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Updated: September 13, 2015

Dearest you,

Today as I write this I’m aware of the beauty of the New Moon and the deep sigh of getting to start again, clean the slate and make a wish!
Besides my favorite Sunday morning fare Brain Pickings (if you don’t know about this you must) I also stumbled upon an article on this Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse, aptly titled “Movement First, Then Change” by Amanda Painter.

In this article she talks about the astrological themes that set us up for this week, which is about healing and creativity- “teaching yourself to heal your relationship to your creativity, or healing your relationship to your mind through creative means.”

I’m knee deep in a number of creative projects all of which have felt like I’m wading in molasses, slow and sticky with a goopy brain. My thoughts haven’t been particularly helpful either as absent and cloudy as they’ve been this summer.
Rather than thinking first then doing, I’m finding success in just the doing first, rather than figuring anything out and then the things seem to come to life. When I think about what to do, or what I’m doing, or how much I have to do still, I would rather sit down and impersonate a turnip.

Has that ever happened to you?

One thing I have noticed is that my new oracle deck is freakishly accurate and I didn’t think that one into being at all. Wisdom of the Oracle truly was a channeled affair with me receiving it rather than making it.

So if you noticed one of the cards I posted on my public Facebook page this weekend was called Never Ending Story. I posted it Saturday morning and I was not particularly impressed by it as it implies a subconscious tendency to assume an old story when triggered. It reminds us that everything is perception and when faced with outer conditions that remind one of an old uncomfortable story, or worse, and to be mindful to step out of the consciousness of impoverished victim.

This card was for someone else in my tribe, not for me!

In fact I was having one of my more “enlightened” mornings when I was one with Spirit, and feeling back on track with my meditations, did my creative process Invision, and wrote in my journal about my sincere and deep gratitude. I had a dear friend visiting and I was in such a good mood. I had a crystal clear sense of well being and truly had no context to wake up my sleeping goblins.

My favorite thing to do is go hang out at a bookstore and so dragging Marc along the three of us went to one of the large book store chains not far from us.

Stepping through the doors of any bookstore for me is like being given the keys to Hogwarts, as if someone said all this could be yours! Look over there! There’s a baby unicorn crossed with a fluffy magic Pomeranian that flies and speaks 3 languages fluently! There- is an ancient manuscript about a handsome immortal that falls in love with a milkmaid and together they save the world and you might be their descendant!
And of course – Look over THERE books and oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid! O my!  That must be ME, and if that’s true then I must have meaning and purpose! How even more magical.

So, with Marc safely tucked away in Starbucks, me and my friend Deenah went skipping over to the section where all my products are usually lovingly stocked and displayed.

Then the air became thicker, the lights grew dim and I instantly went from happy and giddy to squirming in a harsh and glaring spotlight growing increasingly nauseous from the vertigo of the waking village of goblins great and small.

There we stood in front of a very packed section of books and oracle cards not one with my name on it.

I began to hear my goblins giggling and whispering like horrible hundreds of Gollum cousins at a family reunion barbeque. “She’s a big fat loser yessss. I told you so. Hahahhaha.”

Considering my plight I went and hid in another section of the bookstore hyperventilating sure everyone there knew I should be punished for thinking I was anything but a cruddy little worm holding a beggars cup.

Deenah, in her wisdom pretending she didn’t know me went to find out officially how to get a CBR anything. They have none. O wait! Just one straggler in the self-help section.

I peek through the cracks in the Dummies book section imagining the clerk to be Voldemort in disguise.

Then I wake up to the fact that I had temporarily fallen into spiritual amnesia and insanity and shaking the goblins off I stand up and wonder WTF? Ok… you can’t think your way out of a subconscious program. You need to move. So I do.

I lurch over goblins hanging from my hair and shoving their faces out of my purse and open my mouth and tell the truth.

Hi I’m Colette Baron-Reid. I know this sounds kind of weird but that was my friend over there that just asked because I was too embarrassed to since you didn’t have any of my products etc. (keeping it brief of course leaving out all the back story about being reduced to worm status).

Of COURSE !!!  OMG we are all sold out of your stuff and if you would you come for a book signing and it’s SO nice to meet YOU.

All of a sudden we were new best friends and the magic returned and she was not Voldemort nor Glynda the Good Witch just a nice woman doing her job and kind to me in my obvious discomfort.

So given you all know that I think it’s immensely boring to write about spiritual perfection and when it’s only all shiny sparkly and good. Nobody needs to know why that’s a better way to be anyway. We all get it.
Here is how you can get out of a bout of this kind of temporary insanity.

First recognize you’re in trouble. If you’re comparing, overly competing, entitled, greedy, full of yourself, or conversely feeling like a worm you might be having a bout of temporary spiritual insanity. If you think you need to dim your light so others will like you- trouble brewing. If you judge your worth by your accomplishments or how many Facebook followers you have – also getting dangerous. Etc. etc. You get the drill.

So like this new moon’s advice;-

When you feel disconnected in your mind and heart and spirit just get creative, get out of your head, stop thinking (you’re likely behind enemy lines) and take an honest step forward.

Move and do something completely different. You will shift and get right sized and remember that you are a spark of the Divine amongst millions of other sparks no greater no smaller.
Just doing your thing.

The truth is I shared this story to illustrate the dangers of thinking we are what we do, and that our success or failures dictate our worth. If I was told my stuff wasn’t there and no one wants it I’d be disappointed after feeling shattered but I’d keep going. I’ve “ failed” at a lot of things in my life. But the point is to be creative and serve, and offer that up and not worry when the seeds you plant will grow. Just keep planting.

Love to hear your story this week! Did the Never Ending Story come up for you at all? If so, how did you move and how did that help you shift?

Loving you always and forever!


