Rubies on the Road Less Travelled!

Updated: October 11, 2015

Dearest spark of the Divine – you!

What do you do to mark a shift in your life? Do you create a special ritual or buy a piece of jewelry, adopt a plant, say special prayers by a river or a beach, write a poem, or maybe change your hair? What is your sacred journey marker? How do you claim the new section of your journey so you are reminded of your commitment to Spirit?

We’ve all gone through a ton of changes this year (which I’ve shared with you, and the bravest of you have shared with all of us).

During these past few weeks this mercury retrograde has summoned up some old stuff to be sorted out. Truly though you either walk through it asleep and deal with it all later because events will force you to or open your eyes and do the work now.
Never ends. Sigh.

Personally I just think it gets a bit boring, but I don’t question it, or analyze it. Besides when you’re willing to do the work of self-love, compassion and forgiveness the nasty doesn’t last nearly as long. In fact it’s pretty brief.

What? I thought you little goblins were sleeping! GO BACK TO BED. Oh…. Right I remember you need love? You need to trust the universe? Spirit has your back little goblins. The Light is where it’s at.
The Light is Love.

When I allow the invitation of mercury to look again into the dark, I remember that in the real truth of all things all is well even if conditions look bleak. They are temporary.

Yes even the horrible things you just saw on the news that make you feel like your commitment to a better life, to stay plugged into Spirit is for nothing. You say to yourself nothing you will do will ever have any impact.

Everything we’re seeing playing out now in world events reflect the wounds of cultures and the consciousness of the people that have not been healed. This is why cycles in history repeat themselves. Each cycle is an invitation to heal. But the people need to wake up.
And, we are the people.

I sometimes yearn for the feelings that drove me so deep on this path in the beginning. Did it happen for you this way? You know the feeling when you’re on a pink cloud and just starting your spiritual journey, snorting every book and workshop hearing every word as if Spirit chose each one just for you. Remember that time when you get an awesome reprieve for a while, sometimes a long one too?

Isn’t it true when you first set out on the Road Less Travelled its like you’re walking down the yellow brick road with cheering munchkins and fairies and magic and finding sparkling rubies everywhere (and then there are those SLIPPERS!@!!? )
You finally got here WOW!

I think that happens because no one would stay if they knew that the price to remain is the pain of healing. Isn’t it true avoiding that pain just causes worse things?

It’s so freeing when you’re able to forgive yourself and the past and make a commitment to a new you, bravely facing the dark and shining your light in spite of the fear that comes up. Bravery and courage don’t happen in the absence of fear. The Road Less Travelled isn’t called Easy Street for that very reason.

Eventually when you do it enough and often it settles in your bones until it’s not necessary to do it. Then you move on to the next layer, taking each one down to the core of your true self. And every time you do that you get some time in that beautiful pink cloud and get to play with some sparkling rubies that hold so much joy and wisdom.

I’m all for that!

With Spirit it’s possible to change your life radically for the highest good. If you’re reading this I know you know this intimately. It’s also a lie that you will not ever suffer, or feel the world’s pain some days, or revisit your fear of financial insecurity etc.

But living in the solution is the answer not analyzing who did what to make you this way etc. We have to do the solution- plug into the Field of Infinite Possibility and trust that the crap in front of you will shift the longer you affirm and believe in Spirit. It will – it always will.

I have come to a new layer of my work to be as authentic as I can be, and this weekend I knew I had turned a corner and wanted to make some tangible marker to remind myself that Spirit is my co-creative partner and that I believed in the path of Light beyond all others. I wanted a talisman that would be noticeable.

So I went to get a new haircut!

I knew on the way there I wanted something radical. I said a prayer, asking for guidance and a jolly chorus of voices in Spirit said red red red!)

Sitting in the chair chatting with my awesome colorist Tracy who I have known for 30 years, I blurted out – make it seriously bright red and pointed to my scarf that is a beautiful ruby red.

And so, my sacred journey marker for now is on my head! Let me always remember the inner work brings me closer to the Light, closer to Spirit, and on that road collecting sparkling rubies.

Yes its bright but as you know, I’m no shrinking violet, and since I can’t wear those ruby slippers I think I will wear those rubies in my hair!

Love you always and forever!

Ok what’s your marker to remind you? Tag you’re it!


