Privilege, Protection and a Dog’s Life!

Updated: August 24, 2015

Dearest sparkle being,

It occurred to me last week that I have somewhat fulfilled a dream of my parents- that I live in a place where I’m protected by privilege, although our definitions are not at all the same.

For my parents, it’s why they came here after WW2- to build a life that would be untouched by war, to recreate their lives and their stories anew. They were willing to work hard to make a safe place for them and their children.

I know their ambition was also to climb the ladder into the safe haven of the wealthy and privileged. The illusion, while superficially accurate of course was that being in that 1% would prevent all bad things from happening.

Of course that’s not how it turned out at all even though our family spent a number of years in that sector of society, once the money was gone, and it was obvious my parents would not recover from the loss, the shunning of them was quick and brutal, and their deaths a short time later heavy with the burdens of lost hope, betrayal and truths too late to be told.

I am not in that 1% today and could care less if I am ever there. The kind of wealth I crave and am ambitious for is driven by an insatiable need to learn about the world. Yes I believe I can manifest my desires but with meaning not just happiness and material prosperity–very different things altogether. And, because I have known suffering, I am ambitious to know how suffering can be alleviated.

I have more than I need always and because of that I can empower others to do the same – not to hoard but to share and encourage that sharing by example.

Yet I find myself struggling with the concept of privilege and protection because I am so conscious of what that means having been raised by parents who never spoke of horrors of any kind and would do anything in their power to place blinders on my eyes so nothing like that would ever be seen through them.
But it’s not possible with the advent of the internet and the global access we all share now.

I wonder if you feel this way too? When you see images on the internet of animals that have been abused, trophy hunters with their smug faces, or the sad photos of refugees from the wars going on far away from us, the women violated and enslaved etc. Do these make you want to scream in rage and cry and curl into a ball because it makes you feel the powerlessness of the truth that you can do nothing to help?

My mother got tough- maybe picking up so many body pieces in the streets of Berlin burned away her sensitivity. I saw her cry once only my entire childhood and then again only when the money was gone and the terror of poverty became her constant companion.

None of those people or animals in those photos had or will ever have a choice to look or not look -to experience what they are going through.

And yet, here we are, most of us in this tribe anyway I assume have at least the ability to turn away and choose to not look and claim empathy overload.

It’s too much for some of us.

It is for me most of the time. I have to say I can play the privilege card more often than I’m due.

I wonder that if we keep choosing the distance and remain far away what price we will have to pay down the road when those of us with the ability to act have done nothing? Or is there another way?

So I’d like to have a discussion with you about your feelings on this subject and ask a really hard question. If you turn away, do you know why you do? Is there any time you allow yourself to look and then to act? If so what are the conditions?

I know not everyone wants to be an activist but how do you manage to bridge the gap between the choice not to look and the compelling call to help?

I’m not suggesting you do the same but last week I knew I had to “get out of myself” and help someone less fortunate- with no expectation of return of any kind. The spiritual amnesia of self centered fear, or self-centeredness of any kind has a wonderful antidote in selfless giving. It brings a kind of meaning that no other act can do.

So I took my sensitive self to open a page sent to my inbox that normally I would not allow myself to look at. I know it sounds crazy but I can handle people being abused and am stronger there but I just go insane with rage and sorrow when animals are involved.

There was an article with photos of a severely tortured dog with half a face and back legs that no longer work named Khaleesi in a hospital in Florida. I decided to open it and force myself to read the whole article.

I am so glad I did. She is a strangely beautiful dog that doesn’t look like one anymore with the most loving eyes. Yes I cried, yes I recoiled in horror and yes- even writing about it still tweaks my chest and throat with sorrow.

I sent a donation and called the clinic and had a long conversation with them and heard the whole story and the beauty of how many people from around the world have been sending donations and emails of good wishes for this one dog who is facing many surgeries ahead.

I can’t help them all but I could choose one dog’s life to make a difference and give meaning to the moment that forces you to get out of yourself and do one small thing for someone who can’t help themselves.

Funny how that works for me.

One choice to look- one life to impact- one moment of meaning brought me into alignment with Spirit one more time.

The world is a messy place and it will never ever be like a shiny penny. For me it’s all things and it’s ok that I can’t look at all of them nor help the many. That said the privilege to look or not look, help or not help – is a precious grace – an unmerited gift of circumstance.

Maybe that’s why Dog is God spelled backward.

Something to think about.

Love to hear your thoughts.
love colette 200x103





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  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;
    The ripple effect creates a energetic impact on everyone. I feel pain, when I must face tragedy, injustice, and life’s
    insurmountable losses. One of the reasons I have chosen to commit to eating a vegan diet is because of the treatment
    of animals. Ignorance is not bliss!!!! Education can empower anyone. Turning a blind eye does not change anything.

    A member of my family who lived a privileged lifestyle and was left very wealthy after her parents death currently is
    the founder of a charitable organization which provides micro loans to women who live in third world countries and have
    lost everything due to natural disasters, war etc. She has witnessed how a $60.00 loan has provided the means for
    these women to build from the ground up. Most of them pay it back, and they create a new means to sustain them-
    selves and their families. This gives them a sense of pride, and dignity.
    This same person recently lost her only sister through suicide. She shot herself. Although
    it was really difficult for me to accept this could happen, it did. Yet we somehow find a different way to see life as
    the most irreplaceable gift regardless of the circumstances someone has to live with.
    One thing I have learned is that some people who face the most horrendous
    challenges and limitations/losses find a way to bring forth a strength that I find to be the most inspirational.
    Toronto hosted the Para Pan Am Olympics and there were so many examples of this extraordinary spirit alive .
    Once awakened , it isn’t possible to go back to put on the snooze button. Every kind action matters. Noticing
    matters, understanding opens our eyes to the many examples around us. These are gifts in a form that are not
    always welcome, but that help us to be reminded of how blessed we are to enjoy sound health, and to have
    the perspective that brings with it the responsibility to take note.
    One day I was passing a health station in a very busy area and I noticed a man who was bleeding profusely from his forehead.
    I asked one of the bystanders what happened. I also asked why he was standing in front of a health station with professional
    nurses inside, and no one was helping him?? I was so upset that I contacted the facility and spoke to someone and left a message
    on a machine . The next day the manager called me because she could tell how upset I was and spent time with me to discuss the
    matter and what the facts were that I might have not been aware of. When I told her that the nurse said she could not come
    outside to deal with the injury, I didn’t find that an acceptable way to handle his obvious discomfort/dignity. I couldn’t have just walked
    by as if nothing was happening. I was glad that I took the time to make the call and it led to discussions with the staff about how
    to handle a matter such as that. Hopefully things will be handled differently next time. LET IT BEGIN WITH ME

    • Beverly

      Colette, I relate to pretty much everything you wrote. I force myself to look and read. I abhor people to people violence; but violence against children and especially all ANIMALS totally enrages me. My way to make a difference is to share the message, I donate to a couple of rescue groups, to the homeless, and food bank, I have had and have now, rescue cats as my pets. My calling, if you will, is I am a nurse. When I was younger, I had grandiose thoughts I’d help a big audience; as I have gotten much older, I have realized it is the small (much smaller) interactions that matter. I have to have faith that no good action will fail to send the ripples out to the general world. I can’t do it by myself, but joining one tiny piece into the other pieces makes the whole.

    • Stephanie Hillier

      Collette what is the name of the song playing after this video? it sounds nice. Thank you for the reading and the weekly oracle reading. The cards I choose always seem too resonate slightly.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        it is called Coming Home you can buy it on the store on my website. I wrote it and am singing it.

    • Shianne

      Colette, this week’s post made me think of what I feel when people do terrible things and terrible things happen globally. I acknowledge the emotion and then I remember that from a higher view all things that are triggers push us forward. We never stop evolving, even though as humans we think of ourselves as the top of our game, and we are lovely Divine beings in these human vessels but our brains are still evolving along with our emotions and our ability to connect to that Divinity within us. I believe that all these things that do happen if you watch from that higher plan are expanding all of us. These things make us question ourselves, our actions and raise compassion and integrity of the whole. It’s certainly not obvious and like your lovely card the Spiral Dancer states it may look like things are going backwards but really they are moving forward. The people and animals and even the earth who are affected by these tragedies, I believe, have lovingly agreed to take on these rolls. I also find it helps to repeat the Hoʻoponopono Prayer – I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you. It just helps me calm down when I think the world is a really big bad place filled with hate.

      PS – I love you. I bought your book Remembering the Future from Amazon back around 2005 (then later Messages from Spirit and The Map). At the time I had no idea what was in store. I used that prayer – Thy Will be Done… and oh boy. I thought God’s will was for me to be a great writer of novels and I fought tooth and nail going through some major life upheavals and finally after some spiritual awakenings through workshops, learning Reiki and Oneness, I clued in on what my true soul purpose was, being a psychic medium and once I surrendered fully (and after ego raised its bald little head) I have never felt more at peace and complete. I always remember that first book of yours and how you had not given up music but learned to incorporate it in other ways. I now trust that the creative writer in me is still alive and well and those novels will be published, but right now I am writing in my journal about my own story and journey to get here while I do readings and public group readings. And every week I look forward to your e-mail that comes to my work inbox work where I work in an office, for now, and it is always exactly what I need to hear. Thank you.