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  • Diana Boles

    Almost 2 years ago I lost a very important turquoise ring. I always felt that it was right under my nose, but just couldn’t find it. I searched everywhere! On Wednesday past, my Verizon went down—no phone no tv and NO INTERNET——augh! Now, I’m a school teacher so my units of study are all neatly packed in containers, but there are so many of them. When my services blew up, I had to go and move school boxes in order for the tech to put in a new device. I procrastinated, knowing when he was coming, to just before the appointment. He did his job swiftly, but after he left I realized that everything that was in that corner I no longer needed for school and I could clean the garage a little bit more. So, Friday & Saturday were filled with teacher duties, so I procrastinated once again. Put it off til this morning. I looked at that empty corner and saw a box with a Harley cover in it. Never used. Ok-garage sale item. I pulled that out and moved it to the yard sale pile. Break time — more procrastinating. Back to work. Looked at that corner and thought, ok, just one unit box goes back. I put it in place and threw some things away and came back to that corner. There, on the floor at my feet was my fabulous squash blossom ring! Where did it come from? Why didn’t I see it earlier? Why didn’t I see it 2 years ago when I rustled in that corner looking for it? St. Anthony and the Faeries be praised! It’s back on my hand! It WAS right where I thought I had lost it! If I had really moved everything 2 years ago, I would have found it. But one thing I can say for sure, I really appreciate having found it now, after all this time. It’s action time for me. Just get up and do it has its rewards– just like finding out for yourself!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup.. take action, then you see the change, sit on one’s butt and stew in the sauce

  • Alannah

    Hi Colette, will your Wisdom of the Oracle cards be a part of your online course? I want to do that as soon as I can manifest the means, and would love to know. 🙂 I’d like to buy at least one deck first. Today it was the Thinker card that resonated with me. P.S. LOVE that colour on you xx <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you can use the card deck for sure. The online course was created before these cards came out and is more a general oracle card reading class with 33 teaching videos.

  • Rachel Medhurst


    It was as if you were speaking to me today. I didn’t see that card in my newsfeed on Saturday but I wish I had. I was totally triggered the day before and playing out old emotional patterns. I was in my head all weekend! Until I decided to go to my spiritualist group last night, which is something I’ve not done for many months, and I’m so glad I did. The message I got was loud and clear…it’s not always about you. And that made everything click into place.

    I was able to get out of my ego and now I feel so much better. I will keep remembering the message for as long as I’m triggered!

    Love x

  • Kim

    Perfect to read this morning as I think about choices that I made yesterday, like a pre-knowing of what the week ahead would be about. Grateful that I leaned in and trusted my intuition AND excited to think that it is also the theme of the week. Thank you! And I have to say that I just LOVE the illustrations on the new cards!

  • Ada

    Oh Wow, this new deck of yours is so completely accurate it’s brain blowing!!!! Sitting here in NH, debating whether to move south again, sell what I have and go back to warmer climate or stay up here and try to find a place. (I’ve been in an RV for over a year now – not the best when it’s -21 up here) Your newsletter too is uncanny as MY goblins are yelling “failure!!! you didn’t do a,b,c,d,e,f, g of the things you wanted to!!!” The synchronicity of the Harry Potter musings as this last week for down time I’ve been watching clips of HP! Feeling like a failure because of the outer world…goblin alert!!!! Star Trek red alert going in my head at various moments!!!! But the truth is I can do what I love anywhere I live. Finding a job in addition to what I love to do is also a mindset and goblin territory. Allowing Creator to bring all the parts together with intentions set… no wands or phasers needed and Goblins back in to their other duties.

    When I set out on this journey over a year ago, little did I realize it was to come full circle in the sense that it has. Learning and releasing so much inner manure. Composting much of it now for a garden or gardens in the future. Seeds having been sown for my own strength that’s been re-found and re-bound into me.

    Time to think, but also to Listen. Set the Goblin of “pride” aside and tell her to sit down and hush up. Listen to what my heart wants… Creative things – interesting as feel angst to put away my paints and brushes but they sit unused most days. Ignoring them. Ignoring that side or part of me for far too long.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you <3

  • Kristi

    Hi Colette,
    This has been for me a constant move/action for the past two weeks. I had some surgery on my wrist and have only had use of one hand. It not only put into perspective how much I use that hand, but has challenged me to come up with alternative ways of doing things. (Of course washing one hand is still makes me laugh). Because of this I’ve been shifting my outlook on much of the world. Your cards really hit home for me as this weekend, I sat in my backyard watching, the bees, birds and squirrels and reflected on how truly blessed I am. I get the stitches out this week so now I know how to approach my progress of starting a full recovery thanks to the guidance. Love you so much and all you do.

  • Donna Hallecks

    Hi Collette,

    I just want to thank you for the news letter that I get on a daily basis. I have recently bought your deck Wisdom of Avalon and I sleep with them and use the deck on a weekly basis. I love the artwork in this deck and the beautiful vibrations it gives out to me.

    This newsletter today really hit home for me, because I have been squandering and over thinking my creative energies; that nothing has been done. What a waste of time! If I was at a bar on karaoke night I would step up to the microphone and sing my heart out with no fear. I remember a time you would not be able to get a squeaky note out of me, now I can do primal screams in a soulful song. The point is my fear/ego has been ruling me where I should be stepping up into the proverbial spotlight and shine. Thanks for the reminder and keep up the great work that you create! Keep on going sister!

  • maureen

    Blessing to you Colette, I just used new Wisdom of the Oracle cards for a reading. Wow what a confirmation that came through to me. I sure appreciate the helpful insight that helped put a few things on my mind in perspective. I felt instantly at ease after my reading. Thank you for all you share, it sure does make a difference!
    Thanks again Maureen

  • nancie

    Colette- first, LOVE the new cards- I’m on the hunt for them. Wanna talk about being a turnip or hearing every nasty, wormy, ” how could you have been so stupid” comment…that, was my weekend!
    I waited til truly the 11th hour to do my extention on my start up business, Shinsei Spa— because I didn’t want to see the numbers. It’s a brilliant business, but that’s not what heard. My coach went into the shop 4 weeks ago- coincidentally ( I think not ) the same day I was “handed” a whole new path. Like your cards, my 2016 event was handed to me, channeled by guides and is now entirely in place. And, you guessed it, coach fixed, clients calling and that big venue I had to pass on, replaced by a bigger on going corporate client.
    To use your word, I thought it ” interesting” that I was calm and even relieved to decline such a huge venue. That’s when I knew my guides and spirit had something bigger and for better good planned….so I just let go….trusted and moved forward on the Event.

