About Those Ruby Slippers!

Updated: July 26, 2015

Dearest sparkle being!

This note will be short as I’m writing this in my demolished office amongst boxes and garbage bags and all kinds of moving paraphernalia that freaks me out every time I look at them. Moving house is always so stressful for me. I am a Cancer and like my home to be settled at all times. So seeing things out of place brings up some annoying anxiety and I have to be mindful that my little frightened Bag Lady and Chicken Little goblins are soothed and cooed at so they can sleep while the adult trusting me can get s***t done.

At this moment as we tie up loose ends, the dogs are happily playing on the bare floor. Marc is rushing to edit your videos for this week before he has to pack up his computers. Needless to say we keep it going right until the end.

I was thinking this morning about the nature of “Home” and what it means. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve been moving around my life like Goldilocks trying out different beds. This one’s too soft, this one too hard, this one too noisy, is this one finally just right?

Or perhaps I’ve been more like Dorothy discovering the Wizard of Oz is just a fraud.

Each time I placed too much importance on what a place would give me instead of how I can contribute to it I lost my sense of belonging. Each time I placed too much importance on an identity the same thing happened. The magic leaves and the sense of Home is yet again just out of reach.

There is no ambition in Home.
Home is being authentically in your own skin.
Home is built on acceptance.
Home is right here all the time.

So .. about those ruby slippers.

We all have a pair.

We earn them when we’re uprooted enough times to realize that Home isn’t a place outside of ourselves but within us.

You don’t have to move your actual house to know this. But life happens and you eventually figure out that to really live free, to appreciate each moment, know love and compassion, even real success you have to wear this world loosely and let go your expectations, and your belief that magic and power is held by others.

You have the power. Be yourself. So if you’ve felt lost at all lately, unsure of your purpose- go find your ruby slippers and remember.

“ There’s no place like home.”

Then watch the magic and miracles begin.

Love love love to you and yours

love colette 200x103



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  • christine

    Hi Colette. Your cards are helping me and my husband making some difficult decisions around selling our house and moving on. Funny, that is what you talked about today. We both pulled three cards from the Enchanted Map deck this morning and all three of mine were reversed-Sad Embrace, Wizard of Awareness, and Home. Not at all what I expected. I think I have a lot of letting go to do. A message from Spirit for me! Thanks for offering so much of yourself. What is the song that you play at the end of the VLOG and who is the artist?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I had to go check to see what song we are using and if it had changed – well the singer songwriter / artist is ME! I wrote that song Coming Home to tell Marc how much I loved him. It’s the first song off my CD I Am/Grace you can find it on iTunes

      • Christine

        Wow! So much talent! Thanks so much.

    • Judy

      Love to you, Marc and your fur babies. I look forward to your readings and the wonderful information that you share. Sending lots of love and warmest thoughts as you start life on a farm – so wonderful to have you in Canada.

  • karyn

    love your stuff…..every week you just slam it!!

  • Martina

    Hi, Colette!

    Home is definitely where the heart is. I learned years ago that it wasn’t where I grew up.

    Wishing you and Marc and your furbabies well on your move. Hope it goes smoothly and safely. Are you moving back to Canada?

    Loved it when you came to Thunder Bay this year. I was the first one that you did a reading for…don’t know if you remember the one that began with the canary. I’m hoping that Marc will still be able to send me a video of my reading, even though you may not use it. He said that he would. I’m afraid that over time I’m going to forget the beautiful messages that you had for me.

    Love reading your blogs and listening to your messages. You have such a way with words.

    Hope that your new place becomes Home for you and yours, and that you’ll soon be able to settle and feel at peace.

    God bless!

    Lots of love and hugs,

    Mart 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hey there – yup it’s Canada. Unfortunately Marc has not gotten around to editing all the videos it will be likely closer to the end of the year. Patience! BIG HUG xoxoxox

      • Martina

        Thanks so much, Colette!

        All the best.


        Mart 🙂

      • chantel

        hi Colette ,funny say about change ,learning new skill ,learning to listen let other person ,talk.my boss ask me learn ,as had now four complains about me ,been rude ,not been just two friendly as ,clean a care home just try so hard fit in chat two much be fear in me as like please people .now find a balance ,ask my power animal and spirits right.maybe buy your cards see what say from inner side .blessings xx sending love two you

  • Martina

    Enjoy! 🙂

    On a farm in Ireland…

  • QiaJenae Hamilton

    CBR! I’m all packed (fits in a fullsize car) 4 my move, but don’t know 2 where! Have 6 wks b4 I give landlord notice! Spirit told me next move 2 a house, so my Meds (Meditations-all urs) & spiritual disciplines rn’t disrupted! Hav no job, this oughta b fun! What state next!?! LOL

    Also, I’ve packed 5 families 2 ready them 4 movers & am unemployed, so sad I didn’t know or I wudda offered 2 help u & bartered 4 u 2 ck out my disciplines give suggestions! What a steal! I’m an organizational guru!

