Back to School! (But Not so Fast)!

Updated: September 7, 2015

Dearest Sparkle Being,

What a glorious week and official end of the summer (here in NA- I know it’s different for you tribal dancers on the other side of the world).

I love this time of year. Thinking about growing up I can even smell my memories, and feel the vibrating excitement of the past. This weekend was officially the last weekend of summer and I’d be getting ready to go back to school.

Honestly there is nothing that can tickle my inner geek more. The smell of new books and paper can make me swoon. I’m nostalgic thinking about the boxes of new pencils and pens organized in neat little piles on my desk that brings a smile to my face like no other memory can.

Anticipating the chance to begin again, learn something new and yes even have a more focused routine other than fanning myself from the heat and procrastinating around one of my many projects – including the one where my house is still not unpacked nor complete. (although those things are circumstantial and not due to me being summery- my favorite word for lazy)

My new oracle deck- Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards is now available and I’ve been enjoying the responses as people are writing in on how much they love this new labor of love for me.

So since you all seemed to respond to my decision to pull cards for the blog last week, the way I do with the video energy forecast for each week, I thought why not let’s do it again!

So I asked the Oracle.. what do we all need to learn this week given the energy of “back to school?”

The cards are as follows 12. Change in the Wind, 10. Unfinished Symphony, and 27 Exchanging Gifts.


Certainly the universe is nudging us to trust that in times of uncertainty even then there is Divine Order regardless of how stormy the skies may appear and how much upheaval the world reflects. We know intimately great change is part of our story.

I’m personally aware that my initial reaction to “great change” is more like a whimper than a hooray! Really? An impending storm where I might not get what I want? I don’t know about you but when the universe presents me with that message I am not happy joyous and free.

That said, radical acceptance and curiosity is where I know I need to get to quickly lest I drop head first into the quicksand of wants and unmet desires which is always, at least for me, a messy affair.
“Something better this way cometh that one day I will understandeth.”

This is a good mantra when faced with plans having gone awry.

WayneDyerOne of the things I admired most about my friend Dr. Wayne Dyer who crossed over last week was his insatiable desire to learn, his childlike curiosity and his love of life regardless of the hurdles and detours. I will miss him deeply, although I’ve been compelled to re-read his books again, so I wont have to.

I’m pictured here with him when I first joined Hay House as he so graciously welcomed me in and we remained close thereafter.

My Kindle now runneth over with Wayne.

Unfinished Symphony is a great card symbolic of completing old projects before starting new ones. So it reminds me of what needs shoring up, sorting through, and being fully present to what is. It’s a good time for an inventory to take stock of what I’ve learned, how far I’ve come and what needs tending before I rush forward like a happy lunatic streaking through the football field forgetting I’m still in my pyjamas. Do you identify with this?

I also have a tendency to be like a race-horse that waits at the starting gate the day before anybody else is supposed to show up. What do you mean I was supposed to be in my stall and eat my hay then exercise? Where is everybody? Let’s get this party started!

Maybe that’s why I re-broke my baby toe this weekend. Ah yes a reminder to move forward in a conscious and thoughtful manner. And, to not be too hasty to take on new projects on top of what I already have.

The elves and faeries in the woods are not going to break into my house to miraculously finish writing the booklet for my new Tarot deck, nor fill out all those pesky official government forms!

O my, is that pile of papers and letters for me?
Note to my Speedy Gonzales self.

I love Exchanging Gifts as to where we are headed. For me, it reminds me that no matter the temporary conditions of my life, what is mine will not be withheld from me which the first card implied.

When I began my immersion into my spiritual education 30 years ago I was a student not a colleague of Wayne’s and one of the first things I learned from him was to be and stay real, and find the inherent lesson in all my experience without judgment. And that intentions and synchronicity align in magical ways and come to fruition in ways so miraculous no one can plan or predict!