    • Sara

      Every day that we open our hearts to the suffering of others is a day on the right path. Our actions do not have to be huge acts. If everyone in the world were more kind…more accepting…more willing to share their sensitivity with others, if only just to listen and lend a shoulder to lean on, what a much better world it would be. <3

    • Debra

      Dear Colette, Spirit is comforting me and reassuring me in so many ways this week. My husband passed away suddenly a few days ago. Your vlog reading and the cards I pulled this morning, Warrior, Oath, Success, is helping to me find the strength to move forward and know I’m going to make the right decisions for myself and my girls. I know we’ll be OK but I need to keep kicking that little devil of doubt off my shoulder. Thank for your readings this wonderful website. Lots love –Debbie

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        O honey… I send you so much love and light and support during this difficult time. BIG BIG HUG

    • Rudas

      Dear Colette,
      I love your blog. I recently subscribed to receive it and have to say, you inspire me. One day i sat and read seven or eight blogs going backwards, just to see what’s the message in them, and I absolutely love everything about them – your thoughts, your conclusions, explanations, and perfect ties to the Divine.
      I’m on the very interesting journey at the moment. Lost my job few months ago, at the place I felt like it was supposed to be my “home” till retirement. i loved people i was teamed with, understanding and cooperation we had, fun we shared, the material perks i had. You may say – basically everything about it. The way i was “let loose” made me very angry. I think it was meant to be that way, to have me search for more and better things. And by things i mean Spiritual awakening. I have being drawn to holistic healing for years. I love everything about aromatherapy, crystals, herbs, etc. but never actually knew i could be the healer. Until recently when i got this feeling that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Ask me how, and i will tell you “i have no idea” but i know, somehow, that this is it. I started searching for answers and was brought by a friend to a meditation meeting (which turned out to be a group of the intuitive and holistic healers) without even knowing about special gifts that these people share. And … surprise, surprise, i felt like i just arrived home after the long journey. It was a time of extreme joy and elation, cut short because i had to go back home when my visit came to an end.
      However i was determined that i will learn more about “how to” from every possible source i could get my hands on. First i found your oracle cards (Wisdom of Avalon), then i bought your book (Remembering the future) and looked you up online. I started reading other books by intuitive people who are gifted and I learned one important thing about myself – it is the hardest thing in the world to let go and surrender, but that’s the only way to do it. It is so true that you just have to ask and your Angels are at your disposal, waiting to help you. But before i was able to understand that and do it, it took me a long time and my road was really hard on me. Somehow i was always able to pick myself up and keep going, until i run out of steam. Amazingly i was the one who “carried” my spouse through the refuge camp, new beginnings in Canada, which became our home and through all the struggles and challenges we faced. And one small thing, like a job loss, made me feel empty. It surprised me a little, because i thought that i’m the one who can overcome everything. I never let myself feel like a wounded victim, i was always able to get past all of the obstacles with the positive outlook for the better things to come. And all of the sudden i lost it.
      At first it was difficult to see positive things in my situation. But i found the way, by asking Angels and Divine for help. That was the first time i really incorporated meaningful prayers into my days. And it is such a relief! Finally i do not have to do it by myself, i have someone i can rely on and ask to take over any time i feel i need strength, support, protection, shoulder to cry on, hope, or … anything. It is such a blessing to know that my prayers are answered every time. Now, i know i’m making it all about me and that’s not what your blog is all about. But in the past I’ve been always that 911 rescue person, who would drop everything to help others at their first cry, never expecting anything in return. And when things shifted for me i saw that a lot of these friends is sympathetic, but the life goes on and i’m on my own. You could say that change is a, but it needs to take place. I was never okay with violence or abuse, and will always help person in need. But i learned that sometimes you need to help yourself first before someone else can do it for you. My heart cries to those that are in abusive relationships or poor children or powerless animals that are in harms way. But i believe that we all have a role to play in a bigger scheme of things, and each of us chose to do it for a purpose. It is hard to agree with many things and situations, but they all bring this very needed change. Ideally we could all be part of it and speed things up, if we get involved, but in many cases we do not believe we have the right to interfere, until we’re asked.
      Recently i had to go to an emergency room to get my knee ex-rayed. When the nurse came into the room to ask me what the problem is and how this happened, she also asked me about violence in my home. I think i am lucky, and i would never tolerate any kind of physical violence from my partner, but i thought to myself that not too many people who really are in abusive relationships is going to admit that such circumstances are part of their daily lives, especially at the hospital. And that brings us to change again, which should start with education and empowerment of our children at the early age. Are we there yet? I don’t think so, but hopefully with one child at the time we will make progress, and one day we will have a totally new generation that will look after each other, understanding that we are all interconnected, and joined “by the hip”. One day they will know that LOVE is the answer!
      Love you dearly,

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        thanks for writing Rudas! this is our blog together as a tribe we share our experience strength and hope. I want people to share their thoughts here. Its an open invitation so I hope you continue with us… holding the umbrella together … all of us..

    • Christina

      Dear Collette,

      Currently I am dealing with a multitude of my own stressful health issues and I know that I cannot be of service to anyone until I can heal my conditions, therefore, I do look away from the atrocities being blasted in my face by any form of media. I am clearly aware of the many wrongs and crimes committed against humans and animals (which also makes my stomach churn more than anything). I have already given back in some ways by practicing medicine in under served communities and then went on to get a degree in public health in order serve in a much larger capacity to fight some of the suffering in the world. However, that venture is on hold since I became ill shortly after graduating. I guess I have some important lessons to learn about healing before I can go out and try to heal parts of the world. It has been a tremendous growing experience, but I am ready to get better and move on to practice my soul intention.

      I also need to look away because I’m trying to hone my empath skills which have always been present, but have been becoming much stronger as of late. By not looking away I find that these horrific situations can potentially exacerbate my illnesses. Again, I have some personal/spiritual growth to work on before I can be of any real use.

      Despite my need to look away for my own healing there are a few things I can do. As of now I sign every petition I can that fights for animal welfare and social policy. I’m not in a position to donate money to every cause, but I lend my voice in this small way whenever I can and encourage others to do the same. In addition, despite how trying things have been over the past year, I always make an effort to treat everyone I encounter with kindness and understanding. The other small thing I do is to post enlightening and heartfelt sayings on Facebook – you never who may need to read what you post in that moment.

      Hopefully, in the very near future we will save-a-dog once I start mending and I can move on to do some of the healing work for others that I have been working towards for so many years. After you’ve lived life and you have been exposed to so many world issues that are lead by unconsciousness, you know what needs to be fixed. You just have to choose which battles you are drawn to most and do what you can without sacrificing your own well-being (learning that the hard way).

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights and wisdom.



  • catherine

    I have a difficult time looking at the pictures and reading the horror of abused animals, children, and people…as my energy picks it up in every corner and changing that darkness to the light is what has driven me forward since I was a little girl. I didn’t always understand the drive but trusted God to lead me on my path even when I couldn’t see… I have the globalanimalrescuesystem up online finally, just have some more work to do… which my companies funded for organizations to use online our fundraising tools to help them reach their goals, transport animals in disaster, rescuee from kill shelters, help families pay for their pets when money is tight rather than having to give them up and whatever other needs the organization needs to help animals in need. My online tools fund charities to raise funds for their projects so for each and every charity we put up it helps my soul accomplish its purpose for being here. It exponentiates my soul’s reach so to speak. My purpose is to wake people up as they are ready and help them to raise their consciousness on their path. Because I believe as we each raise our individual consciousness we raise and compensate for the consciousness where it is most dark. Its funny isn’t it the story of money and wealth and how we think it can protect and erase our fears given when I woke up this morning the Dow had dropped 1000 points over the extreme Fear of Lack of losing money worldwide…Prosperity and abundance is that of the energy of joy, laughter, peace and tranquility and within that energy the energy of money will flow to us so that we always have an abundance of what we need for our soul’s to learn the lessons we came to learn…Remembering and completing the virtues of all the laws of the Universe. We don’t need to be rich billionaire or millionaire philanthropists to save humanity and thus create a sustainable world…It comes in you Colette calling the clinic, pouring in your love to her, donating to that precious dog to help save her life. It comes in getting up in the morning and no matter what…giving gratitude for your life, a simple smile, a gesture of kindness. Compassion is contagious…so spread it around…I have made up tshirts and the like to sell on the GARN site with that is the same with Kindness, its contagious so spread it around…We have the power through love of ourselves and all other species as ONE to be the richest in all things. And through that simple love of others, in our surrender to let Go and Let God, Fear is also dispelled giving us a protection that money itself can never buy! So much love to you all and again…thank you Colette – so grateful to you for saving that Beautiful Dogs life!

