A Little Effort!

Updated: August 10, 2015

Dearest you,

Now that I’m finally landing in my skin at my new digs in the countryside I’m contemplating how far a little effort goes in scooping up a miracle or two from the universe.

Here’s what I mean by this. I have a tendency to be an isolator. Yes chatty gregarious moi likes to be alone—hence the Green Acres choice to finally put down roots.

No one here but us, the hawks, eagles, coyotes, fox, bees, wasps, crickets, crows, bears, and thousands of insects most of which I’m unable to name, and the other creatures I might not know about hiding in the woods.

Loving this place beyond comprehension regardless of the complete lack of country living knowledge.
But I digress.

Isolation is not healthy and can give birth to all kinds of goblins in the enchanted forest of my mind singing that song I learned when I was in Grade three. “Nobody loves me everybody hates me I’m going to the garden to eat worms.”

I love being alone but I also need community.

In Toronto there are friends I have known – some very close friends, some in the periphery- for over 30 years.

There’s something to be said about connecting with women you’ve known for so long that know you from “back then” but also who have evolved along in their lives too. It’s a beautiful feeling to reconnect and see who they’ve become.

All it takes is a little effort really. Pick up the phone and say yes to an invitation, get in the car even if it’s a bit of a trek and pay an in person visit. Nothing special, just sitting there, sharing with one another knowing that we are all essential in the web of life reveling in how different we all are.

Spirit works magic through us individually yet brings comfort and witnessing in the moment when the magic of community overrides the need to be special and individual within it.

It’s wonderful to sit within that supportive energy.

Belonging comes alive in a wonderful moment of awareness.

My miracle was in seeing women I loved dearly, but also discovering the extraordinary artistic talents and depths of women I’ve known forever but not well.

A little effort – take a class, and discover a profound gift.

You can’t do that kind of thing texting.

So what little effort can you do today to shift your story?

Remember if you do what you did you’ll get what you got.

If you feel isolated, call someone, or better still have coffee.
If you’re resentful, clear it up.
If you’re making up stories in your head make up a new one!
If you’re tired – don’t complain take a nap.
If you love someone- go tell them without expectation for anything in return.
If you’re in your head too much go for a walk.

Simple simple things, a little effort and you never know how miraculously things can change.

Share your story, and if you’re in a rut, do something, a teeny effort – doesn’t have to be a big one! And just watch and see if you’re still “there” after that little effort opens a magical door.

Don’t forget to step through it.

Just a little effort will do.

Love you always!


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  • Edith

    Hi Colette
    Your words touch my soul.
    I live in the City and do not have the funds or time , sometimes, to go to the country to feel the silence and rejuventation og Mother earth. Your new place sounds amazing. Time to reflect, rejuventate and focus are as important as our dear friends. Sometime I wish family could be as close. One day when my finances are good I will join one of your classes. Your cards are always true as are your words of encouragement.

    Thanks and may Angels guide you as they so far.

    • blanch

      Dearest sister,
      I am happy for you. I grew up on my grandmothers farm. I learned so much about how the earth gives. My grandmother shared so much wisdom with me. I send to you my blessings and knowledge I received from her. From a distance we are connected.

      Much Love,

    • Christina

      When I lived in the big city I ran screaming (as most do) from every bee and wasp that flew anywhere near me. Five years ago I moved to a smaller city to a home with a garden. My first spring, I had wasps move into the laundry pole, which was a bit UN-nerving, but it was the one farthest from the house and close to the garden and even though I had to walk close to it to get to the alley to access the garbage can, I decided to simply ask them to enjoy the garden but leave me alone. It seemed to work. The second spring, I had some move under my front step. This was even more UN-nerving, as even though I didn’t use it as my regular access I did enjoy sitting on the step from time to time and enjoy the neighborhood. This time I tried for a “you don’t bug me, I won’t bug you pact” and with the exception of one poor little fella I just about stepped on who gave me a small “heads-up” reminder on my shin, all went well. (I didn’t even get a complaint from Canada Post or the Letter carrier or any of the delivery people who had to walk “through the zone”) Year 3 & 4 they placed residence under my back step, my main door. At year 3, I did gently try to convince them to relocate, but they where staying so again I opted for the pact and we all went happily about our business. Sometimes we would (quite literally) run into each other, but no one got hurt so all was good. Not a one even tried to enter my house. This year, I don’t know where they are. I do encounter them in the garden, but if they surprise me elsewhere in the yard and get too close, simply say “please go” and they fly off.