This summer I was disappointed by a number of delays but in my bones I know that whatever is meant to develop as a result of my hard work, and intentions, as long as I surrender the form to Spirit, all will be revealed for the highest good. And it will be for the highest good and remarkable things come to pass when one is consistent with thought and intention.

From the uncertainty of A Change in the Wind, to getting present and shoring things up in Unfinished Symphony to the big reveal in Exchanging Gifts.
Life is Good and Getting Better.

What we have to offer will be received in the manner that is dictated by Spirit not our human desire for a certain form. The Law of Reciprocity seldom works exactly the way of human dictation. It’s too limiting.
Spirit has much better plans.

Does this make sense to you? How do these cards apply to your life right now as you enter a new week and a new “season” of learning?

So again, I’m inviting you to this conversation with the Oracle. And, I’m super excited to hear your stories.

I am so grateful to know you are reading this. Know how much love I have for you now and forever!
love colette 200x103


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  • Katy

    Thank you so much, Colette, Love you!

    • Cheryl

      Your new deck is so pretty, I love it. Can you put it as a fifth deck to choose from with the daily readings? I do a daily reading every morning, I look forward to it and it has given me so much help. I continue to pull Change or Transformation depending on what deck I use and lately I have been seeing Partnership and Commitment, they are telling me there is a partnership forming that is harmonious and powerful. I am sure I know what that is referring to but I continue to tell myself your quote, what is for me will not get past me or be withheld from me and I am trusting spirit that if we are meant to be we will be after I set my intention. I have never done this in my life and some of the decisions I have made in the past…boy oh boy.
      Thank you so much for what you do.

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        It’s up now!! We have to take the HOuse of Night ones down though as we only have room for 4 at a time in the program and they were the least popular ( for now;)

    • Diane

      Thank you so much for you Colette, you always put a smile on my face.

  • Sigrun Hancock

    So crazy to read your comment because it’s yet another reinforcement in one of the
    Biggest “aha” moments I have ever experienced! Now the answers just keep coming and I know spirit
    Always has a better plan – not an answer but a plan that you
    Can only follow once you learn to follow its guidance – It’s all right there – right here!!!

  • Sue

    You are such a DELIGHT! I so look forward to starting out each new week with your special messages and a new focus. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Thanks Colette! Love your posts and your realness. I relate to your whimper at change, lol, first comes the “whaddaya mean more change?” Then “oh, all right” and finally “huh, that was wothwhile”.

  • Judy

    Thank you and blessings to you, Colette! I’m looking forward to interesting synchronicities this week and messages from Spirit!

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Colette~You’ve been with me a lot lately, been using my Map and Wisdom of Hidden Realms decks more than I ever have. Had a client here for a retreat last week and the cards blew her mind (and mine). Nobody’s decks are gorgeous like yours, can’t wait to get the new one.
    Sending you love and xo. Lisa

  • Reba

    I love your new oracle cards. It’s like they wear meant for me. I just ordered them on Amazon but it said it was a pre-order and they will be shipped 9/29. I can’t wait to receive them. Thank you so much

  • Brenda

    Hello Collette
    Such wonderful cards and the messages speak to me on many levels. Goblin has been put to bed for now again.
    I Am leaving for a conference this Wednesday and really excited to participate with family from around the world and universe. I Am part of Mastering Alchemy presented taught by Jim Self along with Joan Walker and the Angels, Ascended Masters, Lords of Light anyways; it is an ever changing expanding journey I Am on.
    The cards this week just fall into place for this conference as we will be anchoring more of the Indigo Ray. I Am reminded by your cards to keep curious open and above all accepting of all gifts coming my our way.
    Thank you again for sharing your story so lovingly open from the heart. Reminding me that life lessons are not always wrapped in tinsel and fluff sometimes they are messy and muddy (we are in process of building our home for the past three years and I Am learning to not push and accept that timing is not always mine to choose)as my hubby is the chief contractor. I have come to cherish the pictures because as I look back I Am reminded of how far we have come and not to get so wrapped up in how much has to still get done.
    Again Thank you