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  • Catherine

    Your hair looks fabulous and I love all things sparkly…ruby slippers rock it! These last few weeks have felt like a tornado running through my energy field and not in a great way…Server meltdowns, DNDS issues, client miscommunication…to say its been exhausting would be the understatement of the year…I barely have energy to type this and pull my cards today…but today is the traditional day we have always celebrated Thanksgiving…and so I give thanks and gratitude for every lesson in the last few weeks and pray for calmer waters to navigate. I am putting on a huge ruby slide made my Shankari to remind me of how far I have come since 1987…that my children and grandchildren have come through their trials and each one is happy and healthy…And am heading over to Sechelt to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends.. So Thank you Colotte…always grateful for your insight and to every Canadian tribe member…Happy Thanksgiving!! Love to you all!!

    • Teresa Lane

      I can’t wait to see you and Robert this weekend at Omega.!!

    • Judy

      Love your hair and always enjoy seeing your dear puppy on your lap! Thank you for sharing and blessings to you, Colette. Keep singing – you have a beautiful voice!

    • Pamela Lehmann

      You write sooo beautifuly!! 🙂 One of the many sections of your post that popped out at me was: “Living in the SOLUTION and not analyzing who did what to make you this way”. I’m putting that on a post it so I can see it daily.

      Your cards are gorgeous!! Your hair is too. 😉

      Thanks for all you do!!

  • Jen

    Love the hair!
    I too have marked a fork in the road that way, or with a piece of jewellery, plant. The ‘way’ seems to reveal itself easily ?
    Love the artists and your storytelling work on this deck of cards – just like the others! Thanks so much for your support ?

  • Shawn Marie

    Last night my wife and I were singing a song from Judy Collin’s new CD. The song is called “When I Go”. There is a verse that goes …

    And when the sun comes, trumpets from his red house in the east
    He will find a standing stone where long I chanted my release
    He will send his morning messenger to strike the hammer blow
    And I will crumble down uncountable in showers of crimson rubies when I go

    May you be showered by crimson rubies, Colette.

    As a woman married to a woman my Talisman is my wedding band, which I wear publicly everyday while I do my work as a chiropractor. I’ve been wearing this ring now for over 11 years.

    Love your tribal soulmate,

    Shawn Marie

  • Brachael taylor

    Dearest collete,
    I just want to thank you for your sharing, your honesty and your way of truly being you. I was overcome by fear due to the thing going on ( i live in israel), and i went totally off path with spirit. I found myself very challenged about continuing my journey of growth and healing( the demons are rock’n) and reading this post and listening to the universal energies for this week just shocked me and amazed me at how this is possible- everything you said is perfectly accurate and touches my life,my thoughts and fears! And you are so far away and yet so close… right here in my life.
    Thank you, you helped me once again to feel the unity and magic in life. I love you and bless you.
    ה’ יברך אותך מעתה ועד עולם

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Brachael ( beautiful name) thank you for sharing and being part of this tribe of sparkly beings and unique spirits. We are one.. we just need to reach out and be reminded. Stay close … love you xooxox

  • isabelle

    love the pixie Hair very fey cheeky, playful. naughty as always your words strike a chord.
    I am grateful for all the pain and wounds that heal, taking responsibility for my part in all too ! to tell a new story
    creative time fey magic abounds lots of unicorns flying in my dreams I feel blessed to have come through this will a smile on my face remembering to play let go thank god for my child within the start of new adventures Yippee thank you all great to know the love ripples through the good the bad the ugly to see clearly next step expanding in all ways loveizx

  • Jenn

    Thank you!! A few weeks ago I too decided to go for a change and now wear my crown of Rubies proudly as highlights in my hair:o)



  • Adele Rankin

    You are so spot on and hillarious!! Thank you the ruby red really suits you x

  • Ellen

    Oh, Colette — I really needed this message today, and thank you so much… you spoke of looking into the dark part of ourselves, and the painful parts of growing, and I want to share this with you…

    An old high school classmate of mine died a few days ago (run over by a drunk driver). In high school, he was very awkward. I mean VERY. And I in my adolescent insecurity was not the nicest person to him. He asked me to the senior prom because we were just about the last two people in the school who didn’t have a date, and I went with him but I ditched him.

