didn’t know what! What was I really afraid of?
        All I knew I found hypnosis and PLR the only things I still had interest in, the only things I could see myself doing for a living, yet felt paralyzed just from a thought of making it official. Irrational believe that something horrible, some punishment was in store for me if I did that.

        Again PLR proved to have answers. In a past life I found myself a healer/shaman woman in medieval Europe. I lived happily on my own in the forest healing anybody that asked my help. I found myself quite talented too with some unusual abilities. Eventually I was captured by church officials, tortured, convicted of witchcraft and burnt at stake.
        Here I am trying to pursue healing arts again in this life and the ancient fear gets reawakened and haunts me to the point I’m unable to move.
        Not until the deep emotion and fear are released and subconscious convinced that this is a different lifetime and danger is not present anymore will I find myself able to act.

        So here is the answer. PLR and release of seemingly irrational fears.
        Lots of people say: but I don’t believe in past lives.
        That’s ok. A belief in past lives is not necessary. It doesn’t matter if the material is an account of real past life or just imagination. Everyone can produce such material out of ones subconscious and the deep emotion attached to it feels absolutely real. It seems to always work this way. When deep emotion is released peace, harmony and security are restored. And I say if imagination heals us let it be.

        To cut the long story short Tracy a well trained past life regressionist can help you trace your fear to it’s source and release it.
        I’d be happy to offer my own help in the matter if you find yourself living in Toronto area. You can find me on FB by my full name.

        Hm… How does that relate to running out of fuel? Not so sure. 🙂

        On that note… I find myself running out of fuel only in one situation. It’s when I start thinking of myself as to being so important that the whole world can not handle it unless “I” help. 😀
        Well guess what? It will go on quite well with or without me.

        Thank you Colette for being you and doing all you do! Don’t you dare to ever burn out… PLEASE!!

        • Tracey

          Thank you, Gail , Della & Urszulla for replying to my story. I worked with a Gov’t project with Residential Schools and am so grateful for that job as I was able to understand myself and my parents and that whole intergenerational stuff. I have been hurt so much by my own first nations people that I no longer trust them, but I need to forgive and start a new day. Mainly I feel alone in my healing journey. I find healing fascinating. My dreams warned me so long ago that I would be dealing with a mess in my family that I could not clean up so at least I am able to remember that everything is happening in divine timing no matter how painful it has been.
          I know I was a male in my past life becuz when I was little I used to try to pee standing up! lol I dream so much that I am exhausted when I wake up, I think these dreams are from past lives. I have to get a job b4 I can do anything and that process has been quite difficult lately. I have faith that I can do it, I have no choice, i’m outta gas. Urszulla you are so right in everything you said! that is me as well. Thank you. I am open to everyones prayers and support! I will smudge for all as well. Love!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        sending you a hug- I’d write more but I’m as you know – fried.. xoxoxox just know I heard you, we hear you. and you’re not alone xox

        • Urszula Ruszczynska-Yee

          Big hug for you Colette!

    • Linda

      What an appropriate topic! I ran out of gas 2 weeks ago. My little dog Fergie who was my best friend died suddenly. I knew she was not feeling well and I took her to the Vet to have her whisked out of my arms and told to call after 10 am the next morning. Instead I got the call. The Vet told me his finding and I asked him what was the plan of action and after a pause he said that she passed quietly about 6 am that morning. Needless to say I broke down.

      I had a jam packed day ahead of me. I am a Realtor. Anyone who is in RE knows that you don’t get paid unless you produce. I had not had a completed sale in 3 months. I was able to cancel the coaching call I had that morning but had to show my current clients property and get another offer in by the deadline. I did not allow myself the time to grieve until around 9 pm! Since then there has been non stop chaos. Getting the house ready for guests, clients, Latin Husband (those of you who are married to one know what I mean!), trying to console the pup that was left behind, taking my 83 year old Mother for shopping and Dr’s appts, needs for my business, the house, writing a presentation for my newly published book, fulfilling my Coaching commitments. I did manage to hold a memorial service for my little girl at the ocean where we would take the dogs. Just as I was about to release her ashes a huge wave came out of nowhere and knocked the can out of my hand. Someone was telling me to lighten up and move on.

      I went to a shelter yesterday and found a buddy for my other little dog Zed. She is sweet, sweet, sweet! All the other dogs I chose to meet had their own agenda but she stuck right by me and buried her head in my leg almost to hide from the volunteer who was going to put her back in her little room. I will take the afternoon off today and introduce her to the rest of the family, take her home and get to know this beautiful little girl. I think I will name her “Luvie.” I will also plug time off for me into my calendar. Today is a new day and it is time to fill me tank once again.

    • Cathy

      Sometimes the timing of the subject matter you send is just too uncanny! This one really hit home with me. I had been working so hard and feeling as though I was actually making progress with my book projects, when I got very ill. It landed me in the hospital! I had pneumonia AGAIN! This time, I nearly died. I wasn’t even allowed to talk because it was using too much energy and what little oxygen I was getting. I already had COPD and extreme emphysema, but with the added infection I had picked up from some bug, it was now more serious. I was so drained, that by the time let me come home, I felt worse than I had the night I walked into the ER. I had mountains of pills I had to take and numerous breathing treatments every day. The schedule for medication, alone, was grueling and tiresome. I had to be on oxygen 24/7 as well, so needless to say, I wasn’t going anywhere or doing anything but resting. It also demanded that I never smoke another anything for the rest of my life. I had already managed to cut it back severely, but it had picked back up again as I worked, as it had been mys practice for so many years…to smoke as I worked, and I had been doing a LOT of work, trying to finish one of the books. It just seemed to say that now was not the time for that. NOW it was time for me to concentrate on ME…on getting well. I had been ignoring my own health while working on the books. I had had numerous other matters that had created some extreme stress in the past few months, and it all had come to a head that made it impossible for me to continue as I had been or ignore the warning signs any longer. I have been hard headed, so I suppose it had to be this drastic for me to finally “get” it and stop and rest and regroup before trying to continue. I have to heal. I was told it would be a long, slow process, but I really think I am doing pretty well so far. It helped to see this subject come up now and realize that I am not the only one who fees pressured to “hurry up” and finish things or get things done and that I can just stop and pay attention to me…to what it is I really need more than all I was using to ignore the higher need or put that off any longer. In finally submitting to my illness and being so weak that I literally had no choice but to let others do for me for a while, I got reminded about how much I was loved by my children and how fortunate I am to be where I am right now, even though it could have been a lot easier to be resentful about all I do not have and where I am not, yet, and all I have not, yet, completed. I was also reminded about how many people who were NOT there for me and just how much I have tried to include them in my life, when it seems obvious, now, that I do not really need those people any more than they seem to care about or need me. People are always in others lives for a purpose, but I also know that once that purpose has been served, (whether we are to realize what that was or not) that quite often, it is time for a parting of ways, in order for each to go on with their separate paths. There need be no hurt hard feelings, eve though it it often a difficult process and there may be those feelings regardless. I had always tried to prevent such breaks or hard feelings between my friends and even close family and myself. I felt compelled to keep the relationships from going sour or ending altogether. I, now, have come to accept that even family is often something that can be detrimental in my own personal progress. That has NOT been an easy one to accept, but I have. I have also redefined “family” as those who care and are there no matter what. They the ones who take time and make efforts and for whom I would do the same. I guess I had more than physical healing to do. I am still working on both. My tank has not yet been refilled, but the engine will, at least, crank long enough to help keep the battery charged now…lol. I just had to have nothing BUT time to sleep, heal, dream and think and remind myself of all I have know all along.
      Thanks again! And wishing you all the best!