  • Patricia

    My brother passed two weeks ago. I small private Celebration of Life was held for him yesterday by his VFW unit (he was an Army Medevac helicopter pilot in Vietnam and after, in the Air National Guard). He managed to deliver a wonderful message within the stories that were shared about him. One of the other helicopter pilots that he had mentored said that one of the greatest pieces of advice he received from him was, “whether you hit the mountain going 30 mph or 90 mph, the result will still be the same.” I thought about how true these words are and how they apply to life in general. When you talked about rushing to get it all done, this came to mind and I just had to share. Thanks Colette for sharing and caring. Love your new Wisdom of The Oracle Deck!

  • Wanda Psutka

    Hello Colette! I just ordered your new deck!
    I saw it and it wanted to be with me, I can not wait to begin working with it.
    So happy you have found a country property to spend your time at. We are in the process of installing our permaculture fruit orchard and gardens this fall. The universe is continuing to provide in very mysterious ways for Kerry and I, but we are getting better at learning to let go and give it over to the universe to make it what it will be.
    May all your plans be as they should, we wish you and the family all the best.
    Wanda and Kerry
    Woodstock, Ont.

  • Karen

    I so look forward to your weekly blog; your writing style is so engaging! I’ve just ordered your new Oracle deck and look forward to seeing you live in Victoria BC! Thank you.

  • Diane

    I had pre-ordered your new deck, and they arrived last Wednesday. I’ve been playing with them every day since, bringing things out of shadow, making connections, healing, reconnecting with self-love. I’ve set up a special journal just for Oracle Notes.

    They’re absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Jena. And you had some special guidance with these, I’m sure. The intro on how to use the cards is invaluable. Thanks to you and them. I look forward to using them for years and years.

    Oh, and one more thing. You had Robert Ohotto on your show several weeks ago. It was time for me to discover him. You two are my go-to sources for Divine Wisdom. Bet you have a great time together.

    Finally, my favorite time of year is here. I look forward to moving through Autumn with the love and guidance you and Robert so generously share.


  • ene

    I am so happy to what you said today! I have this feeling that things are going to happen….but I am waiting. So hearing you talk today is like the answer I’ve been waiting for. Thank you!

  • Kory M Wood

    Hi Colette!

    It really surprised me when I heard of Wayne’s passing. The last time I saw him, he looked brilliantly healthy and alive! The world has truly been blessed with his presence and consequent wisdom all these years. And, it’s exciting to see Hay House honor his work by asking retailers to significantly reduce the price of his eBooks.

    The 3 cards you drew from your new deck pertain to my life right now. I am beginning a new chapter in my life in that I applied for and decided to take a part-time position as a Pharmacy Clerk in a local grocery store at minimum wages. This is a giant leap from where I had been only 6 months ago. I had been a contract Clinical Director in a Opiate Treatment Facility for drug dependency. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and was making over $30 an hour. Contract ran out and was nonnegotiable.

    This forced me into short-term retirement. So, I became a published author. I’m so honored to have taken this path although it felt as though it was forced upon me. I became a Hay House student taking the online writer’s workshop during this ‘down time.’ I had the pleasure of learning from the likes of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Reid. I’m also a student of A Course in Miracles having studied it for the past 10 years so I’m really in tune with what Marianne teaches. It was a fabulous course learning much about becoming an author and Ms. Hay always gives generously in her offerings making the experience doubly exciting.

    The second card reminds me that I have come to the end of a chapter where I have learned what I needed to learn – how to live in faith while challenged with worry about paying the bills and having enough food to eat after losing a significant income. We have been living off my husband’s income and we are still at risk of losing our pick up truck as it was financed only last October and have not been able to make full payments on it for the last two months. But, I went into meditation about a week or so ago and specifically outlined my intentions to spirit that told my Soul that it would not be beneficial to us as a family to lose a family vehicle that provides for us in many practical ways. If we were to lose it, we’d be without a practical vehicle that fits all bodies in our family and if we lost it, we’d be unable to obtain another vehicle loan to finance another vehicle whether it was new or used. Since I clearly laid out my intentions – to do whatever it takes to keep our truck – the job came through!