    Because our 30th reunion happened a couple years ago, a lot of us gathered on facebook to organize it. So I became “friends” again with this man, who had grown up to be a doctor. We were able to exchange articles, and friendly chit-chat, and I was impressed by how well he had turned out. Now, when I look at facebook, there are endless testimonials from his patients and his friends about what a truly selfless person he was — always giving money and healthy organic snacks to the homeless, to his co-workers, to his friends who needed help; picking up trash in the street, . He was a boddhicitta in every possible way. And I am not just talking about the instant saint-hood conferred on the recently dead — these were some incredibly powerful stories about the boy I had known and the man he turned into.

    When you talk about facing the dark, I ask myself now why couldn’t I have been nicer to him way back when? Why did I have to be mean? I used to think I was doing him the favor by being his date to the prom because no one else would — now I think, given what I know now, that it was him doing me that favor. I think he was so awkward then because he was already so deep, already such an old soul, that he couldn’t fit in with the idiocy of the high school experience. I wish that I could have been less frightened of what people said about me and instead have been a better friend.

    I know we like to say that everything unfolds perfectly, just the way it’s supposed to do, but that feels difficult to accept when someone like that is taken so young.

    Regarding the other thrust of the article, about marking a passage or growth, I get tattooed when there is something important I need to commemorate. That way it is on my skin where I can see it every day, people can ask about the meaning of my tattoos if they want to, and then I can share some of my stories. I love my ink. And my kids all think I am bad-ass. 😉

    Thank you again so much for this message you gave us today. It was perfectly spot-on.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is so poignant. Truthfully the only thing any of us can do is live differently today in his honor.. maybe some new ink? I think a tattoo is next for me too. One thing is as he is crossed over now.. He gathered all that love in one place and when that happens its like a supernova and now maybe all of you are feeling the same way, choosing to be better people now. Love the self you were back then too. That’s also the task… love you thank you for sharing this morning oxoxoxox

      • Ellen

        thank you for your insight… and curiously, my latest two pieces of ink (just 2 weeks ago) cover his passing coincidentally. On one arm, a sacred heart with the message I received from Spirit a few years ago “Wrap not your heart with thorns, but with flowers”… and on the other arm, part of a poem by Isla Richardson, “We cannot see Beyond, but this I know;” I deliberately left the semicolon there as a nod to the Semicolon Project (suicide prevention)… the semicolon means that life goes on — there is more than just what we have already gone through — our sentence could have ended there but it didn’t.

    • Diana Boles

      Colette is, of course and certainly, so right! And the blessed opportunity you had to reconnect with him was just that — to embrace the now and the beauty of a wiser soul

  • Serena

    This is a beautiful piece Colette. rubies in your hair look lovely… Your pic is powerful. I changed my hair after a recent breakup, wasn’t purposeful, I just finally got around to cutting it (myself). I recently cut it some more. Each time I did it felt like I was shedding something but I hadn’t planned for that, that’s not why I did it. But then This week I made a conscious effort to change the energy around me (I am under pressure to complete some projects and feeling depleted) I rearranged my office space, my plants, and still looking to see whatelse I can do to shift things. I didn’t think of any if this as markers in the journey but in a way they are, not so much of completion and having arrived at my some reprieve from struggle, ( I am still struggling!!) but they all certainly seem like markers of being DONE with what is done and stepping into a new something or at least stepping FORWARD. Thanks for this piece, it helped me reflect on this.

  • Christine

    Sad deserted shore, your feathered friends are leaving
    Oh, but then you know, it’s time for them to go
    But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving
    I do not count the time

    And I am not alone while my love is near me
    And I know it will be so till it’s time to go
    So come the storms in winter and then the birds in spring again
    I do not fear the time

    Sandy Denny – Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      omg my heart.. I love this… maybe I should record it???

      • Diana Boles

        Yes, you should. I could hear your voice while I read the words

      • Shelley


      • QiaJenae Hamilton


  • Janet

    I tattoo…
    Angel wings on my back…
    Words of wisdom on my wrist “believe”
    Note to self on my arm… “What you seek seeks you”
    Feathers on my arm…
    RED DOC MARTINS!!! RED converse, RED rain boots…. Always red to remind me, I’ve got the power!!!!
    You look awesome Colette!
    Keep being you, nobody does it better!! ❤️

  • Darlene

    In reading this comment I think we all can relate to how Ellen feels . We have all done these things as our souls were growing . It is just part of the whole picture . No need to feel badly Ellen , Your reaction when young was normal. It made you who you are today , a good person who realizes the mistakes we all made when young . Your friend lived out his souls purpose and he evolved as he was meant to. Now he can do his work o the other side ! As always Collette , thank you ! The cards were spot on ! Makes us all more accountable for what we do and how we feel! Love the new hair !