  • Tess

    Very touching. Awesome call to action. Thank you.

  • Barb Parcells

    Oh, dear one, I so know what you are saying. I live a very simple life, on a fixed income, which makes it hard to donate when I see these kinds of things. I also have some physical restrictions that does not allow me to volunteer at a shelter or foster a dog that must be walked. I have lost count of the times I have cried over the cruelty to my animal relations and feel so helpless sometimes, but I have a philosophy that says, “Bloom where you’re planted.” So I ask myself what I can do with what I have, which includes any talents God saw fit to give me. Well, God gave me the gift of words, so those are what I use. I pass around petitions. I write in support of animal rights whenever I am asked. I have also made the decision to become a vegan. Believe me, that was probably the hardest thing to do because I live in the middle of dairy country with a dairy farm for a neighbor. Waitresses look at me like I’m crazy up here when I ask what they have on the menu that has no animal products! But it’s what I can do, and using my life as an example when people ask me why is how I contribute. It’s not much, but this is where I have been planted so this is where I have to bloom. We do what we can, with what we have. I’ll still cry, and sometimes I’ll shut it off when I get to where I am in dangerous emotional overload. Eventually I’ll turn it back on. To do nothing is the same as condoning the atrocities. P.S. Sending you great big hugs. You are my spirit sister for sure!

  • Debbie

    Often I have stepped in to feed, and care for neglected animals, and have in some instances become very unpopular for doing so.
    I have lost relationships. You try to explain, you try to red flag situations, and in the end, if an animal continues to suffer, you step in.
    You do it for the animals. You do it for them. It’s all about love.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah yes Debbie… you are right it’s all about love. I remember sleeping on the floor with my Maltese who developed seizures and my then husband suggested I put him down because ” it’s just an animal”. I moved into the spare bedroom shortly after and left. My little guy died shortly after. I will do anything for my animals. I am responsible for the quality of their life and their death. Love is the only answer

  • Barb

    The continual abuses waged on people and animals can suck the life right out of you. The frustration that the perpetrators of the abuse “don’t get it”, that what you send out, you will receive back…that is the way it works.
    To keep my sanity I go small. I try to take care of two elderly ladies in the neighborhood. Little things, take their trash cans to the curb, bring them their mail, check on them when I have not seen them for a bit. Holding the door open at the post office for someone having trouble, or taking groceries to the car for It is not helping the world globally…or is it? For our small acts of compassion toward our neighbors also reverberates in the universe and has to create some small ripple of good.
    I have no answer for the depraved that harm animals or hunt for sport. I am going thru the process to volunteer at our animal shelter and at least can give pats and hugs to the babies dropped off or picked up by the deputies.
    I hope my small contributions make a difference in the universe….but if not, I know it makes a difference to those I have touched.

  • natalie

    It hurts my heart to see abuse. Having grown up in an abusive situation and taking that into adulthood to be in abusive relationships I feel the pain, suffering and loss.

    For my part, I’ve rescued dogs and still carry around a bag of dog food in my truck so if I see a hungry animal I will leave a pile of food for them. Its not much, but to the animal it is everything at the time. As they are eating and looking back at you, you can feel the love and affection pouring from the scared animal.

    I did see the post you are talking about I believe, the one where the nose was bitten off, if I’m not mistaken his back was broken as well. It breaks my heart…every time….everyone of them. I do what I can but I know it’s not enough.

  • Paula

    Well isn’t Sabastion just the sweetest lil’ piece of perfection! I’m gonna have to watch and listen to the video again, I might ‘ve caught two words ’cause my total focus was on the lil’ guy! Lol. May I ask what kind of dog he is? He is a dog right? lol ….Sooooo sweet!
    I’ve just recently found your site, & have to say I’m lovin’ it! Thanks, Colettte! Cheers!

  • Nancy

    I understand. I have had to block many of the sites that send horrible pictures. I carry it around much to long and it bothers me to a point that I can’t stop thinking about them.
    However, I do have helped by sending donations when I can. I have also seen and followed the little dog you talk about. It is heart wrenching and it still brings me to tears. To many of those stories do. I follow Lily the Hero Pit Bull also and donate to her causes when I can. I follow Brandon who has Humans of New York. He brings me hope in a world where so much is increasingly hard to take. I donate to his causes also. It makes me feel like I am a little part of a better world.
    To bring me back up after those types of images and ad stories, i find stories of happiness with animals, funny dog videos, people reuniting with lost pets, Beagle Freedom Rescue videos where they let test beagles feel grass for the first time, anything that is happy and funny, it brings me back up and I can continue my day, knowing for sure that there is a happy place to go to.
    Doing an Angel Card Reading for someone is also a wonderful way to feel of service and when I feel like I am in service, that is a really a happy place!

  • Eva

    You say, “because I know suffering, I am ambitious to know how suffering can be alleviated.” That is also my story, Colette.
    I realize now from following you and so many others in the spiritual world that even if you help alleviate the suffering of one other being, you are bringing the world closer to its peace.
    I have found my way from anger, despair and helplessness to kindness, compassion and love. I have now started a spiritual practice (still on a volunteer basis) to help others find their peace.
    Sharing your story has helped me get here and I sincerely thank you.

  • Leona macdougall

    Hi Colette!
    Several years ago I was having coffee with an acquaintance in a local coffee shop. This acquaintance who is a nurse and was very quick to notice and share with me that there were three paramedics huddled around a distraught man sitting in the corner. He looked confused, alone and slightly irritated. They were trying to get him to leave with them. As soon as I looked over at him I began silently blessing him and sending him light. My coffee companion became very annoyed with me. She started telling me to look away. Not offering her an explanation I began to look around at other people and see that they- like my friend- would not look at him or acknowledge him.

    There are times when all we can do is make the choice to not shrink. There are times when all we can do is mindfully and quietly affect the universal field by being light. Sometimes a namaste sent from me to you is all I can do – surprisingly perhaps in many moments it is enough.

  • Ada

    Thank you Colette, Those are wonderful questions…soul questions. Until a few years ago I turned away because I didn’t want to really see “those” things because they hit so hard inside myself. Feeling the pain of another, sensing so much was just too hard. It’s not that I’ve toughened up now, but Creator has put me into a more compassionate roll from within.

    Now, even if all I have is the ability to send a prayer of healing, calming energy, that’s what I do. If someone is on the street and needs a few dollars, if I have it they get what I can give. I’ll post things to help even if I can’t other than a prayer.

    It took me losing almost everything in my life to realize just how wealthy I have been and am today, even if I do live in a motorhome with cats and dogs. We HAVE a home. We have dreams… Mine are more of this world, my fuzzies well that’s up to them. With Denise’s beautiful teachings and others as well… I feel so much more now to be grateful for….

    Sending prayers for that lovely fur babie in FL, Khaleesi…. Thank you for reaching out to her and those caring for her and others.

    Blessings and Blessed Be, Ada

  • Nicole

    Dear Colette, this blog spoke directly to my soul. I wake up every day and express gratitude for the feeling of security and safety I feel for living in a home in a ‘safe’ location. I had an eclectic upbringing, sometimes we lived the middle class dream, but most of the time my family (primarily my single mom) struggled with poverty and just trying to survive to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head. This upbringing gave me strength and fortitude to be able to take care of myself no matter what, and to never take for granted the simplest of blessings. I also am quite in tune to the energy and suffering of others. I avoid stories of abuse and war as much as possible. Especially, like you, I cannot stand to see animals abused or suffering. I don’t mind a brief synopsis of a story, but I ‘shut down’ when I hear of the atrocious details. I do what I can and sign petitions, for both people and animals. I write my senators and congressmen and sign just about every initiative and petition to support the welfare of animals. I also donate monthly to animal charities. When I heard the story about the dog in Florida, I too cried. It touched me profoundly. I struggle to understand how a ‘human’ being can do such a thing. It makes me feel hopeless for our planet and our world. Who are these empty beings? Why do they share our air, our earth? I was happy to hear so many people donated to Khaleesi’s care. It gave me comfort that there are so many loving and kind people out there. I didn’t donate at the time I came across the story, because I shut down emotionally, but will at some point. In the meantime, I send my prayers of love and comfort to her. Knowing that loving, positive energy has no boundaries. With all of the love and attention she is now getting, hopefuly her upcoming surgeries will be successful and she will have a quick recovery on each. May she only know love and kindness all the rest of the days of her life. Namaste.

  • Judy

    I have great difficulty understanding why there is so much animal abuse and why the laws are not more strict for those who treat animals this way. My dream is to save every abused animal and for every animal to have a forever loving home. Blessings to you for caring and helping this dog – I hope that he is on his way to recovery.

  • Tash


    Sometimes you ‘just gotta’ when ya ‘just gotta’…. in response: So I’d like to have a discussion with you about your feelings on this subject and ask a really hard question. If you turn away, do you know why you do? Is there any time you allow yourself to look and then to act? If so what are the conditions?