    • LayNa

      Wow – thank you for this. I think sometimes when we get overwhelmed with the demands of our lifestyle we forget we aren’t alone. As I read through the blog, I’m thinking, “oh wow, I feel your pain”. I work a 55 hour a week full time job, I’m also studying to be an energy healer among other spiritual awakenings, I study, practice and perform Belly Dance and I just jumped on board with a great company that sells a plant based nutrient system to better your health (Plexus).
      What was I thinking? Have I lost my mind? I was having a hard enough time juggling 3 “careers” let alone adding a 4th. But I keep hearing the words, “help yourself and you can help others”. So, I’ve resolved and made peace with – I will do what I can do in a day, and I make peace with that. I make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep and somehow the Universe helps everything fall into place.
      My “ding ding ding” is when I get really short on patience – then I know it’s time to block out a few hours and for the good of those around me, it’s time to take some “me” time, and trust that all those that are my helpers for the greater good will assist in getting things done that truly need to be done. It’s a “human learning” process to let go of what I have no control over and know that there are those beautiful beings that will jump in and assist if these things are really to be. As a human, it can be hard, for me at least, to not be a control freak! lol
      Blessings to you all
      In Love and Light,

    • Bobbie Lendrum

      So i need to take a nap and have a Salt bath. When i run otnof gas so to speak i rely on others and rest o fill me back up. But Colette i think my mom has been trying to contact me. What do i do?

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        pray and meditate and ask for a sign in nature that could communicate what she wants to say… 😉

  • Raylene Moshondz

    …for me I am learning that when my panic of ‘need to do more’ starts, it is always feeding ‘scarcity’, & I am learning to go to my ‘trust’ button. When the storm clouds rolled in while in middle of haying, I looked to the heavens and instead of crying that it wasn’t fair, I am learning to say: ‘I am loved. My farm is loved. I trust you Spirit, even now. Even with the storm clouds in every direction. I trust you. I trust that you have my highest good in your sights, the highest good of this farm, the highest good of all concerned in your sights. And what is mine will not pass me by’. The first batch of hay was baled rain free, even though in every direction there was rain, except for here. And the second batch that is down received and inch & then the clouds dispersed and the best drying weather ever started last evening… My Angel team care about my stress, my peace of mind, my abundance, and I surrender this farm to them, asking only that it bless all who come in contact with it, including me…

  • Jayne Rivera

    Hi Colette, my heart goes out to you, I too have had the ding ding moments for a while, yes I was working 3 jobs trying to do it all, being wonder women, and last week it all came to a crashing halt, I had a physical (it was my birthday present to me ) and at the doctors the doctor thought I looked pale and Anemic, no problem I say , I eat lots of spinach and Kale, that night the doctor called me to say I had to go get a blood transfusion, which landed with me in hospital for 5 days, getting the full work up and the end result being leukemia. Crash bang….. DING DING DING! Now focus is wellness and treatment plans etc, and listening to my spirit, I know all is in divine order, as you always say, you are such an inspiration so be well my friend, and happy belated birthday, love and light Jayne.

  • JB

    When I run out of gas my physical body seems to be weakened so much more than being mentally or psychically drained. I feel like I want to keep pushing but my body will react to such a degree that I can’t do anything! I become physically ill! It’s like a built in “slow down!” mechanism. When I reach that point (probably 1-2 times a year) This is how I fill my tank… I take a day for myself where I can sleep, meditate, and be out in nature. I just try to clear my mind and remember what’s important so I can clear out all the fluff in my life. For the next week I allot time to clean and organize my home (especially my closet). The organization of my closet is the outward expression of how chaotic or non-chaotic my life is on any given day. I do the little things to pamper myself like my nails, a bath, or pluck my eyebrows. A good massage is always nice too. Then I bake. I love to bake and when things are too crazy I seem to forget that. All of these things are therapeutic to me and a great way to be productive without having to think too much!

    • Ellyssa

      This message literally couldn’t have come through to my inbox at a better or more synchronised time! I have spent the past 2 days with large amounts of ding going on, and this morning was awake at 5.30 and suddenly overwhelmed and in tears.

      I know that I’m clearing through some old fear that is rattling loose that I had buried from before so am glad to be finally releasing the emotions but the temptation to be superwoman hits me too. Once upon a time I would have caved in to these urges to overdo it. Today I choose to take a different approach and replenish myself from the well of spirit, trust that there is a far greater plan in action and that it is up to me to nurture myself and have faith that everything is always working out for my highest good. Your post has just cemented it all and I’m hugely grateful for that. Thank you! ?

  • Elizabeth

    we all love you and understand when you need to take a break.
    I always look forward to the weekly Blog and the Universal energy cards.
    But when you were on your Canadian trip and they didn’t happen,
    I thought, that’s ok C is totally immersed in her tour and giving it
    all she’s got. So I sent you Love and Blessings and waited patiently
    for your return.
    Likewise if you need to take a break from the above AT ANY TIME
    …..please do. We want you to feel energized and enthusiatic
    and do stuff cos you really enjoy it.
    If they dont happen some weeks they dont happen.
    Please make your own well being an absolute priority.
    Big Love and Hugs and good Luck with the move.

  • Erica

    Thank you so much for your words! I have been “over-multitasking” (yepp, otherwise I “just-multitasking”, haha), both mentally and physically – started my own business, mowing, planning for the autumn, and so on.
    I usually go on and on and finally my guides says “Stop!”. When that happends I understand that I have to see my “little Erica” and give her a hug and tell her that she is already perfect, loved and doesn’t need to do anything more than to be her playfull, creative Love that she is. With that often comes some tears and relief. And then all the stress and worries washes away.
    On a regulary basis I meditate, walk in the forest, listen to music or watch something humerous at youtube.
    And from time to time, when I am present and in receptive mode, I hear my guides telling me how extra ordinary I am, that all the different things I can comprehend is a special gift and something I should be proud of. That i am already sublime and doesn’t need to be more than that. I just breathe in and out in that knowing. I am grateful.

    Thank you for your words – the Life of a human being. Beautiful and already perfect.

    Love and Blessings from Stockholm

  • Donna

    When I run out of gas I go to your awesome site and read your words of wisdom, mabe pick a card, watch your vlog and fill up! Im grateful for your work and want to thank you!