    When I felt like I was sludging through quick sand, the Event fell together so easily and I was GIVEN the time to put my attention and Intention there. And as we all know, ” where intention goes, energy flows…”~ nancie

  • Natalie

    These cards that you chose for this week really spoke to me. I need to make a change and be my true self and think differently to change my future.

  • Robyn Williams

    This time of year always triggers problems for me. No matter how hard I try I always fall into a pit at this time of year. I m trying hard to remove fear and negativity from my life, but always wake up crying and feeling sorry for myself. Bad things seem to come at me this time of year, as well as good things. I guess i am just a conduit for others to find a way to help, so they feel better. I keep telling myself it will be better and it does get better for a while. I wonder what the trigger is for me? I will keep working and believing. Thank you for the the cards and their enlightening help.

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Yes, it most certainly did! Perfect post for today… My temporary insanity usually includes eating quantities of microwave popcorn and big bad beliefs about very specific things. I got smacked yesterday and spent the day in that kind of crazy after having an amazing week filled with synchronicities. One of them was finding what looked and felt/feels like my perfect new office space (the one I’d seen and imagined in my mind for years) with potential for groups/retail that I had no way of currently affording. And I spiralled. Made up stories about the landlord not thinking I could afford it, etc etc. It was crazy but also felt true. Today it’s crisp and clear outside, a perfect morning and even with my carby-y hangover I feel a new class writing itself and am planning to offer it new office or not, on the weekend of the equinox. This post helped. Love to you, xo Lisa

  • Dorothy

    I loved your blog this week. Thanks so much for sharing this, we all have experienced these feelings at times in our lives but so many never share their vulnerability so we think we are the only one. Great message for everybody. Have a great week.

  • J

    So funny I woke up and read this email as I was drinking my morning coffee. Yes, my husband and I were doing our abundance checks last night and our new moon goals, and since I had gotten the new deck, I asked him to pull a card. And yes, he got “never ending story.” He immediately asked me if it was bad but I told him no, and I explained to him he needs to be honest with himself (as he has been) and keep moving forward. Every little bit helps. He is a recovering addict and this new moon marks 6 months. We are very proud. This new deck spoke to me when I saw it on your website and I had to have it. Thank you so much!

  • Barb Parcells

    I look forward to your blog every week, not only because it is informative and – dare I say it – wonderfully entertaining, but because somehow you zero in on exactly what I am struggling with on any given week. You’re magical like that, did you know? Anyway, not only do I understand impersonating a turnip, I also know how it feels to get bogged down by comparing myself to the other vegetables in the garden and wanting to burrow underground when nobody wants to pick me, like when I don’t get any comments on my blog, or I worry so much about my next project that I worry myself into inaction. This weekend I threw my hands up and said to All That There Is: ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m only going to do what makes me happy. I’m going to live the best idea of myself that I can be today and any direction you can give me will be greatly appreciated.” And you know what? I feel so much better (well, my football team was losing when I went to bed but they’ll do better next time) and I slept soundly for the first time in ages. So that’s my recipe for today as well. I’m just gonna do what makes me happy and see where that leads me. So, I guess it is a never ending story after all, isn’t it? Blessings! Love you!

  • Indiana

    I first want to say how I love the new Wisdom of Oracle cards. I felt that this week of the Sept 14th was speaking to me. I have to make a huge choice in my personal life and I need to step back and analyze what is truly best for me not my family or friends. If I am happy and feel strong with myself spiritually and physically then everyone else around will feel the same love and happiness I feel. However, I must not rush to make the decision yet until I have find that peace in me that will guide me and tell me I ready and the path I choose is best for me and only me. No one will live in my shoes but me.

    Thank you so much!

    God bless you and the universe family

  • Jennifer

    Hi Colette,
    This hits so close to home. I decided to quit my job 5 years ago to be a stay at home mom. I absolutely love the complete freedom to do whatever I want when I want compared to the daily time constraints of getting my son off to school, making it to work on time, along with everything else, including mowing the lawn. I worked in a Cardiac Cath lab so I had a call schedule that I had to change often because of my husband’s schedule. Not to mention there were too many times when we would get called out in the middle of the night, finish the procedure only to go home, shower if there was time, & be back to work for our shift or just stay because the case was critical. I loved my job, I felt important, I made a difference & I was appreciated. However, it was an extremely stressful time for me. My husband was serving his 4 year commitment as a Dr. in the Airforce. He served 5 mos. in Iraq. And he would leave on multiple occasions to complete rotations because he was interested in a Dermatology residency.
    Since I’ve made this decision, I find myself constantly having to justify my purpose to stay home. Which starts the river of doubt filled with fishy question marks. What have I really accomplished & what am I really contributing to our family since I’m not working. Everyone’s question “so what do you do all day?” stirs poison in me. Why does my house need to be spotless & a home made dinner served at the table every night? Because really, what do I do all day? Why do I need a title? Why am I so unimportant that my husband has to be the “primary” on everything? This is a privilege, not an option!
    I constantly compare myself to other mothers who are juggling a successful career/business, family, & PTO. Driving Mercedes, dressed to the 9’s, & not a hair out of place. It is so difficult to stop the goblins from consuming my thoughts & tallying up my failures since I am programmed to see how society would define me— Just a stay at home mom who depends on her husband.
    Because I’ve had “so much time on my hands”, I’ve become so much more spiritual & completely grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me. I know the light within me shines brighter & I try to shine this light onto others… I’m grateful to know I’m so much more than this life! So thank you for the advice!

  • Christy

    Thank you for this! As someone who spends too much time feeling like a worm girl, this really hit home. “remember that you are a spark of the Divine amongst millions of other sparks no greater no smaller. Just doing your thing.”- Priceless!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that you love it and may we only be “worm girls” for moments rather than forever!!