    • Ellen

      Thank you for your kind words. My partner always tells me I can’t second-guess myself, and berate myself for who I was and how I acted back then… He tells me the important thing is that I have grown since then. But it’s always a hard pill to swallow, when I think about ways that I have acted that were less than kind….

  • DebraLynn

    Thank you, Colleen! I always enjoy your articles. I believe I am due for a new marker on my journey! My last was a beautiful Larimar pendant, marking a “return to Spirit” and bringing out a side of me that got buried. I now need a new marker to signify looking at some pretty big shadows I’ve been ignoring and making some life changing, life affirming decisions! I was just reading about Artemis, and her message really resonates with me. Maybe a bow and arrow
    ? We’ll see!

  • Bonnie

    Oh Colette. You are such a beautiful gift in this world. Thank you for all that you do. Your hair rocks!!!!!

  • Mary

    Colette thank you for your words today. I was unable to sleep. Tossing & turning with questioning thoughts, “What am I feeling?” What is this emptiness?” And then I realized I was feeling over whelming purposelessness. I lacked the luster of purpose in my life and feeling I am at a crossroads on this road less traveled and none of the roads in view seem to lead anywhere. Do I just step out blindly and continue to walk? I don’t know Colette, do I continue to believe, “this too will pass”? I am 68 years old living with my daughter, I am working a dead end part time job. I am a damn good artist but seem unable to make a living with my art. I am tired and finding it very difficult to believe there is still purpose in my being here…. but, maybe it is Mercury retrograde…and maybe I will feel better tomorrow…and maybe I will find those magical size 12 ruby red slippers…click my heels and…maybe just maybe…feel at home and on purpose in this world again.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      keep doing your art… love your life.. believe believe believe we are all here with you !!

  • Diana Boles

    “Living in the Solution”———–oh how I love this!

    Snap–a decision is made! The goblins have been whispering and tugging at my ear lobes and pulling my shirttail and yanking on my crown!

    I sat in the dentists chair. About to get a filling replaced for the umpteenth time! My front two teeth. Such a mess. Worn down and shorter than my eye teeth. Both of them having fillings that last 18 months and then BAM-redo! Discolored to a shade of puce I have always hated! (Messing with my full face smile). Soooooooo-SNAP!!!! Doc—-please can we do crowns for these teeth??

    Whisper whisperpssst psssst PSSSSST— MERCURY IS RETROGRADE!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!

    But this is not the usual impulse buy. I have wanted to properly repair these teeth for years. What I did finally realize, is I am the only one I need to give me permission to do it! From childhood to adulthood, there has always been someone else holding the decision bag. It was always up to them to reach into it and pull out the answer coin while I waited in silence hoping that it would be a yes with my name and need written on it.

    So this Merc retro allowed me to revisit the lost little woman-child and become my own mind. And it allowed me to discern a permanent repair from a something impulsive purchase. I mean, “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”!!!!!!! That wish goes way back! It’s not like I was stand in an antique shop about to grab another lace tablecloth.

    So now that Merc is transitioning forward, time to go get my tattoo, do a purple streak in my hair and hit the antique shops! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HAIR COLETTE—-it is bringing out the twinkle in your halo!

  • Brook

    Colette! Thank you! I treasure your posts. This particular one I have saved and marked my calendar for the next Mercury in Retrograde so I can prepare for that voyage on choppy seas with intention. with gratitude, Brook
    P.S. – Your rock that ruby! An additional gift would be to hear you sing “Ruby Baby”.