    The third card is yet another reminder to me about other readings I have done with your new deck (i.e., Tick Tock). It reassures me that my spiritual abundance will not disappear on me so I am encouraged to relax and let go of worry. It assures me that whatever I put into life will return to me ten-fold. I am to Live … Be Myself … Love … and Live (compliments of Dr.Dyer, Your Erroneous Zones) and let Spirit take care of the rest.

    Thank you so much! This is fun.
    With love,

  • Yolande Di Tomasso

    I find the illustrations of your new cards just beautiful! Have a great week Colette! Can’t wait to see the synchronicities in for me this week!

  • Michele

    Great reading! Will keep it in mind as the week unfolds. I do truly believe we do nothing with Spirit being there with either a plan for us or an eye out to help direct us for our highest good.

    I was sorry to hear of Dr. Dryer’s passing…so young but he left such an incredible legacy. As he said “he is on his next journey”. Bless him.

    Sending healing thoughts for your little toe! Ouchie! May it heal quickly.

    Look forward to getting my cards too!!

  • Debbie Carter

    Colette dear! I think I have all of your card decks except this new one! You are such an awesome human being, and your cards work in the same spirit of love, dedication, and clarity. I’m so grateful for you and all of your words of real wisdom. Happy fall!!

  • Maggie Gurley

    Wowerz! I think I am in luv with your new cards! I won’t make this long story totally endless, buuuuuuuuut, I started a new job three weeks ago. I can’t stand what I am doing but I luv the people I am working with and for. Things are changing already because I am going such a good job (again, at something I do not care to do…cleaning a frat house and a sorority). There maybe some changes going down this week and I just want to do what’s right. Who knew the ‘cleaning spirit’ was inside me?! lol
    I am a Reiki Master and THAT is my passion. I am trying to figure out how cleaning a frat house can move me forward to helping people reach to their highest spiritual level through Reiki. Thinking too much is something I need to let go of, probably! Overthinking Maggie, that’s what my Reiki mentor calls me sometimes.
    Hmmmmm I’ll let ya know what goes down this week, if ya like.

    Have a wonderful week and play, play, play!

    Hugs & Luvs,


  • Maria

    I am also looking forward to guidance from Spirit and will be happy accepting what is shown me!! My world has also been in turmoil in a lot of ways, I find by being more grounded, and to listen to what is given me in Meditation, helps clear my mind as to the next step to understand and follow my path! Also find Mirrow work such a help!!
    Bless you colette dear friend for all your love and support, as Louise Hay says ‘Life Loves You ‘and we need to love ourselves more…….connect with our Soul Bird.
    Wishing you and all on the Tribe an Angel Blessed Day? xx

  • Roxanne

    Thank you for this reading! It was a great reminder to me to remind my clients of the co-creative Power that is always with them. As a new coach I remember to not take credit and I give it all to my clients. I see now how as a spiritual coach I should of course refer to the co-creative forces to enforce gratitude – which to me is such a huge part of the answer to creating the life of our dreams!

    I also wanted to mention that I assume the song at the end was you singing – the little bit I heard was very beautiful!

    You are so blessed with these gifts from your Creator! ( see what I did there lol)

    Can’t wait to see you in Edmonton!

    Love and blessings – Roxanne

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes it’s me singing ! OMG So many great comments here is a GIANT GROUP HUG… working on my new tarot deck like a little elf.. 😉 LOVE YOU ALL.. and yes Roxanne see you in Edmonton!

  • Remika

    Thank you so much for doing another reading with this beautiful new deck Colette! I look forward to purchasing this for myself!

