Don’t Let the “Ism” Steal Your Dream.!

Updated: October 4, 2015

Dearest you,

Do you have a dream, a desire to create something, to express yourself, to achieve a goal, to reclaim a lost part of you itching to be reborn? Do you tell yourself you’re too old, too fat, too tired, too busy, too rusty, or too late? Does the word playful sound foreign?

Is it a fear that whatever it is just won’t be good enough?

Sometimes we might just fall for the ego scammer that calls our number with a warning “lest we fly too high”, and find ourselves a hostage of Perfectionism.

When “ism” follows “perfect” it’s like you’re a bystander watching your dreams deflate and disappear while a tiny Gestapo in drag marches back and forth at the periphery of awareness. Snap! Who do you think you are to dream or do?

Of course it’s not just the personal issue – there’s ageism, sexism and all kinds of other “isms” so pervasive in our culture too. All those “isms” are like being lost in the middle of a bad relay race in a thorn covered maze filled with snickering invisible voices or even worse like being thrown into the Hunger Games with a cheese sandwich as a weapon. Take that you – you old dream!
Wrong hunger games honey.

Inner S**T Maintained is what I call that inability to break free from the “ism” that says you’re not worthy or welcome.

So why am I talking about this?

I gave perfectionism the finger this week and set myself free from the stories that feed it.

I have a video I want to share with you that will show you the process of overcoming a big fear, stumbling through the barriers of trying to do something I once loved more than anything, stumbling awkwardly at first and then finally throwing my heart into it and owning it.

What am I talking about?

I’ve decided to add music into my live events after 10 years away from it. I’m no spring chicken and at times I’m squawking but I have a dream and I need to do it not just dream it. And it doesn’t have to be perfect anymore and not everybody has to like it or me. I’m doing it for Spirit. And that’s the whole point.

So whatever it is you’ve been putting off because you’re plagued by an ism or two. Don’t let it steal your dream. Life is short. Don’t just write the bucket list, do it.

Love you all so much.


Enjoy the video.. watch it til the end and see how the changes took place as each layer was pulled away and inspiration took the place of the ism.


“SEE YOU AGAIN” – by Charlie Puth – In The Studio With Colette

click here to watch video


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  • Vicky

    Hey Colette, I am so happy that you are going to share your beautiful voice with us!!! I have always loved the song that you sing after your weekly oracle reading and would love to hear more of your music. Thank you for sharing it with us. You needn’t be afraid…you are a wonderful inspiration to me (and no doubt countless others)!!! Hugs Vicky

    P.S. Two years ago, after 20+ years thinking I was too old, too busy, not in good enough shape, etc. I started horseback riding again. I progressed slowly and had times where I felt I would give it up…but I continued and know now that it was the best thing ever!! To build a relationship with my equine companion and renew my body, spirit and my life…I am so thankful that I took the leap of faith!! It is also so good to have the encouragement of people like you and my husband and father who encourage me to ‘follow your heart’ and “do what you love”! It’s a recipe for happiness.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Vicky reading this made me SO happy !!! Love that you’re riding. You are also a light to shine for us all!

    • Cheryl

      Oh my goodness Colette! I have finally taken the advice of my cards and got out of the 5 year relationship because something better is coming and I decided to trust spirit. Wow! Something better has come!! I am trusting and following my signs and the joy and love I feel is so amazing in fact this is the first time in my life I have felt this! So the energy of your card reading could not be more accurate to how I feel. I am trusting Spirit has my back and it feels good! Thank you so much!

    • Teresa

      So beautiful, Colette! Thank you for sharing.

    • Connie

      Colette, this was beautiful! I love how you put yourself out there and did what felt right to you! You have a beautiful voice. So appreciate what you share. It inspires me and starts me to dream and ignite that fire again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and hugs. Connie

    • Judy

      So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Becca

      Wow! Neat! I just saw the video on YouTube of you recording. What a perfect song for you to continue to share your gifts with the world. You are an inspiration and a true talent! Thank you! xxxooo And thanks for keepin’ it real, Colette! You are refreshingly humble for one so talented and beautiful. Your willingness to be vulnerable by sharing your struggles and shadows with us teaches that we all struggle and encourages me to accept those things in myself. Love you!