  • Shelley

    Oooh, my Goodness I love your new look! When I saw your picture I had the impression that you look otherworldly- like you are peering out from a magical realm.
    The first thing that came to mind when I read ” rubies” was a piece from Kyle Gray’s book ” Wings of Forgiveness” about an experience he had with the energy of Mary Magdalene whose energy, he describes ” sparkling like a ruby in the sunlight”. To me, this energy is one of pure compassion and forgiveness- which your writing, cards, readings always carry, in my experience. I needed this message today ( of course) as I was feeling depleted and self critical ( gotta love those goblins) world weary, perhaps, and lacking inspiration. What inspires me is connection with Spirit and yes, it requires ongoing commitment and constant renewal, daily, hourly and it is not always sparkly and exciting. That’s where the continued re- minding comes in to practice compassion and self forgiveness if I feel that I have not measured up. All that to say -the first thing I saw when I checked my email was your message, and then your Oracle reading “Message in a Bottle” and then I received a text from a friend about not resisting Higher Power….out of the blue…
    This year marks a turning point for me as well. I gifted myself a special piece of jewellery to wear as a reminder of my commitment to continue to have faith, even when the path seems very dark.
    I want to say thank you , Colette, for continuing to be such a clear Voice for Spirit. You inspire me to re-member, every time. ?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this.. interesting. I made my hair Ruby red to mark my return to music and my first CD was inspired by Mary Magdalene.. hence it was called Magdalene’s Garden

  • Jen

    My marker is a semi colon tattoo, that I went together to get with my oldest child on my birthday. I have struggled with a lot this past year. Wanting to run to avoid the pain, and life time of shutting off of painful emotions. It is a reminder that I choose the path. It is an anchor to my children.

  • Patrizia

    The red hair is fabulous! You’ll look like the Autumn leaves at Omega. The last thing you said about spirit brought tears to my eyes. ” when I wake up, I know I’m plugged into spirit and spirit is always enough. ” Thank you Collette! I’ve always felt like a stranger here and have only recently realized that we make our heaven on earth. I was raised religious, so it took me a long time to realize doing the things that delight me are nourishing
    food to my soul. So I’ve been looking at my thoughts, trying to scrub the unhelpful beliefs out of my being and just be present for what is. Creative visualization helps but I am challenged to just mediate – my mind is a busy place. Any suggestions to help me meditate?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love the apps by Banzai Labs.. I use Zen twice daily with headphones.. really helps

  • Heather

    No matter what you do to your hair you’re a beautiful woman. But I like your new hair. It’s fun and exciting.

  • Lauren

    Giggling as I read this post….because you nailed so many things at once. I think that I say to at least one client a day that we go through growth like a spiral going up so it can feel like “hey I did this before” (and get discouraged) when rather it is the next layer up (and we should be encouraged). The growth is never done….although we get a rest when we finally go Home….And those people and situations around us that we would sometimes like to run screaming from….well, those are part of our grand design to grow. I often say what the heck was I thinking when I planned this one LOL That pink cloud experience is never far away….I keep mine tethered on a long string so I can pull it in like a helium balloon and remember that good bits when the current bits are challenging.
    Ruby….well….while the red hair thing looks fabulous on you it would not suit me so I think that I will go with my red boots…it will be cold enough here soon to wear them 🙂

  • Bonnie Lea

    I felt this way exactly yesterday! I had a day off from work, so I took a long time to figure out my reason to want to have certain relationships with people. I was unsure about the job position I’m in, not because of the job, but the people I work with. I realized that switching to a different position isn’t going to help. I’ve learned from reading that opportunities and situations keep presenting itself until I understand it. I have to understand what I’m supposed to do, mainly asserting myself instead of being shy and always “nice”, where I am, and come out big. After realizing this, I wanted to celebrate. I, too, want to cut my hair, but yesterday, I was in a pharmacy and ended up looking at hair colorings. You’re red looks good! I’ve never colored my hair, but this time I was thinking it. I couldn’t make up my mind. Maybe it was too big a change for me. I had always thought I would let my hair go white as a marking that I’ve earned it; not grey or white from tiredness. So, I just bought some pretty things to put in my hair.

  • Yvonne

    Colette, The energies,mine and other people’s, have battered me about lately. I have felt an urgency to move forward that has caused me to be filled with nervousness. And wondering if I’m going down the right path. I know You love to ride motorcycles. Well as a sign yesterday I was offered to take my first motorcycle ride (at the age of 58) and though I was terrified I did it. Riding along with the air blowing in my face, Looking at all the beautiful fall colors I felt a calm wash over me. And I knew everything would be alright. And that I need to follow that yellow brick road much more often. To not to fear the unknown because that is where you can find the most joy. Thank you, Collete, for all you do for people. You word inspire me and others every day.