    My childhood was a combination of sheltered and truthful hard reality (also the financial roller coaster that plummeted from well-off to barely making ends meet). In my adult life… a series of tragedies that ultimately shaped my decisions not to shelter my darling girls, guess you can only shelter children to an extent before their logic kicks in and they realise they are in it with you regardless of whether the ride is taking you up or down.

    Both my daughters and i are huge softies…. since an early they used to make me stop the car to pull over to give homeless people their lunch and then we’d be so heartbroken we’d cry our hearts out… all the same we have learnt that it’s not about looking away, sometimes in life it’s about understanding that your part in the scene that unfolds is the bystander as heartbreaking as it may be. Sometimes if it involves a human perhaps our part in the experience is that someone did not turn a blind eye and actually smiled at them or eased their hunger or the pain of the cold. As with spirit the lesson is always 2 fold… we don’t just turn a blind eye and look away. We say a prayer for that soul and ask the universe to help them, when spirit moves through us and compels us to aid on a material level we dutifully comply.

    I believe everything for a reason, sometimes we make the wrong choices and the lesson comes a-knocking again… when it comes to animals, we help where we can and beyond that i believe there are lessons for everyone who comes into contact with that situation to learn.

    At the end of the day we are all part of the universal river of energy, sometimes the rock in path is the teacher and guides the water around and other times it is the force that stops the flow in that direction. in each situation it’s about ‘intuitively’ figuring out which

  • Rose Enyeart

    Colette, Thanks for being brave enough to look. It is much more comfortable not to. I will continue to support the causes I believe in, but I will also add more “critters” to that list. We are so blessed and we need to be a blessing to all on this planet.

  • colleen

    I am a rescuer. Abuse and cruelty of the innocents is an egregious and amoral betrayal of trust. We all must just help in any way we can. For those without deep pockets, collect what you may have and not use anymore and take it to a sanctuary or shelter. Food, bowls, medical supplies (gauze and wraps). Volunteer to clean, feed or exercise the animals. Poo picking is always appreciated ♥ GET INVOLVED

  • Helen

    Colette, You are right, I had not thought about how many sesitives may in the avoidance of things that make us uncomfortable also miss an opportunity to serve. Food for thought.

  • Niki

    Dear Colette,
    I moved (1/7/15) from a dull suburbia to a beach town where I’m currently renting with my loving family and building my dreamhouse with seaview.. Needless to say I feel priviliged But..when I’m teaching yoga to autistic kids and kids with psychiatric challenges that’s when I feel most priviliged. Or when I made soups for my cancer sick friend.. Or when I decide to patiently listen to the divorce stories I know will haunt me for a while. Or teaching yoga to student who smiles gratefully at the end of the lesson. When I’m in that place where I can just come in and use my toolbox with whatever is in it-at that certain God given moment..the expansion of your heart..the feeling of ‘being in love’ just because you give from you..That is when I feel most priviliged.. And of course there are a million moments when I being unpatient, bitchy and could’ve done a thousand times better. But now that I’m in this new place I sort of have to start over and only have a little of those giving moments. I hope it will change as soon as school starts. And I will be able to put myself out there. Cause I sure took them a little bit for granted. So please God/Goddess/Spirit my intentions are out there already – put me on the spot and I will do my part.. if I may be that priviliged..

  • Catherine Adams

    Thank you Colette–what an absolutely beautiful piece!! For as long as I have been in this incarnation, I have been very sensitive to the pain of everyone and everything around me. Animals are also a particularly painful area for me, and I have made it a point during my life to forget about the gut-wrenching moments I knew would come in order to understand what our four-legged friends are going through on this planet. I now understand more than most, and it has left a little place inside me that hurts and feels a bit empty, and I have seen images, some of which I can’t erase, that make me wonder about what is inside someone who could do such things. Now, however, I am better able to do what I can to change things and educate others on the truth of the situation.

    At this point in my life, I choose not to see any more of those pictures. I know what goes on and I don’t need to see it again. If a picture pops up on my New Feed, I will quickly either hide it or I will go to the link provided and more often than not, I will make a donation or a pledge to help provide for an orphaned elephant calf, for example, for a certain length of time. The pain I would feel if I watched the videos or went through the series of pics would not change my feelings and would only break my heart more than it already is. I don’t see that as necessary, at least not at this point in my life.

    I am able to understand the shadow side, do what I can to help, and still keep a high level of positive energy, and that is where I need to be. I have a business in which I do spiritual counseling, past life healing, and akashic record reading, and I need to try to maintain that higher frequency for that reason, also. I will do pro bono work if I know someone who is on disability or welfare but really needs some help. I have taken in many stray animals and I continue to put out food and water for any that need it year round, and I provide a shelter for them, also. I donate to various animal charities and to those that provide clean water and food to people around the world. And years ago I became a vegan so I would not be a part of the cruelty of animal slaughter. I wish I could do more, but I know that I am doing the best I can. I am okay with that.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we need to be ok with whatever we give as long as we are doing something that adds up to a big thing..

  • Bikem

    Dear Colette, dear Tribe of love people,

    Well my story also involves suffering in the past with a privileged life right now…But as a person with mental illness, I know in my bones that I could be in the streets like many homeless people, most of them mentally challenged….I had a friend who was mentally challenged and was homeless, we build this wonderful friendship of respect and human connection… I used to send him money, he used to call me every day, I told him he is the God father of my son, he send us cards for Christmas and Mothers day etc…It was a beautiful relationship which I miss now, since I think he died two years ago….His name was Joe, he called himself Joe the mall man, he used to give his one dollar to other less privileged people he sees at Mc Donalds, when he had only two dollars…..

    Now, this post brought me to action that I should send my yearly donations to my favorite charities via mail and check…I feel blessed in my life, and believe we can change the world if the ones who can, did help the ones who cant….Blessings to you Colette, I love you very much and find a kindred spirit friend in you with your exuberance and joy and wit and humor….Love, B….

  • Susan

    It’s very simple, I turn away because I can’t help or fix everyone or everything. I have family and friends that I put my efforts towards in helping financially, emotionally, etc. With much guilt I realize I just can’t do more, but offer a silent prayer.

  • D. Harris

    Thankyou..for sharing your fears and realities that show in the face of the journeys of the humans on this planet, It is an honour to see and hear.We are faced with choices , to see or not to see the hardship that most of us face at one time or another and the bottom line I feel is if it comes to you, you have a decision .. can I honestly make a difference? will I follow through .. as promises not kept or commitments not kept are hurtful so face your reality with honesty .. can I make a difference? yes!! Do it!! and if I would feel it would physically not assist .. Love works distant healing works wonders for the soul energy. .powerful commitment to being all I can be.. Thanks again your straight forword presentation
    of spiritual connection is very real and refreshing .. In love light and laughter

  • Cory

    Hi Colette,
    I don’t usually leave a reply and often take the position of unseen presence. But your post today spoke directly to me. My sister always questioned me growing up as to how I could be so concerned about the welfare of animals but not care about all the children who were suffering around the world. I started questioning myself about this very same question until I decided to be content with, it just is. I have a deep love of animals and if I see an animal that has been abused I can think of nothing else for days. I was making donations on a regular basis to an organization that does work around the world to protect animals but they kept sending me emails with all these horrific pictures of animals suffering. I stopped making donations and unsubscribed to their emails because I couldn’t stand to see or even be constantly reminded of the suffering animals endure. I donate in other ways in which I don’t have to be exposed to any cruelty towards animals. I have a 19 yr. old Shih tzu, Jasmine, that I amazed is still with me and I feel blessed that she is. When I look at her little furry face it reminds me to stay focused on the beauty in the world such as the kind souls caring for the dog you spoke of. I have to mention your furry little friend, Sebastion, he is so adorable, I wish I could reach through my computer screen to give him just one big hug! I had difficulty concentrating on what you were saying because I was so focused on Sebastion! Thanks for your insight and inspiration Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I did the same thing .. had to unsubscribe then allow my intuition to guide me where I could help.. too painful ..

  • Carole

    Every single day I see stories of animal abuse that break my heart and bring me to tears. As Jane Goodall says, “The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” I just can’t turn away–I always do what I can to help, even if all I can do in the moment is share a story on Facebook to raise awareness. I too am called to help suffering animals. Over the years, I’ve become vegetarian, then vegan when I became aware of the suffering taking place on factory farms. I volunteer at my local SPCA and I donate on a monthly basis. Each of us can do something to affect change. And as Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  • Kory Wood

    Dear Colette,
    It’s so good to help others especially those who are most incapable such as animals. It too tears at my heart when I hear about the horrific conditions in which animals are treated and left. There is one thing I do to help pull me back out of the gripping anger I feel whenever I witness such things and that is I remember we all choose our stories, even animals, and they do this so that we can choose to intervene and grow as a result (like you did with Kahleesi), or not. And, they choose these ‘battles’ for their own spiritual growth.