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    I was extremely touched by your willingness to share the process you went through to find your groove in this song… It inspired me …. And the snippet of the final result is beautiful and ethereal. You have a beautiful voice .
    I felt wistful, because I also love to sing , and have left it behind the past ( too many) years. Watching your video made me want to repatriate my singing. I know I need to do the same with my art…. I have been * dabbling * with both and know I need to do more. And I know that my soul/spirit will be jubilant as I re- engage in these acts of sheer joy and creativity .
    I love what you say in the video that the purpose of this is to serve, and I’ve already shared ( on your FB page) how I received a personal message at the perfect time from the song you chose. I’m certain that many others have recieved unexpected gifts from your act of faith. Thank you, again, for the multitude of ways you serve.
    Blessings and love to you. ?

  • Shawn Marie

    From the beginning, I loved your singing and I’m glad that you are incorporating it now into what you do. I find your singing as inspiring as your readings. You have so much to offer. I look forward to having you share your gifts with us in Phoenix. As per your question about isms, you offer me a lot of food for thought this week.
    Thank you,
    Shawn Marie

  • Ingrid

    Wow, this one really hit home for me this week. You once “picked” my reading in the daily reading course and it was about my dream to be a singer. Perfectionism has always been standing in my way so really loved to read what you wrote here. Thanks so much, Colette!

  • Yvonne El-Alam

    Hey Colette!

    So beautiful that sound! Wow, the video brought tears to my eyes because the song sounded so beautiful in the end and I love that song. Your voice is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

    In the last two years, I’ve started changing careers and taking a university degree at the age of 45! I do sometimes think to myself ‘you know, you might be too old to start this new path and leave the old behind’ and I feel a little loss leaving my old career as I did love it but just not as much as what I’m doing now. I’d like to take the next step in moving forward but do feel a little apprehensive. One thing propelling me is that so far everything has fallen into place, like the universe has orchestrated all the events and I’ve just followed and allowed. I hope this continues and my fears subside.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational stories of your life xx

  • Paul

    I don’t know what “ism” it is, but I have been unable to make my dreams come true. I did publish a book but it is not yet successful. I am broke and in a very unstable job that I am not well suited for. I will keep writing and teaching and hopefully good things will happen for me.

  • Barbara

    What a beautiful voice. I have always loved listening to your songs and this one I think now tops the list. Don’t lose your gift.

  • deb

    fantastic!! I love the song and the way you sing it. you always bless me tremendously with your wisdom. would love to meet you in person some day. thank you

  • serena

    Awesome Colette! and kudos to you for naming all those other -isms in our society, in this kind of work it often goes unacknowledged and dismissed. It’s an unfortunate reality. I find Marianne Williamson’s book The Age of MIracles a good antidote to the “it’s too late”, “I”m too old” story. I listened to all those types of voices for a long time …. and I missed an important opportunity for something I wanted but at least now I know those voices are just voices and I may not be able to get what I wanted but I can now give myself permission to experience some parts of it that may still be available to me. I can challenge those voices now whereas before I just thought they were fact. What will you do next?! 🙂

  • Kristi

    When you change the octave and started to sing it brought tears to my eyes and sent shivers all through me. I have the “I am Grace” and it helped changed my life through the messages in your songs. Thrilled you are back creating another avenue of the beautiful being that you are. Much love to you.

  • Patricia Stevens

    Colette, I am so frickin’ inspired by this video! Yes, the end-result song is fantastic. What is even more stirring to my soul is the process you shared, publicly. That you courageously revealed how the recording of this song developed, and the words in your message in “Don’t Let The ‘Ism” Steal Your Dream” have lighted my fire! Adding your music into your events is brilliant! Hope to be in the audience one day.

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette,
    Your blog had me laughing out loud and I love how your words are just able to cut through the BS straight to the heart of the matter…you truly have many gifts that you share with the world and its so beautiful and inspiring. Then I watched your video and it had me crying…your voice is beautiful and so is your candor. I needed that release after a stressful few days. LOVE you…you’re the S**T!!!

  • Dkiebra Tompkins

    Your so Inspiring Collette love your new song I think It will be a nice added touch. Looking forward to hearing more. Hugs Debra T.

  • Debra Tompkins

    You are so Inspiring Collette. I love your new song it will be a great added touch. Looking forward to seeing more of you. Debra T.