  • Sharon

    Colette I love that you are still human (not some airy, fairy guru who is out of touch with reality) and that you share yourself with us through your good times & bad or sad.
    You are so genuine and truly kind and caring,
    I’d love to meet you one day & return all the love I have felt through your messages in one giant hug.
    You are such an inspirartion to me ( and many, many others ).
    I keep telling my friends that when I grow up I would like to be just like you 🙂
    This article has touched something deep inside of me & I thank you for shining the light on what I have to do to refuel.
    Bless you you Beautiful Soul. You are such a blessing to us x,x

  • DS

    Good Morning Colette
    absolutely you need to listen to the ding ding , the last time I didn’t I woke up paralyzed from the waist down , somehow I had slipped a disk in my sleep , really I said” as I looked to my guides ,” I ended up on disability , a surgery a couple of years to recoup , and then finally I surrendered to what was to be , there is always a plan for us , we are always to busy to hear it or listen , or think ya ya , get to it soon , so now after many years of sorting and trusting the journey , I have become a spiritualist Minister , Medium Ship development teacher , and a spiritual healing teacher , and yes of course I am a Medium , I have put trust in guides , and I listen , I may not like the out come but I listen it is far better then them putting me on a time out , please take the time you need for yourself you too are very important to the universe , and also have a job to do , take your time and refuel yourself .
    Many Blessings my friend
    and enjoy the time you get ,
    much love and hugs

  • Andrea

    Dear Colette,

    Elisabeth and Donna wrote just the words that came to my mind (and right from my heart).
    When I run out of gas, the first thing I do, is going to your website. Especially your V-Blog gives me strengh for the week.
    But it is quite o.k. if you take your breaks. As you say, you can´t give, when your not connectet to the gas station from time to time. 🙂
    And your are right. Belonging to a tribe of peobles that are honest to theirselves and sharing that honesty with others is a good feeling indeed.
    Love to all of you.

  • Ellen

    Hi Colette — I taught a class this past weekend which was (there are no coincidences!) addressing Energetic Boundaries and part of this class is how to re-source yourself. For me, a lot of it is also that “ding” you described, really learning to listen deeply to my body and to discern what the message is. My body will always stop me when I really need to stop, so i have learned to listen *before* I end up sick in bed!

    I am a fan of re-sourcing through physical means: “earthing” (connecting with the earth by barefoot walking on grass or bare ground, or by using a grounding pad/sheet), eating root vegetables and dark leafy greens, salt baths, natural hot springs, putting my feet in the river, etc. I also like to journal, or paint, or write poetry, so I do at least one of those things every single day. Meditation or connecting with Source energy is an almost continual process, especially while I am working with a client, and I also like to look at my dreams so I can listen to what my deepest self is telling me.

    Most of all, I have learned that I really NEED to go on retreat at least once a year, and it has to be for a minimum of ten days. I try to take smaller chunks of retreat time around the whole year, but at least once I must have the sustained time “away”. Life tries to make that very difficult, which means I have to stand all the more firmly *for* myself and my time away.

    Thank you for everything that you do, especially sharing your experiences with all of us! many blessings

  • Johanna

    Dear Colette
    Running on empty is a theme for me often. This last week has left me feeling like a punching bag inside my head – my goblins have had a field day after a gut healing cleanse drained me of everything ounce of energy I had (while feeling like I had a laundry list of things to do my arm long). Recovering is never easy and I appreciate your insight. It is the permission to give myself self-care that I often forget… So thank you for the reminder. Sending you much love.

  • Sue

    Thank you Colette! I was at Lily Dale, NY this weekend and got a message from my dad in spirit. He said, ‘if you don’t put gass in the tank, your not going to get anywhere.’ So your message was what I needed to hear. I don’t know what to do with this, but I am so grateful for your ideas and the others posted.
    I picked up a book, while I was there, on living in the present, so my plan is to work on that.
    I picked the ” deer” card and “ghost lands”, when I asked about my weekend. So I do plan to tread lightly as the deer.
    Thank you for your thoughts, we are truly not alone!

  • Janice

    In a society that places so much value on doing it is so easy to lose perspective on the term human being. While reading other posts it is refreshing to note how people are nurturing others as well as extending that loving care to their own spirits as well. The beauty of AND is exponential:) Clearing out clutter, resting and taking breaks to listen to the sounds of the birds and nature can be so renewing as we move throughout the tasks and events of our daily lives. I am grateful to read these words of wisdom. Namaste.

  • Angie


    Once again you have so fully and utterly hit the proverbial nail on the head for me through your own life experiences. I too hit my wall last week with various alarms (literally–the smoke alarms in my house decided to malfunction at 4.50am; that was fun–add in a skunk-sprayed dog two nights before and you’ve got a party :)) telling me that life happens and I’ve got to learn to detach from situations instead of going into fetal position and panicking. My amazing, awesome brother has taught me that panicking gets you nowhere fast. I kept asking what is the lesson I’m supposed to be learning here, and the answer that came back to me was “to ask for help.” This is something that is very hard for me to do. I’ve had to do everything myself for so long that I have a hard asking for and receiving help; after all, I’m the helper, I’m the one that helps others. But I did, I swallowed my pride and made the various calls to the people I knew who would step up and help. And I am grateful. I found that I felt so much better for being grateful for the things that were going right, like NOT letting the dog in the house (this time) when I knew he’d been hit by a skunk or having just enough ingredients to get him washed down enough to let him in the house that night or that my dad was able to replace all the smoke alarms in the house and restore peace of mind within me. I also listened to your Hay House radio show that day and it really helped me with the various cledons I felt I was receiving.

    As many others here have said already, you, yourself are an amazing sparkly being too. We all love you and this tribe. And remember, you can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself. I always like to use the analogy of the airplane safety procedures that they go through at the beginning of each flight: Always secure your own oxygen mask first before helping others, otherwise, you won’t be able to help anyone. 🙂

    Take a respite, take care of yourself!

  • Richard

    Glad to hear you are taking some time for you. The world can live without you for a week – the other 51 are going to be spectacular. I usually find that if I write down all the “tasks” i think i have to get done, then i can prioritize and realize some of those don’t really need to be done “right now”. It also allows me to focus on one task at a time instead of trying to remember all the activities and if i am missing anything. And unplugging for a few days usually frees up a lot of time to get the things done that I want to. Then i am more in the now for others. Even though i may think i am the general manager of the world, it seems to do just fine when i unplug (probably better). Thank you for your personal insights.

  • PP

    Hoi hoi Colette,

    Sending you much love and peace….and energy!
    Hoist a hearty shot of beet juice…got it? Great! Now we are both ready to celebrate belatedly
    your birthday, and today my birth day! Life is a marvelous wonder!

    Colette you are soooo appreciated! Thanks for the fill-up!!

    Proost! From the Netherlands!

  • Jenn

    Thank you for taking the time to help us recharge and fill up by sharing your thoughts and techniques. Have a blessed week.