    Hav so much fun! Make this fun! It will all roll out beauteously & 4 all here, too! Xoxo

  • Pat O'C

    Hello Colette.. WOW your cards have been have been right on for me for a while. My places closes on Tuesday and my new place closes Thursday.. It is a fixer upper, a cost that I can afford. Lots of work but it will keep me busy plus it is really close to the beach. AND Mother nature at her finest each day. I am excited to get back to the beach and lower elevation I can breath better. I do not have any fears so I discarded that card from this weeks reading. I pray each night that all is well and Thank all my Angels for looking after me and my dog.

  • Tess

    I can appreciate today’s blog’s message. We just moved again, getting settled is overwhelming and feeling at home is missing.
    I was thinking last night, wondering what this weeks vlog would show, especially since you’re in a move of your own. I looked up and saw several dragon flies hovering at the window. I received that as a good sign.
    Then, today on my way to the produce mart, I saw an eagle soaring. I am blessed and grateful.

    Hoping for a swift and easy move for you.


  • Teresa Mooney

    Hi Collette,

    Why in the world are you moving again? I remember when you were in Sedona AZ. Then I remember when you lived by John Holland. I moved around a lot as a child, military Father, and I hated it. Then I moved around a lot in my 20’s and 30’s. Then no more until the kids moved out and we bought the home we wanted.

    I hate to move. I have always been jealous of people that have lived in one town all their lives because they have roots, memories, and life long friends.

    But it does give you a change and chance to meet new people, and I guess clean out things. We’re going to try and not budge, we’ll see, especially when your older you want to feel settled.

    Anyway, wish the best for you and your furry children! Teresa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this will be our last other than a winter place in Florida.. this is the final frontier. Green Acres off the grid peace and quiet for me!

  • Charlene

    First of all, good luck to both of you on your move with your furbabies. I went to see you in Winnipeg along with my girlfriend who told me about your show. I didn’t know what to expect and was dumbfounded at one of the spirit messages you gave….it fit what my husband and I are going throught to a “T”. There, I have told you finally, I wouldn’t admit it when you asked the audience if it applied to anyone, but a frew more things happened to make me realize it was a spirit message from my mother. We are part of your tribe now and your readings are bang-on to what’s happening in our life. Thank you, be well and all the best.

  • Road Angel

    You had the power all along Colette…thoughts DO BECOME THINGS!
    I love that saying…home is wherever you, Marc and your fur babies are…that is truly HOME…
    A fresh start is always refreshing, renewing…have a safe, happy move…❤️
    Love this….thank you…

  • Jill Bosman1

    Holy Moly, Collette!
    I have been working on creating my own coaching business and feeling like it will never actually happen. AND my regular job just got cut back to half time and I can not pay my bills with that. Your words seem meant directly for me! Thank you for helping me have FAITH, no FEAR.

  • Carolyn

    Oh Colette,
    I just had to leave a little note to say a BIG thank you for this latest post – somehow you always seem to be going through similar life events and emotions at the exact same time as I am, so hearing you explore you struggles and then find your solutions, is such a blessing. When your beautiful dog passed over earlier in the year, I was also going through the same trauma with my beloved labrador and your blog found me just when I needed it and was such a comfort! Now, I too have moved house which is in need of renovation so I loved your words of wisdom about HOME. I’m also starting over in completely new part of the country and embarking on a new business all of which has left me feeling totally overwhelmed by fear and the exact same feelings you describe so well. I just wanted to let your know that your VLOG about transformation, beauty and fear really resonated with me and has been such a HUGE help – again, I am sincerely grateful! I too am a Cancerian so maybe that’s the synergy but whatever it is, THANK YOU and I wish you all much joy on that farm of yours, I know it will bring many blessings and a magical future xxx

  • Jeanne

    Thanks so much for all your amazing input. always encouraging and always a blessings. wish you well in your move and sending blessings from New Zealand 🙂