  • Renee Sugar

    “It takes a happy heart to sing a song”
    While I listened to you singing, it brought back the lyrics from
    “The Greatest Love of All”.
    “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
    Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier;
    Let the childrens’ laughter remind us of how it used to be.
    Everyone is searching for a hero, people need someone to look up-
    I never found someone to fulfill that need, A lonely place to be, so I
    learned to depend on me.

    I decided long ago, never to walk in anyones’ shadow,
    If I fail, if I succeed, at least I’ve lived as I believe;
    No matter what they take from me ;
    They can’t take away my DIGNITY.
    Because the Greatest Love of All is happening to me;
    I found the Greatest Love inside of me.
    And if that special place that you’ve been dreaming of;
    leads you to a lonely place; find your strength in LOVE.

    At a very early age in my life; I was fortunate to take private piano lessons. They were expensive, and required “discipline”
    as I pursued this pathway through the Royal Conservatory of Music until Grade 8. I didn’t learn the theory, and composition
    part or take the teachers’ degree. When I stopped the lessons, I began to focus more on learning the more popular
    current scores from my favorite recording artists Elton John, Laura Nyro, for example. There was nothing that I loved
    more than to sit at the piano; and belt out those tunes accompanied by “yours truly”. It gave me a way to “express”
    my emotions which was a very difficult for me. The piano was and still is a channel. It is my closest confidant. As soon
    as I touch the keys, I can tell how I am feeling.
    Music touches a place in all of us. It is a way to unite us, to share our common humanity. Most of the “creative self-expressive”
    pathways allow us to reach inside, and to access a place that is not always apparent. Regardless of the feedback from others;
    to take steps toward “whatever” is calling to your soul is an invitation we all must accept; regardless of where it leads us.
    For me; it is a mandatory requirement of my development. EVERYONE can be creative/ Unfortunately we have been discouraged
    because it isn’t a pathway that guarantees a commercial outcome and is not a dependable source of financial support. SO WHAT!!!!!
    I will never regret, nor deny myself the opportunity to explore a new creative medium. There have been many in my 59 years. Painting,
    jewelry design, Ikebana. drawing, poetry, and most recently printmaking. AND I am currently attempting to craft a book on GUESS WHA???
    The Transformative Power of Creativity. I believe that this topic can be an empowering journey. We just need to give ourselves permission to
    TRY, EXPLORE, ATTEMPT, PROGRESS, FAIL and do the process over and over again. PERFECTIONISM is an impossible standard that allows
    FEAR to block our attempts. It doesn’t matter what the OUTCOME is. It is the joy in the imprinting, expressing one’s soul in a new uncharted way,
    that keeps us alive, and encourages our growth. There is no ISM that could ever take that gift away from me.

  • Adele Rankin

    Thank you for your honesty and no bulls**t blog. Am so frustrated this weekend with news feeds that are lesd than honest and a theme in my life where I alone see it. You are a breath of fresh air Colette and maybe you will think of coming west to Ireland to sing for us here!!! Thank you for being real appreciate it so much xxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that you said this!! I am all about no BS baby

    • Jem

      It does not take a happy heart to sing a song. The market is flooded with recording artists that sing beautiful songs and they are in a place that is far less than happy, point made.

  • Barbara Sinclair

    Colette, Thanks for sharing this experience with us! Pushing through fear and perfectionism to share your gifts with the world – amazing! Beautiful voice. 🙂 xo

  • Paula

    Great video Colette! Such a beautiful song for such a beautiful voice! I’m looking so forward to your western tour event. I did something real special for myself and bought VIP seats for your Vancouver show! I must say “I’m tickled pink about it” ! Lol. I would also like to add a great big ‘thank you’ for all that you do! What an Awesome Bright Being you are!!!???

  • Sandy

    I love love this song and like you I feel the hopeful part it speaks to.
    So happy to hear it this morning.
    Friday I received the most appropriate day reading from your cards.
    And I to decided to get over myself and all the “isims” in the program that replayed in my head.
    I attended a show to start up my Reiki practice.
    It was Amazing.
    Thank-you for your daily guidance from spirit!!

  • Michele

    Another great share from you, Colette. You were awesome in your video. I felt the energy resonating in my body. Very beautiful.

  • Jocelyne

    I Love this post Colette for so many reasons!
    I Love your voice and am so pleased you are recording for us!
    and I am in love the new card deck.