  • kathy

    I oh so can relate to this, I have a hard time saying NO to anyone. I retired 5 years ago from a full time job. I have a home based sewing/ embroidery business also and have continued to do that. I am busier than when I worked full time. It is in my nature when someone ask for a project to be done that I get it done as soon as possible, even if they tell me no hurry. Since January my body has been telling me to slow down, to rest but I ignored it. In feb. I got the crud and it lasted for 5 weeks. It has been 5 months since and I am finally get my get up and go back. It has been a lot of meditations, emotional releasing and reiki on myself. I am not a sickly person and don’t want to be, I tend to ignore the warning signs. But this time their was no ignoring them. So it takes some of us getting knocked down hard to pay attention.

  • Lizzy

    Sorry to hear you “hit the brick wall.” That’s a tough one when you are a do, do, doer! We appreciate all you blessedly give us, so if you need a break – take it, please. We understand. When I am running out of gas, I cry a lot….I run out of patience, and I have monkey mind telling me what an idiot, stupid and inept human being I am. I also want to shop – yikes; I cannot afford that.

    I have to remind myself to let it all go. Things will fall into place as Spirit wants. I try to push the chatter away through meditation. And, I say STOP, when I find myself cruising the internet shopping sites. Some days I win. Some days I fail. I am working on it though.
    Thanks for all you do. Healing thoughts going out to you.

  • Paul

    Hi Colette, well I thought that open heart surgery was the ultimate “out of gas” experience and in a physical sense it was. I am now emotionally out of gas, unemployed, financially in dire straights and very stressed. I may have to move out of my apartment and move in with a family member 2 hours away. I am drained and hoping for new life. On the plus side, I just published a book and I continue to teach part-time which I love to do as well as write – hoping I can make a living at writing/speaking/consulting in the near future. I cope by putting one foot in front of the other and trying to take one day at a time, just like you.

  • Emilia

    …”we were driving through an icecream storm…” that’s how I read this in your blog now. Today I’m out of gas. 🙂
    I stayed home today all day and on my own even tho I was supposed to be somewhere else. Sleep, eat, laugh, breathe deeply,danced in my tiny kitchen, cried in the shower, long shower, wrote in journal, saw an eagle fly by. Am filling up again. Thankyou for Being You. Such a treasure!

  • Karen

    I have a horrible case of exzema on my hands. It appears to remind me when I am not taking care of myself. It’s reared its head again this past week. It’s rather debilitating as I cannot use my hands very much so I’ve had this past week to think ” what is it this time?” You’d think I’d learn by now, but I’m a slow learner. So three days ago before I went to sleep I asked spirit to cover my hands in green ribbons and as always,in three days my hands are back to normal. I will listen to my body and soul more this week. And I will write in my Gratitude journal this week; it does indeed work. Have a blessed week. ??

  • Kat

    Your words of encouragement and inspiration always come at the right time and in the right form. I took a break this weekend and did some self-care. I didn’t think of work, I didn’t call back people I was suppose to, I just took care of me. I had been going on “fast forward” since starting a new, very stressful job and realized I needed to step away for awhile. I took one day to spoil myself and do the things I love to do. I went for a bike ride. I played with my furchild. I painted. I realized how much I missed “joy” in my life.

  • susan

    Thank you Colette for your honesty in sharing about where you are. I find myself in the same place with too may obligations, too much work, feeling exhausted but have a strong heroine energy that kicks in saying you can do it all. My ding ding ding is to truly take the vacation I have scheduled to begin tomorrow and not fit in work along the way to “catch up” while I’m suppose to be resting and re-energizing. The last 4.5 years have been full of big things for me – leaving my 25 year corporate career to work in a nonprofit organization, stepping into the CEO role of that organization a year later after the CEO quit, loosing my uncle, dad and best friend within the span of 2 years, selling my house and moving in the last 6 months. I’m totally exhausted and fear that my own health will suffer. Truly appreciate the ding ding ding message!!! Thank you!

  • Sylvie C.

    Ah! Madame Colette,

    I think everyone in this Tribe truly understand You (I agree such much with Elizabeth ‘s words).
    I think all of us who wrote at this present moment in this blog, relates to You cause with Life’s fast
    Pace, somewhere, we all hit a brick-wall where Life itself tells us, that’s not what it’s all about.

    My brick-wall was a car accident in 99. I’ll be a year older then You today in about 2 weeks but
    And at that moment, I was working like crazy taking care of my household with my 3 teens and Hubby
    And this and that etc. etc. etc. They all had to take care of me then. That was something cause for the
    First time in a long time, I lost control over everything.

    Maybe that it! Those events want us to loose control to let Spirit pass trough better? Cause
    I remember my Life changed so must then cause I thought I was going to dye and all I could think of was
    My familly. I was so gratefull to be alive. There was a big spiritual shake up then cause I had Time to
    Breath, read, contemplate and be gratefull for everything. I fell in love again with Spirit and It told
    Me then that He had never left me, it never would and will always be there.

    Dearest Madame Colette, I think we all want You to take care of Yourself and yes You will
    Have to say no to people and things. With your moving (that has always been a event that I would rather
    Not go through cause I find it quitte draining), I think everyone of us would understand that You take a
    Break or like You say, cut down on some activities.

    Through the web, I extend my affectionate arms to You and send You Love, Love of self
    (Respect one self in order to say no), strengh and peacefullness to a You and your partner for what
    Is coming ahead ?.

  • Kory

    Dear Colette!
    I enjoy reading your blogs as they are soul-baring and in these times, we are all in need of a little soulfulness. Thank you!

    Colette, what I do when I run out of gas is sit or lie back and take in a few really quality deep breaths right into the belly expanding both chest and belly, then slowly letting these breaths out and holding the point between breaths for the count of two, or longer.

    I have found that it is during the slow out breath and the holding stage where brain meets soul. And it’s our souls that bring us restful peace.

    It’s very important to begin our attempts to refuel by breathing something like this. Like anything else, if we need something, we must ask. If we are weary and worrying about things that seem to be far bigger than we are, instead of holding our breath in panic, breathe in and touch the Soul. Being peace, we get what we ask for – Peace!

    And then everything else is handled from this state of being. The OMG’s become “Oh goodness, isn’t that interesting? Look what life has brought to me today to experience. And I feel so ready to take it on!”

    You are a tribe leader, Colette. You will overcome gas-lessness. Your schedule will sort itself out, the work that really needs to done will get done, and the farm will be exactly as it needs to be right now. Allow yourself to pack up your belongings in your pjs. Allow yourself to breathe.

  • Barbara

    I am so glad to hear you are taking some quiet time. I had noticed how tired your eyes had looked when you first returned from your Canadian tour. The eyes speak volumes about what is within. With you being an empath I am sure that your tour drew you down more than you realized.
    This weekend I hit the wall at work as my staff was reduced by management and now I am going to have to do my work as well as fill in on the line. So I had vacation time established for this week to deal with ongoing health issues as well as a laundry list of things to do around my ranch. But this morning when I got up I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes. So now there will things that will get moved to a later time. Going to get in and see my acupuncturist and start meditating again. I sprained my ankle the first of this month and looking back that was Spirit trying to slow me down and I just didn’t listen. Guess I better learn before they start throwing bricks at me to get my attention.