      Long story short, no more screeching and running. With recognizing and respecting the spirit in them, they apparently will do the same. As for bees, I love to get my nose right up close when they are in a flower and watch how they collect the pollen under their wings. Oh sure most will opt to do so in HD, but just like a concert, nothing can beat nature…live.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        love this – I am basically doing the same thing. I’m rescuing a few bees and wasps that fall into my pool and the odd toad. I’m telling the flies and strange giant flying ants to make themselves at home but not to bug us. Even the couple flies in the house are managing to stay away from Sebastian. It’s seeming to be the way !

    • Kathrin

      Dearest Collette,

      Thank you for this. I too am a shifter between socialising and hermitising.
      So your advice above is perfect.

    • Sandi

      Dear Colleen,
      Thank you so much for you posts. I have been following you for awhile now, and I just wanted to share that the readings since the Ruby Slippers have truly hit the mark with me I am in a new beginning in my journey and awaiting the miracles coming my way. I look forward to your adventures in your new abode, and the weekly energy readings.
      Blessings to you and yours,

    • Pat

      Hi Colette,

      I just moved to the country, too, and I absolutely love being surrounded by nature and often feel as if I am becoming a recluse. So—thank you for your insight and words of wisdom. I think they are ‘right on’! Blessings…….

    • Cindy Lou

      I live on the edge of town in wis. I have an orchard with 23 fruit n nut trees. 3 different Plums, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, sweet cherries red and yellow trees, white Mulberries, rasberries, Quince trees, along with two raised huge garden beds. Tomatoes peppers, separate box of garlic 5 different kinds.. Heaven in the city!

      Right now I am trying to get rid of the Lymes running rapid through my body for the second time. I had 19 bullseyes on my middle toroso!
      I am unable to be outside for very long and only when the sun goes down, I feel like a vampire! Lol
      But all will work itself out in time. I love to make jams n I sell at the (well I did) farmers Market.

      Halfway through this ordeal I was let go from my job. I was a computer tech working for a co that makes animal software. For dr offices
      Now I stay and I am learning to accept help because I wipes me out to be outside…
      Thank you so much my wonderful brother Will, my honey Mica, and my cousin Paula. And my mom for sitting with me in the hospital ER room each time
      The sprits are always watching over me,
      They are giving me encouragement during my time off to heal.

      I love your cards and I read them almost everyday!
      Your weekly readings are so right on!
      My sister died jan in vilas county wi. This year. They found her dead body clothes ripped off frozen outside the front door of her boyfriends place. She was taken the neighbors dog home across the street at night and never returned.
      They said it was natural causes! Her r arm was ripped off, and her head was black . The dog was a lab. It makes no sence to me, case was closed
      Boyfriend never checked on her until the mid morning?
      Collette, you have helped me through tis without even speaking to me. Your cards n readings have been pulling me through this yar and I know I have to be patient and heal I side and out. I want to thank you so much for the support from your readings online

      When outside use dried catnip on you n the animals it will keep bugs away, no bites at all (except ticks) you can chase bugs with dried catnip. I tell my cat Kiki she has to have her dose before she goes out and it keeps bugs awAy from her. We both stay outside each nite until 11:00 pm harvesting with no bites!!!! (When I felt better)
      Cindy Lou

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        You are a woman of courage and fortitude. I love this kind of post because you teach all of us that although there is hardship there is healing. Although there is suffering and confusion there is Divine Order that may remain a constant mystery. I’m sorry for your experience but grateful for how you express it as a light for us who may yet stumble in the dark 😉 love to you

  • Sherrie Wiggins

    You have no idea how much I needed this today. I live with my husband and grown son but still feel alone at times. I know this is of my own making so as you said, I will call a girlfriend or two and take that trip with my Mom that I’ve been putting off. I’m sure I will get much more out of it than they will – I need rejuvenation too!!
    Thanks again,

  • Ginny

    Hello Sparkly Being, Collette!! I had to say that, because when I see you address me that way, I get the biggest surge of warm fuzzies in my heart. I love it! So I hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy as well.