    This post arrived shortly after I had sent some comments to my coach telling her that I wanted to start encouraging my clients, women navigating midlife and menopause, to stop thinking that they have the syndrome of “Argh, I’ve left it too late!” and to see their second half as the best time to do what they feel inspired to do.
    How perfect is your post to echo that ! 🙂

    As always Colette, you are spot on. 😀 <3

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Touching on necessary perceptions versus the true creative self …
    So happy you are sharing the passion and melodies of the healing and gift you have.

    Tour Blessings
    Happy Tribe Happy CBR Team, Yay!
    Light to all Lights, Amen
    LOV : )
    P : ) ACE
    JO : )
    GRAT : ) TUDE

  • Lori-ann

    That was awesome!!!

  • Victoria

    Hi Colette!
    It was so nice hearing your beautiful voice. You go girl!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Seventeen years ago my daughters were finishing up university. They called me & our conversation was about their wondering whether I was going to walk the walk or just talk the talk. I had raised them as a single mother for many years after the divorce & always told them to ‘go for the gold’ & not let anyone tell them as a woman or human being they couldn’t do something or follow their dreams. So I thought about what I would really love to do. Three days later I called the girls & told them I was walking the walk. I had enrolled in the two year Interior Decorating course for that fall. I was 50 years old. I ended up working full time for a large furniture store that hired designers and went to school full-time in the evenings. I graduated with honours. I still love what I do & even though I’m retired I still spend a portion of each day educating myself in the latest design products & thoughts. I’m now getting ready to teach seminars on design to the community, because I just love sharing that knowledge. I’ve also just joined our seniors association & I’m getting ready to start Tai Chi. So, you’re never too old to do what you love, to learn a new sport, to learn & learn.

  • Andreaé

    OMG ~ Colette you will believe this as miracles do occur daily and I am crying right now. I opened your clip as usual and then you sang that song. I have played that every day since it was released and it was not only as you said being with those we know again but for me it is coming home to ourselves. The true authentic beings that we are in all our magnificence. I saw Wayne Dyer in New Zealand on his very last public appearance and he stated “don’t die with your music still in you” so his message for you is literally true. “You go Girl” and thank you for your sharing ?X

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      as a matter of fact it’s because of what Wayne said that I’m doing this 😉 He said that to me in a dream- didn’t know he said that from stage! oxoxox

  • Martina

    Great blog this week, Colette! Thank you for sharing. And thank you for sharing the process you went through in recording “See You Again”. I love the way it all worked out. You do have a beautiful voice. Great to hear that you’re going to add music to your live events. Good for you! Wishing you abundant blessings! <3

  • Lisa D


    I’m so happy that you’ve returned to the studio. I have your other albums on my iPod. There have been countless times they’ve come up randomly (on shuffle mode) and given me the message, answer, guidance I’ve needed at that exact moment. Spirit works in wonderful ways and your music is one of the most joyful.


  • Eric


    I’m so glad that you have gotten back in the studio to record. My first impression of your You Tube video was the equipment that you used to record. The mics, the headphones, the mixing program, all of the details that have to come together to create the sounds that we hear on our stereo systems we sometimes take for granted, but I find that I can see and hear all of those nuances individually. I have made my own remixes of songs that I have heard different facets to. Not so much as to completely change the original song but to “season” it a little bit, something the technology wouldn’t allow 20-30 years ago. I have gotten compliments on my creations, enough of them that it has piqued my interest in playing music again. I don’t particularly like the talent shows that they have on TV; the shows where people seek fame and fortune from their singing. If you are noticed and sign a contract you become a slave to the label whose motivation is to generate sales instead of creativity. I have written about music and sound and how it makes you feel, and how you expressed in the video how you were uncomfortable singing the song until you made it your own. Ultimately I think if you can do anything because you want to instead of because you have to it will show in the end product. Please, if it is a way to honestly express yourself keep singing; may we all be blessed to hear the music you make.
    To segue on to something else that has been on my mind for a bit is a movie; a movie that woke me up out of a sound sleep and had me watching it at 4:00 a.m. I’m actually watching it as I write this. The connection to the previous paragraph is that in this movie there is a cover of a classic song originally sung by Robert Nestor Marley and redone by Annie Lennox and Steven Lipsom titled “Waiting In Vain”. My first impression was that you don’t mess with Bob Marley, but in the context of the movie it actually worked and in the 14 years since I first saw this movie I have to admit that it worked very well. I think it’s because that Annie Lennox was not trying to redo Bob Marley; she made it her own. Now when I hear the song I don’t hear Bob Marley, I hear what Annie Lennox was trying to express and how it fit into the movie.