  • Rena Scarberry

    Dear Colette,
    I can relate to hitting the brick wall. I did that several years ago working in foster care. I remember I literally called in one day
    and said I will not be in this week at all…need to take a break and I did. I was like a hamster on wheel going around and around.
    I did not like it. Needless to say I resigned a few months later. I am glad you are listening to your inner wisdom. Please feel free to “take a break” and take care of yourself when you feel out of gas. Thanks for all that you do! Good Luck on the move! Much Love, Rena

  • Janet

    Dear Colette,

    I am so glad you are taking care of yourself! Blessings to you, dear! Take as long as you need and know that we are all praying for you:)



  • Ellie

    Oh how I love the way you connect! My gremlins may know yours! My jaw fell to the floor when you mentioned that when you’re out of gas one of the signs is you create movies in your mind about people you could resent, or how things could go…I do the exact same thing. I create movies of disasters or people rejecting me or scenes of me about to go on stage and I throw up all over everything (sorry!). DING DING! And the food…if it’s not nailed down, it’s in my mouth! DING!

    To replenish, I may juice for a couple of days to ease my vibe, walk in nature, turn off electronics, listen to jazz or other music that soothes my soul but also speaks to my spark, watch something very funny, read your past blogs because I find them real and a beautiful example/reminder of being human lead by Spirit. The DINGs are a reminder for me that I am not trusting fully in Spirit.

    Much love, peace and refueling. I want only the best for you!

  • Jean Hamilton-Fford

    When I run out of gas, I have been known to sleep… for a long time. I think the longest was for three days. No phone. No email. No social media. No writing. Just sleep. And it helped me to restore, rejuvenate and repair my body, mind, emotions and spirit. Boy, did I dream! Boy, did I wrestle with my blankets and sweat! But sleep, when you are completely depleted, is a great remedy.

    When I hear the ding, ding, ding these days, I step away from all my electronics and nap, read, breathe and allow myself to completely relax. I up the quality and decrease the quantity of my food and increase my water intake. That respite is all it takes to refuel.

    I used to deny the warnings, too. I now listen intently to my body and monitor my emotions and thoughts to supply supportive, positive, nourishment so I can keep my motor running and maintenance free.

    Much love to you, Colette! Take the time you need to heal and replenish. The wonderful group of people in your life will be here when you return.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette ;
    Here is some wise guidance that you shared with me a couple of weeks back. Remember?? TRUST. Walk, breathe, meditate, breathe…… Well I have been doing all of these and I feel calmer, more relaxed and more patient with myself. Once a friend said something which I always remember. “You can worry if you want”. I thought at the time, how simple, and brilliant!!! I still remember these words. Why not turn the love, kindness and compassion that you shower on others and drench yourself for a change??? Time to remember the “human” part. I know when I lay down for a nap after dinner, and I wake up past midnight that I really needed that time to refresh and recharge. I will be in a much better position to meet with the next doorway, employer, when I am well-rested, nourished, and have taken time to just let go.
    Recently I discovered a meditative drawing practice called Zentangle. I didn’t know what is was, but I was curious and ordered a book from the library. Then I began to practice these repetitive patterns, and in just one month of practice, my focus began to return, I could see more clearly; think more clearly, was feeling a bit discouraged, but with the time I was spending teaching myself this new way of drawing; I was seeing things emerge on paper that were exploring drawing in a new form. It also helped to calm my nerves and become more centered. I love the unpredictable part of the process because there is no outcome, just the practice, and where it takes your pen. Mysterious, and somehow very restorative. Seemed to be just the right option for me at the time as I was open to it. Everyone can do this, you don’t have to be an artist, which I am; but it is that much more challenging because I need to now unlearn everything I have done up until now. Every pattern is created one stroke at a time. Time stands still when I am engaged in this process. Everything will come together at the divinely appointed time. The pieces will all fall into place. Not MY will, but thine will be done!!
    Love leads or guides us gently back to ourselves.
    Take good care.

  • Mary Prayne

    This may be my problem too. The Angels came for my 38 year old son, my older boy, 3 weeks ago yesterday. He loved his motorcycle and left this world on it. I ave been heartbroken yet trying to be , “The Rock” he always said I was. I have started writing to him in a journal. I have been listening and watching for signs. Granny called it the , “Gift” in our family, though I shied away from it..Now I find myself embracing it and asking for help. A gift from God should not be turned down.. The other morning, I went to make my bed. The tv was still on with the volume off because I use it as a nightlight. There was a TCM logo on it and I turned away and started making the bed. All of a sudden, I found myself singing, “Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be”. Just out of the blue… I turned back to the tv and there was a picture of Doris Day on it… One of my Son’s favorite sayings has always been, ” It is, what it is”! Which equates to “What will be, will be”. I’m trying to open myself up, safely to the positive .. and I want to go back to my advocacy work, fighting for Children and Family Rights along with Elder Rights and the Mentally Ill. It’s just hard, some days. Like I am thoroughly drained. When I become very upset a strange Peacefulness seems to blanket me and I can breathe again or I will see a lone dragonfly. We always have loved our dragons, my two boys and I. So, I guess I can relate to running out of gas…… God Bless you all..And thank you for allowing me to join in here. I will try to check in often. Much Love, Mary

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Mary as a fellow rider I understand how he left was how, for him, on something he loved but for you his mom- this is so painful. I just wanted to let you know you were heard and held in our hearts here. I send you so much love and even though I know we don’t die it doesn’t help us when we deeply miss the person when they were alive. A mom should never have to see her son pass before her. I’m sure he is your angel revving up his engine.. making sure Doris Day caught your eye. xoxoxox

  • Louise Michaud

    I understand fully what you are talking about I think many of us do. On occasion I also find myself taking on more than I can chew and I start to feel myself draining. I used to feel guilty if I did not accomplish everything that was on my to do list for that day. Now, I have learned that it’s okay to relax, breathe and do what I can. If I don’t get it all done today, tomorrow is another day. The days I just feel like relaxing, taking the time for myself and do absolutely nothing is okay with me. Thank you for sharing Colette.