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    “There is no ambition in home”…..I love that, Colette. Like you, have been in and out of boxes for 2 years and been thinking about what Home truly is and isn’t. And releasing identities, big ones, that came with the house I sold two years ago. This piece came at the perfect time and I’m shining up the ruby slippers as I explore my new home, neighborhood, and who I will be in it and what I have to give to it. Sending you much love and every blessing as you move into your home/farm. xo Lisa

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    I love the idea of there being no ambition in “home”… Having released my house 2 years ago and moved again a month ago, looking at the meaning of Home and what it is and isn’t and what I am here to contribute in this new place is such a helpful reminder of where to put my energies and heart. Being pristine with what wants to be created by and with me is different from the hopes I have brought to other new homes. Such perfect timing to receive this today and sending you big love and every blessing for your move to what sounds like an incredible place. xo Lisa

  • Gwen Bond Mariani

    Hi Colette,

    I love your spirit and guidance. I wish you all the best in your new home.
    I have something I wrote years ago hanging in my house.

    “May the essence of your spirit
    make your house a home!”

    Enjoy your move, some place new is always exciting!


  • Beth

    Hi, Colette. Home….that’s something I’ve been searching for for a very long time. I’ve had a very nomadic life. Most of the places I’ve live in have contributed to permanently compromising my health. Home is where the heart is. My heart has not been @ any of those “roofs over my head”. They’ve just been places to temporarily live. Bad neighbors, lazy landlords, poor living conditions, etc. Not everyone can afford top shelf apartments & houses. I find myself having very little opportunity & options. I end up being “stuck” @ some crappy place until I find something less crappy. I wonder if I will ever have a place to call & feel @ home. I’d like to settle down. 52 yrs old, & nothing to show for myself…poor health, disabled, & lack of finance doesn’t get you very far. It’s always making due. I’m very very tired.

    • Lisa_AK

      Hi Beth,
      Blessings to you. I can ‘feel’ the tiredness in your post. I don’t know your story so I can’t relate on that level, however please know that wherever you are your’re never alone, your angels/guides and Spirit are always with you. As a child I remember living in old rental houses or duplexes, the first house I remember was very drafty and cold in the winter (even though we had heat). As an adult I’ve been in everything from a house with only a fireplace for heat (had to sleep in living room where fireplace was) to ‘shotgun’ apartment with my ex-husband, a basement apt., etc. and even now with my own home, have also had the neighbors from h***!!! And this is a nice neighborhood where everyone works or is retired & been there a long time! Long story about those neighbors who are now thankfully gone, but during this time even with the many calls to the police by other neighbors and myself, I daily asked for protection from Archangel Michael & his legions of warrior angels for my property, mom, dog & myself. So even in a nice home & nice place there can still be issues.
      May I suggest for you to ask your guardian angels & Spirit/God for help whether it be for health, environment, finances, etc. Angels are light beings found in all cultures/religions and will assist when asked and when you are open to receiving. Many times the answers come in most unexpected ways!
      Another suggestion which helps me a lot is a gratitude journal/notebook. Find 1 to 3 things daily you are grateful for, write them down and why you are grateful for them, even if it’s the air in your lungs today or that you do indeed have a roof over your head today. And whatever your situation is, think what you can do for others…even if your not physically able to do something you can send positive energy to someone you know needs it.
      One of my favorite quotes is by another Hay House author Dr. Wayne Dyer: ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’
      I continue to work on myself daily also and hope this give you some comfort or direction.
      Love, Light and Peace,

    • Suzy

      You comments make me feel sad because you seem so unhappy and maybe angry?
      I hope that you come to a more peaceful place. And I pray that you will.
      God bless.

  • Susanne

    Dearest Colette,

    I’m sending lots of love and energy. May the boxes be packed and unpacked with ease and grace, and may you enjoy your move. Think „Tetris“. Think playful. It makes it a bit easier. 🙂 All is and will be well. <3
    That said: I really don’t like to move house, myself. It’s just always so much hard work and feels unsettling, so you have my full empathy, and yet……… Isn’t it always just so exciting and so full of promise and new opportunities, too?

    I last moved house two years ago, and even though the move was exhausting, I so love my new home and wake up happy every day!
    I have moved a couple of times in my life – way too much for comfort-loving Taurus me – but strangely enough, even though I have travelled the world, I have always lived here, never even left this part of town, and have always lived more or less in the same distance from our river. A psychic once told me that I was originally one of the „keepers of the river“, watching over it and keeping it safe with my loving energy. And as strange as that may sound, it makes a lot of sense to me. I have always, always loved our busy river and the harbour, ever since I was a little girl. I happily fall asleep to the noise of Europe’s biggest free port, and my idea of a great day is to walk or drive down to our beach, get a cappuccino, dig my feet in the sand and watch the big boats and ships come and go.
    My ruby slippers always bring me back to „my“ beautiful, busy river. 🙂

    I'm sending an endless flow of loving and happily busy "river-energy" to you,

  • Jennifer

    It’s crazy how much I look forward to your Monday emails. You are so up-beat & positive. Need more people like you in my life.