    Also, this topic is so about me. I love isolation, hiding. But then I get jittery when I have been isolated too much, yet I don’t want to give up the sanity of my safe world. No judgments, no complaints, no self doubting….but then again, there is no praise, love, hugs. So last week, I got an invitation to meet friends for dinner who I have not seen them in ages. I was so anxious, but I knew I needed something/one else to SEE me. It was well worth the anxiety I felt. They were loving and funny and I felt 20 lbs lighter. I may not give up my the comfort of my little hole in the wall, but I know where I can find comfort.

    Bless you and thank you!


  • Cynthia

    Hi Collete: welcome to country living. I personally love being alone; I am rarely lonely. After 63 years of working and interacting with folks from all walks of life; of giving myself away without realizing that was what was happening, but feeling drained when I got home, to ‘awakening’ to my path….ahhh…to learning it is ok to Be, to learn to love myself to who I AM, to ‘speak my truth’ (areas under re-construction, lol) To wake up early before sunrise, dress, feed and walk Darla with the 2 kits trailing along and watch Mother Moon setting and Father Sun peeking up in the horizon; to hear the coll of different critters in the area as they too are waking up. Then sit outside with that 1st cup of coffee as Darla and the kits settle down nearby and feel heart-felt gratitude for All my blessings. It doesn’t get any better at this time then that. I have 5 wonderful children, 7 awesome grands and a baker’s dozen g’grands; most of whom live a great distance away but are as close as FB and the phone; we touch each other with loving energy in many ways and know we are all Love.
    Enjoy your wonderful new journey. In Love and Light Cynthia

  • Diane

    I also want to thank you, I felt you were talking to me. My husband was diagnosed in May with terminal cancer and although you try to do the one day at a time motto, it doesn’t always work. I’m having a tough time with this and tend to withdraw . I need a kick in the backside from time to time and will print this message off so I can re- read it on rough days. Thanks so much, Diane

    • Lisa_AK

      Sending peace, light and loving healing energy to you and your husband. Check out the local cancer society network in your area, a lot of times they have events/days out for care givers. Remember you have to care for yourself in order to care for others and you are worth it! Gob Bless

  • Stephen Lesavich, PhD


    I used to see about 10,000 people a day when I had my office in downtown Chicago.

    Then the building I was in for about 12 years was sold and the new landlord evicited all the office tenants, including me.

    Now I have my office in a place where I may not 10,000 people the rest of my life.

    Thank you for reminding me to make the effort to stay connected.

    Last week I was meditating in the afternoon. I had a very intense high-energy experience. Unusual even for me.

    A friend of mind called me a few days later and indicated she was meditating at exactly the same time I was and was thinking about me in her meditation.

    It was a great reminder not only how powerful the collective energy is even between just 2 people, but also how importnat the energy of community is.


  • Carola Ezelius

    Thank you Colette. I think i know what i need but it seems difficult to get it. I am trying the best i can. The most important thing I have to do just now is to clean my self whith Healing. I will do it on my self . After that will everything be more easy to do.

    Kind regards
    Carola from Sweden

  • Jacquelyn

    …I don’t think my jaw has ever literally dropped before, until now. THANK YOU for what felt exactly like what a dear sister or close friend would say to me at this very moment. Closed my eyes and sent you a warm, grateful hug for the tangible shift inside.

  • Patti

    Thank you Colette. This is exactly what I need to hear. I’ve been trying to create a new normal for me after losing my husband in an accident in March 2014. My grown kids moved home when their dad died and are still living with me. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, one is an 8 month old pup who seems to adore me by sticking to me like velcro. I have all this love from my critters, my kids and so many friends wanting only the best for me. But…I’ve felt so alone lately. I’m not going to let it consume me! Your words have given me the push I need. I have already reached out to 2 different friends to get together for lunch or tea this week. I plan on signing up for that zumba class I’ve been looking at…thinking my uncoordinated self can’t do that.
    Thank you Thank you.


  • Joanne

    Wow – I felt like you were speaking to only me — it’s as if you were cheerleading some shifts in my life and thinking that are happening right now. Thank you 🙂

  • Helen

    Hi Colette,
    For me when things get bad and I find myself spending too much time in my own head, I put on music. For me it’s music with a great beat (which incidentally helps make the housework go faster). But I find that great music takes me out of my own head space – my personal favourites are Queen, Bon Jovi and host of other 70’s and 80’s rock bands, but each to their own.