  • helen

    Ah beautiful Colette – hopefully plugged in and recharging as we speak xoxo
    yes, don’t push the river.. i am learning.. let go, float – the world will not end because you didn’t do laundry or dishes
    First – get enough sleep – always – even if with naps in afternoon out in the hall at work
    then exercise in bed before getting out of bed… seems to help
    Good food….
    no rushing anywhere, for anything – pause, make lists, group things into easier doing – then, like skipping rope, look for the right moment to jump in and do them – always surprises me when that is, because when i follow that impulse – it’s effortless… yippee
    Am practising learning to live like that all the time 🙂

  • Lori Lee

    I ran out of gas 5 weeks ago. No. Maybe it was 10…hmmm…perhaps it was 12, but definitely 15! Yes! 15!! As an educational facilitator (aka teacher) of a multiage parent cooperative, collaborative, compassionate 4th & 5th grade classroom and K-5 educational community I find my throttle on full gas with cortisol flying and sleep waning as the road curves, rises and plummets dangerously downhill most of the ride called the school year. When I prepare myself with morning meditation (reflections, prayers, oracle cards, quiet time) and movement (Qi Gong, yoga) disciplined planning and organizing the day goes smooth. I have reminders set on my phone to pray, breathe and pause throughout the day. (Yes, my iphone is set with daily reminders – iangels!) These dings on my phone are the angelic reminders to be present with myself, my words, thoughts, actions and most importantly, the person in front of me. Healthful foods, calls to just the right support, discerning when to say ‘yes’, (Thank you intuitive voice) connecting with the earth and reflecting at the end of the day on where I got it right and not so well, round out my day. A little prayer for tomorrow to hope to improve. Lastly and importantly – bed by 10pm (no matter what!) to catch the best flight with the dream angels to keep that cortisol at bay!

    Sending energy, prayers and light your way!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Lori Lee:

      LOV : ) your response.
      I also love the 10pm schedule.

      More Power To You

      Educational Facilitator Blessings : )

  • Amy Grams

    Hi Colette, thanks for being so honest and open. When you share so openly, it allows all of us to do the same. We all run out of gas from time to time. For me, I am a summer person and my inner 3 year old tends to raise a ruckus if I am overscheduled and overcommitted in the summer. I love to savor each day. But regardless of the time of year, when I am feeling depleted I need to clear my calendar for at least a day or more. Waking up knowing I don’t “have” to do anything that day unless I choose to calms down my nervous system. A day of reading a really good romance novel can often do the trick! Sending love and rejuvenation your way!

  • Sue

    So glad to hear you are taking time to “refuel”!!! May all the wonderful spirit soles who speak through you allow you your space to!

  • Loren

    Running on empty is what so many of us (myself included) do so well… or so habitually. Your message hit home as I have been sitting and reworking wording for a group program I run for caregivers… Yup … a program about taking as good care of ourselves as we do of the others in our lives… Talk about needing to practice what I preach… and we breathe…
    So, I nap, meditate, take walks, and do my best to replenish the gas tank of my soul… Talking with friends, and absolutely being able to say ‘no’ to those chores that really can wait… Finding a joyful comedy to watch so that i can get a good laugh in at some point during the day… and taking in that slow deep breath that replenishes my energy and mental clarity…
    Thank you for the honesty and sincerity of your message; much needed and appreciated. With gratitude for your message and the responses already posted…
    and we breathe… Loren

  • Tracy

    Happened to me also recently. I didn’t think it meant exercising strenuously therefore I had to be forced to slow down there also. I think I know why i had to slow down (in addition to feeling drained). It’s because when I am going fast I don’t notice the signs like you see on the highway… get off here for this…. get off here for that. Very synch that you wrote about this now since i just had it happen. Astrologically however I have a feeling that Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio in retrograde might have something to do with it. If you think about it…. there’s no way you can move forward with Saturn doing that if you are missing anything. So I say very recently decided I love Saturn because with it I would cruise right past the exit I meant to take.

  • Doreen Peterson

    Collette, do you ever come to Vancouver, being a former Canadian?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am coming !!! go see my event section on my website – and I am still a Canadian.. going to spend 1/2 the year now back home!!

      • Gail

        Great news! We Canuks are proud that you are one of us!! Keep on shining your light for those whose souls need your messages and healing. Take care of yourself as well. You are loved.

      • Janet Dix

        So awesome!
        We are soooooo going for that RIDE! I will come up your way in the early fall…
        Charge those batteries girl….this is pure R&R for your soul 🙂

  • Joan

    First heard you interviewed Colette during the Tapping Summit earlier this year. Signed up for your newsletter and have since followed, greatly enjoyed, and benefitted from it. Also did the Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and got a lot out of that too. However, when in overwhelm, tapping (EFT) seems to be the tool that helps the most. It is so simple it is easy to forget to do. But in the grips of angst it usually helps to say “Even though I am totally overwhelmed, I still love and appreciate myself” and so on through the points. Wonder if you’ve forgotten this is part of your toolkit too?

  • Connie

    Good afternoon Collette, You need to take care of yourself.You do so many readings, so much work for others. Take time for You. and This is funny cuz i say that but never take time for me. I run on fumes a lot. Not a good place. Spirit uses you as a vessel to help others. For that you are blessed. Sending you the energy you need to get your house moved into. (Is this in Canada?) I thank you for all you do. And i would be amiss not to say I love your bike. Through your pictures of your bike i get a small dream of riding a bike. Take Care of you. Enjoy that wonderful hubby and puppies. Recharge. Plug in and then move forward for others. Luv ya.

  • Rev Rio

    When I run out of gas I stop. Literally. I rest, I meditate, I lay around in my pajamas all day and do nothing. I bake, I eat, and I read my books ( The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price always reminds me that God is my source and that I don’t need to DO anything) and I just do my best to Trust. That isn’t always an easy place for me, I didn’t have a lot of spaces for it to be shown that worked when I was a kid, however as I have gotten older and being in the practice and as a new thought minister, I have learned that when I sit back and I Trust that everything is just fine, then it usually is. That’s what I do to fill up my tank. Oh, and I dance and sing!

  • Carolyn

    Dearest one of light and love Colette,
    Gas up and check in when that spark is dancing in your eyes, we are here for YOU.

    This weeks newsletter made me think about the difference between “out of gas” and “overwhelmed”. Is there a difference? Or are they just branches on the same tree? Do you get overwhelmed first then hit out of gas? Seems to be my pattern, I’m in overwhelmed so am taking your advice, slowing it down, checking in with spirit so I don’t run out of gas. Thank you sooooo much for your insight and endless supply of help and comfort. Endless that even when you are taking down time we have your tools (cards, blog, youtube) to keep us connected and in a good place. You are a priceless resource and so loved!

  • Patty

    Hi Sparkly Colette-Can you please reword “what is yours will not go past you” ? I want to do this but don’t really get it. Your vlog and video are perfect for me this week…totally running out of gas and drama and chaos in my marriage that I need to avoid. I am choosing peace and joy and staying in my 24 hour compartment starting today! Even last night I asked my spirit guide and guardian angels to help me “take care of myself” today – first and foremost. So…I’m connecting with you then meditating then napping then eating properly and exercising. So I’d love it if you can help me understand that quote. Love and hugs :-))))

    • Eric


      I’ve started using the phrase, “What is for you won’t go past you”, as a personal mantra. How many times have you gotten to the store only to see someone else pick up the last pound cake, or maybe the last jug of orange juice? You may think, “darn, that was my pound cake/orange juice”. Well, in actuality, it wasn’t. I’ve had many women friends talk to me about another woman going out with “their man”, a man who barely knows that she exists. If it is meant for you to have, a relationship, a job opportunity, or an event, whether good or bad, it won’t go past you. Many times I have wondered as I go down the highway of life did I miss the off ramp that would lead me to my future wife, or that job opportunity. What Colette is saying is that you won’t miss it. The Universe will give you signals if you ask and pay attention. All of us have our own life paths to fulfill and we need others to help but we can’t measure our own lives using someone else’s yardstick.