  • Cherie Cameron

    Thank you Colette for your beautiful gifts which you offer so generously through cards and online and in other ways that I couldn’t possibly know. I too have been a frequent house mover since babyhood and I am so grateful today to be reminded of Dorothy, her ruby shoes and the fraudulent old wizard. Wishing you an easy transition and loads of love, magic and miracles in your latest edition of ‘home’.
    Exciting times 🙂

  • Diana Boles

    good Morning Tribal Dancers! Last week the post was about running out of gas and that is exactly where I found myself. Just down the road from the petrol station. That meant I had to push to get to and up the drive to refuel to get HOME—-
    I have been tending to the neglected gardens surrounding my yards, front and back. It has taken the whole month of July, and I am still not finished. Each evening I attempted to add to the conversation, but discovered I was tooooooo exhausted to think, and I found myself teary eyed over some of the posts of other dancers.
    Gardening for me is a special meditation. I enter the silence and get my hands in the soil and listen to what Mother Earth has to say to me. From the history of the Civil War Battles that moved thru here to where she would like to see this flower and those rocks. From the Yearling Red Tail Hawk that needs to buck up and learn to hunt or he is not going to make it, to the humming birds that flit everywhere, to the Praying Mantis’ that watch and follow my movement to the loud caws I send back to the Ravens that hang around. (My neighbor says I have to stop talking to them or they will never find a mate for they will think I’m THE ONE— haha)
    So much has transpired in the years I’ve been here. I know for a fact that being here, in this house that I have had the pleasure of turning into my home—this is where I RE-Fuel. This is where the Wizard is unmasked. This is where I click my heels three times. And this is where, on every Sawhain the Wicked Witch of the West appears to tickle and taunt the beggars, steal their peanut butter cups and snicker under her breath with the parents standing on the sidewalk.
    This is home. This is where the slippers rest. This is where traditions are respected and morphed– should I have to move I suppose I could. But I am blissful where I am right now. I’m a Gemini who did her vagabond bohemian traveling as a mindless 18-25 yr old. Now, the only changes I seem to need is to move the furniture and change my toys from one season to the next. Ooooo that means it’s almost pumpkin time. But wait—let’s not rush that—I still have the seashells to bring out.
    A prayer and a wish to all of you–especially to you Colette and Marc — as you get it on that truck and get to the Green Acres.

  • Amy Sophiella

    I freaking love you, Colette. You just made me laugh and smile so much with this week’s video. Sending all good luck to you both. Happy travels to your new home space! xoxoxo

  • Vickie

    you are so right on today….best of luck with your move. Keep up the great work you do..love and light

  • Rosslyn Vail

    You are a smart couple moving to an off the grid peace & quiet future. Welcome back to Canada/home! Message me if you need some help (close by).

  • Stacy

    What a timely reminder for me, which should be no surprise. I love your Hidden Realms cards and they always give me just the right reassurance and nudges. When I was a military wife and uprooted frequently, my personal motto was “Grow where you’re planted” but it seems I’ve grown quite rusty instead. Time to remember how to flourish and brush off those ruby slippers. Stop waiting for things to be “perfect”. Thank you again. Wishing you a fun but smooth transition to your new home and sending lots of gratitude and love. <3 <3

  • Jeanine

    Congratulations on your move. I just love you! Sending a wave your way to support your move. This week’s reading is right on for me. I took a big step with my career and joined Katherine Woodward Thomas’ coaches training for her “Conscious Uncoupling” program and while it is movement, it is scary. I have been teaching classes on oracle card reading and always recommend your decks. You are so funny and down to Earth, and the messages are accurate and deeply inspirational and reflective. Thank you for being you and sharing your joyful personality and wisdom with us.

  • Annette

    Dear Colette,
    This was music to my ears this morning! Thank YOU for sharing!!!

    Love, Annette

  • Paul

    You should have moved to Southern Maine, you would have liked it. Big changes coming for me too Colette.

  • virginia

    AMAZING you helping ALL of us, no matter where we are or what challenges we face, to really FEEL the PRESENCE of

    Your “exposures” only endear you further to each of us, you are PRECIOUS beyond words. I am so enjoying anything
    you send to the “Tribe”, I still smile for I FEEL welcome (and that is not a familiar feeling to me).