  • Peggy

    Hi Colette,
    We met briefly this summer at a park during a food event near where we live (won’t say where).
    Anyway it was a Huge thrill to meet you (and your hubby) and I told you I PVR your shows lol.
    Just want go say I Love your hair! I’ve gone the other way lol, after years of coloring have stopped and only
    about a half inch of color left on ends to clip off. I decided I am comfortable with my life & who I am and did not want to put chemicals on my noggin anymore lol. I love my sparkly steel & silver locks!
    Hope we meet again sometime soon, take care and keep doing your awesome work, you help sooo many people.
    Luv Ya- Peg

  • Leigh

    Colette, I love that you mentioned a marker. I just went out and got a daring tattoo – a series of markings that are on my spirit crystal. After I was done, it was bothering me – it wasn’t complete. There was something missing from it, and I wondered why I have been drawn to having certain times “Marked” on my body physically – this one is just for me, I haven’t actually even told anyone about it yet, and it’s a constant reminder that I am a spiritual being who has chosen to experience life as a human, and that there is so much more at play than my circumstances. But it’s not complete yet. As I read that, I realized that these small symbols I keep putting on my body are just as you mentioned – markers. Gave me chills, that was exactly what I needed to read right at this moment. Thank you.

  • Connie

    Collette i love your new red hair………i love that you chose your hair to change. yet why can’t you wear ruby red slippers????? we all can to some extent. I am just going through chemo and pulled my first strand of hair out….a powerful experience. I know i have to change my thoughts on that and await the wonderful colour that will come back. I love your posts. I love your cards. I was waiting to buy your new deck at Phoenix in November but now it looks like that will be my chemo week and I may not be able to come. Thanks for all you do and teach us. Have a great week. look forward to next week when i hope to see your hair….Blessings to you and your family, puppy included.

  • Faith

    Love your hair, Colette! I’ve been a spiritual soul who uses her hair color to mark a shift in my perceptive, lifestyle, and thinking. Your video for this week touches some areas that I have been dealing with and yes, last week’s retrograde was a challenge.

    Thanks for the inspiration this week and I look forward to reading your next article of the week!

  • Ava

    Oh, Colette, thank you so much for this. Thank you for sharing your truth, and your guidance, with us. You are a magnificent light, truly. And I love the ruby hair!!

  • Maureen

    Dearest Colette, All of the cards resonated with me…. I feel like I am listening to my heart’s calling but the ‘material world’ hasn’t quite caught up in supporting that.;) So I appreciate the advice – praying about where my motives might be at all ‘skewed’, LIVING my truth, and taking the time to rest so that the seeds I have been planting have the opportunity to grow. I also loved that when you pulled the “Time To Nap” card, your precious doggy had a beautiful big YAWN!! Big hugs to you both and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Love, Maureen

  • Mary

    You spoke of markers to commemorate changes in one’s life. I don’t know that I do that consciously. I have been involved with creating a memorial for my son at the spot where the Angels waited for him 15 weeks ago, yesterday, as he headed home on his beloved Harley. In fact it has become a fixture already and people stop, wave, blow kisses and honk, when they go by. It is comforting to see how many souls he touched here. It helps ease the pain. .

  • Janet

    Just watched your video on the weekly oracle…2 of the cards I chose today as well….wow, spirit is talking to me through these cards! Thanks for validating the message I received ?

  • Amanda

    HI Colette,

    LOVE the ruby hair! I had to smile when I read this post because I happened to have gone to my stylist last Wednesday and after always doing the same thing, I cut off some and changed my color a bit – totally not as bold as your brave move, but I also was itching for a change to go along with my inside ones, and felt good after seeing myself and the 4″ of dried dead hairs all over the floor.

    Also – I received your new deck a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome. Beautiful, and the gold edges gives an extra touch of magic…. I was like oh wow! they really are beautiful – lol. I am having fun starting to work with it. I have been working with Tarot for the past 12 years, and like your new deck, a part of me is always like – is this for real?! because it is always so spot on and it still has the capacity to knock my socks off, bring tears, etc… and your deck is no different. I have done a few readings for myself so far, and already the same card came up twice, and each reading has me nodding my head, like wow… this is so cool.

    I am psyched for this weekend at Omega!!