    Your reading this week resonates with me in that I was recently laid off of my job and have a few months to plan for the next steps. The only problem is I have been wanting to change careers for the last 2 years!!! I could totally relate to your analogy of being a horse waiting to race – only showing up a day before. My problem is I’ve been waiting two years at the gate ready to take off! However; this time has really given me the opportunity to take a look at my desires and dreams, and learn to trust in myself and in Spirit. Trusting has been a challenge for me, but I feel as each day goes by I feel more and more self assured. I also feel I trust Spirit more. I have to admit, the Unfinished Symphony card has me going – what more do I need to do???? But I suppose in this case it’s for me to truly finish what I started, mainly letting go of the belief that I can’t choose for myself or trust in my own choices of how I want to live my life. A large part of me believed that I wasn’t worthy of receiving what I wanted, nor would it be possible. However, these days, I’m singing to a different tune. I’ve gone from totally freaked out about the future, to this sense of calm and even excitement of what the future holds. I still have my days where I feel frustrated, I want to move on already or just really scared about which direction to go in. At those times, I simply remind myself of a message I keep getting which is – Everything will be okay!

    I’m hoping that’s what the Exchanging Gifts card is all about for me too. I’m trusting that this entire situation is in my highest and best good and that something incredibly exciting is on the horizon for me.

    Thank you again Colette. Sending you hugs, love and light 🙂

  • Karyn

    As usual, i’m speechless and lmao… hit the bullseye again with me….love your way with words! you kill it every week for me….wish i lived closer so i could meet you in person. you are such an inspiration for me to be my authentic self….as scary as that is sometimes. i makes me feel very alone because too many people around me can’t handle it…..raw, honest…

  • Shawn Marie

    Hi Tribe,

    The cards show me that I’m changing “growing” all the time, as my life is an unfinished symphony, full of so many divinely guided gifts to come.

    Speaking of reciprocity…. Spirit gave both of us such an exchange this week, when you, Colette, randomly picking my DOCRC reading. Your joy was amazing, as you received the “gift exchange” I had sent. I was smiling all day. It was my birthday last week too 🙂

    In Health,

    Shawn Marie

  • Karen from Calgary

    I feel like a fart in a wind tunnel. I feel so scattered. I want to accomplish everything, but it is just not happening. And I know things happen for a reason; I must trust. The meditating has taken a back seat lately and so I went on You Tube and found a Healing Meditation. Haven’t slept in months but I had a wonderful sleep after I meditated.
    Thankyou. I’m going to walk a bit slower, breathe a bit easier this week.
    So looking forward to seeing you in Calgary. ?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS … a fart in a wind tunnel.. never heard that on before ..

  • Carol

    Blessed Be! Thank You!

  • Maggie Huffman

    Colleen – I love your new deck!!! The universal energies reading is so fantastic for teaching me that what is universal can also be very, very specific. It fit so well for me. I HAVE had offers and requests come out of the seeming blue – and I definitely need the reminder to know that this is not all my doing, but comes out of co-creation with my Higher Power. It’s so easy to say “I did this” and march off into the land of ego – which is not a pretty landscape, by the way! I took most of yesterday to take a break – a kind of nap – and completely reset: clearing my energy, meditating and grounding. Why don’t I take/make time for that on a regular basis? Thank you so much for the gift of this weekly reset!

  • Martina

    Hi, Colette!

    When you say, “So I asked the Oracle”, what do you mean, that you asked the oracle cards that you asked Spirit…?

    Thank you! Hope you have a great week. God bless!

    Mart 🙂

  • Maggie Huffman

    Colette – I love your new deck!!! The universal energies reading is so fantastic for teaching me that what is universal can also be very, very specific. It fit so well for me. I HAVE had offers and requests come out of the seeming blue – and I definitely need the reminder to know that this is not all my doing, but comes out of co-creation with my Higher Power. It’s so easy to say “I did this” and march off into the land of ego – which is not a pretty landscape, by the way! I took most of yesterday to take a break – a kind of nap – and completely reset: clearing my energy, meditating and grounding. Why don’t I take/make time for that on a regular basis? Thank you so much for the gift of this weekly reset!