    So, my happy thanks to you for this post, as well as the activation of another remembering….Dorothy CLOSED her eyes (to feel)
    and SPOKE (vibrational direction) three times….there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home (the power of 3)
    You’re the best Colette!!!

  • Renee Sugar

    This brings to mind Willie Nelson’s ” ON THE ROAD AGAIN”!!! I am reminded my last move which resulted from a foundation
    fracture on the side of the building where I lived for 13 years. I had just painted the kitchen, and applied this die cut sunflower
    wallpaper border above the cupboards. I also remember while trying to paint the kitchen contorting my body to fit behind the
    stove to apply the paint. “What I did for love”. Like Harry Houdini. I did a beautiful job. The about a week of two after, the torrential
    rainstorm hit and the water penetration brought muddy water throughout the apartment. I looked on while all of the furniture
    was carried to the back wall, and placed on piles of bricks so it wouldn’t be damaged. Then I raised my hands in the air, facing
    palms forward and said out loud. I don’t live here anymore. Grabbed a small suitcase on wheels, and packed some clothing for
    the following day. It was a very bumpy journey for about 1 1/2 months when I finally decided that I would return to the same
    building but not the unit I left behind. I also vowed that I would never become attached to a living space. So like the butterfly
    that is cocooned for a specific time to strengthen its wings and then the structure disintegrates and it flies freely. Enjoying
    the flowers, and being exposed to the open air. Life breaks us open. Walls do not protect us, they can separate and isolate us.
    The significance of “home” is not about what I own, the furniture, but a feeling of being comfortable in my own being. The quest
    for perfection, choosing just the “right” color, or decorative accent does not occupy my time. I like this quotation;
    ” Home is where you can be silent; where your presence can still be heard. ” Now with technology to accompany us on our journey;
    we can connect with others anywhere in the world. I still enjoy the telephone, and sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea.
    Currently I am living in the midst of a Light Rail Transit system being built, so everywhere I look there is heavy machinery, and fences
    and roads being ripped up. It can really affect my spirit. Until I find a means to financially support myself, it is not the right time to move.
    Who knows what could happen a moment from now. My life has always been unpredictable, and anything could happen including
    falling in love and having to leave my home. Now there is a thought I haven’t considered before!!!!!! Much that I sought I could not
    find, Much that I found I could not bind; Much that I bound I could not free; Much that I freed came back to me.
    Lots of love and peace to you and Marc and the furry ones in the next doorway.
    Moving is a pain in the ____, but it can clear away a lot of unnecessary baggage.
    Take Care

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      “Much that I sought I could not
      find, Much that I found I could not bind; Much that I bound I could not free; Much that I freed came back to me.” – beautiful saying Renee

  • Sue

    Hello and thank you.

    Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith 1st ♡

    I have had fear in front of me for a couple weeks now, being scared, tearful at any words I speak. Been mixed up, confused. At the same time trying to turn that around feeling I was not going to be able to. You are my 2nd reminder of Faith this week ♡. The Oracle cards tell me to ask for angels help. So now to take action in asking with Faith! Thank you and you will LOVE farming. It’s a good feeling of life’s gifts on this planet Earth. 🙂

  • Dodie Weiss

    Colette, I just love you! Blessings on your new adventure to farm living and may you be surrounded by peace and calm during the transition.

  • Wanda

    I am so happy you found your dream acreage. I too have been looking for a acreage for years. Maybe some day that will come true for me too. I too am wanting some peace and quiet. I drive out to the country at least once a week so I can look out on to the prairies and see nothing but the sky for miles and miles. All I hear is the birds and crickets. In the mean time I am enjoying my rose bushes that I have planted.
    Thank you for every thing you do. You have helped me in so many ways.

  • Julie

    I am loving your decks, and they have been helping with a few things, but this last week they became i’m not sure the cards no matter what i drew where disturbing, so i did not draw daily cards for a few days then i drew them last night lol I drew the moon card 3 times in a row as the last are! to funny. I drew cards this morning just general for the day and from the wisdom deck I got Lust – Movement – Forbidden, again I’m very confused on my cards so I wrote then down this time, I am not in any type of relationship right now more do i have designs on anyone lol I do how ever have a room mate Larry he’s a older guy in fact just 4 years younger then my mom so no to wired for me even if age is just a number. I am in the middle of the move from hell how ever right now, it just seems to be one thing after another is all an I’m tiered and fed up. So again I do not under stand the cards at all.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the cards don’t have anything to do with a relationship in this case its about wanting something, wanting to push forward but it being out of reach temporarily. The moon card asks you to use your intuition and see how the symbols apply in your life generally.