  • Isabel

    Hi Colette,

    Thanks for sharing.. that’s how I feel with work and family lately, and didn’t realized until I read your blog, I really needed this in order for me to stop and listen to the signs.. I think the best for me now is just to stop all the inner talk to WORK harder and PUSH through and instead breath and enjoy mi life as it is right now..Lots of Love


  • Leigh

    Dearest Colette, I, too, have recently moved internationally. Fortunately, my tank didn’t hit nearly empty until the last 48-hours of preparation. I find that when I’m running out of gas, have overwhelm, fear, too much to do, etc., that the best thing I can do is: remember to TRUST that all is as it should be and TRUST that it will all get done. It always has. Eat good foods when you’re hungry; sleep when you’re tired; pack at 3:00 AM if you’re up; ask for help from Spirit and friends; and give yourself permission to let some things go. Blessings on your journey.

  • Renee Sugar

    I omitted something. “Stop thinking so much” !!!!

  • Beth

    In the fall of 2012 I ran out of gas and started cutting things from my life that were bringing me down. In May 2013 I was beyond empty physically, emotionally, ad mentally (told I could have died at any moment). Since then, my focus has been on refueling, and while I have activities and people who help me to refuel, I seem to still be running on empty, as life continues to throw challenges my way. Looking after ourselves is really number 1, as there is nothing else without it.

    Thanks Colette for sharing this timely wisdom and I enjoy your card readings.

  • Suzanne

    I ran out of gas after 7 years as a caregiver. I completely neglected my own needs, my health, and pretended everything was just fine. I had the illusion that I was superwoman, and did not see all the debris I was leaving behind my footsteps! My mind was tired, I was not performing well at work, and not producing much in my art studio. When I finally reached for help, set boundaries, and acted upon my resolve to say “Enough” and to take care of myself, then I began to breathe again and to return to my healthy self. Resentment and unhealthy attitudes and habits sloughed of my skin to reveal a new polished self. Where I though there would be disappointments, I was commended for taking care of myself. Can’t help others unless I am well. It’s perfect timing, for your blog, as I just finished posting my image for today, called “Enough”. I have learned the value of setting these boundaries, and realized that loved ones understand. So glad you are taking a time out, Colette. You do so much for so many!

  • Catherine

    Running out of gas is no fun that is for sure. Have been there a few times over the years and now when the Ding Ding sounds I step back and go what do I need Creator. Its usually some quiet time for reflection, and an upping of gentle exercise like yoga or pilates…okay thats not so gentle but the breathing grounds me. Clean eating helps too… The Dinger is beeping loudly right now in my life around my businesses and rather than panic I am just surrendering to Creator’s Will and allowing those regenerating energies to fill up my tank…Happy and safe moving Colette. I am always grateful to you…love to you all!!

  • Lori

    It never ceases to amaze me how the messages I need to hear find a way of getting through. My husband and I are both experiencing this right now. I’m due to have our 2nd child in 5 days. Two months ago, our oldest daughter had a fainting spell/seizure that landed her in the ER. After a whole lot of tests and worry, we learned that she is fine, but that the episode was apparently brought on by pneumonia that we didn’t even know she had. On top of all those bills and trying to prepare for the new baby, our AC goes out and we need a whole new unit. Bye bye savings. And after Monday, I’ll be taking unpaid maternity leave from work when the baby comes. I’m always the optimistic one, knowing and trusting that somehow it will all work out. But I have to say, even I’m getting to the point where I just feel like the weight of it all (both figuratively, and quite literally with the weight of being 9+ months pregnant) is wearing me down.

    But then I have moments like this morning, when my daughter came running up the stairs with the calendar she has been marking off since Christmas (when we first told her she was going to be a big sister) to show me that Baby Day was just 5 days away, and I looked at the big smile and those sparkling blue eyes and I felt a wave of excitement and reassurance wash over me. And then I opened up my computer at work, and I saw your email that had been sitting there since yesterday, and I opened it and started reading, and it felt like I’d been wrapped in a warm embrace, the kind that makes you feel, once and for all, like everything is going to be okay.

    It’s so easy to miss those signs, to dismiss those little positive moments and affirmations when it seems like so much negativity is piling up and draining you. I’m so glad I took the time to see them today, and I’m glad you’re taking the time to see them too. Thank you, Colette, for sharing and for being so loving and honest. It has probably been almost 10 years since I saw you at one of your events in NYC, but I have tried to stay connected to you in some way ever since because your bright spirit and the light you spread to others is absolutely infectious. Do what you need to do to recharge, and know that you have a lot of folks who are sending positive thoughts and healing vibes your way!

  • Ada Markham

    Hello Colette, I was at the Windsor Ont Canada presentation and I was so fortunate to have my Father’s spirit talk to me. After the show I spoke with your staff and agreed to allow it to be shown to others. They informed me that I would receive a copy of the show so I could hear the session again. I have yet to hear anything. Could you please let me know what I have to do to receive this . Thank you again, Colette , Ada Markham

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Running out of gas …. metaphorically applied to living

    I tend to hear the ding and go through a brief decision process to stop now or can I give it more time (whatever it is I am doing).

    I energize in ceasing the zeal I had put into the project/activity by:

    Looking at nature around me usually up into the sky then down toward the ground.

    Take a drive and complete an errand so as not to waste time however the scenery is different hence being outside in the fresh air helps a lot – pranayama breathing (nose-chest-belly). Three things are happening here a massage LOL, sunlight or moonlight (connect with nature, community, humbleness), moving forward in life – efficiency time management completing tasks/gleaning experience (the achiever).

    This still makes me tired and eventually I have to give in and sleep, have to at this age. When I was younger the hormones (endocrine system) are more vibrant/bouncy so, unfortunately, I now know what my elders had been saying about old age.

    I do salutations to the sun and moon.

    Watch my pups frolic in the yard.

    I attempt to organize my household so I am calm, disarray is agitating.

    I talk to someone, hold open the door for someone, actually help someone with their errand.

    I basically move forward thinking the Ghostland’s are not a place I should dwell too long for overall health. The past is for life’s lessons.

    I definitely challenge myself or retreat upon the warning when I hear/feel the “ding” balancing a goal of coming out on the other side (endgame) as graceful as possible under the circumstances, LOL.