  • Bleau

    The universal energies forecast reading is interesting for me this week. I just finished painting my new bedroom in a new apt over the weekend, and I start a new job while ending an old job and move homes all this week. I feel as though I already had the fork in the road and had to pay attention to my intuition as to which way to go. So I decided to do my own reading for the week (I’ve been doing your course since you started it!) and used the Enchanted Map as that’s what I have right now. I got Peaks of Joy (reversed) and Making a Choice and Dragon’s Lair upright. So it seems as though I’m going to have another fork in the road to deal with this week besides changing jobs and homes, since I already strongly made those decisions. I’m wondering if it maybe has to do with relationships, as I haven’t had anything change with friendships or love recently. hmmmm….thank you for the twice a week fun Colette!

  • Mary Louise

    Hi Colette, The Never Ending Story was for me, for sure. How many times I stepped in the same hole? Lord knows, but now I know. The Goblins are out, looking for a way to dim my light. I learned the lesson, and when I find my self in the same place, I can just call my bird. How fun! It just takes a moment. Goblin moments seem to jump out from no where. I am learning to stay true to myself. Just be myself. It’s OK. The cards tell my to shine and not give in to fear and self doubt.
    Thank you for sharing your moment. It happens to you, too. You are a mentor to us mortals finding our way in this physical life. Your cards are a compass. I am buying your new card deck today. Love.
    p.s. I have always related to ” The Never Ending Story.” In the movie, I was the boy reading the book and the one on the horse. Years ago, my kids were watching the movie on cable. It had already been out for several years. I was ironing off to the side, and watching it too. I was stopped my the message. I had to find the movie so I could listen to it again. I am this movie. Am I crazy? I have always found meaning in these stories, but never shared it with anyone. This was in the 80’s. I am grown up. I am responsible. I am not a child. People will think I am dizzy. People already think I am, because I just do things different then they do. I tried to blend in, and keep everything I felt to myself. It was safer that way. I did not want to be judged. I was fearful of being judged. I never put myself out there. I just wanted people to like me. Thanks again. Love.

  • Martha Pierce

    Your message today I needed. I am an artist and have not sold any paintings. My wonderful daughter passed away with pancreatic cancer in June this year. My son just told me yesterday , “Mom, you need to make a shift!” Of course, my reply, was “how?”…
    I am stuck! This message this morning tells me to paint, paint, paint!
    When I manifest funds I want to take all of your online classes…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      keep painting.. hang in there, and a blessing to you from me and beyond. 😉 xoxo

  • Kate Feathers

    Hi Colette,

    September 12th was my birthday! I turned 37! I am estranged from much of my abusive family except my mom, who is not abusive, but is blinded by my abusive older brother, Jake. My mom’s birthday is on September 13th. On the 12th, mom called me and talked to me for about an hour, wishing me a happy birthday and just catching up. I am an astrologer and have been in love with my birthday and all things September and Virgo since I can remember! I was so happy as a child to learn that I was an Earth Sign and my family knows this about me. Well, later in the day on my birthday, I began seeing my mom and aunts post pictures of my brother’s wedding that took place on my birthday. I did not know that he was getting married on my birthday and to learn it the way I did over Facebook, made me very angry and hurt. It would be just another way for him to continue the power plays that he’s always done with me. Usually, when he does that, and usually it’s through my mother that I learn these things, I keep it cool and collected. I disappear, get help and return when I can breathe and reassert my boundaries. This time, I had enough, although I didn’t unleash the way I can still only imagine. I texted my mother immediately, knowing full well that I probably shouldn’t, but not caring about what I should and shouldn’t do. I’m over it! I just told her that he’s pulling another family old tradition of the power play and that I was determined to handle it better than anyone else in the family ever did, but that I wasn’t sure I was doing that yet. Then I wished her a happy early birthday because what I knew was that I wouldn’t have it in me to call her on her birthday and I didn’t. Anyway, the sadness and anger started to consume me, so I posted about it in a New Moon Prayer group that I belong to and people offered to help me and gave me words of encouragement. I took the help from a friend who did some EFT tapping with me on Skype and it worked! I’ve been tapping to release my anger and get back to the queen I am! As a Virgo with Jupiter in my sign at the degree my Virgo is at, I’ve been determined to step into Queenhood for the first time in my life and not look back. I always wanted to be like a Leo and now is my chance, except authentically ME! So, thank you asshole brother and ignorant, scared and betraying mother! Thanks for the boost out of the past role of Cinderella that I always was relegated to becoming the Queen that I am. I’m still tapping on that anger though. I’m sensitive and porous and my cortisol has been run over most of my life. Here’s to loving me and shining a light on all those goblins! <3

  • Katy

    I feel we are put in situations to test our self belief, so believe and it will be x

  • Lisa

    Colette, I love this line “But the point is to be creative and serve, and offer that up and not worry when the seeds you plant will grow. Just keep planting.” It gave me the reassurance to keep moving forward. I have been where you were all summer too. Foggy brain, can’t get anything done, write a list and then can’t find the list…. huge limbo space for me and very frustrating because I usually get shit done. I started to feel a little of shift on Saturday, I actually came up with a couple blog post ideas. I felt a little tinge of excitement I haven’t felt in over a year. Sort of like something new is coming and maybe all those seeds I planted will start to sprout. I need to order a few things and have a gift card from amazon, so I am excited to order your new cards. I even got up and meditated this morning, something I have been filling with other things, instead of doing. Thanks for the reminder to be creative and serve! XO

  • Baba

    Spot on! Perfect timing too because jabba the hut(sp) and a village of other goblins just chased me down the beach! Thank goodness I am in my happy place by salt water and a beach. I gnashed my teeth for bit, got my perspective and came back and read your post. Nice when I am reminded of connectedness! Everything we need is available to us if we know where to look! Xxx

  • Stacy Hoyt

    Hi Colette,
    I loved your blog post. As an (aspiring) writer, I haven’t yet been able to manifest the final step on my path. Perhaps it’s simple procrastination. However, I have a feeling it’s something deeper. That it comes down to what you were talking about – feeling unworthy. I don’t have dreams of big fame. That’s not it. But I do want to know that my stories touch readers, make them feel, transport them, make them think. I fret constantly about whether I’m succeeding at that. Am I good enough? Will anyone like my work?