  • T

    Best of luck with your move, I have move all my life and have been trying trying trying to get the money to move again, and it’s just not happening 🙁 so good for you! Personally I want to move back to the N. Idaho/Spokane area again and just can’t get the funding to do so, I have jobs waiting even. Gurrr. So best of luck and welcome to the farm. I loved living on a farm, new life and sometimes death all around you but your the master of your universe and the peace is wonderful. Good on ya!

  • Debbie Smith

    Happy Moving Colette–Really How Fun!
    I have to tell you that your cards are dead on for my life at this time….I have been dreaming of building a home of my own after coming through some of the worst of times, so I am looking forward to the best of times to come. This week my foundation is poured, I am going to the design center to pick everything out, and so “Pinch Me”….sometimes it is hard to believe it is really real! So, thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Very grateful for the insights that help you know that with Faith and Belief in God & the Universe good things really do happen. Best wishes, for a successful week of new for you and Mark.

  • Karen

    I remember when you were in Calgary and you mentioned that you and your husband had decided to move but didn’t know where. The comment you made stuck with me. You said you gave it to the universe because you only had two places you had In mind. Your wonderful peaceful place would not have manifested if you hadn’t been open. My husband and I are In the exact position. Do we move to the farm outside of Calgary, do we sell everything and move to BC or do we move to another house in Calgary? I have decided to give it to the Universe. Who knows? Maybe something entirely different and wonderful will come up?

  • Barbara

    Good morning Collette,
    Be safe and good luck on your move. I have had a ranch/farm since 1991. The joy just can’t be described. The quiet out weights the work. Thank you for all that you share.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx for this – we bought a fixer upper so there will be plenty of work .. and yes I have never ” heard” such quiet. I am grateful for it.

  • Remika

    Thank you so much for your blog post this week Colette. It spoke volumes to me, but in another way.

    I have been furiously trying to ‘push ahead’ so to speak career wise; hoping, wishing, praying that I could find something else to do because my job just isn’t bringing me the happiness it once was. Of course, nothing has happened whatsoever which had left me feeling stuck and frustrated. Not only that, I’ve been feeling so lost, unable to truly pin point what it is that I would want to do next.

    What you wrote about really resonated with me because I’ve always been searching for a ‘place’ to fit – at work, with friends, a home, etc. I’ve been looking outside of myself to find belonging instead of just accepting myself from within. I have been asking – what should I do next, what do I need to do? Instead of asking what a good friend had suggested to me – where do I SERVE next?

    If I feel at home with myself, I don’t need to search for a sense of belonging and acceptance. It won’t matter where I go; and I can truly trust Spirit to place me where it would be in my highest and best good.

    I can’t thank you enough Colette, this is an awesome A-HA moment! Sending you much love, hugs and a big welcome back to Canada! 🙂


  • Victoria Schneider

    Hey Collette…
    You’re GOOD! You can DO THIS!!! I chuckled when you mentioned “the FARM!” You want NATURE…You GOT NATURE!!!
    Seriously….if you truly want to work this one….(and farms ARE work…but then again, what ISN’T???) the do it with “joie de vivre!” (The Joy of Life!)
    Wherever you ARE, from THAT vantage point, you can STILL facilitate others’ growth…and so….ENJOY the RIDE!

    Will you be moved in by the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st? Something’s coming to fruition for you….a new sense of freedom, working in tandem with the Earth, Being TOTALLY your Self! I’m an astrologer and have had lots of calls this week about “WHAT UP?” You’re workin’ it! GOOD FOR YOU!
    Take care of YOU amidst all the craziness this week…and above all ENJOY!!!!
    Go gently…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes indeed we will sleep there on the 30th! so yes the full moon will welcome us .. thanx for the positivity

  • Amy Grams

    Best wishes for your new home! I’m actually a bit jealous — I’d love to move but am staying put for now for my son’s sake. Hopefully in a year or two, we can move on (my now ex-husband and I moved here almost 20 years ago. I’d love a fresh, post-divorce start, something that feels all my own).

    So glad that movement is in the cards this week. I just listened to your radio show from last week about detours and I’ve been on one for quite a while. I so recognized myself in the caller who is a doctor wanting to teach. Yes, I need to surrender. I’d love to hear more from you about surrender. How does a type A control freak surrender?! 🙂

    P.S. Just pre-ordered your new oracle cards. Can’t wait!