  • Reba

    I received my (your) new oracle cards and sat down this past Sunday and read your book and pulled 3 oracle cards. The first one was New Life. It gave me chills as I have been working on myself to once again start new. All 3 cards I pulled were right on the money and again today. I can’t tell yoy how much Ilove your new cards and I love you
    Thank you so mucy

  • GLoria

    Awesome Colette.
    Lots of take-aways in todays talk. I’m a ritual girl, but the hair color thing is flippn cool and you look fantastic.
    As far as that song “Who knows where the time goes” Judy Collins also does a beautiful cover of it. Check it out, I think your voice would be perfect for recording it.
    GLoria T

  • Karyn

    LOVE the new look!!

  • Alexandra Mchaney

    i love this purple color on you, you little dog with his ears sticking up on that pillow and head hanging down, so adorable, i love it when you sing, talk, do the cards…..i have two of your decks, i did the change your unconscious mind course, you are one of my muses, i wish you lived in florida…i’m super happy you are here….

  • Emilia

    Today I put on my Godmother’s rings – with rubies. A sentimental day. I love the way you talk(write). I appreciate your sincerity and skills. Unique talisman – red hair, so creative. I help out at a hair salon and value so much of what unfolds there. xx

  • julie

    you are my inspiration…you are breathtakingly beautiful from head to toe from heart to fingertips…
    I am thinking about what my marker will be! Thanks for making me STOP …breath… and realize where my feet are…love you madly! xoxo

  • Renee Sugar

    “Where you’re from, it doesn’t matter, what you wear it doesn’t matter, the way you move it doesn’t matter,
    It doesn’t matter how you cut your hair, it’s what’s inside that counts.” Doug Wilde.

    I remembered this tune. As I have always felt different, I used to constantly compare and measure my self-worth/
    insecurities against how others “appeared”, I never quite measured up. TO WHAT???? To a standard that was created
    from the outside in. It was my expectations that were creating this illusion. I was never meant to be like anyone else.
    I was created a unique soul, unlike anyone, and today I wear that proudly. I am so much more at home in my soul.
    I remind myself of Dr. Wayne Dyer and his comment ” To be free of the good opinions of others”, the tribe. It takes
    courage to stand alone, to be your “original” self. To express your truth, in whatever form moves you whether it be
    creative pursuits, how you dress, your language. We are all a part of Source’s artistry, and co-created so each of us
    fills an irreplaceable place in the divine puzzle. When we can embrace and welcome all of the forms of creative
    self-expression, we open our minds and hearts to invite the strange, the unknown. Fear can block the exchange .
    “One can either be a work of art, or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde.
    What I have learned is that those who “appear” or try to leave an “impression, are not always sincere, or authentic.
    The masquerade to create an image, is often at way too high a cost to the soul. It catches up with us when we are
    not living in alignment with our true selves. The person we hurt most is our “self” and of course others we share
    our lives with. The best shift I can make is in my attitude, beliefs, and habits. When I change my mind, seems every-
    thing else falls into place. No more need for “competition”. No one can fill my place. Sometimes that is such a blessing
    because it isn’t always easy being me.
    ” Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Oscar Wilde.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    My journey marker would be the sign of the cross, meaning I make it by touching the forehead then the heart (hello!) concluding with each shoulder to symbolize the father – the son – and the holy spirit. I do that out of childhood habit; I attended catholic school. Later in life it was a symbol of my faith in a higher power as well as silent prayer (retrospect possibly a confession without the judge just a plea for forgiveness). I do not take the higher power for granted I have to behave here on earth. In other words I do not sin and then ask for forgiveness. When I look back on religion in general I am happy that people organize however I am unhappy that people cannot be authentic or are ostracized for being themselves or making human mistakes. What God would do that to its people! I figured it is not God/Higher Power as much as it is humans who make those rules. That is why religion, politics, and food are very hot topics, LOL : )

    Today I must include the female spirit when I make the sign of the cross; I cannot just think patriarchal it must be mother and father. My journey is personal and I am woman as in a “mother figure” yet I cannot be just feminist in my thinking because I am traditionally a family personality even though the caliber of my attachments continues to adjust as I experience life at different stages of it.

    I also look for heart shapes in nature and overall I look to nature for quietude because life can get loud, fast, and chaotic/crazy so to set me back to who I am I may pick up a rock, a leaf, a twig (paper) and make it my own (shape it) possibly saving it (most of the time) to later look at it in quietude/reflection to understand what I just experienced.