    It doesn’t mean I am insensitive on the contrary, it means I am sensitive to the possibility of a higher purpose for both man and animal. Look how many of us humans reached out seemingly separate, but nonetheless together, to help Kahleesi. His/her experience helps others develop and express the need to give including compassion, which is a wondrous trait of God, or is it ‘dog’?
    I marveled how you stated that God spelt backwards is dog. I’ve been trying to teach my daughter, and as a result, her friends to replace Oh my god (Omg) with Oh my dog (Omd) for years. 🙂 One, maybe two friends thought it was cool and used it but my daughter never did. LOL

  • Tammy

    Dearest Colette

    You are an amazing being and your words always inspire me and leave me feeling so lifted. I am an animal communicator and very often connect with animals that have suffered some abuse and trauma. The one thing that I have learned from these incredibly wise and compassionate animals is forgiveness. If we could all forgive as easily as they do, the world would be beautiful place. I cringe every time I see animal abuse stories, I want to cry and scream and then I think of how forgiving they are and how they are still able to love with no expectation of return. If we all just found that place in our hearts, that place of pure love, compassion and forgiveness and were all just willing to forgive, surely that would touch someone else and the it would spread. Instead of hating the people that are the abusers, could we maybe all try sending them love and asking spirit to fill them with peace instead. I think we should start a campaign to have a forgiveness day. Thank you for being the amazing soul that you are

    Love and blessings

  • Peggy M

    To keep the balance we need and serve humanity is a delicate balancing act. I do not watch the news. Every day I access the news on the web and scan. I pray for the world afterwards and try to remain positive. I give through payroll deduction to 4 local agencies and have adopted as a godson an unfortunate excon (DUIs) who is trying hard to make it and (since i’ve connected with him) now has a girlfriend and two young children. I am their safety net as they try to survive on part time minimum wage jobs, foodstamps and WIC. Brought them formula, diapers and babywipes last night. As you say reaching out to individual situations is what we can do and with one good intention at a time we can raise humanity’s vibration and create a better world.

  • Pat Viles


    Over the years I have learned that even the smallest thing one does can have positive reactions. I am an artist and all during the year I buy small frames, fill them with paintings and give them as gifts to people I come in contact with. I never really knew how they were accepted until earlier this year. A member of my family is married to a young man whose mother was one of 6 children born to a family. When they were all very young the father walked out on the uneducated and very poor mother. Eventually she was forced to give up her children for adoption. Over time the kids reconnected and remained close. Eight years ago one of the sisters became ill with cancer.

    Three of the sisters joined my family for Christmas and I gave each of them a small painting. Libby just could not stop looking at hers and talking about it. Two months ago Libby passed away and when I went to the visitation there was a beautiful silver gray casket covered with the most beautiful blanket of flowers I have ever seen and sitting beside the flowers was the little painting I had given Libby for Christmas. I simply lost it! She had requested the painting be there and the casket was chosen to match the frame.

    I will never again wonder about the things I do behind the scenes.

    And on April 26, 2015 I gave a 13th birthday party for Spencer my beloved dog. Spencer and his brother, Red, came to me through the local humane society. Their mother escaped from a puppy mill and was bred by neighborhood dogs. I fostered Shelly and she had 8 puppies at my house. Red and Spencer chose me. Red passed away nearly two years ago. The party for Spencer was a fund raiser for the Humane Society Hope Fund, named for a cat who after being hit by a car, crossed 4 lanes of traffic 3 times to rescue her kittens and her with serious back injuries. My boys never played with toys and were on a special diet all their lives so I asked in lieu of gifts a donation to the Hope Fund. We raised around $600!

    My beautiful Spencer passed away July 3 and my heart is broken. He and Red were the best and made my life beautiful.

    There are so many ways we can help and the smallest gift be it monetary, volunteering, making calls, writing letters will help in the fight against cruelty to animals, children, adults, and the payoff is knowing we have made a difference.

    Thank you for all you do, for being here for all of us needy ones and teaching us to be better, more informed people. (We met in Sedona!)


  • Rachel Medhurst

    Powerful topic this week, Colette.

    I’m like you in that I’m super sensitive. I personally have to brush past or skip over so that I don’t take on the pain and suffering of that person/animal. If I don’t I end up in tears, every single time. It’s why I don’t watch the news.

    However, I don’t do nothing. I give small amounts to different charities every month. It’s not a lot but it’s something. I don’t like to talk about it to anyone. And I didn’t really want to post it here but I feel it’s relevant. Sometimes it’s okay to look away when self preserving but…I never forget. I don’t plead ignorance and act as if the world isn’t suffering. We’ve all suffered at some point in our lives. A little goes a long way.

    If I see a petition that speaks to me, I sign it. However, I don’t go looking for them, otherwise I would be there all day. I pray for everyone in the world, especially the people and animals that are suffering. I try to do my little bit. It might not be huge but it’s something. If we all do something little, it adds up to a lot. x

  • helen

    ya, i help where i can, it’s not always with money…

  • Jenn P

    It never fails to amaze me how your words are so timely. I just finished up sending a donation to a cause that my close friend champions, a school in Africa in need of everything from pencils to lunches, a school my friend has visited several times and works very closely with. It’s easy to look past the ‘Donate Now’ posts on Facebook, to delete the ‘Do you have a moment’ emails in our inbox, but it’s easier when a friend is involved for some reason. That’s why it’s so important to remember that it just takes one person, one person reaching out to their friends and family, to make a difference. It’s not our job to assume others will say No, let people make up their own minds and decide when the time is right to contribute however they can.

  • Nancy

    Where did my comment go?

  • Lia Clark

    Great article , I totally understand where you are coming from,had 20 some years filled with
    war- horror stories from my parents and surrounding, living in Salzburg Austria !!
    My heart goes out to ALL that are part of these atrocities, humans and animals alike
    it greaves me to the core what MAN can do to the innocent, my concern is do we get too placid
    and desensitized with all that cruelty ??
    I do what I can in my situation, I live by example give what I can . I try do put out a daily dose of
    Good Intension on an energetic level !!
    Colette you are truly a guiding light to the world
    Namaste Lia

  • Cathy

    Being an empath, I have never been able to just “not look” or not feel or know all that goes on around me and in the world. I never had the “luxury” of just not knowing. It is a condition that I have often wondered whether it should be considered as a gift” or not. If not then, what did I ever do to deserve to have to know and feel so much more than just what was “my own”, and if so, then what, exactly, was I ever supposed to “do” with it? I couldn’t see why I knew and felt the things I did, especially, if I could not see any way to make a positive difference. This added insult to injury, for me. I had to learn how to “shield” myself, or block out many of the things I simply felt were weakening me to the point of not being able to function. Knowing and being able to DO something are to very different things, and if feeling all of those pains..spending your entire life crying and hurting (physically and emotionally) and worrying about all the things you can not, personally, do anything about is just debilitating, then they can serve no purpose. I had to come to realize this. I had to realize that it was a way of knowing just how blessed I was, not to be in so many of those circumstances. I never had or have lived what most would have considered a “privileged” life, yet, I came to understand just how much better off I was than so many others because I could see and feel their circumstances. I had to find ways for me to take care of “me and mine” in ways that would best allow me to use what I could do to best help the rest. But I had to take care of myself and deal with the ones closest to me first. I had to learn to love myself and to teach what I could to those I had been made responsible for first.

    I needed to be able to understand and to think about the root causes of so much of the trouble. I have thought of ignorance as the root of so much “evil” that I became more aware that making others “aware” was one thing anyone can do. I believe that every person or animal or circumstance every one of us is presented with in our lives is for a reason. There is always something to be learned. Often there is something we will have an opportunity to “do” something about. Perhaps WE are the ones being presented to the others, to allow THEM that same opportunity. Either way, I think we all need to do more than just “talk the talk.” We must “walk the walk”….live a life of example. Just doing that is often enough to show many what they might not have come to see otherwise. It can have a ripple effect. We may not have the money to send or the influence or whatever it might seem is what is really needed, but we all have the ability to notice and to send prayers out to the universe and to make others aware. Our thoughts do make a difference They do have an effect, so even a moment to send a good thought out is important. When there is a concentration of such thoughts, it can make an even bigger difference! Maybe all you can do is add your name to a petition, but that is doing something. Not every situation in the world is one you can do anything about, but there will always be someone or something that comes to each and every one of us we CAN do something about. THOSE are the ones we need to be the most concerned about. Those are our opportunities to make a difference, however seemingly small or insignificant. Even something as simple as a moment of your time or a kind or encouraging thought or comment, or a smile or hug can often have so much greater an effect than most will ever even become aware of having done. Perhaps that golden rule was dubbed “golden” because gold has always been synonymous with wealth. When practiced, it bestows a great wealth upon those who are the givers and the receivers. No ONE person can do something about everything, but every one of us can do at least one thing about something, even if we are only having to endure or “suffer” through something to “show” someone else just how lucky they really are and make them more thankful not to be you. Maybe they will see and seize an opportunity to do something about your situation, or even something to alleviate the cause on an even broader scale. It’s a thought, anyway. I still feel and see the rest, but I look to see how much things are changing. There is good taking place. There changes being made. The world is “waking up” and that is always a good thing to see. Just my thoughts, and perhaps a little food for thought. Who knows? Perhaps just this….a few thoughts…..might make yet one more little difference in ways I may never know, but can only hope for. You do so much with yours for so many! I believe responding and making the same effort to help is very important! Thank you for all you do!