  • Kiran

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, this reading is just what I needed to hear. Took a huge leap of faith, packed up everything, placed them in storage and left a country. I am now here for two weeks and no idea where I will be after that. Faith is strong and your cards confirmed it. Sending you good thoughts for your move, it will be great!

  • Genene

    I find such wisdom in all your blog posts, but this one really hit me. For over eight years, my dream has been to move my doggies and me to a self-sufficient sanctuary on acreage. I struggled with what more I needed to learn before that all came together. Now we should have that reality with a year and I’m still learning new things so rapidly that affect the inner me I have to sit down and rest sometimes. LOL! Thanks so much for all you share with us. I’m so glad you have found a physical place for your ruby slippers! I at least grew up on a farm, so I know what I’ll be getting into. Am looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Also love your weekly Universal Energies readings!

  • Nancy Vittum

    Dear Colette, you are going to have a spectacular experience on your farm. You take yourself with you wherever you go and you are a fantastic being of Love and Light. So…what else can you experience! I’m writing this to you with confidence this morning because a big beam of light hit me in the head this morning and I realize that this is my Truth! Blessing to you and Marc!
    Love and Hugs, Nancy

  • Catherine

    Happy and Safe moving! I have moved so many times over the years and came to recognized over those times, that Home for me was always within me and my partnership with Creator. This week I am helping my middle daughter move into their first purchased home in North Vancouver in B.C. Also July 30th which will be such a wonderous time…So exciting for them as for you getting to your farm. You will so enjoy it there…Thanks for always being so amazing no matter what’s going on…love and magick!!..xo

  • Lisa_AK

    Yay Colette! So happy your’s and Marc’s move is finally happening!! Remember to breathe, make it fun like a treasure hunt…’ok let’s see what we’re going to find in here?!’

    Last week the vlog was about running out of gas & like you & so many others I had run out the week before & last week!! When that happens I just have to realize that if I don’t re-charge & re-new myself then I’m of no service to anyone including myself! I tried to make a point to get more sleep, eat healthier & got back to listening to music…I realized I hadn’t listened to my ipod in over a week!! Music soothes my soul but lifts me up at the same time! Feeling so much better this week, plus it did seem like I just couldn’t get anything done last week that I wanted to.

    You always seem to hit the nail on the head with your posts and the cards! All summer I’ve worked on finishing the vision I had for my yard & flower beds. Now it’s done & I’m ready to make the vision inside come to life! Going to start getting the living room/dining area (one big open area) ready to paint along with new window treatments! Makes me excited & energized to get started. Definitely going to do ‘before’ & ‘after’ photos. Good idea for you & Marc also!

    Home is always about the people (& animals) & atmosphere of a place, never about the structure. And I don’t forget to do a clearing and blessing in your new home!!
    Love, Light & Peace to you and all the Tribe!

  • rejeanne

    your reading of the cancer was so mooving,it made me cry,i could feel my tears warming my face and my heart…all at the same time…
    i needed that..xoxo

  • Debbie

    Colett a few years back, on a cruise in Alaska you told me that I have a move that was coming and you see water.. It meant nothing to me. Well last year after many years of closing down companies pay off debts seeing everything change in my life, I came home from a ride with my husband and open my computer. There on that page was a house on the water. I was not looking for it and never in the plans and now I have my happy place. We had one more settlement to go to from the businesses and we would be debt free. We went to settlement on that property and paid all the rest of our bills and two days later we settled on the water from house cash and free of dept.. People think we are crazy and really living on the edge to take this big jump. I have followed you on several cruises and lectures and love you, Marc and John Holland. What you or John have told me is or has happen and that bring my mind to when I heard it from you. We have made this house a second house but it is slowly looking like our main house. I have been down to the shore house maybe 24 night in the last 6 months. I feel different when I am down there. The drive is like blink and we are there. My father and my grandmother have come to me while I was there and they have never come to be here where I have lived 32 years. Both my dad and grandmother in words said they are so happy for me that I found home. Ok crazy here it comes —- found the house on craigslist and the people that owned it left everything. Everything- car, boat, jet skis, furniture, sheets, silverware you name it they left it. I made it my beach house with a few bed spreads and towels, everything is the same way we brought it. So I guess what I am tiring to say is thank you. This is a affirmation yes that came true. Thank you and be safe on your new adventure.