  • Barbara

    You constantly bring so much to all of us. A big thank you!!

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette,
    I love reading your blog- I really look forward to it. I also just ordered your new deck. I have been using the Aleister-Crowley deck for the past 12 years, which was given to me as a gift. I have always loved the artwork on them. But I am excited to get YOUR new Oracle cards – they are really beautiful, so unique and seem to have an ethereal quality to them…the chosen words and images working beautifully together. I’ve only seen the 6 you pulled this week and last, but I am sure to be delighted when I get to christen my own deck! I’ll have to be patient though…they don’t ship until the end of the month. Hope you have a great week!

  • Sabine

    Dear Colette,
    thanks for your new oracle card deck, I’m looking forward in working with it. It’s a bit sad that it will be available here in Germany at the end of the month – it’s such a long time to wait! I participate your Oracle Course, which I recommend by the way to everyone, and all your decks are such a great gift!
    Will Wisdom of the Oracle also be available as an app for kindle and iPhone?
    Send you all my love and I’m grateful that Spirit lead me to you.

  • Sylvie

    Your new deck looks fantastic. Each time you use it, it brings fresh air, and fresh thoughts and new inspiration…. so looking forward to have it.
    I pre-ordered from Amazon Canada a good while back and they still have a release date of Sept 29th.

  • Faith

    Hi Colette,

    What a beautiful set of Oracle cards! Hope at some point they will be included in the daily choice of cards for individual readings. I think you are just AWESOME and that goes as well for the work that you do. I’m hoping in the next few weeks to take your online course so that I can delve deeper into the spiritual realm of learning more about Oracle card reading, etc.

    Thank you for providing each of us fans and followers a glimpse every week as to what lies in store from the Universal Divine!

  • Janet

    My sense of smell is my “Super Power”… It brings back memories for me too….erasers, note paper, glue, new shoes….oh my memory gets flooded walking down the school supply aisles…
    Crunchy leaves and hooded sweatshirts, fall is my favourite time….back to nature ?
    Should I stay or should I go…. Maybe I’m not ready, (financially) …but I’m putting it out there for the universe to know… Some reoccurring dreams and some coincidences of late have me racing all over in thought….
    Hmmmmmmm….. I will hang tuff for now, awaiting the signs… ?
    Love, love, love your new deck Colette… They are fantasy/whimsical works of art… Beautiful ?
    Aren’t there days you wish your super power was magic, like Samantha on Bewitched….or Jeannie??? Lol….the house will come together, everything at the right time… Enjoy the moment for now…
    Thank you for being you… 🙂

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this and Bewitched was my most favorite tv show growing up, that and jeannie.. I wonder why 😉

  • Jocelyne

    Thank you Colette.
    Sorry about your toe, Ouch!
    Can’t wait to recieve your new deck. The UK don’t get them until the end of September, so I ordered it from the US. 😉
    I think I am running out in my pyjamas.

  • Robyn

    Hi Colette :_) so glad to receive your bloggy newslettery thingo. i watch Doreen Virtue’s weekly card readings as well and i wonder how well they tie into the World events – i do believe the messages are universal, i pray for all sentient beings and our planet to live well and prosper. this seems to be a time where humankind are being shaken to WAKE UP, its impossible to know which world changes (climate – loss of species) is a natural cycle and which changes have come about by human interference, BUT on a personal level we can all make conscious, heart led decisions for the best outcome for all. Witness the opening of hearts in Iceland to the Syrian refugees. blessings xxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I wonder the same thing.. how tragedy calls our hearts to open through breaking. I’m imagining so many people opening their hearts in a newfound generosity as we’re being forced to see one another in a more unified way. We are one.,

  • Cynthia L. Thomas

    Hello Colette, the busiest psychic in the whole world. I look forward to your letters, and am constantly amazed at your predictions! Oooo and the new Oracle deck is awesome! Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head, with yout5 reading, and hopefully your pictures on your new walls :0)! I can’t wait to see what will transpire this week, because you’ve confirmed what I’ve been feeling…something fantastic is going to happen because I’ve made some great causes that is bringing so many positive results into my life. I’ve learned to be still and patient, and to listen to and obey spirit, and I definitely give credit to it by staying humble and faithful! When the opportunity presents itself, I will be coming to Canada to see you, that’s a fact!!:0) Have a great week my angel sister.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that is awesome! my tour out west is selling out fast so happy you will be there!