  • Carolyn

    Hey Colette, thank you for once again writing about an issue that I too am grappling with. I live in Vancouver, which you’d think would be warm and friendly, but there’s something about this place that encourages people to isolate themselves, and as a writer I do that better than most. But next week I’m heading to Saskatchewan to see family and also to spend some time in the middle of nowhere again, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it all. How lovely to hear loons and coyotes instead of traffic and sirens!

    The best part about leaving the city behind to live on a farm for the first time (which my family did when I was six) is the constant discovery of the rhythms and interplay of the natural world right outside your door. Enjoy!

  • Alexandra

    Dear Colette,

    I tend to isolate as well. I like spending time alone at my home. Ok, my personal number is 9 – the eremit. 😉 So it could be fate.
    Perhaps it sounds strange, but I’m rarely bored when I’m alone (many people can’t understand this…). I always do something, if it’s reading, learning, Tai Chi, watching movies or just surfing in the internet. As an introvert, I need this “me-time”. It’s important to me in order to recharge my batteries. When I’m surrounded by too much people – or people in a bad mood – I often get drained.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I like meeting with friends, good and deep talks, fun and laughing, gathering new perspectives and insights – but I feel more comfortable if I can focus on only one to maximum three other persons. Everything above this number seems to stress me out.

    And there is another cause why I resonated with this topic:
    I can’t go to work anymore since a few months due to an unpleasant development with my employer (my boss was bullying me and this escalated into a huge conflict – and health problems for me!). So I’ve spend even more time alone at home as usual. At the beginning, I only wanted to sleep and get out of this job and this tricky situation as fast as possible. Due to various circumstances (or divine interference?) the situation couldn’t be solved as fast as I wished. Having contact with colleagues was difficult. So I made the best out of it: read hundreds of books, started painting and caring for my body again, learned a lot of new things in online courses (yes, dear Colette, I also took your Reprogram Your Subconscious Course ;-)), spend my time doing things that I really love and I’m interested in, but haven’t done them for years cause I always felt too tired – and only met with people I really love and who are supportive and understanding. That was the best self-care program I ever made!

    Yet, finally a solution of the conflict is in sight. And today, I consider this long time of isolation as a real gift. Probably it’s even the best thing that could have happened to me? I like getting out of my bed again, because I know, a wonderful and interesting day is waiting for me. 🙂
    I don’t think that this evolution would have been possible if I still had to go to this job that was so exhausting – and not really a work I loved and could put my passion into it. But I didn’t realize this at that time. I didn’t plan this isolation phase of my life. But now I think, I really needed it – for myself! And some of my friendships even deepened during this hard time.

    So I think, as an introvert or a person who simply needs a certain amount of isolation, it’s essential to find the right balance between time spend alone and meeting with other people. Both is important. But sometimes there will be times when isolation is more valuable than socialising – and sometimes it’s the other way round.

    Take care & lots of love,

  • Anna

    Dear Colette,
    you words are so inspiring, right on my space of mind again. I’m taking little step to enlighted my life, small changes this week-end, and it worked. Preparing for a moving this fall. I read you over and over. Your a gifted writer and a gift to me. Much love from Montréal. Xxx

  • deb

    Hi Colette,
    I love that you have moved to the countryside and you are loving it…….the energies are so high when in nature….
    thank you so much for your life work……you are part of my Birth Chart personality profiles ( numerology Birth date analysis as i include a 3xcard reading from your enchanted Map deck ……I am now following my passion as a intuitive Counselor using metaphysical tools, we never stop learning or (remembering)….thank you and many blessings to you….xx

  • Kim

    I’ve been dealing with a similar life change. Although I live being alone (I believe many creative people do), I find myself getting caught in my head a little too often lately. I definitely need to make an effort to socialize a bit more often. So, thank you for this Colette.

  • Lyn

    Hi Colette, todays chat was awesome. A great reminder of how beautiful nature is, even the annoying little insects. Your photo today, to me, reflects an amazing peacefulness—-thank you for reminding me to LOOK in my garden and not just at it.

  • Natasha Gill

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for writing this. It’s funny, I get your emails all the time and most times I don’t read them, but today I did. This message was very applicable to me.

    I work from home as an artisan jeweller. I moved into my husband’s apartment shortly after we got married almost two years ago, away from my friends and where I was used to living. After six months I plunged into a depression. I think it might have been too much change all at once. And while I’ve adjusted a great deal and am happy spending my days making pretty things at home, I do realise I am very isolated and do not spend time with my friends nearly as much as I should.