  • Amber M

    Great blog the last three have had some goose bumpy moments for me. Its amazing the way you tune into your audience –we truly are all netted/connected without even trying and simply sharing is so powerful. As my husband and i think about leaving where we currently are returning “home” or going to a family members house to lick are wounds and save for the next big move I get a “about those ruby slippers” in my inbox…and I think the last entry had a…. running out of fuel somewhere in Texas remark….very cledon-y

    Love your work Colette and the fact you share so much with us here –no matter what new individual or material i stumble upon or read or how I evolve I will always appreciate your work writings and insights


  • Tracey

    Read your cards every day!
    Welcome back to Canada – it’s lovely to have you back!
    Maybe another Messages from Spirit show for vision tv?

  • Erin Rivers

    Thanks, Colette, just thanks. Your messages are always timely, thought provoking and resonating. Have fun on your new adventure!

  • Angela

    Congratulations on your move to the farm!
    I have always lived in the city environment. i wanted to be close to everything!
    Over ten years ago, my husband and I purchased some property in the country.
    After living away from civilization with nature and quietness, I wouldn’t want to live
    anywhere else! It is so peaceful and good for the soul!
    You will LOVE IT!

    Love and Light

  • Suzy

    Dearest sweet Colette
    You made me ponder ‘what makes a home?’
    A place I feel safe. A place my kitties can curl up. (They were loudly disapproving when we drove 18 hours.). A place I can feel at peace.
    All these are good but I still feel motivated to search for more and that is probably a very good thing. Get busy living and loving those around.

    Praying that you don’t lose anyone important. Things can be replaced.
    Xoxo. Suzy

  • Ashley

    Home in Ontario and winter home in Florida? Living my life’s dream! I’ve always had a connection to Florida (dolphins, beach, etc) and my husband thinks I’m crazy because in his words it’s a bunch of old people having dinner at 5pm! I love the energy of Florida and know in my soul that I’ve either spent past lives there or will be spending part of this lifetime there! Can’t wait to see what magic the universe has in store for me! Good luck with the move and hope you, Marc and the fur babies are settled soon! Xo

  • Rachel

    I keep seeing you with your new haircut and wanted to tell you how fabulous it is!
    love, rachel

  • Sangeeta

    Hi Colette,

    Enjoy your daily card readings and blog posts.

    Regarding this topic, I completely agree with:
    “Home is being authentically in your own skin.
    Home is built on acceptance.
    Home is right here all the time.”

    Some time back, I made a colourful word cloud to capture the thoughts and feelings of what ‘being home’ means. I offer this as a tool to help us re-mind ourselves and anchor back in our ‘home’ frequency for the times when we feel lost. Here is the link for those who would like to download the free image:

    Thanks and good wishes Colette!

  • Brook

    bubbling up from my memories was this song from Bonnie Raitt…home sings me of sweet things. so much love and light and good mojo to you…

  • Kathleen

    Dear Colette,

    Your words always arrive in my inbox in perfect timing. I am full of gratitude for all of your wisdom and insights! As a woman who has moved no less than 32 times, I salute your new move to Canada. I believe that some of us crave newness and adventure as a necessary part of our journey.
    Yes, there are compromises, like not amassing stuff, living simply, and not fitting into the typical American dream…but the lessons and exposure to uncertainty are well worth it. As J.R.R. Tolkien put it, “Not all who wander are lost.” Home is within, for sure, but being at home in the world is freedom.
    Best wishes to you and Marc for a safe move and a happy arrival in your new sanctuary. You rock! -Kathleen

  • karen

    thank you for the card reading and all the great information. Congratulations on moving to a farm I am so jealous and would love to live on a farm. Still waiting for all my stuff to fall into place but I guess it’s not the time. I love your cards and love the website. Safe travels.

  • rachel eadie

    Hi Collette, loved this! I have always said to my kids, friends and family it is they who wear the ruby slippers when they have been at a loss as to what to do for themselves. Meaning all they need to succeed is within themselves. How apt it is now the advice I need to hear. It brings to mind the old saying ” if we all could take our own advice” thank you for your wise words they have made me smile and think now were have Iput those slippers? X

  • Bronwyn Davies

    Moving is tough,I’ll send you a balence of energy. (I’m a Libra)
    You had a thought & said home will always be there no matter what.
    When I lost my parents I realized my real home is gone. Can’t shake it. I do live in a happy home with my crazy roomate. but I cant go home for Moms cooking or just to visit.
    Vancouver will welcome you with arms wide open.
    It’s too bad we can’t go to your show, the two of us are on disability & usually cant make it through the month on what we are paid.
    Always watch your show or tape it. Your a special lady. I curtsy to you,xxxx.

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