  • Louise

    Hello Colette,
    Change…well…sometimes I dig in my heels like a donkey…at first, then I remember, ‘I trust the flow’! When I do go with the flow…lead with my Heart…everything turns out better than I ever expected and that…Is handier than pockets in your underwear! Unfinished Symphony. Yes, well I moved into a two bedroom mobile home that is rather archaic and has not much closet space let alone storage space and there is so much left undone. I am working on it…slowly. Organizing is like pulling teeth for me! I know that I will get ‘er done though as I continue to think about the Exchanging Gifts. Blessings.

  • Trish

    Just a short note to say that you look like you are settling in at your new home. Hair looks great in this video! Thank you for all your hard work and for helping us along this journey of life. Have a great week!

  • Cheryl

    Hi Colette,
    What a wonderful write up this week. Thanks so much for sharing. You are truly a breath of fresh air knowing how so down to earth u r, amidst the fact that u have become such a public figure and mentor to so many including myself!
    I had been feeling a bit off kilter last week and trying to get my head screwed firmly back in place, especially since I got back from a 10 day meditation course on the 23rd of August, where we had to take a vow of noble silence the entire time! It took me a couple days just to readjust to my husband and children and the daily “stuff”, then I went thru some extended family drama and emotional wish wash, which left me felling a bit wrung out to dry… That was just the first week back.
    Last week, deemed better, still spreading myself out a bit thin, and going a touch too much, with clients, canning, cleaning and volunteering…
    Last Thursday, went to a meeting, with a great friend, with a lot of other like minded people who practice different modalities of energy! It was great fun, we shared stories, experiences and tried some new things. The weekend was again slotted for family time, some cuddle time with my husband(which was greatly needed and appreciated), and more canning and preserving…
    This week, I’m so happy for ur reading cuz it aligned with a card reading I did for myself this morn! Sometimes, we need a gentle reminder to just breathe, and allow spirit and source to guide us and take the reins to bring us to where we need to be. I have no fear or doubts that I got a great team looking out for me, even if I can’t see them, I sure do sense them.
    Here’s sending u loads of love and healing energy for that baby toe!
    Wayne was and will continue to be such an inspiration and I’m also so grateful to have read and listened to so many of his books and TV appearances. Knowing how many truly amazing people are filling our world with love, healing and light is such a relief, as I too will continue to do my part, with great teachers as u and Wayne have been for new! Hugs. And love always…..??

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Sparly Colette and Tribe!
    So on the drive to work this morning I was really paying attention to the changing leaves and grasses (it’s already Fall here in S.E. Alaska) and just had the most wonderful feeling of letting go of summer! Believe me, our summers are short and we hang on to every possible minute! But this peace came over me like nature and Spirit were saying ‘it’s time’….time to let go and accept the changes. And I suddenly felt lighter and happier! The yellow and orange leaves became more vibrant and the sea grasses seemed like fields of golden wheat! Then I thought of my favorite quote from Wayne Dyer…’when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’. So Wayne is still teaching us. And wouln’t it be so boring if nothing every changed….ugh!!! Then we’d be screaming for change!! So I’m embracing the change of seasons and the changes in me. This change means I can do more inside my house (which needs it !) to prepare for more of my life changes. I’ve been ‘setting up healing studio’ for about 3 yrs. now and nowhere near done…so this is my Fall/Winter project. And these changes will bring about great gifts for others and for me!
    I have also been trying to learn to ‘BE’ for especially the last several months. I’ve been learning, learning, doing and doing….now I’m just going to ‘BE’ in every day, every moment and everything I do. I think this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to learn! It’s easy to think, do, go, plan….but it’s hard sometimes to just ‘BE’
    Colette, sending you loving warm healing energy for your toe!
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Mary