    I’m fortunate to have some friends who are better than I am at reaching out, and others that I can be apart from for a long time and it won’t change anything.

    But this was a nudge to do more on my part to reach out to others too. I am always reminded of how important socialising is for me because I always feel so happy and energised afterwards.

    Thank you for writing this.

    Love and blessings xx

  • Mia Siegel

    You have no idea how much I was meant to hear this message today!! Thank you!

  • Maureen Smith

    Hi Colette:

    I can so relate to everything you say. I also moved recently to the country in Barrie, Ontario. Took a big move from Toronto, after living in the city most of my life. Surprisingly I don’t miss the city, nor the traffic. It’s a joy to live in the country and breathe great fresh air everyday, surrounded by lots of greenery, big trees and the sounds of nature.

    Loved your reading. It’s time for me to reconnect with lots of people too!

    Love & Light,

    Maureen Smith

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Hi, Colette, Tribe-Dancers, and CBR Team & Family & Friends!

    LOV: )

    I also feel, see, and believe we are of the same family, LOL : )

    Love hearing about your life, Love Hidden Realms oracles (my fav – can you do a poll here to find out which of your decks resonate?), Praying all your goodness for us – me too – will come true. You are Real.
    Very happy you spoke on these topics, like a sister would do. I am partial to a philosophical lifestyle.

    Enjoy, hope it rubs off on us here ….

    I had a bunch of huge cicada-like (Rebirth?) buzzing through (not the usually sound but quite). First I though hummingbirds but their wings were way different. Puppy happen to get one between her teeth a tad, it was huge for a cicada as if it was the Queen herself. Luckily, I shooed pup away and later was happy the buggy got away from my fields. Still love the heart shapes Spirit sends from time to time.

    Hope this note finds all Tribal-Dancers healing, happy, and content …. Love to read your experiences as they are learning life’s lessons.

    Global, World, National, and Local Peace
    Light added to All Lights, Amen
    Blessings of Happiness from inside-outward …

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Collette,

    Had to laugh, ‘cos I know that song too. I sing it sometimes to poke fun at my “poor me” feelings. I love the way you said, “Isolation is not healthy and can give birth to all kinds of goblins in the enchanted forest of my mind.” Creates a wonderful image. I’m sooo glad that your new home is bringing you so much joy – even with the flies and other challenges. Your alignment with spirit is definitely shining out of you, even more than before. I feel a real kinship with you Collette, maybe because we both started this Earth game about the same time. I was born about two weeks after you (Aug 1st) – next zodiac sign but same Chinese astrology. Thanks for all that you do, and I can’t imagine you would ever have a reason to sing, “nobody loves me…” etc. Obviously you are adored by many!
    But just in case, you get down sometimes, here’s a hug from Australia!

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Collette,

    Had to laugh, ‘cos I know that song too. I sing it sometimes to poke fun at my “poor me” feelings. I love the way you said, “Isolation is not healthy and can give birth to all kinds of goblins in the enchanted forest of my mind.” Creates a wonderful image. I’m sooo glad that your new home is bringing you so much joy – even with the flies and other challenges. Your alignment with spirit is definitely shining out of you, even more than before. I feel a real kinship with you Collette, maybe because we both started this Earth game about the same time. I was born about two weeks after you (Aug 1st) – next zodiac sign but same Chinese astrology. Thanks for all that you do, and I can’t imagine you would ever have a reason to sing, “nobody loves me…” etc. Obviously you are adored by many!
    But just in case, you get down sometimes, here’s a hug from a friend in Australia!

  • Heather

    I just began loving to live alone…all my life I was someone else s belonging. I no longer have to live that way…and I pray daily I will not again. I could easily isolate; however that is dangerous for me also…I am learning on how to find a balance…it is always on my mind.. Thanks for your kind words, I live in Northern Ontario and I am surrounded by serenity daily. I do not think I could survive in cities like Toronto or Chicago…

  • Eric


    As I was reading this it reminded me of the “30 traits of an empath” article that you directed us to. In the article it mentioned that empaths liked seclusion because of all of the emotional “noise” that they pick up from others. I notice that when I read someone’s astrological chart I tend to pick up on other’s emotions and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Quite frankly, I don’t see how you can do mass readings and not carry some of the residual emotions with you. I guess it’s a learning process that you’ve seemed to have grasped.