    The name of the movie you ask? It is called “Serendipity”.

    I don’t know why this movie is resonating with me so strongly right now. I think I had one of my “Cledon episodes” and I heard the Annie Lennox “Waiting In Vain”, or perhaps thought about it, and all of a sudden I started seeing this movie everywhere! It seemed like every time I was changing the channel it would fall on this movie. I was constantly hearing the soundtrack in my head, and one morning I had to get on Netflix and watch it. By the title and the strength that I was hearing these songs in my head I knew that there was a message for me in there somewhere. I felt like I was witnessing recursion or perhaps the “Infinity image” effect because as I’m in the search for an answer I’m watching two people in search for an answer. As they search for the answer they get clues along the way while universal energy seems to bring them together, but only at the appropriate time. They constantly go back and forth as to whether they believe that this energy exists and whether there is a “plan” for us all. In one of the climactic scenes the main character receives a note from his friend and he “concluded that if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call “fatum”, what we currently refer to as destiny.”

    Now I don’t know why I’m getting this message right now, perhaps it’s coming from the energy of the eclipses this month or the retrograde(s). I’ve tried not to spoil the plot for those who may not have seen it (SPOILER ALERT!) but these two people who live on opposite ends of the U.S. set in motion a series of events that make them wonder if they’re destined to be together. The ironic thing is that the energy succeeds in bringing them together only when they stop trying to force the issue. They both conclude that they need to go back to “reality” only to find that their reality is in eventually meeting each other . . . again. In parts of the movie there are things that may be considered “magical”, from a proposal to planning a wedding. The funny thing is that what many consider magic is actually an illusion; through sleight of hand or misdirection there is just enough information given to lead the observer to a false conclusion. When we get used to seeing information that leads us to false conclusions we find ourselves constantly disappointed because we chase these mirages and mistake them for reality. Given the vastness of the universe the REAL magic is that it exists and in this universe there is this small planet that we call home with millions of people on it and despite the differences in appearance, culture, and language people can come together to share ideas and experiences, and every once in a while two people whose energies resonate with the same harmonics, or they are in “harmony” with each other, are destined to be brought together to share their life experiences, to help and support each other through adversity, and occasionally but hopefully mostly put a smile on each other’s face. The fact that these things happen at all is the REAL magic, but only if you trust in it, let go, and allow it to work. I guess it’s also magical to sit back and contemplate such things 😛

    I’m not sure if this is the takeaway that I’m supposed to get from the “pull” of this movie and I don’t know what relevance it has on the weekly topic, but I felt compelled to write about it, and I thought I’d share it with you and the rest of the tribe. After all, where else can you read the “books” that I write? 😉 I’ll keep you posted on any new developments or related “messages” to this movie. Have a blessed remainder of the week!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that is my FAVORITE Xmas movie poor Marc has to sit thorough it every year ( seen it 9 times lololol ) I get it totally and know the messages perfectly hence my fave movie ! Thanx for sharing oxoxo

      • Eric

        Even though I have seen Christmas trees and such out in the stores around Halloween I think it’s a bit early for Christmas ads, even for the commercially driven U.S. 😉

        That being said I don’t think it’s the holiday aspect of the movie that is being relayed to me; the primary message is still it’s all in God’s time, so let it go. I haven’t read “Love in the Time of Cholera” or seen the movie so maybe there is more information there. I remember seeing it when it came out in the theaters with my girlfriend at the time; I must admit it was more like John and Allie’s relationship rather than John and Sara’s hence, she is an ex. I haven’t found my Sara yet, should I put my name and number on the back of a $5 bill? On a Starbuck’s cup? Or maybe a Coca Cola bottle? 😛

        Btw, I love the new oracle deck! Do you get inspired to create a new deck just like you get inspired to write music?