  • Maria

    Dear Colette, I am on the same page as you where animals are concerned, I also try not to look at postings or TV stories about abuse to animals as it leaves me feeling so helpless to give assistance to them. An incident that happened recently which my husband saw on Utube we just felt compelled to assist and donate to this pityful female dog who was found riddled with ticks covering her whole body, a shocking case and needed blood transfusions and hopefully the vets would be able to save her little life. It was so encouraging to see how many comments of help and love came in and donations were given to support her with operations! It is so wonderful by taking courage to help yourself taking that step to help, that you find there are like minded people out there that also care. Bless you for all your love that you share with one and all of us! As Gundi said ‘Evil will only prevail if the Good do nothing about it.’ Much love and blessings you, I see you as my Soul sister too.xx

  • Fjola

    It absolutely shatters me to see abused animals of any kind. I think its the only time I actually feel like it would be possible to hurt someone, if I saw them abusing an animal that is. I know that this is not indicative of being very spiritual but I get such a visceral reaction – I guess I need to work on this. In my own way I try to help. All of my cats have been strays, over the years I’ve had 8 including kittens, found homes for other strays on the street and fed them with the help of neighbours, we also give monthly donations to the SPCA and other shelters. I agree with you, we who have the privilege of choice, must act at some level. It is our duty to do anything that would be appropriate to help whatever the situation is , by donating time, money or resources. If
    we ignore the tragedies around us we do a disservice to ourselves and to others. We lose the opportunity to be of service and give the gift of help and hope, as well as losing the side effect of feeling great helping others. My mother always said to me “rise above it”. Its so true – we need to go beyond ourselves. Thank you Colette for the reminder that with privilege comes responsibilities. To “man up” as they say.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I feel the same way.. like I could retaliate on the ones doing the abusing. It’s a tough one to admit.

  • Sylvie

    Hi Colette,

    Horrors? Animals or humans, I just do not look. I do not want to fill my heads with that kind of images, they drain my energy. I deal with smaller horrors. i am volonteering in an animal shelters and i rescue cats. i take home cats in need, like a cat found agonizing in a snow bank who took 6 weeks before he was able to walk again. Sick cats that need care around the clock, kittens who need to be bottle feed, or cats who need to be forced fed. I always have 7 to 9 of them at home for whom I care around the clock. I am not strong enough to deal with big horrors and I am ashamed to say I do averything to avoid seing them, but I do my best to help remove some small ones.

  • Diana a Boles

    So much insignificance has been placed on the Hand Maid – the Hand Raised – the Hand Nutured – the Hand Taught – the Hand Touched – the Hand of Help – the Hand of Ackowledgement – the Hand that Heals.
    I became a vegetarian 48 years ago because of the cruelty involved. Never realizing the cruelty in the dairy industry till 3 yrs ago–but I did wake to that and no longer partake of that as food for myself. You don’t have to kill the cow to get the milk—but I never looked at how they got the milk.
    When the saw that poor dogs face all I could think about was the fools that believe in dog fighting and rooster fighting, and bull fighting. I too, was driven to donate. It wasn’t much, but it was something to add as well as my prayers that this STOPS

  • Tina Marie

    I too, had trouble opening these pictures. I have also felt very helpless in the past. I have a modest income , so sending money is not usually an option. But I do have the ability to listen to spirit. To really listen, and spirit listens to me. I am a Reiki Master, teacher. So I will read, and cry, and print the picture or article and if I can’t do that then I will write it down and then I put it in my reiki box and send the healing they so desperately need and ask the universe for whatever resources they need to be gifted to them. At home, I do whatever I can when spirit puts it upon my heart to help. Sometimes it is a smile someone so desperately needs or a hug. we think these things are so insignificant but when you need one, not so. I listen and do what I can. A meal, a blanket, a book, an ear when someone needs to talk. We all really have so much to give. And I become ever so grateful for the gifts I have to share, whatever they may be. We are one tribe. Do what you can and you can always do something. If the only thing you can do is think, a thought can change everything.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautifully said

      • Sue

        Colette- Thank you for presenting this article. I think you are the connection to all of us that think, feel, and resonate the same. All of us who give no matter how much or little, financially or physically, the pain that animals,children, and people in general go through are felt deep within our fibers. Love and hope bring all of us together to build an eternal bond that the Divine reinforces for us. We can make a difference by just our own actions and NOTHING is too small! Tears we cry are the terrors we feel that they go through and I always believed that are tears are heard in heaven. We all go through bad stuff in life , but those of us who choose light over dark, love over hate, and stand our ground , we are then chosen to be part of the Divines bigger plan. Our giving and love is more powerful than the ordinary could imagine. Thank you for your love, compassion, and connection to all that is, and allowing us to be part of your weave. Being a Harley rider myself… We are free spirits embracing the goodness in the world and healing the ones that were trapped in the horrors of the world. If you make a difference in one persons or animals life, you’ve made a difference in the healing of the world. Piece by piece, our energies of love rebuild the masterpiece in the Divines plan! Thank you for sharing your love.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          so so beautiful… what is your ride? I have a Softail Deluxe!

          • Sue

            It’s a Superlow 1200 Sport. I’ve had her for years. I’ll never sell her but I’m looking at the Super Glide Custom. My boyfriend has an Indian so we love to ride…

          • Colette Baron-Reid

            awesome 😉

  • Karen

    I live in Calgary. I love going downtown because sometimes I have the most wonderful, real conversations with the People living on the streets. Some just want to be noticed. No one knows their story. They have heartaches, they’ve been hurt just like us; unfortunately life gave them a different road to journey. I like to keep around 4 $10.00 gift cards for fast food in my purse. If I’m fortunate enough to have lunch or shop downtown, I want to give something back. I’d rather to it Altruistically; it’s much more fun!

  • Lynn

    Hi Colette,
    I read all the comments but never usually write one myself. Today though I felt I had to. I live in Australia and have been for many years a remote area nurse working in remote Indigenous communities and small rural towns throughout Australia. I have friends who also nurse overseas and tell me of the horrors they have witnessed in third world countries and in huge cities like Mumbai where children are sold on the street by their parents. I have seen the effects of alcohol and drugs and “knock on” effects to families and animals. I try not to judge, I don’t know why this happens, I am not inside the perpetrator’s head, have not lived their life or suffered their losses. Your speaking of a choice “sang” to me, as I believe we are privileged to have a choice. I recognise that for many in this country as in others throughout the world there are people who don’t. I don’t have any answers except to say we can only keep persevering every drop of compassion in the pool of life does make a difference. When we look at back in history and consider all the horrors, corruption, egotistic behaviour and then the acts of kindness however far and few in between it makes me realise that with all our technology and modern day advances, on the scale of evolution we haven’t moved very far at all.

  • Karyn

    Dogs are the Ultimate…..because they are God spelled backwards…..

  • Garth Yarde

    Hi Colette,
    This was very well written an expressed. It describes what myself and several loved ones are experiencing at the moment, and of course so many others.

    I see that this is a time for renewed faith, and gratitude for all things big and small. Living on Turtle Island is a gift.


  • Lisa_AK

    Dearest Sparkly Colette and Tribe,
    Lots of deep questions this week…First: I believe most parents try to keep the bad things from their children. My parents divorced when I was about 9 or 10 yrs. old and I remember being so relieved…our father was a violent, abusive alcoholic and I remember such relief that he wouldn’t be living there anymore. Not to say that was the end of ‘stuff’, not by far…but I never heard my mom say one bad thing to us about him and I never knew until later when I was grown that there were times as a single mom of 4 children that she didn’t know where our next meal was coming from. We thought eggs for dinner was fun! Didn’t know that’s all we had to eat! Anyway, we saw and heard for ourselves how our father was even though our mom tried to shield us.
    Next: I’ve been a nurse for 29 years and 20 of those I worked in E. R. (Emergency Room), from a large teaching hospital in an E. R. Trauma Center to little bitty county hospital E. R.’s. I’ve always felt privileged to be able to help people during some of their most vulnerable and trying times. Unfortunately I’ve also seen some of the violence, abuse and neglect people inflict on other people. Finally after 20 years I got really burned out, it seemed no matter what, they kept coming, it never ended and the children were the final straw. I’ve even had to literally take a child from a parents arms more than once for them to be put in protective custody. I always said a prayer for the child and the emergency foster parents taking them in. I know I made a difference in people’s lives and I was able to help the police on their end. Now I work in the Recovery Room taking care of people coming out of surgery…make friends all day giving warm blankets, drugs and ice chips! 🙂
    My point here is in answer to the question: Do you look? Or do you look away? No, I don’t look…don’t need to…I’ve seen it in person and knowing what’s done to people I know it can be done to animals.
    Finally: What can you or I do to help? I believe the reason I lasted as long as I did in E. R.’s was my faith. I was brought up Baptist but now consider myself Spiritual and Christian. I’ve been studying energy work for 12 yrs. now, certified in one modality and studying others. Have also read a lot about other religions and cultures. In fact just completed an on line course with an e-group on Kabballah ! Anyway, there are numerous ways to help: pray for someone, for everyone. I’ve learned from my studies that as hard as it is for us to get our mental head wrapped around it, we are all from the One, from Spirit, from the Source….therefore we are all related. The hard part is understanding we also have free will and so many choose the wrong path. Yes it can be hard to know and see that everyone needs forgiveness, love, prayer, intentions for the highest good. One of the best books I’ve ever read and re-read that helped me understand this is The Celestine Prophecy. It helped me see that when a person has their personal power taken away by whatever means, instead of understanding they can regain it from the Infinite light and power of Spirit, they try to get it back by taking power away from others, people or animals.
    So we can do as all the other tribe members have offered: pray, listen, give, donate, spend time, send positive energy and thoughts…do all these when and where you can. Start with family, friends, work, community and it spreads from there so maybe one day everyone everywhere will finally be helping each other just because they can and because it’s the right thing to do.
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Debbie Goode