    And you said, “But the point is to be creative and serve, and offer that up and not worry when the seeds you plant will grow. Just keep planting.”

    How much more direct can confirmation be? Thank you so much. I needed to hear your story. The answer is to ‘be creative and offer it up.’ Stop worrying about the readers. Get moving. Just ‘do’.

    Thank you again! <3 <3

  • Sharon

    I asked the Universe to help me understand a specific situation I’m trying to deal with. Low and behold, I read your blog along with an email I received about narcissistic people and therein I found the answer. Sometimes the Universe speaks in whispers that we need to tune into. Thank you Colette for kicking my spiritual insanity to the curb!!!

  • Katie

    Hi Colette! Excellent article and it totally resonated with how I have been feeling these past few days! Thank you for helping to shift my thinking and direct my thoughts towards love and light instead of feeling sorry for myself. A girlfriend of mine forwarded me this article today, and it made my day! Great post! Thank you again! 🙂

  • Kari

    I had to laugh out loud when I read the line in this weeks post about “impersonating a turnip”. This is so in line with me right now as I have a project I took on back in the early part of summer, and I have been procrastinating so hard on it, but over the weekend I just got moving on it. Today I will “just keep swimming” and keep it going forward.
    The other thing that happened over the weekend is more in line with your universal energies for this week. I have been struggling for the last month and a half with my relationship with my son to the point that he has moved out and cut off almost all contact with us. Saturday was his high school graduation, and he had informed me a few weeks back he was not planning to attend. I asked him if this was due to our strained relationship, and he confirmed that was part of it. After trying to persuade him to go with a heartfelt email, I was rebuffed and informed by his girlfriend in a reply that he was too angry to reply in person and perhaps we should just give him some space for a while. Last week he finally stopped by to have lunch and a short visit. I felt the whole time he was here that if I said anything wrong, he would be like a deer in the forest, spooked by the slightest sound and run off again.
    I tried to let the grad go as just an unimportant boring evening anyway, but in fact it meant a lot to me. I didn’t realize just how much until Saturday. I was planning to skip the whole thing, but then I got a special invitation for our daughter because she was to be awarded for highest academic achievement in her class as part of the evening’s awards. As much as I was hurt by my son not wanting to go, I wanted to be there to cheer on my daughter’s accomplishment, so we went. It was all good until part way through the awards for top students in individual classes, they announced my son’s name. After a short pause, the presenter asked if his sister could accept the award on his behalf. And somewhere between the surprise of the award, the automatic wish in my heart to be proud of my son, and the pain in my heart that he was not there, I started uncontrollably sobbing.
    I am really at a loss as to how to deal with this whole situation. I love my son, but how can I watch him make choices that I really don’t approve of and say nothing? If I say anything, he seems to be fine with completely cutting himself off from his family, which hurts my heart even more. How can I be proud of him when he won’t give me his phone number, doesn’t want to spend any time with us and is making some choices that seem to be intended to hurt us? How do I try to be open to mending the relationship when I am blindsided by these emotions that make it so hard to stay calm and deal with him face to face?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      just be honest with yourself about your part in things and take into account the idea of live and let live. Let him know you love him. Think about what he wants and needs. He has to count too 😉

      • Kari

        Thanks, Colette. It means a lot that you answer our comments. I’ll try to heed the advice.

  • Jelena

    Thank you for YOU, your spiritual teaching, your oracle cards. I love you and your energy. You are helping us amazingly, in subtle way many times. I read your cards every day and they are talking to me, letting me know, what is right and wrong, what path I should think of, why things are the way they are. It is not easy to see the “truth” from the readings, but yes, it is helpful.
    So please continue what you do, because it does not matter how many goblins are around you, there always will be someone out there listening to your words, using your cards, following your advice. Thank you thank you!

    You mentioned a card Never ending story. Funny enough I said these exact words few times these last days. Long story short – I moved out of Canada after 20 years earlier this year and came to my eastern Europe homeland to live back with my mom. The transition and adjustment of the whole process is quite difficult for me, because leaving of the lifestyle and many small “goodies”. Missing personal growth activities, same spirit mind people gathering, spiritual development as a psychic and so on. Ocean is a biggie for me. And not mentioning difficulties finding a work because of my age and not to become a “machine” to earn to “survive”.
    That is my “narcissistic” moms module I run away from 20 years ago and that is exact same module, when I came back. My self esteem and self worth is so low I attract and am able to envision only that types of jobs – low pay, physically demanding. My mood is all over the place, as I feel constant pressure to find a job as soon as possible and not to my preference. But – what do I want? Where do I go from here? What is my life purpose? I feel ashamed, not enough, useless. Even I try to call spirits for protection and do personal protection affirmation, I feel drained from life, not able to think, who am I and what do I want.
    But back to cards – yes, I feel full of myself, grouchy, disrespectful, barking all the time, not able to have peaceful, loving conversation. That is my relationship with my mom for now. Barking barking barking. :0)) How do I get out of it?
    And Never ending story card? It is a right timing. I said the phrase THIS IS NEVER ENDING loudly with anger few times. So here we are! :0)) OOH I have to laugh now.
    Yes, it is never ending and thanks God, it is never ending! Otherwise I would be the same forever and Never Ending Card reminds me that Change and Movement is never ending! Constant. Ahh! Thank you!! I knew right away, you chose it for me too. :0)))
    So thank you thank you Collete! You fresh spirit, full of life!! You are appreciated. You truly are!