  • LKB

    Hot damn girl, you nailed it, way to go…….. where can I buy this song!!!!!
    You also nailed it on the “ism’s”, I am so consumed with the ism’s in my head right now it was like healing medicine to read your words!
    I’m so glad your in our lives/our world/our universe…..
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  • Karyn

    you have such a way with words!!! I love your gift….I look forward to reading your blog every time because I know i’m gonna lmao……thank you again for another awesome blog 🙂

  • Sylvie

    Oh! My Dearest Madame Colette,

    You made me cry on this beautiful autumn morning with Your song …. Darn it! I realized
    That I have not cryed enough, grieved enough all the losses I’ve had this year cause no one really wants
    To talk about your grief, for 2 weeks ok! But beyond that …. Snap out of it … right!

    Crying for me is the cleaning up and purging of heart and soul but I swallowed and canned
    My fellings cause after all maybe I was wrong this time and my loved ones where right.

    Your song this morning was like a nice lukewarm washcloth that wiped clean a bit of the
    Sorrow on my heart and I felt this little crack of light shine through the mud I realized I warped my heart in.
    Yeah! Let Spirit guide me, I know… Trust, I know but Cheese Whiz sometimes …. What can I say … Lessons
    To be learned for the good of all … Right!

    I am still gratefull for everything though. That song will do a lot of good to a lot of people.
    Good idea and Thanks ?

  • Regina Clarke

    Just wonderful to watch this. Hearing the difference with the key change, hearing the outcome and process–lovely. Thank you!

  • Stella Carrier

    Please know that my comments are in no way meant to offend those going after their dreams who are from other countries, are women, and are at an age where many people get judgemental of others changing careers past a certain age. I’m just framing my comments by what I have experienced.As with many others, I feel that this article indirectly pertained to one of the concerns that I have had to face but feel uncomfortable admitting on a public forum (for me it has been a some instances involving my gender, how others perceive my level of deserving to pursue my dreams because of my age, and my perceived country of origin even though I’m actually an American born U.S. citizen). I wish to avoid talking about it out of concern for offending others, but I thank you for publishing the article as confirmation from my higher self to still go after certain professional dreams regardless of what even my most popular and/or most charismatic critics think. I do believe that it is spiritual synchronicity from my higher self that I came across this article within the past 7 days and I received an e-mail link connected to Enoch Tan and Alan Tutt 9this morning)that opened my eyes to helping me realize that I must fix my beliefs (which I’m ashamed to admit that I now realize have also been one of the root causes of my isms that I have just listed even during the times I took action towards my dreams. These are only a few reasons why I’m thankful to have received this article in my inbox.

  • Suzanne

    I am soooo happy for you and for all of us, Colette! First of all, I love your music, and am thrilled you will sing in public for us! Then, by stepping into the studio again, you are helping and/or reminding me/us to shift from fear and out to freedom. In the video, there was an awesome shift. You move beyond hesitation to having so much fun. Your face relaxed. Your voice released, cleared, and flowed out with a smile towards the end of the video. I was singing along with you!

    Our fancies and dreams are precious to us, so I thank you for reminding us that whatever it is we decide to pursue, “it does not have to be perfect anymore and not everybody has to like it or me. I’m doing it for Spirit.”

    I have gripped the key to that “ism” lock so hard some times, that my hands hurt and my circulation gets constricted. That old perception of “I am not good enough” still likes to crash my otherwise pretty good life party. At times I still compare myself to others and place too much value on other people’s opinions or expectations of me… including family and friends. (It’s ironic, because my teachers do NOT judge me, and they do not expect perfection! Yet, I create these ideas of others’ expectations of me.)

    Thanks for reminding me to release the grip on that key, to open the lock and to toss the key, and to let my blood and life flow into the joy of self expression.

    Looking forward to listening to your new CD when it comes out! <3

  • Katie

    WOW! Thank you so much for sharing the process, the joy and another one of your beautiful gifts. Anxiously awaiting your heartfelt music to be released.

    I needed this. I love working with horses at liberty and just this morning was thinking that it is time to start sharing the incredible relationship that can be between horse and human. I fight “I am too fat.. too old… not good enough…. other people are better…” etc. Through your Energetix course I have learned the tools to absolve this voice, just need a little more practice. Tomorrow, I am going to restart that course, follow your lead and give the finger to my old stories. We should all live our dreams.. it is why we are here right?

  • Leigh

    Beautiful and inspirational, Colette!! Thank you for all that you share with us; I am filled with deep gratitude. Blessings on your tour.

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