    I feel exactly as you. It is hard to ‘look’. I have several animal charities I give to when I can. I know I can’t save them all, but I know that each of us can make a difference. I would like to add that you don’t have to ‘look’…..sometimes I just can’t…..but I still give, knowing somewhere I’ve made a difference even if it is just to that one. I think many people don’t get involved because they don’t think they can give enough to make a difference, but that thinking is flawed. It we would all just give a little……well, I personally believe we could… them all.

  • Barbara

    I abhor abuse of any kind but those who are unable to defend themselves touches me deeply. Animals are our silent brothers and not ours to torture or abuse. I try not to look away. I focus on sending love to those being abused. My late husband always reminded me that I can’t save everyone but that the ones that truly need what I have to give will be shown to me in a different way. What he said has held true.

  • Christine

    Some children are born with no ability at all to see evil and hardship while others simply embody those concepts spend lifetimes imposing their disturbed objectives on others. What does the soul learn from being a victim of rape, murder and injustice? It learns to fear, hurt and mistrust. Sylvia was wrong when she concluded that we choose all “life paths” prior to birth. There is a “randomness” complete with vile earthly forces that haunt and harm human lives and while this force exists, outside a soul’s sphere of existence, it is not operating as the provider of well intended “life lessons” unless one concludes that souls can only learn or advance from experiencing depravity, loneliness, great pain and sorrow. It is a force intent on harm and destruction; it maintains no genuinely altruistic objectives. And it is similarly untrue that nothing is random or that everything is predetermined. The “free will” souls are given demands that there be a choice but not a fully informed or a consciously cognizant choice.

    Love and light,

  • Joanne

    Thank you so much Colette! This comes from the heart of a doglover in Norway. Keep up the amazing work you do! Love Joanne and Shara (my lovely labradoodle girl)

  • Helen

    Hi Colette,
    As usual, thank you for your lovely post. Acts of kindness can be both big and small, and people often forget that. A few weeks ago I was in one of our local shopping centres and there was an elderly couple standing at the top of one of those moving walkways that take you down to the lower floor. The elderly lady used a zimmer frame. People just walked around them, and to be honest I did too. I took a couple of steps past them and then thought to myself, what are you doing. So I stopped, turned around – much to the consternation of the man walking directly behind me – and asked the couple if I could help. It turned out that the lady was too frightened to go down the walkway. So I took her arm and we went down together. Now to set the scene a little, the nearest lift was down the other end of the mall ( or so I thought) and the zimmer frame was so light that it actually slipped out as we got onto the walkway. Her husband joked with me that she needed a younger man as he was 90 and couldn’t help.

    It probably took about 2 or 3 minutes out of my day, and it helped a fragile lady safely get to where she needed to go. What I need to do is make the offer straight away next time, and not take the two or three steps past. But then it’s a bit like your post, it choosing or not choosing to look and then making a choice to act.


  • Dawn

    Hi Colette,
    I read this post with tears in my eyes,i related so much to it.And resonated deeply about that sweet fur baby.I read that with one of my ‘babys’ in my lap(my 2 yr old).As tears rolled down, she turned to me and was kissing the tears away,not understanding why i cried.All i thought at that moment was thank God she didnt understand and never will.Nor will my other two.The first year of her life she lost her daddy..that day our world collapsed.If not for her love i dont know how id have gotten through it.Now,shes in her 2nd year and together we are rebuilding our lives-together.We are still always there for each other and with each other(except a few hours a week)For the life of me, i cant understand how someone can treat another life like they do.What could that poor fur baby have ever done to be treated so inhumanely. Im so glad you cared enough to help

  • Melanie

    Colette, I’m so glad you wrote about this and what beautiful posts from others. Lots to think about. I’ve never posted here before, but this struck a chord.

    I live in a city and pass people begging for money almost daily. Sometimes I’ll give a dollar or two, but often I walk by and say a prayer for the person whom I’ve passed. I am usually rushing somewhere I need to be, but I notice them. There are many and I know any of us could be that person. And yes, it frightens me. Should I be doing more? Am I selfish that I just passed by today? What life circumstances put them there? I’m not wealthy, but I do give what I can to non-profits I care about, but then what? Is this ever enough? There’s so much suffering in our world between the headlines and just down the street. It makes me cry. I do feel guilty and powerless and overloaded and it reminds me to be incredibly grateful for my own life.

  • Victoria

    I’m a highly sensitive person …. I cannot stand abuse of any kind – human or animal! Especially animals because they don’t have a voice!!!!!!!! Not enough words to describe how I feel re animal abuse! I can’t even read or look at some articles on computer or tv with some of the things I see. Even the abuse of chickens – just a brief glance at this title and a photo – I had to quickly move away from. Wish we could do something with every kind of abuse we knew about or saw. Too much abuse/pain on Earth plane. With love…

  • Liz

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for all your spiritual and worldly advice. There is one particular TV commercial asking for donations for children that I fast forward through because I can’t stand to see the images of starved and crying children. I do not respond to this ad because so many large organizations have huge administrative costs. I am retired but I do support 2 children overseas through a small organization with low overhead. I liked Leona Macdougall’s story about her sending loving healing thoughts to the distressed man in the coffee shop. I believe this can be very effective. I pray often for paramedics, firefighters, doctors, nurses etc. – people who are working to make the world a better place and who often see the horrors. But I also pray for individual random people on the street, mothers shouting at children, older people walking alone, the homeless, teenagers or anyone that Spirit points out to me. I also pray for accident victims and their families whenever I see an auto crash. These may be small instances of helping where I can, and I will never know whether my prayers have any benefit, but I believe we can all change the world one prayer at a time. Now I realize when I see those commercials on TV I should be praying for those children and the organizers and sending them healing light and love.

    With Love and Blessings,

  • Michele

    Words can never express the empathy I feel when I read of animal abuse, mis-treatment, trophy hunting and neglect. I am a constant giver with gratitude to numerous related causes and sign petitions regularly, sometimes opening the video, though mostly not, as I am unable to bear carrying the visual, which haunts me always. Occasionally I also donate to a special animal in need, as my heart just resonates with pure and unconditional love. Truth be told, I felt I grieved more for the process of choosing assistance for our 16 yr. old cat companion, Shadow, and our family of 3 being home with him as he was grateful to peacefully return to Source, then for the transition of my mother 2 years ago.
    I so love all of your weekly messages and spend overtime in reading each reply. Then I move away from my sharing. There are many great responses I created in my mind and I feel that regardless of posting, my energetic message took flight.
    That said, someone sent me an awesome, visually and poetically stunning Youtube video that I would love to share, as it embraces our connection with our Oneness. Hope I get this correct: which is Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) Aloha Ke Akua.
    With Blessings of Love and Light, Michele

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I Love Sparkles : )

    Nonprofits always need funds and for-profits always need funds …. LOL

    We are all in the same boat and each one needs to “speak-up” for their needs but when a bully reveals their inner-most thoughts by acting as if their way is the only way and everyone else is non-existent won’t last however they will take innocents down with them because they are miserable – that is evil not faith.

    Hurting the vulnerable is way too easy that anyone can do; to know better is to be rising above the obvious and becoming an “instrument” of good will. Faith is what you make of it. It makes the World/Planet a better place …

    Control is necessary (structure: laws, moral code, good manners, feelings [ a place to express them with growing-up in mind ]) and we start the goodness in our own selves, homes, and neighborhoods first!

    There are many good souls but funding, longevity, human limits are always prime focus or barriers to achieving “good success” within neighborhoods. We live on a Working Planet … LOL

    Faith plays a higher role in community as if in order for Peace, Joy, Love, Gratitude to resonate from one to another there needs to be “belief” of a rescue/remedy to what is the problem/goal – be the Key of communication.