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Sparkly Colette and Tribe!
    Love, love, love your blog and card drawing every week…makes me look forward to Mondays!! Well boy did I get hit with big Fork in the Road that started last week actually. I had my annual physical…I knew I hadn’t been eating like I should, OK, eating a lot of crap and not getting the exercise I should be and could be doing, especially for about the last month. Not entirely sure why, could only come up with the fact that I really like the taste of the crappy stuff even later it makes me feel, well, crappy! I know from childhood stuff my relationship with food is not healthy, I now know I used food for comfort and still do. I was still doing my pilates (LOVE IT!) but not doing any cardio. So at my physical, my blood sugar and Hgb A1C (which measures average sugars over about a 3 month period) was elevated. Last year my A1C was down to 6.8, lowest it had ever been since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes years ago. This time it was up to 8.8, doesn’t sound like much but it’s really a huge jump! (Normal A1C=about 4.5 – 5.5) So of course those goblins reared their ugly little heads: ‘Told ya she’s bad, she knows better than to eat that stuff but we can always convince her she’ll feel better ’cause it tastes so good!’ followed by the wicked witch laugh. And other such statements. So I felt really disappointed in myself, but also really felt it hit me in a visceral way that never had before. After some mental distraction from the goblins I remembered they are just that, goblins from the past, they are not who I am today or will be in the future…so I chased them away, told them I am stronger than them and I will do what I need to do for ME because I am worth it! This past weekend I went to the store and loaded up on healthy foods including snacks (veggies, hummus, fresh fruit, etc.) and made a plan for the eating and the exercise. By the way I do NOT like to ‘just exercise’, never have so I got the pool schedule off the web site where I do the stationary bike for 30 min. then swim for 30 min. and made that plan part of my schedule. I know my downfall is to not have a plan so now I have one! I want to be around a long time to do the work I love and spread the word of healing energy work so I’ve made a plan and going to stick to it! And I have a goal, to lose 30 lbs. by February (going to Hawaii then!) Now with a plan and a goal that’s reasonable and doable I know I can keep those goblins at bay. Fork in the Road…check, Thinking…check, Time to Go…check
    Thanks Colette for all you do and being your Sparkly self but also showing us your real and human side too.
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Catherine

    LMAO!!…I love that…you hiding and then voila you find out that nothing is left because everyone has bought it all!! You are so wonderful!! I am in the end run of a looping ancestor repetitive story…I thought I had it solved and then bang…but pretty sure I got it now…Always love you and you all!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      right ? we all have it the trick is not to stay in the ” insanity” of our goblins

  • Jessica

    Great cards for my week… been contemplating the same thing over and over for a while and not acting on it because of fear of the unknown. I am going to act this week finally, taking a big leap of faith. The time to go card looks exactly how I feel. Thank you! Oh and I pre-ordered these cards and I cannot wait to get them!

  • Kylie

    Oh how I love and look forward to your posts each week Colette! Always thought provoking, often inspiring and many many times freakishly in resonance with my own current feelings and situations. I find myself at a crossroads in my life – a time of exciting changes and growth as I move towards living my life more authentically. I’m facing fears and finding a real joy that I’ve lacked for some time. But just when I think I’m ‘mastering’ things my annoying little goblins show up and start tugging on my hair and giving me a pinch! My challenge has been how to deal with them and your words have gone a long way towards finding a way. It’s not about having to deal with them but more of acknowledging and accepting and understanding that they’re bound to show up now and again. From now on I’m taking the little beggars for a ride on my sparkly unicorn – they’ll be enjoying themselves too much to pull my hair! ps Thankyou so much for adding yuor new oracle cards online. They are stunning and fabulously accurate. Much love to you and all you give xo

  • Lisa W.

    Good to read this right now. I’m in the middle of trying to move out of a “you failed” self talk loop. I failed to take care of one of my fur babies appropriately (part not knowing, denial there was a problem, not taking time) and now I’m trying to help her get better. Able to take action now but hard to move out of the failure = self worth mode.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      doing the right thing now will help shift the mind chatter 😉 fur babies are so special and I get it … but what you do now is more important than what you think about what you didn’t do before oxox

  • Susan B

    It was so clear to me the reason none of your products were on the shelf. Funny how we go to the worst case scenario first, lol. I went into Barnes and
    Noble today to pick up a deck of your newest oracle cards…..I love, love, love them! And what did I find? Nada! Not one of your books or decks was on the shelf!
    Ha! How ironic! The new deck is on order and will be in next week……

  • Louise

    Ah Colette! I just so Love you! You are so REAL and I appreciate that quality about you as it gives me permission to be more real. When the ‘goblins’ show up I feel petrified, frozen! With your inspiration I can now move forward again. I have always, I realize now, been too much in my head rather than in my Heart…just going through the motions. Blessings Beloved Colette for your insight! I go now to DO!!

  • Linda Hunter

    I have only had the internet a month and it seems to have a mind of its own. It has been on go slow for two weeks also. Had my never-ending story and fork in the road. What I have always referred to as my brain-power has triumphed over inner and outer goblins! Thank-you for running your blog and sharing without need to subscribe – its affirming inspiration keeps the doubts at bay and the Yes me to the fore. Brain Power all the way xo

  • Yvonne

    Hi Colette,

    Wow, the never ending story card really spoke to me that day. I made a commitment to get out of my head and keep reminding myself to be in the present moment fully. I don’t want that story to keep coming up anymore, I didn’t realise how much it was affecting me! Thank you so much, this was a great post. Thank you for sharing a slice of your life every week. Love all that you do. My favourite times of the week are when I get your emails xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you ! and thank you to everyone who commented and shared a little of your selves too ! We are all in this together! xoxox

  • Kirsty

    How amazing – I also drew the never-ending story card on Monday morning and was equally unimpressed – I thought I had already got rid of the old story!!!! but decided to step back and accept that everything I get is for my highest good (as I asked) and see what really resonated with me. When I read the bit about my small voice being scared and and stuck and knowing only fear it made my heart melt and the most amazing wave of love just rushed out to that part of myself and I was bale to rejoice in all of the guidance from that card.
    This was the first time I had tried the new deck and WOW!!!!! did it deliver a whammy! It is absolutely fabulous and I am sending you such love and blessings for bringing it forward. I know it will make a huge difference to so many people!
    Love and laughter always and many blessings to you!