    LOV : ) Blessings
    One for all and all for One

  • Karen

    I actually haven’t been sleeping much the past week but had no way of calling off work because I’m it! So I ended up Sunday doing a lot of energy exercises and then going out and sitting in the sun pretending to be a tree on my break. Taught me a lot about myself and what I’ve learned these past 2 years about energy. But I did finally sleep last night.

  • Janet Dix

    Seriously Colette, I like to take a ride on the Harley, by myself, back roads, as far and as wide as I feel the need to, I stay present, in the moment, smiling from ear to ear…self meditating, self awareness, presence of being alive…really truly alive…loving every moment, enjoying the journey…. ❤️
    Re charge your batteries, find time for you, make sure you do something good for your soul everyday…and get rest ?
    Thanks for the wonderful connection into the Tribe…I’m so proud to be part of it… ☺️

  • Janet Dix

    Best of luck on the move…may everything go smoothly for you and your fur family… ??❤️?

  • Mary-Ellen

    Dear Colette,
    Your timing with this is impeccable. I am totally out of gas. I am co-dependent who has fallen back into my fixing it ways. My emotions are totally out of control and my self esteem is floundering. The warning dings were there, but I was too busy fixing things. Finally, I took myself to our cottage and immersed myself in nature for 5 hours alone. It was heavenly, just what Spirit ordered. I will admit that it wasn’t all that I needed but it was a kick start. I am trying really, really hard to take time every morning to read and mediate. I am learning to say no again and distance myself from my critics and those who use me. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. Take time for you, we all love you.

  • Sue

    ♡ Collette,
    Like another reader, I too was worried about you during your Canada tour. I felt all the energy you were putting out. I got scared when the universal vlog was not showing up and realized how I got to depend on that to help understand what in the world was going on! I feared we/I would not hear from you again. I am still a learner.
    I so appreciate you letting us know how and when you are or are not doing well. I ask Arch Angel Michael for help a lot and asked him to not let you go away, to help and guide you home safely. ♡
    Several years ago I ran out of gas! Literally in bed, down, in pain. Three jobs to make ends meet took the toll. I begrudgingly gave two jobs up one at a time. I have felt bettet, no sickness for a long time. This has left me unorganized and I can’t find motovation yet to deal with this what I feel is extra time to fill. I’m felling a fear of being successful!!!! Someone mentioned hypnosis, I’m thinking about trying that.
    Collette Barron Reed, me too is very thankful for you and all you do and are and we are all very blessed to know you.
    I send Huge Blessings to you and yours. You n Mark and your fur people are Loved and appreciated very much. Thank you for always sharing reality with us…..♡

  • Claire Marie

    I just want to say thank you to Colette and all the rest. I really needed to hear I am not the only one that runs out of gas!! I know it in my mind, but I always feel very alone when it happens.
    I run out of gas a lot because I like to be busy. However, my response to running out of gas is to get stressed and when I get stressed I get busy!! I am currently learning to actually hear my dinging and pay attention to it. I am so good at telling others what to do, but not really listening to myself. I am changing that, but I really think it is a life long process for me.

    Love to you all,
    Claire Marie

  • Eric


    I’m always amazed at the synchronicity at the topic that you choose every week. I also try to listen to your radio show for further validation. The theme of “running out of gas” and the “wrong way detour” on the blog and radio show, respectively, seems to signify movement of people in their lives. The question I have about others and myself as I read the blog is when there is movement are we moving “away” from something or moving “towards” something. I suppose that depends on the mindset you have, like the glass half empty half full example. If we are in a situation and our “fight or flight” response is activated, whether it’s something physical or mental, and we decide to “flee”, where are we going? Is there a plan or are we just trying to get away as soon as possible? In fleeing physical or mental situations we try to get away, by vehicle or substance, we know what’s behind us, what we’re getting away from, and we know we don’t want to go back there. Once we are comfortable enough that we are “out of danger” and far away enough from the thing that we are fleeing we stop to survey our surroundings and come to the realization that we are lost. Where do we go from there? Do we stop and ask for directions or do we continue to wander aimlessly? I’m sure that there isn’t anyone that hasn’t been lost like this at one time or another. It’s at this time we might be afraid we may become more lost; it’s at this time we need to let go and let Spirit take the wheel for a while. It’s hard to relinquish control but this is what we must do to get back on track.

    Running out of gas can be a scary experience, especially when we are running away from something. Like the plot in any horror movie where the character is getting away from a monster and they fumble their car keys or they start to hear that “bong, bong” of low fuel, or the temperature gauge says that the car is overheating. We never expect these things to happen but they seem to happen at the most inopportune times. I had a neighbor who bought a brand new car; it was a late model sports car. I’d see him out there washing it and wiping it down with a chamois. About a year and a half later I saw the car sitting there in the driveway and he wasn’t driving it. As it turned out he always filled up the car with gas but he never changed the oil or did the regular maintenance. It’s the same with us: it’s not just recognizing that we’re out of fuel; we have to do the maintenance as well. The maintenance we need to do is physical, mental, and spiritual. Go to the doctor, get a checkup. Talk to family and friends; tell them how you’re doing. Are you running away from something or running to something? Are you feeling lost? Meditate, quiet your mind. Make your connection with Spirit and let Spirit drive the bus for a while.

    One of the funny things that I have learned about the Universe and synchronicity is the “jump or be pushed” phenomena. If you think you’re running out of gas or you need maintenance on your mind, body, and spirit take the time to do it, or you may be sat down and forced by Spirit in order to pursue your life path and achieve for your greatest good. All of those aches and pains that you might have that makes you slow down are your signals to do maintenance. It’s important to do the maintenance when you get the signals because you not have an opportunity to do it later and it would be bad to have a breakdown (physical or mental) when you’re on the road to fulfilling your dreams. In my own experience since the beginning of the year ,I’ve gotten readings, pulled oracle cards, and looked at astrology and all indications have said that this year will finally put me on the path to reap all of the rewards that I have been preparing so hard for; I’ve also gotten the signal to “wait”. I don’t know what I’m waiting for and I don’t know how long I’m supposed to wait but the signs say “wait”. It’s been a frustrating process and it has affected me at times, but I’ve tried to put it into perspective. Continuing on the automotive theme how many times have you been caught by a red light? The car in front of you was going just slow enough that the red light catches you. You become agitated that you have to wait yet another 30 seconds for a light to change. When the light changes to green you continue on down the road and two intersections later you see the car that you were behind has been involved in an accident. You think to yourself, “That could have been me.” In order to synchronize your life to meet the desires you want Spirit may put some red lights in your path, both to avoid collisions and so you may have the correct timing to meet with another person or situation that will get you to where you want to go. While you’re waiting you might as well get your bearings: where are you in your life? Are you running away from something or running to something? And while you’re waiting, might as well do some maintenance, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  • Martina

    Hanging my head but I have yet to read anything by Mantel. Love the sound of this thugoh and might go seek it out today. I seem to be having the very reading issue you bring up – all the distractions! Beautiful books to take up everywhere I look and I have the attention span of a small child right now plus many things to do. Sigh.

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