    Believe in Love, Peace, Joy, Gratitude on Every Step of Life – Resonate High : )
    “Together” Makes a Difference

    Blessed Be In Memory of “Louie”
    Blessed Be All Already With Us
    Be Blessed with Community Awareness
    LOV : )
    It Takes a Lifetime

    Since school has re-started, will be starting, and in general when two or more come together it is always a good thing to bring awareness to all, especially kids ( our future ), about the “right” animal care and the “wrong” of animal torture.
    Personally, there is no equivalent of the humans feelings who causes the crime to the torture that animal felt; the animals, the homeless, the children, the mothers, the elderly, the trusting, the kind are most affected by others criminal behaviors.

    I hear a “You can’t make this up ….”!

    The subject of Food seems to be up their with Religion and Politics – very picky, sensitive, and can cause conflict.

  • Susan

    I have heard “The world is a messy place” at least two times this week and more than a handful that the world of rainbows and unicorns shouldn’t exist past a certain age, if at all. But what I discovered in this case-in this story-is that while trying to prove that the world is messy by opening up a page you knew would break your heart, you actually found the fairy in the garden; because behind the ugly, under the ugly, and beside the ugly, you will always find the most profound beauty in it. While there is nothing beautiful about the abuse of an animal or person, there are the beautiful people who rush to help that person or animal. What you are left with-the lasting impression-is the beauty. Perhaps it wasn’t the ugly you were searching for in opening that mail, but the real beauty that is still often times overlooked and that we all inadvertently cut ourselves from when we try not to see the ugly

    Thank you for the reminder and the story.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      of course.. your analogy was exactly why I shared it.. I found more than a fairy in the garden.. I found so much more…

  • Sally

    I’m trained in an abundance of healing-energy modalities and am also an Empath who suffers with the suffering of others (especially animals) I’ve rescued animals for almost 50 yrs. I burnt out for the suffering, moved to a ‘farm’ (secluded area) with hubby to get away from it all. Well, of course the animals find me anywhere and so the work continues. (We also took in my 85yr old, stage 4 cancer Mom as she can no longer care for herself.) I have been ‘tested’ repeatedly…I thought I’d had a huge breakthrough recently and life had been moving along so much better after a period of stagnation….Though throughout my life, generally, I’m the one in my circle who people/animals come to for the ‘answers.’

    But I am teetering now, once again, on a crisis of faith.

    Yesterday, I buried a cherished fur-baby. My beautiful blind and deaf, black cat, ‘Spirit’ who was only five yrs. old. (Never sick a day in his life, but he couldn’t survive outside in the wild with no eyes or hearing, so we took him in.) Tuesday, he developed a severe lung issue, suffered for his very breath, and within 48 hours, quickly died. Even the vet didn’t expect this outcome, having only given us ‘anti-biotics’ and take him home with a ‘wait & see’ attitude. No matter what I did for him, (and I threw in the kitchen sink using ALL my modalities, including Theta Healing) not only did it not save him, but he appeared to receive no ‘relief’ whatsoever in those 48 hrs. his lungs quickly filled and his passing was not quiet. I connected with the angels the morning of his death, and received that he would ‘heal’…yet he suddenly died hours later…I’m having a really hard time with this one…

    I don’t want to lose the faith, but I’m afraid I’m not getting the ‘lesson’ here and I don’t want the horror to repeat with another of my fur-babies. What am I missing? I do understand animals have their own life’s chart and exit points as people do…but I have two other rescues right now, much sicker that he ever was until his last day, but Spirit is the one who died…And why did my angels say he’d ‘heal’? I had faith he would…but it didn’t happen. I, we, miss him so much. I’m the one that usually answers the ‘why’ questions for others, but this time, I simply cannot…and hope someone can, for me…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      first off I am so sorry for your loss. We had a tragic loss this year with our dog Beanie who died in my husband’s arms after an MRI due to a collapsed trachea. I wanted to hear ” she would heal” I thought I heard my angels say that .. but the truth is her healing was not in my human understanding. The ” why” here is that we have to do what we can and turn over the results to our Higher Power. Spirit is in charge not us. When we sign up to rescue, we sign up for sorrow and for joy. Thank goodness your little guy died at home with you. Our dog also died gasping for breath and we could do nothing. You gave him the best days of his life and the safest death day. Perhaps that’s all that was possible. I send you love and light for your broken heart. Thanks for sharing here. We have a safe place here. Let us love you now.

  • Janet

    I open some of them…being an empath it hurts to watch some of the videos…I get so attached and the visions haunt me to the point they keep me up at night. I wonder how can people be so cruel…I put my blinders on…how can this world be so cruel?
    I donate to the humane society…I bring cat food to my mother in law who tends to seven feral cats, I donate to the causes…I cannot read the paper or watch the news, it hurts too much to feel so much sadness of the world…

  • Sally

    Dear Colette, First, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you went through a similar sad end with your beloved Beanie…My heart goes out to you, too and you have opened my eyes. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that with me. I think I felt, because I am an Empath, Energy Worker, Animal Communicator, etc, I SHOULD HAVE been able to help heal him or at least ease his transition. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your answer has helped me, reminding me that we ALL must remember there is a rhyme/reason-higher plan(We’re ALL here to learn and grow after all) As I always tell others, *everything* not just *some-things* happen ~for a reason~ even if we can’t see nor understand the Higher Picture at the time….And this is where ‘FAITH/TRUST’ must come in…(hard as that is at times)

    What my darlin’ blind & deaf boy taught me in his five years was to be like him, FEARLESS…To push through boundaries, never letting limitations stop me from trying something new and to bless every good thing Creator gave me…This is my very first day here at your site. I watch your T.V. show and love you dearly…Something (perhaps my boy ‘Spirit’ 😉 just brought me here today and I found myself typing in. I am deeply grateful to and for, you.

    P.S. I pulled an Angel Card…It said, ‘Hello from Heaven’….My cup runneth over…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      O Aileen ( or Sally?) I so hear you with all my heart I hear you and know this intimately. I hope you come back to join us here – we share the same experience and I felt the same way. Every week I blog and invite the readers ( like you) to comment and add their stories too. This way it’s like a communal circle and I am passing the talking stick – I start and you guys all share. It’s turning out to be such a beautiful group and there is room for anyone who wants to join and share. BIG LOVE – thanks for watching my show 😉 makes me happy

  • Sally/Aileen

    LOL…Oh Colette, you can’t play poker can you? 😉 God bless you…Sure, let’s go with Aileen…Next time you’re talking with your friend Asia Voight, ask her to tell you her ‘Sally’ story 😉 How could I leave a forum as warm, inviting and authentic as this one? I’ve been reading through the messages and wow…I’ve honestly never read comments from so many people who feel exactly the same way I do! Thank you for this safe place to land. Again, so very appreciative. Aileen aka Sally.

  • Géraldine

    Hi Colette!
    It’s the first time I comment on your blog, because this post was exactly for me (and I’m glad to see it’s exactly for lots of people too!). I’m French, and I came to “know” you through PC Cast, leading to the House of Night Oracle cards, leading to Wisdom of Avalon Oracle, leading to your blog.

    To share my experience, I love animals, and so I’ve been volunteering to save horses and at my local SPCA. Of course it is so important to help those in urgent need. The hard part is that, after many years, being confronted to animals in pain (whether it’s physical or emotional), always and always, it takes its toll on my well being, my happiness. We helpers have a difficult time coping with humans doing these horrible things, or considering us as being the weird ones, because “it’s just animals”, or even hearing that we hate our fellow human companions (quite the opposite!). I would love to see more people like all of you in these comments, because as you say Colette, doing something, and it really doesn’t matter if it’s a small something, is what can make a difference, so thank you for your testimonial!

    And this year, I’ve lost my two rescue cats, so I’m in a lot of pain, and it doesn’t go away… First my tabby, which I rescued from my parking lot two years ago, vanished one day. I did everything that I could to find him, but it didn’t work. Then I lost my other cat, who has been my soul sister (you know, some animals are this special), for thirteen years. She was the most important person in my life. She suffered from heart and kidney insufficiency and was fighting these diseases bravely during two years before finally surrendering. I had to take her to the vet at the end to put her down so that she didn’t have to suffer during the few hours which she had left to live. But it literally ripped my heart. Just a few months have passed, and even if I know I did the right thing for her, my soul is broken and I can’t manage to move on without her. And right now I just can’t do more and help other ones in need by offering them a new home, as the two I loved so much disappeared almost at the same time. I’m planning to contact an animal communicator to help me have a link with my deceased cat sister.

    I know it’s a sad testimony, but still, I was very glad to read all of your comments about how you care about animals and basically every living being on earth. I hope one day we will be enough to make the difference! xxxooo Géraldine

  • Aida

    I don’t look anymore because I know what I’m going to find– the one person, animal or situation that represents the whole. It’s too painful and most of the time we can’t change the situation; however, because of this realization, I pray for all, I bless all that cross my path, especially the people doing the hurting. They need it the most because they don’t know love or compassion or respect. “THEY” need more prayer and divine light heading their way, so as to penetrate through their cruelty and stop hurting others.

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