  • Lina

    You dear heart, so appreciate your funny honesty.
    I’ve been spending more time in nature but I’m still a bitch, my never ending story and I think I have to accept each bitchiness and move on with the lessons learned.
    I’m a petite milkcrone. That’s a 110 lb old milkmaid. Sometimes the cows try to stomp me for various reasons, fear, surprise, illness, injury and I yell or whack, out of my own fight or flight. I feel like I’ve hurt a 500lb two year old human. Thank goodness they are kind, forgiving and don’t hold grudges. I think they know I love them.

  • Marjana

    Dear Colette, first of all let me tell you how much I admire and respect you. I am so grateful to be part of your tribe and learn through stories and experiences that you so graciously share with us. Today you have reminded me that I am “a spark of the Divine amongst millions of other sparks no greater no smaller.” Thank you! It feels so good to hear that 🙂
    Also I received your Wisdom of the Oracle cards yesterday. I have already different oracle cards at home, also from you, but these ones feel special. When I opened the box and took them out, I could feel a shift in my energy field, I can’t really describe it but there was a sweet sensation in the air. As if the room lightened up, the colours were more vivid, there was a particular smell around and I felt like a small child opening a box full of magic.
    Plus I loved the golden dust flying around when I touched each card and admired the most amazing pictures with so many details on each card. Usually when I would get a new deck of cards, I would immediately start using them. This time it was different. I felt the cards are so powerfull and accurate that I got a little bit scared 🙂 In a good way. And it just didn’t feel right to test them right away without preparing myself with some meditation, cleaning the room and thinking about the questions I wanted to ask. So I put them on my altar, being aware of their presence… being aware of the Oracle that I invited into my home. So I totally understand why you say that “Wisdom of the Oracle truly was a channeled affair with me receiving it rather than making it.” Thank you again and I am really excited to start my dialogue with the Oracle.
    Also I would like to mention that three years ago I had a skype session with you that had a huge impact on my life. As suggested, I got a dog one week after our conversation to open my heart 🙂 and I did. At that time you also said you didn’t see me having a child but you saw a possibility of adopting. I was not ready to hear this piece of insight and basically ignored it. But then something happened that turned my world upside down and I made a decision to adopt in an instant. It seemed as if the Universe just waited for me to take this step because it took me 5 months only from deciding to bringing my baby daughter from Ghana to Slovenia. And now I am the happiest Mom in the world feeling blessed and grateful every day for having her in my life. During the process there were moments of fear and despair if everything would turn out fine and in those moments I remembered our skype conversation and your words: Oh, but I see a baby girl in the cards…. Your prediction kept me going when I got caught in my goblin world 🙂
    Thank you again for everything. I wish I lived closer so I could give you one big and long HUG!!!! A virtual hug will have to do for this time.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a beautiful story you have shared with us. I am so so happy to hear from you and your wonderful news. I accept your hug and give you huge one right back!

  • Johanne

    Being part of this group is so uplifting and encouraging. Goblins come in all different sizes and shapes, some stay longer than others. You are all so wonderful to share your journeys and struggles. Colette, I admire your honesty, I love your humour and you are a blessing to me and so many others. I too, make like a turnip !!!…… Omg! This made me laugh out loud ( my Lucygirl at my feet looked up at me wondering if I was losing it – or wait, maybe it’s treat time?). I struggle with BUSY mind far too often and my light never turns green and so I wait….. And think some more. Time to get and believe in myself. Blessings to all of you.

  • Tracy

    Yes it came up for me. I was about to walk into a Music Theory class I am taking at the local community college. So long story short I prayed and asked for help to feel good in my body so that I could enjoy my class (I prayed to Jesus, but sometimes I pray to specific Angels). Sure enough in about 5 minutes I felt pretty good and class was fun. I did’t see your new deck yet. How exciting that you have a new deck. I can attest to the fact that your decks work because my guides even find their own meanings to your cards. LOL I use the celtic themed deck the most. But this summer my guides were working your deck that has the storm fields in it. Amazing how they can repurpose the cards. Its so great knowing you as it gives those of us who are mediums permission to be who we are even though our families don’t like it.

  • Tess

    Colette, I LOVE your new deck. The cards are beautiful. Thank you – thank you – Thank you – Thank you and THANK YOU for putting them up as an option on “your daily oracle”. Yippee! The details provided with each card are terrific! Thank you again. Big hugs, love, light and laughter to you. Tess

  • Ana

    Love your blog today. I got your new Oracle cards and love them. Thank you for all you do. God bless you.

  • Lisa

    Colette, can I just say a seriously huge THANK YOU for writing this. Because often times when one is spiritual I can’t stomach the image you have to “abide by” or “stand for.” If I don’t have faith or am having a day that I’m down I get a but you’re spiritual….oh yes, that’s right. I can materialize everything out of thin air and am just like Samantha from “Bewitched..” (well, sometimes I kinda am…which I’m proud of.)

    The thing is this…I busted out laughing when you said a Gollum reunion and how you worded what they were saying… (oddly enough I LOVE him and the character but the truth is he really does betray the goblin and goblins you speak of or when one can become warped and wrapped up too much in the EGO or focused obsessively on something it turns you from your real form to a Gollum)…I forget to call them that instead of agreeing with them…to make it more light-hearted…) I haven’t read any of your books yet (Yeah, I know…I really want to. I have to see about getting them used or look at my local thrift shop.) I’m not sure if you remember me but I sent you a drawing many moons ago of a Native American Angel. You prob don’t which is completely fine because you have SO MANY supporters and followers of your work. I won’t take any offense.

    What I ENJOYED and LOVED about this was A) you showed your vulnerability… B) you didn’t let those darn Gollums get the best of ya and even in the midst of fear you boldly went up to ask why none of your products were there and then you see it had nothing to do with a lack of anything…it’s just because your products are so high in demand they sold out…(what did the Gollums do then…sure you made a L 7 loser sign to them and said see those are My Preciouses…..hahahaha. And sneezed them away…) C) you are allowing us to realize that it’s just fine and okay to have these moments but to realize what they really are.