    With all of the noise from tv, the internet, and radio frequencies I would think it would be a welcome thing to escape from all of the sensory stimuli. When we are used to the noise it becomes difficult to quiet the mind; I think the over stimulus can be one of the reasons of illness. I’ve been doing genealogy research for a few years and after looking at many death certificates I’ve noticed that up until about 1950 or so there weren’t many deaths attributed to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, or stress (self inflicted). I also didn’t notice many cases of auto-immune diseases. Among other things I think part of the reason is the noisy environment so it would benefit us to get back to nature from time to time. Enjoy the silence; there is a time to connect to people but there is also a time to unplug.

  • Diana Boles

    I-SO-L8-shun-IS For some humans, this is a strange language. For the rest of us, it is a second language. The one spoken when conversing with the Divine. The one where images may replace words. The one where we take with us the ability to connect in some way to the humans who find this an unspeakable language. You know who I mean—the “Tooth Faerie” killers. Those who don’t believe in the sacred hoop or the humming of planets or the silver thread that runs through the everything that is or was or ever shall be.

    I will sing and chat SO that I am not to L8 to SHUN the negatively charged thoughts in the belief of the power that IS

    Now that the circle has been traveled and sung in and chanted around I can go have a cup of coffee with the Faerie Slayer and keep it simple and remember they also have an intellect, just different from mine. L8er I will then commune with the SANTA SLEIGHERS — and we shall ride the winds on Silver Threads and speak wordless plans with the ALL of ALL —-

  • Mary Louise Smith

    Dear Colette
    This post hit me at the right time, even though I am slow to find the time for me to just sit and read my emails. This post was meant to be read when I was feeling the effects of loneliness so strongly I was thinking of moving into an apartment closer to Toronto, just to meet people to talk to and to be closer to my sister.

    I have lived in the country for most of my life and enjoy all of nature and it’s lessons. Yes, I am the hermit and live in a place many can not enter, so as much as I love to spend time with like minded people (physical) it is not always possible. Our hamlet is so small there is no stores or gas stations and neighbours are few and mostly farmers.

    So even though I know you are right and I should make an effort, friends and family are hours and days from me. Divine Creator must have a lesson for me here in seclusion, alone with the nature sprites and the animals of the woods. Believe me the country to me is heaven, no drama, no distracting noise, fresh foods, just the peace and love of all of the Mother’s gifts.

    By the way, when you live in the land of many lakes and wetlands you have to get use to the snakes that crawl near the house and lay their eggs in your garden soil, or the raccoons that raid your garden, and skunks that dig up your yard for grubs. As for flies (blow, deer, horse or just plain normal flies) we have to hang fly traps to insure they don’t land in the food. As for the bees, we welcome them and plant flowers to attract them, they do their thing and we do ours, sort of like respecting each other purpose in life. We plant the flowers, they harvest the pollen for honey and when ready the honey is harvested. All is in balance.

    Now you see why I live in seclusion, not many can take this type of living, oh they love to visit for the peace and beauty, but they can not wait to get back to the city. In the city where they are entertained, dine out in fancy restaurants, or just plain distracted from life and all the beauty of the Mother.

    All I can say now is thank God for the internet. I meet people and can interact and some like yourself open me up to great insight and wisdom or just confirm what I already know.

    Thank You, Namaste

  • Jenn

    Thank you for your lovely words and so glad you are enjoying your new home in the country.
    I love the country and all that nature has to offer.
    I work from home and am so fortunate that I am able to do what I love for a living (I make jewelry), but since I work from home it is so easy to make excuses for not “getting out there” and being with friends and family. I have gotten this message alot lately that I need to “get out there” and enjoy life, so again thank you for your post.

  • Renee Sugar

    BALANCE. In order to appreciate sharing, connecting ( in real time) joining, celebrating; we need to also experience the complimentary side which is embracing ALONENESS. Recently I visited family (cousins) in Caledon, ONT. There were times of aloneness, communing w/nature, watching a movie together which is something I rarely do in the city, visiting a farmers’ market, walking in nature. When the invitation was first extended, I felt a bit awkward. Would
    we wake up and share breakfast? I was visiting a married couple. Did I have to get fully dressed? Put make-up on? I am a very private person ; so it was not the norm. Seeing that I usually don’t see anyone because I live solo, I had to think about this. I asked if I would be intruding? The answer was no. When I spotted species of birds that I don’t usually see; I wanted to share the discovery. I was also moved by being by the river, which represented a metaphor for life. As the river continues to flow, everything behind stays there. The river carries us to new places, faces, experiences as we release all that no longer fits, serves us or supports health and well-being. I loved watching the flow of the water that easily bypassed blocks, and just kept flowing. Life moves on.