    Mother Nature Father Time Blessings
    LOV : )
    P: )ACE
    JO: )

  • Jerry

    It’s been a busy road for me this year too! I found you, Colette, and Christiania Northrup and others, that have boosted me further along! It has been painful at times, the clearing and looking into the dark juicy parts of myself and loving and hugging them into the light hasn’t been easy. But, today, my cards were from the Avalon deck…Death, The Eagle, The Hawk….just what I hoped to see. The old is dying, my outlook has widened and the message is on it’s way. What a marvelous feeling….I marked it by buying a piece of jewelry that I just “happened” to spot! I have worn the infinity symbol for a long time, to remind me of our infinite being and that there is no limit. Well, I happened on an infinity necklace of white and black diamonds….it struck me as not only the reminder of my inifinte-ness, but also of the dark and light that radiates thru me and makes me…me! The following is a poem that I found years ago and keep hanging on my office wall at all times….a reminder…the road less traveled reminder.

    The easy roads are crowded
    And the level roads are jammed;
    The pleasant little rivers
    With drifting folks are crammed.
    But off yonder where it’s rocky,
    Where you get the better view,
    You will find the ranks are thinning,
    And the travelers are few.

    Where the going’s smooth and pleasant,
    You will always find the throng,
    For the many—more’s the pity,
    Seem to like to drift along.
    But the steps that call for courage
    And the task that’s hard to do,
    In the end result in glory
    For the never wavering few.

    Edgar A. Guest

    Thank you.

  • Betty Jo

    I love the latest card set, just wanted to let you know that. As always your my rock I am still here, not as much as I should be ya know life gets in the way and I need to get back to ME.. Thank you again for sharing this with all us tribe members..
    Love the hair….I did that about 3 years ago, went from my natural blonde to a striking Red Head….Had a blast with it….xoxoxo

  • Erica Susstte

    RED HOT! Perfect for this time as we go into ourselves and rely on the inner light while darkness switches with summer and now the days are longer in the dark; but underneath things are busy readying us for new beginnings to burst “to spring” forth in due time. You just became the red apple of our harvest the cherished fruit symbolic for love, health and many mystical mysteries; which one finds a five pointed star inside when cut in half.

  • catherine

    I finally received my new oracle cards…so beautiful…Thank you…always grateful…Love to you all!!

  • amber m

    Awesome Sauce!! I chopped my hair off with a razor comb recently to mark a shift/big move and I did a stellar job.. I Think I am going to go magenta after my sisters wedding but I am diggin on the hair change–You look vibrant and amazing…we are stewing in uncertainty and it does feel exciting —whenever I start to analyze I stop and remember hope and let go–“Que Sera, Sera ,Whatever Will Be, Will Be” . I shared some of your weekly forecast and an episode of your show with my nephew ( I have not seen him in a year and we are BFF’s) –it was great –I just let it play in the background and it definitely got his attention to share it with him after he picked up your cards to take a look see (he has seen me use them over the years.) He is a very sensitive little 10yr old. He use to see orbs of all different colors and point them out we would say they were angels:) As always I love reading your blog and watching you sing, talk to dead people, and connect with people.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      WHOOOP !!! join me in the magenta hair – its the name of this color and I am keeping it for a loooooooooong time !!

  • Brenda S

    I love when I find your posts just as I need them. I gave myself 24 hours to be mad at Spirit, and I don’t think it cares. I think it applauds me. In seeing my truth, there isn’t so much blame as there is accountability. I take this portion, those people take that and Spirit takes that and I see a big pie, a huge pile of lessons and while I will be grateful for them tomorrow, today I will allow my inner 8-year-old to run amok and be angry. I will allow the tantrum to end all tantrums because then, she will cry in my arms, fall asleep and thank me for taking such good care of her, in the way she wishes she was always cared for. I trust Spirit can handle my questions, my “but why???” over and over, my “and where were you when….” and when I’ve exhausted myself, I will go right back to believing I chose this road and these road blocks as challenges to make me better, faster, stronger and if I give up, I have no right to complain about the darkness. So, let there be light, right after I stop screaming at the top of my lungs, metaphorically of course. Thanks, Colette. I will plan on my talisman and maybe the shiny bauble will lure my inner child in a bit more quickly. Namaste.

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