    I like you have a problem and struggle with me being of any worth or value. I also chose not to go somewhere because my Gollums (I don’t know I like that or…from “Labryinth” starring David Bowie a movie I can watch over and over since I was a little girl…with those Goblins…) were saying, “Don’t go out. You look like crap. You look wretched. Everyone is going to cringe. And that crush you had and will see is going to be flirting with someone else and not you…and then you’ll realize just how undesirable you really are. Don’t even bother to put yourself through the torture. They won out this round but I have to recognize it stems from something that happened fairly recently that made me doubt my appearance, having body dysmorphic disorder, and my other triggers since I’m getting help and healing/coping daily with Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety,etc.)

    At least I can argue with them critters and realize, “What are these goblins really telling me…how does the saying go. Tell me lies…tell me sweet sweet lies.” Yes, sometimes those lies can seem true when they are an illusion.

    Thanks so much Colette! Bless ya!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big blessings to you and to everyone who wrote in this week so far. love the sharing .. oxoxox

  • Annie Turner

    Hi Collette, Great timing, thanks! Yes, this week I am feeling weird; feisty, energised, ‘clear’ – yet I have no idea if my ‘clarity’ is clarity, or just downright opinion. Or my relief and delight at growing success (at last, after 35 years of struggling) is confidence, or pride. Or whether I am ‘stepping into my power’ and ‘getting off the fence’ about how I feel/see things (each of us has our own way of this, after all, but I’ve never dared speak out quite so boldly as this last fortnight!) or whether I should dim my light and stop being so arrogant and bold…. (I see an old story playing out, but is it a wise one?!) Anyway, thanks for reminding me of the New Moon – although surely it’s passed through by now (15th?)…. Wishing you love and joy. Annie. 🙂

  • Leota

    Hello Collette – I did have a Never Ending experience on Saturday as well. To make a (very) long story short – it has to do with a water leak from the unit above me to mine. The property manager for the unit is a “piece of work” – and keeps on repeating the same things… It’s really not coming from our pipes; you need to ask the HOA to do something about this; there’s no problem – it’s bone dry – as he’s fixed two leaks prior to coming by on Saturday – but would like me to think I’m crazy. I think I surprised him when I didn’t get all riled up about the money he’s spent on this and the time he’s taken (albeit late and minimal). I just said “yeah” – thank you for taking care of this (or that)… “And when it’s all over – I too will be spending money to get drywall redone : ) ” When I wasn’t playing into his panic – he was taken aback… “What do you mean?”

    This is a never ending story because the leaks have been ongoing since Spring of 2014. He’s been less than pleasant – and after yelling at me – found out I’ll be selling and moving. “Do you have someone to sell it for you?” (In my mind: It surely won’t be you!). My professional face didn’t give me away…. “Yes, I do.”

    I’m ready to be on to another chapter – so have been shoveling the stuff I don’t use out. Hopefully, finding a good place after more than 10 years in the same spot will be a snap… I’m in the process. Moving’ on… literally…

    P.S. – As an artist – I love your new cards and the artist did a wonderful job!

    Thanks for your spin on universal energies!
    Take Care,

  • Ollieb

    I love your delivery and honesty in expressing your feelings. How do you think you would have reacted if the bookseller had told you your items were not sold out and they didn’t carry those items? I ask because, you were faced with a fear, but it all turned out great.
    There are times I fear a situation and I don’t see the benefit when the fear is true.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      nothing would have changed in fact this is true for some stores and I’ve faced the truth that in some cases my older products are not stocked as I have been in contact with the Canadian distributor. The fear is “I will be forgotten, my work is not enough, I am not enough,”- all self centered fears. So the real lesson is in taking the focus off the self and allowing the service to be what it is and know that it will reach the right people in the right places, time and effort. This is for me the greatest test. To be relevant without being attached to the outcome. To know that my spark will be shared- the essence of sharing is more important than anything.

  • J. Schwartz

    Great post. I just shared a similar sentiment in a healthy eating group page on Facebook. I posted about a recent relapse into unhealthy eating following several intense experiences last month. Not condemning myself at all; quite the contrary. I expressed how my temporary food insanity was an opportunity to allow myself to receive – tasty warm food in my time of need. I also wanted to press upon the group my feelings about sharing not only my successes in vegan and healthy food, but my departure from it. Both are just as valid and important, without judgment, because I’m trying to create a safe space for all to share, no matter where they are on their journey. Sat nam! Love “The Map” deck!

  • dianne

    Hi Collette
    you mention Sunday morning brain pickings but I cant find it any where what is it your referring to ?BTW I love your weekly vlog and really enjoyed this one especially.. Thank you

  • Courtney

    Wow! Double wow Colette!
    This one REALLY speaks to me. I am so guilty of tail spinning and overthinking. (3 planets + ASC in Virgo don’t help matters much lol)

    I really needed to hear this. Desperately. In fact, it’s 6:52 am and I haven’t been able to sleep all night because I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to make my enough $$ doing what I love and improve my life. I still need to discover more of what I love, but have been wrestling with the idea of photography, film, acting, astrology for years. You see the confusion? Ive been doing music photo and astrology for years and often hide myself and my pictures because I’ve been criticized in general so much in the past.

    Your blog couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been preparing to put a website up for a long time and always find a way to overthink or self-sabotage so end up procrastinating and then I complain nothing is happening lol wtf? After reading this, you got through to me majorly. I know now I Just have to jump into the deep end and go! Plant those seeds baby!

    I’m so grateful for your words of wisdom and the courage and beauty in your heart and soul that you share with us. Thank you and blessings my fellow sparkler! 😀

  • Deborah

    “teaching yourself to heal your relationship to your creativity, or healing your relationship to your mind through creative means.”
    I was just thinking I needed to put my art room back together. Three years ago I moved in this house and had my second bedroom as my art space. Three months later I allowed a new boy friend to move in and I Quit doing my art. He moved out a year ago and I painted and refreshed the space and used it as a guest/massage trade space.
    I’ve been feeling the call to create for awhile now and after reading that quote above I’m convinced and confirmed, it’s time! Drag out the art table from the closet and bring in the supplies from the back porch I’m collaging!

  • Ashley

    Who designs your cards? They are so beautiful!

  • Ashley

    Who is your card designer?

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