    Yesterday I connected with someone who is assisting me in searching for suitable employment. My part of the assignment was to select 10 companies that I would like to work for. She would make the introduction and see if the doorway might be opened? Before the morning was done; I received an e-mail that she had spoken to the manager at one option on the list , and that she was looking for someone for a position. My resume was forwarded, and by the time I returned home, there was a message to call to arrange a meeting. So I did not achieve this alone. I was assisted. I asked for help. It was delivered. Then I made a thank you call to both of these people who were “co-creating” with source to find just the right person for the job. At first I wanted to
    do everything myself, but I am an introvert and cold-calling is not my forte.

    Last evening, I was listening to Susan Cain, on a radio program; she wrote the book “Quiet”. She also has recently initiated a company called the “Quiet Revolution” that is entering schools as a channel to educate youth of the value of the special/innate gifts that those who are introverted have to share.
    The book is very worthwhile reading; and I was so grateful that the process to educate businesses/schools about the value that is contributed by those who are internally wired differently. I need that inner time to be creative and restore the balance. But with technology, and the ease that is available these days 24/7 it is refreshing to share our “humanity” and be “re-minded” that we are interconnected and NEED other souls, AS WELL as species w/wings .

  • Catharine

    Beautifully said, with the simple and pure ring of Truth. Thank you.

  • Leeza

    Ooooh how I love these cards for this week!!! These cards are playing out literally for me this week as I get ready to negotiate and sign my second publishing contract. I also just found out my new deck is up and available for pre-order on my publishers site. Spirit has been moving mountains for me over the last 2 years and I am truly focused on where my arrow is headed. The Arrow Master is a card I do a lot of meditation with as I see this card as a combination of the knight of swords and the knight of wands. Focused thought and deliberate intention in action. I am so excited about the possibilities that are now showing up I am almost jumping out of my skin 🙂

  • Sharon

    Hi Colette – I cannot explain why, but when I started reading this week’s blog I had a reoccurring thought that would not leave me alone….you need to build a Labyrinth. You now have the yard and room to do it….Heck if I know where this random thought came from! It’s a good way to invite some old and new friends to try it out. Okay then – maybe the thought will now go away – or perhaps I’m the one who needs to build the Labyrinth. 🙂 Hugs to you and all your buggy friends.

  • Donna Lyon

    I just wanted to say thank you , it feels as tho everything you post is directed to me and is about me , so thank you very much .

    Your friend

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette,
    I found you recently, and I am grateful for you coming into my life already. That sounds kind of silly as I write it, but all I know is that I liked you right away. Its funny I also can be a hermit, but I just reached out to this new couple I met with my husband…our kids play together, so I invited them today to come for dinner on Thursday. And then, I just read your email/blog. I love the synchronicity of life! Great post, it went right to my heart…especially the part about the “goblins” when you spend too much time in your head. LOL! seriously though – anxiety is the worst! Thanks for another reminder we are all together in the same big old boat. LOVE, a new fan 🙂 -Amanda

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Sparkly Colette ! So happy you and the bugs have made a truce! I live in a very small ‘city’ and am surrounded by nature…mountains, water, a glacier…and love working in my yard every Spring and Summer. I always invite all the critters to come and share the flowers, trees and yard but ask them to please not eat the flowers (egg shells around the plants help this too for the slugs) since I’ve worked hard to make it nice for everyone! Only critter problem have ever had is the little mice who want to come into the enclosed garage when it starts turning cool outside…I try to remember to talk to the Oversoul of mice (read about this in your book dealing with roaches) & try to get the word out to them all that this is my space and there’s lots of space outside in the woods where they belong. Unfortunately once in a while one gives up this life in the garage and I bless them on to the other side. As for the cards, you hit the nail on the head every week!! Last week an opportunity presented itself to attend an evening class about essential oils !! I had just purchased a book on the subject the week before! An acquaintance type friend I hadn’t seen in a long time but kept in touch with on Facebook included me in the invitation. It was fantastic!! I’ve also been thinking about and pondering how I could build up my energy work practice! I’m so excited about this opportunity and am sending it out to Spirit who already knows what I want long term anyway!
    God Bless you Colette! Enjoy your new piece of Heaven on earth!