    Hi Colette, Thank you so much for all of your card decks, including your new one. They’re packed with Divine Wisdom!
    I’m looking forward to experiencing a few synchronicities (“unexpected pleasures) this week, as well as finishing two projects that I’ve pushed aside. This week’s reading has also reminded me that God’s timing is always perfect, and we’re always in our “right place”.

    May Spirit bless you always and in all ways, according to Its Will for your Highest Good. And so it is!

  • Renee Sugar

    When taking a look in the rearview mirror; I read a journal on the weekend that
    reminded me of where I was one year ago. The job I had in a factory, the 3 hour
    commute, the intense pace; the intrusive loud heavy metal music. I really wondered
    how I endured that assignment???? Today is the second week of a new job/role.
    What a difference a year makes!!!! It takes practice to just release everything and
    just focus on one moment, each day at a time. Sounds so simple and yet so challenging
    to accomplish. This time it takes about 20 minutes to travel to work, the people are
    present, and the funniest coincidence/synchronicity, it that one of the staff is leaving
    and we both interviewed for the same position at a different company. She was hired
    and I wasn’t. Not meant to be. The door opened I was invited and hired; and
    she will be leaving at the end of the month. I was a little annoyed that I wasn’t offered this opportunity,
    but I am learning lots of new information everyday, and adapting to new people and procedures and working
    five days a week after not working for about 8 months straight. So lots of changes,
    and everything is a fresh beginning. Trying to just be present and not have an
    “attitude”. Gratitude and grace are key right now. I no longer need to be so important.
    I used to think I was in my last role, which lasted 12 years. So leggo my EGO.
    Be flexible, gracious, and open-minded and everything will flow well.
    Sorry about the toe/ so annoying because you can’t put a cast on it.
    I once broke mine and wore clogs for several weeks to protect it.
    Going slow does get you there faster!!!! So GO WITH THE SLOW!!!
    Take Care and enjoy the cooler month of September, one can hope.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    First of all, I am super excited to receive your new deck, I pre-ordered and I think they arrive late September in Canada. Secondly…you are working on a new Tarot deck?! That is so exciting also! Your creativity is a gift to us all, thank you for your devotion to your work. You are a very important guide and an inspiration.
    About Wayne Dyer…I was shocked and sad when I found out that he had passed…it seems so soon, and he was not what I would consider to be “old”. Yet I know he did not end. His strong spirit will shine on. I honour him deeply, as I have learned so much from his books and CDs as well as his speaking tours.
    He is among my most important teachers. I was struck by his tirelessness when he spoke in the city where I live….he just seemed so full of calm and beautiful energy.
    I hope that you have arnica for your poor toe…!
    I understand that rushing to get things done and for me ” the hurrier I go the behinder I get”…I was rushing to finish at work today and everything kept going awry, the computer just up and closed down mid report, etc….I had to let go, breathe, and ask Spirit to help me …what gets done gets done, the rest will eventually fall into place. I have to remember to keep on handing things over to Spirit to manage, because as I have decreased work hours but workload has not decreased, I can easily become completely overwhelmed.
    For the spirit of exchanging gifts, I am packing up to head off for five days in Sedona with some gal pals – to recharge and reconnect with one another and Mother Nature. To breathe and to walk and to be.
    Thank you again for holding this space for us all, and much love.

  • Rachel Medhurst

    Hi Colette,

    These cards are so apt for me. Change is certainly here and it has thrown me off but in a good way! Card 2 is a great message for me to be present and to focus on what needs to be done in every day life. Card 3 is really exciting! I’m ready to exchange gifts!

    When I feel the doubts trying to come in this time, they’re swept away with a feeling of peace so I know everything is exactly how it should be.

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