  • Christine

    Being in the isolation of a farm in the back woods of Canada with force Colette to meet and live with Colette. There will be no way to delete the parts that are not pleasant and only listen to the things that stroke the soul. Like the Loretta Lynn song says, “You ain’t women enough to steal my man.” Let’s see what you got, you haven’t even lasted one winter yet. Talk to me a year from now.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I wasn’t going to respond to this as many of your comments that you’ve posted really have an edge to them that somehow feels combative and I don’t know why as our tribe is respectful and playful mutually supportive and generally kind. I don’t publish all of your comments for that reason. But I feel that you want to be here, you want to be heard and this is how you communicate. So.first off I have ventured far and deep into my shadow and am unafraid of the parts of me that still challenge me. I write about them with humor and share them here as it’s the way I connect with the people who join me here. It is after all my page, my blog and my thoughts welcome to all, and a safe place for others to share their experience strength and hope. I think good advice even if it comes from a place of warning needs to have that compassion and empathy I believe we must all foster. Truthfully haters don’t seem to gravitate to my page but I digress. I’ve lived many places, some of them remote before in my life where I have endured floods, fires, harsh winters, ice storms,rattlesnakes coyotes,a hurricane etc. I agree there is no way to delete the parts that are unpleasant and those parts can be the most important to make peace with, to reveal, to see how ugly and then to see the divinity within that ugliness. It’s how I have become who I am today and I think most people who come here to read and participate know this. Even so for me there first is a struggle, a denial of sorts, a swing between magical thinking and radical acceptance. There must be a curiosity too unencumbered by critical harshness lest every experience only be that of the shadow or be driven by fear and an expectation of failure. What strokes the soul for me is overcoming the darker parts that present themselves as the outer world challenges the inner and vice versa. Life is truly what you make it. Interesting choice that you included that I “ain’t woman enough to steal your man” for truly you might like to have a look at your choice of words. Perhaps one might consider that each life is unique to one’s own, each experience one that is both universal and personal. Perhaps this harsh winter will challenge me but that is for me to live.I wonder the motive behind your comments. If it is to share, share away, if it is to wish my failure, to challenge me I’d like to make a request. I know you want to be part of us because you comment quite a bit. But to be honest I’d rather hear about how you are, how you feel about you. What you learned so you can share it with others. It’s so much more productive. Perhaps in a year I will be broken ( would that make you happy?) but methinks anything you might be thinking could and will happen to me “out here” will test me, bring me more humility, and make me love life all the more. After all that is what it’s all about. I’m not afraid of my choices.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      PS .. Thank you for triggering me this morning !When I read your comment I felt like somebody was mean to me in the school yard then I thought I think this woman has porcupine quills but I want to hug her anyway.Just like the wasps in my yard. You get to buzz around here too. 😉 BIG LOVE

    • Paul

      I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl.

      • Paul

        I should have added – and so could Colette. I have learned that you can’t really know someone’s experience unless you have walked in those shoes – only spirit understands where I have been.

  • La Verne

    Wow!!!! Colette thank you for your post. Even when some one has porcupine quills. You respond with kindness and humor thank you for showing us how its done. Some one is in a lot of pain and is directing at you and I’m so sorry you don’t deserve it. You are such a sparkling being with such a kind heart and a joyful spirit, love the humor. You are truly blessed and thank you for truly blessing us each week. I’m sending her prays that she finds love, kindness, joy, humor and most of all happiness. Thank you again for all you do. One of the tribe.

  • Louise

    Blessings Beloved Colette!
    This is my first time on your blog and I have read some of the posts. I congratulate your on your move to the country! I also live on a farm and have lived much of my life on farms or in the bush in lumber camps. I also have a tendency to isolate and I am aware of it’s cause. So, I take myself to family gatherings, respond, sometimes, to invitations and just go out and meet people I have never met before. I can relate to your experiences. Bravo for your inspiration! I appreciate and Bless you for the service that you provide in daily readings of the cards.
    I have a question. This morning I pulled a card, guided by my Heart, that is in the reverse position. It is from the Enchanted map and is Protected Treasures…or something similar. I am asking for your clarity, please. I thank you.

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